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Subtitles for Red Sorghum 1987.

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Red Sorghum 1987

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Film: Red Sorghum
Filmized by Moyan's novel: <> and <>.
I will tell you something about my grandpa and grandma.
It is still being refered nowadays in my hometown.
Someone beliefs and others do not belief as time goes by.
This is my grandma.
She was married in July 9th that year.
Her husband was a shopkepper in Shibali Po called Big Head Lee.
He was not married untill over 50 years old.
Because everyone knew that he was a lazar.
It is said that: when you are crying on a sedan, you are not safe in the future.
If you lift the cloth on your head, you are in trouble.
Get into the sedan!
As usual.
Someone will play tricks on bride on the road.
The people carried sedan and trumpeted were Big Head Lee's worker.
There was only one clergyman employed.
He was quite famous in my hometown.
He bacame my grandpa later.
Bride on sedan, do not keek.
talk with us.
It is boring in the sedan.
It is said that: When you are boring, talk with someone; When you are in trouble, sing a song.
I can teach you.
Keeking is no use now.
It is not easy for us to carry you once.
Yes, not easy.
Whose daughter is it? What a pity.
Her parents are so cruelhearted. They only take money into account.
She will be painful in the future.
His parents only think about money....
Big Head Lee is badly illed.
He will never recover.
Yes, he will never recover.
You can not live with Big Head Lee.
Or you will be badly illed.
Yes, badly illed.
If you regret now, we will carry you back.
You say one word, and we will carry you back.
We are waiting for you.
Sing a song, Please.
Silence? we will make you say something.
From my grandma's home to Shibali Po, It will pass QingShaKou.
No one knows from when QingShaKou is full of sorghum.
No one plant and no one harvest.
They all say that these are wild sorghum.
And is often haunted.
Do not run.
Lay the sedan down.
I am bald and erevyone call me "Special bald with gun".
Money or I will shoot!
Uncoil belt.
Bring the money and belt here.
All go behind the sedan.
Do not look back.
Do not look back or I will shoot.
Get off and go.
Go to the sorghum field.
Go quickly!
No look!Go!
Beat!Beat here!
He is so weak. He is dead.
He is not bald. He has hair.
The gun is bogus too.
He is bodacious indeed.
Tuba is yours.
There are not many people living in Shibali Po.
And the shopkepeer is a lazar.
People seldom come here except those who buy alcohol.
It is conventional to bring the bride back in my hometown.
That day, My grandgrandpa took her back home.
You must come back, dear, back to Lee's family.
How luxury!
They give us a mule without thinking.
Though you are not willing.
Dont't throw the scissor.
You should be back and come back to the family Lee.
Daughter, why are you in such a hurry?
Daughter, it has been really a long time since you went to pee.
How did you pee?
Girl, go and just go bravely.
Go forward and do not look back.
There are thousands of ways to the heaven.
Thousands of...
Girl, go and just go bravely.
Go forward and do not look back.
From now on you...
... throw away the red embroidery ball.
What a big red embroidery ball.
It just hits on my head.
Let's have a drink.
The red jowar alcohol.
Actor, get out!
You gay man!
What a rubbish tune you are singing.
Girl, go and just go bravely.
Go forward and do not look back.
What are you doing? You don't have dinner and want to be god?
You have such a good luck, but you cannot get awared of that.
Look at the family Lee, they give us a big black emule.
Go back and enjoy your life.
Look to the future, all the fortune of the family Lee will belong to you.
What are people living for?
Since you've married, you will become the member of the family Lee without any doubt.
Be quick, finish the dinner and go back.
I'll go, I will.
You are not my dad, and I don't have a dad like you.
You just want me to exchange for a big black emule, and you go and live with it.
I will go, I will, and I will never come back.
Bitch, it's not such an easy thing.
I and your mom get you born, and is it easy for us?
When my granni was shouting at her dad, something happened at Shibali Po.
Big head-Lee was killed.
No one knew who had done that.
But I always think that it was my grandpa.
But until he passed away I have kept this.
Da Zhuang and Er zhuang, let's go and we can live anywhere.
This lepra place, bad luck.
After this woman is married bad things begin to appear.
This is really evil, so quiet.
The boss disappeared again, and all the doors are locked.
This pan is still on the kang.
I heard that one shoe is found under the Qing Sha Bridge.
He may be killed.
Talk of the Qing Sha Bridge, it will be not easy.
Several people of county came two days ago, and they searched for three days, but nothing was found.
Who did this?
This old man is a bad guy and it must be someone to revenge.
You see, the killer didn't crack the trunks and doors.
He just wanted him dead.
This woman is not a good person either, and she always makes some trouble.
From the day when she came, she began to flirt with the muscle man.
Hey, don't think too much, we should pack our stuff and go tomorrow.
Don't make any trouble.
I'm in.
Come in.
I haven't got my pants on.
Er Dengzi's dad, why are you still drinking?
Hey, you again.
Go back to home and sleep.
I saw that woman sit in the courtyard alone just now.
It's awfully dark.
Oh, ask her to move here.
