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Red beard 1965 akahige CD2

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The only thing|I could do to make amends
was to be useful to others.
But it has ended at last.
Onaka's come for me|many times since yesterday.
Now we can be together again.
Onaka, you're beautiful.
You're very beautiful.
Come to me!
How nice.|Finally wearing your uniform?
It's really nice.
It's pretty difficult here,
but if you want,|you can learn a lot.
Useful in the future.
Exactly what Dr. Nori said.
Wish I could blush like that.
You'd make your man pale.
Next, Sadakichi.
Rest awhile. Up all night?
I'm all right. I'll help.
Doctor's taking you to see|the outpatients.
I don't mind.
Doctor's angry today.|Be careful.
What happened?
He can't treat the outpatients anymore.|The budget's been cut.
He got angry.
He'd consider the budget cut,|but not neglecting the patients.
He asked the government to reconsider|and then left, furious.
The government's irresponsible.
Don't worry.|He won't forget you.
Don't worry.
Excuse me.
I'm Masae.
There's something I must tell you.
I'm going out with the doctor.
Don't mind me.
Lord Matsudaira's mansion's first.|Come later.
I don't know what to say first.
It may be impudent of me|to say anything, but I--
Everyone suffers as it is.
I wondered if you could forgive|my sister--
There's nothing left to say|about that.
And I'm busy today.|Pardon me.
A clinic doctor?|- Yes.
Please look at her!
Our doctor won't come!|My husband still owes him for medicine!
Such a high fever too!
Measles. Go to the clinic.|It's not far.
Helping people?
As I've said, you are not ill,|my lord.
But you're in much worse condition.
It is due to a life of luxury and ease.
You indulge in rich food,|hold nothing heavier than chopsticks.
Fat gathers,
intake and discharge|lose their balance.
Chamberlain, his menu?
The menu for the last three days.
I told you that white rice|is detrimental to his health.
Well, I--
One bowl of seven parts wheat|and three parts rice at each meal.
No fowl, meat or eggs.
And not too much fish or salt.
Keep to this for 100 days.
I would like to be paid now.
Yes. How much?
Fifty ryo.
Was it 30 ryo?
Pardon my abrupt question,
but is it true that doctors play no part|in life and death?
It seems so.
Then people meant to live recover,|those meant to die pass away?
Doctors have nothing to do with it?
It may mean that.
Bad and good doctors|are the same, then?
Expensive medicines and those sold|in pharmacies are the same?
Of course, an eminent doctor|like your self is different, I am sure.
Don't make me an exception.
Don't hold back.|Say what's on your mind.
I'm afraid I have displeased you.
Of course not.
All doctors have to butter up|rich men.
Yasumoto, ever been to these places?
Yes, when I was in Nagasaki,|about three times.
As a doctor or a guest?
A friend suggested going,|but I didn't do anything.
I had a fiancée in Edo.
But during my absence, she--
I mean, she broke our engagement.
But I believed in her then,
so these girls held no interest for me.
I said the wrong thing?
I said to send that woman home.
She's the only one we have.
She doesn't entertain very often.
She has syphilis.|She mustn't entertain at all.
Will you pay me instead?
If we did like you said, we'd starve.
The food's no good in prison.
I'll stay!|I'd rather stay here!
Even if I did go home--
Do something about the girl instead!
She's 12.|She won't entertain, so--
Be still!|Keep your mouth shut.
Now, talk.|Say something!
Otoyo, apologize. Hurry!
What a girl! Spiteful!
Looking at me like that.|I'll show you.
- Stop it.|- What's that?
Why, Doctor.
Just leave this to me.
Just look at this!|Just look!
This brat! See?|She tore up the kimono I put on her.
What's the idea,|dressing up this child?
I've done a lot for this Otoyo.
Her mother died out in front here.
She was no kin,
but I gave the funeral|and then took her in.
So I'm her foster mother!
No one can complain about|what I do with her.
