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Red Heat

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Abdul Elijah says we're in business. Get the capital in safe place, okay?
Meet me back here 3:00. Bring me a key. We go check the color of your green.
Your shipment's on its way. You have a small item for me. I give you a courier.
Bless Abdul Elijah and the brotherhood.
Nice doing business, comrade.
Oh! Attention!
Fun bag patrol. Double bogies, 11:00.
Whew, Christ!
You think she bought those? I don't think so.
I think those are definitely home grown.
Just an opinion.
-Guy's gotta be dead not to notice that. -What's the matter with you?
I'm a man. I got needs.
We're on the job. Come on.
We oughta arrest her.
- What'd you squeeze him with? - Caught him packin' on parole.
Gave him a choice: Whisper in my ear...
or I turn him into Joliet Prison for five years.
He tipped you to a big cleanhead deal?
Don't tell me we're popping cleanheads. I hate the cleanheads!
You're this close to losing your job.
Can you give us a second, Charlie?
Yeah, all right.
You're not helping yourself.
This is a good tip. I got it from my guy Streak.
All right. Come on, let's go.
Freeze! Police! Hands up!
Shut up!
You ain't got shit!
Follow me. You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in court.
Outside stairwell!
Freeze, motherfucker!
Don't get nervous. I do this for a living.
You look like Marvin Hagler.
I lost money on Hagler!
Hey! How long you gonna be in there? You're not even using the goddamn phone!
Chicago. Gangsters.
- How you doing, honey? - Blow yourself.
Thank you. Thank you very much. It's good thinking.
Should be out any second.
He's going through customs right now.
You read the report Stobbs wrote on the cleanhead bust?
- He says your performance was adequate. - Adequate. Jesus Christ! What a jerk!
It's a personality thing.
Stobbs just doesn't like yours.
Ten to one he doesn't speak English.
- Captain Danko. - Yes.
I'm Detective Sergeant Gallagher, Chicago Police Department.
- Glad to meet you. - Thank you.
This is my partner, Detective Sergeant Ridzik.
- First time in Chicago? - Yes.
You have a nice flight?
Yes, fine.
- You hungry? - No.
Hate to break this up, but I'm parked in a red zone. No offense.
We got a car waiting outside for you.
It's a half-hour drive to the city.
It's a nice drive. You'll enjoy it.
Nice night.
Been real hot lately. Nothing hotter than Chicago in August.
It's the humidity that gets to you.
Humidity. You know, moisture in the air.
How's it been in Moscow?
No moisture.
Where'd you learn to speak English so well?
Compulsory training. Language school in Kiev.
Oh, yeah. That's like in Chicken Kiev.
We had that at my sister's wedding.
Viktor Rosta must've pissed off a lot of commissars...
for them to send someone all this way to baby-sit him home.
What did he do? Pee on the Kremlin?
I gotta apologize for my partner, Captain.
He's just naturally suspicious.
Did you arrest Viktor?
- Me? It was patrolmen. - Where?
Right near his hotel, The Garvin.
It's a breeding ground for pushers, pimps, prostitutes.
Take me there.
We got you booked at the Executive House.
Please. Garvin.
You sure you wanna stay here? It's horrible. You have a choice.
I stay here.
- If you're on a budget-- - Thank you.
I will be fine.
You're the boss.
I'll pick you up at 9:00 in the morning.
Nice talking to you, Captain.
- What do you think? - I think he's a jerk.
- Danko. - You're welcome.
Put your name in the big book right there.
You had man here called "Rosta."
Viktor Rosta.
- A Russian? - Soviet.
I want same room.
Are you Russian too?
Nice going.
It's 302.
Right up those stairs.
This is our booking area.
Looks like a major crime wave just hit, right?
When I first got here when I was first assigned here...
I thought all hell had broken loose.
Nope. It was just a typical Monday morning.
Is that a Russian cop uniform?
Looks like a glorified postman or something out of World War Two.
- Be respectful to our guest, Audrey. - Yes, sir.
Not king.
Checkmate in two moves.
Use bishop to queen four.
Thanks for your advice, comrade, but I think I got it covered.
This way, Captain.
The nerve of that guy.
Captain Danko, Moscow Militia.
