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Subtitles for Red Dragon 2002 CD2.

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Red Dragon 2002 CD2

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"Dear Pilgrim..." That's it. Doctor called him a pilgrim when we talked.
"You honor me. You're very beautiful."
Christ. "I offer a hundred prayers for your safety.
Find help in John 6:22, 8:16, 9:1. Luke 1:7..."
Code. Has to be.
We've got 19 minutes to get a message in if we can break this.
The Tattler can't hold its presses any longer.
It's something simple. They only needed cover against casual readers.
- I'm thinking it's a book code. - Book code?
The first numeral... 100 prayers... could be the page number.
The paired numbers after that could be line and letter. But what book?
- Not the Bible? - He's got Galatians 15:2.
Galatians only has six chapters. Same with Jonah 6:8. Jonah has four chapters.
He wasn't using a Bible. Then the Tooth Fairy named the book to use.
He specified it in his note in the part Lecter tore out.
It would appear so. What about sweating Lecter?
In a mental hospital, I would think drugs... No.
They tried sodium amytal on him three years ago...
trying to find out where he buried a Princeton student.
He gave 'em a recipe for dip.
Besides, if we sweat him, we lose the connection.
If the Tooth Fairy picked the book, then it's something he knew Lecter would have.
- Can we get a list of his books? - From Chilton, maybe.
No, wait. Rankin and Willingham, when they tossed his cell...
took Polaroids so they could put everything back in place.
Ask them to meet me with pictures of his bookshelves.
Where? The library.
Will, I'm leery of letting Lecter's message run without knowing what it says.
I say let this one run. We keep working on the code.
At least it'll encourage the Tooth Fairy to contact him again.
What if it encourages him to do something besides write?
I don't like this any better than you,
but it's our best shot.
Oh, my God.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello. - Jack, it's Lloyd Bowman. I solved the code.
- You need to know what it says right now. - Okay, Lloyd.
It says, "Graham home, Marathon, Florida.
Save yourself. Kill them all."
[Phone Ringing]
Yeah? [Crawford] Bowman just broke the code.
- What does it say? - I'll tell you in a second. Listen. Everything is okay.
I've taken care of it, so stay on the phone when I tell you. Tell me now.
Lecter gave the bastard your home address. Wait, wait. Will? Will!
[Door Closes]
[Floorboards Creaking]
[Helicopter Blades Whirring]
[Molly] Is he after you now? [Will] No, no. Lecter just suggested it to him.
I hate this. Molly, I'm... I'm sorry.
It's a sick feeling. I know it is.
But you'll be safe here. Crawford's brother owns this place.
No one in the world knows you're here.
I'd just as soon not talk about Crawford.
[Josh Chattering]
Beneath the yellow folder you'll find your latest rejection slip from the Archives.
It was brought to me by mistake with some of my Archives mail.
I'm afraid I opened it without looking.
I think we'll remove Dr. Lecter's toilet seat as well.
[Crawford] Atlanta P.D. nailed him.
He had a fake Bureau I. D...
and was trying to get the Leeds family autopsy photos.
It's a federal beef, so Atlanta kicked him back to us.
I'd like nothing better than to see this dirt sandwich pulling five at Leavenworth.
But maybe there's a better way to handle this.
- Yeah, what's that? - I think we ought to give him a story.
[Graham] The Tooth Fairy's ugly and he's impotent with members of the opposite sex.
Mm-hmm. Also, he, uh,
sexually molests his male victims.
While they're alive? Sorry. I can't go into those details.
But we do also speculate that he's the product of an incestuous home.
Mm-hmm. No wonder the creep's such a loser, right?
That's a tip we got from Dr. Lecter, by the way.
So it's true Lecter's actually helping with your investigation.
Yes, it's true.
The doctor was offended that a bottom-feeding lowlife...
like the Tooth Fairy would consider himself in the same league.
[Chuckles] Okay. Uh...
Tell me about this place you got here, Will... your little Washington hideaway.
