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Red Dragon (Jet Lee)

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Ting! Ting!
Our village was slaughtered for rebelling against a corrupt government.
Now, I'm the last and must go into hiding.
But you, my son...
I will leave it... you to decide your own fate.
If you choose the sword, we will live and fight together.
But if you choose your favourite toy...
...I will send you to heaven to join...
...your beautiful mother.
Shed no more tears, my son. From this day forward...
...we shed only the blood of our enemies.
No! No, I'm too late!
They're dead! Please forgive me. Forgive me! It's all my fault.
Ying Lee, you're not to blame.
I learned of the government's plans.
I tried to get here to warn you, but I was too late.
You did all you could. Now you must save yourself.
- What about you? - I will be all right.
Will you?
You coward!
Why have you betrayed us?
The government is too powerful for us to fight.
- So I have chosen to side with them. - My family is dead!
They got in the way of the new dynasty!
How can you do this?
Because you have a bounty on your head.
- For money? - Can you think of a better reason?
Why did the master put those tattoos on us?
Because now we have five parts of a map on our backs.
That map is the key to the Shaolin treasure.
- Now the government can't find it. - Fong's right.
- They'd have to catch us all. - I don't want a treasure map on my back.
Don't worry. There's no way they'll catch us all.
- But what if they come after us? - He's right, Chiu.
- What do we do? - We'll kick their ass!
We're Shaolin warriors.
My back is still sore from yesterday, Dad. The monks put these tattoos...
Don't speak of the tattoos. Do you hear me?
Not a word. I don't want anyone to know you go to Shaolin.
Why not? What's wrong with Shaolin?
Listen up. We keep it quiet in public because you never know.
Any one of these people could be a government spy. Got it?
- You're afraid of the government? - Well, let's just say...
...I don't want them to confiscate all my wealth.
If they knew I was raising a little rebel...
...that's what they'd do, take everything.
Let's keep everything that happens in the Shaolin Temple between us.
- All right. - Let's get some ice cream. Come on.
Excuse me. How much are the pears?
- Two cents each. - Give me two then, please.
Make it one.
No. My poor dead mother. What am I gonna do?
Ting, I have to go in here and talk to your uncle.
Stay out here and don't move until I call you.
- How sad. - Her mother's dead.
- She can't pay for the funeral. - Lf I had money, I'd help.
Listen to me. I'm charitable...
...but I've heard of a mother-daughter team...
...con artists, who go from town to town.
They pull scams and steal people's money.
- She's too pretty to be a thief. - That means she's more devious.
Am I right, fellas? Let's get out of here.
- Let's get you to a doctor. - Look at him.
- He hasn't moved for 10 minutes. - We'll make you move.
Let's do it!
I'm sorry, Han, for coming to see you like this.
Think nothing of it. You and I are brothers.
I've missed you all these years. I know you've been in hiding...
...and if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
I don't mean to involve you in this...
...but I'm very concerned for my son's safety.
Can you please take care of Ting for me?
Of course. What kind of uncle would I be if I didn't?
There's to be a raid on the Shaolin Temple.
- A raid? - The government is looking for a map.
It shows the location of the rebel treasure. They'll...
They'll do anything to find it.
- Hey, what's your name, huh? - I'm called Red Bean.
Miss Red Bean!
I wanna help. First, I'll pay for your mom's funeral.
Then I'll make you my wife.
Give me a break. What does she want a fat slob like you for?
What's that? This is my business. Move along.
What's your choice? A pork belly or a real man?
Unhand her!
Hey, bean curd!
Don't be angry. We're both gentlemen. We can work something out.
It's best if you leave Ting here and be moving on. Hey, Ting.
I thought I could trust my brother.
- How could you betray me? - I'm sorry.
But the reward on your head is great.
I should have suspected when you mentioned the treasure.
Say what?
The Shaolin treasure map is a very closely guarded secret...
...known only to a few rebels...
...and those who have become government spies.
You are correct. But without your spear, how will you stop me?
My spear!
Here it is!
Hello, uncle.
Kwun, please show mercy on your misguided brother.
Nephew, please ask your father for mercy.
Remember, there is nothing more important than family.
That's my bodyguard. So you still wanna fight, bigmouth?
Don't move, honey, I'll be right back, okay?
- Uh, excuse me, sir. - What is it?
Teach me to be a kung fu master like you.
I cannot.
Hey, I can pay.
Never mind.
I had to turn him down.
I know.
Our mystical skills cannot be taught to outsiders.
Where's the pear?
