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Subtitles for Recipe For Disaster 2003.

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Recipe For Disaster 2003

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Finally. The grand opening.
Our very own restaurant!
I can feel it in the air. Tonight is the night.
- Everybody's gonna be there. - Max, come on!
This is the biggest party since Chloe's parents went to Thailand.
You should see my outfit... hotter than Death Valley asphalt.
What? He's gonna be there tonight?
This could be the night of my life.
Emma? I gotta go.
Big mother is watching.
I got this thing with my family, but I'll be done...
Rebecca, you have to concentrate on one thing at a time.
M ax Whoro s M ax?
Probably playing with matches or running through traffic.
It's a good thing when Hollandaise sauce goes lumpy, right?
For Pete's sake! Sam, I told you not to touch that!
We'll do the sauces there.
Sorry, Mom. I'll go scrub this out.
No! Don't you dare touch that. That's my lucky pan.
Bring it down now.
- Sam, where's Max? - Doing stuff.
Dr. Geekenstein refuses to leave our room.
He's moved all of his funky gadgets into my area.
You could either give me my own room like you promised,
or Max's stuff is gonna be finding its way to the front lawn real soon.
That's enough. Max, we need you now!
Go in the kitchen, get the stuff from the Tupperware, and bring it now!
Mom, I have to go to that party tonight. Jason Barrett...
- Who doesn't know you exist. - ,,,is gonna be there.
- Max, where you been? - Doing stuff.
You're afraid that if you're not on time,
Shannon Devries will swoop right in and get her claws in, right?
- Rebecca likes boys. - Not all boys, little toadstool.
The party starts at 6:00.
Maybe I could get home with time to wash the food stank off.
I'm gonna do my best, but I can't promise anything, okay?
This is so unfair.
Why couldn't you do this at the restaurant?
I have to spend time with my angels.
No, the kitchen wasn't ready yet.
- Move, move, move. - That's it.
- That's everything? - Yeah.
All right, the Korda caravan of crazies is ready to roll!
It's showtime. Go!
Come on!
- Ma'am? - Please.
This is gonna be so cool. My very first restaurant opening.
Good boy.
- I'll get it. Go ahead. - Okay. All right.
Yes, good afternoon. Spokes Restaurant.
Luigi, don't be afraid to lie to me.
Tell me we're gonna be ready when that first customer walks through at 5:00.
A-okay, Mrs. Korda. Don't you worry.
- How are we doing? - Almost fully booked.
We are?
Luigi, all the bikes came in?
A-okay, Mr. Korda. Don't you worry.
Babette, I wanted to remind you, put the red wine on top.
- We've got to be ready. - We will be.
Luigi, what's two plus two?
A-okay, Miss Korda. Don't you worry.
Bonjour, Henri. Can we start the cooking now?
Now that we have our chef, we can.
In there, and be careful with those.
A place for everything.
Everything in its place.
- What? - I have not yet seen the lucky pan.
Now nothing bad can happen.
Boys, the boxes in the truck have to become the boxes in the kitchen.
I'll get the phone. Help your sister get some boxes and bring them back in.
Spokes Restaurant. Good afternoon. May I help you?
How many in your party?
One for you and one for you.
Excusez-moi. Thank you.
- Excuse me. - Don't push.
- Where? - I know where it goes.
- Where's Max? - He's behind me.
- I'll look for him. - Mom said I could help.
- No, she didn't. - You are too young.
When I was your age, I was a dishwasher.
For two years I worked on spoons
before the head chef let me touch a fork.
And you only got a turnip a week to eat.
A small turnip!
- That's my old tricycle. - No, that's my old tricycle.
That was my new tricycle, then it was Sam's, then Max's.
Now it's the wall's.
Maybe now isn't such a good time to tell you
about the bed-wetting problem Sam had.
No, I didn't!
Honey, guess what. Gigi Grant reviewed Porcini's.
- How did Allan do? - One star.
Oh, my G... I gotta call him.
I am a good chef!
One star!
The phone is out of service.
- Look at this! - What?
The Chronicle.
A picture of Gigi. Bigfoot revealed.
She's certainly not the troll I expected her to be.
That's Gigi Grant?
Look, everybody.
You see this woman in the restaurant, you let me know.
That woman is le Diable...the Devil...
but now if she shows up here, she gets her just deserts.