Again! Just to spite me!
Anything happens she doesn't like,|back she goes to scrubbing again.
She has a fever.
See? Always contrary,|returning spite for kindness.
A high fever.
We'll take her.
Are you joking?|Trying to get her for free? You!
Somebody! Somebody come!
What's up?
Anything wrong?
A thief!.
He's trying to take her away.|Says she's sick.
Oh, no, you don't!
Who do you think you are? Sticking|your nose in where you're not wanted.
Now get out!|Come again, and we'll show you.
I'm a doctor.|I come to see sick people.
What's that?
You better watch out!|You'll get hurt.
You be careful too.
You know,|a bad doctor can kill you.
I won't kill you, but I might break|a couple of arms or legs.
You! Outside!
Never mind. Don't interfere.
Shut the gate!
Get something|to carry them away on.
Yasumoto, tend to them.
Bandage them up.
I'm afraid I went a bit too far.
I should've been more careful.
This is terrible.|Such violence is bad.
A doctor mustn't do such things.
We're taking her.|Report it if you don't like it.
I don't understand.
No, I don't.
It's too cruel.
Why does such a child|have to suffer so?
Her mind's far worse off|than her body.
As though it had been scalded.
Yasumoto, you look after her.
She's your first patient.|Cure her.
February 9 -- I bring Otoyo to my room.
Don't worry. Go to sleep.
No one will hurt you here.
Like some water?
That night, Otoyo, half awake,|half dreaming,
Looked at me so strangely.
February 10 -- Otoyo's mind|has become clear.
But she won't let me examine her.
Just your tongue, then.
When she stares at me,|I don't know what to do.
Her eyes are suspicious,
insolent and very lonely.
February 11 -- when I woke up|this morning --
What're you doing?
You're sick.
You needn't work here.
You needn't worry|about food, clothes or medicine.
Stay in bed.
But she kept wiping, wiping, wiping
until she had convulsions again.
Now drink your medicine.
Drink it and|your fever will go down.
How is she?
I give up.
She won't let me examine her,|won't take her medicine.
I'll see what I can do.
Good girl.
That night,|she spoke for the first time.
Now, eat this.
Your fever's down.|We must make you strong.
Why wasn't I slapped?
Why didn't he slap me?
You mean when you wouldn't|take your medicine?
There are kind people in the world.
You've never met any before.
You can't fool me.
Mother told me.
She said to watch out for people,|not to trust anyone.
And she was right.
No, no, he's not like that.
You know he isn't.
Isn't that why you took the medicine?
Dr. Niide wants to cure you,
your body and your mind|that's been so hurt by cruelty.
- You too?|- Of course me too.
Even now?
You poor girl!
You're really a nice girl.
February 12 -- Otoyo was gone|again this morning.
She wasn't in the clinic.|I went to look for her.
You begged to buy that dish|for the one you broke last night?
Why did you have to beg for it?
Did I scold you about it?
I apologize if you thought so.
Forgive me.
I apologize.
How's the girl doing?
She ate her gruel|and is fast asleep.
You rest too.
You've hardly slept|since Sahachi died.
Those notes I borrowed.|I've copied what I needed.
For the patients, not me.
You may not like it,|but try to understand.
I'm sorry
for thinking only of myself.
I hated being here.
The father of the girl|who betrayed me -- I told you --
Dr. Amano?
He won my father over and put me|in here, trying to hush things up.
I couldn't forgive him, so --
Dr. Amano didn't do that.
I heard the story|and suggested that.
I'm no good at all!
I'm selfish.
And self-satisfied.
How am I unfortunate?
Rokusuke and Sahachi were,
but they died without complaint.
Look at Otoyo.
I'm so fortunate|it's almost embarrassing.
I'm no good!
I blamed Chigusa and yet almost let|that mad girl kill me.
I was vain, proud of being a doctor|just back from Nagasaki.
I was too good for this clinic.
