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Subtitles for Red Dragon 2002 CD1.

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Red Dragon 2002 CD1

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## [Classical]
[Playing Off -key]
[Playing Off-key]
####[Ends] [Man] Think to yourself that every day is your last.
####[Piano Playing Softly] The hour to which you do not look forward...
will come as a welcome surprise.
As for me, when you want a good laugh,
you will find me in fine state...
fat and sleek, [Wine Pouring]
a true hog of Epicurus's herd.
[Guests Laughing]
And we find you cribbing lines from Horace as well.
[Laughing] Well done, John.
I must say, Hannibal, speaking for the rest of the herd...
[Guests Laughing]
I'm sorry. For the symphony board. [Hannibal] Oh.
These little soirees of yours are always the highlight of our year.
Just so. Yes.
- You're too kind. -I do feel a bit guilty enjoying such a lovely evening...
when one of our musicians is still listed as a "Missing Person."
- Yes. Poor Fellow. - Shall I confess something wicked?
I can't help feeling just the tiniest bit, well,
It sounds awful, I know, but...
let's face it... so does the man's playing. [Guests Guffaw]
Hannibal, confess.
What is this divine-looking amuse bouche?
If I tell you,
I'm afraid you won't even try it.
[Guests Laughing]
So, bon appétit.
Bon appétit.
[Doorbell Chimes]
Special Agent Graham. What an unexpected pleasure.
I'm sorry to bother you again, Dr. Lecter. I know it's very late.
There's no bother. We're both night owls, I think.
Come in, please. Thank you.
Let me take your coat.
[Lecter] So, what's on your mind?
We've been on the wrong track this whole time, Doctor, you and I.
Our whole profile's wrong.
We've been looking for someone with a crazy grudge...
and some kind of anatomical knowledge.
Decertified doctors, med-school dropouts, laid-off mortuary workers.
From the precision of the cuts, yes, and his choice of souvenirs.
That's where we're off-target. He's not collecting body parts.
Then why keep them?
He's not keeping them. He's eating them.
No, listen. We were at Molly's parents for New Year's,
and Molly's dad was showing my son, Josh, how to carve a roasted chicken.
Yeah? He said, "The tenderest part of the chicken...
is the oysters here on either side of the back."
I had never heard that expression before..."oysters."
Then suddenly, I had a flash of the third victim.
Darcy Taylor... she was missing flesh from her back.
And then it hit me... liver, kidney, tongue, thymus.
Every single victim lost some body part used in cooking.
Have you shared this with the Bureau?
No. I-I needed to see you first, but I'm right.
I know I'm right. I'm-I'm starting to be able to think like this one.
Yeah, that's fascinating. You know, I'd always suspected as much.
You are an eidetiker.
[Scoffs] I'm-I'm not psychic, Doctor.
No, no, no. This is different,
more akin to artistic imagination.
You're able to assume the emotional point of view of other people,
even those that might scare or sicken you.
It's a troubling gift, I should think.
How I'd love to get you on my couch.
Something still doesn't make sense to me.
You're the best forensic psychiatrist I know.
And somehow, in all our time together, this possibility never occurred to you.
Well, I am only human, Will. Perhaps I have made a mistake.
You don't strike me as a man who makes very many mistakes.
Now I'm starting to think that I might no longer enjoy your full confidence.
No, no. I did... I didn't say that. I didn't...
I don't... I don't know what I'm saying.
I'm very, very tired.
I-I almost had it.
It'll come to you. Look, why don't you come back in the morning?
I'll clear some time on my schedule. Then we can get started on revising our profile.
Sound good? Yeah.
You rest here, and I'll get your coat.
Won't be a tick.
[Groans] Shh.
[Groans] Don't move.
You're in shock now. I don't want you to feel any pain.
[Gasping] In a moment, you'll begin to be lightheaded, then drowsy.
Don't resist. It's so gentle, like slipping into a warm bath.
[Screams] Shh.
I regret it came to this, Will.
But every game must have its ending.
[Gasping] Shh.
Remarkable boy. I do admire your courage.
Oh! I think I'll eat your heart.
[Fleshy Thump] [Groans]
Oh! Oh!
[Trigger Clicking]
[Birds Squawking]
Hey, Dad. Someone's here.
[Man] You've got a beautiful setup here, Will. [Graham] Yeah. It's good.
You know why I'm here?