She is finit.
Memorize that face.
But I can be anonymous.
Obviously not anonymous enough.
Every restaurant owner in the state will have seen this by now.
Don't make this harder than it is. You'll get another job.
Reviewing moose burgers in Alaska?
No chance.
- Where you going? - Back to work, OIlie.
I'm gonna prove to you just how anonymous I can be.
This just came in the mail.
Just watch.
They won't know what hit them until the review comes out.
I gotta make reservations.
Spokes Restaurant. Good afternoon. May I help you?
Spokes Restaurant. Good afternoon. May I help you?
Spokes Restaurant. Good afternoon. May I help you?
We're done.
- Incredible. - I told you not to worry.
- Our night. - Our night.
Baby. Come on. Pictures.
Henri, watch the pot.
- Our restaurant. - Our restaurant.
- I have pigs for brothers. - You know he started it.
- Did not! - Our kids.
Please, please. AII, right, photo op!
Behave, behave. Line up.
Let me see your face.
Pretend you like each other for this picture.
No, put your hand down.
- Here comes Mom. - Now.
Sorry. Here, let me help you.
- Thank you. - Thanks.
Say, "Camembert."
Wait a minute.
Hi, I'm Nikki Rathbone.
That's my brother Blake. We run Le Pretensione next door.
Yes, hi. Thanks.
I'm Patrick Korda. That's my wife Marie.
We've been meaning to introduce ourselves,
but it's been crazed lately.
I love what you've done with the place.
Thank you, and thanks for the picture.
My brother and I believe in helping all the restaurants
in the neighbonood.
Have a great opening night. Congratulations.
Thanks very much.
- Kids! - What?
Guys, come here.
Quiet down. Listen.
I realize Mom and I have not been around much...
- What?! - ,,,the last few months.
We've been trying to set up the restaurant.
I want you to know it's just not Mom and Dad's restaurant.
- It belongs to all of... - What?!
- I wonder what that was. - Honey?
This is not... Talk to him.
Who's this? Oh, hi.
Fix it.
Okay, fine.
There seems to be a little problem with the certificate of occupancy...
A little problem? City Hall lost our certificate.
We have to file the new one by 5:00. It's...Iook.
We'll go together, sign at City Hall...
No! Gregory should bring the papers here.
- He can't. - It's his mistake.
There's not time. There is time for us to go there.
- You go. I'm staying. - We both have to sign.
- We don't both have to sign. - Baby, we both have to go.
We can't both go!
I'm not leaving the restaurant.
Then in a while, there's not gonna be a restaurant to leave here, will there be?
We have to sign new papers. Please.
We're wasting time.
- Don't talk to me. - It's not my fault.
Kids! Mom and I have to go somewhere.
Henri and Babette are taking care of everything.
- Rebecca, you're in charge. - That's not fair.
- You're really gonna leave? - We're leaving.
Remind Babette... two forks, each place setting.
Don't forget the wineglasses.
Tell Henri not to over-whisk the Hollandaise.
Don't mess with it.
You do the reservation book, you tidy up the storeroom.
- Help each other out, all right? - Gotta go. Step back.
Go! Step away!
I have to take care of these two?
And there they go.
What's that?
Celebratory confetti, my dear.
It was their certificate of occupancy.
There have been four restaurants on that spot... five now...
and I have buried all of them.
With your help, Nikki. Of course, with your help.
Speaking of help, did you happen to check out their help?
Henri and Babette?
We hardly know Henri and Babette.
We had them checked out. They have spotless reputations.
Perfect references, absolutely flawless.
They have spotless reputations, perfect references.
They're absolutely flawless.
Not quite.
After all, I have low friends in low places.
Every man has his Achilles' heel.
- Poor Henri. - And Babette?
She has a thing for muscular Italian artists.
- Antonio. - What a perfect specimen.
I'm sure Henri won't mind spilling his culinary secrets
over a nice bottle of bubbly.
- The icing on the cake. - The sauce on the goose.
The 20% surcharge on the bill.
They canceled with us.
To eat here.
They'll never eat in this town again.
Someone should call them and have them switched
to a better, more established restaurant.
- Can I help you, Miss Rathbone? - Hello, sweet thing.
I realized how rude it was of me not to offer you a gift before.
