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Regle Du Jeux La

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The original version of this movie was recreated
with Jean Renoir's approval and advice.
He dedicates this work to André Bazin.
DVDrip by BulGroZ Subrip by BulGroZ
The action of this movie takes place prior to W.Wil.
It does not claim to be a study of the morals of that period.
The characters in the movie are purely fictitious.
"Faithful hearts, sensitive hearts
"Who shun fickle love when nigh
"Cease to play your cruel parts
"Change deserves no hue and cry
"lf Cupid has been given wings
"Is it not to fly?"
Herés Radio-Cité speaking. It's 10 o'clock in the evening.
Wéve just arrived at Le Bourget airfield.
Wére working our way through the crowd to welcome
the famous pilot André Jurieux
who just achieved an amazing feat.
He crossed the Atlantic in 23 hours.
A record only comparable to... The cable!
...a performance that was achieved 12 years ago
by Charles Lindberg.
But the crowd is stirring.
With a wonderful landing Jurieux has arrived safely.
The crowd has invaded the airfield and wants to break through.
I'll try too.
The Minister couldn't be here but he wishes to express his admiration
and sincere congratulations.
It's mainly a matter of equipment.
Not at all. It's a wonderful effort.
André! Am I ever happy.
I don't care about your flight, I'm glad to see you!
-Is she here? -No.
-She didn't come? -No.
-She didn't? -She couldn't.
I did the flight for her.
I know.
André Jurieux, you must say a few words.
-Just a few words. -What should I say?
You just flew over the Atlantic. All alone.
You must have something to say. Anything! That you're happy.
I'm very unhappy. I've never been so disappointed in all my life.
I attempted this adventure for a woman.
She didn't even bother to come here to welcome me.
I tell her publicly that shés disloyal!
The great pilot has accomplished a stunning feat.
But he has made a tremendous effort.
Hés very tired.
He can't really talk.
But an engineer from Caudron is here with us.
André Jurieux's plane is built by Caudron.
It's a mass-produced plane with a 200 horsepower Renault engine.
The co-pilot's seat was replaced by an extra fuel tank.
Thank you.
You're a hero but you just behaved like a kid.
You deserve it if Christine won't see you.
-I won't dare see her again. -Get some sleep.
Lisette, how long have you been married?
-Almost 2 years, Madame. -That's right.
Time goes by so fast. Are you happy?
My husband is not bothersome.
He works at "La Colinière" and I'm here in Paris.
With you, Madame, I'm very happy.
-Do you have lovers? -I wouldn't say so.
Of course you do. Octave, for example.
Give me the lipstick for the evening.
-I don't know where it is. -Yes, you do.
I don't like it. Too purple.
It isn't natural.
What is natural nowadays?
What do your lovers tell you?
Not much.
-They kiss you? -lf I want to.
-Hold your hand? -Sometimes.
-And after? -After ?
Always the same. The more you give, the more they want.
My scarf.
Men are like that, you can't change them.
What about friendship?
With a man?
It's nonsense.
-Good evening, Madame. -Good evening, Lisette.
-Wherés my husband? -ln his study.
Le Bourget airfield's quiet again.
The crowd's leaving. The welcome reception's over.
Wéve witnessed an historic event that will...
-Wére late, my dear. -As always.
-Is this new? -I got it today.
It's a romantic black woman. The mechanism works.
Have you heard what André Jurieux said?
I can well imagine how it went.
He was going to risk his life.
How could you have refused him
this small mark of loving friendship
that he must have been begging for?
He mistook it for love.
Men are naive.
I'm so very happy!
-Thank you. -Come on.
Lying is a very heavy weight to carry.
You're exaggerating.
Do you think I'm a liar?
I trust you blindly.
-Really? -Yes.
I'll be right back.
Madame de Marras, please.
Geneviève? I need to see you.
Come over then.
You're going out with Christine.
Tomorrow morning then.
Not at 10 o'clock. Okay, 1 1 . Let's be reasonable.
La Chesnaye must feel terrible.
-Why does he have a radio then? -Progress.
Progress? I call that exhibitionism.
I feel sorry for Christine. Shés a foreigner.
-And you have a crush on her! -No.
It must be difficult to leave the life she had in Austria.
An artistic life. Her father was a famous conductor in Vienna.
And to move to Paris where nobody speaks your language.
-Why did she marry? I didn't! -You...
What are you thinking of?
Of something Chamfort wrote that is almost a precept.
What does it say?
"Love in society is the exchange of two fantasies
and the contact of two skins."
lf I understand you correctly you want to leave me.
Last night I decided to deserve my wife.
I can imagine: family life, knitting, stew and children.
I have the feeling that I've enjoyed myself enough.
All that because of the radio and Jurieux.
How perceptive.
lf we were to split up
would that change anything with Christine?
That would change everything!
Nothing! Shés still so Austrian.
A Parisian would understand. Not her.
lf she finds out, she won't be upset about our affair
but because you lied to her since you're married.
Shéll never forgive you.
I know.
Believe it or not, you're dear to me.
Whether it's love or habit,
if you'd leave me, I'd be very sad. And I don't want to be sad.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you. But try to understand.
Luckily you're weak.
Like my father.
The poor man's life was so complicated.
-Let's have lunch. -With pleasure.
I don't know if it's due to our discussion,
but I'm famished!
Go on if you want. I'm walking home.
-Stay with me. -I'm tired of your problems.
Since your return from America, all we do is talk.
And now this accident.
I've had it!
Are you hurt?
I'm wondering if I'm alive. I hit the ceiling like a feather.
I'm all shook up.
Kill yourself for Christine but without me.
-Please... -You're crazy!
-I am! -Get some help and leave me alone.
