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Hello ... - Guten Abend ...
Do you have the money? - Ja, ja.
Oh, shit!
Don't bother. - He's escaping!
We must call for assistance. He'll get away!
No, he won't.
Trine? ... l've brought you breakfast in bed.
Why? What's happened? - l've been busted.
Oh, no! - Yes. l'll have to turn myself in.
Bloody hell, Mick! - l got those sesame pastries.
What about your suspended? - They'll put it on top.
lt'll cost me 6 months. Less when l turn myself in.
For stealing scrap metal? - lt's not just scrap.
lt is all kinds of stuff. There's good money in it.
Sure they know it was you? - Yes. Beck was there.
Where's the guy coming from? - Why don't they ever do Kenneth?
lt's not fair.
A couple of months and l'll be home again.
Just don't go borrowing money from my dad, all right?
l'll only be five minutes.
Hey, Mick! How are you doing?
Where did you get to yesterday?
Oh, fuck ... l'm sorry.
l lost track of the time. Completely slipped my mind.
Why do you think those casinos keep the clocks off their walls?
l'm a real idiot. l'm sorry.
l got busted yesterday. - And l wasn't there.
l'm a real idiot. - Never mind. lt was a set up.
Why are we always so unlucky? - Listen, we ...
Watch yourself while l'm inside.
Pay off some of that gambling debt.
l know, l know ... give me a break, Mick ...
l just took a bit for a cab.
Why do you bother, Mick?
You've got brains. You've lots of options.
Like that used cars place you had. - Would you buy a used car off me?
l know ... but spending all your time stealing scrap, Mick!
You spend all yours busting people who steal scrap.
And you even used to be a big shot.
What about your family? - What about yours?
You're avoiding the issue. - Agents provocateurs are illegal.
The truck driver wasn't a provocateur, he was an informer.
Unfortunately, afterwards he vanished without trace.
Of course he did.
How long will you get this time? - l don't know. A month or two.
Don't you ever get fed up with being in and out of prison?
Yes, it's all very sad.
Shall we get it over and done with?
Two rings.
A chain. $48.
A Zippo lighter, keys, and a cell phone.
Have you recharged it?
Come on, Tom! - All right, all right ...
Hi, Dad. - Hi, Tom.
What are you doing here? - l just did 3 months. For pills.
Was it worth your while? - Very.
That reminds me ... the $70 you owe me ... l'd like it.
l've only got $45.
Give me the rest when l get out, OK?
l must be getting on. - Me, too.
Very touching.
He gave you that?
Of course. Ordered from Germany specially!
How about l drive? - Go carefully, then.
lt's no good.
Wait a moment.
Charlotte! Charlotte, let's stop a minute.
What's up? - l don't know.
He's not at home. He's away on business.
lt's not him. l'd just smash him in.
Goodness! Shall we put a tape on? - All right ...
l'll rewind it. - Never mind that.
No, we have to start at the beginning ...
Give me a fucking break! - What's up?
That's my dad's old lady, for fuck's sake!
l thought your mum was dead.
She's not my mum. That's Trine.
l'm really sorry. We'll put another one on.
No. l've got to see Jimmy on business.
Your dorky cousin?
l'm not having that. You stay here!
Cut it out!
Leave my pizza on the table. The money's there.
What the f... Tom, what's up?
When did they spring you? - Today.
l thought you were the pizza boy. ls it Monday?
You really ought to air out a bit. This place stinks.
Have you been out at all? - l went down the lnternet cafe.
They took my computer away a couple of weeks ago.
Something to do with payments. - But l gave you the pill money.
l know, but l was chatting to this Dutch art dealer on the web -
- and he had an original Spider Man cartoon for sale.
Owning an original is really special.
Put your coat on. We're going for a ride.
Yes ... where to?
My pizza'll be here any minute -
- and l'm working on my thesis.
You've been working on it eight years, a day longer won't hurt.
l've got this new angle on it. Super heroes and super villains ...
ls the car still in the yard? - Of course.
The deposit on these bottles will pay for some petrol.
This guy l met in prison knows this guy who's filthy rich.
Never mind how.
There's a portrait of this guy's great great gran in this museum.
This guy wants it. lt's a family thing.
He'll pay a thousand to anyone who gets it for him.