I even held you in contempt,|despised you.
I'm a despicable man.
I'm conceited and insincere.
Yasumoto, you're tired.
I'm a good boy.|I'll take my medicine.
Sleep. Sleep some more.
I'm sorry. I--
You needn't apologize.
Thanks.|You nursed me, didn't you?
I remember, half in a dream.
But it's just because Doctor said to.
He said nursing you was|the best thing for me too.
That's why.
Did it make you well?
I don't know.
But it felt nice nursing you.
Then I've gotten well too soon.
That's not so.
Your getting well is much nicer.
You're really well, then.
He's a great doctor.
No, a great man.
There are good people|in this world too.
You're lucky to have met him.
But you are too.
Would you like--
You must eat.|I'll get some gruel.
How are you?
Thank you. Better, I think.
Masae is here.
Please come in.
It smells in here.
I was surprised to hear|you were ill.
If there's anything I can do--
It's not serious.
He saw too much of the world at once.|Growing pains, you might say.
Your mother is not very well either.
Her palsy again?
Yes, and she's worried.
You haven't been home|since you came here.
I'll be home when I'm up.|Please tell her so.
You don't seem to have been ill.|A bit leaner?
You look different.|Like a man who's just had a bath.
Father's away.|I wish he could see you now.
He entrusted you to Dr. Niide.
But really he was very worried.
Masae's been so good to me.
Like a true daughter|ever since I took to bed.
She was just a child|when I went away.
Beautiful now, isn't she?
I was wondering about her for you.
Father thinks|everything would be fine
if you'd agree to it.
I don't hold anything|against Chigusa now.
But things aren't that easy.
You refuse?
The truth is, after it happened,
Dr. Amano, out of deference to you--
He forbade Chigusa|to enter his home.
But she's just had a child.
His first grandchild.|He wants to acknowledge it.
That's why Masae came over?
If you let bygones be bygones,|he can openly acknowledge the child.
It's touching the way Masae is|so thoughtful of others.
She even seems apologetic to me.
It's forward of me, but--
What is it?
It's for--
I heard she never left you|while you were ill.
For Otoyo?
Yes, if it will do.|Hers is worn out.
I washed this and made it over.
Thank you.
Say you're sorry.|Hurry up.
What's gotten into you?
How can you throw|what she gave you in the mud?
What a girl!|She makes me so mad!
Never mind.
What's happened?
Masae gave it to her,|but when I handed it to her, she--
See here!
With that kimono|you threw his kindness in the mud too.
How can you,|when he got so sick nursing you?
Ungrateful girl.
Just look!
I won't look after her.
Dr. Niide said to take her in with us,|and we were being as kind as we could.
She won't even talk to us!
Sullen all day long,|just out of spite.
Don't say that.
The doctor says she's put up with more|than we do in a lifetime.
She's sick.
Be kind and patient with her.
She was attached to Yasumoto once.
Why does she act like this now?
And doing this?
I know.
Otoyo's grown fond of Dr. Yasumoto.
She wants him all to herself.
But the young lady came to see him.
Isn't that when she became|difficult again?
I'm sure she threw the kimono|in the ditch because it had been hers.
Then she loves Dr. Yasumoto?
No, I rather think she just likes him.
I understand how she feels.
I see.
But isn't it lucky she didn't come|to see Dr. Mori?
- You're impossible.|- Why?
Don't make me mad at you!
Osugi loves you.
Do something|or she'll end up like that girl.
Say, you little rat!
He got in it again.
- Little rat?|- A boy! A sneak thief!.
He's awfully fast!
You little rat!
He got away again?
There's no helping this girl!
Pretending not to see it!
What's she thinking anyway?
It's about Otoyo.
Handayu told me.
She seems to be better.
Still difficult,|but different from before.
She hated everyone before.
But now she doesn't know what to do|with this sudden love for you.
Her feelings will include others|one day.
We must wait for that.