You want me locked up. You love her too, you're jealous.
I love her in my own way.
That's why I don't want you to use her.
You know, shés like a sister to me.
We grew up together.
Her father wasn't only the greatest conductor in the world.
He was also a wonderful man.
I went to Salzburg in Austria to study music with him.
He treated me like a son. I never could show him my gratitude.
Now I can. Hés dead and can't look after his daughter.
So I will look after her. She needs it.
Shés a foreigner surrounded by people who don't speak German.
lf you want her to be happy, let her come with me.
I love her!
Shés with that idiot La Chesnaye.
Hunts, castle and mechanical birds! A snob who cheats on her!
He may be a snob but his feet are on the ground.
You're in the clouds.
And you make blunders, like on the radio.
-Radio? -At Le Bourget when you got back.
You return from America after breaking all kinds of records.
A crowd's here to greet you, even Ministers. You get speeches.
lnstead of acting like a modest and quiet national hero
and pleasing the radio listeners,
you start telling them about Christine. ln public.
And you wonder why she won't see you!
But I did it for her only, you understand?
She encouraged me. So when she wasn't there...
Shés a society woman. And society has strict rules.
I don't need your lecture.
I need to see Christine!
I love her, you know.
I'll die if I don't see her again.
You'll see her.
-Really? -You will.
Trust me.
Monsieur Octave!
-Don't you say hello? -Hello, Lisette.
Fresh as a rose.
You look terrible. What's wrong?
I bet it's your pilot again.
Hés a nuisance. Madame can't sleep anymore.
-I'll settle it. -Really?
Here you are. What's up?
I've been very busy.
-Trouble? -I'll tell you later.
You came to see my wife? Let me say hello.
-Is it a nightingale? -A warbler.
-The moths got to it. -But it sings every 20 seconds.
-So they say. -Sceptic!
-Octave! There you are, at last. -Hello, Christine.
May I?
Good morning. Did you sleep well?
I got a letter from Schumacher.
Your husband. Without her, my woods are no longer poetic.
And his gamekeeper's job utterly dull.
He wants you to join him.
And leave Madame? I'd rather get a divorce, Sir.
Don't dramatize.
Have you soon finished talking?
-I leave then. -Finally.
-Will you come to "La Colinière"? -Maybe.
20 seconds.
A cup of tea?
-Coffee with bread and jam! -I'm not hungry.
Something is definitely wrong.
I've never seen Mr. Octave without appetite.
Sit down.
Well then, tell me your secret.
-It's about André. -No, please.
-He wanted to die. -So they say.
I was there!
How? With his car. He wanted to crash into a tree.
-And it's my fault? -Yes.
-I don't understand. -You don't?
You fling yourself at peoplés necks like a 12 year old.
It's alright with me. You're my little girl from Salzburg.
But with others it can be embarrassing.
ln Paris, you can't be friendly with a man without...
So I'm the one to blame?
Not really the only one.
I must apologize to your friend.
That'd be exaggerated.
Just invite him to "La Colinière".
You're indecent.
Goodbye. Or rather farewell.
-Where are you going? -To see him.
You're not coming to "La Colinière"?
I can't be in two places at once.
You're a dear old fool!
-Will you invite him? -Yes, I will.
I don't want to be the woman who drove to despair the hero,
the crowd's idol.
lf he crashes, they'll blame me.
They'll call me a vamp, a public enemy obstructing progress.
They'll talk about the "foreigner".
And I hate martyrdom.
What about your husband?
That's your business.
I've done what I had to. I don't care about the rest.
-Christine, "Du bist ein Engel". -An angel?
A dangerous angel, but an angel nevertheless.
Bring me two fried eggs,
some ham and a glass of wine. I'm starving.
-You'll put on weight. -Don't worry about me.
Well then, I'm expecting you at "La Colinière".
You have your own car.
See you.
-Dreadful situation. -Geneviève.
-You know? -Everybody does. Are you fed up?
You want to break up? Leave it up to me.
lf you could.
She wants to get married so badly. Wéll marry her.
With whom? With you?
I'm not really meant for marriage.
But if I had to sacrifice myself, I would.
-For Christine. -I know.
But you need to help me in return.
You need money?
You're rather a good guy.
I take after my mother.
lnvite André Jurieux.
-To "La Colinière"? -Yes.
That's a very serious request.
I know what happened between Christine and your friend.
-I'm no idiot. -Nothing happened.
lnvite him then.
It's risky. Because I love Christine.
I couldn't live without her.
I feel like running away.
I want to disappear into a hole.
What for?
I wouldn't have to figure out what's good and what's evil.
Therés something awful on earth: everybody has their own reasons.
Of course.
And I'm all for exposing them freely.
I'm against barriers and walls.
And that's why I'll invite André.
-Is it a good thing? -I trust Christine.
lf she loves Jurieux, separating them won't stop her.
They might as well see each other and talk it over.
We could interest Geneviève in André.
That'd be way too practical.
I'll get dressed. You eat something?
-Your Lordship, for "La Colinière"? -Ask my secretary.
-Is Madame bringing her dogs? -Ask her.
I lost my screw!
Maybe it's under this bench.
-It's the screw for my warbler. -Of course.
Lisette, put that on the table.
I have great news for you.
My pilot, as you call him, is coming to "La Colinière".
What kind of a story is that!
You call that a story? Story!
Excuse me. You're no idiot, you're a poet.
A dangerous poet.
Your Lordship.
-Madame. -Hello.
Excuse me for mentioning it during work...
-It's about my wife. -Yes, you wrote to me.
With my wife in Paris and me here, it's no way to live.
I'm like a widower. What have you decided?
What is there to decide?
lf your wife no longer wants to work for Madame, it's up to her.