We're not going to steal it now ... - No, this is just research.
Did you bring your glasses? - They make me look such a geek.
Well, well ...
ls that the one? - Yep.
No cameras.
We could lift it this instant. - What? No!
Nobody's watching. - No, Tom. Don't!
Tom ... Tom ...
Let's beat it. - A grand! A new computer for you!
Yes, but let's not!
Please let's not! No, you're not going to!
Hey, what are you up to?
Don't touch the paintings! - No.
We weren't. Were we? - Of course we weren't.
Don't shout! - What?
Don't shout! Old jerk!
Can't we get someone else to do it?
Who? They'd all screw us.
The pizzeria's closed down. - When?
A couple of months ago. Just after you got sent down.
And they made the best quatro stagione in town.
How's college? - Great. We did manicure last week.
Finger nails? Yuck! - lt is a bit yucky, yes.
Hi, Mick!
Welcome home Mick
What does he want? - l told him he could come.
Go and have a word with him.
Where's Kenneth? - l don't know.
Why waste your time on him? - He's a good kid.
Hi, Mick.
Hi, Tom.
l'm going to make a sandwich.
You want something? - Just to hear how you are.
What are your plans?
Kenneth has got some cars that need paint jobs.
And we'll do a few runs across the border, l expect.
Take it easy.
Me and Jimmy might have a job for you.
lf you're interested. A picture at Virumgaard Museum.
A picture? - Yes. A painting.
lt's a give away. Just one guard.
Why don't you do it, then?
l was going to but Jimmy chickened out.
That's why l'm asking you.
l don't think so. Not with those paint jobs to do.
And l know fuck all about art. - All you have to do is lift it.
Old jerk!
Mick! - Kenneth!
l'm sorry l'm late. l lost track of the time.
What's that? - Nothing l can't handle.
How much do you owe?
$1 1 ,000.
Come with me.
Tom, that job, eh?
We'll do it. Me and Kenneth.
What job? - How much is it worth?
$2000. - $2000?
Well, it's a start.
ls it dangerous seeing as you're not doing it, Junior?
Don't fucking call me Junior.
No offence.
Anyway, l couldn't beat those biceps.
This Virumgaard place ... is it near Virum?
lt cost more than the flicks. - Well, it's a nice place.
Yes, but 1 0 bucks ...
Maybe l should open a museum. - Next room ...
l think this is it.
Let's see.
What's going on? - We're just ... Out of the way!
Nixon appointed him as national security advisor in 1969 -
- and he went on to become the US secretary of state.
Ronald Reagan. - Four.
Who was Henry Kissinger? - lt could've been Ronald Reagan.
Mona, Mona, Mona. For $50.
lt was stolen from Le Louvre in 19 1 1.
His watch. l mean ''What was his watch?''
What was the Mona Lisa? - What a pathetic question!
How did it go? - Great.
Of course this guard ... - Old jerk.
What's that?
You're not serious. That's not the one.
lt's the one in the catalogue. - lt bloody isn't!
lt's no good to us.
Jeeze, what a pair of morons!
We took the one you marked. - You didn't.
Nobody'd want an old piece of shit like that.
We won't get anything for it.
Tom ... - Can't you get anything right?
Steal your own fucking paintings, then! You marked it.
l put a cross under the right painting.
How hard can it get? Next time l'll do it myself.
How could it be so difficult? ... Oh, right, Kenneth was in on it.
That's why. - lt wasn't why.
Hey, shut up! There's something on TV!
They stole Denmark's only genuine Rembrandt.
The police say the robbery was carefully planned -
- and committed by professionals.
They sneaked into Virumgaard, beat up the guard, -
- and walked off with ''Lady with Carnation''.
The painting is valued at over $ 1 5 million.
The guard is in hospital where his condition is improving.
ln the Middle East ...
Great. Robbery with violence.
We only pushed him. - l did nothing.
You amateurs ...
Maybe your businessman will buy it anyway.
That's your problem. We're out of here.
You can't just run off. - Oh?
l didn't do it, you did. Because l didn't have the guts.
You planned it. That makes you an accomplice.
You fucking idiot.
Chill out, for fuck's sake!
We've got to stick together.
Figure out what to do. Or we'll all be in deep shit.
