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Red Water

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We're going to the Black Cove, Andre.|Best fishing in the basin.
The Black Cove's|in the wildlife refuge, Grandpa.
No fishing allowed up there.
Our family's fished the Black Cove|since the Louisiana Purchase, boy.
We ain't gonna stop now, just|because some damn pencil pusher...
...slapped a keep out sign on it.
What in the hell?
Oil well?
- Fire in the hole.|- That wasn't here last month.
- What are they doing?|- Scaring away the fish.
All clear.
Okay, Hank.
- Where are we going now, Grandpa?|- Back down the river to Belle Point.
Ain't no oil wells at Belle Point.
- Still stuck.|- Still? Okay.
Fire two.
- Is that supposed to work?|- It will this time.
Fire in the hole.
- Loser buys lunch.|- Well, you better check your wallet.
Dream on, sugar.
- What?|- I felt something.
- Shark.|- In Lake Verret? Girl, you tripping.
Get out of the water!
Come on, swim!
- through all the parishes, including|Morgan City and the whole basin.
The temperature's 88 degrees.
Tonight, winds from the southeast|bringing in isolated thunderstorms...
... clearing by morning. Tomorrow's|sunrise is at 6:05, setting at 8:08.
In- between time hot and sticky|with a daytime high of 87.
It'll feel lik e 97 with humidity|crawling up to 88 percent.
And now back|to Louisiana's fav ourite music.
Mr. Sanders, I've reviewed your file.
Over the past three years,|you've been late on 14 payments.
Yes, ma'am. It's...
...a charter fishing boat.|A seasonal business.
On other occasions,|I've paid a month in advance.
Regrettably, there's no provision|in your loan for carrying that credit.
- What's that mean?|- It means just because you paid...
...June in advance, we don't waive|late charges...
...if you're delinquent in October.
Where's Morial?|He's the guy I deal with.
Mr. Morial has retired.|I've taken over his accounts.
Mr. Sanders, you have to make|your payments on time.
- Yes, ma'am.|- Miss one more, we'll call your note.
- Take my boat?|- We will call your note.
How you respond to that|is entirely up to you.
You know I can't pay off|the entire loan... I'm gonna have|to find a buyer, not easy...
...or you're gonna|repossess, right?
It's standard bank policy.
Miss Savoy...
...I make my living with|that boat, and I live on it.
- I appreciate that.|- You don't.
- I beg your pardon?|- Lf you did...'d look at me as a human being,|not just a signature on a bottom line.
Make your payments, Mr. Sanders.
- On time.|- Roger that.
- How about that?|- What's for dessert?
What's happening, rude boy?
All fruits ripe, Rick.
It looks like you're in phat city.
- Long way from the ten toe turbo?|- It looks deceiving, man.
I'm in a cross. That's why I called you.
I got to have what only|Bad Brett can give me.
- Okay, lay it down.|- Yo, homey, what's up with the shark?
That's my cousin, Ice.|Go ahead, show him.
Brett, him a crazy man.|He love to go swim with the sharks.
So one day off Cape Town,|he got bit, so now...
Whenever I get the chance,|I bite back.
- Look, can we...?|- Most def, man. Most def.
You remember Jerry Cullen?|Little Jerry?
- No.|- He was my bayou boy, man.
Ran ganja for me|till Babylon scoop him up.
- So?|- So when he went away...
...he had something belong to me,|and he no give it back.
- Sounds like a job for Ice T over here.|- Name's Ice, shark bait.
Ice don't scuba. You in?|Ten percent finder's fee.
What am I finding?
- Million?|- Strong money.
- It's interesting.|- Go feed the piranhas.
Five years ago, Jerry was making|a run for me out to Atchafalaya.
- You ever been?|- No, it's south Louisiana, right?
Yeah, man. Deal go down.|Basin Police show up.
Little Jerry, he run,|and he run, and he run.
When he got caught,|guess what's not on the boat.
- Your money.|- He dump it in a river.
- How do you know?|- Little birdie from Flattop told me so.
- Is he out?|- He get out tomorrow.
His woman rent a boat|in Morgan City yesterday.
- I better get on the plane.|- My cousin Ice go with you, man.
- I don't think so.|- Temptation a bitch, Brett.
And she already burned me once.