Very well.
-I'm so happy to be here! -So am I.
How do you do, your Lordship?
I lit the stove and prepared all the fireplaces.
Tell Corneille.
-How's Gertrude? -Very well, Madame.
Has the coal arrived?
Did you bring in some wood?
Very well.
-Hello, Lisette. -Hello, Edouard.
-Are you alright? -Yes.
-You're here, at last. -Yes.
What's that?
It's Monsieur des Réaux. They're killing rabbits.
What are you waiting for to do the same?
We have already at Epinereaux and Tixier.
Added to what the gamekeepers ferreted, we killed about 250.
Is that all?
It's less than usual because of the full moon.
We have to put up wire mesh so they don't eat the plants.
-I don't want mesh. -Yes, your Lordship.
Nor do I want any rabbits. Take care of it.
-Yes, Sir. May I proceed? -Of course, Schumacher.
This way.
Musette, bring it here!
What did the boss say?
He wants no wire mesh and no rabbits. How can we do it?
The rascal. It's the cat from the mill.
Hés done a lot of damage.
He won't anymore.
-We should do the same to Marceau. -Hés messing with us.
But not for long.
-What do we have there? -A rabbit in a trap.
Traps set by Marceau. Leave them so he doesn't suspect anything.
-Héll come by later. -Tomorrow.
lf he drinks tonight héll get up late.
This pig takes it easy. What do we do?
Wait here.
Herés one.
Hello, Marceau.
Hello, Schumacher. How are you?
Do you want my rabbit?
Give it here!
Walk faster.
-What's going on? -It's Marceau, your Lordship.
-Marceau who? -The poacher.
-We caught him red-handed. -Doing what?
He set traps.
Destroying rabbits? This man is precious. Let him go!
-Are you sure? -His Lordship understands.
Hés intelligent unlike this big brute!
Crooks like that should be shot.
For a little rabbit!
-Your name is Marceau? -Yes, your Lordship.
-You poach? -No, I fix chairs.
But times are difficult. His Lordship understands.
-So I keep busy. -You call that busy?
During the war, I shot men for less.
That's enough.
-Marceau, you seem decent. -His Lordship is kind.
lnstead of working as an amateur, why not kill rabbits for me?
His Lordship wants to hire me?
I accept.
lf I poach, it's not because I'm a crook.
It's to feed my old mother.
Hés lying!
Are you saying I don't have an old mother?
Continue your rounds. Leave me alone.
Yes, Sir.
Tell me...
You must have set other traps here. Will you show me?
Of course your Lordship since I work for you.
This way.
-It's not set properly. -Why?
This burrow is no longer used. I should have known.
-We all make mistakes. -No, it's upsetting.
lf Schumacher saw this, he would laugh at me.
-I won't say anything. -Thank you, your Lordship.
Are you glad to work for me?
Yes, but I'd rather work at the castle.
Why? Don't you like nature, woods?
Not really. Here, it's rather Schumacher's world than yours.
At the castle, héd have to leave me alone.
And I always dreamt of being a servant.
-Funny idea. Why? -Because of the uniform.
I always dreamt of wearing tails.
-How long has it been raining? -A half-hour. It was sunny at noon.
-Will it last? -Last time it rained for 2 weeks.
How nice!
Every time I come here it rains.
It's healthy and refreshes the mind.
May I, my dear?
You're soaked.
Your scarf.
Wherés your wife?
ln the kitchen, with Christine.
lnteresting. You arrived from Tourcoing?
-Is it raining there? -As everywhere else.
It took us 8 hours to get here. And roads are slippery.
That's a record. Hello Jackie.
-You've grown. -Really?
-Still studying Chinese? -No, pre-Columbian art.
-How are you, Charlotte? -Hello, dear.
You've lost weight.
-Be careful. -I assure you.
What about these? You can't fool me.
-Are you playing? -I'm coming.
-Will you join us? -Bridgés boring.
Wére playing belote!
I want your hairdresser's name.
-Not too cold? -No.
-So you invited Jurieux? -Yes. Do you mind?
On the contrary.
-lsn't George here? -Hés getting fish in Orléans.
You'll explain Madame La Bruyèrés diet.
She eats everything but without salt.
On the contrary. But only sea salt. And only once the food's cooked.
A child would understand.
-Do you have sea salt? -Wéll get some.
Adolphe, for Madame La Plante...
Yes, Madame. I almost forgot: coffee, no tea.
And for the General, a slice of lemon in hot water.
I see: arthritis.
And for André Jurieux?
What do you think of the diphtheria vaccination?
I don't know.
At the factory dispensary, we obtained good results.
Your suitcase?
My eldest had a sore throat and the youngest measles.
You can imagine how worried...
Who is he?
-André Jurieux. -The pilot?
How lucky.
I'll ask him for an autograph for my eldest.
-How nice of you to come. -You're very kind.
My dear André. Wére very happy...
and honoured to have you. You know everybody.
Jurieux. This is my wife. She wants an autograph.
I hope to see you some day in Tourcoing.
Congratulations for your flight.
Dear Jurieux, I'm proud to shake your hand.
You're a man really. One of a disapearing breed.
You didn't fly here? I'm so happy to see you.
May I kiss you too?
And me?
I'm entitled to it.
Soon, wéll go to New York for a drink and come back.
It stays in the family.
What does that mean?
Jurieux and Christine.
What is it to you? We came to hunt not to write our memoirs.
Well did they or did they not?
They did.
Too bad. Such a distinguished boy.
Dear friends,
I must confess something regarding my relationship with André Jurieux.
I had something to do with his feat.
While preparing his flight, André came to see me often.
We spent long hours together.
Very pleasant hours.