Here, a little grand opening present.
How sweet of you.
Buon giorno, bella donna.
I am Antonio.
I have a painting for my patron, Signor Patrick Korda,
for his ristorante.
- Patron? - Sì, bella donna.
He paid for the painting, so he's my patron.
My father didn't order any painting,
and he certainly didn't order that painting.
I'm sure your father ordered it.
This is not just a picture.
This is an Antonio original.
...and a welcome change from these old grimy bikes.
I will need some help in finding the perfect spot for my work.
Why don't you get that?'s just you and me...
...and champagne makes three.
Emma, I'm back.
If Shannon is gonna be fashionably late
because of some froufrou dinner with her mother,
that means I get an hour alone with Jason.
I know! Wait. Hold on a second.
Good afternoon. Spokes Restaurant. How may I help you?
Let me see. What time and how many people?
How does 9 p.m. sound instead?
Right. For two people. Mrs. Frost.
No, thank you. We look forward to having you dine with us.
Emma? I know. Isn't it ex...
Wait. Hold on a second.
Good afternoon. Spokes Restaurant. How may I help you?
How many people?
You know, we can't fit in a table of six at 7:00,
but we do have a table for four and a table...
Ma'am, four of you can eat at 7:00
and the other two of you can eat at 9:00.
What do you think of the Antonio original, bella?
Is this good?
It was in need of a woman's touch.
What shall we drink to?
What is this place called?
To Spokes,
to an unforgettable grand opening.
To Spokes.
Wait. Hold on a second.
M ax, what a ro yo do hg?
- Stuff. - Stop.
Get out. Come on.
Good to see you. Let me see it.
All right, that's right.
That's right. Where's the pen?
- I'm looking. - We gotta sign it now.
Hurry up. We gotta get back.
- Show me. - Sign right there.
All right. There.
Oh! There.
- Bye. - Come on.
- Let's go. - Bye-bye.
Let's go.
If the restaurant's successful,
I want fantabulous clothes like Shannon Devries.
Then everybody will notice me.
Books and computer games and comics.
I could use my own lucky pan. And sauce cap, in Paris.
- I want... - You can't get a car.
That's not what I was gonna say.
Separate bedrooms.
Have you ever seen a sadder thing in your life?
We all know what happens when chefs cry in their food.
Salty food.
For later.
I hit you in the face.
What are you gonna do about it, shorty?
It's later.
What do you mean, don't worry?
Of course I worry.
The trouble with you, Patrick, is you don't worry enough.
Six million things can go wrong in opening a restaurant.
Six million and one.
- I'm gonna call a tow truck. - It'll take too long.
I'll do it.
Wait for me, Antonio!
Thank you.
- What happened to Henri? - That door hit you in the head.
Did you know that sign is on the wrong door?
I guess you did.
What happened to Henri?
- Max hit him with the door. - You hit him first!
- The signs were messed up... your fault. - Excuse me. You two did it.
Look at this. "I quit. Babette."
- Is Henri okay? - Sort of.
What are we gonna do?
We can't leave him lying here in the middle of the floor.
Let's put him in the storeroom and have him sleep it off.
Now I see why Mom and Dad left you in charge.
- You guys, this isn't gonna work. - You think?
We'll make it work, okay? Dolly.
- Dolly Parton? - Dolly the sheep?
Dolly the dolly.
Okay, get over there.
1 ...
There we go.
You okay there? Let's go.
Oh, my gosh. We're all alone!
Look! The tire!
Come on.
N o Good dog
Shut up!
What are we gonna do?
Mom and Dad will come walking through that door any moment now.
Any moment now.
Seriously, you guys, what are we gonna do?
Let's lock the front door and go hide in the storeroom.
No, there's too much at stake.
- Chef. Busboy. - Cool.
- We can't do this alone! - What are you gonna do?
Mom and Dad left me in charge, okay?
Right, left you in charge.
I can't find my cell phone.
- You had it before. - I know.
We've got to call the restaurant. We're gonna be late.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Don't tell me not to worry!
The restaurant's open in precisely nine minutes,
we've got a full house, and we're not gonna be there?
Henri and Babette will take care of it all.
Get in the car. Let's go!
Oh, Antonio!
Places, everybody. It's showtime.
Dad always says that.
Sounds better when Dad says it.
