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Red Shadow

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In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Toei Company. Ltd.
Produced by the "Red Shadow" Production Committee
Can't you hear us?
Get out of there!
Why must I get out?
This road is ours. Make way for us.
A road is public property.
I always walk in the middle of the road.
Shut up!
Use the edge!
Damn you! You think we're fools?
No. Kids.
Damn you!
I was interrupted.
I'll see you.
It was close.
The world has its devils.
Don't meddle with him. It might cost your life.
Lives are precious.
Call me Sanshiro Kamioka...
when I'm disguised as a samurai.
My real name is Red Shadow.
I'm a Shadow Ninja.
It was a long time ago.
A shooting star hit the ground.
It contained a kind of metal that didn't exist on earth.
And a solid sword was made...
from the metal - metal harder than any other.
The men were excited.
"We have invincible power!"
"We can conquer the world!"
But the elder said...
Heaven gave us this power.
Wefll use it to stop war.
Time passed.
Now there's not much left for us.
The same old story?
Remember: A Ninja's mission is...
to work in the shadows, gather information,
and defeat the enemy.
Exactly. War is everywhere, and we serve a master to help him win.
But remember:
We work in the shadows to build a world of peace.
That's the Shadow Family's pride.
Close your eyes.
Flowing water...
Whispering grass...
Moaning wind...
Gather their spirits.
Empty your bodies and let them in.
That's the secret of the Ninja's fighting technique.
Stop. time!
It doesn't work.
Red. can I ask you a question?
Why shout as we work magic?
Because... well...
That's Ninjutsu.
What if the enemy throws a knife at you while you shout?
Shout abracadabra fast.
I see.
Do it!
Stop, time!
No way!
You should give up that magic.
Let's go.
Red Shadow.
Blue Shadow.
There's no limit to Ninjutsu practice. Note that.
Here's the certificate of the Shadow Ninja.
Invincible Steel - heaven's gift.
Wear it.
Red Shadow.
Use it for the benefit of the world.
Halt Lord Rokkaku's attack on Hikoyama.
Stop their war.
You mustn't be off guard.
Here's a bug.
It jumped!
What bug?
It went away.
What bug?
Ifll go.
I did it!
Ten points?
What's keeping you? Don't play for the stands.
I'm sorry.
Let's go!
Blue, are you alright?
I don't think so.
Red, you sure we're on course?
More guests.
It's crowded.
We came first. Go back!
He's a daredevil.
Good night.
What a handsome kid!
Get out!
Be quiet.
Lord Rokkaku.
Give this order.
Pull back your men from Hikoyama.
So you're sent by Lord Togo?
You can't get away with this!
You like it. Lord Togo?
Wonderful! I can watch it all day.
About Rokkaku, you did a good job.
Take Kyogoku Castle.
You were groaning.
I had a dream.
In my dream you got married,
and had Land their.
This House of Kyogoku...
will be prosperous.
Your medicine, my Lord.
You heard about a "pretty masseuse" ?
Pretty masseuse? What's that?
I think a pretty girl massages your body.
You'll be cheated again.
"Cheated again" ?
You mean the "beauty bath" ?
Beautiful women watch men bathes. I was surprised.
And you paid a lot for it.
But it's a "pretty masseuse" this time. It can't mean otherwise.
Come with me.
No thanks.
You afraid of girls?
Nonsense! What Ninja is afraid of girls?
What's your type?
There'll be a girl like Aska.
She'll massage you.
I like girls with big breasts and a small waist.
Like whom?
It's a man's business, right?
You're talking about girls again.
You alright?
Knee down.
Knee down? Why?
Why, Aska?
Carry me.
Here we go!
Blue Shadow.
The master of Ninja is unmarried.
Marriage is a hindrance in carrying out our missions.
It's a way of practice.
If peace returns...
Ninja will be jobless.
What if we...
die in a mission?
You won't die.
I promise...
I'll protect you.
I'll protect you.