It got smashed.
- We'll buy some noodles. - How? We're out of money. Remember?
Let me buy you a drink, and we can get acquainted. How about it?
I would like that.
Good. Let's go.
- You want a bodyguard? - No, not a bodyguard.
I said, a teacher, okay?
- No teaching. Protection only. - Lf that's the case, I won't pay much.
All you'll get is room and board. Agreed?
- Deal. - Good. Then follow us.
Come on.
They take your breath away, don't they?
Go ahead, try them on.
Try this one. Isn't it exquisite?
There's more where that came from. All for my lovely new bride.
You honour me with your greatness.
Ah, but you will experience my true greatness on our wedding night.
We have company.
Oh, yeah.
Have something to eat, my pretty.
Let's you and I discuss your duties while you're working for me.
First, if I see anything I want, you take it...
...whether it's another man's land or his woman or all of his money.
You're to do as I say and take it for me. Got it?
I will only protect you, not steal for you or bully.
Come on, now. I know you're smarter than that.
You can't go through life tiptoeing around everything.
You must go and take it. That's how I became wealthy.
Another man's property became mine. Another man's daughter became my wife.
You see, it's very simple.
If someone were to take your wife or property, how would you feel?
I'm not worried about that, not with you here to protect me.
You just obey my orders.
And remember my golden rule: " Do unto others so I can help myself."
I don't like that rule.
Wait! Wait a minute.
All right.
You will just be my bodyguard.
And if I need something taken, someone else will do it, okay?
Let's grab a bite.
I'm sorry. I guess I was hungry.
An appetite. That's good.
We'll get you something to eat later, okay? Come on, son.
Little boy? I saved this for you.
- Here, Dad. - Where'd you get it?
- Miss Red Bean. - I don't trust her.
Then I won't trust her either.
Ting, do you regret living this way?
We're a team, Papa. No regrets.
Hey, Mom, come on, get up.
Such a good actress, even I believe you're dead.
Playing dead isn't easy.
Especially on an empty stomach.
Here you go. Your favourite kind of chicken.
- Wait! Are you holding out on me? - I was gonna show them to you.
You'll do more than show them. We had an agreement, we split the take 50-50.
Please. Do you think I'd cheat my own mother?
I saved the most valuable for you.
Wow! It's beautiful. I don't know what to say.
Fork over the good stuff.
Okay, all right. No need to get violent.
One for you, one for me. One for me, one for you...
Wait! Don't try to sucker me. Let's start over.
- Stay calm. Wait! - No! I want mine!
Chong wears a necklace. It's absolutely priceless.
- Why are we arguing over these? - We'll steal it.
I know, but...
We'll have to find a way around his bodyguard.
Hello. How are you? Doing laundry?
Like some candy?
Can I give you a hand?
Can you help me get these stains out of my dad's underwear?
How are you today?
Is there something I can do for you, Miss Red Bean?
I'd like to sew you a colourful new robe, so just hold still.
I don't need a new robe, but thank you anyway.
Oh, but I want you to look nice...
...for my wedding party. It's very important to me.
I think you might be making the collar too tight.
Okay, let's measure the sleeves.
Would you like me to measure your inseam?
Careful with those.
I know what I'm doing. Just leave it to me.
- I'm afraid I don't have the time. - Won't take but a moment.
- It will look wonderful. - I disagree.
I'll fix it. I'm a great seamstress.
Miss Red Bean, I've heard many stories...
...of a young woman in these parts who's a con artist.
I hope you're not accusing me.
It's unwise to make an enemy of me.
Quit playing possum.
- Why'd you do that? - We're friends now. A little love bite.
If you're the woman I've heard about, then we are not friends.
How do you know? We might really get along.
Don't play games.
As long as I am employed in this house...
...I will not stand by and allow you to cause problems.
Okay, if that's the way you want it to be.
But what would you do if I stole from the master of the house?
- Don't force me to hurt you. - I like that.
You're sexy when you talk tough. You're gonna be fun. Ta-ta for now.
- What'd she want? - Nothing.
Men act strange around women.
Their brains turn to mush, and they do weird things.
Watch yourself around her. She's nothing but trouble with a capital T.
You are wise...
...beyond your years.
Well, Dad, I just worry about you.
And when I used my kung fu on him, he didn't stand a chance.
- And just what do you call that? - Kung fu stance.
- Think you know kung fu? - I do!
I learned from Shaolin. Think you're better than me?
Why do you keep your leg up like that?
I can't put it down till noon.