This is gonna be so much fun, you guys.
I hate it when that happens.
You can't sit here all day. Order.
- I'll have the soup. - Yes.
- Salad. - Yes.
What the... Condemned?
What is this? When did this happen?
We haven't even served a thing yet.
Wait! Wait!
Welcome to Spokes. It is so good to have you with us.
Have you dined with us before? Of course not.
But we treat all of our guests like regulars.
Have some menus and look over them.
I will be back shortly to take your order.
Sit down. You know you want to.
My goodness. So sorry about that!
I'll have some waters brought as soon as possible.
Enjoy dinner.
You're the busboy, so bus!
- Are you ready to order yet? - I think so, yes.
Okay. What would you like?
- Hi. - Hi.
I'm a little nervous. This is my first blind date.
Me, too...
...but Zack said we were a lot alike.
A dinner reservation on opening night of a restaurant.
I am impressed.
I'm a big fan of the chef.
If you'll just come this way, I'll show you to your table.
- I can't read your writing. - Which part?
All of it. At least give me a hint.
First is two Caesar salads, second is two soup du jours,
and third is that tomato-y thing Mom does.
That's how you spell "Caesar"?
You do know what happens if the knife is off by a fraction
when you cut that tomato?
I know what I'm doing, Rebecca.
You do now.
- Miss, where are our salads? - Coming right up, sir.
Where are the salads?
That's close enough.
Excuse me! Oh, my, excuse me.
Some salad for you. A little more.
Some more for you. There you go.
- You know that is not done yet. - Sam, please don't.
It looks done to me.
- Sorry. It's fine! - Mine!
Done! It's fine...
It's fine.
Just one...
Max, come here!
I can't be maitre d' and waitress.
So I have to be busboy and maitre d'?
That's what you gotta do.
Good evening. Is this the Spokes Restaurant?
We don't have reservations, but can you fit us in?
Can we go in now?
Should we take our menus?
What a nice young man.
You're falling behind, Sam.
Oh, no!
Here you go.
- We've already got menus. - I haven't. I'll take one.
- This isn't what we ordered. - I ordered that...
- I think. - We came here first.
Our order hasn't come yet, so we'll take that.
What? No, we were here first.
- Miss, who was here first? - You were.
M ss, a ro o r sa ads roady yot?
Will you take my order, please, miss?
- Sure. - I'd like the...
I can't read your writing. Get your act together.
You first. Where's the food?
- Blue rice? - Yeah.
Oh, no!
There you go and there you go.
What did you order us?
I thought it was from planet Earth.
- More like Uranus. - What?
Should have picked another planet.
M ss, oco d yo ta ko o r ordor? M ss, wo horvror got o r sa ads
Maybe we should go straight to the soup?
Miss, I'd like to change my order.
- Miss, I need... - Miss!
- Miss, I need a... - Please, miss...
This can't get worse.
Here we go.
Shouldn't you be shutting someone down?
Guess who's dining next door.
Nobody, I hope.
Someone must have sent her a notice to the grand opening.
I again bow to the master.
Good evening.
Miss Stone.
Table for one.
Right this way, mademoiselle.
Why don't you go over there and help our little friends
make her meal at Spokes...
Dinner special number one. Thank you.
One dinner special number one.
At last.
"Brown"... Brown until what?
M ss, wo horvror got o r sa ad N ow wo ro wa t hg for o r so p
- This is ridiculous. - I'll go check the kitchen, okay?
What is that?
Where are those two soups?
We're out of soup bowls, the dishwasher's not working...
Where's Max? Get him to wash them.
- Max is working the desk. - Great.
- Two soup du jours tout de suite. - You don't get it.
It's locked. It won't open.
No, you don't get it. I don't care.
What are you doing?
Here you go.
We ordered soup.
Very good. Very good, yes.
That's not on the menu?
Well, it's a specialty of the house.
What do you call it?
Soup Rebecca.
- Here you go. - What is it?
It's dinner special number one.
But what is it?
- I'll have one of these. - Me, too.
All right.
Two more Soup Rebeccas.
The soup in the bread bowl?
We got soup bowls again.
Forget about the soup bowls. The customers want Soup Rebecca.
- I cooked it. - And I invented it.
Besides, "Soup Sam" just doesn't sound right.
- Go. - I can't run over her. Marie!