This is Commander Donnelly, chief of this district.
Thanks, Tom. The Captain will be with you in a minute.
This is an extradition order. It only requires your signature.
He ran a red light. No driver's license.
The officer found a gun in his glove box, so he brought him in.
We shook him down. Then he refused to speak English.
When we found the cyrillic writing tattoo, we figured he was one of yours.
Viktor did not ask for political asylum?
I think he wants to go home.
Audrey, go get Sergeant Ridzik.
Stress management. You watch the fishes.
You water the plants.
Special breathing exercises. Monitor your blood pressure.
Listen to pleasant sounds.
Personally, I think it may all be a pile of shit!
But when you're facing a bypass, you stop asking questions.
just out of curiosity, and since I figure cops are cops everywhere...
how do you Soviets deal with all the stress?
Yes, sir.
I want you to ride with Gallagher and the Captain to the city jail.
Make sure he signs this form before they go to the airport.
Then bring the top copy back.
Just bring the top form back to me.
- Yes, sir. - That'll make it official.
So long, Captain. Nice doing business with you.
- Gallagher! Taxi service. - Right.
You can tell they're old buddies. Body language is a beautiful thing.
We are ready.
Yes, sir.
- Do you know what this key opens? - Looks like a locker key.
Why don't you ask your bud?
You try it.
Where is the locker...
that this key opens?
- What'd he say? - He say...
"Go and kiss your mother's behind."
You son of a bitch! Come here!
- Take it easy! - I'm fine!
- Take it easy. - I'm fine. Happens all the time.
Every day someone tells me to go fuck my mother's ass.
- Have you seen my mother's ass? - No, I haven't.
Well, you'd want to fuck it too.
He shouldn't have said that about my mom.
What do you care? It's not your case. It's not my case.
- It's not even an American case. - Right, right.
We're just an escort service here. Pull back on your emotions.
How can I let what he said pass?
Find a middle ground.
This way, clown.
All right, I'm outta here.
Look, Captain, have a good flight back.
If you get a chance to flush this turd down the toilet...
do it over the Pole.
By the way, you were right about that chess move. I was dead in two.
It was obvious.
Forgive Ridzik, Captain. He's been having a hard time lately.
- Put himself in a jam-- - I try to forget Ridzik.
- Hey, Bernie. - Yes, sir.
Give me a Sun Times and a Racing Action tip sheet.
You got a winner?
- Come on, let's go! - The key!
Come on, man!
Let's go! Let's move!
- How's he doing, Doctor? - It's still early.
There's no fracture, but Danko does have a concussion.
We're gonna need him to make a full statement.
I don't think you should expect much out of him today.
Thank you very much.
Gallagher didn't even get a shot off.
I think it was the cleanheads who did it.
That's possible. They all walked yesterday morning. Illegal warrant.
Even the guy with the shotgun?
Walked right out the door with a handshake from the judge.
- Shit. - Listen to this.
This guy you shot there, according to his l.D., he's Russian.
Can you believe that?
I'm sorry, but the police department will have to bear with us.
Captain Danko should remain incommunicado.
The Russians got a chance to talk to him. Why?
They were the closest thing to family and they weren't gonna interrogate.
How did you get that piece through customs?
Diplomatic immunity.
Great. That restores my faith in airport security.
You're not supposed to have that gun, Danko.
I'll tell you what, though.
Tell me what's going on with Viktor and you keep the gun.
Take it.
Come on, gimme a break with this shit.
Maybe this Russian bully stuff works on a chessboard, but not here.
You retire the uniform?
I am now undercover.
You look like Gumby.
You're gonna fit right in.
For your information, Captain, I shot one of your Russians.
Unfortunately, he's not dead. He's in intensive care.
When he comes to, maybe you should talk to him.
How long before this happens?
Is this 60 Minutes? Do I look like a doctor?
Other things first.
Hey, Gumby?
Where do you think you're going?
Lighten up. I got it. Thanks.
- What are you doing out of bed? - He thinks he's gonna find Viktor.
- That's cute. Keep an eye on him. - Why me?
Because I said so. He's a material witness.
Maybe Donnelly can figure out what to do.
- How come I get all the shit jobs? - Because it fits you.
- You come with me? - You heard. I just got my orders.
