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Relentless 1989

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Was all of it for nothing?
See? They didn't accept me. The psychiatrist said no.
I'm not sick.
What do I do now?
Tell me, please, what now?
This is Todd, and I can't come to the phone right now.
But don't hang up, okay?
I hate these machines just as much as you do.
Anyway, leave a message after the beep, tell me why you called...
and I swear to God I'll call you back, okay? Wait for the beep.
I called to see if you were home.
I have to kill you tonight.
I have to kill you tonight.
This is very auspicious, Dietz.
You're removing your uniform for the very last time.
Don't break my balls.
Did you hear that?
The guy makes Detective, the first thing he does is turn on his old friends.
That's not true. I never liked you guys.
- So who's coming? - Where you going?
- Kelly's. - You buying?
Yeah, why not?
- Let's bust him. - Officer Dietz.
Yes, Lt. Cardoza.
Get that locker cleared out?
Yes, Lt. Cardoza.
Put the show on the road.
Thank you, Lt. Cardoza.
Bye, Archie.
Adiós, Dietz, good luck.
I'm telling you, don't worry about it. It's probably just some wacko.
Shit. You know, that's what I'm afraid of. Look, I got a tape.
- You want this tape? - No.
It's got his voice on it.
Give me the tape.
The investigators will call you in a couple of days.
- You tell them what you told me. - A couple of days?
We've got a lot of work. We don't have a lot of people.
It'll take three or four days for them to get to your report.
Meantime, go home, lock your doors, go to sleep.
If the guy calls you, call us, all right?
Have a good night.
It's all right.
It's easy.
Let me help you.
It's over.
What do you feel like for breakfast?
Come on, wake up.
All right.
Detective Dietz, don't you look handsome?
I'd love you to practice, but not first thing in the morning.
Good morning.
- What are you making? - Avocado omelet.
How about sausage and peppers?
Sausage and peppers? Next time your mom and dad come to visit.
Yeah, I don't even have the time.
You got plenty of time, take your vitamins.
No, I want to get there early. Introduce myself to the guys.
Sam, can you do me a favor?
Just this once, try and remember...
that you don't have to set the world on fire your first day.
I know, just be myself.
I said, you don't have to set the world on fire.
Like, be mellow?
Carol, that's so West Coast.
- Kid, never marry a girl from the West Coast. - I don't like girls.
Well, don't marry a boy from the West Coast either.
Avocado omelet up.
I gotta go. Be good, I love you.
- My hero, are you nervous? - No.
A little.
I thought so.
She does that to me all the time, too.
All right, Captain, I'm working on it right now.
- Why don't you quit smoking, too? - I'm trying.
I think, beyond that, you got to go through Capt. Blakely...
except you don't wanna do that. He's a jerk-off.
You're better off going through his secretary Francine, over there.
This is gonna be your desk.
Just scrape that shit off, put your stuff in the drawer.
Everybody, listen up.
This is Sam Dietz. He's gonna be working with me now.
How're you doing?
Nice talking to you.
Nice jacket.
Malloy, homicide. Hollywood.
Take the rookie with you.
Come on, let's go.
I got a name, he calls me rookie?
- Is that the jerk-off? - No, that's another one.
- How many jerk-offs you got around here? - Got exactly eight.
Hope you don't make nine.
Jeez, standing here reminds me.
Remember that one where the girl strangled her boyfriend...
with a soap-on-a-rope? Were you on that?
No, that was Bob Connely.
I was on that classy one.
The guy drowned his girl in the toilet.
- Yeah! Did you ever break that? - No.
Take this to the lab.
Who is this guy?
MacAfee retired. This is my new partner.
Bulldog, what are you doing?
- Checking things out. - Yeah?
Why don't you sniff around out there, see what you can find?
What do you think these condos go for?
Find anything?
That knife he was killed with belonged to the victim.
He's got a whole set of them.
So why would he get killed with his own steak knife?
Maybe his girlfriend was a vegetarian.
His girlfriend wouldn't have to look up his address and underline it.
Maybe he was a male hooker, and he stumbled on a burglar.
Burglar? He's got a watch and a ring in plain sight on the dresser, Malloy.
Maybe the killer was blind, but I'll bet you've got a better idea.
Better than a male hooker with a vegetarian girlfriend...
who finds a blind burglar in his bathroom, huh?