Excuse me, miss. I never got my bill.
- So sorry. - I only had the...
The Soup Rebecca. That's a good choice.
And the salad. I trust that wasn't too tangy.
And spaghetti with meat sauce. Good stuff.
Let's see. The catch of the day.
Good choice.
Let's see what you got for dessert.
Blueberries and cream.
You got a nasty paper cut. You should take care of that.
And thank you for dining at Spokes.
Emma, can you hear me? How's the party?
Jason's not here yet. It's gonna be great.
Luke Brandon is in the pool. You gotta see the body on him.
Her parents seem cool.
They bailed. Sounds familiar, huh?
Oh, bad news.
Shannon Devries is showing earlier.
- Can you be here? - Shoot. I have no idea.
I'll try. Bye.
Dinner special number two.
Your waitress will be with you shortly, Mrs. Devries.
That's my job!
I can't believe I missed that. If word gets out that I'm a...
- Waitress? - Yes.
If word gets out, she's gonna bury me at school.
I can't believe this.
I'm blind.
I gotta go take a break now, okay?
Funny, I remember someone saying,
"We have to do this. There's only us."
- What idiot said that? - You did.
Don't quote me to me. That only applies to you and Sam.
If I said it, it doesn't apply to me, okay?
I just love the whole "Vive la France" bicycle motif.
Great, Mom. Can we just eat and get out of here?
Please, child.
We were lucky we could move our reservations an hour earlier.
- Let's enjoy our dinner. - Mom!
I have to get to that party and lock Jason
before that leech Rebecca gets her grimy claws into him.
Bonjour, madame. Bienvenue avec Spokes.
Bonsoir, mademoiselle.
I am so reminded of those delightful little two-star bistros
in the French countryside.
The poulet avec la sauce framboyce sounds good.
Sauce framboise is a strawberry sauce, my angel.
You are allergic to strawberries.
They make your face break out in blotches.
You mean I'll look like that zit Rebecca.
- Great. I'll have the veal. - And I will have the chicken.
I'm the chef.
Here you go.
- Here you go. - All right.
What is it?
Dinner special number two.
But what is it?
Bon appétit.
They're still open.
Not for long.
They're still open!
I can't believe you got 51% of this place.
Somebody has to run it.
You can't even beat a bunch of children.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening, officer.
You and the car were speeding, sir.
Yes, officer.
License, registration.
Do you have a pen or pencil or other writing utensil, sir?
Thank you.
What is she...
First day out of the academy?
First ticket?
We're gonna be here a while, huh?
It's in the tap.
- What? - Fire!
We need...
You come trace this pipe and you trace this gas line now!
God, who did this?
Max, in the restaurants where Mom has worked,
- where has the fuse box been? - In the storeroom.
- Always? - In most of them.
So...what are we gonna do?
Something massive.
What's that?
What do you think you're doing?
One of the customers ordered some pizzas. I'm just gonna deliver it.
No, you're not.
Thanks, jerk.
- Out of the way! - I don't think so.
We got a report of food poisoning inside.
No one is sick.
You guys want some pizza?
I always wanted to ride in one of those.
I'm sure that can be arranged.
Let me guess... wild dog on the premises.
There is no mad dog here!
You wanna use the pizza to lure it out?
There is no mad dog, no one is sick,
and I don't want any pizza!
If those kids try anything else...
...heaven help them.
Desserts! Table ten.
This should be it.
Please remain calm. Stay seated.
Drop that chicken!
Stop! Don't go. Pay before you go, please.
Stop! Don't go.
Over there.
Yes, that's fine. I like that one.
I'm all right. Just a bit of a spell.
Thank you, young man.
Dinner special number three, young lady.
Don't cover your face, sweetheart. You're beautiful.
- Thank you. - That was...
All right.
Your Soup Rebecca.
Where is she?
I knew that shrilly little play voice sounded familiar.
Finish your dessert. I thought you were in a hurry.
She's here, Mom.
Those twerps.
I'll get them.
Child Labor Department, please.
Mon Dieu!
- My God, look at you! - What?
Your face! You're all covered in blotches.
Jason can't see me like this.
I can't go to the party.
- I don't feel too good. - Let me feel your head.
- We have to get you home. - No!
I have to go to the party.
Rebecca can't have Jason!