- Take me to the same hotel? - Do I look like a cab?
I just took him back to the hotel.
He went in, came out ten minutes later.
I didn't know what to do, so I brought him here.
Okay. Good.
About your involvement in this, you know standard procedure.
If you're a witness to a murder, you can't be active in the investigation.
Okay, I know.
I'm not taking you off the case.
You and Gallagher were friends.
I'll fit you in somehow.
Send in Danko.
The two Russian suits that showed up at the hospital.
They want Danko in a big way.
So I told them we'd put him on a plane soon.
Please be seated, Captain.
You've met Lieutenant Stobbs?
Stobbs is the point man in this investigation.
We met. I'd like to run this by you, Captain.
"Viktor Rosta. Full name, Viktor Sedgavich Rostavili.
"Born September 4, 1944. Georgia, Russia.
"His father had the distinction of being hanged by the U.S.S.R....
"for the crime of Brigandage."
Burning villages, raping women.
That goes on in Russia?
In past, during war.
Not now.
According to you. According to this...
Viktor spent three years in the army and six...
on a forced labor camp for drug offenses.
"Is currently wanted in the U.S.S.R.....
"for murder, kidnapping, rape...
"extortion, currency speculation...
"and drug dealing."
Where did you get this information?
Your boys in Washington have decided to be cooperative since Viktor split.
In fact, they got a whole new attitude.
I hear they're sending over some caviar.
Why didn't you tell us this before?
I had no authorization.
My government does not like to do laundry in public.
Anything else we should know?
I will not leave this country without Viktor.
I need cooperation.
You wanna stick around...
and find Viktor, Captain, that's fine by me.
One more thing.
I don't want the press to get near you.
And don't roll through town like the Red Army!
Have you wigged out?
Danko is the perfect weapon; a loose cannon.
If he helps us find Rosta, great.
If he screws up, breaks rules, he's a Russian.
- But what about Ridzik? - Ridzik is a good cop.
And a total expert at fucking up.
Departmentally speaking, I got no downside here.
I'm having them bring in Gallagher's snitch...
the guy who helped us bust the cleanheads.
He's a sleaze, but I think he can tell us who's brokering the cleanhead's deal.
He visits Viktor in jail?
Only two folks had that honor:
A skirt named Cat Manzetti and that Russian I shot.
The girl teaches dance in Wicker Park for the city.
We're gonna try to catch up with her later on tonight.
About this pile of shit pimp here.
In this country, we try to protect the rights of individuals.
It's called the Miranda Act, and it says you can't even touch his ass.
I do not want to touch his ass. I want to make him talk.
I'm gonna handle this one.
Hey, Streak.
- You can't hold me here, Dickweed! - Hostility.
You got nothing on me. This is bullshit!
- Easy. - Where is Viktor?
What the fuck are you doing?
I don't know who he thinks he is. I'll have both your badges!
Easy, Streak. Just sit down, relax.
I wanna ask you a couple of questions about the cleanheads.
Fair price for services rendered?
Capitalism works, right, Streak?
Cleanheads got a monster deal going down. I told Gallagher. End of story.
He lies.
In this country, he has that God-given right.
Do I smell heroin?
- What's this? - Come on, man!
-You bring this into the police station? -You planted that.
That's disrespectful. This is distribution weight.
Fuckin' cop setup!
You're fired.
Cleanheads' deal: who, when and where?
The lawyer I got makes ACLU look like Nazis.
He lives for cop misconduct. Probably sue you for free.
And I ain't tellin' you shit!
Jesus! Oh, shit!
Abdul Elijah runs the deal from Joliet.
Shit's comin' in a couple of days. I don't know where.
I swear on my balls! I don't know!
Soviet method is more economical.
I'm so glad I took the time to explain an individual's rights.
Sorry about that hand. You gotta watch these doorjambs.
They're dangerous.
Breaking his goddamn fingers in front of me. You can't pull a stunt like that.
- You ignored me. - Miranda?
In your country, it's okay to lie, put drug in pocket?
No, not really.
Maybe I was a little out of line. I was just trying to get him to talk.
- I wasn't gonna prosecute the guy. - We both go too far.