- You call that training? - Don't do that!
I went easy that time.
But this time, I won't hold back.
No fair! Come on, let me go.
It's now noontime.
Next time, I won't hold back.
I'll get you!
" My Shaolin brothers, I have been humiliated.
Come help me seek revenge."
Fly straight and true, my feathered comrade.
All the way to Shaolin!
- Wanna live? Tell us where the boys are. - Come on, move it!
Search every boy. Go!
- What should we do? - Find the boys. Quickly!
Come with me.
Get them into the tunnels!
Come on!
- Attack! - After them.
It's been a long time.
Can it really be you, Ying Lee?
I thought you were killed by Kwun seven years ago.
He thought he killed me with that magic spear...
...but I survived. I was cured by the Yihang witch.
She made me invincible.
When I was a boy, you were my master... I will be merciful to you, old man.
But only if you give me the map.
I will never give in to evil.
You stupid, stubborn old man!
Sir, these boys were a decoy.
Sir, a message.
The boys have a friend. That will be our first place to search.
Hey! Hey, Chiu.
- You can't come in here. Go away! - Those are my friends.
What happened?
- We had to escape from the temple. - Huh? You get my message?
Soldiers attacked the temple and burned it down.
The master was killed, and our friends were slaughtered.
They're looking for the maps tattooed on us.
Okay, get yourselves cleaned up, and we'll go find my dad.
I don't know anything about any boys.
Hey, Dad!
My friends are here.
Dad, these guys live down the street, and they've been bullying me.
We've been nice so far. We're trying to get the money you owe.
So, pay up soon...
...or we get violent.
You little thugs! Beat it! Go on!
Let's go.
- Is this your boy? - Yes, sir.
- Doesn't he study at Shaolin? - No, sir! I would never send him there.
- Those monks and priests are strange. - Good to hear.
That fly is starting to annoy me.
Thanks for washing my underwear, but you tore them.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I made a smaller pair out of them for you.
Thanks, Dad.
So you're not wearing any underpants?
I don't mind. It's cooler.
Did you fight with young Master Chiu?
He started it.
That was wrong.
But what good are my skills if I can't use them?
You must remember, son, that we are in hiding.
If you show your skills, we might be discovered.
I will try my best not to fight, Father.
Eleven, 12, 13...
...14, 15...
...16, 17, 18...
...19... - Let's go!
You made me lose count.
All right, what do you want?
What do you think? Time for a little payback, stupid.
I won't fight you.
Yes, you will, tough guy. Come on!
Back off!
Leave me alone.
Your only way out is to fight us all.
- What happens if I defeat you? - Lf you defeat us, we call you brother.
- Huh? Let's go. - Get him!
Let's attack!
- Come on! - You asked for it!
Ow, my shoulder!
- Get away! - Your shoulder is dislocated.
I can help make it well.
Be still. Relax.
It hurts!
You're okay.
- Go on! - Master Ting?
Don't call me master. Call me brother.
Please accept our apologies.
And join us as a brother. Come on, guys, he belongs with us.
Yes, a brother.
I am honoured.
Don't chase us! Don't hurt us!
Hand over that necklace!
Come on.
Wake up!
Quit pretending.
- Unbelievable. - Aw, hell!
Let's get this thing and get out of here.
Who are you?
Get him!
Keep him busy. I'll get him out of here.
- Gotcha! - Help me.
What a crazy dream. Huh? What are you doing here?
Someone broke in and tried to steal your necklace.
This is priceless! You've gotta catch them before they try again.
They're not far.
What do you want?
Two robbers broke in and tried to steal a necklace.
- Do you think they're still here? - Actually, I do.
Then why don't you look for them?
The robbers were wearing black jump suits.
What does that have to do with me? What are you insinuating?
- What are you wearing? - I sleep in the nude. I'll prove it.
On the count of three. One, two, three.
All right, but I warn you.
Any further trouble, and I'll kick you out.
You don't have to be so modest.
I'll give you one more chance. One, two, three.
I mean it. Any more trouble, and you're out.
I can't go. Tomorrow is my wedding day.
In all the ruckus last night, I forgot to get the necklace.
Now we'll get it before my daughter has to marry this fool. Good evening.
Why don't you two go out and enjoy the wedding festivities?
We have to stay and watch the bride.
- You think there's going to be trouble? - Actually, she is the trouble.
This is going to be an interesting wedding.
- Someone's on the roof. - Ting, that's very observant...
...but we can't be distracted from guarding Red Bean. Understand?