- I had my mind set on... - It could be good.
Just give it a chance.
- Isn't that him just coming in? - Who?
It is. Hide me.
Ready? Go.
Be natural. Natural.
She's not feeling well.
Nice hair.
Your table is ready.
Who's at table eight?
Mr. Perfect, the love of your life.
Wasn't he supposed to be at that party?
Looks like he had other things in mind.
- Remain calm. - No.
- Panic? - No.
- You wait on them. - I can't. I'm the cook.
I will cover for you, okay?
Hi and good evening. Welcome to Spokes.
- Spokes? - Bicycles, Dad.
Oh, yeah. Right.
We had reservations at Le Pretensione for ages.
But their lights are out. We think they're closed.
- They must be. - What do you recommend?
The cook's been doing interesting things with the roast beast this evening.
I trust you had a first-hand look at that.
I guess you could say that.
We'll have the mac and cheese here.
My husband will have Caesar salad, low-cal dressing.
Jason will have the chicken breast, white sauce, mashed potatoes,
glass of milk.
I'll have special number two.
- Mom! - Special number two.
All right.
You're the waitress. Wait.
You never could do anything right. You're an imbecile.
- Yes, Blake. - What do I pay you for?
Actually, you don't pay me.
Well, you don't.
Hide, Nikki.
"Broiled chicken in white sauce."
Time for the lucky saucepan.
There you go.
Rebecca Korda?
You look just like her.
These aren't your glasses.
- Here you go. - Yummy, yummy.
And for you.
- Very nice. - Thank you.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
It's lovely.
- Enjoy. - Thanks.
Oh, no.
So what do we think?
Pretty good?
Are you all right?
What are you doing?
Gosh, what are you doing?
It can't get any worse.
Two people are here to see you.
What two people?
A county health inspector and a child welfare officer.
- What? Why are they here? - One wants to shut us down.
The other wants to throw us in a foster home.
I gotta stop saying, "This can't get any worse."
Where are we?
Where are we?
Which one of you is the county health inspector?
That would be me. must be the child welfare officer.
That would be me.
Watch a professional show you how to clear out a restaurant.
Match me.
- It's not working. - Make it work.
Robinson, party of three.
khow, Gwwyyhot h M a ko way, mha ko way
Some dump.
Just a bunch of nobodies here.
And the food is supposed to be lousy.
Good luck.
Cockroaches the size of cell phones.
Good evening, monsieur. Do you have reservation?
Yes, but I decided to eat here anyway.
And your name?
Who am I?
You don't know who I am?
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a lost adult here who doesn't know his name.
Blake Rathbone.
Mr. Rathbone to you.
Your name does not appear on our reservation list.
We can add you to the waiting list.
Do not do that! No smoking!
No cell phone, either.
What are you going to do about it...
- See this hand? - Yes.
- See this hand? - Yes.
I am pulling out le book.
I am opening le book.
I am writing your name in le book, Blake Rathbone.
I am shutting le book.
You are banned from this restaurant!
Well, I never!
Bravo! Bravo!
Robinson, party of three.
Great. My good shirt.
Hot coffee.
Hot coffee! Hot!
And can I get a honey mustard ginger sauce
if that's not too much trouble for the kitchen?
I'm sure our chef is up to it.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
- It's a little hot. - Thank you.
Your honey mustard ginger sauce.
- Thank you. - Bon appétit.
Thank you very much.
I'll be right back, guys.
Four, Friday at 9:00. What name, please?
- Miss! - My party's already here.
Hi, boys. Sorry I'm late.
That's Doug's chair. Who are you?
Who's Doug?
You're forgiven.
Dinner special number four.
- Is everything okay, sirs? - Perfect.
Couldn't be better.
Excuse me. Hi. You're in my chair.
I don't think so.
Guys, tell her whose chair this is.
Guys, it's me.
Do you know a Doug?
I was only gone in the washroom for a minute.
Is this gentleman with you?
- Don't know the guy. - Never seen him before.
- Complete stranger. - Guys!
Guys, this isn't funny!
The kids are kicking me out.
- Bye-bye. - I am going!
Come on.
Guys, I want to thank you for the best 30 seconds of my entire life.
She was only here for a short time.
It was worth it.
- Oh, yeah. - Definitely.
That was Gigi.
Gigi was here.