Hours marked by the rare sign of friendship.
He told me about his projects and I listened.
Knowing how to listen is important.
It proved to be useful in this case.
And I felt the need to tell you now.
Aunt, I'm so happy.
-Let's have a party for Jurieux. -Excellent idea.
Wéll dress up and act.
Let's do that!
Wéll try to have fun together.
When do we do it, General?
-ln a week, after the beat. -Perfect!
Come, Christine. Let's show him his room.
These young people are exquisite.
-Saint-Aubin, come play pool. -Yes, General.
-Who wants to play ping-pong? -I do.
-Are you coming, Geneviève? -No.
A party? What for?
We could collect dispensary funds.
-Your coat. -I'll take it off in my room.
This Mr. Jurieux is charming.
-He must have a good position. -Certainly.
-A suitable match for you. -André hasn't even noticed me.
I could arrange a small reception at my place in Tourcoing.
This Jurieux is handsome. Too bad that Madame...
Did you know she seated him to her right?
-Where to her right? -At the table.
Shés wrong. We should do as we please in life,
but conventions are conventions.
Madame doesn't need your advice.
-Asparagus? -No preserves.
Only fresh foods because of the vitamins.
-Can I have the mustard? -Here.
Chef, did you get sea salt for Mrs. La Bruyère?
Shéll eat like everybody else.
I accept diets but no quirks.
Madamés exaggerating with her pilot.
Comfort comes first.
-Your opinion, Mr. Corneille? -lf asked, you know nothing.
Very kind!
Mustard, please.
Corneille, you worked 10 years for the Comte de Vaudois...
12 years. I'd still be there if he hadn't been ruined.
-Did the Countess... -She had not lovers.
Of course.
She was 85 years old and was confined to a wheelchair.
Don't compare her to Madame.
La Chesnayés grandfather was called Rosenthal and came from Frankfurt.
Your husband must agree.
Right, Schumacher?
I don't know. I'm coming.
Speaking of Jews, I used to work for the Baron d'Epinay.
There were no Jews there.
But I can assure you they ate like pigs.
That's why I left them.
-Will you be long, Lisette? -Madame still needs me.
La Chesnaye, foreigner or not,
complained the other day about a potato salad.
You may not know that in order to make a good salad
the potatoes have to be hot when you pour the wine over them.
But Célestin hates burning his hands.
The boss noticed it hadn't been done properly.
Say what you want, but that man really is somebody.
There you are.
Who do we have here?
-I want to talk to Mr. Corneille. -What do you want?
I'm the new servant. His Lordship must have told you.
-What can you do? -Me?
Let's say... a little bit of everything.
-Do you shine boots? -Sure.
Anything to do with cleaning, I'm sort of a specialist.
Tomorrow morning you'll take care of the guests, boots.
Yes, Mr. Corneille.
-We eat here? -That's right.
I have to get to work.
Sit down over here.
Germaine, a plate.
What's your name?
Marceau. And you, Mademoiselle?
Madame. I'm Lisette, Schumacher's wife.
It shouldn't prevent you from sitting down.
I hope the kill will be good.
Last year, at MichaëI's place,
we only shot 60 pheasants on the first day.
I refuse to eat rabbit. That's all I care.
Anything but rabbit.
Did I serve rabbit other than pâté?
How's your Delahayés car doing?
Cannes-Paris in 10 hours and 35 minutes.
lncluding lunch.
Wéll throw a party after the beat.
-What party? -Ours!
-Dressed up? -Of course. To bed now.
I go with you to see if you have everything you need.
ln this house, we never lack anything.
Such hospitality is a rare thing nowadays.
Christine, you're a perfect hostess.
This way, General.
-Good evening, Madame La Bruyère. -Jackie, I meant to ask...
What's this precolumbian art? What are you studying?
American civilisation prior to Christopher Columbus.
-Negroes! -There weren't any yet.
-Then who? -lndians.
Of course. Buffalo Bill!
-I don't remember where my room is. -I'll show you.
The view's beautiful. Too bad it's dark.
A horn. Did you hunt on horseback?
With my father.
-Is Octave too loud? -Not at all.
At the party, I'll show how to use the sword.
I used to do a card trick.
Whatever you do will be great.
-You're a great musician. -Have fun.
William, I don't need you anymore.
My little Charlotte...
-Good night. -Sleep well.
Good night, sleep well.
-Happy? -Very.
I adore you Charlotte!
Dear Christine, I'm grateful to you.
-For what? -For not ridiculing me.
It was delicate: we were being watched.
André was also very good.
You overcame this ordeal so well. Congratulations.
You can go now. I don't need you anymore.
Good evening, Madame.
Don't you want any children?
Of course.
But they keep you busy.
You have to be whith them constantly or else why bother.
It's the beauty of it.
You have nothing else in mind.
A new servant was hired. Hés very nice.
Called Marceau.
Watch your husband, hés called Schumacher.
And Mr. Octavés friend is called André Jurieux.
See, my pilot's not that bad.
-You smell so good. -Leave me alone.
Something's going on.
Not in bed yet?
-There you are. -What?
It's going well. Are you happy?
Yes. Wére finally putting our cards on the table.
But don't show your game too much.
I didn't know about that radio story.
It confirms my opinion that Christine has a lot of class.
And it's a rare thing nowadays.
-Sleep well, General. -Thank you.
What do you think?
-About what? -Everything. It's going well.
I want to get out of here.
No you don't. It was hard enough to invite you.
You're here and you're staying.
Do you like pillows? I hate them.
Stop moving around.
Sorry Saint-Aubin, I shouldn't have shot that pheasant.
I thought it was mine but it was yours.
No. It was clearly yours.
-It was flying beyond the pine. -Not at all.