You've been a detective two hours, you've got all the answers?
Our boys said all the lights were on in the apartment.
- So the stiff was afraid of the dark. - He sure was last night.
Now look...
the shower curtain's pulled back.
That's not the way he normally kept it.
You're probably wondering how I figured that out.
If you keep a plastic shower curtain pulled back...
you get mildew in the folds.
No mildew.
How about that?
Now, this other thing is just a guess.
But I'm saying, Todd comes into the apartment...
he thinks somebody else is here.
He gets a knife, turns on all the lights, he comes in here.
He's looking.
- He pulls the shower curtain back... - Hold it.
He was behind the curtain.
You can practically see through this. You can't hide behind something like that.
So where did he come from?
From out there.
Todd pulls it back, he doesn't find anybody.
He turns around, the killer comes through the door, they scuffle.
Todd goes down just like that.
What do you think? This is a joke?
Would you excuse us, please?
Let me tell you something about police work.
All that stuff you just figured out so brilliantly is bullshit.
That's okay, because most of what we do is bullshit.
But the bullshit that you just dumped on us is useless bullshit.
It doesn't help us.
Thanks for your advice, old-timer.
Knock off the old-timer stuff. I don't want a snot-nose for a partner.
Don't tell me I'm not helping.
You're not helping us. You wanna help us? Tell us who the fuck this guy is!
What the fuck is with the phone book? Who the fuck killed him?
How the fuck do I know? It's my first day.
That's right, it's your first day.
We all acted that way on our first day.
It's sort of a tradition. Come on, let's get something to eat.
I think that we ought to get something to eat.
We wait for the lab report, the autopsy, the prints.
Then we make with the theories.
I just feel like we ought to be doing something.
Like interrogating someone?
Excuse me.
What exactly was your relationship to the deceased?
All right.
We eat.
Los Angeles Police Department. We're sorry, all available lines are busy.
Stay on the line. An officer will answer your call...
in the order in which it was received.
Thank you. This message will repeat until an officer is available to help you.
Police Emergency. This is Officer Rosko. May I help you?
Yes, I'd like to report a prowler. I believe I heard somebody...
Oh, my God!
Hello, ma'am, can you hear me?
Hello? Ma'am?
Is it an emergency? Are you having a medical emergency?
Do you need help, ma'am?
Hello? Are you still on the line?
Ma'am, I'm sending a unit out right away.
Yeah, take it.
That's it.
It's easy.
Isn't that better?
So we went to the bathroom, and the body is lying on the floor...
with a note on the chest.
Do we have to discuss this at dinner?
- Dinner's great. - How's the roast?
Are you kidding me? Red meat instead of tofu?
I think I died and went to heaven.
Well, it's a special occasion.
It's your first dinner as a dick.
What's a dick?
That's another word for detective.
How was your day?
Thank you for asking. It was very good. I picked up a new client.
No kidding.
A little restaurant on Union, the Rathskeller.
They need a dozen ferns and a couple of trees.
It's gonna be cute.
Ferns? That's great.
All right. Sam, what happened then?
All right, so I'm trying to piece this thing together...
get some clues.
This clown, all he wants to do is stand around and wait for the report to come in.
That sounds reasonable.
That's not how we did it in New York.
Honey, maybe that's how they do it in LA.
Did we check the basement? This broken window here?
Son of a bitch!
- What time? - Dispatch got the call at 6:48.
They traced it here 6:52. First wheels got here about 7:22.
Come on. Did you get a load of this place?
I bet it's worth $2.5 million if it's worth a nickel.
Come on, what have we got here?
We got ourselves a stiff: Angela Taylor, Caucasian, age 39. Occupation: Songwriter.
I actually caught her on The Cosby Show once plugging her stuff.
She was a great-looking broad.
Anyway, the guy comes in through the skylight...
chases her downstairs, strangles her with a piano wire...
- he sticks her in a dryer. - No, he didn't.
- He found her in the dryer. - What, no mildew again?
No, she kicked the shit out of the insides.
- You got anything over there? - Not so far, I haven't.
Malloy, could you refresh my memory again?
Now tell me, what exactly are we waiting for?
What you always wait for in a goddamn homicide.
An eyewitness, a confession or the accumulation of a shitload of evidence.
- How about a sign from God? - What, are you getting wise with me?