Shit! All I know is Gallagher's dead, your Russian's on the loose somewhere...
and I gotta chauffeur you around all goddamn day.
It really sucks.
Who is Abdul Elijah?
He's got one of the biggest criminal organizations going now.
- Where can we find him? - In jail.
Miranda Law is there?
Yes. Miranda is there.
Even scumbags have rights in this country. I told you.
In Soviet Union, only after two days can scumbag talk to lawyer.
You're shitting me!
I am not shitting on you.
We go to see Abdul? Yes?
Sure. Whatever you say, Gumby. I'm your escort.
That suit's not gonna explode or anything?
- I think you're safe. - Just checking.
Once I lock one of these fuckers up, the gangs take over.
The Aryan brotherhood, the cleanheads, the Muslims.
Since most convicts are repeaters, gang leaders got connections to outside.
They're in operation.
Cleanheads' playground.
- From now on, you're on your own. - Thanks.
There he is. Abdul Elijah...
sitting on his throne with his cronies.
He makes them shave their heads to prove obedience.
I guess the rules are different for the bosses.
Kind of like your government, lvan?
Come here, you.
I wanna talk to you.
This Captain Danko. He's come from Russia to speak to your scoutmaster.
That's nice, but who the fuck are you?
These men have no respect of our authority as police officers.
No shit.
Revolutionary political leaders, like myself...
are incarcerated to keep us quiet.
What is your political crime?
I robbed a bank.
Now, let's get to it, Mr. Moscow. What is it you want?
I have Viktor's key.
If that's true, then you also have Viktor's money...
and all you need is half a hundred dollar bill and you and me do business.
I give you key, you give me Viktor.
That is unethical.
You keep cocaine.
Bad. You're trying to make me compromise my principles.
We are not like American police.
You ship drugs to my country, and one morning you will wake up...
and find your testicles floating in jars of water next to your bed.
I'm a holy man. I got no need for testicles.
Then I settle for your eyes.
You can't threaten me, white boy.
You want to know what my crime is? My crime was being born.
I'm 38 years old and I've been locked up 26 of those.
I educated myself in here.
I've come to understand this country was built on exploiting the black man.
Of course, I don't hear anything about brothers in your country.
But your country exploits its own people just the same.
So I guess that makes me the only Marxist around here...
right, comrade?
You see, this ain't just no drug deal.
This is politics, baby. This is economics.
This is spiritual.
I plan to sell drugs...
to every white man in the world...
and his sister.
I still want Rosta.
- Yeah, real bad. I can tell. - Where can I find him?
I tell you what I am gonna do, Captain.
I am gonna put you two white boys together, see if you can't work it out.
I need Viktor.
He needs that key.
And you...
you're just another motherfucker we gonna have to deal with.
Be cool.
Okay, so tell me. How did it go?
- Fine. - Fine?
You wanna cut the shit?
You were talking to that jazzbo so long, I thought about having my head shaved.
It could be a good idea.
- What's that? - My watch.
- It's on Moscow time. - Time to pick up Pokey?
- Time to feed parakeet. - What's that?
Russian for jerking off?
- I guess not. - What's wrong with parakeet?
Nothing. I didn't say anything was wrong with parakeet.
My kid sister used to have one.
You want a parakeet, it's okay with me. I don't give a shit.
You think that parakeet is feminine?
Did I say that? I didn't say that, did l?
What do I know? I guess it's okay.
- Christ, it's fine. - Thank you.
You're welcome.
Slow and fast.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, hips.
One, two, smooth.
Mind showing me l.D.? I like to know who I'm talking to.
Ridzik, Arthur. Detective Sergeant.
This is Captain Danko. He's from Moscow.
You went to see Rosta in jail.
- What did you talk about? - The weather...
taxes, inflation.
Did you meet him hanging around the hotel bar, lobby?
Fuck you.
No. I have a headache and good taste.
I don't have to listen.
It's very important. Many people could be hurt.
It's really no big deal.
He told me to go to The Garvin, get his old room, where exactly to look.
It was just a passport and this hundred-dollar bill torn in half.
I gave it to a friend of Viktor's. I don't even know his name.
Cut the shit! Just tell me where he's at.
I don't know.
- You got a phone number? - I lost it.
- Look, this Viktor's a very bad guy. - Really?
