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Recess Schools out

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¯¯ [ Kazoos ]
Hey, how’s it going, Frank ?
Not so good. I can’t seem to get this photon channelerworking.
Well, you’d better figure it out.
- The colonel wants to show the system to the top brass next month. - I know, I know.
[ Men Shouting ]
-[LoudBang] - What was that ?
- What’s that sound out there ? - [ Alarm Blaring ]
It’s a break-in ! Erase the access code !
[ Gasps ]
[ Both Groan ]
[Alarm Continues Blaring, Stops]
All clear.
Neatly done, Fernlick.
- It’s, uh, Fenwick, sir. - Oh.
- Are they dead ? - No, sir. Merely unconscious.
Good, good. You know how I hate violence.
Mmm. Nice shine.
-Uh, what next, sir ? -Well, obviously, we establish our base.
- And where will that be ? - The last place on Earth they’d look.
A place called... 3rd Street School.
Last day ofschool sale, boys and girls.
Getyour celebratory contraband right here.
Shaving cream, T.P., goofy string, maps ofthe teachers’ houses.
I’ll take one ofthem maps, Hustler Kid.
Hey, Diggers, let’s party.
Can’t now. Gotta finish filling up our holes before the end ofthe day.
Won’t be able to dig ’em up nextyear ifwe don’t fill ’em now.
[ Spitting ] Hey ! Big kids bury me !
I, King Bob, in my last official act before entering middle school,
hereby anoint this boy here King Freddie the Second.
Mayyou boss around all ofthe kids with fairness.
The king has graduated ! Long live the king !
- [ Cheering ] - ¯¯ [ ‘‘Hail to the Chief’ ]
Elbow up ! Eyes forward !
You call that kazoo playing ?
- Ah, ceremony. - I’m, like, moved, AshleyA.
Saywhatyou want about their personal lives, Ashley Q
The royals have such style.
Keep ’em comin’ ! Let’s go !
Ms. Finster, the kids are practically mad with last-day-of-school fever !
Ofcourse they are, Randall. They’re animals living by pure instinct.
I’ve got a list ofinfractions a mile long:
The Diggers hit a water main,
- the kindergarteners are feasting on paste, - Never mind, Randall.
Hustler Kid is, uh-- Did you say ‘‘never mind’’ ?
That’s right, Randall. What I’ve got here is bigger, much bigger.
All this year I’ve been holding back on the ice cream, hiding it from all those little savages.
Just look at it, Randall. I’m counting 1 00, maybe 200 cases ofit.
What areyou going to do with all those ice creams ?
Sell ’em back to the district, ofcourse.
Think ofall the chalk and erasers we can get.
But, Ms. Finster, I’ve got dirt on everybody.
Well, everybody except Detweiler and his pals.
Come to think ofit, I haven’t seen those guys anywhere.
Ah, forget about ’em, Randall.
There’s nothing T.J. Detweiler and his hooligan friends can do to stop me now.
Well, that should do it. There’s enough here for everyone.
Good. Then it’s party time.
Kids ofthe playground !
I giveyou ice cream !
Pull !
[ Cheering ]
- Ice cream ! - Choco-pops ! - Fudge bars !
Fudgsicle !
My ice cream !
Stop it ! Stop it, I say !
You little monsters are in trouble now !
-Just wait’ll Principal Prickly finds out about this ! -Attention, students !
- This is Principal Prickly talking. - Ooh, that was fast.
Some ofyou may have noticed ice cream on the playground.
I willnotstandforthis. This ice creamshouldbe eatenimmediately.
Huh ?
[ Cheering ]
In addition, I wantyou all to ignore Ms. Finster, no matterwhat she says...
about ice cream or anything else.
- [ Cheering Continues ] - [ Muttering ] This can’t be happening.
Furthermore, I want to inform you all that I have a fat, saggy butt...
which I like to scratch every hour on the hour.
Also, I want to apologize to all ofyou...
for being such a mean principal, taking away hall passes, giving guys recess detention,
refusing toacceptsicKnotes just ’causeitdoesn’tlooK liKeaguy’smom’ssignature,
maKingKidsstandat the wall forten wholeminutes, withnobreaK!
Man, I feel ashamed ofmyselffor all the terrible, rotten things I’ve done.
And nextyear, I promise to--
Why, Principal Prickly, sir, what a surprise.
Why doyou do this to me, Detweiler ? Doyou enjoy tormenting me ?
- Doyou hate me ? - On the contrary, sir, I have the utmost respect foryou.
Don’t be smart with me, boy. All year long you’ve been pushing me, testing me.
- I don’t know whatyou mean, sir. - Oh, really ?
How about the timeyou convinced the F.B.I. I was a Chinese agent and got me arrested ?
You were giving us a speech on personal hygiene. You had to be stopped.
How about the time you forged my signature and ordered a motorboat for the school ?
It was for the kindergarteners. Owning a boat’s always been kind ofa dream oftheirs.
I’ve had enough ofyour pranks. This time I’m really gonna throw the book atyou.
With all due respect, sir, you’d better get throwing, ’causeyou’re out oftime.
- Huh ? - It’s the last day ofschool, sir.
I’ve only got 20 more seconds offourth grade left. Look.
In some ways, people, this day is a bummer for me.
But in otherways it’s the ultimate high,
because every milestone thatyou kids pass is another step towards--
- Uh, Miss Grotke ? - Yes, Spinelli ?
I don’t mean to interrupt, but--
Oh, yes ! Be my guest.
[ Kids In Unison ] Six, five, four, three, two, one--
-[BellRings] - [ Cheering ]
- Whoo ! - Whoo-hoo !
[ Laughing ] Yeah !
[ Together] Scandalous !
Callingoutaroundthe world Areyouready forabrand-newbeat
-Summer’shere - You eat paste ! You eat paste !
Andthe timeis right fordancin’in thestreet
-[Stops] - Hey ! No running in the halls !
Yeah, what’s the big deal ? It’sjust the end ofthe school year.
[ Together] The end ofthe school year ? - Whoo-hoo !
Itdoesn’tmatter whatyou wear
- Whoo-hoo ! [ Laughing ] -Justas long asyouare there
Girls, what shall we do with the rest ofthis corn chowder ?
[ Sniffs ] Aw, leave it in the kettle. It’ll keep till September.
- [ All Laughing ] - They’llbe dancing Dancing in thestreet
- They’re dancin’in thestreet -Dancing in thestreet
Seeyou nextyear, Principal Prickly.
You’d better do some growing up this summer, young man.
[ Sighs ] I hate myjob.
There’llbelaughin’ singin’
Dancin’in thestreet
Look at those hooligans.
Actually, I think it’s a wonderful expression offreedom andjoy.
I’ll tell you a wonderful expression offreedom andjoy.
Twelve weeks ofnothing but me at the West Side GolfCourse, and no Detweiler.
I second that emotion, sir.
Man, Teej, that prankwas sweet.
Yeah, you should’ve seen Finster’s face-- I thought she was gonna blow a gasket.
Those limesicles were tasty.
A tasty beginning to a tasty summer.
Twelve weeks ofnothing but riding bikes, hanging out at the lake...
and T.P.-ing the West Side GolfCourse.
Summervacation-- the ultimate recess.
Yeah, I can’t wait to get to baseball camp.
Baseball camp ? What areyou talking about ?
Actually, Teej, I’m gonna be out oftown too.
Big-time Wrestling Federation has this training camp,
and I gotta learn some new moves ifI’m ever gonna turn pro.
- But, Spinelli-- - It’s military camp for me.