You're too kind.
General, the 7th hidés for you.
It's a bit far, but the pheasants fly that way.
-Saint-Aubin will be next to you. -Where are the beaters going?
-That way. -Then the game will come this way.
The wind's good.
Gentlemen, Schumacher will accompany you.
Yes, your Lordship. Madame de Marras?
-I know. -Thank you.
Mr. Jurieux, you could walk on this side.
Quite high and ahead of the beaters
because the game jumps over the road.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
-They'll mistake us for rabbits. -Don't be stupid.
The last hide. That's it.
-Satisfied with your hide? -Very.
I'm far from the chatterboxes.
Tell me...
Did you see Christine with La Chesnaye?
-What did they do? -Disgusting. They're going too far.
They have every right: they're married.
I hate her.
-André. -What?
You're going through a hard time
but you'll get over it.
Trust my experience. With time, it'll disappear.
One morning you'll wake up
and notice the conciergés daughter has beautiful eyes.
You'll be fine.
To wake up you have to fall asleep. I can't!
I noticed! You really are annoying at night.
Ready on the left?
Let's go.
Gentlemen, to your hides!
Move on the left.
Move forward.
Stay close.
-Jackie, do you like to hunt? -Yes, aunt. Do you?
I missed. I'm shooting awfully today.
-You and Jackie talked too much. -And I no longer like to hunt.
Well we won't anymore. Wéll go skiing.
Should we show the kill, Sir?
No, Schumacher. Do that at the castle.
Tell me, that pheasant on the left...
It's mine this time without any doubt.
No. It won't work this time.
You killed mine last time and I didn't complain.
Please understand.
I was aiming at a pheasant and he shot it in front of my hide.
Hés going too far!
They have a beautiful hunt in Austria: the wild rooster.
-At night? -At dawn.
-I must talk to you. -Go ahead.
It's a secret. May I, General?
-Will you give him back? -Of course.
Come on, Saint-Aubin.
Some people are truly foolhardy when handling their rifle.
Do you know what happened to George last year at the Malvoisiés?
He grabbed his rifle in such a way
that the bullet crushed his thigh.
He died in 20 minutes.
What do you say, Christine?
Billeux said: "Go home with a full game bag and an empty rifle".
-Jackie, over there! -I can't see anything!
-But where? -There. Shoot the rabbit, not me.
Hés gone now.
My dear Jackie, you're so delightfully clumsy.
-Sure. -I'd like to be even clumsier.
-Why? -So you'd kiss me more often.
That's easy.
You know...
I don't love you.
I know. But you're wasting your time with my aunt.
So you know.
Don't laugh. You're hurting and so am I.
The leader was no good.
Mr. André didn't shoot well.
His Lordship's a better shot.
Enough, kids.
I had no luck although my position was good.
That can happen.
-Are you cold, Madame? -Not if I walk.
When the sun goes down, it's much colder.
A squirrel.
lf only I had my rifle.
-Why? I love squirrels. -They're nice but very damaging.
Here, look.
How beautiful!
It seems so close that I could touch it.
A telescopés an essential companion.
We always bring this small one with us.
Its optics are so fine and its size so practical
that at a short distance
you can watch that squirrel in its privacy without scaring it.
So you'll tell Christine everything.
-For what purpose? -To hurt you.
How charming.
I hate to suffer alone. It must be easier in a group.
I want to see your face when Christine leaves you.
And she will leave you if I tell her.
I'm sure she will.
You really love her.
-Don't you love me anymore? -Let's talk about something else.
I feel like Pâris without the apple. It's grotesque.
Please answer me.
I don't love you anymore.
I like you very much but...
-But I bore you. -What a way to talk, my dear.
It's the right word.
I give up. You can fight hatred, but not boredom.
I'm also getting bored with the whole thing.
Seeing you act like Celadon with your lady...
makes me want to yawn.
-I'm going to leave. -It's better that way.
Yes, I'm going to leave.
But say farewell nicely to me.
Not farewell, goodbye.
But a nice one.
For a few seconds I want to feel as I did 3 years ago.
When Christine didn't exist.
I want you to take me in your arms like then.
I'll close my eyes
and believe everything that I desire.
Come on...
Don't talk.
Kiss me.
We could count the moorhen's feathers.
-Is it still there? -No. And my eyes are good.
Here, Madame. Two feet away from the tree.
Three if we use your small feet.
I want to see it too.
How pretty!
Let me look.
It's my turn.
Whatever you're seeing over there seems interesting.
Very interesting.
Good morning, Madame.
-You're leaving? -Yes, I am.
-What about the party? -I'm expected in Paris.
-You can call. -No, it's better that I leave.
For whom?
-For you? -No.
For me then?
Dear Geneviève,
do you want us to talk openly?
Am I a bothersome wife?
How could you bother me?
Have I ever tried to hinder your relationship with my husband?
You know?
Like everybody.
Robert's so kind and sensitive.
But hés like a child. He can't hide anything.
That's so true.
Whenever he lies, it shows right away.
He blushes before he opens his mouth.
His nose starts growing.
Hés so tactful.
I only have one complaint: his habit of smoking in bed.
It's so annoying. With ashes everywhere.
-The sheets... -All burnt.
-Full of holes. -It's no place to smoke.
I agree.
So will you stay?
I don't know anymore.
Women should help each other once in a while.
lf you stay, my husband will take care of you
and a little less of me.
And for now, it suits me fine.
André Jurieux?
Hés very kind and sweet.
But too sincere. Sincere people are boring.
It depends what for.
What will you wear tonight?
A Tyrolian outfit. And you?
I haven't prepared anything.
Come with me. Wéll find a piece of material.
Do you know any Tyrolian dances?