Help! No! Let me go! Don't hurt me!
Fell for it, huh? Help!
- Rape! Sorry. - Oh, no, Dad's in trouble.
Red Bean! What's going on?
Are you all right, my darling?
What's wrong with you? How dare you defile my bride?
- I can't face you. - Darling!
Listen, I want you to leave here immediately.
All right, I'll go.
- Yeah, get out of here! - Some guard you are!
Lucky he left!
Let's go, son.
- Why, l... - You should go out there!
I don't know. That took a lot out of me.
- Honey... - Put the master to bed, please.
- Come on. - A little too much to drink.
Why didn't you explain what happened?
They would not have understood.
- It's because you like Red Bean. - Wrong.
You've taught me to stay calm under any circumstances.
But when she screamed, you jumped up like a jackrabbit.
Ting, l, uh...
It's okay, Father. I think I understand.
They're heading for the master's home.
What do you think?
I want to go back and help my new brothers.
You're right.
What do you want?
Oh, this violence makes me queasy.
Do what needs to be done, but get it over with quickly, if you don't mind.
We are searching for a group of five boys.
The rest of you, we have no interest in.
Therefore, everyone over the age of 10 will be killed now!
Come back, you!
- Let's pretend to be dead. - Good idea.
Why don't you guys just beat it?
We're dead, just like you. Now, lie still.
- Who says only you can play dead? - Listen, you!
I was here first.
You guys are just a couple of lousy copycats.
Think you can fool me?
Now you can stop pretending.
Those idiots can't even pretend to be dead.
I don't believe this.
You too, lady.
- Why, you... - Please, no!
Going somewhere?
Come back here!
Master Kwun?
The government has a bounty on you.
- Do you plan to collect it? - It is time for you to die.
Go! Get them!
Boy, this thing's really on here.
Well, I guess that means the party's over.
Time to grab what I can and split.
That was close.
Bring it on!
Come on, let's go!
Help, you guys! Help!
Come on, you guys!
Chiu, go!
Master Kwun!
- Hello, old friend. - Ying Lee?
I know you're surprised.
The Yihang witch made my body invincible.
But your soul is still corrupt.
He killed your former master at Shaolin.
They're looking for the Shaolin treasure.
It's tattooed on our backs.
He's captured four of my brothers, but I am the final piece.
Take him.
Come on.
Go on.
Be quiet.
Just a little longer.
Thank you for your hospitality.
We'll return when things cool down.
Sleep tight, okay?
- You undressed me! - I had to... get this dart, or your wound would have become infected.
- I feel so dirty. - Quit complaining.
How am I supposed to feel?
You've seen me naked. We're not even dating.
You shouldn't be ashamed. You're beautiful.
I know, you're just saying that, trying to make me feel better.
It's not gonna work. I can tell you that much.
I know I'm sweaty, I'm dirty, I need a bath.
I'm stuck in this horrible place with this disgusting wound.
- I'm anything but beautiful! - Just shut up!
- Learn how to take a compliment. - Well...
I've got to go save my son.
Why didn't you save him before now?
Ting's very strong. He can help the other boys.
The other boys?
We have the last piece of the map.
Ting can protect the boys if the Empire discovers this.
I've told the rebels to meet us at the Red Dragon pavilion.
And the map?
We'll have to rescue the boys from the enemy's stronghold.
- It will be dangerous. - You can do it.
I feel very safe with you.
Red Bean!
How dare you leave me behind!
- I had no choice. - Don't give me that!
Oh, Kwun, this is my mom.
Oh, my God! What happened to you?
I was hit by a poisonous dart, but Kwun saved me.
Thank you, Master Kwun.
He even cleaned me and dressed the wound.
You mean you took her clothes off?
Mom, nothing happened. Calm down, okay?
My intuition tells me there's something funny going on between you two.
Step over here. You and I need to talk.
Get this, okay?
If you're gonna court my daughter, I wanna make sure you're wealthy.
Ma, he doesn't have any money.
- Oh, really? - No.
But I respect her. Isn't that enough?
Not in this day and age.
Money makes the world go around.
If you don't believe that, you're fooling yourself. Okay?
I know you are too good a person to feel that way.
- I don't know what you mean. - Some things mean more than money.
- Like what, for instance? - Like saving the boys.
You expect me to help?
No way. I'm not doing it.
You distract them while I find a way in.
I'll do more than that! You should see me in action.
- Just distract them. - What?
You don't think I can do it, do you? I was a kung fu master in my day.
Don't move.