My dad says I need to learn to be a leader.
I shall be attending the Mt. Van Buren Space Camp.
- Don’t wanna let those science geeks get ahead ofme. - You’re all going to camp ?
- Not me. - Thank goodness.
The Young Voices Training Program doesn’t like the word ‘‘camp.’’
They provide opportunities for aspiring singers to train theirvoices...
in a rigorous yet supportive setting.
But summer’s gonna be ruined.
What am I gonna do ? Play baseball by myself? Watch reruns ? Read ?
Sorry, man, but we gotta think about our futures.
Yeah, we can’t waste the whole summer Just fooling around like kids.
- But we are kids ! - Actually, as ofthe completion offourth grade,
we are technically considered pre-young adults.
And nextyear we won’t even be ‘‘pre.’’
But-- [ Sighs ]
All right, let’s make the most ofthe time we’ve got left. When doyou all leave ?
- First thing in the morning. - Oh, man.
Well, there’s my bus.
- Better get going. - Yeah, same here.
Bye, Teej. Try to have some fun, okay ?
Don’t worry, buddy. You’ll have a great time without us.
I don’t know, Vince. All my plans were made for six.
Don’t tell meyou Ashleys are going to baseball camp.
Eeew ! As if!
Cheerleading camp is right across the lake. Duh !
I hope it’s a big lake.
[Horn HonKs]
Ah, space camp.
Wonder ifthey’ll let us make craters.
Hey, Hustler Kid, I didn’t knowyou wrestled.
I don’t. I’m pre-management.
Besides, my research tells me that kids who wrestle trade the most for contraband snacks.
Which reminds me-- Wanna buy a Winger-Dinger ?
All right, all the kindergarten performers on the bus first.
-[AllShouting] - Me ViKing !
Me Viking ! Me Viking ! Me Viking !
Bon voyage...
[ Adult Baritone ] ¯T.J. ¯
Big kid sing good.
- Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah.
Well, Teej, there’s my transport.
Why don’tyou come with ? Military camp’s gonna be a blast !
Griswald, you maggot, getyour fanny over here now !
Thanks, Gus, but I think I’ll stick it out at home this summer.
Okay, butyou don’t know whatyou’re missing.
- Hiya, Captain Brad ! - I don’t likeyou, Griswald. I am notyour friend !
- Do I make myselfclear ? - Yes, sir ! Not looking for friendship, sir !
Good luck, Gus. You’re gonna need it.
Man, this summer’s gonna whomp.
Oneis theloneliestnumber
Two canbe asbadas one
It’s theloneliestnumber since thenumberone
[ Bird Squawking ]
Nois thesaddestexperience
Yes, it’s thesaddestexperience
’Cause one is theloneliestnumber
Oneis theloneliestnumber
Whoa-ohh worse than two
And so, the summer season officially begins...
with kids all over the country rushing offto camp.
In other news, the national No Recess movement...
has hit a serious stumbling block...
with the disappearance ofits leader,
former Secretary of Education Phillium Benedict.
Benedict, fired by the president twoyears ago for his extremist views, has recently been--
No recess ? What a bunch ofhogwash.
[ Yawns ] Morning, Mom. Morning, Dad.
Areyoujust getting up now ? Geez, you’re sleeping away yourwhole vacation.
Why don’tyou go play with your friends ?
What friends ? The ones who abandoned me and went to camp ?
Now, T.J., I know there are other boys around this summer.
Mrs. Ween says Randall is available. Doyou want me to make a play date ?
- A play date ? - Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
Bye, T-Jerk.
Now, Becky, be nice toyour little brother.
He’s feeling S-A-D right now.
- I can spell, Mom. - Well, unlike some kids, I gotta get to work.
Mr. Walsh says ifI can master the Vatman 2000,
I’ll be assistant manager by the end ofthe summer, and you know what that means--
I’ll get to drive the Floppy Burger truck.
Boy, she’s sure aiming for the stars.
At least she’s not sitting around the house, moping all summer.
Going to a play date with Randall.
Man, I can’t believe I sunk this low.
This is the worst summer ever.
[ Loud Zap ]
- What the heck ? - [ Loud Zap ]
- That’s weird. - Hey, you!
Get away from that fence !
Hey, Dad, what do they use the school for during the summer ?
They lock it up. It’s empty. Why ?
Today, when I was riding by, I saw this scary guy and--
I’m sure he wasjust cleaning up.
I think something weird’s going on in there-- something really weird.
[ Sighs ] Mrs. La Salle was right.
We should’ve sent him to some kind ofcamp.
9:32 a.m. Ugly bald guy still guarding school.
[Horn HonKs]
Staging area one.
- Give me a hand with this. - Got it.
9:32-and-a-halfa.m. Grownups wrong. School’s not empty.
9:32 and three quarters. Green glow in window again.
I’m going in for a closer look.
[ Loud Zap ]
Allright, goaheadandelevateit.
[ Gasps ]
Mom ! Mom !
- [ Groans ] - T.J. ! Areyou all right ?
Those guys at the school, they’re doing some kind ofevil experiment !
That bonk on the head must’ve rattled your little brain.
- But, Mom-- - You’re feverish.
You wait right here. I’ll go get the baby thermometer and the petroleum jelly.
Uh, Dad, Dad !
- Dad ! - What is it, boy ?
Those bad guys have a laser beam and they’re lifting this safe--
T.J., did you run into the sliding glass door again ?
No, but-- Yeah, but-- Gaaah !
Come back ! Your mom’s gonna want to takeyour temperature !
Okay, kid, we got it all in the report.
We’ll take care of those mad scientists.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, no one’s gonna levitate any safe on mywatch.
Ooh, look, Artie, somebody’s levitating my doughnut...
with a laser beam !
-[Laughing Continues] - Gohome, Kid!Gohome!
Laugh at me, will ya ?
- I’m gonna be a taxpayer someday ! -[Man] Haveagoodround.
Principal Prickly !
Wait !
Yeah, you guys did it right.
Psychology, law, waste management-- good, solid careers.
Me, I’m stuckwith a bunch ofpain-in-the-neck kids all year.
- Pete, areyou gonna putt or grouse all day ? - Okay, okay, here goes.
-[TJ.]PrincipalPricKly! - Ohh !
You gotta come quick ! It’s an emergency !
Well, well, well, ifit isn’t Mr. Ice Cream For Everyone.
- This is that kid I was telling you about. - The ‘‘saggy butt’’ kid ?
- Hey, hey, whatever happened to doctor-patient confidentiality ? - Sorry.
Something weird’s going on in the school. I saw these mad scientists and--
Yeah, yeah, very funny. I’m not falling for another one ofyour so-calledjokes.
- How dumb doyou think I am ? - It’s not ajoke, sir.
They have this laser beam, and--
Aw, please, Principal Prickly, you gotta believe me ! The school’s in danger !
Give me a break, Detweiler.
Come on. Go with the kid, Pete.
- This isn’t the kind ofissue you should be avoiding. - [ All Laughing ]
All right, Detweiler, let’s get this overwith.
Looks fine to me. Now can I go back to my golfgame ?
Just wait till you get inside. You’ll see.
Oh, the things I do foryou kids.
Sometimes I thinkyou were put on this Earthjust to--
- Aaah ! - Aaah !
Aaah !
[ Panting ] 1 1 :57 a.m.
Principal Prickly dematerialized...
in a horrifying field ofelectricity.
The cops won’t listen. Mom and Dad won’t listen.
I gotta get the guys together. It’s the onlyway.