Yeah. I can guess. How much do you know?
Just what was in The Miami Herald and the Times.
Two families killed a month apart in their homes.
Birmingham and Atlanta.
Circumstances were similar.
Not similar. The same.
What have you kept out of the papers?
He smashes mirrors and uses the pieces.
Wears latex gloves, so we've got no prints. Size-11 shoe.
He's not too comfortable with locks.
Pried open a patio door in Birmingham. Used a glass cutter in Atlanta.
Oh, and his blood's AB positive.
Somebody hurt him? Nope.
We typed him from semen and saliva. He's a secretor.
Tell me something, Will. You knew what this was.
Did you ever consider picking up the phone and maybe giving me a call?
You've got all the people you need.
You've got Dortmund up at Harvard. You've got Bloom in Chicago.
And I've got you down here fixing fuckin' boat motors.
Yeah. I like fixing boat motors.
I wouldn't be very useful to you anyway.
I don't think about this stuff anymore. Really?
Last two we had, you caught.
By doing the same things you and the other guys are doing.
That's not entirely true. It's the way you think.
Come on. There's been a lot of bullshit about the way I think.
I've got technicians that can examine evidence, but you've got that other thing.
Imagination, projection, whatever. Yeah.
I know you don't like that part of it. You wouldn't like it either.
This freak killed the Jacobis in Birmingham on Saturday night, February 25. Full moon.
He killed the Leeds family in Atlanta a few nights ago.
March 28. That's one day short of a lunar month.
If we're lucky, we may have a little over three weeks before he does it again.
Will, do you respect my judgment? Yeah, of course.
I think we have a better chance to catch him fast if you help.
Go to Atlanta and look. Just look.
Then help me brief the locals. That's it.
[Woman] Crawford has the whole damn government. What does he need you for?
He just wants me to look at some evidence, Molly,
give him another point of view.
It's... It's a few days... a week maybe... and I'll be right back.
- And you believe that? - Yes.
I mean... Look it, these kinds of cases come along very rarely.
- And I've had experience. - Yes, you have.
You're paid up, Will. All of us, even Josh.
There's a chance that I can help them save some lives.
How do I say no to that?
This one...
This one will never see me or know my name.
I'll just help them find him. The cops will have to take him down, not me.
I'll be in the back of the pack, Molly. I promise.
[Scoffs] Never in your life.
I know you.
Come on. Come here. Come here.
I love you. See you in a few days.
Okay. I'll call you tonight.
[Engine Starts]
[Josh] Bye, Dad.
Where's the dog? No one heard barking.
There's nothing about it in the case file.
[Flashlight Clicks]
[Switch Clicks]
The intruder enters in the dark and cuts Charles Leeds's throat.
He shoots Valerie Leeds in the stomach as she's rising,
disabling her but not killing her.
He leaves her to watch her husband die...
and turns and goes down the hall.
[Switch Clicks]
The children were st...
The children were still in their beds when they were shot,
which might indicate that he used a silencer.
He dragged the bodies into the master bedroom, but why bother?
They were already dead, and none of them got the same...
extra attention as Mrs. Leeds.
Small pieces of mirror were inserted in the orbital sockets of the victims.
This occurred postmortem.
Why did you put mirrors in their eyes?
The pieces of mirror make their eyes look alive.
He-He wanted an audience.
He-He wanted them all lined up watching him...
when he... when he touched her.
When he touched her.
Talcum powder. There was talcum powder.
[Papers Rifling]
"Mrs. Leeds had traces of talcum found on her right inner thigh.
A complete search of the home led to no such matching talcum in the house."
You took your gloves off, didn't you? You son of a bitch.
You took your gloves off. You touched her with your bare hand, and then you wiped her down.
But when the gloves were off, did you open her eyes?
[Phone Rings]
[Continues Ringing]
Crawford. [Graham] Hey.
Are the Leedses' bodies still at the morgue? Yeah.
Who do we have down here that's really good with latent prints?
Atlanta P.D., but they've already printed the bodies.
Not the bodies. Tell them to check the eyes...
Mrs. Leeds's eyes, even her corneas.
I-I think he took his gloves off, Jack. I think he had to touch her.
Jesus, Will.
[Man] Gentlemen, ladies.
This is what the subject's teeth look like.
The impressions came from bite marks on Mrs. Leeds.
This degree of crookedness...
plus the groove in this central incisor...
makes his bite signature unique.