Stay out of my way, and we won't have|any problems. You got that, Ice Cube?
Call me anything else|but my name...
...and I'll make your scar|look like a goldfish bite.
- Bark, bark, dog.|- Ease up, now. Ease up.
- Later, Rick.|- Mash it up, Brett.
You can count on that.
When you get my money,|bust a tack up Jerry's ass.
- Double-crossing blood clot.|- Done.
- What about Aquaman?|- You even dream about it...'ll probably wind up|like them guppies.
Not even a nibble.
This river's usually full of catfish.
What was that?
I don't know.
Driftwood, probably.
Or a gator.
Or the biggest catfish in the river!
- Are you okay?|- Yeah.
Don't you tell nobody about this, see.
I won't.
Some catfish, huh, Grandpa?
Give me your hand, Grandpa.
- How'd it go, cap?|- Start looking for another job, Emery.
- What's wrong with him?|- Don't know. You okay, son?
Hey, buddy, what happened?|Can you hear me?
- Let's get him up.|- Come on.
- Let's get him some water over here.|- Yeah.
Are you okay, boy?
He doesn't seem to have any injuries.
- Howdy, John.|- Dale.
What do we got here?
Came in on that bateau,|seems to be in shock.
- Earl, get this boy some help.|- Yes, sir.
Come on, boy,|let's get you out of the sun.
- Where you all headed?|- Lake Verret.
- Oh, boating accident?|- Now, you see, that's the funny thing.
We got us a report of a shark attack.
Now, a shark swims only in the ocean,|so that makes it a saltwater fish.
- Yeah, that's right.|- It's mostly right.
- Mostly?|- They got one kind of shark...
...that could survive|in freshwater: Bull shark.
Well, I'll be. You learn|something new every day.
Keep it on top of the water, John.
- Okay, boys, let's shove off.|- Okay. Cast off that stern line.
I got it.
Bull shark, huh?
Hello, John.
This is Gene Bradley.|He works with me.
Glad to meet you. Kelli's been|singing your praises.
- Really?|- Can we talk? It's important.
We shot seismic over|Black Cove in Sector 5.
Did AVO, and the analysis showed|dramatically increasing amplitude...
...with significant|horizontal displacement.
I don't know what the hell|you're talking about, girl.
Amplitude Variation with Offset.|It's an interpretation technique... indicate rock lithology|and fluid content.
It means they found|a whole bunch of natural gas.
Sector 5 is in the wildlife refuge.|Whose bright idea was that?
- How'd you swing the lease?|- Our people tacked it on to... appropriations bill|and slipped it through Congress.
Energy independence, developing|domestic resources, you know.
- How many cubic feet?|- Two to three billion.
We bring this in, Discovery|Petroleum's playing with the big boys.
Well, hats and horns.
What are you doing here, Kelli?
We've been drilling|and coming up with dusters.
We just got a bit stuck|and had to break it loose.
So we're a little befuddled.
Might have to put|that champagne on ice.
John, you're the best DD|in the business.
Once upon a time.
- Who's your tool pusher now?|- Hank Ellis.
- Hank trained me.|- He doesn't have your magic.
Oh, magic. Right.
Could you excuse us, please?
- John, I know how you feel about me.|- Do you?
All right, you want me|to say it? I'll say it.
I need you.
- Like three years ago?|- Let's not go through that.
What happened to you, huh, Kelli?|And your mighty scientific principles?
I mean, drilling in a wildlife refuge?
I make sure it's done right.|The ecosystem isn't harmed.
Pull this one, it plays Jingle Bells.
Money didn't used to mean|so much to you.
Speaking of which,|I know your situation.
I'm doing fine.
- You're gonna lose this boat.|- That's my business.
You're just hardheaded|and stubborn.
You used to like that about me.
Look, I am done drilling.|Period. Amen.
John, it wasn't your fault.
Yes, it was. I have to live|with that every day.
- Lf you fall off a horse...|- Get off my boat.
- John.|- Go on, get the hell off.
- Maybe we can...|- Shut up, Gene.
- What up, dog?|- Yo, what's up?
Yo, chill, Jerry, man.|It's me, Ice-lce, baby.
Yeah, I know. You need|permission to board a man's boat.
No disrespect, man. Rick sent me|down here to get his money, homey.
Give me a break. I just popped|a nickel for Rick. Did I beef on him?