Like, I am so through with him, Melissa.
He asked me ifI spoke French, then winked at me.
Becky, you gotta help me ! I need a ride up to Chesterville !
Areyou kidding ? I’m not doing anything foryou, you little dork.
‘‘Oh, how I dream ofthe mustache fuzz onJimmy’s sweaty lips...
glistening as he cooks in the light ofa dozen hamburger heat lamps.’’
- Hey, that’s my diary ! Give me that ! - Ah-ah-ah. I’ve got copies.
Eitheryou give me a ride, or this baby hits the Internet.
Headouton thehighway
ThanKs fordrivingme, BecKy.
You’re thesweetestbigsister aKidcouldasK for.
Andyouare theannoyingpetmonKey I wish Inevergot!
Hey, I trytoKeep things interesting.
Nextreststop, pullin. Igotta taKe care ofbusiness.
Get that front leg up, Biggles.
You call that a pitch, Hornsby ?
Come on, La Salle ! Throw it, don’t aim it !
I know, I know !
Man, I can pitchjust fine when I’m with my friends.
Psst! Psst!
- T.J., what areyou doing here ? - You gotta come back to town. It’s an emergency.
What ? I can’tjust leave.
Something weird is going on at school.
- Principal Prickly got dematerialized. - Dematerialized ?
- T.J., you’re crazy. - Am I ?
Mt. Van Buren ? That’s 20 miles away. I’m not taking you there.
‘‘Dear Diary, I dreamed ofJimmy again.
He was rocking me so gently,
-just like he rocks the grease off a basket ofhot and steamy onion rings.’’ - [ Moans ]
- Whoa ! Let me look at that. -Jerks.
Hey, you kids ! Get away from that fake Martian landscape !
- Miss Director ! Miss Director ! - What is it now, Gretchen ?
I’ve been studying the moon with the 200-inch telescope at the observatory,
and I’ve detected some peculiar eccentricities in its orbit.
Gretchen, maybeyou should try out one ofthese neat antigravity harnesses.
The other kids love ’em,
and look, you can even do back flips, Just like real astronauts.
[ Sighs ] Why do I bother ?
Becauseyou’re driven by a passionate desire for knowledge ?
T.J. ? Vince ? What areyou guys doing here ?
You’re not gonna believe this, but--
- Dematerialized ? -Just like out ofStar TreK.
¯ Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi ¯
- ¯ Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi ¯ - ¯ Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi ¯
¯ Mi, mi, mi, mi-- ¯ [ Whispering ]
Me ?
Look out, marshals ! Here comes the flying press !
[ Grunts ]
Youareapathetic excuse forasoldier, Griswald!
You will never be a leader ! Now, stand at attention until I return !
And do not move a muscle ! Doyou hear me ? Not a muscle !
- Thanks a lot, sis. - You owe me gas money.
- Okay, Teej, what’s this big secret plot ofyours ? - Follow me.
Look at that.
Let’s get movin’ out.
- Who are those guys ? - Perhaps they’re government agents.
- Or gangsters. - Or aliens.
Aliens ? They don’t look like aliens.
Well, maybe they’re in disguise.
Yeah, ifyou were an alien, you wouldn’tjust walk around in your lizard skin all day.
Hmm. Good point.
Whoever they are, we need to take a closer look.
- We’ll get the rest later. - Right. I’ll close it up.
Man, this thing weighs a ton.
That’s ’cause it’s full ofmoon rocks and alien eggs.
Hey, it’sjust a bunch ofpaper.
Weather maps ? Test scores ? Some stuffwritten in Swedish ?
- Actually, that’s Norwegian. - Whatever. It’s all Just dumb school stuff.
You got me out ofbaseball camp to watch some guys restock the supply room ?
No ! Something’s going on in the school ! I swear !
Teej, I thinkyou cooked this whole thing upjust ’cause you wanted us back from camp.
- What ? - Hey, we understand.
It must be pretty boring around here all summer byyourself.
Your mind simply created an adventure because it needed some excitement.
No, it really happened. I saw Prickly disappear.
Well, if Prickly disappeared,
then who’s that ?
- Come on, guys. Let’s get back to camp. - Yeah.
Seeya in a few weeks, Teej.
No, wait ! You guys gotta believe me !
- I’m not making it up ! I-- I-- -[MetalClanKing]
- Aye-yi-yi, yi-yi. - [ All Gasp ]
Whoa ! What’s happening ?
[ Sputtering ]
Okay, that right there ? That was messed up.
[TJ. ] MiKey ?
Mikey, you okay ?
W-Where am I ?
You’re in T.J.’s backyard, man.
How’d you guys get me here ?
Hey, this is kinda comfy.
Yeah, yeah. Get out ofthere, you big lummox.
Okay, Teej, you were right. Something weird is going on in the school.
- And Prickly must be in on it. - I saywe go to the police.
I alreadywent to the police. I went to everyone. Nobody’ll listen.
- What we need is proof. - Proof? How are we gonna get proof?
- I got a plan. A stakeout. - A stakeout ?
We can stay up in my tree house and watch the school every night until something happens.
- Like one ofthem TV cop shows. - Sure.
The next time those laser guys make a move, we’ll catch ’em red-handed.
We can take pictures with my night-vision digital cam.
Then we call in the feds and, bang, we got ’em.
Onlyoneproblem-- Whataboutcamp ?
Oh, yeah. Ifmy dad finds out I’ve gone AWOL, he’ll throw me in the brig till September.
Not to worry. I’ll get Becky to drive you back to camp in the morning.
Then at night we’ll pickyou up again. Campers by day, spies by night.
But what ifthe camp counselors notice we’re not there ?
Leave that to me.
- Call foryou, sir. - Give me that.
- Captain Brad here. - Bradley. This is Colonel O’Malley.
- Colonel O’Malley ? - Your commanding officer !
Oh ! Yes, sir ! Sorry, sir !
Ihearyou’vegotasoldiertherenamed Griswald. Goodman. One ofthebest.
- H-He is ? - You heard me ! He’s officer material.
I’ve had my eyes on him foryears.
Now, pay attention, Bradley. I’ve got Griswald on special assignment tonight.
- When he gets back to camp, act like nothing’s happened. - Yes, sir !
And you’d better start making his bed and spit-shining his shoes as well.
That’s all for now. Carry on.
Okay, Spinelli, you’re next.
¯ Someone’s wrestling My Lord ¯
¯ Kumbayah ¯
¯ Heads are smashing My Lord ¯
-[Phone Rings] - ¯ Kumbayah ¯
Speak to me.
- ¯ Bones are cracking, My Lord ¯ - Yeah ? Yeah ?
- I’ll cover foryou, Spinelli, but it’s gonna costyou. - ¯ Kumbayah ¯¯
Oh, like, that is such the wrong color forVince. Put the blue one on.
AshleyA, you totally know how to accessorize.
[ Boys Snoring ]
[ Whispering, Muttering ]
Infrared night vision, 200-to-1 zoom.
I gotta hand it toyou, Gretch. You can see the whole school with this thing.
You can make lots ofhandy devices out ofthe spare parts in a family’s garage.
I once fashioned a particle accelerator...
out ofa broken hair dryer and a four-slice toaster oven.
‘‘Tonight, the magical moment arrived.
We met behind the drive-thru menu and kissed passionately...
as the sound ofthe deep fat fryer faded into the night.’’
Man, I wish I had an older sister.
Laugh ifyou will. I think it’s beautiful.
Sorry I’m late, guys, but I had to wait till my mom and dad fell asleep...
before I could sneak out with... the goodies.