Wait. Like this?
No, like this.
Unbelievable. Our shoes have gone.
-My boots are missing. -So are mine.
My wifés shoes are gone.
-Corneille will take care of it. -Of course, Madame.
What are you doing for the party?
I thought it over all night.
I'm going to dress as a bear.
Wait. I forgot the tag.
A nice cape. It's warm and waterproof.
But it's not flattering.
"And for their first try, they want a masterstroke".
"The eye was in the tomb looking at Cane".
-Hello, Mrs. Schumacher. -Hello, Mr. Marceau.
Are you adjusting to your new job?
"She loves me, she loves me not,
"she loves me, she loves...
"She loves me."
Did I hurt you?
-On the contrary. I'm happy. -Why?
-You're close to me. -You're stupid.
Leave him or I'll tell Madame and you'll be fired!
-What are you doing here? -I'm working.
Wére working.
The boots, my friend.
All the gentlemen are waiting. Therés a revolution.
It isn't my fault. It's the big brutés fault.
-Why are you here? -To see my wife.
With the party tonight, therés no time for that.
The next time I see you talk to her, I'll shoot you.
Stop disturbing us, please. We have enough work as it is.
You see, you're disturbing us.
It's a success.
Let's go back.
She irritates me. Come.
The author!
All together!
Where is she?
-Where is she? -Who?
-Christine. -I don't know. Help me.
-Berthelin! -I'm busy. Let's be serious.
I drank too much. I don't know what I'm doing.
All the better.
We aren't acting anymore?
I'm tired of this show.
Why did I dress like this then?
-Help me out of this bearskin. -We have no time.
No time!
Help me. It's so hot.
Have you seen my wife?
I'm looking for her.
Who's going to help me take this bearskin off?
-I'm dying to play belote. -With two players?
The General will love to.
Have you seen Madame?
I don't mean to bother you, but I need some help.
Octave, you're nice but...
And Christine? What did you do with her?
Wéll see later on.
You just wait and see once my bearskin is off.
Come here. I'll take your bearskin off.
lf she loved you she wouldn't show off with Saint-Aubin.
-Let's leave together. -I can't leave my own home!
Your sense of property's so annoying.
As if a house were that important!
I have to talk to Christine first.
-Don't say you saw me. -Why?
-Schumacher's after me. -Why?
-Because of his wife. -Lisette?
We were talking together. He saw us and hés angry.
Your Lordship.
Women are nice. I like them.
I like them very much but they cause problems.
I agree.
-You have problems too? -Yes.
Have you ever wanted to be an Arab?
-No. Why would I? -To have a harem.
Only Muslims show a little logic
in terms of relations between women and men.
-They're like us. -Sure.
They always have a favourite but don't kick the other ones out.
-They don't hurt them. -Sure.
I don't want to hurt anyone, especially not women.
-The tragedy of my life. -You can afford it though.
Even so, I still end up hurting everybody:
my wife, my mistress and even myself.
Whether it be to sleep with them, to leave them or to keep them,
I first try to make them laugh.
When she laughs, her guard's down and you do what you want.
Why don't you give it a try?
You need talent for that.
Of course.
-Would his Lordship do me a favour? -What is it?
Would you check the hall? lf Schumacher's not there,
I'll leave through the kitchen.
-Use the terrace. -Too much light.
-Stay here. I'll check. -Thank you.
-What are you doing? -Nothing, Sir.
You only have access to the hallways tonight.
While you're at it, use my bathroom!
You're needed.
-Is it time? -Almost.
Schumacher, wherés Mr. Saint-Aubin?
I don't know, I assure you...
Wherés André?
I've been looking for you for a half an hour.
How dare you?
What gives you the right?
You're indiscreet.
I may be but I want an explanation this time.
I refuse to give it to you.
-You have no right. -I'll ask you then.
-I'll box your ears. -Just try.
Please don't!
Excuse me, Christine.
He must see my witnesses in the morning.
I sleep late. I may have to throw them out.
-You won't fight? -Not with you.
-I'll have you arrested! -What a joke.
lf you ask me, I have the feeling you really are a coward.
Let go, Mademoiselle. You make me look weak.
I'm sorry, but I have to hit this blighter.
Stay there, please.
I'm a coward?
Get Mr. Saint-Aubain.
Why weren't you at Le Bourget?
I love you André.
I didn't want to admit it.
But now I have a right to tell you:
I love you.
How wonderful.
I had given up.
What are we going to do?
Wére going to leave.
-Where? -Anywhere.
-When? -Right away.
I love you, Christine.
I think I can make you happy.
All I've been thinking of is what wéd do together.
So this happiness doesn't take me by surprise.
Are you afraid?
I must tell La Chesnaye.
It's the right thing to do.
Listen to me.
I can't steal the wife of a host
who says I'm his friend and shakes my hand,
without giving him an explanation.
What does it matter since we love each other?
There are certain rules.
I have the pleasure of showing you my latest purchase.
It's the culmination of my career
as a collector of musical and mechanical instruments.
I think you'll like it. It's up to you to say.
lf he bothers you come and get me.
I won't have any trouble setting him straight!
-What are you doing here? -I was hungry for an apple.
-Wherés Marceau? -Was I to watch over him?
-Where are you going? -Upstairs with the others.
I'm thirsty. Get me a drink.
I'm leaving tomorrow and you're coming with me.
As you want.
I'll take you to Alsace.
We know what to do with crooks like Marceau there.
A good rifle shot!
At night, in the woods. And that's it.
Of course.
I don't care about their money.
It's too stupid to work for others when you can be your own boss.
And Alsace must be beautiful
with the tall fir trees, the snow and the storks.
Stop! Do you hear me?
Let go!