I won't let you die.
Blue Shadow.
What's the best Ninjutsu skill?
Answer me.
I'll tell you.
It's to run.
They say, "To run is to win."
We're no samurai.
We must survive, no matter what.
"Must" ?
Here's a new mission.
Blue Shadow.
Try to survive.
I heard a new weapon was brought into Kyogoku Castle.
I'll go first.
Can we get in?
A trap?
You can't tell.
Let me look.
We ?
There's nothing funny, but...
It may be a trap.
"May be"? What do you mean?
We should try another.
Move over.
Ifll try.
Is Aska safe?
Without the protector.
Oh, it's still warm.
Smells good.
Cut it out!
Blue Shadow.
You alright?
I think so.
It's a trap.
Aska, aren't you hurt?
It scared me.
We'll be careful.
Grab me!
That's the exit. Come!
It's an amusing sight.
They look like rats afraid of light.
Master, what'll we do with them?
"Invincible Steel."
Shadow Ninja?
This way!
Told you, didn't l?
Play with us.
Go, Aska!
Next, a swordfight.
Play with me.
Let her alone!
A hero?
That's all.
The game's over.
Run, Aska!
You're good.
I'm Ranmaru.
Red Shadow.
Come on!
Not interested.
I am. Come on!
Stay back!
Red Shadow.
Keep away!
Come on, Aska!
I'm sorry. I'm to blame.
How beautiful!
I'm sick of it.
The man I killed a while ago...
He looked like me.
Togo, Kyogoku, Rokkaku... They're the homes of Ninja.
The same ancestors, the same faces.
Aska was killed.
I killed somebody who was my relative. I'm a murderer!
Someday peace will return. Then we...
I quit!
You can't!
I'll live...
as I like!
What happened to Blue Shadow?
He quit being a Ninja.
I couldn't save Aska.
Don't blame yourself.
Stay beside her.
My Lord!
Gensai is here.
You've worked for Lord Kyogoku a long time.
But the master of the House is dead.
Princess Koto, the heiress, dislikes Ninja.
Don't serve Kyogoku anymore.
Serve me, instead.
That's the only way for you to survive.
Togo brought 500 men here, but he sent...
10.000 men to the east
and 5.000 to the west.
He's ready to attack us.
We should kill him on his way from the funeral .
We can't do that!
It would mean war!
Calm down, both of you. Not so loud.
Let's see...
This is not me to sit back and watch!
Defense comes first.
Offense is better!
Don't be so rash!
Togo's power is even with ours.
Many men would die.
If Hosokawa raids us in the confusion, we'll see slaughter.
You've changed, Princess.
As tough as the late Lord.
He's gone.
Starting today. I'll be master of this domain.
Anyone who disobeys me must leave.
Excuse me.
Lord Togo is waiting.
I'm coming.
You'll be master? You'll fight on the battlefield too?
Do you like war, Lord Togo?
Sometimes it's unavoidable.
What do you fight for?
This nation.
So my grandfather said.
Then you want my domain too?
Will you take a look at his keepsake?
Open the gate!
Open the gate!
The late Lord imported this weapon from Europe. It's called a tank.
He named it Piroro.
It takes orders only from me.
Well . I'll do it again.
It's coming!
Go, Piroro!
A little too low.
Once again.
Go, Piroro!
Once again!
Once again!
When did the lord import this?
You feeling fine?
Part of your body is stiff, young man.
It's not bad.
If this part is stiff, that part is stiff, too.
Mr. Zen.
It's hot.
Tell me.
Don't you massage customers?
I'm not strong enough.
But I can do it a little.
Feeling good?
Very good.
You alright?
Hope so.
I can make you feel even better.
The air smells nice.
What's that bird?
This way.
Watch out, Princess!
Don't worry.
Look! Over there!
Wait, Princess!
We come!
Hand over your money and sword!
Where are you going, pretty girl?
Stop here!
What's your name?