He appreciates that, all right?|All he wants is the bank.
If I had it, I'd give it up, but I don't.
Why don't you go tell everybody|about your old Jerry...
This knife has gutted fish bigger|than you. Lose the biscuit.
Read my lips, Ice.
I don't got the...
We know that, you little|squirrelly-ass bitch.
But you on your way|to get it, right? Right?
We in four deep with your punk ass.
Gas-face me again,|I'm gonna ride you all the way down.
- You know what I'm saying?|- I hear you, Ice.
- What's this?|- Half your wages.
Half? That don't feed|the coon dog, man.
Emery... know my situation?
I know you got|more pride than sense.
Hey, don't bust my chops.|I've had enough of that for one day.
- Why give your wife the high-hat?|- Ex. That's none of your business.
Yeah? This is my business|right here, Captain John.
So you quit your crying and tell|me a tale before I pass a slap.
We met on an oil rig in Texas.
I was the hotshot extracting|big traps nobody else could.
She was gonna make the petroleum|business environmentally friendly.
One, two, six, we fall in love...
...get married.
There was a...
There was a blowout.
Two roughnecks got killed.
The company said it wasn't my fault...
...but it was.
People died on my watch.
So I took the jacket.|I walked away.
Came back home to be|a fisherman like my daddy.
Kelli didn't.
She said I was punishing myself|needlessly.
She didn't want to be a part of that.
You know...
...our lives don't belong to us, man.
We belong to God.
And sometimes God allows|accidents to happen.
There are no accidents.
Okay, then a gift from God.
You know, like a second chance.
Don't be stupid, John.
Take it.
Everyone worries|about the great white...
... but in fact, the bull shark...
... is responsible for more attacks|on people than any other species.
It's big, up to 1 2 feet...
... territorial, extremely aggressive.
- Who is it?|- It's me.
It prefers to feed in shallow water,|which, not incidentally...
... is where most human aquatic|recreational activity...
- When do you want to leave?|- As soon as possible.
Tomorrow at dawn.
Freshwater shark attacks|are extremely rare.
Be careful what you wish for.
This specimen's probably|out to sea by now.
I expect the Atchafalaya River|is as safe as a swimming pool.
- Who's that one?|- St. Honorius...
...patron saint of oil refiners.|- Oil refiners?
Damn, Emery, you got one|for every occasion.
What's all this stuff|y'all got anyway?
To help me prepare an Environmental|lmpact Statement for the EPA.
Not to mention hold off|save the river lawsuits.
What kind of clown wears yachting|duds to go up the Atchafalaya?
The kind whose father|is on the board of directors.
- So he's your boss?|- No, but he will be.
Well, I'll call you when I get there.
Yeah, boy, I can see why you|left her to come back here.
She's dumb, no sense|of humour, and she's ugly too.
- Just cast off, Mr. Broussard.|- Yes, sir, captain, sir.
- We're shoving off.|- So how'd they find out?
This was all supposed to be on|the q.t. We'll get there soon.
I don't know who's responsible.|I'll get to the bottom of it. I'll call you.
Would you...? Hey, hey, hey.
- What's your problem, man?|- I told you we were leaving.
- I lost my cell phone.|- I'm sure Daddy will buy a new one.
When the captain says something,|he means it, yeah?
Houston thinks Global's on to the site.
- Already?|- They might be sending a team in.
They can't work our lease.
If the field's as big as it looks,|they can cut in from the edges.
Yeah, but we've still|got a jump on them.
Look, how I got my slot|is no secret...
...but I have a genuine vision|for this company.
What? Drilling in every wilderness|area you can swing?
In case you haven't noticed,|Dr. Raymond...
...this country runs on petroleum.
As long as we depend on imports,|we're vulnerable... embargo and the whims|of foreign governments.
This isn't just a job to me...'s a mission.
Well, hats and horns.
What are you shooting at, boy?
What'd you do, Dale,|declare No Limit Day?
That girl who died yesterday|was Tricia Leighton. Her daddy's...
- Leighton Chemical?|- Right.
He's put a bounty|on the shark, $50,000.
I'm thinking about getting|my own fishing pole.
Well, I hope you bag him.
No, no, no. Where do you|think you're going?
- Upriver.|- No can do, John.