Fuckin' shark. [Laughing]
Knock it off.
We're grateful for the Bureau's involvement.
They have a great deal of expertise in this area.
In particular, Investigator Graham does.
Isn't that right, Jack? Yes, sir.
Anything you want to add, Mr. Graham?
Why don't you come on up to the front, please?
[People Chattering]
Mrs. Leeds and Mrs. Jacobi were the primary targets.
The others were killed just to complete his fantasy.
I know that might be hard to accept, given what you saw,
but this was not random.
This wasn't some killing frenzy.
He was never out of control.
These attacks were highly organized, the women carefully chosen.
We don't know how he's choosing them or why.
They lived in different states, and they never met.
But there is some connection.
There's some common factor, and that's the key.
Find out what that is, and we'll save lives.
'Cause this one is gonna go on and on...
until we get smart or we get lucky.
- He won't stop. - Why not?
Because it makes him God. Would you give that up?
You asked about the dog. Last night, a vet called us.
Leeds and his oldest boy brought the dog in the afternoon before they were killed.
Had a puncture wound to its abdomen. Vet had to put it down.
Was the dog wearing a collar with the Leedses' address on it?
Did the Jacobis in Birmingham have a dog? No dog.
They found a litter box in the basement. Cat droppings in it. No cat.
If the cat was attacked, the Jacobis might have buried it.
Ask Birmingham to check that back yard.
And tell them to use a methane probe. It's faster.
[Phone Rings]
It's for you.
Carl, you're the light of my life. Would it hold up in court?
Okay. Great work.
They found a print on Mrs. Leeds's left eye... partial thumb.
Other than that, there's nothing else that I can tell you.
Thank you very much for your time. I cannot answer any more questions.
Will Graham. Remember me?
Freddy Lounds. I covered the Lecter case for the Tattler.
Did the paperback. Yeah, I remember.
When'd they bring you in? What do you got?
You think the Tooth Fairy will be even a bigger story than Lecter?
He's already beaten Lecter's score. Hey, hey!
You write lying shit, and the Tattler is an ass wipe!
Just stay away from me.
Get away, Lounds. Go on.
How about an exclusive?
Sorry about that. That guy snuck into the hospital and took those pictures of me.
Remember? With the tubes hanging out of me. I know.
Forget that prick and give yourself some credit.
When we catch the Tooth Fairy, that print plus his teeth will burn him.
- You did that, Will. - The evidence was there, Jack.
It was right there for anybody to see.
But nobody else did.
All I'm saying is that was very good work.
No. Good work would be seeing it all the way through and catching the guy.
And I can't do that. I did what you asked me to do.
I'm going home.
I don't even have any idea who this guy is.
That-That stuff I just gave them was broad strokes. He's got no face to me.
That's what you said about Garrett Hobbs. Remember?
And you figured him out. No, I didn't.
You didn't? No. I was stuck on Hobbs.
I had help.
From Lecter.
Jack, don't play games with me, man.
Don't do it. If there's something on your mind, come out and say it.
I'm just saying maybe we've got a resource we ought to look into.
Have you been walking me through the rest of this just so you could ask me that?
Don't get mad at me. I'm just doing my job.
If you know a better shortcut, let me know it.
If you think there's any chance he'll talk to me, I'll go myself.
If you tell me you can't handle it, God knows I'd understand that.
[Man] As a research subject, Lecter has proven most disappointing.
He's simply impenetrable to psychological testing.
Rorschach, Thematic Apperception... [Drawer Opens]
he folds them into origami,
as you see.
So you can imagine the stir your little visit is causing among my staff, Mr. Graham.
If you'd care to share some insights... Dr. Chilton.
I'm sorry. I've got a 4:17 flight back to Atlanta.
Of course.
Tell me, when you saw Lecter's murders... their style, so to speak...
were you able perhaps to reconstruct his fantasies?
And if so, did you jot down any impressions?
[Door Buzzes]
[Intermittent Buzzing]
Let me be frank, Mr. Graham.
The first definitive analysis of Lecter will be a publisher's wet dream.
I'd give you full credit of course.
[Sighs] Well, damn it, man, you must have some advice.
You caught him. What was your trick?
I let him kill me.
[Footsteps Echoing]
[Breathes Deeply]
That's the same atrocious aftershave you wore in court.
I keep getting it for Christmas.
