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That's how it always ends.
A bit of magic, a bit of smoke. Something floating.
But it doesn't work without the necessary push.
A bit of laughter,a man...
a beautiful woman and love.
Let's start over.
AT the beginning,it was man alone. No,he's not alone.
That's the first step. The man.
Laughter comes next. Woman.Love.
Look at him.
We can start like that,althought this ain't how it starts.
That's why youmust be quiet.It's important,you must belive me.
The man goes into a bar. He sees the beautiful woman.
Do they know each other?
They don't seem to know each other, but...
it's like the recognize the one another Who knows who?
Is that the beiginning or the end? This is what we're about to see.
It's the beginning and the end. Love and goodbye.
I know i don't need to mentio it,but I'm doing it.
Remember,everything is just a movie.A creation.
It hurts anyway.
Will you come?
Yes,to Rome.
The plane leaves soon. We must hurry.
-What are you going to do? -I don't have much time.
-Alex. -Amy...
-Like that French girl? -Yes,you know yer?
-Maybe,we should go to Paris? -I don't think so.
-Maybe we should wait a little. -Yes,I agree.
-May i get you something -I cup of coffee please.
Aren't you hungry?Anything else? Two coffees please.
Excuse me,what exactly is it, that you want?
I just want to go to Rome.
I guess...Thanks.
I guess it's a still early.We must get to know each other a bit better.
Yes,I agree.
I just know that you are too beautiful.If I am allowed to say that.
Yes,you're allowed.
That's all you know?
All I know is that if you're my dream, then I am yours.
What do you want?
-I wanna say goodbye. - You wanna say goodbye now?
No.First I must come inside.
Then,I must sit in a table,or in the bar somewhere.It doesn't matter.
I'm with a beautiful woman. I order something to drink.
I cup of coffee maybe. I drink it.
I look her in the eyes.Then, I tell her that i love her.
She looks back at me and laughs.
She doesn't know me,that's for sure, but i remind her of something.
That's not how I was suppose to leave. Well,I suppose i should.
She looks at me. She waits.
The night keeps going.She realizes that I'm not lying.
I really love her.
And that's it.That exact moment is the moment when i say "Goodbye"
The time has come. Let's start over.
It's not that complicated. There are four people.
There's Amy and me,August.
We're married.
There's also Alex,the photographer and his girlfriend,Simon.
They' re not married.
Alex and Amy will get to know each other.Not yet,Soon enough.
All of them are looking for love... Poor kids...
It will be a great battle.
May the battle begin.
It's very nice,ain't it?
Very nice.
It's from Monica.She wants to go down for a drink.
-Are you listening to me? -Yes,she wants us down for a drink.
-Now? -Yes.You want to?
I'm tired.
I wanted to chat a bit with you. I'll go and you'll miss me tonight.
But,I have Monica.
-Yes,but for just one drink. -I'll paint.You go.
Are you sure?
I thought my whole life story. I know how they're gonna meet each other.
I'll tell you tomorrow. You sure you ain't coming?
-I love you. -Me too.
-Will you take a suitcase? -No,i have everything i need here.
We'll talk again tomorrow.
How are things going?
At home.In your life,love... Ain't that what we usually ask?
Everything is fine.
-You? -Fine also.
-That's good. -Yes,quite good.
What would make you really happy?
Yes,almost complete.
I don't know,but even if I knew, i wouldn't do it either.
Would you do it against all odds?
Yes,I would.
I dreamed,I was with someone else, not Simon.
She was nothing special. She wasn't so beautiful.
She had nice skin and small tits.But she was...
so delicate,that was almost silly.
And for some strange reason i became to be afraid...
That i may hurt her.
I woke up that morning in such a panic. Have I really hurt her?
Honestly.I was totally... I don't know...
I was never so afraid of hurting someone.
I felt more responsible for her, than Simon.
Take care,ok?
-Take care. -You too.Kisses to Nan.
And Simon.
-Will you be angry? -For what?
If i leave.
I know dad wants to go for a drink,but i don't want to.
Yes,I'm leaving.Excuse me. I hope he doesn't get pissed with me.
-And excuse you by saying what? -That my deadline is coming.
-Your deadline? -Yes,something like that.
Stay a bit more. You never see him.
-I don't want to. -He wants to be with you.
-I don't think so. -Of course he does.
I'm not in the mood.
What would you say about us,then? Is there a chance we go out sometime?
-Yes,of course. -Really?
I'll wait for you at the station. We'll go for a drink,allright?
See you at the station,then.
My love...
You're drowning me.
You're holding me too tight.
-Quickly,before she's here. -Yes,allright,see you later.
-Nice restaurant. -That's very kind of you.