Roast beefand mashed potatoes ! My favorite !
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
- I also managed to swipe this. - Rocky Road ! My other favorite !
Hey, give me some ofthat.
Excuse me, but aren’t we supposed to eat dinner before dessert ?
Good one, Gretch.
You were right, Teej. This is the life.
Hanging out with friends, eating ice cream, spying on bad guys.
It’s the ultimate kid experience.
Too bad these days are numbered.
Yeah, this is probably the last summer...
we’ll get to do stufflike this.
Kinda whomps, huh ?
Hey, remember that summer after second grade...
when we went down to the pond every day to catch minnows ?
Or how about that summerwe all carved our initials in that tree in the Wilsons’ backyard ?
And Spinelli spelled hers wrong.
Hey, I was seven. And S’s are tricky.
What’s your problem ? This is the first summeryou’ve lived here.
I know, and I’ll never have any ofthose memories.
[ Whimpering ]
Know what I’ll never forget ?
That song T.J.’s sister taught us...
the first summer after kindergarten.
Oh, yeah. Backwhen she was nice.
- How’d it go again ? - [ Inhales Deeply]
[ Adult Baritone ] ¯JohnJacob ¯
¯Jingleheimer Schmidt ¯
¯ His name is my name too ¯
[ All ] ¯Whenever I go out ¯
¯The people always shout ¯
¯There goesJohnJacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ¯
[ Tempo Quickens ] ¯ Na-Na-Na-Na, Na-Na-Na ¯
¯JohnJacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ¯
¯ His name is my name too ¯
¯Whenever I go out the people always shout ¯
¯There goesJohnJacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ¯
¯ Na-Na-Na-Na Na-Na-Na ¯
[ Whispering ] ¯JohnJacobJingleheimer Schmidt ¯
¯ His name is my name too ¯
¯Whenever I go out ¯
TheregoesJohnJacob JingleheimerSchmidt
[Fades] Na-Na-Na-Na, Na-Na-Na
[ Loud Zapping ]
Well, here we are, sir. But it’s Just an old principal’s office.
Why is it so important ?
Because, my academically challenged young friend,
it used to be mine.
1 0:41 a.m.
Gang back at camp. I’m goin’ in alone.
[Man] Man, oh, man.
I’veheardofsimple assignments, but this one taKes the caKe.
1 0:43 a.m. I found what appear to be...
Principal Prickly’s golfpants ?
Factis, you’regettin’ realgoodat thisstuff.
Yeah, you’re a regular Robert De Niro.
Hey, I’m a man ofmany talents.
- Principal Prickly ? - But wasn’t Mrs. Prickly suspicious ?
You kiddin’ ? It was like taking candy from a baby.
[Laughing Continues]
Double-knit polyester. These are Prickly’s all right.
But whywould the bald guywanna pretend to be Principal Prickly ?
And where’s the real Principal Prickly anyway ?
Wait a minute. There’s something in here.
‘‘Help me ?’’
It sounds like a desperate cry for help.
- Then Principal Prickly must still be in the school. - Being held captive !
You know what that means, don’tyou, guys ?
We gotta go in there and save him.
- Bikes ? - Check. - Walkie-talkie ?
- Check. - Rope with pointy thing ? - Check.
Good. Then let’s go.
I still say this is nuts.
Breaking out ofthe school I understand, but breaking in ?
Oh, boy ! Ms. Finster’s gonna love this.
[ Grunting ]
-[DoorbellRings] - Dang.
Ten more minutes, and the pizza would’ve been free.
[ Sighs ] It’s 9:00 at night, Randall.
- What doyou want ? - It’s about T.J. Detweiler.
Randall, I’m offduty until Labor Day. He’s someone else’s problem now.
But he’s got all his friends together, and they’re planning to break into the school !
A break-in, eh ?
Not if Muriel P. Finster has anything to say about it.
- Told you, Ms. Finster. - [ Chuckles ]
I wonder ifI can get ’em tried as adults. Come on.
Hold the rope, boy.
-[Rope CreaKing] - Uh-oh.
-[Snap] - Aaaah !
-[Thud] -[Groans]
[ Muffled ] Ms. Finster, could you please get offofme ?
[Gretchen] My, this issomewhatcreepy.
Yeah. I’ve never been in a empty school at night before.
Heck, I’ll bet no kid has.
I wonderwhere the aliens went.
They probably go back to the mother ship at night.
Quick. In here.
[Footsteps Passing]
Hey, this is our old room.
I hope somebody’s feeding the gerbil.
-[Man TalKing, Echoing] - Shh ! I hear something !
I want this system worKingnow. Doyouhearme ? Now!
We’re doingourbest, sir. We’vejust run intoa fewtechnicaldifficulties.
It’s coming from up there.
- LiKe what ? - I thinK whatDr. Lazenby is trying tosay--
Oh, IKnow whathe’s trying tosay. He’s trying to--
- What areyou doing ? - Finding out what’s what.
[Men Continue TalKing]
[ Grunting ]
I’m stuck. [ Continues Grunting ]
Curse these bodacious hips ofmine.
Randall, run back to my place and get the butter.
- Doyouhaveanyidea who you’re talKing to, Laramie ? - It’s Lazenby--
Thatphoton channeler isapiece ofequipment, liKea carburetorinyour car!
You’resupposedtobe abrilliant thinKer.
DoyouKnow whatbrilliant thinKers aresupposedto do ?
They’re supposed to think !
Whoa, what is all this stuff ?
Well, against the farwall is what looks to be a plutonium turbine.
Closerahead, you’llobserve aglobalelectrode.
Toyourrightis thelaserdevice wesawearlier,
andofcourse, thatglowingorb-- an electronpulsegenerator.
- The nerve center ofthe system. - Shh ! The bad guys are talking.
- But, Dr. Benedict, please-- - No, let me make this clear toyou, Lazenby.
We have a thing called a window ofopportunity.
Ifwe miss the window ofopportunity, then the project fails.
And ifthe project fails,
then I get very, very... angry !
Th-Theymayhave apoint, sir.
It seems the logistical problems are a bit more complicated than Dr. Steinheimer thought.
Yes, it would be a lot easier ifwe could move the laser to a more appropriate location.
This operation will be executed as planned from right here !
Have I made myselfclear ?
- But, sir-- - No buts !
It started at 3rd Street. It is going to end at 3rd Street.
Dr. Benedict, we’re ready for the test.
[Scientist] Levelsaregood.
- Ready ? - I’ve been ready for decades.
-Just do it. - Yes, sir.
Initiate photon channeling.
Photon channeling initiated.
Set magnification coordinates .073.
Coordinates set.
Engage tractor beam now.
[ Continues Grunting ]
What are those kids up to in there ?
[ All Gasp ]
A little more. A little more.
- He’s shooting at the moon. - I told you theyweren’t aliens.
[ Beam Sputtering ]
-[Turbine WindingDown] - Dr. Rosenthal, why did the beam suddenly--
Oh, what’s the technical word for it ? Stop ?
W-Well, uh, as I believe you were told before--
‘‘Told before’’ ? [ Chuckles ]
Doyou think I care what I was told before ? I’ll do better next time.
‘‘Next time.’’ Isn’t that cute.
Rosenthal, let me askyou something.
Sayyou were a teacher--
or even better, say, the principal ofa school--
and you had to deal with a naughty child who didn’t know his place,
who kept telling you over and over that he’d do better ‘‘next time.’’
But he never did. What would you do ?
Oh, no. N-Not detention. Not detention !