I should warn you, my men are behind you.
I don't believe any man who wears makeup.
Take a look, then.
You think I'll fall for that old trick? See?
I meant there.
I'm sorry.
I mean, my comment about your makeup and stuff.
Somebody cut me down!
How can you boys just sit there and watch me suffer?
You got yourself captured. What do you want us to do about it?
- Get out of the way. - Hey, look out!
Son, get them to safety.
It's about time!
- What happened to all these guys? - My dad killed them.
That's awesome. He's a great fighter.
- Wish he'd adopt me. What do you think? - I'll adopt you.
You're all such good little boys, aren't you?
- Run! - Up the wall!
- Come on! - Climb!
- Help me! - Are you with me, brothers? Come on!
Are you all right?
Time to teach you a lesson, you little rat.
Dragon kick, brothers.
Elephant drop, brothers.
Kwun, let's go!
Oh, my God! I can't believe you left me behind.
Where's Dad?
Don't you know by now you can never, never beat me?
Somehow, I will take revenge for what you did at Shaolin.
I have to.
You can do nothing.
Perhaps we die together.
- Ting, I want you out of here. - We're partners.
- I won't let you die here. - I said, go on!
I won't!
Hey, ugly!
- Dad? - Son!
What happened?
You're sure this is it?
We're looking for the Red Dragon pavilion.
Don't bother this old man.
He doesn't know anything that can help us.
I don't know anything?!
I know everything that goes on here...
...and there's no Red Dragon pavilion.
But I was here just 10 years ago.
- We heard a Shaolin master lives here. - No, not here.
- He is rumoured to be in hiding. - There is no Shaolin master...
...and there's no Red Dragon pavilion.
There's only me and one other guy. He lives down the street.
Who is he? I'm not really sure, but he's weird. I don't see him much.
- What is this place? - It's kind of spooky.
- Can someone help us? - How come they're not moving?
Hey, wow! You were just down the street.
How'd you do that?
They're all made of wax.
They're so lifelike.
And anatomically correct.
- Are you done? - Oh, my God!
You almost scared me half to death!
You deserved it. Of all the nerve.
You're trespassing, all of you.
Coming into my house uninvited.
I ought to round you all up and torture you to death.
Especially you.
We heard a Shaolin master lived here.
A master in this town? Don't be ridiculous.
There's only the old man and me, the wax maker Biao.
They're beautiful. How did you make them all seem so lifelike?
I use real human flesh under the wax. Would you care to be one?
No! Mommy!
We're sorry to disturb you. We'll be leaving.
You're hurt.
I have some experience in medicinal arts and sciences.
Let me cure you, please. I'm sure I could.
Thank you anyway, but we must be moving on.
But where? This place is a ghost town. Death warmed over...
- The Red Dragon pavilion. - The pavilion. Oh, that place.
Follow the path west out of town. It will lead you right there.
- Thank you, sir. - No, not "sir." Wax Maker Biao.
Are you sure you don't want to become one of my statues, eh?
Hey, guys, wait for me!
- This can't be it. There's no one here. - I'll take a look around.
Stay here.
This is the place, all right.
Years ago, there were flowers everywhere...
...but no more.
But how will the rebels ever find us?
We sent a message yesterday.
They'll get the word, and the rebels will be here.
- I'm sure of it. - Is he okay?
- Keep an eye out, guys. - Yes, sir!
Maybe we should find a place to hide in case the Empire finds us first.
- An army of swordsmen are coming. - Take the boys and go.
- I won't leave you. - Don't argue!
The rebels.
Master Kwun, it's good to see you.
- Master Chan, l... - What happened?
- He fought Ying Lee. - I thought he was dead.
I wish it were so, but the Yihang witch cured him.
He is now invincible, unstoppable, like a demon. We must be careful.
He is after the boys.
He is a truly horrible monster. He rides a metal horse.
And he wants to kill us.
Do not fear. My men and I can handle this.
My invincible sword can even cut through metal.
I'm so glad you're here. Let's let Master Chan handle everything.
We know a place where you can all rest.
- Oh, Master Chan? - Yes, what?
Now I know where I recognize you from.
Twenty years ago, I won the women's kung fu championship...
...and you were a judge.
You had an eye for me back then. I don't know if you remember.
Do you?
Yes. I think I remember that contest.
Come see me later. We can get reacquainted, okay?
You as nervous as I am?
You know it, brother.
This is killing me.
My sword!
The boys are safe with Mother. Don't worry.
Thank you.
All I ever used to do was steal and cheat.