Christmas, yes. Did you get my card?
I got it. Thank you.
So nice of the Bureau's crime lab to forward that.
They wouldn't give me your home address.
Dr. Bloom sent me your article on surgical addiction in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry.
- And? - Very interesting, even to a layman.
You say you're a layman,
but it was you who caught me.
Wasn't it, Will?
Do you know how you did it?
- I got lucky. - I don't think you believe that.
It's in the transcript. What does it matter now?
Doesn't matter to me, Will.
I need your advice, Dr. Lecter.
Birmingham and Atlanta.
You want to know how he's choosing them, don't you?
I thought you'd have some ideas. I'm asking you to tell me what they are.
- Why should I? - There are things you don't have.
Research materials, maybe even computer access. I'd speak to the chief of staff.
Ah, yes, Dr. Chilton.
Gruesome, isn't he?
He fumbles at your head like a freshman pulling at a panty girdle.
If you recall, Will, our last collaboration ended rather messily.
You get to see the file on this case, and there's another reason.
I'm all ears.
I thought you might enjoy the challenge...
find out if you're smarter than the person I'm looking for.
Then, by implication, you think you're smarter than I am,
since it was you who caught me.
No. I know I'm not smarter than you.
- Then how did you catch me? - You had... disadvantages.
- What disadvantages? - You're insane.
You're very tanned, Will.
And your hands are so rough, not like a cop's hands anymore.
And that shaving lotion is something a child would select.
Has a little ship on the bottle, does it not?
And how is young Josh and the lovely Molly?
They're always in my thoughts, you know.
You will not persuade me with appeals to my intellectual vanity.
I don't think I'll persuade you at all. You'll either do it or you won't.
Is that the case file? Yes.
With photos? Let me keep them, and I might consider it.
- Do you dream much, Will? - Good-bye, Dr. Lecter.
You haven't threatened to take away my books yet.
Give me the file then,
and I'll tell you what I think.
I need one hour and privacy.
Just like old times, hey, Will?
This is a very shy boy, Will.
I'd love to meet him.
Have you considered the possibility that he is disfigured...
or that he may believe he is disfigured?
The mirrors.
Yes. You notice he smashes all the mirrors in the houses...
and not just enough to get the pieces he wants.
Of course, those shards in their eyes... so he can see himself there.
That's interesting. No, it's not interesting. You thought of that before.
I had considered it. What about the women? Uh-huh.
Dead... mere puppets. You need to see them living,
the way they caught his eye.
- That's impossible. - Almost, not quite.
What were the yards like?
Big back yards. Fenced, some hedges. Why?
Because if this pilgrim feels a special relationship with the moon,
he might like to go outside and look at it.
You ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will? It appears quite black.
If one were nude, say, it would be better to have outdoor privacy for that sort of thing.
You think the yards might be a factor when he selects victims?
Oh, yes, and there will be more of them of course...
So you'll be wanting lots of these little chin wags, I take it.
- I might not have time. - I do. I have oodles.
- I need your opinion now. - Then here's one.
You stink of fear and that cheap lotion.
You stink of fear, Will, but you're not a coward.
You fear me, but still you came here.
You fear this shy boy, yet still you seek him out.
Don't you understand, Will?
You caught me because we are very much alike.
Without our imaginations, we'd be like all those other poor dullards.
Fear is the price of our instrument,
but I can help you bear it.
[Shutter Clicking] You gettin' his face?
Yeah. Okay, you got it?
All right, let's get the fuck outta here. [Engine Starts]
- [Crawford] You're sure you're okay? - Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
What do you think he meant by "see them living"?
I don't know. I don't know. Maybe nothing.
It's hard to separate his bullshit,
but I'm gonna make another pass at the Leeds house.
####[Honky-tonk Piano]
[Man] Duchess, no.
[Continues Whimpering]
[Children Chattering] Who's that? Get 'em, Duchess.
Get 'em, Duch. Go get 'em, Duch.
Go get 'em, girl.
And... action.! Charlie! How did you...
Hey! Hey, gang.
He's a crazy man. How is everybody doin'?
Oh, just fine. Home from the store.
Hi, Daddy. That's my girl.
Hi, Daddy. Hi, honey.
Billy. Hi, Dad.
And, sweetie. I am not ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille.
Well, what do you think?
Get close. Get closer. A little closer.
I think maybe we'd better put these kids to bed a little early tonight.