- Take him away ! - No, please ! I can fix it !
Don’t do this to me-e-e !
All right, who’s second-in-command ?
- Uh, I am, sir. - Well, good. Nowyou’re in charge.
And ifI wereyou, I’d make sure I had this machine working at full power by tomorrow morning.
- Do I make myselfclear ? - Y-Yes, sir.
Oh, dear, I got spittle on my lapel.
-[Vince] Wegottagetoutofhere. - Uh-oh.
- What is it ? - I got that feeling.
- Hold it in, big guy. Hold it in ! - I can’t !
[ Loud Burp, Echoing ]
What was that ?
Someone had better say ‘‘excuse me.’’
[ All ] Whoa !
Fenwick, who let children into the school ?
U-Uh, n-not me, sir.
- Well, get them ! - Run !
- [ Men Shouting ] - There they are !
- [ All Gasp ] - Huh ?
Get offour planet, alien scum !
[ Groans ]
Over there !
- Get ’em ! Get ’em ! - Come back here !
Huh ? Whoa !
[ Grunts ]
- Hyah ! - Ninjas !
- Hyah ! - Get ’em !
Ninjas ! Why’d they have to be ninjas ?
[ All Shouting ]
This way ! Hurry !
- Go ! Go ! Let’s go ! Hurry up ! - Go ! Go ! Hurry up !
- Nowyou ! - But, Teej-- - Go !
- Haaah ! - [ Gasps ]
Saveyourselves !
- T.J. ! T.J. ! - It won’t budge !
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Grunts ]
What theJ.P. Morgan is going on around here ?
Let me go. Let me go !
I’m warning you ! I’m a black belt in origami !
Well, well, well, ifitain’t thelittlesnoop.
- What ? I ain’t no snoop. - [ Tape Rewinding ]
[ T.J. On Tape ] 9:32 a.m. Ugly bald guy still guarding school.
Heh-heh. Oops.
Let’s go, snoop. You’re in big trouble now.
Ow ! Ow ! Watch thejacket ! It’s cotton !
Principal Prickly ! You’re alive !
- Oww ! Would you be careful ! - Boy, am I glad to seeyou.
You won’t believe what these guys are doing. They’ve got this big laser gun and--
- Whoa, who tookyour pants ? - Never mind, Detweiler.Just untie me.
- These knots are tight. - Ofcourse.
I’ve been pulling at them for the last day and a half. They’ve chaffed mywrist.
- Don’t worry, sir. My pals’ll get us out ofhere. - What makes you so sure ?
You don’t know my friends. They’ll get help. You’ll see.
Soyou’re saying youjust escaped from a troop ofninja warriors ?
- That’s right ! - And they got a giant laser gun in the school auditorium ?
- Precisely ! - Which is aimed at the moon ?
Thank heavens you understand !
[ Grunts ] I’ve almost got it.
Careful, Detweiler. That’s my putting hand.
[DoorLocK UnlocKing]
Hello, Pete. Remember me ?
Well, well, ifit isn’t Phillium Benedict.
- I should’ve known you’d be the one behind this. - You know this guy ?
Ah, Pete and I are old pals.
Although the last time we saw each other, Pete was the one ruining my life.
By the way, Pete, you like this suit ? It’s Italian. Raw silk. Nice, huh ?
You always were more concerned about appearances than people, Phil.
Oh, Pete, come on. There’s no need to be rude.
Not after I instructed my men to take such special care ofyou.
Special care ? That’s whatyou call gagging me, tying me up and taking away my pants ?
Had to. Otherwise, you might run offand betray me, likeyou did the last time.
But, hey, look at the bright side.
At leastyou’ve got company now.
Let the boy go. He can’t do anything toyou.
[ Sighs ] Same old noble Pete.
- Always standing up for the rights ofchildren. - You ?
But, unfortunately, I can’t let anybody go right now.
You see, this experimental, um, night school that I’m running is kind ofa secret.
I’m trying to show that my... [ Chuckles ] adult students can be trained...
to be capable and productive members ofsociety.
Well, ifyou’rejust running a night school,
then what’s that giant laser gun doing in the auditorium ?
What a rude and badly dressed little boyyou are.
You should teach your pupils a little respect for their superiors, Pete.
But that would mean thatyou’d have to know how to teach them anything at all, wouldn’t it ?
Geez, how doyou know thatjerk ?
We went through teacher training together.
- You mean-- - That’s right, Detweiler.
That man is a rogue teacher.
[PricKly] It wasbacK in thespringof’68.
A differentage. We wereallyoung, idealistic andreadyto change the world.
[ Chattering ]
Oh ! Ha ha ha. Peace, Peter.
Hey, Muriel, had a groovy time at the Dead concert last night.
You gonna be at the teach-in Saturday ? We’re gonna paint myVolkswagen.
- Wouldn’t miss it for the world. - Groovy.
Yes, weall thought we wereprettycool.
- Butoneguy was the coolestofusall. -[VehicleApproaching]
Phillium Benedict was mybestfriend.
He wassmart, he washandsome.
Hehadjustbeennamedprincipal of3rdStreetSchool.
[ All Giggling ]
So, Phillium, how’s it feel being theyoungest principal in the history ofthe state ?
Copacetic, baby.
I mean, you know what they say: Young is in, man, and old is out.
Way out.
Doyou like the American flag helmet, Pete ? It does go with the leatherjacket, right ?
You are one groovy educator, Phil.
Cool. Follow me, my man.
I wanna showyou my new principal’s pad.
Whoa !
Psychedelic principalia.
Pull up a bag, bro. I wanna rap.
- Lay it on me, man. - You see, Pete, I been thinkin’.
We’re a new generation ofteachers, right ?
It’s time we shook things up a little.
I hearyou, brother. In fact, dig this.
I was meditating to that new Ravi Shankar album last night...
when I got this righteous notion--
What ifwe hold all our classes outside, on the playground ?
Imagine-- school, recess. No boundaries.
Hey, baby, that’s a hip idea, but I got a better thought here.
As my first official act as principal,
I’ve decided... to get rid ofrecess.
What ? No recess ?
But, Phil, for a kid, recess is like a major play-in.
It’s the one time ofday they have any freedom.
[ Sighs ] Look, Pete,
the ’60s are over.
All that peace and love and freedom stuff, it was great for pickin’ up chicks,
but it’s not gonna help my career.
To do that, I gotta make test scores go up,
and to make test scores go up, I gotta keep kids in class where they belong.
That’s why, starting tomorrow, I am tuning out recess...
once and for all.
[PricKly] Needless tosay,
Phillium ’splan didn’tgo overall that well.
[ Shouting ]
- [ Protester] What do we want ? - [ Crowd ] Recess !
- When do we want it ? - Now !
- What do we want ? When do we want it ? - Recess ! Now !
Be cool, people, be cool. You’re bumming my mellowness.
We’ll be cool when you give our kids their recess back.
Hey, baby, I’ll do what I want.
I’m principal ofthe school, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Dig ?
[ Shouting Continues ]
[Man] It’snotright!
- People, people, please calm down. - [ Shouting Stops ]
Mr. Prickly here has informed me ofthis ‘‘no recess’’ proposal.
Let me assureyou that as long as I’m superintendent,
this radical plan will never be carried out in this district.
- [ Cheering ] - Hey, man, youjust don’t get it !
Ofcourse I do, Benedict.
- That’s why I’m replacing you. - What ?
- Prickly, from now on, you will be principal. - Who, me ?
Oh, I see what’s going down here.