Are you going nuts?
She's afraid to be in the house and get sick, poor woman.
This jowar alcohol can cure all the illness.
Please don't leave.
I want to say something, our rack boiler cannot disband.
Brother Arhat.
Brother Arhat, how long have you been in the family Lee?
All the things will depend on you.
I, a woman, just depend on everyone.
If there is still someone who don't want to stay, I won't keep you here.
The hire of this month will be paid as usual.
If you still want to come back later, you are still our man in the rack boiler.
I think all of you stay.
Everyone will share the profit.
Is that OK?
OK, all stay.
Yes, stay and won't leave any more.
listen to him.
Let's stay here.
Don't call me boss, I'm also born of a poor family.
We're all fair here.
I rank 9 at home, born at Sep. 9th.
People call me Jiu-er, and you too.
Shall we tidy up the courtyard?
We're afraid of the virus here. Let's do a sweepup.
From now on, uou are the boss, tell us what to do.
Yes, tell us.
We'll obey your order, Jiu-er.
Well, stop the fire for 2 days.
You sweep the house for me.
Burn everything that the elder boss ever used, or bury them.
Luo Han, buy some whitewash to wash the whole backyard.
Then sprinkle the kaoliang spirit here three times.
Didn't you say that the kaoliang spirit could treat any disease?
Today we'll use it to disinfect the atomsphere here.
I have disinfected the key with wine three times.
Mine is yours, keep it.
It was in the kaoliang filed.
I can walk by myself, I can.
You must have forgot.
I haven't catch the words.
Then what happened after that?
I pulled down the kaoliang, then she lay down.
Once she lay down, I got the signal.
You guys, don't accost with him anymore.
Yes, let's go out.
Go out, it's near my house.
Here... Go the house there.
I'll sleep here.
From now on, I'll sleep here.
This is mine, that's our boss's.
The boss? Who's the fuck boss? What are you saying? Big head-Lee
Who is fucking big head-Lee?
I won't fear even if he was alive.
I tell you, she's my woman.
She loves me.
She said she love me stealthily.
Didn't you?
She is pretended, she want me come in.
Go back.
Go back.
He's drunk, pull him out.
Press him down. I'll sleep.
Hold him.
You fuck woman.
How can you disavow our relationship?
I'm sleepy, I wanna go to bed.
Shut the fuck up.
So comfort.
Let him down, boss.
Go away, quick.
I haven't finished. I...
I can't go.
I didn't know you, throw him into the crock.
get his baggage.
Don't cover.
Let me out.
The robber coming.
Have big head-Lee go to bed with you?
Go ahead, don't look back.
My grandfather lay in the crock for 3 days.
Pu san pao robbed my grandmother and leave a message.
He ask them atone for her with money.
Or they could only see the death.
Jiu-er is back.
Luo han, you are back.
Gimme some wine.
Is there anyone?
What do you have to go with wine?
Bull head.
I wanna eat beef.
I want bull head.
Well, the fuck bull head.
I want beef.
Eat or scram.
How dare you abuse me?
I want the beef.
Sit there youself.
Beef is for San pao.
One dollar.
But i have only 3 cents.
1 dollar.
Grandpa had only 3 cents.
Son, you come here to steal food?
Forget it if you don't want.
Hold it.
Hold it. What?
What? Luo.
Boss, he's here to steal food.
Cut off his tongue.
Oh, I was drunk, I was drunk.
I was just kidding.
OK, then keep your tongue, so you can kiss the women.
Go to kotow to our boss.
Will you do it or not?
Go, go, go.
On your knees!
How dare you! Make trouble here.
Come on, let's drink more.
Shisan Ye, forgive me, please forgive me.
I was blind, I shouldn't offend you
I was drunk and kidding just now
I won't do it again, I won't
Don't move, I will kill whoever moves
Don't move
Brother, I am not your enemy
You've destroyed my girl
Your girl?
The girl in the brewhouse?
Yes, you've destroyed her.
I haven't, I was just for the 3, 000 dollars
No, I won't touch the girls from Mafeng Dong
Man, if you don't believe it
cut off my head
Hold it
Boss, he's not in our party, let's kill him
It's a shame for my shop to let such a guy die here
Hey, walk to the door, do you scare of death?
Pu Sanpao, you are so mean, I didn't kill you just now
Now you play fucking tricks on me
Thanks to Brother Luo-han these days
He was taking care of this
He came back safely at last
Boss, is everything okay now?
It's Spetember 9th today, let's make the fire as usual
Won't you go and take a look? Take a walk and calm down
Fine, I've been here for some days but haven't went there.
Brother Luo-han, don't call me Boss from now on, only you call me boss
Yes, boss
Guys, the boss is coming, cover it up.
Don't we know each other, huh?
No, honey, have you dressed up?
Da-hao, how's the water now?
Not ready yet
Look at it, Da-hao, get me the pots
It's distiling, the steam of alcohol comes down up there.
The wine flows down when the steam meet the cold water
Da-chu, Er-chu, let me have a try
OK, you try it
So heavy
Jiu-er, sit down
I have to get to know how does the shorgum become the wine today
Cold water
Here comes the cold water
Make the fire hotter!
