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Red beard 1965 akahige CD1

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Original Story by|SHUGORO YAMAMOTO
I'm Noboru Yasumoto.
I know. I'll take him.
I'm Genzo Tsugawa.
I've been waiting for you.
With you here, I can leave.
You're taking my place.
I was just told to call.
You were in Nagasaki?|For how long?
Just over three years.
It's terrible here.
You'll have to stay|and see for yourself.
The patients are slum people,|full of fleas and lice.
They even smell bad.
We don't get much money.
And Red Beard is after us|night and day.
Red Beard?
The head doctor.|His beard is sort of reddish.
It's really terrible here.
Being here makes you wonder|why you wanted to be a doctor.
It smells like rotten fruit.
It's the smell of the poor.
The waiting room for outpatients.
They're treated for free|in the afternoons.
I don't know.
All of them would be|better off dead.
This way.
The pharmacy.
The clinic.
The men's wards.
Over there, the women's wards.
Is there no tatami?
No. Our rooms are all the same.
Same as a prison.
Yes, even our clothes are like this.
It's all right for us men.
But even poor women are women.
They should wear|something brighter.
I'd hate to die in this.
These clothes...
They show dirt.
They're easy to wash.
So, you see,|we can always stay clean.
You smelled|when you came here,
but it's not so bad now.
You owe it all to your clothes.
You shouldn't talk.
Red Beard said so, didn't he?
If you don't mind him,|you'll spit up blood again.
We're better off dead.
Too poor to even buy medicine!
But when I die,|I'd like to die on tatami!
Even the poorest have tatami.
It's bad for us.
You see,
tatami catches|all the dirt and moisture.
That's why--
if you don't keep quiet,
you'll really die.
Are these things the rule here?
Red Beard's rules.
He's the dictator here.
A good doctor,|dedicated to his work.
Many daimyo and rich people|trust him.
But he's stubborn,|inconsiderate, radical,
and proud.
Beyond here are our quarters.
The south side gets the sun.|That's for the patients.
The damp north side is for us.
The patients' service room.
The kitchen.
We eat here.|It's called the dining room.
We must not eat or drink|in our rooms.
They're all Red Beard's rules.
We are to have no heat|except in the wards.
Red Beard says the cold here|is good for us.
And there's not enough money|to buy coal except for the wards.
Red Beard's room.
I brought Dr. Yasumoto!
Come in.
I'm Noboru Yasumoto.
Red Beard.
My real name's|hard to pronounce--
Kyojo Niide.
You'll start as an intern today.
But I--
Wait. Father only said|to call on you.
You'll stay here.
Bring me all the notes and drawings|you made at Nagasaki.
They are at home.
I'll go back and--
No, your things will be here soon.
That's all.|Show him his room.
I'm Handayu Mori.
It's pretty difficult here.
But if you want,|you can learn a lot.
Useful in the future.
Let's work together.
I won't be cooped up here!
I studied to serve the shogunate!
I was to be the shogun's doctor!
And it's--
Please listen!
My father's a doctor.|Dr. Amano's his friend.
He's the shogun's personal doctor?
Yes, he helped me|to go study in Nagasaki.
He said he'd recommend me.
Then why did this happen?
I don't know.|I just don't understand.
A mix-up somewhere.
Even with Dr. Amano's backing,|this still happened,
so you'd better make the best of it.
We knew you were coming|two weeks ago.
It seems he likes you.
He's unfriendly to people he likes.
Not me.|He never finds fault with me.
He ignores me completely.
I won't do as he says.
It's some sort of trick.
I'm leaving,|no matter what Red Beard says.
We are under the jurisdiction|of the magistrate's office here.
And it has appointed you|officially.
You can't hide or run away.
Thanks to you, I can go.
I'll take you to your room.
I mean, we share it until I leave.
Excuse me.
He's quite a genius,|but we don't get along well.
This is our room.
Your things are here already.
Where are you going?
Running away will make trouble!
She's worse again|and I'm out of medicine!
Please make me some.
Only Red Beard does that.|He's in his room.
Dr. Yasumoto!
No one's allowed in here.
Only Red Beard.
Osugi's different.
She's a nurse.
Is that a ward too?
The girl's father built it himself.
She's a special patient.
The whole house is a prison.
Osugi has the key|and no one gets in.
The girl isn't let out either.
She's called "the mantis."
It's a good nickname.
The female eats the male|after they mate.
She'd do the same thing.
No one knows who she is,
but it seems she's|the daughter of a merchant.