Look, can I talk to you for a second? Over here.
Let's go over here, away from all this.
What's up? I wanna get the hell out of here.
Malloy, let me tell you something.
When I was on the force in New York, we caught the Son of Sam.
You know how we caught him?
500 guys busting their tail in 500 directions around the clock.
One poor schlub had to check out all the parking violations...
written near the murders on the slim chance...
that the motherfucker was parked illegally while he was killing people.
Then we had other poor schlubs, myself included...
who had to follow up every one of those fucking tickets...
and believe me, we thought it was one jack shit waste of time...
until two of our guys from Yonkers found him.
And they busted that son of a bitch.
So don't give me this stand-around-and-wait bullshit, 'cause I don't buy it.
I know where you're coming from.
You think we're dragging our asses, you wanna do something constructive.
- You're right. - Shit, okay.
Capt. Blakely's gonna want a report first thing in the morning.
What do you say you take that on?
- Yeah, it's better than nothing. - Okay, great.
Just make sure it's good, because Capt. Blakely...
Jesus, he's got high standards, just like you.
- How's it going? - Good.
You've got a great big knot back here.
What's the matter?
This thing tonight, this Taylor woman...
she tries to hide, right?
Two feet from her is a toolbox with hammers, chisels, screwdrivers.
She could have beat the guy to a bloody pulp.
Instead she crawls inside of the dryer.
Not everybody is a fighter.
I know that, Carol, but if you act like a victim, you're gonna be a victim.
What's really bothering you?
I really wanna do my job, and this guy's not letting me.
If you wanna do it so bad, you're going about it the wrong way.
But he's making me crazy.
I can't seem to convince him to let me do what I can do.
You didn't tell him the Son of Sam story, did you?
You know what you need?
Come on, Carol, it's late.
Every time that you feel frustrated by Malloy...
I want you to say something nasty to the plant.
Insult it, threaten its little life...
and pretty soon it's going to be droopy...
the leaves are gonna get brown.
You're gonna feel like you really accomplished something.
- Get it out. - No, come on.
Now you try it. Give it your best shot, Sam. Go ahead. Go on.
You eat shit.
That's not an insult to a plant.
I hope you get root rot, you little fuck.
That's good. That's very good.
I think I almost saw it starting to cringe there.
I think I'm going to finish this report in the morning.
Very good idea.
Come in.
This report is excellent.
- You type this, Malloy? - No, sir.
Detective Dietz typed it.
This is good. This is real good.
Nice margins.
Did you see this morning's Times?
"Police hunt Sunset killer."
You didn't give them that, did you?
No, sir.
All we told them was that there was no definite link between the killings.
The fact that they took place near Sunset Boulevard at sunset.
- Coincidence. - What about the phone book thing?
We didn't tell them that.
We were afraid of a copycat.
This lunatic is trying to show the world...
that he can pick anybody at random from a phone book and kill them...
and make us look like idiots.
I'd just as soon the world didn't get that message.
So let's keep a lid on it, okay?
Excuse me, Captain.
A little publicity might be just what we need here.
Those people are dead because they did exactly the wrong thing.
Maybe we should tell people.
If they think someone's in their home, get out.
Don't go looking, don't make phone calls, don't hide.
Get out, then call us.
Maybe we could save some lives that way.
Maybe you'd like to work the switchboard when we get 100,000 calls a night...
to help little old ladies into their apartments.
You're exaggerating a little bit.
Look, Dietz, if you argue with me...
you're gonna find yourself working the airport.
Now, until I say otherwise, we keep a lid on it.
Understand? Get out!
You know what to do.
No, Captain, I don't know what to do.
Try catching the son of a bitch.
Fucking moron.
He's the jerk-off. You're the fucking moron.
- Where are you going? - I'm going to take the jerk-off's advice.
He can't help it, he's from New York.
- What's that? - It's jaywalking.
The other one, the Taylor woman? She's clean.
Has either of them ever been under investigation for anything?
In both instances, it appears that the victims were forced...
to participate in their own deaths.
The wide knife-entry wound on Mr. Arthur's body indicates a definite struggle.
As you can see, there are minute traces of latex we found on the piano wire.
So we figured he was wearing rubber gloves.
That's why there were no prints.
Francine, is there like a police psychiatrist or somebody like that?
You've only been on the job two days.
- It's not for me. - I know.