Can we go now? Where is Alex?
He had to go. He apologises.
-Is that how he always leaves? -No.
You know how dedicated he is at what he's doing.
-What do you have to say about that? -Alex is...sweet.
Do you love him?
Does he love you?
Do you love me?
Why you never say it?
-I say it. -Yes,only when i ask.You never do it by yourself.
I love you.
-It was good,while it lasted. -Indeed.
Are you allright?
-How did it go with your father? -You're an idio,you know that?
-I'm out for a newspaper. -What for?
You need a light?
Did you find your newspaper?
I love you...
I hope you know that.
I must go.
Will you come?In Rome. The plane leaves in a few minutes
Rome?No,I'm sorry.
What do you want? What will you order?
A coffee,please.
Just coffee?Aren't you hungry? Make them two,please.
Thanks.Why Rome specifically?
I think it's the right place. Don't you agree?
-You are very beautiful,If I'm allowed to say so. -You're allowed.
Who are you?
-You forgot me allready? -What?
You forgot me allready?
Forget you? Of course not.
-You sure? -Yeah,sure.
-It's you and... -Yes,so you remember me,after all.
You're late though. Five minutes late.
We suppose to meet at 11,right?
I had no idea it was so late.I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter as long as you're here.You won't leave though,right?
I won't go anywhere.
Did you bring your photos with you?
You forgot about them too? What exactly have you remembered?
I've got some here.
-You see? -Nice.What is it?
A woman with three choices.
Either stay where she is,jump into the future or...
She knows the rest.Only she.
-How does this look? -We'll see.
-You haven't decides yet? -Not yet.I need some more time.
Of coursei would be allowed. Time for thought.
It's a critical decision,anyway.
I trust no photographer. I must be very careful with'em.
Can i trust you?
Of course.
You swear?
Why me?
Because,if I am your dream...
you are mine.
Amy stands beside the door.
Chapter 1... something floating...
-What are you doing now? -I'm gonna take a shower.
You're so sweet.But, you must leave soon.
-How soon? -Very soon.
That soon?
-That was it,right? -Is that what you believe?
-What are we gonna do now? -Think of something.
Think of something...
You got a light?
No,sorry.I just gave away my lighter.
You're back allready?
-How did it go? -Fine.
Are you hungry?Do you want me to order vreakfast?What?
Yes please.
-What have i done last night? -I was painting.I slept early...
-May i see what you've painted? -Now?
Later maybe.I gave some thought in what am I gonna do with my novel.
-I found the exact problem of the basic character. -Wonderful.
-What are you doing today? -I don't know.Maybe go walk abit.
Hello,room 1235... What do you wanna eat?
Full breakfast.
Yes,I want full breakfast.
I'm going to get dressed.
I'm sorry Ms.Banum. Can I help you?
-No,why? -They look heavy...
No,as you can see by yourself, I'm managing just fine.
-Who is it? -Alex.
-Who? -Alex,from upstairs.
Sorry,I can't hear you.
The door is sound-proof. Who you said you are?
I am Alex.
I just wanted to say that I can't get inside.
Inside the appartement.What's wrong?Are they doing any repair stuff?
Repair stuff? What do you mean?
I cannot enter my appartement.
There is no door.
Maybe it's my fault,but I don't have a clue about what you're talking.
It's difficult to understand it myself. There is no door up there.
-What do you mean "up there"? -In my appartement.
Which appartement?
Ms.Banum,i live right above you house.
In the attic?Who gave permission to do such a thing?
Excuse me,did Simon told you to do this?
-Whi? -Simon,my girlfriend.
For Christ sake.
I must go. I see you have guests.Goodbye.
Only that...
We may have to leave today.
I'm not so well. I'm not in the moof for any more lectures.
I'll probably cancel'em,all.
Really?Is that possible?
Of course it's possible.
-I thought it was important. -It is,but I don't wanna stuck here forever.
Don't you wanna leave with me?Let's just stay alone,have a little chat.
You really mean that?
-Yes,I do. -And why's that?All of a sudden?
It's because iwanna be with you.AIn't that enough?
No,not at this moment.
But we talked about this before. I've allready told you twice.
I'm coming downstairs.Hi.
Was that Monica?
I'm going to talk to her. We'll leave soon after.
We'll leave.
One moment.
Hi,Lio.Have you got 100 Corones for the cab?I don't have any money.
-Am I interrupting something?Is Nan inside? -No you're not and she's inside.
One moment. Come in.
Are you eating,little one?
-Are you allright? -Yeah,we were jsut playing.
My door dissapeared. I have no door.
Have you talked to Simon?
Something outregeous happened. It's a crazy story.