She killed three clerks there.
She'd seduce them first.
When they'd get excited over her,
she'd stab them with a hairpin.
Had they ever done|anything to her?
Red Beard says she was just|born that way.
An hysterical condition|rather than insanity.
It's really a pity.
She's very beautiful.
Why don't you eat, Yasumoto?
I don't want to!
Does it mean you're not hungry|or that the food doesn't suit you?
It means this place|doesn't suit me.
Even bad food tastes good|if you chew it well.
Same with our work here,|if you try hard.
I hear your things are here.|Why don't you bring me your notes?
I refuse.
Refuse? Why?
I studied Dutch medicine,|developing my own diagnoses and cures.
They are mine|and not for others!
Medical knowledge|belongs to everyone.
Doctors get rich|just by curing cataracts.
We don't gossip here.
Bring me your notes|and change into your uniform.
Go and get me some sake!
We don't drink sake here.
That's why I'll drink!
I'll break every rule!
No uniform.
I'll be such a nuisance,|he'll ask me to leave.
Get me some sake!
You're a nuisance.
Don't you understand?
It's you who won't understand.
No one's allowed here,|so I came.
Hoping to get Dr. Niide mad|so he'll dismiss you?
You can't fool him|by acting like a child.
And is that the only reason|you came here?
What's that?
Interested in my mistress?
I won't deny it.
As a doctor, I'd like to treat|an unusual patient.
Unlike Mori,|I specialized in medicine.
I know more about curing|than Red Beard.
Why not help|the other patients then?
Any doctor can help them.
You're just talking.
I don't believe it.
Don't believe what?
Not Dr. Niide, but the others|are interested in her.
Dr. Tsugawa--
Tsugawa? What'd he do?
He came to see her|while I was out,
and almost--
Luckily, there were bars|between them.
I'm not like him.
I wonder.
It's hard to believe men.
I don't believe women.
I've suffered enough|for believing one.
Where were you?
A visitor.
Masae, she said.
Chigusa's sister,|she said to tell you.
Chigusa? I won't see her.|Tell her I'm out.
Sahachi, go to bed!
Yes, right away.
We've told him too.
He works, then buys eggs and fish|for the patients.
Gives away his own medicine --|gruel too.
And he's very sick himself.|He's a bother.
I'm sorry.
I'll be through very soon.
They're all too much!
What are you doing?
Going to keep it up?
No one's going to waste any sympathy|on your sulking.
Least of all Dr. Niide.|He won't change.
Think carefully. You yourself|stand to lose the most.
Tsugawa's gone. Dr. Niide's|very busy and short of help.
It's very late,|yet he's still out seeing patients.
But you--
He's been saying for a long time|he wants good doctors.
Especially here at the clinic.|Good, dedicated doctors.
Tsugawa was no good.
That's why he expected|a lot of you.
That's not what he expected of me.
I know.
What is it then?
He called me here to get|my notes and drawings.
You see? He's ignored me|after getting them.
I do nothing.|He doesn't say anything.
What is it?
It's my mistress! My mistress!
What about her?
She's run away!
I left the key in the lock.|I was in the kitchen.
Please help me.
I'm not insane at all.
Please listen to me.
You're the new doctor,|aren't you?
Osugi told me.
Doctors in uniforms are no good.
They won't listen to me.
But you will, won't you?
I admit to killing the clerks.
But there was a reason for it.
When I was a child,
a man did something|very bad to me.
But... a woman can't talk about it.
I'm a doctor. Don't be shy.
When I was nine years old,
an old clerk did something naughty.
If I told anybody about it,
he said he'd kill me.
He was dismissed soon after that
for spending store money.
But he made me do things|many times before that.
Each time he threatened to kill me
if I told anyone.
No, I can't go on!
Tell me.|Tell me everything.
When I was 11,
it happened again.
In a warehouse.|With a shop assistant.
He also said he'd kill me|if I told anyone.
He told me to come the next day.
I did as he said.
I thought he'd kill me|if I didn't.
I'll be killed.
I'll be killed!
Calm yourself.
I'm afraid!
Be calm!
I'll be killed!
I'm afraid!
Be quiet!
Please help me.|Please!
Calm yourself|and tell me everything.
When I was 17,
a clerk came into my bedroom.
I knew I'd be killed.|He'd kill me this time for sure.
I forgot myself.|With this--
The clerk lay down beside me.
He held me this way.
He talked like this to me.
Then I did this.
I'd kill him instead.
I stabbed him with this.|Right here.