- You want it for a friend. - Yeah.
I love you, don't ever change.
Dr. Park? This is Detective Dietz, LAPD.
I'd say that this guy is seriously fucked up.
At last, somebody who speaks my language.
So what else?
Two notes aren't a hell of a lot to go on, really.
These would indicate he's a taunter.
Extremely self-confident.
Very successful at whatever he attempts.
And he doesn't mind telling you just how successful he is.
You think we're gonna hear from him?
Without finding a body attached to one of those?
Probable, if killing simply for the sake of killing begins to bore him.
Then you're saying that there's gonna be more.
Unfortunately, yeah.
You might wanna consider the victims.
A movie extra and a songwriter.
They're industry-related.
I'm sorry, I'm getting into your territory now.
Believe me, I could use the help.
It's a tough one, Dietz.
Maybe he's just crazy.
I could have said that.
But I get paid for it.
No, Carol, you go ahead and eat. I don't know how late I'll be.
Yeah, I'm trying to.
All right, I love you, too.
I thought we discussed this.
What are you doing still dressed?
Arthur, you are my boss.
Okay, let's see what's hidden behind door Number 1.
Looky, what have we got here?
Here's a little something for you.
I'll go get something for the both of us.
Phone rings, don't answer it.
Arthur, don't take too long.
She's hot to trot.
I'll write it off.
Arthur, what's taking so long?
Don't be afraid. I'll help you.
It's easy.
Arthur, I'm waiting!
Get in here now, Arthur!
I want you now.
You take too long, Arthur.
If you want me now, you'll have to force me.
You did it.
That's good.
Ernie! How are you?
Can you give me something for the 11:00?
I'll snoop around and let you know.
- Carmen, you look beautiful. - Hiya, cutie.
What does a condo like this go for? $100,000?
Hey, early bird. Who's the mystery victim?
Read this. No clues, no nothing.
- What is it? - The asshole left it.
You're kidding.
"Where are police when you really need them?"
- Funny. Heard there was a girl. - Yeah, and our friend killed her, too.
Look, I hope you don't think this is useless bullshit...
- but isn't there something strange? - Hold on a second.
- Arthur Taylor? - Yeah.
Todd Arthur.
Angela Taylor. It's as plain as the nose on your face.
What is?
Arthur Taylor. This is the guy we're really after. Come on.
Let's go talk to the news people.
Anybody talks to you, just say, "No habla inglés."
- Yeah, sure. - Good kid.
Just hold off on the name thing for 48 hours...
and I promise to give you everything we've got.
What time did the attack take place?
- What time? - 7:15.
Who are you kidding?
You won't go on record that this was another Sunset murder?
No comment. You're calling it that, we're not.
Does this look like Sunset Boulevard?
What are you trying to do? Start a panic?
- Do you have a description of him? - No.
What are you so grumpy about?
I think you're wrong. And you don't wanna listen.
This guy is a psychopath.
I'm not arguing with you. He's a psychopath.
- No, I don't think he's gonna stop. - He'll stop when we nail him.
- You just don't give a shit! - Who the hell is raining on your parade?
You are, man.
You think I handled that well?
I love you. What do you want me to say? No?
I felt like punching the guy's lights out because he just won't listen.
Have you tried being reasonable?
I mean, just sitting him down and discussing it calmly with him?
Sure, you know me.
Yes, I do know you, and that's why I'm asking.
We've been through this same thing before, remember?
No, that was different. Cardoza was a jerk-off.
You said that this new guy is a jerk-off.
That's a different jerk-off.
Until you learn how to deal with these jerk-offs...
you're never gonna get what you want, Sam.
- Hi, sweetie. - Hey, you little snoop.
- Hi, Dad. - What are you doing out of bed?
I couldn't sleep. I want to hear you tell what you did today.
Story time's over. Why don't you go back to bed?
- Corey, darling... - I'll handle this.
You're looking for a knuckle sandwich if you don't move.
Good job, boss.
Sweetheart, I know that you love to hear your daddy's stories...
but it's not polite to listen to people talk when they don't know you're there, is it?
But we'll forgive you, if you'll run off...
get right back into bed and have sweet dreams, okay?
- Night-night, honey. - Good night.
- I could have done that. - Do it with Malloy.
I'll buy him some Roger Rabbit jammies.
Dad, what's a jerk-off?