It seems that they're all complaining|she let the thief go,
but the new kindness in her|may have made her pretend not to see.
- What is it?|- The little rat's around here.
He's so fast.|I'm no match for him.
Please catch him, Doctor.
Where is he?
What is that?
They're for you.
I won't forget about the other day.
Here, take them.
I don't want them.
Take them. I had a hard time|stealing them.
I hate thieves!
Why did you let me|steal the gruel, then?
Gruel and candy are different.
You stole the gruel|because you were awfully hungry?
I'm always hungry.
I'd become a beggar|before I stole anything.
Not me.
Bowing to people.|No real man does such things.
How old are you?
Seven. I'm Chobo.
You're alone, Chobo?
I've got a father and mother.|Two brothers too.
Do they know that you steal?
They pretend they don't.
They're terrible people.
Don't say that.|They can't help it.
They're so poor|that they've gotten stupid.
And my brothers are only children.
Aren't they older than you?
Nine and ten, and so hungry that|they're always sucking their thumbs.
I wish I was a horse.
A horse? Why is that?
Horses eat grass.|We have plenty of that.
Give them here.
You'll take them, then?
I've accepted them.
Now I give them to you.
Eat them with your brothers.
Go home now.
Come here every night.
I'll bring you our leftover rice.
Try not to steal if you can.
Eat some more.
One bowl's not enough|for a growing girl.
That's enough!|You all eat too much!
I'm sorry, Master!
Forgive me!
Is that an excuse?
You were taking care of her.
I'm to blame!|I can't apologize enough!
What were you doing|while she tried to hang herself?
I'm very sorry.
Answer me!|What were you doing?
Don't blame her.|It's my fault.
I shouldn't have called her out.
A doctor and nurse making love,|neglecting the patient.
After this, I see I put her|in a terrible place.
My poor girl.
Yes, poor girl...|for having such a father.
What's that?
A real father|would ask about her first.
But I knew she'd recover, so--
Why don't you see her, then?
You're not looking after her.|You leave her entirely to others.
No, you're wrong.
You don't know how a parent feels.
The pain of having a sick girl.
I know how you feel,|but I feel most sorry for Osugi.
You'd selfishly let her|spend her youth
shut in with your daughter.
She may be a maid,|but you've no right to do it.
Your daughter's|more and more sane now.
That's why she wanted to die.
Perhaps it was kinder to let her,|but I'm a doctor.
What is it?
I don't know how to thank you.
I'm glad I left her with you.|Everything's fine now.
Listen, thank the doctor|and let's go home.
What is it?
After you'd gone,|I thought it all over.
I've no one except you. You needn't|do anything. Just stay with me.
Say what you will,|we won't return her.
How dare you say such a thing!
She was sick, but she's well now.|I'm taking her!
She'll get sick again.
Listen to you. These clothes.
Same old tattered kimono.|Don't act big!
Wait! I'm taking her!
Don't touch her.|Your hand will rot.
Rot? What do you mean?
You're rotten to the core!|Smell yourself!. Sickening!
What's this? I'm not!
Your nose must have rotted too!
I have a nice kimono!
I like it here!|I'm staying here!
What? What's that kimono?|I'll tie you up and carry you.
No, you won't.|She's our girl! Get out!
An old woman, all painted up.|Join the freak show.
Go away, you hussy.
Try and make me.|I won't budge till I get her.
All right, beat her up.
You hit me on the head!|You!
It won't break.|Do it again.
I'll break it open!
I made rice balls for you today.
- You needn't have.|- Why?
We're going somewhere nice.
- Where?|- It's far away.
But we don't have to worry about food|and it's fun there.
You've a rich relative far away?
That's about it.
It's not too cold or too hot there.
Flowers bloom all the time.
And lots of pretty birds|I've never seen.
My father and mother said so.
Is there a place like that?
Yes, there is... to the west.
You're awfully pretty today.
I bet the birds where we go|will be pretty too.