-When i got home... -You got any money,dear?
Should i take the Mercedes,so you can talk to your friend?
Sorry,i didn't get your name?
What do youmean?
-But...your friend. -You mean,your friend.
I don't get it. What's wrong?
-My love,this is for you. -For me?
I don't know him.
Wait.I must pay for the cab. Maybe you have 100 corones?
I won't be late. I only have 50.
What are you looking for here?
-Hasn't Simon told you anything? -I don't know what you're talkin about.Go away.
-Are you serious? -I don't remember you.I'm sorry.
Oh man,get a life.
-Have you talked to Simon? -Please,go away.
It's time for you to go. listen,pal,get the fuck away from me!
I am you pal.
You know something?You're gonna get hurt, if you don't leave now.
Of course.I understand
Nah,it's ok.
I'm going for a walk.
No,it's ok. Really,August.
See you around.
What the hell are you doing?
Why are you doing this?Just because you missed me for one night?
-What have I done? -I don't know.I'm sorry.
You're so stupid.Here you are.
I'll take my stuff by monday,so I can enter my home again.
One moment!
-These ain't my stuff!-Listen,I'm totally...
I just don't get it.
I know i behaved foolish and I'm sorry,really.
Simon,please stop it!
I am really,trully sorry,but this is the first time i see you.
Where do you think you know me from?
-You are my girlfriend! -Your girlfriend?
You are my girlfriend, you're 28...
from Stockholme.You have 2 brothers,Khale and Ghorme.
-How do you know all these things? -Cause you told'em to me.
Listen,we love each other...
I'm sorry,I have to go.Bye.
Hello?Hi,it's me.
-Get up! -What happened?I am your son!
My name is Alex David. I had a very strange day.
That's why...I need you.
You understand me,of course. You're my father.
You are crazy.
Dad,listen to me! Whatever happens,I love you.
What's all this bullshit? Go away!I mean it!
-May i help you,sir? -A table for two please.
Of course,this way please.
-Thanks.And the bathroom? -That way.
That door.
Nothing's wrong Alex. Nothing.
Everything will go just fine.
You'll go out and she'll be waiting for you there.
So,you finally made it. I'm very happy.
-Is there something wrong? -No,everything is fine.
-We got a table over there. Allright.I'm sorry.
Thank you...
Are you ready? here we go.
-How many more interviews? -Not that many.Only 3.
-Good. -Is there something wrong?
No,on the contrary.
I'm sorry to be asking this,but is she related with Alex?
I haven't seen her at all.
No,she moved to the city. She came only to see me.
I suppose she doesn't have the time of her life,but...
Nothing.Let's go.
I'm going outside to have a look.
Excuse me.
Can you ask that gentleman if i can sit with him?
Of course.
Excuse me.That lady asks if she can sit with you.
That one?
-She's welcome. -I'll tell her so.
You are welcome to join me.
May i?
Please do.
My name is Amy.
You seemd so nice and i thought you might needed some company.
-Of course. -Are you hungry?
Yes,i haen't eaten a proper lunch.
-Nice lighter. -I have it always with me.
-You come here often? -No,I wouldn't say so.
-So,noone knows you here? -No.What's your point?
I was just wondering about this place. If you come here often.
-What would you prefer? -I don't know.
Either we sit here and watch the menu...
even if it's not needed, because we allready know what we want...
We order,they bring us the food, nice dices,as always...
We chat a bit,we listen... maybe not.
We're not bored,but we feel comfortable with one another.
Either this,or...
We look at the menu,we ask from the waiter to explain it to us...
we look at each other... "Who are you really?"
I wanna know.I don't really know anything.And I want to know all.
What would you prefer?
Can't i take both?
Why are you so passionate about love...
I don't think i am.
Your writings are notorious.
It's because I'm interested in that subject.
Men do experience love in a different way,than women do.
I love talking generally. Example:
I believe that love, basically...
has a different meaning for each one of the two sexes.
For the woman kind,love is necessary.
Can't live without it.
Fer her,love is a very concious choice of life.
She chooses to love.
So,love can be someone's choice?
Yes,ain't that true?
Romance doesn't destray that choice.
From the other hand,us,men kind we want it to happen suddenly.
Without any programming.
Because we feel shame of that.
It's an obstacle.
Even as a target,or as a means, love is necessary.
And that's the right thing...
Were you obliged to marry your wife? Or chose to?
-What was that? -We left without paying.
Without paying? Didn't you pay?
-You didn't do that. -Oh,yes.You're a beautiful crook.
How would you react if I told you I'm falling in love with you?
Is that true?
Would you consider it a bit "too much"?
-What are you doing? -I'm giving you my ring.