Sanshiro Kamioka.
Sanshiro, you saved my life.
Work for me.
Check his identity first.
Shut up! You're not asked.
Darling, did you like it?
Can I keep it?
Yes. Will you come to see me again?
But Zen was watching us all the time. I'm embarrassed.
Some men like it that way.
Did you know there are many imported treasures in the castle?
I hear they're very beautiful.
You want them?
Do I ever!
Come on!
You win!
You beat the bandits without weapons.
Show me how to do it.
Like this?
No. Faster.
I see. It's very useful.
Like this?
Like this?
To your feet!
I wish I were born a boy.
I want to reign strongly.
Ifll make my domain rich and peaceful .
That's my true wish.
Why open your mind to a stranger like me?
Who else can I talk to?
Why are your eyes always sad?
Even when you smile, your eyes are sad.
I trust you because of your eyes.
How pretty!
Leave them to me. Go ahead!
Kyogoku's new weapon is a fake.
Princess Koto planned it all.
How smart!
The tank was a fake.
Shall we attack Kyogoku now?
Kill the princess.
Kill the princess?
Gensai, if you do it, I'll give you a domain.
Build your mansion there.
How could you promise that?
Master, is the mission true?
We've worked for Kyogoku, but what did we get?
We trained hard and mastered Ninjutsu.
Why should we work in the shadows
and die in the shadows?
If that's our fate,
I'll end it!
If he gets a domain, will we be able to eat our fill?
And lay girls?
What will you eat?
A whole pig.
Eat it!
What do you want?
I want a new set of drums.
Beat them!
I'll take this land!
Kill the princess.
Red Shadow.
Kill the princess.
Is it right to kill people for the sake of peace?
Answer me.
That's our job.
Here comes the treasure!
Now I'll get my drums.
How pretty!
Intruders! Come out, everybody!
Are you a Ninja?
Answer me!
Hurry up!
Togo's Ninja took the princess. Guard the border.
I know.
Togo will use this chance.
He'll invade us immediately.
We're ready to fight.
Hurry to the border!
You mean they're the Ninja who work for Kyogoku?
What do you do?
I was ordered to guard you, Princess.
By whom?
Somebody who longs for peace.
Some of my retainers want to kill me.
Like my grandfather.
The Great Lord?
The doctor told me secretly.
Somebody poisoned his food for a long time.
The doctor?
He was killed on his way from the castle.
Afraid of rats?
What's your real name?
Red Shadow...
Red Shadow.
Red Shadow.
Nice name.
Thank you.
Shall I call you?
Red Shadow.
Red Shadow!
Red Shadow!
You alright?
Couldn't you sleep?
What a beautiful moon!
I mean, Red Shadow.
Do you have a wife?
A sweetheart?
Once I loved a girl.
But she's dead.
I lost...
my mother seven years ago.
And five years ago,
my father and brother were killed.
So was my grandfather.
As I succeeded to Kyogoku leadership,
I quit being a girl.
The night my mother died,
the moon looked like this.
Red Shadow.
I decided, I'll return to my castle.
You'll be killed, too.
I can't sit and watch my clan split.
Somebody else was sent to kill you.
You saved my life.
I'll get some clothes for you.
Be patient.
Red Shadow.
What's wrong, Princess?
You a Shadow Ninja?
Why don't you work with us?
We ?
If you refuse...
Stop it, beast!
Yes, we're beasts.
You were born and bred in a castle while...
we ate grass and rats.
We work and die in the shadows.
That's our way of life.
You risk your life to guard the princess, but...
a Ninja is a Ninja.
You'll be deserted in the end.
Do you still want to guard her?
Red Shadow!
Pull back!
Come on!
You awake?
The princess?
She isn't dead. They took her away.
I'll get her back!
Don't be hasty.
They might have killed her.
But they didn't.
We'll see. Stay here.
Will you be a Ninja again?
Why should I? I quit.
Then why?
It was the Negoro Ninja who killed Aska.