Let go, Lisette!
For the last time!
Do you hear me? I won't say it again!
I'll leave with you immediately or never.
We must leave with our heads high. You'll thank me later.
Sorry, Madame.
I'll kill you!
Tell me...
Mr. Jurieux.
You got what you wanted.
-You're stealing my wife. -Let me explain.
-No need to! -Rascal!
What is it?
Let's go!
Are you crazy?
-I can't stand it! -What is it?
I just told your friend that I love him.
At last!
You really do?
I don't know anymore!
-Already? What did he do? -He spoke about conventions.
He asked me to spend a month with his mother in the country
so he can settle things with La Chesnaye.
-What did you expect? -That he take me in his arms.
That he kiss me and take me away.
Poor little Christine.
You forget one thing: hés a hero.
-I'll get him! -You're crazy!
I've had it! I'm going to kick your face!
-A bullet? -A bullet.
-From a gun? -A gun.
A gun bullet. Does it surprise you?
-Christine has disappeared! -She disappeared.
That's the way it goes.
You're so stupid. She left with Octave.
I can't blame her. The two of you aren't funny at all!
-Don't worry. You'll find her. -Please!
Now my dear, let's talk about us.
When are we leaving?
This isn't the time!
I have other worries!
Your father walked by without even noticing us.
And we hid behind the door.
The musicians were already standing.
The public was applauding in the concert hall.
-The grand old atmosphere. -It sure was.
The setting was strange.
It was meant to look like a green and gold living room.
The kind of green only the English can come up with.
Your father had such style.
He walked across the stage without noticing anything.
The hall was packed.
And the king...
The first violin gave him his baton,
as usual.
And like in a dream...
Leave me.
Let go!
Another attraction? That's enough.
-Enough's enough. -I hate gun shots.
Enough, Schumacher!
-Stop pestering me! -What?
André, please help me calm her down.
Corneille, this farce must stop at once!
-Which one? -Schumacher's of course!
Yes, Sir.
You were there?
Yes, Madame. And I thank you very much.
-I thank you. -You're welcome!
-How many tablets? -Two.
Give me four.
Sleeping pills for me? I hate them.
Be reasonable, Geneviève.
-Where are you going? -To dance!
-Go dance in your bed. -Yes, my love. I'm going to bed.
Yes my love, I'm going to bed.
You need it, believe me.
Go back to your room.
Please go back to your room.
Don't worry. Wéll see each other tomorrow.
Good night.
The General!
You're going to bed, General?
Yes, I am.
I want to pay my respects to Christine. Where is she?
A headache.
-The events are chasing you to bed? -Not at all.
-A small hitch. -Of course. Good night.
Wherés Christine? Something must have happened.
She was tired and went to bed.
-Really? And Geneviève? -She was also tired.
Shés so delicate.
We thought it was intentional.
Had I known it wasn't, I'd have intervened.
It's alright. Sleep well.
-Good night. -Greetings to your wife.
Give her a kiss.
You're leaving? It's still early.
lf Christine has flu, a footbath with mustard flour would do her good.
-Can't we see Christine? -Shés resting.
Great evening! Wéd never have such an idea in Tourcoing.
We danced a farandole once but it's old fashioned.
Of course. Good night.
Just a minute.
Corneille, was anything damaged or anyone injured?
I just checked. All the guests are fine.
The stuffed birds suffered and I found a bullet in a door.
Not to mention the glassware.
Schumacher, I have to fire you.
It breaks my heart but my guests can't be threatened by firearms.
They want to live at all cost. So you must leave.
When, Sir?
lmmediately. Corneille will give you a compensation.
-I don't want to ever hear from you. -Yes, Sir.
-You're coming. -No, I'll get Madame.
Say goodbye and then...
I told you! I'll stay if Madame wants me to stay.
-lsn't it too much? -Do as I say.
Yes, your Lordship. Follow me.
Dear Marceau, you'll also have to leave.
I can't fire Schumacher and let you stay here with his wife.
-It'd be immoral. -I understand. No hard feelings.
Before I leave I want to express my gratitude.
You gave me a chance by hiring me as a servant. I'll never forget it.
Don't serenade me. I have enough problems as it is.
What an evening.
-Where were we? -I wanted 5 minutes to explain.
Very kind. You have a terrific punch.
Come on.
-Where shall we talk? -ln the dining room.
-First, you must forgive me. -I assure you...
This evening I behaved
like a real trooper.
I was no better.
Do you know what our little "act" reminded me of?
I sometimes read a story in the papers
about an ltalian worker seducing a Polish worker's wife.
It ends in a stabbing.
I never believed it. But these things happen!
-I love Christine! -And I don't?
I love her so much I want her to be with you.
I'm glad though that she fell for someone of our class.
-But still... -Still?
Something bothers me.
-What? -Your profession.
-Why? -Christine has a certain lifestyle.
You're young and famous but accidents can happen.
-Thanks! -One can't ignore it.
What would your financial situation be?
It's so quiet after all that noise.
-Did they all leave? -I think so.
I must talk to you about André.
ln the air, they're wonderful.
But back on earth, they're weak, poor and helpless.
Clumsy like children.
They can fly over the Atlantic
but can't cross a street outside the pedestrian crossing.
That's the way it is.
Look at the moon with its halo.
It'll rain tomorrow.
I was looking for you. I was worried.
-You're not mad at me? -No.
It's not our fault if men are crazy.
-So I can stay? -Of course.
I'm so happy!
Let's go back in.
We can't walk around like this at night in November!
You knew Madame de Marras was my husband's mistress?
It started one summer at the ocean before you were married.
Everybody knew! And nobody told me.
-We didn't want to hurt you. -Sure.
For the last 3 years, my lifés been built on a lie.