- Whole basin's closed north of here.|- Because of one shark attack?
Two in 24 hours.
That boy you found, Andre Gautreaux,|he finally talked.
His grandpappy got taken up near|Belle Point yesterday morning.
Poor kid.
But, Dale, Lake Verret, Belle Point.
- The shark's heading this way.|- That's why everybody's here.
The shark's gotta pass this bend|to make the Gulf.
...I need this gig.
Go on, captain.
- Thanks, pal.|- Just do me a favour, John.
Don't get eaten by that shark.|It'd reflect mighty poorly on me.
Roger that.
Emery, let's go.
- Y'all see anything?|- Nothing.
Let's see if that thing works.
- Why are we stopping?|- Gotta fix that fuel leak.
And Emery hadn't seen|his family in a month.
I didn't agree to this.
Now's your chance.
God, it's like a scene|from Deliverance.
Relax, Gene, nobody's gonna|make you squeal like a pig.
- Why do you have to yank his chain?|- He just makes it too damn easy.
You never took me|to the bayou before.
You never wanted to come.
But there is a certain charm|to the simple life, no?
I didn't come here to dance.
That's my girl, all business.
That's what this is about,|John, business.
You know I'm gonna have|to dive for samples in the cove.
- Any chance I'll wind up shark food?|- I doubt it.
Okay, let's ask.
Well, what'd he say last night?|Has that thing gone out to sea or not?
Grand Vieux says there's a legend|called Le Gardien de L 'Anse Noire.
Kind of a spirit that protects|the Black Cove.
With all due respect,|I was referring to a shark...
...not some spirit in a folktale.
Maybe the shark's the form|that spirit takes.
Or maybe Grand Vieux|is just a crazy old Cajun.
Don't mind Emery. He's got one foot|in the 21 st century, one in the 18th.
Hey, at least I got laid last night.
Take care, my brother.
Grand Vieux says they got|another name for that spirit:
Les Mâchoires du Mort.
- Translation?|- The Jaws of Death.
- Are you serious?|- No, he's just hung-over.
Keep a sharp lookout.
If we're lucky, we'll encounter|Ursus americanus luteolus...
...the rare and endangered|Louisiana black bear.
Damn! They can see|a quarter from the moon...
...but they can't make a cell phone|work in the bayou.
- What?|- Nothing but a bunch of...
...muck and crawfish.
So, Jerry, you wouldn't be|honking our geese, would you?
Come on, guys.|It's been five years.
Every spring, the rains come,|change the course of the river.
I'm doing the best I can,|all right?
I'm gonna say this one time.|Your best better get better.
What are you waiting for?|You're going to kill me anyway.
Send me home to mama, bitch.
- Come on! Come on.|- Cool it! Back off.
Nobody's gonna kill you,|Jeremiah, okay?
Now, you're a standup|kind of guy, right?
Get with the program...
...and maybe you'll come out|of this with a little compensation.
We've got company.
Here come the bigwigs.|I should've shined my boots.
- How'd the Global team beat us here?|- We shouldn't have stopped.
- Ahoy.|- Ahoy, Hank.
What happened to your hair?
Wife, kids, two dogs|and a mother-in-law.
Here you go.
- Hi, Hank.|- Dr. Raymond.
Welcome back, John.
- Who are those guys?|- Not a clue, Mr. Bradley.
They must have slipped in last night.|They were here when we woke up.
This is Discovery's lease.
Why don't you tell them|to vacate the area.
It's not in my job description, sir.
Heavenly, isn't it?
Nature exists in perfect harmony... from war and corruption.
Then man comes along|and spoils everything.
- Can I get a shot of you on the bridge?|- Sure.
So far, we've been able|to protect this refuge...
...but now some big oil company|has moved in.
We're suing, organizing protests.
We're going to stop the aggression!|We're going to save this sanctuary.
We're going to preserve|the peaceful serenity...
Last dive today.
- Why?|- Too much bottom time.
You get bubbles in your blood.
How's the volume?
Still below 3000,|but looks like the mud is rising.
You don't wanna be here|if it gets into the red.
- Blowout?|- Don't say that word.
Don't even think it.
Just let me know|if the level gets close.
According to the spectro...
...I should be drilling into|the heart of the trap.
But all the cuttings|are still impermeable.