- A cop died because of him. - I don't know.
You know anything about 11th and State? I'll take you and book you for murder.
- Trying to scare me? - Wondering why you're helping Viktor.
He's my husband.
I'm gonna bust that bitch so hard she bounces.
Wait. We can use her to find Viktor.
You got all the ideas. Maybe I'll go home and whack off.
Watch Crime Stories.
Viktor uses fake name, marries American to get visa to U.S.
Right. Why do I get the feeling you're taking it so personal?
I shot his brother six months ago in Moscow.
- Shot him dead? - Yes.
- Way to go. - Thank you.
Why don't we stake it out? You go to the car.
I'll get something to eat. I'll get you something healthy from all food groups:
hamburger, french fries, coffee, donuts.
- Wait. - You don't like onions?
- Give me key to car. - It's unlocked.
In case she leave.
No, you can't drive that car. What if you crash?
That means I gotta fill out reports until I retire.
All right. But honk if you see something.
Hey, asshole. You can't park here.
This is my parking place. I live right up there.
So move or give me 50 bucks.
- I do not understand. - Let me make it simple, moron.
You move your ass or gimme 50 or I take my bat...
and mutilate your car.
- Do you know Miranda? - Never heard of the bitch.
- Everything okay. - Yes, fine. No problems.
What about that sack of shit laying on the sidewalk?
He lives here.
You're a real beaut.
I called the squad room. Guess what?
Tatomovich, that bastard I shot?
He's coming out of his coma.
Why don't we just go and interrogate him and bag this?
Here she is.
- Now we go. - Wait, wait!
Shit! Goddamn it! Jesus Christ! I just burned off my dick!
Oh, God! Jesus!
Look at the mess I made. Now I gotta wash the car.
Just wrecked my goddamn suit and I hard-boiled my nuts.
It's gonna look like I pissed in my pants all night.
Careful with the driving.
I don't want any accidents.
I'll have to fill out paperwork forever.
I have car under control.
Yeah, sure. I suppose they taught you everything you need to know...
about car wrecks and the price of insurance in your school in Kiev.
In Socialist countries, insurance not necessary.
State pays for everything.
Yeah. Well, tell me something.
If it's such a paradise...
how come you have as much trouble with heroin and cocaine?
Chinese find way.
Right after revolution...
Iine up all drug dealers, addicts...
take them to public square and shoot them in the back of the head.
It would never work here. Politicians wouldn't go for it.
Shoot them first.
Christ! They're behind us.
That's the general idea.
Look at this. We have a pro basketball team heading towards us with guns.
- Hold this. - What's this?
It's Viktor's key.
- Put gun away. - Are you nuts?
I'm supposed to tell you that this is a truce arranged by Abdul.
- You leave your guns with those guys. - No way.
Chicago cop never relinquishes his weapon.
You got the key?
I'm glad we hid that key.
Good thing we didn't bring it. We'd really be in deep shit.
Don't waste your time.
- Where is Viktor? - We got everything under control.
Well, good. I'll be the translator.
You got a job. You're the hostage.
I'm out of here. I've had enough of this macho shit.
Thank you for your help.
I'm sorry, but this is way past me.
Honey, I understand, really.
Go see Viktor.
He's down that ramp over there. You get out of hand...
your friend here gonna be gone.
Hear that?
I don't like being used as bait. I though Viktor wanted to see me.
Viktor wants you to get in car.
If they'd let me have my gun you would be already dead.
The people have many needs.
One is law and order; other, entertainment.
We both have our codes.
Yours, one of the state.
one of thieves.
We both respect courage.
We even hold our own lives in contempt.
You have contempt for all life.
You don't, huh?
You killed my friend.
You killed my brother.
Your brother was criminal.
A dead man is a dead man.
After 70 years, the doors begin to open in Moskva.
Our first taste of freedom will be cut with cocaine.
Any country that can survive Stalin...
can certainly handle a little dope.
I think you should come off your high horse, Captain...
and start to talk business.
You have my key.
I need it quite badly.
I'm willing to pay for it generously.
More than you can make in ten years.
I do not sell drugs.
You are so foolish.
I thought you might be more reasonable.
Money has a way of doing that to a man.
But no.