Don't get up.|Lie quietly.
She missed the artery,|just grazed your neck.
You'll be well in a day.
But if I'd come in any later,|you'd be dead.
Look, she bit into me too.
She bit me five times here.
She was born that way.
You heard about her childhood too?
But many other girls|have had experiences like that.
It's nothing. Lie still.
You were drunk.
And men have a weakness|for pretty girls.
That's all.
Don't be ashamed,|but let it be a lesson to you.
Please go to North Ward No. 1.
An order?
Dr. Niide wants you.|You won't?
Why not wear your uniform?|You'll get dirty.
You examine him.
He's unconscious.|He's dying.
His case history.|Give me a diagnosis.
- Stomach cancer.|- No.
There's a case like his|in your notes.
It's a kind of cancer.
It's in the liver.
The cancer doesn't spread fast.
Pain only comes|when it's grown large enough.
So it's too late then.
It's rather rare.|Remember it.
There's no cure for it?
No, and this disease isn't the only one.
There are no cures, really.
Medical science|doesn't know everything.
We know the symptoms|and how things go.
If the patient has a chance,|we try to help.
But that's about all.
We can only fight|poverty and ignorance.
And cover up|what we don't know.
Poverty's a political problem,|they say.
But what has politics|ever done for the poor?
Has a law been passed to get rid|of poverty and ignorance?
But this place!|Government funds--
Better this than nothing.
The problem is deeper than that.
If it weren't for poverty,|half of these people wouldn't be sick.
I know.
There is always some story|of great misfortune behind illness.
This Rokusuke
was a gold-lacquer craftsman|of some note, it seems.
Yet he was brought in|from a cheap inn,
has no visitors,
won't talk.
He won't answer questions.|Hasn't said a single word.
He hasn't even said it hurts.
His heart probably hurts him|even more.
A girl's been hurt, Doctor!
At a building site.|She's too much for me.
Nothing's so solemn|as a man's last moments.
Watch him closely.
Room No. 3.|I'll look after him.
You're needed|while they sew her up.
Hold her legs down.
She's been drugged|but may struggle.
Don't get knocked over.
Don't look away!|Watch while I suture.
Don't let her move.|Spread her legs out more!
Her intestines are coming out!|Shove them in!
I fainted|at my first operation too.
You'll get used to it.|You won't mind it then.
No, I can't even watch|a man dying.
Calling it solemn.
To me, it's horrible.
How's Rokusuke?
He died.|Without saying a word.
Did you think his death solemn?
The pain and loneliness of death|frighten me.
But Dr. Niide looks at it|differently.
He looks into their hearts|as well as their bodies.
For example, he saw some great|misfortune behind his silence.
That's probably why he said solemn.
I want to be like him someday.
There's just too much to do today.
First an operation,|and then Sahachi.
He worked again after all my warnings|and got worse.
He's in North Room No. 3,|but he may not recover this time.
I'll go.
Sahachi, don't die.
Sahachi, don't die.
Don't give up, Sahachi.
You're saying that so that|he'll work more for you again?
No, I'm not.
Sahachi's like a saint,
that's why.
Yes, when the world's full|of no-good people,
I can't stand having him leave us.
I see.
But you should be in bed too.
Off with you.
I'll look after him.|You go too.
Being quiet is best for him.
Dr. Mori, I'm sorry|I didn't do as you said.
Dr. Mori's busy|with the outpatients.
Oh, you're the new doctor,|aren't you?
Why don't you wear|your uniform, Doctor?
It helps people.
Seeing it,
we know it's a clinic doctor.
Poor people who|can't see a physician
can get help from him.
it seems to be the end for me.
If it is,
there's one favor I'd like to ask.
- Where is Red Beard?|- In his room.
Rokusuke's daughter's here.
Would you believe it?|When he's just died?
She's here with her three children.|She was hoping she could rely on him.
Eat it. Go ahead.|You needn't worry.
Hard to eat with me here?|I'll go.
Sahachi said to ask you.
He wants to go home|before he dies.
It was
a very cold day.
I still remember
how my chilblains hurt.
I was playing by the doorway|when a man came to where I was.
He said he was my father.|He wanted me to go home with him.
He was pale,
but he tried to smile
and put a hand on my shoulder.
He said,|"Okuni, let's go home.
You're my precious only daughter.
You're my precious only daughter."
But I was only a child then.
I was frightened|and I pushed him away and ran.
I was living with Mother
and a young man|she called a relative.
I didn't know anything.