- Any signs of hydrocarbons?|- Only traces.
That Global team's just waiting|for us to drop the ball.
What do you want to do?
- How far down?|- Five-five.
- Let's change the BHA.|- What do you have in mind?
I think we might have missed|the reservoir.
We'll change the drill string,|put in some flex...
...come back through here.
- Give me a couple hours?|- Thank you, Hank.
All right, boys!|We're tripping out the drill!
Where are they?
What do you need?
My specimen cups.|I can't find my specimen cups.
Thank you.
So, what kind of samples you taking?
Water, sediment...
...crawfish are always|a good indicator.
I'll live.
- Hey, Kel.|- What?
I checked the sonar.
Nothing bigger than|a largemouth bass.
I'll keep an eye on it.|If I see anything, I'll flash the floods.
Kelli, while you're down there,|do a little recon on those Global boys.
You think they're looking for oil|with metal detectors?
What else?
Some lady, isn't she?
Do me a favour, Gene.|Don't talk about my wife.
Ahoy, Atchafalaya Queen!
Hey, buddy!
There was a shark attack.|You might want to tell your divers.
Suit yourself.
Where the hell is Brett?
How should I know?|What am I, his dive buddy?
Maybe he found a mermaid.
Help! John, help!
I found him passed out.
- Are you okay?|- Yeah.
All right, let's get him in the boat.
Okay. Okay, buddy.
You have no idea.
What's your name?
Vanrooyen. Brett Vanrooyen.
Who you with?|You're with Global, right?
- What is he talking about?|- Global.
Only the world's third largest|oil company.
- You're their advance team, right?|- Wrong.
- You're trespassing on our lease.|- My apologies.
- I want you out of here!|- Give it a rest! He could have died.
It's none of my business.|This used to be a free country...
...but what are you diving for?|- Sunken treasure, of course.
Yo, Brett! You okay, dog?
- Permission to board?|- Granted.
Damn, homey! Was it a shark?
No. No, it was a Pontiac.
This is our lease.
It gives us exclusive rights|to the entire cove.
We're not looking for oil.
Just a little recreational diving.|We'll be gone tomorrow.
I'm ordering you to vacate|this area immediately.
Who you giving orders, fool?
What, you a cop?|You 5-0? Popo, what?
Hey. Come on, Gene.|Just let them do their thing.
Get your hand off me.
I'm calling the Basin Police.
Yo, homey! Hey!
Get your ass off that ladder|before I knock you off.
Who you giving orders, fool?
Yeah. Yeah.
- Great.|- Yeah, now what?
- Are you okay?|- Anybody else wanna play?
I got more game.|Inbred, lose the knife.
You two, get your asses down here!|Think I'm playing?
Get your big-head ass down here!
Get your hands up!|Get your hands up!
- Stop yelling.|- What?
Shut up and listen.
- Everybody inside the cabin.|- You heard the man...
...because if we get popped,|all y'all gonna die.
Take her down.
Close the curtains.|Stay out of sight.
Shut up!
They can't hear us.
Ahoy, Captain Danders.|It's Dale Landry.
You aboard, John?
You Sanders?
Get rid of him...
...and don't give my friend|a reason to start shooting...
...because he doesn't need much.
Howdy, John.|You had me worried there, son.
Where is everybody?
Lunch? Okay.
Whatever you do,|stay out of the water.
There was another shark attack|this morning by Foulaneaux.
The reward's been doubled|to $1 00, 000...
... so if you land him,|we're partners.
Well done.
You really want to turn this|into a blood fest?
They've seen our faces,|and they know your name.
Not the one I was born with.
That's you, all right?|I can't take them kind of chances.
You make it any tighter,|he'll lose that leg.
If I don't, he'll lose more than that.|Femoral's been clipped.
Don't let me die.
Our lives don't belong to us, partner.
We can't stop the bleeding.|He needs a doctor!
He should have thought about that|before he got chesty.
Get up.
Everybody on your knees.
- Now!|- Don't do it.
- Get down, punk.|- He can't get us all.
Especially holding his piece|like he's in a rap video.
You could be first, hero.
- Blowout.|- Blowout?
- What the hell's a blowout?|- The well's gonna explode.
- We're dead if we don't shut it down.|- The only thing shutting down is you.
- Can you fix it?|- Not standing here.