Ask your mother.
Mom, what's a jerk-off?
Don't give me nougies. You go bald that way.
If you say, "I told you so," I'll bust you in the chops.
- He hit again last night. Twice. - What?
Yeah. I just got the call. Connely's already on it.
- You there? - Yeah.
Why don't I come by and pick you up?
You wanna pick me up? Why?
You know, carpools save energy.
Give us a chance to talk.
Okay, bulldog. Guess what the two stiffs had in common?
They're both named Arthur Taylor.
We made the papers.
"Hollywood division detectives Bill Malloy and Sam Dietz...
"refused to disclose anything regarding the double murder at the scene.
"Police officials will neither confirm nor deny...
"that this latest crime was the work of the so-called Sunset killer.
"But Detective Malloy did call the murders:
"'The senseless acts of a sick mind."'
By the way...
I understand the nutcase pen pal sent us a hot note.
Something like, "I'm getting closer, are you?"
How many more Arthur Taylors are there in the phone book?
- I'm way ahead of you. - Maybe we should see if they're still alive.
I already called it in.
If they are, we ought to tell them Tijuana is nice at this time.
That's a good idea.
Malloy, one other thing. It's been bothering me a little bit.
I don't wanna spit in the face of modern science...
and I don't wanna challenge your authority or experience...
but I think it's time we take after this guy.
I knew this couldn't last. Jesus Christ.
What do we know about him? He's good at breaking in and killing.
Why don't we get a couple poor schlubs, like in the old days...
sit down at a file cabinet...
start pulling jackets on murders, assaults, burglaries, prowlers, escaped lunatics?
How about escaped lunatics with parking tickets?
My wife is going to be very upset if this reasonable crap doesn't work.
- Your wife is going to be upset? - Yes. Come on, give me a break.
All right, kiddo.
I'll call Capt. Blakely. He'll recruit us some slubs.
- Not slubs. Schlubs! - Whatever.
- Arthur Taylor? - Yeah.
We'd like to ask you a few questions. Do you mind if we come in?
- Do I have any what? - Any enemies, Mr. Taylor.
- Do you have any enemies? - Hell, yes, I got enemies.
I got hundreds of them, probably even thousands.
I wouldn't even know where to begin.
- You want some prunes? - No, thanks. Never touch them.
For a man your age, they're very good for you.
Mr. Taylor, we don't wanna upset you...
but maybe there's somebody you could stay with for a while.
- Are there people you could stay with? - You mean broads?
How about family? I'll bet they'd love to have you.
You know something? You're an asshole.
And you're full of shit.
And you're a bastard.
What the hell?
Now that we know each other, I may as well throw up my hands.
- I'll go. - Attaboy.
Yeah, I'm telling you. Real estate in LA went up 30% last year.
Yeah, I'm telling you. Real estate in LA went up 30% last year.
- That house is worth $200,000, minimum. - For that kind of money back east...
you get a lot more than a little house with no backyard.
Back east, my ass.
You like it so much there, why don't you buy this grumpy place?
Living in a tenement like this would make you feel right back in the Big Apple.
It's open.
Arthur Taylor?
Look, we're police officers. Can we talk to you for a minute?
Sorry to wake you up.
There's a possibility you may be in some danger.
Do you have any enemies, anybody who would harm you?
Do you have any enemies?
Am I in danger?
Someone's been killing people with the same name as you.
Maybe you saw somebody following you, or hanging around.
No, sir.
Just the same...
is there somebody you can stay with for a while, just until we catch him?
Why can't you catch him?
Believe me, we're trying.
When you catch him, what are you gonna do?
That's for the courts to decide.
You're gonna kill him, aren't you?
Lke Taylor? Jesus Christ, lke!
Little Buck.
You're not Buck, are you?
Goddamn, lke Taylor! Hell of a cop!
That's right, a real inspiration.
What a guy.
- How come you're not on the job? - They wouldn't take me.
They wouldn't take you, lke Taylor's kid? Their loss.
Buck. It's Buck, right?
Boy, this is some cannon you got.
You keep it real nice and clean.
You got a license for it?
Yeah, sure you do.
So you say you got no people you can stay with for a few days?
I'm a police officer, and I can't advise you to use this weapon.
But if you're staying here... Let me put it this way.
I keep mine right in that drawer, right next to my bed.