We're so dead.
All right, we're out of here.
Holding up the wall?
Yeah. Something like that.
Weren't you supposed to go to that party tonight?
Weren't you?
I had this thing with my family.
You really work here?
Yeah, it's my family's restaurant, presuming we get through the evening.
Dad's the maitre d', Mom's the chef.
Your mom's a chef.
That explains those cool lunches.
My mom's is peanut butter and jelly with a banana.
You notice what I have for lunch?
Yeah, it...
I gotta go.
It was nice talking to you.
- Hope you enjoyed your dinner. - It was great.
Your mom's a great chef.
Come on, son.
- Do you want to... - What?
...have lunch with me Monday at school?
You do like peanut butter and jelly?
Why don't you let me take care of it?
- Your mother's cooking? - Or maybe my brother.
See you Monday?
M y hoso
We normally don't allow guests in the kitchen.
We're not guests.
I've had it. No more half measures.
No more being nice because you're children.
We are going to take all the food.
We are going to take all the pots and pans.
We are going to take all the tables and chairs
and this salt shaker and the kitchen mitts.
We are going to take everything from the walls and then take the walls.
And the timer!
Please just don't take my lucky saucepan.
Your lucky saucepan? Why is it lucky?
Well, see?
- Missed me. - Yes!
Help me!
- Nikki, help me! - I'm trying!
Help me here.
This is all your fault, Nikki.
If anything, it's your fault.
- Get off me. - Let go of me!
- You're such a klutz. - It's not my fault.
Sam, I have an idea.
Those blithering nincompoops.
Those dastardly twerps.
Nikki, it's all your fault.
I hate you, Blake.
I really hate you.
What are you doing now, genius?
Fixing the fuse box.
Shouldn't we get a professional for this?
I am a professional.
Where have you two been?
What have you been doing?
This is gonna be so good.
Oh, my God! Are you okay?
Of course I'm okay.
It's those children.
They won't be okay, because I'm going to kill them.
What's this doing here?
Oh, God. Give me that.
That's pretty.
That was so cool.
We make a great team.
- Sorry about your party, Rebecca. - There's gonna be other parties.
The grand opening of Spokes was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
- At least, I hope it was. - Are you two crazy?
That was great!
People were nice to me, people were scared of me.
People bribed me!
I'm working tomorrow.
Do you think Dad will get me a tux?
- No. - I don't think so.
Hey, kids.
Oh, my gosh. What happened to you guys?
Is everything okay?
- Are you okay? - We're fine.
Where's Henri and Babette?
- You don't want to know. - Why?
- Babette bailed. - Henri's sleeping off a hangover.
What? What about the restaurant?
We had to run it.
- You? - Kids...
...that was a great meal and everything, but...
I'd like you to meet Marie Korda, a great chef,
and Patrick Korda, our maitre d'.
Mom, Dad, these are some nice people
from the County Health and Child Welfare Departments.
Hello. Nice to meet you, I think.
We must have missed you when we first came in.
Yeah, because, you know, I was probably in the...
Le Pretensione next door looks awfully unhealthy and unsafe.
You better check that out right now.
- Join me? - Sure.
- Bye. - Thank you. Good luck!
See you later.
- The food was great. - Thank you very much.
Whose idea was this?
It was mine.
- But I joined in. - Me, too.
We were fully booked.
We know how much this restaurant means to all of us.
We weren't gonna let anything come in the way of its grand opening.
- Guys... - Oh, well.
It could have been worse.
Gigi Grant was here to review the place.
I'm sorry, Dad, Mom.
What's a synonym for "inept"?
Incompetent, helpless, hopeless, blundering.
And what's another word for "bad taste"?
Inferior, rotten, miserable.
The Times come yet?
- Good morning. - Good morning.
Good mor... Oh! Good morning.
Look at you.
Wanna sit...
- Okay. - Morning.
You guys.
- Omelet. - You guys are so sweet.
I'm impressed. I think I'm still dreaming, but...
- I'm impressed. - Very good.
It's showtime.
This isn't our restaurant.
The name's right and the address is the same, but it's not our restaurant.
"Roast beast"?
"Soup Rebecca"?
I don't think we cook these things.
Well...we did last night.
Soup Rebecca?
So how did we do?
Three stars!
I'm proud of you!
Oh, my God!
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