This is just an apartment I'm borrowing till this creep goes down in flames.
I keep copies of all the evidence here so that I can work on it late at night.
- Make sure you can read the name on that building. - Yeah.
I got enough. [Clears Throat]
Just remember. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
And if my story draws the Fairy into any kind of attack on Graham...
and you nail the scumbag, I get an exclusive.
Fuck you, Lounds.
When we see the story in print, then we'll consider what to do about your sealed indictment.
Yeah, yeah. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
[Door Closes]
I feel like I need a shower.
You okay with this?
Better he comes after me than Molly and Josh.
So, yeah, I'm okay with it.
I wish we had something better, but there's only ten days till the next full moon.
We've gotta rattle his cage.
We'll stake out this apartment, put snipers on the nearby rooftops.
Also, you'll have a moving-box tail 24/7...
in your car, on the street, wherever you go.
You'll wear the Kevlar at all times, no exceptions.
You again?
Come back at 4:00 a.m. when I open, all right?
Hey! Hey, I told you...
You told me what?
Fucking dick.
Is that your fucking name on the sign?
[Muffled Grunting]
[Whimpers] Where am I?
What am I doing here?
[Dolarhyde] Atoning, Mr. Lounds.
I haven't seen your face.
I couldn't possibly identify you.
I work for the National Tattler.
It would, uh, pay a big, uh, reward...
a big reward for me.
I mean, a half a million...
A million, maybe.
Do you know who I am, Mr. Lounds?
No. And I don't wanna know.
You know, believe me. According to you,
I'm a vicious, perverted sexual failure.
A bottom-feeding lowlife who's about to go down in flames.
I think you know now, don't you?
[Exhales] Yes.
Do you understand what I'm doing, Mr. Lounds?
No. But I... I would... I'd like to.
I really want to... understand.
And then all my readers could understand too.
I am not a man.
I began as one, but each being that I change...
makes me more than a man, as you will witness.
I don't need to see you. No.
Oh, but you must, Mr. Lounds.
You're a reporter. You're here to report.
[Breathing Heavily]
- Open your eyes and look at me. - No.
If you don't open them yourself, I'll staple your eyelids to your forehead.
[Sobbing] I don't want to. Open your eyes.!
Oh, my dear God. Jesus.
Oh, God.
Do you want to know what I am?
More than anything. I was afraid to ask.
[Dolarhyde] Do you see now?
Yeah, I see. Oh, God.
Mrs. Jacobi in human form.
Do you see? Yes.
Mrs. Leeds in human form. Do you see?
- Yes. - Mrs. Jacobi changing.
Oh, my God. Do you see?
Mrs. Leeds changing. Do you see?
Mrs. Jacobi reborn. Do you see?
Mrs. Leeds reborn. Do you see?
Please, no. No?
- No what? - Not me.
God, not me.
Why did you write lies, Mr. Lounds?
Graham told me to lie. Graham.
It wasn't me. Will you tell the truth now?
- Yes. - About me? My work?
Oh, yes, yes. My becoming?
Yeah. Ya... Yeah.
I am the Dragon, and you call me insane.
You are privy to a great becoming...
but you recognize nothing. No.
You are an ant in the afterbirth.
It is in your nature to do one thing correctly.
Before me you rightly tremble.
But fear is not what you owe me, Mr. Lounds.
You owe me awe.
Read. [Tape Recorder Starts]
[Dolarhyde] That's all, Mr. Lounds.
You did very well.
You'll let me go now? Soon.
There is one more way I can help you to better understand.
I-I-I wanna understand.
I do. And I'm really gonna be fair...
from now on.
You know that.
[Muffled Screaming]
[Flesh Tearing] [Screaming]
[Lounds On Tape] I have had a great privilege.
I have seen with wonder and awe...
the strength of the great Red Dragon.
He has helped me to understand his splendor.
And now I want to serve him.
He knows you made me lie, Will Graham.
Because I was forced to lie, he will be more merciful to me...
than to you.