You know what I'm saying?
I don't wanna freak you out. He's just very dangerous.
Dangerous? He's a fucking maniac.
If you need us, you can call us at this number.
You ask for me, Detective Dietz, or Detective Malloy.
Dietz, and you're Malloy.
Bill Malloy. Kid, come here.
- You need anything, you call me. All right? - Yes, sir.
Buck, you grew up.
- You keep your door closed from now on. - Yes, sir.
I hope he'll be all right.
Any son of lke Taylor can take care of himself.
He was the meanest, toughest son of a bitch I ever met.
So what ever happened to him?
Liberals said that we had to start burping the criminals that we nailed.
They said that lke was too dangerous for the streets.
So lke said, "Fuck it."
Don't look at me like that.
It's not my fault the cops are stupid.
What do you want from me?
You're right.
You're always right.
Not this way.
They have to do it.
Let's just say I heard about you and Lt. Cardoza not getting along.
It's just that I worked for him for three years...
during which he tried to get me thrown off the force.
- Yeah? Did he have a good reason? - Yeah, he's a rat bastard.
No shit. Also a pretty goddamn good cop.
Sure. All you old farts stick together.
Hey, wise guy. I'm tired of all this bullshit about an old man.
Go find a younger fucking partner.
- Bill, I'm sorry. - Balls.
Look, give me a break. I don't wanna be jerk-off Number 9.
Come on.
- How's it going? - How's it look, gramps?
- What did you say? - You're a little testy there, aren't you, man?
I'd like to meet the brain donor who came up with this bullshit idea.
You're looking at him. You don't like it, kiss my ass.
All right, come on. Girls, easy!
Come on.
What my partner meant to say was...
you're doing a fine job, and we know it's thankless and boring.
But we're depending on you. So please, stay with it, okay?
Yeah, okay.
- What's your name? - Terrell.
It's nice to meet you, Terrell.
Hang in there.
When this case is over, I'm gonna rip his lungs out.
Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.
What are you laughing at?
Shit. Underneath it all, you're just as big an asshole as I am.
Yeah, but I hide it better than you. You're a bad influence on me.
- How's that? - You're making me give a damn.
There's about 12 million people in LA...
and a million of them are bona fide committable.
And out of that million, 200,000 are probably dangerous.
And of that 200,000, one of them decides it's open season on people.
One of them, Sam, against you and me. But we're gonna find him.
Sam, here. Take a look at this.
- That's you and Lasorda! - Yeah.
It's the annual police benevolent game at Dodger Stadium.
I got no hits and a plate of pasta.
That's a great shot, man.
- What position did you play? - Third base.
- Can you still make that throw? - Better when they moved me to second.
It was humiliating.
To baseball, the ultimate game.
I used to like it.
What do you mean, used to? Baseball is like life.
I'm a track horse rounding third base, trying to slide home safe.
And you're trying to make rookie of the year.
I did love it.
I used to sit in the bleachers with my father.
Campy, the Duke. I knew 'em all. You know my favorite? Gil Hodges.
He used to hit a home run, he'd cross home plate and blow his wife a kiss.
I loved them so much, and then they fucking moved to LA.
They broke my heart.
Son of a bitch.
That's why you have a hard-on against LA.
You know what you gotta do? You gotta see a ball game.
- No. - Yeah, you do.
I got two tickets. Opening day. Third base line, right behind the dugout.
You come with me. I'll introduce you to Lasorda.
I gotta go home. I appreciate the offer. I'll see you in the morning.
You and me, opening day? You're on.
Right, you're on.
You know, Malloy, I always had you figured for a catcher.
I catch a lot of shit from you, that's for sure.
What are you doing here?
Come on in.
Close the door behind you.
Just getting myself a beer.
How did you find my address?
In the phone book.
My father said I was sick...
what's it like?
Why don't you help your mother with dinner?
I don't want to.
When I was a kid, I used to help my mother with dinner.
That way, I made sure I got the smallest portion of spinach.
- You know what I'm saying? - Okay.
- Would you chop up these cucumbers? - No problem.
Just a moment. Sam, it's for you.
Carol, this reasonable stuff, it works.
- Yeah? - Dietz, it's Blakely. Malloy's been killed.
- How? - Shot in the heart.
No. I just left him.
You better get over there right away.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Somebody killed Malloy.