I don't think so.
Not with you.
You are one of those kind of Soviets...
that only look forward to death.
I know you well.
Without me, you don't even exist.
I don't give a shit if they did give us the fuckin' guns back!
These are the motherfuckers that killed Gallagher.
And you call yourself a fuckin' cop!
In this country, we trust our partners.
We don't hold back from our partners...
and we never leave our partners...
holding their dicks in their hands...
while some bald motherfucker's got a gun in his ear!
Here! Take this goddamned key. Take it!
Now we go to hospital to question Tatomovich.
You are a shithead!
- We're here to see Tatomovich. - I got him right over here.
This is not part of our deal. I thought--
What is his condition?
He started coming around about an hour ago, mumbling something in Russian.
They got a nurse in there with him.
- Any visitors from downtown? - Not so far, but they're on the way.
You'd better wait for Stobbs and Donnelly.
- Ernie, let's get some coffee. - Sure, okay.
Pardon me.
Check it out. I knew I should have been a doctor.
This area's restrict--
Hey, buddy. Hey, shithead!
You talk to him. You speak his language.
Come on, scumbag. Don't play dead.
The nurse.
Shit! Look out!
Goddamn it, lady, police! Stop or I'll shoot.
- Don't! Put it down! - What are you doing here?
- Put it down! Are you crazy? - Move, goddamn it!
Don't! Stop it!
Ah, what the hell? It was a guy.
- You are stupid. - I never meant for any of this--
Viktor has ten women like you at home. They're all dead or in prison.
What am I supposed to do?
I just don't see how she could disappear into thin air.
You checked the back stairs?
No sign of her?
She just got away?
- Nice work, Gumby. - Thank you.
- I didn't mean that. - Oh.
You got a shithouse in Russia?
We got one here and you and I are standing right in it.
It's not only gonna hit the fan, it's gonna go right through the ceiling.
Watch it, lady, okay? I don't know why you insisted on this tetanus shot.
I had one 14 years ago. Easy!
I ought to shoot that bitch.
What's in that, cement?
All right, what's the score?
Shit, it's been a hell of a night.
First, some cleanhead stuck his damn gun in my ear...
- and Danko here shot a drag queen. - I've always enjoyed your reports.
I'm especially going to enjoy when you detail your cross examination...
- of Gallagher's informant. - Streak?
According to his lawyer, you tried to break his hand.
He's now filing a criminal and civil suit against the department.
Well, it's bullshit. We can beat that rap.
He got his hand stuck in a door. Danko will tell you.
After silencing the alarm button on the EKG monitor...
el transvesto killed Tatomovich by shooting an air bubble into a vein.
He obviously didn't want us to question him.
Viktor did not want me to question him.
The drag queen belongs to Viktor?
Yes. He killed his own man.
He knew I would get information from Tatomovich.
- He thinks it's better to kill him. - Did you get to his wife?
The Manzetti woman? We've been trying to track her down all night.
No, we don't have shit.
Tell me, Captain. Where did you get the gun you used?
Registered in my name. Moscow Militia Headquarters.
He did not know about gun.
Under the circumstances, I'm going to have to ask for your weapon.
And I say, no.
I see Ridzik is teaching you his sense of humor.
Your gun, Captain! Now! Don't fuck with me!
Sergeant, I need to see paperwork on this incident by 10:00 this morning.
Every move you and Danko have made.
You'll have it.
- Where did you put the witnesses? - Right down the hall.
I need other gun.
Just get away from me. I can't deal with that.
We got no leads, pal. We're battin' fuckin' zero.
Don't look at me like that. It's not happenin'.
I give you a gun, my ass is grass. You understand?
Donnelly wants me for dog meat, so forget it.
Just get in the car and relax.
We have many men like Commander Donnelly in Soviet Union.
I understand him. He's like KGB.
All right, goddamn it.
All right, I owe you one 'cause you saved my life tonight.
You are now the proud owner of the most powerful handgun in the world.
Soviet Podbyrin 9.2 millimeter...
is world's most powerful handgun.
Everyone knows the Magnum .44 is the big boy on the block.
Why do you think Dirty Harry uses it?
Who is Dirty Harry?