-Why? -So we meet again.
-What do you mean? -When i"m gone...
I'll be back.
Here...Yes,this was the place,wasn't it?
Yes,this was it.
Tonight,maybe? In a few hours,you mean?
Yes,see you later...
-Will we do it then?Now? -Yes,now.
First,I must say goodbye to someone.
Leave a note at the hotel about our meeting time.
-So,we go? -Yes,I'll say goodbye now.
You should do the same.In Rome, I want you all for myself.
Don't you worry.
Alex...I don't know who you are.
-Neither do I,basically. -Will you ever remember me?
Are you sure?
I know.
August,I wanna talk to you. Can we sit down for a moment?
Before you say anything, let me show you something.
-My love,not now... -Maybe,what you're about to say...
I only wanna show you...
Amy,I know I'm not an easy-going person.
-Not now August. -Listen to me.
You must listen to me. I don't say often that I love you...
and that you are necessary for me.
I know you're feeeling neglected But,I'm not neglecting you.
It's because I'm such a difficult person, I want you to see this.
"For Amy"
"Without her i would be nothing".
I really mean that,you know.
Amy,forgive me for being so stupid, but i love you.
I want the two of us to go away. I've allready spoken to Monica.
I'll do my last lecture tonight, and then we're off.
We'll go whenever you want.Whenever you like.
It's you choice.
I can't...I'm sorry.
Can you please connect me to Amy Holme at room 1235,please?
May i leave a message?
"Meet me at the cafe about 8".
Write down that i have done the reservation.
No,write down that i have the tickets.
Thank you.bye.
"I love you"
"I hope you know that"
-Don't you understand? -That we've always loved you?
One moment.
-I'm vey happy to see you. -What do you want?
-Have seen August anywhere? -No.Isn't he having a dinner with you?
-Won't you come too? -No,I can't make it.
Are you sure you don't know where he is?
See you later,Amy. You look nice.
See you.
Can you talk to me? Is something wrong between you and August?
No,everything is fine.
You ain't leaving him,right?
I know he would never get over something like that.
I must go,Monica. Bye.
Hi,handsome. Are you following me?
No,I just came here to see you.
-I came to say "Goodbye". -You should say "Hello" first.
-Come in. -I can't,I'm not alone.
-I'm with you.Come. -No,i just came to say "Goodbye".
"There are no words when I'm with you".
I'm sorry...
Have you seen someone around 30, tall,with black hair?
Unfortunately no.
-I really must go now. -Stay just a little more.
You don't remember me at all?
Where are you Alex?Come.
-I must call somewhere. -Say something beautiful.
You are adorable. I must call somewhere.
Excuse me,may i have some change to make a phonecall?
-What's the problem with the phone? -Must be broken.
I must go. Yes,I'm sorry.
Are you leaving me?
Will you kiss me?
A goodbye kiss. A unique moment.
Krashnapolski here...
Can you see a woman with blond hair in the cafe?
-She's from Sweden,around 25 years old... -No,sir,we're full.
-It's important.Look around. -I'm sorry,sir,I have no time.
It's simple.Blonde and beautiful.
Her name is Amy,she speaks Swedish. It's impossimple not to notice her.
Man,I don't see her right now.It's crowded. Call later if you want.
Did you see a blonde woman here somewhere?She speaks Swedish.
She came and go?
-My love... -You never came.
I'm sorry.I'll do anything to make it up to you again.
You never came.
I was confused?
I had to reconsider the whole situation first.
Alex hesitated at a very critical point.
He loses Amy.The last person that was left for him.
The only one...
Can their love survive? What will it take?
A test.For him and for her.
His love for her.
If he steps back...
if he doubts...
she will disappear.
Not now.
Monica is at the reception.
How are you? What are you doing here?
-I don't understand it. -Our plane is leaving.
-In one hour we'are leaving. -Who?
Me and my husband.
Why are you playing? What kinda game is this?
-My husband is waiting for me. -Knock it off.
Amy,you know me. I know for sure.Look at me.
We love each other.Let's take another flight.Let's leave tomorrow.
We can still leave... Knock it off!
-You know who I am. -I'm sorry,I'm expected.
I love you...
-We must go now. -I'll talk to them.
-What happened there? -Some young man,nothing.
-He thought he knew you? -He thought he loved me.
-Lovely.Was he irritating? -No,not at all.
Time is pressing us,you know.
Goodbye Amy...
The woman left.
The laughter stopped.But. the man is still here.
Not like that...
All alone.
Look at him...
It's all just a movie. A creation.
Anyway,it hurts.
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Russian Ark (Aleksandr Sokurov 2002)
Ruthless People