Get me some cold water
Here it comes
Fire it up!
Go to pour the wine
To the God of wine
The best wine is made by us in September
The best wine
If you've drunk our wine
you won't cough
If you've drunk our wine
you'll be strong
If you've drunk our wine
You will scare of nothing
If you've drunk our wine
You won't kotow even when you see the emperor
Just follow me
Nice wine
Boss, let me try your new kind of wine
Drink a bowl of this kind of wine
Come on, drink it all
Jiu-er, drink it
Come on, drink it
Drink it all
Jiu-er, you are so good at drinking!
No, I can't drink
If you practise more, you can drink a pot of wine
I'm not like you
Aye, good.
So good
Brother, come here
It feels so good
Drink a bowl of this kind of wine
Hey, what are you doing?
Look, let me make you some wine
My grandpa pissed in the pots, it meant to be a hotfoot
But it was so strange that the wine in those pots became better
Boss..... congratulations
Boss......... congratulations
Yo, Brother Luo-han, thanks!
Boss......... congratulations
The wine is perfect, I've spent over 10 years beside the boiler,
but I've never seen such good wine
Boss, give this kind of wine a name please
A man needs a name, so does the wine
It's "Shibali Po" here, so call the wine "Shibali Hong"
Jiu-er, I put the "Shibali Hong" in the doorway
My Grandpa Luo-han went away in that night
9 years has passed, Our "Shibali Hong" became very famous
My dad was 9 years old then
People said my dad was a bastard from the sorghum field
Once, the 99-year-old Grandma Wang in my hometown told me
9 of 10 bastards are assholes
Brother Luo-han
Brother Luo-han!
It's Brother Luo-han
The japs came
In July of that year, The japs came to build the railway
Good work
You are flattering me
The officer says you did it well
That's what I should do.
The officer says 1 is not enough, he want 1 more
You see him? Go to kill him
Sir, you are kidding
I mean it, go to kill him
Hurry up!
Why are you still standing here? Go!
i can't, sir
I can't..... Sir, please forgive me
The officer said, if you don't do it well, he will kill you
Your sorghum is step on too
Now.... let me show you all something!
The man hung up there..... look at him
If anyone do something against us, he'll be like him
You..... kill me.... let me die
I won't forget it even I die....
What are you waiting for?
Sir, the cold water may help
You are so good at it
Boss, you can't survive this time
I don't want it
Come on, hurry!
Bastard of the japs
Don't fall out
Fuck your japs parents
Forgive me, sir, forgive me, sir, I don't dare to, I can't do it, sir
You must kill him, kill him!
Damn you, do it
take the knife
You must kill him, get it?
Forgive you? If you don't kill him today, you'll be killed.
The officer said if you don't kill him today, you'll be killed, do you get it?
Hurry up!
Luo-han, Brother Luo-han.
Please forgive me.
Be uncomplaining, Brother Luo-han, be uncomplaining.
Brother, just be uncomplaining
Hurry up
Do it
People in my hometown said, my grandpa Luo-han joined Communism Party
He recruited the local force on demand to fight against the japs
I've checked the county annals, it's said,
The japs forced over 400, 000 farmers to build the "Chang Ping Railway"
Many families was destroyed, over 1, 000 people was killed
Luo-han Liu was killed in public in Ching Sha Kou
He wasn't scared, scolded the japs until he died
Dou-guan, kneel down
It's the "Shibali Hong" made by your Uncle Luo-han, kotow
Drink it
Drink it if you are a man
We are going to screw the japs' cars, as the revenge for Brother Luo-han
The best wine is made by us in September
the best wine
If you've drunk our wine
you won't cough
If you've drunk our wine
You will be strong
If you've drunk our wine
You will scare of nothing
If you've drunk our wine
You won't kotow even when you see the emperor
Just follow me
Good wine, the wine is perfect
Dou-guan, come here
What's up?
Da-hao, you trump later when the fight starts
I can only trump some easy songs
Which song should I trump later?
Just trump something, the japs will be scared
You trump as loud as you can later, the louder the better
Hey, the car is coming........
Wake up, check your gun
I filled twice amount of powder, it will work
My dad told me
His eyes have got the disease since he saw the sun that day
everything was red in his eyes
I came back to the hometown that year
The bridge was still there in Ching Sha Kou, but all the shorghum gone.
Is the fight over?
Not yet
Then where is your dad?
I'm goning to sleep up there, I'm hungry
Shoot it, shoot it
Come on
Dad, look
Mom, Mom, go southwestwards
The roads are wide and the ships are long
Mom, Mom, go southwestwards
The horses are strong and the travelling expenses are enough
Mom, Mom, go southwestwards
Stay when you feel happy, Spend the money when you are in trouble
Mom, Mom, go southwestwards
The roads are wide and the ships are long
Mom, Mom, go southwestwards
The horses are strong and the travelling expenses are enough
Mom, Mom, go southwestwards
Stay when you feel happy, Spend the money when you are in trouble
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