You got your site report, preliminary report...
accident report, a questionnaire from the coroner to fill out...
which has to be typed in triplicate.
- How are you two fellows doing? - Great. Just got my ass jammed...
- with a horse needle. - Poor baby.
Look, lady, I just got my coffee the perfect color.
It's the only thing I got going for me tonight.
You married?
I'm just curious. I mean, we are working together.
You got a girlfriend?
Of course.
Great. That's good to hear.
How about your dad? Was he a cop?
Army. Dead 11 years.
How about your ma?
Nurse. Died when I was young.
Killed in war against Nazis.
Pretty fuckin' grim.
You got any brothers or sisters?
I got one sister. Divorced.
Parents are both dead.
My dad was a cop. A real good cop.
I guess you and I won't spend a lot of time Christmas shopping this year, huh?
You don't like talking about this stuff, do ya?
I didn't think so.
Yo, sweet cheeks! While we're young, huh?
Tea, please.
Uh, in a glass with lemon.
I saw Dr. Zhivago.
I'm gonna go back to the station house. You catch some Z's and take a shower.
We'll get back to it in a couple hours.
Hey, you're all wet.
Just tryin' to be friendly.
You got a whole mess of them here. All from the same honey too.
Been callin' every ten minutes the last hour.
Hey, buddy, I got an idea: Why don't you just use my phone?
Just make sure it's a local.
This is Danko.
Look, I can't be in the middle of this.
If Viktor finds out, you gotta promise you'll protect me.
The drugs are coming in tonight. I give you Viktor, you let me walk.
- I do not understand. - You know exactly what I mean.
You get Viktor, I go free. You understand "freedom"?
Look, I just want my life back.
The city pays me $5.84 an hour to teach kids to dance they hope won't...
turn into junkies; Viktor gives me ten grand just to marry him.
You figure it out.
He's gonna contact me.
I find out when and where this big drug deals going down. I tell you guys.
- Why would he tell you? - He trusts me. I'm his wife.
Come on, Danko. Don't just breathe at me.
I get Viktor, I promise I do what I can to help.
- What's buggin' you? - What do you think?
Check your messages. Your phone's been driving me crazy.
Ridzik, Nelligan here.
That 560 report-- Please get it done tonight.
It's got to be in by morning.
Yo, Art, this is Pat, your millionaire brother-in-law.
Yo! Hey! Pay attention to me.
This alimony business with your sister is getting out of hand.
We gotta talk. I'll be at the key shop later tonight.
Hi, guys.
How you doin'?
Hey, you want your old room back?
We're ready for our next case. Please introduce our new couple.
Your honor, this is the case of Antonello versus Antonello.
Ben Antonello is a 27-year-old police officer.
Roxanne Antonello is 23 and works at--
- You shop full-time, then ? - As a matter of fact, I do!
Where is he?
He's in the bathroom.
Wrong guy.
Viktor set us up!
It's him!
No. Not me. I'm not with them. I don't know anything about this shit!
- I just wanna get out of here. - How many more?
I don't know. They just killed my trick.
I don't know anything about this!
Hey, wait a minute!
I don't believe this. What is this all about?
Where are you going?
You're not gonna start shooting again, are you?
What's in there?
What are you gonna do? Let's get outta here! Oh, God!
Don't get any on your shoes.
Would you tell me who's gonna explain this to my boss?
It looks like Beirut. He's gonna be pissed.
Who's gonna back me up when I tell him it's not my fault?
The city of Chicago? You cops?
Somebody's gotta pay for this and it ain't gonna be that Commie bastard!
I don't know! I don't know about anything!
- Everybody just started shooting. - Where'd you get the gun?
In my purse.
I don't know nothing about any of this.
- You carry a gun? - Around here everybody does.
You meet a lot of weirdos.
- How many more upstairs? - Three.
There's only one thing clear to me.
That Russian bastard is still holding out on us.
Young woman found in the Chicago River tonight is Catherine "Cat" Manzetti.
The victim was a dance instructor employed at Wicker Park Center.
She was 24 years old.
The body was discovered beneath Kinsey Bridge by a local patrol unit.
The cause of death is not known, but foul play has not been ruled out.
Thus far, investigators are refusing to comment on the incident.
Miss Manzetti was identified by police records.