Don't move!
I won't be seeing you again.|Don't move. Let me see you good.
You're pretty. Awfully pretty.
Yasumoto... I saw Dr. Amano|yesterday after a long time.
He asked me to stop by|to talk about you.
About me?
Dr. Amano's worked hard for you.
You'll be the shogun's doctor|in March.
But... please wait!
He also asked if you'd marry|the younger daughter.
That's all.
What is it?|Why look at me like that?
You've changed.
Not so long ago,|you raved you were leaving.
What of it?|I'm staying, no matter what.
That's all!
What's funny?
You even talk like Dr. Niide now.
By the way, what about Masae?
Like her?|Or don't you like her?
I don't dislike her.
Then you like her.
Say what you mean.
- You say what you mean.|- What?
About Osugi. What'll you do?
My mind's made up.|I'll propose in due time.
You make up your mind too.
Doctor, hurry!
A whole family's been brought in.|They drank poison.
It's that little boy's family.|Poor souls!
It's not Chobo.
Doctor, will Chobo live?|Where's Chobo?
Doctor, at least save that boy.
He threw up the poison.|He'll live if he lasts till morning.
He wants to see you.|Come.
It's too much--|that little rat taking rat poison.
Otoyo's here.
But don't talk too long.
I'm sorry.
I stole again
and I got caught.
I should've become a beggar|like you said.
I'm sorry.
Never mind.
Don't talk now.
No, I've got to.|I've got to say it now.
It was all my fault.
They said it was the end
to have a thief in our home.
So we all decided to die together.
I'm sorry I lied|about going to a nice place.
Water. Give me water.
Sip it.
Yes, slowly.
That's enough for now. You'll be able|to drink all you want soon.
Please let the boy die.
It's best for him.
Doctor, why did you have to save us?
We thought it over|and decided it was best.
We talked it over with the boys.
They said it was best too,
so we all drank the medicine.
So why didn't everyone|leave us alone?
He thinks he's dead already.
Since we married,
I've never seen him|sleeping so peacefully.
Doctor, don't people breathe like that|when they're dying?
I know! Mother did too!
Please do something!
What's that?
The cooks are calling Chobo back.
There's a belief that if you call|into the well,
you can call a dying person back.
Wells lead to the bottom of the earth.
What're you doing?|It's almost dawn.
Yes, he won't die|if he lasts till dawn.
All the poison's out of Chobo now.
Tell everyone|that he'll pull through.
It's too sudden.
There's no need|for a private ceremony.
We'll marry in March.
Then why can't we have it today?
- But--|- Please.
Dr. Amano expects it too.
It's a load off|your father's shoulders too, so--
Always making plans without asking.
I have my own ideas.
Yasumoto, how long are you keeping|Masae waiting in the corridor?
No, that's Masae's place.
You sit over here.
Look this way.
All ready? I'll have them bring|the nuptial cups.
Please, I'd like|to say something, Doctor.
The groom's not supposed to talk now.
I'd like to tell her something first.
Thanks to your father, I'm to become|the shogun's doctor in March.
I once hoped to be promoted|to head doctor.
But not now.
I'll remain at the clinic.
It means no honor and no money.
We will be poor.|You do not mind? Please think.
That's enough.
The cups.
Aren't you Chigusa?
You've had a baby?|Is he well?
Thank you.
You must think me foolish,
but I can hold|my own grandchild now.
Thank you very much.
Now, the cups.
Do you want me to shout at you?
Please do.|I'll stay no matter what.
- Who says so?|- You did.
You taught me the road to take.|So I will take it.
You overestimate me.
Something's the matter with you.
Have you forgotten|about the magistrate,
about Matsudaira and Izumiya?
I do things like that.
I like you for that.
You're a fool!
I owe it to you.
You're young, so you talk like that.|You'll regret it.
So you give me your permission?
I repeat: You'll regret it!
I'll have to find that out myself.|Thank you.
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