They seem tired. Don't you think? [Charlie Laughing]
[Charlie] Here we are at the pool party. What are you doin'?
Stop it. You stop it. I'm telling my mother on you.
[Charlie] Now I get my kiss.
You want a kiss? I want a kiss... the big, romantic kind.
[People Cheering]
Won't nobody get in through here again. I'll "guaran-damn-tee" it.
Why didn't he break in down there?
It's more hidden. Hell, that door's got dead bolts.
Reckon he was in too big a hurry.
No. This one doesn't hurry.
You sat right here, didn't you?
You watched the children bury the cat.
Then you waited for dark.
You're proud. You had to sign your work.
[Boy] Grandma. Grandma?
[Crying] I'm sorry. [Woman] Oh, Francis.!
I've never seen a child as dirty and disgusting as you. Look at you.!
You're soaking wet. Get out of my bed.! [Continues Crying] No.!
Go back up to your room.
Grandma, you're hurtin' me. Shut up, you filthy little beast.!
[Whimpering] I should've put you in an orphanage, grandson or not.
[Man Grunting] [Object Clanking Softly]
[Grunting Continues]
[Man, Muffled] You hurting me.! Into the bathroom.
Take off your nightshirt and wipe yourself off. Hurry up.!
Now give me my scissors from the medicine chest. [Grunting] Please, no.!
Take that filthy thing in your hand and stretch it out.
No, Grandma. Please.! Now.!
Look down. Do you want me to cut it off? Do you? No, Grandma.!
I pledge you my word, Francis. If you ever make your bed dirty again, I'll cut it off.
You understand? [Grunting] I'll be... good boy.
[Grunting] I'll be... good boy. I promise.
[Breathing Heavily]
[Clanking] [Keys Jangling]
[Metal Clanks]
Good morning, Will. So nice of you to visit again.
He carved this on a tree near the Jacobi house...
with a buck knife.
The same one later used on Charles Leeds.
Yes. Yeah.
[Metal Scraping] Take a walk with me.
He had a second tool too, a bolt cutter.
He used that to clear his view.
But? But I don't think that's what he brought it for.
Too heavy, too awkward and he had to carry it a long way.
And what do we make of that symbol?
Asian Studies at Langley identified it as a Chinese character.
It appears on a mah-jongg piece. It marks the Red Dragon.
Red Dragon. Correct. This boy begins to interest me.
Doctor, we don't know what greater meaning this symbol might...
Do you like my little exercise cage, Will?
My so-called lawyer is always nagging Dr. Chilton for better accommodations.
I don't know which is the greater fool.
- Perhaps if you could offer some insight... - A robin redbreast in a cage/
Puts all Heaven in a rage.
Ever been a redbreast, Will? Of course you have.
I'm allowed 30 minutes in here once a week.
Get to the point.
I think he meant to use the bolt cutter to enter the house, but he didn't.
Instead, he broke in through the patio doors.
The noise woke Jacobi, and he had to shoot him on the stairs.
That wasn't planned. It was sloppy, and that's not like him.
Hmm. We mustn't judge too harshly, Will.
It was his first time.
Have you never felt a sudden rush of panic?
[Screeches] Hmm? [Metal Clangs]
[Sighs] Yeah, that's the fear we talked about.
It takes experience to master it.
You sensed who I was back when I was committing what you call my crimes.
Yes. You were hurt not by a fault in your perception or instincts,
but because you failed to act on them until it was too late.
You could say that. But you're wiser now.
Yes. Imagine what you would do, Will,
if you could go back in time.
Put two in your head before you could palm that stiletto?
Very good, Will.
[Imitates Hick Accent] You know, I believe we're makin' progress.
[Drops Accent] And that's what our pilgrim is doing.
He is refining his methods. He is evolving.
Oh, the case file mentioned videos of the Leeds family. I'd like to see those.
No. It would be obscene. Why not?
You don't make it easy, do you? Still, one aims to please.
I'll call you if I think of anything else.
Would you perhaps like to leave me your home number?
[Buzzer Sounding]
That's the end of our session, Doctor. For now.
It was only his first time.
Already in Atlanta he did much better.
Rest assured, my dear Will, this one will give you plenty of exercise.
My love to Molly and Josh.
[Man] Go to the back of the cell, Dr. Lecter. Face the wall.
If you turn around before you hear the lock snap, you'll get a dart.