You tricked me, went around my back to the man to get myjob !
- No, Phil, it’s not like that at all. - Yeah, right !
Come on, Muriel baby, let’s blow this scene.
No, Phil, it’s over. I could never be with a man who doesn’t love recess.
Soyou’re against me too.
Well, fine. I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone !
- Aaah ! - Phil ! You okay, man ?
Don’t touch me !
You took my chick.
You took myjob.
Well, enjoy it whileyou can, Petey boy,
’causeyou’re gonna pay.
Somehow, someway,
you’re gonna pay.
IneversawPhillium again.
He quit teaching, went into politics,
eventually became secretary ofeducation--
until the president fired him for trying to get rid ofrecess again.
Only this time it was nationwide.
So that guy’s some weirdo ex-teacher who wants to get rid ofrecess ?
- Mm-hmm. - Okay.
Now it’s personal.
Let’s see-- weather maps, some stuffin Norwegian,
a Farmer’sAlmanac.
Must be something in here that’ll explain what that Dr. Benedict is doing.
I’ll tell you one thing he’s not doing--
having lunch tomorrow at 1 2:22 with his little girlfriend.
Spinelli, that’s the man’s personal date book.
Well, it’s mine now,
and I guess Miss Luna Pergum is gonna be at the restaurant all by herself.
- Who did you say ? - The girl whose name is in here-- Luna Pergum.
Must be some Italian chick.
Lunaeperigeum. Ofcourse !
- What areyou talking about ? - Don’tyou understand ?
Lunaeperigeum is no lady. It’s an event. Look.
Once a month, the moon reaches the point where it’s closest to the Earth--
lunar perigee, which in this case happens to be 1 2:22 tomorrow afternoon.
Maybe that’s when that doctor guy is gonna shoot his laser at the moon and blow it up.
Close guess, but I have another theory.
When I was up at space camp, I observed some abnormalities in the moon’s position.
I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, but now it all makes sense.
Dr. Benedict’s device is not a laser beam at all. It’s a tractor beam !
You mean he’s gonna plow the moon’s surface ? Whateverwill he plant ?
Not a tractor, you goombah. A tractor beam.
Like from a science fiction movie.
Theoretically, ifa powerful tractor beam...
were shot at the moon exactly at lunar perigee,
it could move the moon into another orbit.
Move the moon ? But why would anybodywant to do that ?
Who knows, Vince ? Who knows ?
[Banging On Metal]
Here we are, sir.
I can’t believeyou have been creeping around in these vents. They’re school property.
Dang ! The line’s dead.
Hey, what did you do with the walkie-talkie you confiscated from me last week ?
Top drawer, on the right. Just lookwhat Phil’s done to my office.
I had it all nice and clean for the summer.
Packs ofgum, yo-yos, my old baseball--
Hey, I’ve been looking for this.
Here it is-- mywalkie-talkie.
Now all I gotta do is contact the guys and--
- Oh, no. - What is it, Detweiler ?
I told ’em that guywas a nut.
[ T.J. ] Hello ! Hello ! Is anybody there ?
It’s T.J. ! T.J., buddy, you’re okay ?
- Yeah, I’m fine, and so is Principal Prickly. - Principal Prickly ?
I don’t have time to explain, but I thinkwe’ve figured out what Benedict is up to.
He’s trying to get rid ofsummervacation !
No !
Guys, don’t freak out on me ! I got a plan ! All we do is--
Heh-heh. Why, Mr. Bald Guy, what a surprise.
T.J. ! T.J. !
- It’s dead ! - They must’ve got him !
What are we gonna do ?
There’s only one thing we can do:
we gotta get help.
[ Becky] Bow-wow ! Welcome to Floppy Burger. May I takeyour order, please ?
- Becky, this is Vince. - [ Becky] What areyou doing here ?
It’s notjust Vince, it’s me, Gretchen, everybody. We got a problem !
I got a problem too-- six dweeby ten-year-olds who won’t leave me alone, even when I’m at work.
I am a professional ! So whatever your little problem is, forget it !
- But it’s about T.J . - He’s in trouble, and he needs your help.
[ Becky ] Well, isn’t that nice ?
After stealing my diary, threatening to put it on the Internet...
and making me drive across the state three times, he needs my help ?
Give me one good reason why I should help him.
’Cause he’s your little brother, and he needs you.
Please pull forward to the second drive-thru window.
A confiscated walkie-talkie.
Why doyou do these things ? Doyou enjoy tormenting me ? Doyou hate me ?
I don’t hateyou, Phil. I just thinkyou’re insane.
[ Chuckles ] Insane.
Well, thereyou go again, Pete.
Insulting me, hurting my feelings, Just like 30 years ago.
Only this time, Petey, I’m ready.
You see, all thoseyears, no matter how big I got, no matter how successful,
I always thought aboutyou.
Howyou embarrassed me ! Howyou humiliated me !
Howyou destroyed my relationship with Muriel Finster,
the onlywoman I ever loved !
- That part still grosses me out, sir. - Shh.
This time, Pete, I’m gonna humiliateyou.
I’m gonna prove to the world thatyou were wrong and I was right.
- About what ? - About recess !
About freedom ! About test scores !
I’ve found a way to prove my theory.
I’m gonna get rid of the biggest recess ofthem all.
I am gonna get rid ofsummervacation.
- You fiend ! - ‘‘Fiend.’’ Try to help people, that’s the thanks you get.
- It’ll neverwork, Phil. - Well, actually, Pete, that’s whereyou’re wrong.
You see, all I have to do is modify the moon’s orbit ever so slightly,
and tide levels on the Eastern Seaboard rise eight feet.
Move the moon over here,
and the currents that warm California suddenly become ice-cold.
Summer, as we know it, will become a thing ofthe past.
And without summer,
- [ Both Gasp ] - no summervacation.
- You’ll never get away with this, Benedict. - Oh, yeah ?
Well, who’s gonna stop me ?
Wow, I can’t believe my little brother...
actually stumbled on a real, live evil conspiracy.
- That’s ourTheodore. - You should see the crates ofsoda they left back there.
And boxes ofmustard and ketchup too.
Mmm, tomato-ey.
Hey, that’s stuffs the property of Floppy Burger International.
Quityour gabbin’ and step on it. We need reinforcements.
[Cheering, Shouting]
[Cheering, Shouting]
[Finster] I’m tellingyou, a troop ofninja warriors...
is using3rdStreetSchoolas asecretjujitsu trainingground.
- Ninja warriors. Elementary school. - [ Snickering ]
Jujitsu training ground ?
Hey, lady, aren’tyou forgetting the magic laser beam ?
- I’m serious ! - So are we.
Hey, I got an idea-- Why don’tyou go home, get some rest...
and we’ll make a personal call toJackie Chan.
Yeah, he’s the perfect man for ajob like this.
I’m telling ya, something is going on in that school !
Help ! Help ! Somebody get us outta here !
- Calm down, Detweiler. - Calm down ?
We’re locked in a giant birdcage while a madman’s trying to destroy summervacation,
and you want me to calm down ?
- I understand, but I-- - How can you understand ? You’rejust a grownup.
What doyou know about summervacation ?
I’ll letyou in on a little secret, Detweiler.
Every adultyou’ve ever known was a kid some time in his life.
You thinkwe don’t remember summervacation ?
Riding bikes by the creek ? Catching polliwogs in ajar ? Camping out under the stars ?
Well, you’re wrong.
Some days I sit in my office, looking out atyou kids on the playground,
and I think, ‘‘They don’t know how good they’ve got it.