I keep thinking about that ever since I saw them at the hunt.
Suddenly I understood.
That's also a sign of our times.
Everybody lies.
Pharmacists, brochures, governments,
radio stations, movies, newspapers.
Why shouldn't simple people like us lie too?
Let's walk a little.
-I'll get your coat. -I'm warm enough.
It's because you're not well. Take my cape.
Thank you.
It's not very elegant but it'll keep you warm.
Feel bad?
Me too.
You saw her?
Me neither.
She let me know she was with Madame.
With Madame!
Shés married to Madame, not to you.
What will you do?
I'll go back to my cabin. And get back to work.
-Poaching? -Yes.
What do you care now that you're fired?
You must have poached a few pheasants yourself.
A few rabbits.
I have an idea. I'm going to get a licence as a game merchant.
lf a policeman stops me and asks me what I'm carrying...
"ln my basket? 10 wild rabbits.
"I have a licence to sell them. Good day, Sir".
Here, smoke.
What will you do?
I'll stay in the area.
Because of my wife.
I'll get her back.
-What are you doing? -Spitting in the water.
That's the only thing I know how to do.
Come on.
-What's the matter? -Nothing.
It's unpleasant to realise once again
that you're a failure.
-A sponger! -A sponger.
lf I didn't have a few friends to help me I'd starve to death.
But you know that when I was young,
I too thought I'd amount to something.
I wanted to know what it's like to be in touch with the public.
It must be deeply moving.
To think it almost happened to me really bothers me.
So I lie to myself and imagine that it did happen.
But I have to be a little tipsy.
On the porch I almost thought it had happened.
But after that you start falling.
Times get tougher but you get used to them.
Beautiful night. Therés the moon.
Aren't you cold?
No. What about you?
Put the hood on.
-It's Lisette. -With Octave. The rat.
-Are you sure? -Shés wearing her cape.
I gave it to her.
-I'm cold. -Let's go back.
Not to the castle.
Never again.
Well then...
in the greenhouse.
-What are they saying? -I can't hear them.
You have your gun? Go ahead and shoot him.
I shot all my bullets at you.
Poor guy.
My father was not like that.
He too was a hero. A hero in his own way.
When you think of your father you're not fair towards other men.
Not at all.
-You're a gentleman, for example. -I'm a failure.
It's not true.
Someone has to take care of you.
I'll take care of you.
It's too late. I'm too old.
You know...
You're the one I love.
Do you love me?
Yes, Christine.
I love you.
Then kiss me.
On the mouth like a lover.
I'll get my rifle.
Not her.
Follow me.
Shouldn't I stay here to keep an eye on them?
No, we stay together.
A train leaves at 3 in the morning. Let's catch it.
I'll get your coat.
-Wherés Christine? I'm worried. -Don't. Shés with Octave.
You can trust him. After all he introduced her to you.
I don't blame him.
Hés a nice guy. Very nice.
I know.
I believe in few things but I'll try to believe in friendship.
But Octave...
is exceptional.
-What about Madame? -Get her coat.
Her coat.
Very well.
Somebody took my hat. What a shame.
-This is wrong. -Why?
When it's for fun, it's alright.
But living together...
The young should stay with the young and the old with the old.
Did you find my hat?
And you don't have any money. Madame needs a lot of things.
What will you do without money?
They stepped on it. Look at that.
I just think that you're making a mistake.
Madame won't be happy with you.
Are you taking me with you?
Of course. You'll meet up with us.
Where is she?
Shés waiting for you.
For me?
ln the greenhouse after the bridge.
Bring her this.
Hurry. ln the greenhouse.
-Don't catch cold. -Thank you.
Let me kiss you.
You love her too.
Lisette, please. Am I crying?
I'm suffering and I hate it.
Shés alone.
-I'll go talk to her. -Let's go.
Not you.
It's him.
Did you hear a gun shot in the park?
-ln the park? -Yes.
I was in my room and...
-It's André. -Yes, Mademoiselle Jackie.
-And Madame? -Shés alright, your Lordship.
Thank you.
I assure you he didn't suffer.
He was hit like this.
He fell like an animal.
He called out for Madame and it was over.
Did you shoot him?
Schumacher did. But I agreed with him.
Hurry, Corneille.
Why didn't you let me go?
What's to become of me now?
Let me go. Madame needs me.
You're going...
to kiss her.
Kiss her and tell her that I left.
Shéll understand.
I kiss you goodbye.
-Goodbye. -Goodbye, Mr. Octave.
I liked you.
Goodbye, Lisette.
I liked you too.
They need us, Corneille.
Where are you going?
ln the woods.
I'll try to do odd jobs, here and there.
I'll go to Paris. I'll try to manage on my own.
We may run into each other again some day.
I doubt it.
You never know. Anything's possible.
Good luck to you.
Good luck.
May I.
-Have the greenhouse watched. -Someonés there.
For the formalities, check with Corneille.
-I can't stand it! -Be courageous, Mademoiselle.
An educated young lady like you has to be courageous.
People are watching you.
I'll take care of her.
Try to sleep. You must be exhausted.
Tomorrow wéll have to leave.
It was a regrettable accident and that's it.
My guard Schumacher thought he saw a poacher and fired.
André Jurieux was an innocent victim.
We leave the castle tomorrow, mourning our good friend.
Such a wonderful companion
who made us forget that he was famous.
Dear friends, it's freezing. You're going to catch cold.
May I suggest that you come in.
Tomorrow wéll pay our respects to Jurieux.
New definition of the word "accident".
La Chesnaye has a lot of class.
And it's a rare thing nowadays, my dear Saint-Aubin.
A rare thing.
Translation : Linda DAIGLE
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