He was father's assistant.|They'd been bad together then ran away.
I found that out|after he'd married me.
Your mother's lover?
She was over 40.
It was probably the only way|she could hold him.
But I saw them|with my own eyes!
Never mind the rest.
What happened to your mother?
She died.
She left when she was found out.
She became a maid at a teahouse.
It seems they still saw each other.
She gave him money,|so he didn't work.
Just before she died,|she sent for my husband
but didn't want to see me.
She made me marry him.
And she hated me.
I don't even know|where her grave is.
I didn't build|a family altar either.
I'm just as bad!
I knew what he was,
yet I had three children by him!
Did you see your father after that?
After she died,
he came to see me in secret again.
He seemed older.|I hardly recognized him.
His hair was all white.
He trembled when he spoke:
"Come with me|and bring the three children."
But I was purposely rude|and sent him away.
I told him to leave us alone.
How could I go with him?
And bring the children of the man
who had taken both his wife|and his daughter?
Was he in pain when he died?
No, he died peacefully.
He had to.
He had to!
If he hadn't,
life would have been too cruel!
But that man!
When she died and the money stopped|coming, he started in on the neighbors!
He'd get drunk and become abusive!
Said to get money|from Father because
I was his only child.
"What kind of a man is this|not to feed his own grandchildren?"
I put up with everything|for the children's sake.
But there's a limit to my patience.
Telling me to get money|from the man he'd hurt.
It's one thing|he shouldn't have said.
That's why I--
I understand.
So you tried to stab him?
I meant to take the children to Father|and then give myself up.
I went to the inn where Father said|to come if I needed him.
I was told he was sick|and came here long ago.
I came here, but--
What will I do?
Don't worry. Cutting someone up|a little is not too serious.
No, an accident!
He was drunk--|he had this knife.
You stabbed him|while trying to get it.
That's what happened!
It often happens.
Luckily, I know Magistrate Shimada.
I know some things about him.
I'll go with you.|Go and confess.
My children--|what will become of them?
The children.
That's right.|We'll ask Goheiji.
He's in charge of houses near here.|Has a fine wife too.
Take the children|and Sahachi there.
After the magistrate's office,|I'll come too.
Onaka... Onaka,|why have you come?
You needn't have come.|I'll be with you soon.
I won't make you wait long.
The children have run away!
We were asked to keep them!
Be more careful!|I'm all wet because of you!
There's a vacant house near here?
Will you rent it to them?
I'll be responsible.
How's Sahachi?
He has a high fever-- delirious.
He keeps talking to a girl.
He never knew any women.
Move over.
No, you go home.
What's that?
Me and Sahachi|are the longest tenants here.
And Sahachi's dying. You got no right|keeping me from seeing him.
But you're drunk.
You don't know what you're doing|when you're drunk.
I began to drink when I was nine,
and I've been drinking ever since.
I can't say when I'm sober,
but I know what I'm doing|when I'm drunk.
Where's that Red Beard?
He'll be here.
You're a doctor at the clinic too?
My name's Heikichi.
I've known Red Beard a long time.
He told me once
I drank too much and threw up.
He looked fierce, awful fierce.
Said to support my family
if I had the money|to drink till I was drunk.
It's no laughing matter.
Thinking about the wife and kids
would make me drink all the more.
Rich men and educated ones|don't know this fact.
So there you have it.
- Stop it!|- What?
What's that, talking so big?
That's enough!|Bad for him!
What's that?
What of it?
Fool landlord!
Stuck-up Red Beard!
Sahachi, still hanging around!
He's worried about Sahachi.|That's why he's carrying on.
You all go home.
Standing there shuts out the air.
Please look after him, Doctor.
Help him to live if you can.
He never thought of himself,|just about others.
He worked till he got sick,|then worked while he was sick.
Go now. He's just gone to sleep.|Let him be quiet.
Why don't you examine him, Doctor?
Is it hopeless?
Two fine men dying|one after the other.
Old Rokusuke died today.
He's the father of the woman|I just brought.
He left this ten ryo.
Use it for what they need.
I'll do that.
But, Doctor,
a man dying at a public clinic|wouldn't have so much money.
You scraped it together as usual?
We're friends.|You needn't have done it.
I scraped it together, all right,
but I made Magistrate Shimada pay up.
Not only the money.
I used what I knew to get him
to release the woman too.
Shimada was adopted|into his wife's family.
But he's keeping a woman|at his villa. Many men do.
She's grown melancholic about this--
has grown extremely jealous.