Understood? Yes, indeed.
You got ten minutes to talk to your lawyer.
[Lock Clanking]
Starting now. Thanks so much, Barney.
[Man] Hello? Dr. Lecter? I have those documents you requested.
"Robes, Robespierre, Robin.
Robin, call for. Robin, fainting."
Ta-da! "Redbreast in a cage."
[Clicking Tongue, Humming]
Ah. "A robin redbreast in a cage/Puts all Heaven in a rage." Yeah, that's it.
"William Blake, Auguries of Innocence. "
Hmm. Think you got it? Yeah, we should have.
Um, we have some books of Blake's paintings too.
Wanna see 'em? Yeah, thanks.
[Woman] Psychology department, University of Chicago.
Dr. Bloom's office. Oh, hi. This is Bob Greer at Blaine and Edwards Publishing.
Dr. Bloom asked me to send a copy of The Psychiatrist and the Law to Will Graham.
His assistant was supposed to give me the address and phone number,
but, darn it, she never did.
Uh, see, I'm just a temp. Linda will be in on Monday.
Gosh, and I have to catch FedEx in about five minutes.
I hate to bother Dr. Bloom about it at home, 'cause he told Linda to send it,
and I don't want to get her into trouble.
It's right there in her Rolodex or whatever.
I'll dance at your wedding if you read it to me.
Oh, I don't know. I'm really not supposed to.
Be a darling and flip that little ol' rascal, and I won't take up any more of your time.
Graham, comma, Will.
Oh, all right. Just a minute.
Um, Gordon, Graham.
It doesn't give the address of the house. What does it have, dear?
F.B.I., 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C.
Yeah? Oh, and let's see.
Here it is. P.O. Box 3680, Marathon, Florida.
Marathon. Yeah.
That's fine. You're an angel.
[Door Buzzing]
I'm Francis Dolarhyde.
I've come for the package of infrared.
Right. Put your back against the door and come forward three steps...
till you feel tile under your feet.
And there's a stool just on the left.
Same Mr. D. Who's head of tech services.
Am I right? Uh-huh.
I'm Reba McClane.
Just a second more, I will get you some light.
Okay. Here we go.
[Switch Clicks] [Electricity Buzzes]
So, what do you need the I.R. for?
It's for the zoo. They want to photograph the nocturnal animals.
That's great. I love animals.
I gotta warn you though. This stuff is pretty sensitive.
It can be mean to handle.
But I guess I don't need to tell you that.
Hey, Reba. Oh, Mister D.
Whoa. I'm not interrupting anything here, am I?
No, Ralph.
Listen, Reba, it's starting to spritz outside. How about I give you a lift home?
You ride a motorcycle, Ralph. How's that gonna help me with the rain?
Well, I thought maybe... stop off someplace,
have ourselves a little sundowner.
- I've already got a ride. - That's cool. That's cool.
No "problemo."
If there's anything I hate worse than pity, it's fake pity...
especially from a walking hard-on like Ralph Mandy.
- Sorry. - I have no pity.
[Thunder Rumbles]
Ride with me.
Thanks, but I take the bus all the time.
Mandy is a fool. Ride with me.
For my pleasure.
You wanna come in? I'll fix us a drink.
Maybe another time.
I will... come in.
When is the zoo project?
Maybe next week. They'll call.
I love zoos.
In fact,
one of my earliest memories is seeing a cougar when I was about five.
I didn't lose my sight till I was seven. Diphtheria.
Could you hand me that knife?
Anyway, I've always tried to hang on to what that cougar looked like.
Although by now, to tell you the truth, what I see in my head...
is probably not the least bit like a cougar.
It's more like a donkey or a goat.
You know, sometimes I'm not so sure I really saw him.
Maybe he's just something I dreamed up.
You okay? Uh-huh.
- You don't say much, do you? - Um, no, I guess not.
Let's talk about something for a minute...
and get it out of the way, okay?
I can hear that you've had...
some kind of soft palate repair.
But I understand you fine because you speak very well.
If you don't wanna talk to me, that's cool.
But I hope that you will because...
I know what it's like to have people always thinking that you're different.
Mm-hmm. Well... that's good.
May I touch your face?
I wanna know if you're smiling or frowning.
I wanna know whether I should just shut up or not.
Take my word that I'm smiling.
- I have to go. - If I offended you, I didn't mean to.