But since I met you...
...I think I'll turn over a new leaf.
No more stealing.
What are your plans?
Don't know.
Maybe you've got some ideas.
All right, boys, eat up. You'll need your potassium to fight the evil Empire.
- Tell us a story, Granny. - Okay, you don't have to twist my arm.
When I was young, I was an expert dart-catcher, the best in the land.
One day, an evil monk threw 300 darts at me.
But with my lightning hands, I snatched 298 out of midair.
Then, I caught one right between my teeth.
What happened to the last dart?
That last one?
I caught it right between my toes.
That's enough laughing.
I could teach all of you boys a thing or two about kung fu.
You better believe it! I was once known as a master.
- I once had a fight with 22 guys. - A ghost!
All right, stay behind me.
It's Master Chan.
He's come to join us for dinner. Oh, what fun!
- Oh, Master Chan! - Friend of yours?
Oh, please, sir. Please don't hurt us.
These boys are so sweet and innocent...
...and I'm an old woman. Have mercy.
You think you're so bad.
Take care of them. I'll get the boys out.
Keep going!
Let's bring it on... sons of bitches!
All right, Granny!
You really are the greatest martial artist ever!
You're so cute.
Congratulations. I underestimated you.
Thank you. Now, be so kind as to let the boys and I go.
No, but if you defeat me with your darts...
...then you can go. - Silly...
...I haven't got any darts left.
What's wrong? You don't like the taste of my loogies, huh?
- Granny! Granny! - Come here.
That was awesome. Can you teach it to me?
You shouldn't have underestimated me.
- That was great! - Really, that was great!
- How'd you do that? - Can you teach me?
- Mom, are you okay? - Of course.
Don't be ridiculous. Go on, boys, tell her how great I was.
She was awesome.
Take the boys on ahead. I'll make sure this bastard is done for.
- You're coming too? - Right behind you.
Come on, boys, let's go.
- Your mother is quite brave. - She's second only to Master Kwun.
Ma, what's wrong?
I guess I'm not as good as I thought I was.
Don't die, Granny. Please.
I couldn't catch every dart.
We've got to get you help.
Enough crying. I'm not going to die yet.
Come on, help me up.
- Master Biao! - Master Biao, help us!
Mom! Master Biao, we need your help.
It's so cold.
Don't worry, I'll get you warmed up.
Here. Feel warmer?
Ma, talk to me.
It's funny how things work out.
I used to...
...pretend to be dead, and now...
You're not gonna die, Mother. I won't let you.
- Are you hurt? Are you okay? - We gotta get going!
Come on, let's go.
- You must. - Mother, I love you.
- Come on, Ting! - Let's get out of here.
Go! Hurry, hurry!
All right, let's hit him up high and down low. Go!
- Ting, get ready. - Got it.
Who are you?
In this town, I'm known only as Wax Maker Biao.
However, I am secretly a Shaolin master.
Let's go, Ting.
Going somewhere?
I have been in hiding here for many years.
But when word of your evil reached me...
...I vowed to don my robes again to avenge my brothers.
And I will get my revenge for Shaolin!
You will die, just like the Shaolin monks.
Oh, you think so, do you?
You are beyond arrogant, as well as evil. Prepare to die.
Now, taste vengeance from my dragon fists!
Everybody okay?
Now I have you.
Hang on, boys! Don't give up.
I can't! I'm slipping.
Hurry! Pull us up!
Be strong, my brothers. Hold on tight.
Ting, I'm slipping! I'm slipping!
My brother!
I told you you'd never beat me.
See you in hell!
Stop it!
Honey! Honey, wake up!
Get up!
- Honey! Please! - Ting!
Come on, pull!
We got you!
You young men showed strength and bravery...
...and I commend you all.
Li, Su...
...Fong, Chiu...
...and Tak.
The masters of Shaolin would certainly be proud to know...
...they have passed their legacy on to ones such as you.
It is my deepest honour to call you brothers.
Thanks again for your help.
Come on, son.
- Sweetie, is your father coming? - I don't know where he could be.
Why don't you come with me? I'll teach you more martial arts.
No, thank you.
Tak, you're welcome to join us.
My dad will be here, I'm sure.
My son!
Are you Tak's father?
- He's a fine warrior. - That's very funny.
Thank you for saving him.
My son?
He is quite a man.
I don't know about that friend of yours, Tak. Come on.
But it's true, Father, I am a Shaolin master.
Tak, you okay?
- Good to see you smile. - Let's go, Mom.
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