Go! Go!
What's going on?
Come on, man,|what's happening? Brett!
- Let's go.|- Come on.
Ice. Bowline, it's gonna blow.
It's gonna blow?|The rig is gonna blow?
I'm taking the Queen.
Gas coming!
- Volume's still rising!|- Hank, close the B.O.P.!
We're gonna have to go manual!
It's jammed!
- Hey, Jerry.|- Yeah?
Don't get lost!
She's gonna kick.
- Hank! Hank!|- Over here!
- You okay?|- Yeah.
- What about your crew?|- Lacombe! Vidrine!
Everyone still breathing?
- Jerry, you okay?|- What do you care?
Oh, we haven't found the money yet.|Then you can kill me.
His name was Lacombe, right?
Was he married?
- John...|- Hank!
Did he have a family?
Three kids.
Watkin City Harbour Master|calling Bitter End.
Come in, Bitter End.
Come on, John, let's kill this ho.
Everything's fried.
We're gonna have to shut it down|from the bottom B.O.P.
- What are you doing?|- I'm calling Dale Landry.
Mayday! Mayday!|This is Wildcat Delta Blue.
We are being held hostage|by three armed men.
Do you read me? Over.
I repeat, mayday! Mayday...
- It's too late. The call went out.|- No, it didn't.
Your antenna's blown to hell.
Now, I need visibility.
How do I shut down this mess?
This is not a trick question.|Answer me!
We gotta close it down|from the riverbed.
Do it.
Be aware down there.
Hey, after all we've|been through today...
...I sure as hell ain't worried|about some fish.
Shark! Shark!
Behind you!
John, shark!
- Stay still, partner!|- Hurry, come in!
- God, John.|- Stay still?
Stay still, he won't think you're prey.
Stay still?
Come on, you know that.|You're a fisherman.
Okay, all right. Okay.
Stay still, stay still.
Stay still, stay still.
My ass!
- John, swim! Come on, you can do it!|- Come on, man, swim!
Stay still, huh?
Usually works.
- Yeah! Take that fool!|- You're the fool, Ice.
Shut up before I throw|you over the side.
We gotta get our asses out of here.|That's what we gotta do.
Not without the money, honey.
Who do you think is stupid enough to|get back in the water with that thing?
So, what's in the box?
All I could salvage|from the magazine.
Hang on, Gene.|Don't give up.
Who's that one?
St. Vitus.
And what's St. Vitus|gonna do for us?
Provide protection from attack|by wild beasts.
I thought that shark|went back out to sea.
So did I.
No, he come home.
The Guardian of the Black Cove.
He don't like us being here.
Did you get it?
Did you get it? The shark?
I don't know.
You don't know?|What you mean, you don't know?
What we gonna do now?
I'll think of something.
They're going to kill us, aren't they?
Only if we let them.
I'm here, Gene.
We had a blowout, didn't we?
Have we hit pay dirt?
Yeah, bigtime.
So I was right?
Yeah, you were right.
I was right.
Why is this happening?
Why doesn't matter.
It just is.
You know, people have been|killing sharks for years.
Most species are almost extinct.
Maybe they're just tired of it.
Maybe something else.
Maybe retribution, yeah?
Everybody on this boat is greedy.
They want money, they want power,|they want oil.
We was put on this earth|to give, not to take.
- The wrath of a vengeful God?|- Lf the gumboot fits, partner.
Or maybe that shark's|just hungry, yeah?
We scared away the fish|he usually eats.
And now we on the menu.
Stop it!
I love sharks, Kelli.
I admire them.
They kill without remorse.
They kill or starve.
Gene is dead.|You must love that.
I didn't kill him.
I've never killed any human being.
You're one of those good bad|guys with a code of honour.
I'm not a bad guy at all.
Spare me.
Well, that's exactly|what I intend to do.
- I had a band once.|- Oh, yeah?
What'd you call it?|Jerry and the Idiots?
We were actually pretty good, dog.|It's a tough business to get into.
You need somebody|on the inside, right?
Someone on your team.
You're a whole lot dumber|than you look.
- Which is why you don't|have to suit up...
...because you saved my life today.
Am I supposed to be grateful?
Is that what you want?
For me to show my gratitude?
Why, Kelli, whatever did you|have in mind?