I hinted to Shimada|about the woman he's keeping.
I'm abominable.
True, the girl deserved to go free.
And the money's|for my treating his wife.
But I did hint,|so I did a cowardly thing.
From now on, if I'm arrogant|at anytime, remind me of today.
I'm going back.
You tend to Sahachi.
Pouring a while ago,|but it's stopped.
What is it? I'll go see.
I'm sorry,|but can I have some water?
A landslide!
It was a narrow escape.|Almost crushed Sahachi's place.
A skeleton!
I buried it.
She was my wife.
She's come for me.
Will you call everyone, please?
I want to tell everything|and die without any secrets.
Please take this umbrella.
Thanks, but I'm wet already.
But it's bad for you.
I want to tell you about her.
Her name was Onaka.
After returning the umbrella,|I couldn't forget her.
We met many times|in the field at Iriya.
I'm so happy.
You'll marry me then?
I'm happy, but I can't.
Why? Because I'm not free|to do as I like.
I have seven brothers and sisters,|and Father's sick.
I've been bonded for ten years.
How many more years?
One year, but I can't leave.|I must send money home.
Return the money.
But I have obligations.
I'll send money to your family.
- It's not that.|- What other obligations?
Another man?
Do I look like that?
I'm sorry.
I just thought--
Let's not talk about it.
It's no good.
But I wanted to marry her so much
that I succeeded in persuading her.
She finally consented.
But, for some reason, she wouldn't|introduce me to her parents.
No! I don't want to!
Why? Your parents will be mine.|It's funny not to meet them.
But not now!
I couldn't make her do it,
but we got married.
It seemed like a dream.|We were so happy.
Then the great earthquake came.
Following it,|fires broke out everywhere.
When I returned from the shop,
all the places near our home|were in ruins.
When I couldn't find her body,
I felt a great relief.
But she'd vanished from that day.
I went to see her family.
They didn't know anything.
Said they thought|she'd died long ago.
I moved here|in the autumn of that year,
when I'd convinced myself|that she'd died.
After that, I continued living here,|as you all know.
Two peaceful years went by.
Onaka was alive!
And with a baby on her back.
The baby's yours?
His name's Takichi.
About a year old?
Eight months.
I felt a stab of pain,
Like a knife entering my heart.
My own wife
nursing another man's child|before my eyes.
I cannot explain it|but it seemed so sad,
so unbelievably sad.
Are you happy?
We won't meet again, will we?
For several days after that,
I drank, then slept.
She'd looked back and bowed|when we parted.
When her image rose before my eyes,|I was so sad, I could hardly breathe.
Who told you I lived here?
Your employer.|He told me many things.
You were sick a long time?
I'm sorry!|Please forgive me!
You won't forgive me?
I don't know.
I don't know how I feel myself.
I don't know if I'm sad or happy|that you're alive.
Will you let me explain?
If it's not too painful for you.
Don't light it!
I was promised to a man already.
We lived on the same street.
Ever since he was younger, he said|he was going to be one of our family.
So he helped support us.
When he was 20,|he asked for my hand,
and my parents consented.
I didn't like or dislike him.
But thinking of all|he had done for us, I did not mind.
And then I met you.
I did not know what to do.
I was sorry for him.
But I could not leave you.
I finally made up my mind.
I owed a debt of kindness,|but I thought it could be returned.
I became strong,|almost frighteningly so.
My parents punished me,|pleaded with me, but I did not give in.
Then why did you--
We were too happy together.
We were so happy,|I became afraid.
A girl like me did not deserve it.
I felt I'd be punished if it lasted.|So I was always uneasy.
Then the earthquake came.
I was right.
This is my punishment.
I've had my whole life's share|of happiness.
The earthquake is a portent,|saying to put an end to it.
My husband will think I have died.
That will end it all.
The time to end it has come.
I walked, brooding over it,
and found myself before his house.
I understand.
I know how you must have felt.
I seemed lost after that,
and before I knew it, I was his.
I suddenly felt awake|when we met in Asakusa,
as if I'd been carried off
but was suddenly|before my own house again.
He, my child, and I
seem like different people|who've gone far away.
I am here|and this is the real me.
Hold me.
Please. Hold me closer.
Don't let me go.|Please hold me.
She said not to let her go.
I didn't want to.
I buried her on the cliff|behind the house
and built a small workshop over it.
I was always with Onaka.
You understand now?
Everything I did for my neighbors
was in Onaka's memory.
I don't know|about her husband and child.
Yet I made them sad too.
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