[Graham] I've been to their house, but I don't have a sense what the Jacobis were like.
It would help me if I could see some of their personal effects.
Diaries, letters. Do you have those things, Mr. Metcalf?
Oh, I sure do. I mean, other than one or two little keepsakes Niles Jacobi got.
That would be Mr. Jacobi's surviving son by his first wife?
Yeah, that's right. As their executor, I keep all that stuff here in the office,
along with some of the smaller valuables, till after probate.
But, uh, Birmingham P.D. 's been all through it.
Could you pack those things and ship 'em up to me?
I hate to ask. I know it's a pain in the ass.
Ah, hell.
Probate judge is an old golfin' buddy of mine.
just tell me you're gonna nail that son of a bitch.
We're doing our best. [Crawford] Will?
Hey, thanks, Mr. Metcalf. Thanks.
A note hidden in Lecter's cell. Sounds like a fan letter mailed by the Tooth Fairy.
He wants Lecter's approval. He's curious about you. He's asking questions.
I've scrambled a chopper. Does Lecter know we have the note?
[Crawford] Not yet. It was found during a routine cleanup.
They don't open his mail? Can't. Need a warrant. X rays only.
Where's Lecter now? Still in the holding cage.
Can he see his cell from there? No.
He's been there almost half an hour. Soon he'll start to wonder what's wrong.
We gotta buy time, Jack.
Dr. Chilton? Yes?
Call your building superintendent or engineer... whoever's in charge.
Tell them to pull the circuit breakers on Lecter's hall.
Have the super walk down the hall past the holding cell carrying tools.
He'll be in a hurry, pissed off, too busy to answer any questions. Got it?
And don't forget. Don't touch the note. Okay?
Graham's on his way.
Listen up! We've got a note coming in on the fly,
possibly from the Tooth Fairy.
Number one priority. It has to go back to Lecter's cell...
within the hour unmarked.
We'll need Hair and Fiber, Latent Prints, then Documents.
I'll walk it through myself. Let's go, people.
[Dolarhyde's Voice] My dear Dr. Lecter...
I wanted to tell you I'm delighted that you've taken an interest in me.
And when I learned of your vast correspondence,
I thought, "Dare I?"
Of course I do.
I don't believe you'll tell them who I am.
Besides, what particular body I currently occupy is trivial.
The important thing is what I am becoming.
I know that you alone can understand this transformation.
I have some things I'd love to show you,
if circumstances permit.
I hope we can correspond.
I have admired you for years and have a complete collection of your press notices.
Actually, I think of them as unfair reviews. As unfair as mine.
They do like to sling demeaning nicknames, don't they?
"The Tooth Fairy. " What could be more inappropriate?
It would shame me for you to read that...
if I didn't know you had suffered the same distortions in the press.
I'm fed up with this bloody stupid building. Every day, something breaking.
I swear they ought to tear the whole fuckin' place down.
How much longer do we have? Ten minutes max.
Instructions for answering are probably in the section Lecter tore out.
But I don't get it. Why not just throw the whole note away?
It was full of compliments. Couldn't bear to part with them.
Now we can mash just a little.
You're so sly.
But so am I.
Aniline dyes and colored inks are transparent to infrared.
These could be the tips of "T's" here and here.
On the end, that's a "P" or possibly an "R."
Maybe this is where he's telling Lecter how to answer him.
Jack, there's only one safe way to carry on a conversation that's one-way blind.
Publication. Wait a minute. We know this sweetheart reads the Tattler.
That's in his note, right? "The Tooth Fairy..." they made that up.
Three "T's" and an "R" in Tattler.
So how do you communicate through a tabloid? You got what? News stories.
- Personals. Personals. - Damn it.
What if the killer wants Lecter to answer him through the personal columns?
That could be it. We're gonna need proofs of those pages before the Tattler's published.
I'm on it.
[Dolarhyde's Voice] Investigator Graham interests me.
Not your standard gumshoe, is he?
More alert, purposeful looking.
You should have taught him not to meddle.
Forgive the stationary. I chose it because it will dissolve very quickly...
if you should have to swallow it.
If I hear from you next time, I might send you something wet.
Until then, dear Doctor,
I remain your most... avid fan.
[Crawford] The Tattler got an ad order signed 666.
Baltimore postmark on the envelope.
It's set to run this afternoon.
Chicago field office is sending the text through now.
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