Oh, God.! [Muffled Shouts]
[Muffled Screaming]
[Tape Stops]
We can let this tie us up in knots...
or we can learn from it.
Maybe even use it to catch the bastard.
He had to have a van or panel truck to move Lounds around in that big old wheelchair.
Mm-hmm. Go on. Anybody.
He had to already have the wheelchair, too, or know where to get one fast.
It's an antique, not the kind of thing you find around the house.
Does it strike anybody that he set this up in one hell of a hurry?
The Tattler comes off the press Monday night.
By Tuesday morning he's in Chicago snatching Lounds.
He either lives in the Chicago area or he's within a driving radius...
of... call it six hours.
Find out within this area where the Tattler was available for early distribution.
Start with the airports and all-night newsstands.
Maybe some newsy remembers an odd customer.
Lloyd, this cassette... enhance the audio. Maybe you could pick up something in the background.
Beverly, Jimmy, that wheelchair...
I want the maker, date, possible sources.
Graham and I will coordinate from Chicago. Let's hustle.
Look, there's not gonna be any answers in Chicago, Jack.
Okay, I mean, Lounds... that was a bonus.
That was just a chance to show off. It doesn't even fit his pattern.
The Leeds and the Jacobis are what he needs.
I think I should go back to Baltimore.
After what he tried to pull?
I think Lecter picked up on something in the missing part of that note.
Maybe not a name, but something. Enough to narrow the search.
- He won't tell you. - Not unless I can offer him something.
[Lecter] Congratulations, Will.
That was most artistic of the way you disposed of the annoying Mr. Lounds.
Your cell looks bigger with no books in it.
Does it? I hadn't noticed.
Well, you will. I have other resources.
Tell me, Will. Did you enjoy it? Your first murder?
Of course you did. And why shouldn't it feel good?
It does to God.
Only last week in Texas, he dropped a church roof on the heads of 34 of his worshippers,
just as they were groveling for him.
He wouldn't begrudge you one journalist.
Put me next to him, Doctor. You and some SWAT team?
Oh, Will, where's the fun in that?
He'll have to take his chances too.
A roof can fall on anybody.
But not on Molly and Josh, I take it.
Not yet anyway.
First he kills the pet, then the family.
Freddy was your pet.
They're safe now.
No one will ever be safe around you, Will.
Clever work on his note, by the way.
And that blackout was an especially nice touch.
What else was in that note, Doctor?
Put me next to him. That's what you want, isn't it?
To help him succeed where you failed... twice.
Give him a chance to kill me.
Go on then. Seduce me with your wares.
Full restoration of your privileges,
plus computer access to the A.M.A. archives...
one hour a week, under supervision of course.
But this is a one-time offer. It expires the minute I walk out of here.
A bit measly, don't you think?
Turn it down then. See what kind of terms you get from Chilton.
Ooh. Are these threats, William? I'm waiting, Doctor.
Or maybe you've got nothing left to sell.
A little sample then. Why not? Seen the Blake, have you?
Yes. No, you've looked but not seen.
Transformation is the key. The man/dragon...
his ugliness transformed by power.
Look for a military record with combat training.
Look for extensive tattooing...
and corrective surgery, most likely to the face.
Come on. I'm past all that already, and you know it.
Now give me what I need. How is he choosing the women?
I've already suggested how. The answer was right in front of you.
- You looked but didn't see. - Bullshit! No riddles. Just tell me.
No. It's your turn.
I asked you before for a small courtesy, and you responded rudely.
Before I tell you anything more, you will make certain arrangements for me.
What kind of arrangements?
Oh, nothing much.
Shall we say dinner and a show?
You ready to tell me what kind of outing this is?
[Chuckles] Nope.
You're just full of surprises, aren't you, D.?
[Man] He's about six feet away.
Can you smell him? Yeah.
Now, he's a little noisy, but he's sedated. I assure you.
Dr. Hassler's about to fix his broken tooth. Glad you could come.
We appreciate the infrared film, by the way.
Two more steps.