I'll get revenge.
Were you in love with her?
I broke the rule, too.
For the princess?
I don't know.
I couldn't kill her.
Now we're free. Let's have fun!
Let go of me! Let go!
Wait here.
Gensai, I told you to kill the princess.
Doesn't the voice sound familiar?
The chamberlain!
Bring her here.
You said you'd give me a domain. Can I believe it?
Don't you trust me?
How can I? You killed the Great Lord.
That's Gensai's hideout. He must be there.
You'll have land that produces 50.000 koku of rice a year.
That's not enough.
Hire me as strategist.
Make me top general of the Kyogoku army.
It's a deal. The princess' head is worth that.
Greedy apes.
Don't ask for too much.
You'll die.
I can't let you have your way.
Shut up!
There'll be war.
This land will be mine!
You alright?
You killed Aska!
Killing is useless!
You used to work for Kyogoku, too.
Run to safety!
Aren't you hurt?
Red Shadow, I'll return to the castle.
No! You'll be killed.
If a war breaks out,
the Kyogoku men must kill each other.
Hundreds of people will die.
I can't let it happen.
Then I'II go to the castle.
Let General Kamijo know.
You quit being a Ninja. Why risk your life?
Answer me!
I lost my dearest one before.
I can't lose someone more important.
Take care of her.
No Togo soldiers around?
The chamberlain rebelled. His army took the castle.
Traitor! He betrayed us!
Have you gone mad?
Don't retreat! Go!
Get the castle back, or we'll die!
Stupid worms!
Both you and those in the castle are my men.
Don't kill each other.
He rebelled...
I know.
He planned it. Don't fall into his trap.
Don't die in vain.
Now! Forward!
Follow me!
Damn Shadows!
Red Shadow is here!
My sword killed countless men.
A single Ninja can't beat me.
Red Shadow.
I'll never allow you to be master of this castle.
General !
No killing.
You're no match for me.
We captured the traitor!
Cease the useless fighting!
Note this, everybody!
The leadership of Kyogoku is mine.
No fighting is allowed in my land of Kyogoku!
Is that clear?
Thank you for what you did for me.
Red Shadow.
It wasn't easy to protect a tomboy princess.
Have you had enough of me?
Every time I look at the moon, I'll remember you.
I won't say goodbye to you.
If you're in danger,
I'll be beside you.
I apologize.
I'm ready to accept any punishment.
Crucifix on.
No, burying alive.
Entertain us.
Then forget it.
How was it?
I wish I had a daughter...
like Princess Koto.
A good, strong and pretty girl . Don't you, my son?
Leave it to me.
Have a happy wedding!
Masanobu ANDO
Megumi OKINA
Kumiko ASO
Fumiya FUJI
Masahiko TSUGAWAr
Tomoyasu HOTEI
Jinpach NEZU
Takanori JINNAI
Toei Co. LTD. Kadokawa Shoten PubIishing Co. LTD.
h.m.p co. Ltd. Tube Entertainment
Dentsu Inc. Toei Video Co. LTD.
Executive Producers Masao SATO Shinya EGAWA
Yosh taka HAGA Seung-Bum KIM
Producers Shigeyuki ENDO Toshio ZUSHI
Yutaka OKAWA Nobuyuki TOHYA
Co-producers Masahisa NAKAYAMA Junj AKAI
Kenji KANNO Shion YANG Hidek HYODO
Based on the story by Mitsuteru YOKOYAMA
Screenplay by Hirosh SAITO Masatoshi KIMURA
Director of photography Hideo YAMAMOTO
Production designers Akira NAITO Kinya UCHIDA
LightIng by Hideki YOKOYAMA
Sound by Ryoji TATEISHI
Edited by Hiroyuki NAKANO Takero YONEDA
Music by Toshiyuki KISHI
Theme song of "RED SHADOW' by Tomoyasu HOTEI
Directed by Hiroyuki NAKANO
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