- Hands up! Drop the knife!|- Well, which is it, pal?
Hands up or drop the knife?
Hands up or drop the knife?
- Don't kill him.|- Why the hell not?
They're going for a little night dive.
- All clear.|- This is crazy.
Like I wanna go diving|with that guppy.
Shut up.|Just do it, all right?
Dumb-ass fish probably|got blown up anyway.
Farmer John goes down first.
What's wrong, Emery?
I mean, other than the general|terror of the situation?
Come again?
- I can't swim.|- You can't swim?
You've been a fisherman all your|life and you can't swim?
I'm sorry, John.
It's okay, partner.
Hey, my man can't swim.
- Prove it.|- Kiss my ass.
I want three men in that water,|and I want that money.
Now, move it.
I'll go.
No, honey.|You're staying right here with me.
You say you never killed anyone.
You wanna start by drowning|a man who can't swim?
Smart, ballsy, devious.
You've got all the trimmings,|don't you, baby?
- You sure you wanna do this?|- Hell, no.
It just beats the alternatives.
Listen to me. If you find that money,|you flash your light three times.
Swim to the moon pool.|I'll meet you there.
Do not come back to this boat.
What about him?
We'll trade the money for Emery,|and maybe we'll get out of this alive.
I may not get another chance|to say this...
Divers in the water! Now!
- Got the money, honey.|- Yeah!
- It got John! Give me the spear gun!|- It's on the bottom.
- A knife! Anything!|- Whoa, whoa! Back off!
You are not going back|in that water.
- Money.|- Honey.
- Fetti. Cheese.|- Cash.
Quit playing and open|the damn case, Jerry.
I'm trying.
Jerry, you didn't forget|the combination, now, did you?
No, 1-7-5-3.
I know these numbers|better than my ex-wife's cup size.
I've been living them every night|for five years.
Get your ass out of the way.
- Forget it, man.|- Damn!
You idiot.|Put that thing away.
The whole thing's rusted solid, okay?
We'll open it when we get|back to Rick's.
I don't think so, homey.
Because we ain't going|back to Rick's.
See, my cousin Rick...
...he pay me chump change|and treat me like a scrub.
So I gotta ask Jerry, Jerry...
I'm all like, Some of 3 million|or being trunk music?
Tough call, huh, Brett?
Who got at who?
Why don't you go|for a night dive.
We transfer whatever gear|we need over to the Queen...
...then scuttle this tub,|like it sunk in the blowout.
What about them?|Shoot them?
We don't want to leave|any evidence.
We cut them, make them bleed,|feed them to the shark.
- Damn, Jerry. You're a cold pimp.|- Thanks. Get up. Get up!
Let's go.
- That dog never caught on.|- Go figure.
Slumming with Rick, right?|Greedy and stupid, both of them.
Hey, Rick still got that piranha thing?
Look out!
I been working five long years|for this score...
...and I'm not gonna let some|fisherman take it away!
Kelli! Emery! Jump in the water|and swim over here!
- You crazy?|- She'll tow you!
Vengeance is mine, man!|Payback time! Little man walk tall!
Bye, boat.
I should've stayed with the band.
Not again.
I gotcha.
Kick, Emery, kick!
- Come on!|- I am.
Give me a hand.
- John?|- I'm here, baby.
Stick your foot in there|and hang on.
Emery! Take her away!
- The engine's gonna blow!|- Give me that money!
- Give me that money!|- Take it!
Yeah, baby. Yeah.|Come to daddy.
Come on!
Give it!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You ain't no shark.|I'm the shark.
That's why I got the money.|Know what I'm saying?
- Oh, God.|- Hold on to me.
Come on, y'all, swim.|He's right behind you. Come on.
Come on. Get to the crane.|Climb up the crane.
Forget it! No!
There he comes. He's right|behind you, John. Get on the rig.
- Emery!|- Yeah?
- Get to the doghouse!|- What?
- The control room!|- You got it, captain.
Now what?
When I say now, release the brake,|the blue handle!
- Got it. The red handle.|- The blue! The blue handle!
- Make up your mind.|- Start the drill!
Come on.
Open wide, you ugly bastard.
Yeah! Yeah!
I wonder if that reward still stands.
I don't see why not.
I think maybe we should just...
...let the Spirit of the Black Cove|rest in peace, yeah?
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