- Oh, my God. Do you think it has anything... - No, there was no note.
You and Corey should spend the night at your mother's.
- We don't know what this guy might do. - We don't.
I'm not gonna run and hide every time a criminal is loose...
just because you're on the case.
All right. Stay inside, make sure everything's locked.
You know where the gun is.
What does that mean?
Malloy called the guy sick in the newspapers.
Pack a bag. You're going to your mother's.
Do it! It's just for tonight. You come back in the morning.
You're a dead man. You're a fucking dead man.
Here's the MO report, sir.
- I'm really sorry about Bill. - I know you are.
Carmen, I need your help.
All right.
But what I'm gonna tell you is against the rules.
Corey, go get your schoolbooks.
- Good morning. - You got the paper?
If it's safe now, why wasn't it safe last night?
He doesn't work days.
She did it.
- What? - Listen to this.
"In the wake of last night's murder of LAPD detective Sergeant Bill Malloy...
"police psychologist Dr. Lyndon Park has provided a profile of the killer.
"He's an anally fixated, sexually impotent, socially inept individual...
"who's using homicide...
"as a means of hiding his own feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness."
I can't believe that a psychologist would say that.
I just hope he believes it.
And you'll probably be there waiting for him.
Praying for him.
Keep your eyes open. Let's catch this psycho.
- Can I talk to you? - Dietz, I was just gonna call you.
Your new partner's Wicker.
He's got something on Fairfax, go with him.
- What about the Sunset murders? - You're not working that anymore.
See Wicker.
What do you mean, I'm not working that anymore?
I mean, the shit hit the fan.
I'm turning it over to some guys who have more than three days' experience.
- Would you listen to me for a second? - No.
I have to put together a task force this morning...
for a news conference this afternoon.
I don't care about news conferences, because I need men for a stakeout.
You don't need men, I need men. You need ears.
Now for the last time, get the hell out of my office!
Sam Dietz? Art Wicker.
Dr. Park, this is Dietz. I'm leaving for your house right now.
I'm looking forward to working with you. See you tomorrow.
What's going on?
And Wills and Chico in 510.
King and Eagle in 407.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
I hate your fucking guts as much as you hate mine...
but why haven't your men responded to our order?
- What order? - Don't give me that, you asshole!
Four men, all-day stakeout, remember?
What stakeout?
Why, you son of a bitch, I got a sitting target with no protection...
all because you got this hard-on for me.
I don't know what you're talking about. I never got an order for four men.
I short faxed this morning.
- Who sent it? - Blakely sent it.
Let's call Blakely and see what he has to say.
Good idea, do it.
He's a reasonable man. He'd wanna hear how you screwed up so bad.
Give me four men.
Spencer, Marra, Furillo, and Snowden.
Don't worry, I'll keep a lid on it.
All right, here's what we got.
So far, he's struck early evening, around 6:00 or 7:00.
But just in case, keep on your toes.
Spence, let me show you around for a minute.
- Are these bozos any good? - Yeah, Snowden used to be with SWAT.
- Good. - The other two, they're sort of new.
Terrific. You let me take Snowden and one more. You take the other one outside.
Hey, guys. He's very resourceful.
So don't go looking for him knocking on the front door.
Furillo, come with me.
My aching balls.
For a sitting duck, you're a pretty cool customer.
I know a lot of guys who'd be shaking in the closet.
Before we go into practice, we always undergo analysis ourselves.
Keeps us on balance, in touch with reality.
- Sort of practice what you preach? - Yes.
What the hell is with that?
Psychiatry, Sam, isn't always preaching.
Sometimes it's persuasion.
Detective Dietz, please.
This is Officer Terrell.
I'm sorry, he's not in right now. Can I take a message?
4129. Okay.
Wicker, where's Dietz?
I don't know. He split and said he'd be back tomorrow.
So Carmen, over at the news...
she printed it just like I told her.
You made it up?
Every word.
All by yourself?
No, Dr. Park helped me with the big words.
Jesus, how did you ever get it approved?
I haven't actually done that yet.
You should have seen the trip I laid on Cardoza.
Shit, Dietz. You'll get your ass in a sling over this.
Spence, I'd settle for that on this one.
You get down there and look at the fax log, and then look at the dupe sheets...
and if you don't find it there, get Blakely on the phone.
We'll raise some hell.