I'll put your left hand on the edge of the table.
Okay, he's right in front of you.
Take your time.
[Tiger Moaning]
D.? I'm here.
You go ahead.
[Growling Softly]
Why don't you try this?
[Heart Beating]
Nine steps from the front door to the clock and three more to this room.
Sorry. Force of habit.
## [Mellow Swing]
That beautiful tiger, this house, this music...
I don't think anybody knows you at all, D.
Everybody wonders about you though.
Especially the women.
What do they want to know?
They find you... very mysterious...
and interesting.
Did they tell you how I look?
They said that you have a remarkable body.
That you're very sensitive about your face but you shouldn't be.
Oh, and, uh... [Chuckles]
they asked me if...
you are as strong as you look.
I said I didn't know.
Where the hell are you, D.?
Ah, here you are.
Do you wanna know what I think about it?
Well, would you show me where the bathroom is?
I have to do a little work.
Sure. If I'm keeping you from working, I'll go. No.
I want you to be here.
I do. It's just a tape I need to watch.
Won't take long.
- Do you need to hear it too? - No.
May I keep the music? Uh-huh.
What's it about?
Some people I'm going to meet.
So then,
it's what?
It's a corporate promo?
Some kind of homework?
It's a good idea.
It's so important to be prepared.
Oh, my God. Are you ever.
No, I won't give her to you.
No. [Panting]
Please, just...
just for a little while.
You're hurting me!
No, she's...
She's nice.
She's okay.
I had a really terrific time last night, D.
But this morning you seem like a different person. Is something wrong?
I have to go now.
I have to go away.
- Where? - On a trip.
- When will I see you again? - Reba, you have to get out. Get out now.
[Metcalf's Voice] Dear Mr. Graham...
Here are the Jacobis' personal effects as discussed.
I hope these things might help you. Good huntin'.
Byron Metcalf.
[Crawford] Will, how many more times are we going to watch this?
[Graham] "See them living," he said. "Right in front of you."
It's something about these home movies.
Lecter keeps saying, "You looked but didn't see."
[Crawford] Lecter says a lot of things.
It's a sad damn thing, but we already knew that.
Will, we can't afford to let Lecter waste...
No, no. Again.
[Woman] Your dissertation must be nearly finished by now, Mr. Crane.
Nearly. It's so nice to finally be able...
to connect a face with a name after all our correspondence.
But you know, you don't look at all like I imagined you would.
What did you think I'd look like?
- [Gasps] - [Mouths Words]
Right there. There.
Right there. That's what he wanted the bolt cutter for.
To cut that padlock and go in through the basement.
But that's a different door.
I don't get it.
The one I saw was flush steel with dead bolts.
Jacobi had a new door installed. Beginning of January, I think.
It's in here somewhere.
You think he cased the house while the old door was there?
He brought the bolt cutter, didn't he? He was sure he'd need it.
Why case it almost two months in advance, then not check it again?
I don't know, but he was ready with the bolt cutter,
just like at the Leeds house, only there he was ready with the glass cutter.
He must have seen the glass pane in the Leedses' kitchen door...
when he was walking through the neighborhood.
No, you can't see that door from the yard. There's a porch lattice in the way.
Jack, he knew the inside of the houses.
Remarkable, isn't it?
Two hundred years old.
And yet so fresh,
so vivid.
He almost looks alive, doesn't he?
We just had a report here from...
[Crawford] Mr. Metcalf, do you have the Jacobis' check stubs and credit card statements?
We're looking for any kind of service call or purchase...
that might have required a stranger to come into the house...
a repairman or a delivery guy.
[Speaking, Indistinct] Yeah.
I know we already checked that, but now we've gotta go back much further.
All the way to before January. Yeah.
No collar. No collar. Please hurry. It's urgent.
- Metcalf says... - No collar. The dog had no collar...
in a neighborhood full of dogs, but he knew which one was their's.
Same with the Jacobis' cat. No collar, but he knew.
He knew about the padlock. He knew about the pane of glass.