In a fewyears, they’re all going to be grownups, like me,
and all those good times will Just be memories for them too.’’
So go ahead, put a whoopee cushion in my chair, cover my carpet with fake vomit,
make fun of my big, saggy butt.
But don’tyou ever say I don’t care about summervacation,
’cause those memories are the last part ofchildhood I’ve got left.
Principal Prickly, I had no idea.
Yeah, well, nowyou do.
- So let’s stop messing around. - How did you get those keys ?
Swiped ’em off Phillium’s desk when he wasn’t looking.
Now come on. We’ve got a summervacation to save.
[ All Chattering ]
People ! People ! Just quiet down for a moment !
Oh, man, nobody’s listening.
They’ll listen to me, once I introduce them to my good friend Madam Fist.
Come on, Spinelli. That’s your answer for everything.
I don’t seeyou coming up with any great ideas, sports boy.
Listen to the two ofyou. You’re not helping at all.
[ All Arguing ]
[Gus] Quiet!
What we need is a leader.
A kid with the right training.
A kid who knows strategy and field tactics.
A kid who commands respect.
Yeah, but where we gonna find a kid like that ?
Leave that to me.
- [ Chattering Continues ] -[Gretchen Whistles]
Please ! We have to get organized.
Ah, what’s the use ?
Ifwhatyou say is true,
all the fun ofbeing a kid is, like, totally ruined anyway.
- It’s like the whole world’s been turned right side up. - [ All Agreeing ]
Not necessarily. All we have to do is work together and come up with a plan.
- Detweiler’s the one who always comes up with the plans. - Let’s face it-- we’re doomed.
- [ All Agreeing ] -[Spinelli] That’s what you thinK!
Kids ofthe playground, meet your new commanding officer.
Griswald ? He couldn’t lead a glee club.
You find that funny, Bradley ?
Well, I’m not here to makejokes ! I’m here to make history !
So ifyou wanna laugh, take it somewhere else.
But ifyou wanna save the world, then suck in your gut and stand at attention.
Now who’s with me ?
[Kazoos Playing ‘‘RiverKwaiMarch’’]
[ Screams ] Soda bomb ! Soda bomb !
[Gus] Vince, youandtheAshleys willbein charge ofunit ‘A. ’’
I’ll take unit ‘‘B.’’ Spinelli, you get the special forces.
- Special forces ? - The kindergartners.
- I oweyou for this, Griswald. - Now there’s one last thing I need to say.
- [ Talking Ceases ] - This mission is bigger than any one ofus kids.
Bigger than T.J . Even bigger than Principal Prickly.
This, my friends, is about the future.
- Geez, he sounds like T.J . - Shh. He’s on a roll.
Years from now when kids who aren’t even born yet look back on this moment,
they’ll say, ‘‘They did it.
Those kids saved 3rd Street School.
They saved summervacation.’’
So, boys and girls,
we’re goin’ in.
- Twenty-two minutes to perigee, sir. - Very good, Fenwick.
[Men Chattering Indistinctly]
- Hello, boys. - Hey !
[Men Groaning]
[Punches Landing]
- Where now ? - The auditorium.
[ Inhales ] Nessun dorma
[ All ] Huh ?
Nessun dorma
[Man] Is thataKid ?
- ¯ Ma il mio mistero e chiuso in me ¯ - Hey, kid, get out ofhere !
Aah. Anderson, get rid ofthat kid, will ya ?
Ilnomemio nessunsapra
-[AndersonScreaming] -No, no
- Smithson, Underhill. - Sir.
Sulla tuaboca
-[MenScreaming] -Lo diro
- ¯ Quando la luce ¯¯ - Hanklin, Morrissey, Goodman, get over here !
- Yes, sir. - Right away, sir. On the double.
We’ll take care ofhim. Don’t worry about it.
You sure this is gonna work, Detweiler ?
Come on, Principal Prickly. Don’tyou everwatch old spy movies ?
This trick is pure gold.
Uh, Dr. Benedict wanted to speak to us about a very important matter.
Hey, you two aren’t guards.
Run !
¯ I’m called little buttercup ¯
Anderson, Morrissey, Underhill ? Where is everybody ?
Aah, ifyou want something done right, you gotta do ityourself.
- ¯ Poor little buttercup ¯ - [ Screams ]
- ¯ Sweet little buttercup, I ¯¯ - [ All Shouting ]
Boy, these space-age power shovels sure do a greatjob.
Quick, in here.
This way ! They’re inside.
We lost ’em. Now what ?
[ Both ] Tender.
Commence phase two.
Ready ?
- Hey, guards ! - Huh ?
[ Grunting ] You little brats !
Now !
- Intruders ! - [ Shouting ]
[ All Screaming ]
Scandalous !
[ Shouting Indistinctly]
- Now ! - Huh ?
Bombard, men !
- Get ’em. - [ All Shouting ]
[ Screaming ]
‘‘Lunch room, front office--’’ Here it is, ‘‘auditorium.’’
[ Loud Hum Resonating ]
Uh, Fenwick, why is the power off ?
Uh, perhaps we blew a fuse, sir ?
Well, go fix it !
We must restore the power. Quickly, here.
Hey, whathappened? Letus out!
Plan’s working, Gus.
Good. Now we gotta stop that laser beam before it’s too late.
That’s whatyou thinK, Kid. Youbratsare done for.
[TJ. ] Hey, baldy!
Sayyour prayers. It’s chowder time.
[ Screaming ]
- Bull’s-eye ! - T.J. !
I knewyou guys would come back for us.
- Ooh, that’s gotta hurt. - Six minutes to perigee !
Quick. To the auditorium. And no running in the halls !
Emergency power system is in place.
Switch on the global electrode. Power up the photon channeler.
Activate the tractor beam, quickly ! We’ve only got four minutes left.
[PricKly] You’vegotnominutes left, Phil.
This is my school and I want it back.
Sorry, Pete. You’rejust gonna have to wait until I finish making the world a better place.
- Now let’s get this show on the road. - Don’t do it, Dr. Benedict !
[ Chuckles ] Don’t do it ? You think after all this planning,
all this work, you can get me to stopjust by saying, ‘‘Don’t do it’’ ?
- What ifwe add ‘‘please’’ ? - [ Sighs ] You kids Just don’t get it, doyou ?
Well, let me explain this in a wayyour little uneducated brains will understand.
The American public think test scores are too low.
But ifa person, say me, could make test scores go up,
why, everybody’d feel better.
They might even elect that person... President ofthe United States.
Now, doyou have any idea which countries have the highest test scores ?
- Um,Japan ? - Germany ? - Tierra Del Fuego ?
Canada, Iceland, Norway !
And why ? Because it’s snowing up there all the time.
Kids don’t waste their summers playing ball. They’re inside studying.
And that is why I’m getting rid ofsummervacation once and for all.
You got it all wrong, old man. Your plan will neverwork.
Sure, maybeyour crazy laser beam can move the moon.
Maybe it can even make it snow all summer.
Maybeyou can get rid oflong afternoons playing baseball,
or sunny days down by the lake orwarm nights camping out under the stars.
But that won’t stop us. We’ll ride our bikes through the snow.
We’ll play kick ball in the slush, we’ll camp out in igloos.
You may take away summer, butyou’ll never take away summervacation.
Well, I can try. Do it... now !
Yes, sir. Begin photon channeling.
Photon channeling begun.
Setmagnification coordinates.073.
- Coordinates set. - Engage tractor beam.
- No ! - [LoudBang]
Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone !
- Ms. Finster. - Muriel, it’s you.
You’re still a vision ofloveliness.
Yeah ?Andyou’restilla two-bit, recess-hatingprettyboy.
That hurt, Muriel. But I’ll forgiveyou ifyou’ll just come back to me.
Ha ! I’d rather eat playground dirt.
That can be arranged, my dear.
Not before I takeyou down.
Take me down ? Yeah, right. You and what army ?
Me and this army.
The teachers !
[ Shouting ]
[ Karate Shouts ]
Get them !
No, no, no, no no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no no, no, no, no
-No, no, no, no, Nobody can do the -Shimmy
-LiKe Ido, Nobody can do the -ShaKe
-LiKe Ido, Nobody can do the -Boogaloo
-LiKe Ido, Nobody can do the -Shimmy
[ Screaming ]
Fire !
-Letme tellyou, Nobody -Nobody
-Nobody -Nobody
-Nobody -Nobody
- [ Gasps ] - Drink soda, ninjas !
Halt !
Flying press !
- Nice flying press, Spinelli. - Thanks. I’ve been working on it.
No, no, no, no no, no, no, no
You !
[Ms. Finster] Stop right there, KojaK.
It’s go time.
-Nobody can do the -ShaKe
-LiKe Ido, Nobody can do the -Boogaloo
- Thanks, Ms. Finster. -Just doing myjob, Detweiler.
Hurry ! There’s still time.
Faster, you idiot ! Faster !
Holditright there, Phillium. Thesemester’s overforyou, pal.
Not so fast, Pete. You might fall asleep and miss the festivities.
- Hey, Phillium, there’s a spot on your tie. - Where ?
- It’sjammed. - You’re too late, Pete.
This time I win.
Vince !
The photon channeler. And forget what they told you.
Aim it. Don’t throw it.
- Look out ! She’s gonna blow ! - [ All Screaming ]
All my plans,
my hopes and dreams...
Ruined !
Getyour hands offthe suit, you classless feeb !
I am the former secretary ofeducation.
Yeah, yeah. And I’m the former princess of Morocco. Get in the car.
B-B-But it’s all his fault. I was only following orders.
I’ll turn state’s evidence.
Geez, what a squealer.
Come on, Grotke. I’ll takeyou on. My boxing againstyour martial arts.
East meets West. We’ll see who wins.
I don’t know, Muriel. I’m only supposed to use it for self-defense.
What an exciting summer. T.J. saved the world...
and Becky made assistant fry chefat Floppy Burger.
Come on, Ellie. The reporters wanna talk to us about how we raised a hero.
Listen, Becky, I heard about howyou saved my life and everything, and...
- well, here, I think this is yours. - My diary ?
I can’t believe it. You realize this means you don’t have any leverage over me anymore ?
Hey, what can I say ? Maybe I’m just growing up.
Gee, you’re an all-right little brother after all.
But, Teej, what about the extra copies you got stashed away up in the tree house ?
Oh, I wasjust bluffing about those.
So, Teej, we got two weeks ofsummervacation left. What doyou saywe do ’em up right ?
But don’tyou guys have to get back to camp, work on your futures and all ?
Well, we’ve been thinkin’.
And we’ve decided there’s plenty oftime for preparing for our futures.
But only a little time left forjust being kids.
So, what doyou saywe head down to the pond and skip some rocks ?
You guys gotyourselves a deal.
Oh, boy ! My first summervacation memories.
Uh, guys.
- I’ll catch up with you. I forgot something inside. - Okay, but hurry.
- Principal Prickly ? - Huh ?
Oh, it’s you, Detweiler.
I wasjust, um, cleaning up this mess Phillium left.
Guyalways wasapacK rat.
Look at this. A Norwegian weather map from 1 956.
Listen, sir, I never really got a chance to thankyou for all the stuffyou did.
You know, quitting your golfgame, telling Benedict to let me go,
helping me save the world andjunk.
Oh, actually, Detweiler, I’m the one who should be thanking you.
- Huh ? - You did me a big favor by dragging me into this mess.
See, I didn’t get into teaching for the promotions or the pension plans...
or so I could get to the golfcourse by 3:45.
I-- I... did it ’cause I wanted to helpyou kids. And I’d forgotten that.
- Till today. - [KnocKing On Window]
- Come on, Teej. - The pond awaits.
- I’ll be there in a second. - Hey, it’s a gorgeous summer day and your pals are waiting.
Go have some fun whileyou can... Teej.
You got it... Pete.
[RocK ’n’Roll]
But don’t forget ! Come September, you’re mine.
I haven’t forgotten that ‘‘saggy butt’’ comment.
Hey, September is a long way off.
Let thesunshine
Let thesunshinein
-Let thesunshine - Whoa, letitshine
-Let thesunshinein - Come on
- Thesunshinein -Everybodyjustsingalong
-Let thesunshine -Let thesunshinein
-Let thesunshinein - Open upyourheart andletinshinein
- Thesunshinein - Whenyou’realone
Let thesunshine
[TJ. ] One, two, three, four.
¯ Dropyour silver in my tambourine ¯
¯ Help a poor man build a pretty dream ¯
¯ Give me pennies I’ll take anything ¯
¯ Now listen while I play¯ [ Echoing ]
¯ My green tambourine ¯
Watch thejinglejangle start toshine
Reflections ofthemusic thatismine
Whenyou tossa coin you’llhearitsing
¯ Now listen while I play¯ [ Echoing ]
¯ My green tambourine ¯
Dropa dime before I walKaway
Anysongyou want I’llgladlyplay
¯ Money feeds my music machine ¯
¯ Now listen while I play¯ [ Echoing ]
¯ My green tambourine ¯
ListenandI’llplay [Echoing]
Mygreen tambourine
ListenandI’llplay [Echoing]
Oh, yeah Mygreen tambourine
I’llplay mygreen tambourine
Ifyoulisten I willplay
Mygreen tambourine
[Woman Vocalizing]
Callingoutaroundthe world
Areyouready forabrand-newbeat
Thesummer’snear andthe timeis right
Fordancing in thestreet
-Dancing in Chicago -Dancing in thestreet
-Down in NewOrleans -Dancing in thestreet
-In New YorK City -Dancing in thestreet
All weneedismusic Sweetmusic
There’llbeswinging andswaying
Dancing in thestreet
Oh, itdoesn’tmatter whatyou wear
Justas long asyouare there
So, come on Everyboygrabagirl
Everywherearoundthe world
There’llbe dancing
We’re dancing in thestreet
Isaid we’llbe dancing
- Whoo! -Dancing in thestreet
We’re dancing in thestreet
This isaninvitation across thenation
A chance forKids tomeet
- They’llbelaughingandsinging -Laughing, singing
Andmusicswinging We’re dancing in thestreet
-Philadelphia, P.A. -Dancing in thestreet
-BaltimoreandD. C. now -Dancing in thestreet
- Can’tforget the MotorCity -Beep-beep, beep-beep Whoo!
All weneedismusic Oh, music
There’llbeswinging andswaying
Dancing in thestreet
Oh, itdoesn’tmatter whatyou wear
Justas long asyouare there
Come on everyboygrabagirl
Everywherearoundthe world
There’llbe dancing
Allaroundthe world
Dancing in thestreet
-Fromyourneighborhood down to Hollywood -Dancing in thestreet
-Dancing in thestreet -Dancing in thestreet
We’re dancing in thestreet
We’re dancing in thestreet
We’re dancing in thestreet
We’re dancing in thestreet
By dannisis, Guatemala
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