In 1986, she was charged--
It's Viktor's wife.
Cat Manzetti. We fished her out of the river an hour ago.
Preliminary med-path indicates a broken neck or strangulation in the works.
I want an autopsy right away.
If I talk to them, I'm gonna get a heart attack.
Bring them both in, shut them down, the end.
Interview Danko in my office later. I want some debriefing.
I was very wrong about the downside.
Donnelly says you're riding the desk starting now.
We're sending you back behind the curtain where you belong.
Eat shit.
Excuse me?
See you at the office.
Stupid, goddamn, fucking Russians!
Don't take that personal. I didn't mean you.
I mean Viktor. Except Viktor's not stupid because he's got the key.
Art, if you and your foreign friend step back here, we can talk.
These the books?
Alphabetical order. They're in English. Is that a problem?
- Take a walk, will you? - What did you do?
Lock one of your girlfriends in the patrol car?
- Tell your sister to stop calling me. - I'll give you a tip.
Pay your alimony on time and she'll leave you alone.
Said it was your idea to go back to court.
I don't have any more money. We both agreed to the payments.
Your May check arrived July 9 and bounced like a ball.
- Too much free work for the police. - Maybe we should have a pity party.
I offered her money not to marry you.
I gave her six great months.
You know what you are? You're cheap.
You hurt her. You owe her money, and you should pay up.
- You're a sleazebag! - Get out of my face!
Find anything?
Thank you.
Everything okay, yes?
The stuff's coming in on the 9:30 from EI Paso. Check it out.
I trust you.
Spread it all over Siberia?
All right.
Let's go in. Wait a minute. Now, look.
I know you really want this guy, but this is a Chicago Police matter.
Go in the front. Get to the rear. I got the back. Don't try to be a hero.
You dig?
You understand? Dig? Didn't learn that in Kiev?
- I'm not on holiday here. - Then let's go.
Excuse me.
You got change for a $100 bill?
This is the smallest I have.
Your merchandise is in the luggage trunks.
You did not make it, Viktor.
Back off, Captain.
He killed a Chicago cop. Chicago gets him first.
I have my orders!
Are you nuts?
All right.
Get real. Look, we're doing good things here. Move!
- I'm not leaving yet, mister. - Get out!
- Get in. - Were you gonna leave me here?
- Where did you learn to drive a bus? - Kiev.
- In the army. - Jesus!
We're going against traffic. Get on the other side!
You're not listening to me!
Way to go! That was a fucking Chicago landmark!
Where are all the cops? They're never around when you need them.
You make a U-turn, they ticket you. Where the fuck are they?
Watch it!
Shit! We call this "Chicken." Only we don't play it with buses!
- This is no game! - No shit!
Get ready to swerve!
Get ready to swerve!
You crazy fucker!
You fucker! You almost killed both of us, goddamn it!
- And Viktor! - Fuck Viktor!
Are you crazy? You almost got us both killed!
Jesus Christ, man! What the hell do you think you're doing?
You son of a bitch!
I take care of this.
I give up. This whole thing's very Russia.
Hey, Gumby.
Honk if you need me.
Did you get him?
Nice grouping of your shots.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
I still like Soviet model better.
Got a real attitude problem.
High, left center.
I do not understand this sport.
You're not supposed to. It's totally American.
You should stick to things you're good at.
Like knee dancing; training those cute little bears for the circus.
- We play baseball in Soviet Union. - Come on.
Gimme a break, will you? You haven't got a shot.
This is our national pastime.
Forget it.
It'd be a hell of a World Series.
We will win.
Danko, I want to ask you something.
Remember back at the bus station, both of us had Viktor?
You turned and pointed the gun at me.
You weren't gonna shoot me, right?
Yeah, that's what I figured.
Just checking.
It is custom in Soviet Union...
to exchange article as souvenir for friendship.
I decide to give you this.
That's really nice.
Here. I want you to have my watch.
This here is a $1000 marvel of Western technology.
I got it at a discount from my cousin.
This is really...
a $20 East German watch.
Thank you.
We are police officers...
not politicians.
It's okay to like each other.
Sorry. My Russian's a little rusty.
Good luck.
Subtitles And Translation By Captions, lnc. Los Angeles
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