He knew the layout. He knew how to get in.
Every goddamn thing he needed to know was on this...
Oh, Jesus.
Is Metcalf still on the phone? Give me.
Byron, it's Graham. Hi.
You said Niles Jacobi took a few keepsakes. Do you have a list?
Yeah, right here. I need to know if one of the things he took was a home video.
A full-length V.H.S. tape compiled from shorter tapes. One videotape.
It says, "Meet the Jacobis."
It's Chromalux.
[Crawford] We just got a fax.
An incident at the Brooklyn Museum.
Guy attacked two employees, and get this...
ate the Blake painting. What?
That's him. It's gotta be.
If that painting meant so much to him, why destroy it?
And why didn't he kill those two women at the museum?
They both got a good look at him.
Maybe he's trying to stop.
[Engine Starts]
Mr. Crawford, all you've got's a hunch.
I've got 382 employees, and they've got a union.
I can't just turn you guys loose in their files, not without a court order.
There are privacy issues here, the company's exposure...
One of those employees has already killed 11 people that we know of.
If he gets away tonight, what's the company's exposure on that?
Let me get our lawyers. You guys can work something out.
- We don't have time for that. - [Graham] Listen to me.
We're looking for a white male, 25 to 35. He's right-handed.
He has brown hair. Listen, please.
This guy's very strong. He's possibly a bodybuilder.
He might have some kind of facial disfigurement.
He drives a van or a panel truck.
- That sounds like Mr. D. - Oh, my God.
- Who's Mr. D.? - That's Francis Dolarhyde.
He's our manager of technical services.
- What does he do exactly? - He maintains the equipment for tape transfers.
Would he have access to people's home videotapes?
He has access to every tape that comes through here.
Thanks for dinner, Ralph, and thanks for letting me vent.
Hey, look, no "problemo."
Reba, listen.
I know it's not my place to say this. Go on.
Well, if Dolarhyde is really as moody as you say he is,
maybe you ought to keep a little distance.
I mean, what do you really know about the guy?
I appreciate your concern, Ralph, really.
And I promise I'll give it some thought.
Hey, have a great vacation.
Thanks. See you in a week.
Good night.
I had a great time. Good night.
Good night. [Lock Turns]
[Doorbell Chimes]
Ralph, just 'cause I'm feeling vulnerable...
Reba? Wake up.
You wandered around in the house...
while I was asleep, didn't you? What?
The other night, did you find something odd?
Did you take it and show it to somebody? Did you do that?
D.? What is it? What's happening?
Shh! Sit still or he'll hear us. Who will?
He's upstairs.
He... He wants you, Reba.
I thought he was gone, but now he's back.
D., you're scaring me. Shh! Shh.
I didn't want to give you to him.
I did a thing for you today so he couldn't have you.
I was wrong.
You made me weak. And then you hurt me.
[Sirens Wailing]
No, you can't have her!
D., please don't let him have me.
You won't.
I'm for you.
You like me. I know you like me. Take me with you.
Take you with me?
Yes. Put out your hand.
Feel this. That's a shotgun, Reba.
A 12-gauge magnum. Do you know what it'll do?
[Whimpers] I wish I could have trusted you.
I wanted to trust you.
You felt so good.
So did you, D.
[Crying] Please don't hurt me now.
It's all over for me.
[Reba Gasping]
- Where are you, D.? - I can't leave you to him.
Do you know what he'll do? He'll fight you to death.
He'll hurt you so bad. I can't let that happen.
It's better if you go with me.
Yes! God, get us out of here!
- I'll shoot you and then myself. - Oh, D., no. Please.
- I have to shoot you. - No!
Oh, Reba.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.! [Cocks Shotgun]
D.! [Shotgun Blast]
[Clock Chiming]
Three steps to the clock. From the clock to the door, nine more.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
- [Sirens Wailing] - What is that? What the hell is that?
That's the place. Oh...
Goddamn it! All units, that's his house burning.