- Got it. - Great.
This is Terrell again. Is Dietz back yet?
Sorry, Terrell, nobody seems to know where he is. Bye.
Stay on your toes, guys.
Goddamn lying little prick.
Yeah, this is Lt. Cardoza for Capt. Blakely.
He did what?
That son of a bitch!
You're goddamn right, I'm gonna pull him. Where is he?
Francine, get in here!
Dr. Park.
Dr. Park.
Dietz, is that you? What the hell are you doing?
You're about to experience crucifixion.
Blakely wants you to send those men back, and he wants you in right now.
I can't do that, because I'm not here, and you didn't talk to me.
Oh, man.
Francine, please.
I think I can get the guy that nailed Malloy.
But I need your help. Don't tell Blakely.
I can't help you, Dietz.
Because you're not there, and I haven't talked to you.
Good luck.
We got a guy on the corner with a blue jacket.
He's moving east.
Looks to me like a high-ranking government official.
He's probably waiting for a homosexual rendezvous.
Now he stops.
Nice try.
He's talking to himself.
No, the boyfriend's not there. He's walking the other way.
We've got a lady with a baby carriage.
They're on the north side.
Might be concealing a small nuclear device.
And the baby carriage goes away.
Dr. Park.
Dietz, it's me, Terrell.
- Who? - Officer "Kiss my ass" Terrell.
Jesus, I've been trying to get a hold of you all day.
You remember the first victim that got killed? Todd Arthur?
The night that he got killed, he came to the station to the report a death threat.
It was a message on his answering machine. And you'll never believe this.
Listen, he even brought in the tape, and we got it.
- So what does it say? - It's not what he says.
It's how he says it.
Hold on. Wait a second.
I called to see if you were home.
I have to kill you tonight.
Terrell, play it again.
I called to see if you were home.
I have to kill you tonight.
It's him.
Spence, I think I know where he is. You stay here, in case I missed anything.
He's on the second floor, and he's armed.
He's already killed one cop.
Tell me if you got a better way. I say I'll take the front stairs, you take the back...
we meet on the second floor, I'll get out the bait.
Sounds all right to me, I guess.
What do you mean, you guess? You were on the SWAT team.
That's Snowden, not me. I've never been on a SWAT team.
Maybe we should call for backup?
Unfortunately, I can't do that.
Hello, how are you?
Just taking a walk in the park here. No problem.
How are you, dear?
Yo, brothers, what's up?
Shit, check it out.
Sam, come here. Take a look at this.
Call it in.
Look at this, there's a page missing.
- What letter? - D-l-E...
Call my house. That's 555-9950.
Tell them to get out of there right now, and you call for backup.
Hello, Mrs. Dietz?
Yes, operator, this is a police emergency. I need an intercept on 555-9950.
- How was your day? - Pretty good.
- Was it good? - Yes.
- Do you have a lot of homework? - No.
- You sure? - Yes.
Good. 'Cause you're gonna do it right away, or you don't watch any TV tonight.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Please, don't hurt my son.
What do you want?
I want you to sit.
Come on.
Excuse me.
My name is Carol.
And you're?
Waiting for you.
May I sit in this chair?
Do you have a name?
You can call me Buck.
Young Buck.
That's a nice name.
Is there anything that I can do?
- Where are you going? - I just want some juice.
I'll get you some juice, sweetheart.
You sit.
- I'm sitting. - That's nice.
Let's go get you some of that juice.
It's a 9-millimeter semi-automatic.
You can do just about anything with this gun.
See, the safety is on right now.
- So if you pull the trigger... - Corey.
Honey, don't play with the gun.
The safety is on.
I love you.
Do you have enough juice?
I'll do anything.
what do you want?
Let me help you.
You can't.
Safety off.
You don't want to hurt us.
Buck, it's not funny anymore.
Do you?
No, don't hurt yourself.
- Or this one? - No.
Corey! Come to me!
It's all right.
Stay there.
- Do I have to go to school tomorrow? - No.
What do they do with dead bodies?
God takes care of them.
You okay?
You know, it was your idea to move to LA.
You wanna give New York another try?
No, too much crime.
Jim, take a look at this.
You believe this kid did all those killings? Did you see the closet?
Did you see how much firepower he had in there?
He had enough firepower to start World War III.
The sickest thing is, his father was a cop.
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