Francis Dolarhyde! Francis Dolarhyde, where is he?
He's in there. He's dead. He's dead. He's dead. You know that?
He shot himself in the face. I put my hand on it. He set fire to the house.
He was on the floor...
[Crawford] Will, you all right?
[Graham] All right, that's all I need.
But if it's all right, I'd like to come back again before I leave to see how you're doing.
Sure. Why not? Who could resist a charmer like me?
You know, whatever part of him was still human...
was only kept alive because of you.
You probably saved some lives.
You didn't draw a freak, okay?
You drew a man with a freak on his back.
I should have known.
Oh, no, sometimes you don't.
Trust me. I... I've been there myself.
Listen to me. There was plenty wrong with Dolarhyde,
but there's nothing wrong with you,
except your hair.
[Laughs] Your hair is a train wreck.
Can we please do something about that for next time maybe? Please?
That would be nice. Thank you.
Just get some rest. You're gonna be fine.
We found this in his safe. Thought you might wanna take the first look.
You've earned it.
[Graham] When I read his journal, it was sad.
It was just so sad.
I couldn't help feeling sorry for him.
He wasn't... born a monster.
This guy was made one through years and years of abuse.
Hey. Hey, Dad. Can we make s'mores?
Some mores? Yeah, s'mores.
Yeah. Yeah, you're on. All right.
Go look in the pantry. Okay.
[Phone Ringing]
Jack, those remains you found in the rubble, they're not Dolarhyde's.
What are you talking about? His goddamned dentures were there.
- But not his bones. Wrong D.N.A. - Then whose are they?
St. Louis P.D. is looking for a Chromalux employee named Ralph Mandy.
He was supposed to be on vacation, so nobody missed him for a week.
[Chuckles] What is taking him so long?
Are you kidding? It takes him 20 minutes to get out of bed in the morning.
Yeah, but now I have a serious marshmallow jones.
Hey, Josh, what are you doing?
[Phone Rings]
[Molly On Answering Machine] We can't get to the phone, but you know the deal.
Wait for the beep.
[Crawford On Machine] Will, it's Jack. It's Dolarhyde, Will.
He's still alive. We're scrambling everything that will roll or fly,
but it's gonna take time to get them out there.
Christ.! Will, where are you?
[Floorboards Creaking]
Drop it.
- Do it now, gumshoe. - [Whimpers]
Your son is about to change.
Then your wife.
You can watch.
Then I'll take care of you.
Look at you.
I've never seen a child as disgusting as you.
You pissed your pants? How dare you?
- [Crying] - You dirty little beast.
You want me to cut it off? Is that what you want me to do, you little freak?
Do you? Don't cry at me, you little faggot.!
Apologize.! Say, "I'm sorry, Daddy.
I'm a dirty little beast. I'm a freak."
- Say it.! - No.
- Say it! - Daddy...
Say it, or I will cut it off! "I'm a dirty little beast...
freak, hair lip... and no one will ever love me."
Run! Run!
Get down!
[Locking Door] You okay?
- [Molly] Josh? - Mom?
- Shh, shh. - Will?
Where are you guys?
I thought I heard some kind of...
- Will? - Molly, get down!
Shoot... What?
Shoot him. Shoot him.
[Josh] Mommy.
[Sobbing] Mommy.
[Sirens Wailing In Distance]
[Lecter's Voice] My dear Will...
You must be healed by now, on the outside at least.
I hope you're not too ugly.
What a collection of scars you have.
Never forget who gave you the best of them, and be grateful.
Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real.
We live in a primitive time, don't we, Will?
Neither savage nor wise.
Half measures are the curse of it.
Any rational society would either kill me or put me to some use.
Do you dream much, Will? I think of you often.
Your old friend, Hannibal Lecter.
[Chilton] Hannibal, there's someone here to see you.
Wants to ask you a few questions. I said you'd probably refuse.
A young woman. Says she's from the F.B.I.
Though she's far too pretty if you ask me.
I'll tell her you said no.
What is her name?
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