Let's dump it.
Get rid of it. - What do you mean?
lf it was up to me l'd burn it.
lf we got caught we'd have zero to bargain with.
lt is up to you, Jimmy . You're in it too.
He knows that.
lf this Rembrandt guy's any good we can make some cash.
Have you lost your marbles?
Nobody'll touch that painting with a bargepole.
We're outcasts now. - Outlaws, you mean.
Don't be a smart arse just because you did your GCSEs.
Chill out, Tom. - Chill out?
The day you quit being such a fucked up loser, l'll chill out.
Mind your language. - l've got an early start, OK?
Sorry, Trine. - Aren't you coming to bed?
We're just having a word. l'll be up in a minute.
We ought to be able to pick up $30,000 for it.
Who from, Mick? l don't have connections like that. Do you?
All right, Christian, let's hear it. - They only took one picture.
They knew what they were after. - They're pros.
Let's get a list of members and anyone who comes in every day.
Yes? What is it?
Why did they put me on this case with you?
l usually work with Agertoft. Cases like this are his game.
l've heard he's going to be promoted.
Christian, the bosses don't like my methods.
They regard them as too risky. But occasionally they work.
So all they can do is wait till l screw up badly enough for the chop.
Maybe they think this case is well-suited just for that.
Any word?
You always used to play here as a kid.
All there was was a swing.
You always got a hiding when you tried to have a go on it.
You looked like a rat drowned in piss till you were ten.
Whatever your mum thought. - Any word, or what?
There's a Chink who's interested. - Oh?
But l want in. l want a fifth.
Forget it. You get $2500.
25? Do you grudge your old dad a decent share?
When we did that job with Little Morten -
- it cost me 2 years and you paid me 2500.
You got more than that. - No, You and Morten blew the rest.
Oh, right. lt was a lot of money in those days, though.
25 today is nothing. Give me 50.
No way.
25, then, you ungrateful brat.
l'll set up a meet.
Old jerk.
He probably isn't coming.
l think l'll run along now.
Drink your tea.
Makes your knees hurt like hell, sitting like this.
Be careful!
Thank you Jimmy. Great advice, that.
Are you carrying?
Nice one. We can open a can of tomatoes and throw 'em at him.
What are you carrying?
Where are the pellets?
l was chatting with this Dutch art dealer yesterday.
He said there's tons of forged Rembrandts all over the place.
ln Denmark, too. - Listen ...
You take the guy in the doorway and l'll do the other two.
My legs have gone to sleep.
What's up, Mick? Mick? Mick?
What did he say?
What did he say, for fuck's sake?
Does he want to buy it?
They'll pay 1 .5 million for it.
What? - lt is a genuine Rembrandt.
From his most productive period. - Split four ways we're still rich.
Hey! We're not home and dry yet. - Stop being such a wally, Mick.
A lot can still go wrong. The cops may get us. Or other people.
We've got to stick together.
So what next? - l've set up another meet.
To prove we've got the painting.
Until then we keep our heads well down.
Hi, love. - Hi.
What are you up to?
lf l told you you could wish for anything you wanted, -
- what'd you say?
Last time l heard that l had a dick in my mouth 20 minutes later.
No, l mean it. Your greatest wish.
There are about 37,000 VHS tapes l'd like erased.
You always say you want to travel.
Look at that painting.
Mick! lt wasn't you guys?!
You didn't steal a Rembrandt, did you? Are you crazy?
lt was a piece of cake. Know what we can get for it?
1 .5 million. lsn't that crazy? We're rich!
You realize what we can do with all that money?
l've thought it over. We'll start by going to the USA.
We'll buy a car and drive right across it.
Then there's Thailand, lndia, Australia ...
What would we do in Australia? - All kinds of stuff.
lt's what you always dreamed of. Travel.
l meant a week in Majorca in the summer holidays.
l never talked about lndia or Thailand or Australia.
And l've got exams in two months. - Exams?
What are you on about?
Have you eaten?
Eaten? The greatest day of my life and you ask if l've eaten.
You beat up that guard, right? - We only pushed him.
When they catch you what do you think you'll get?
Five? Six years?
l don't know.
l love you, Mick, but there's got to be a bit of perspective to it.
Or everything'll just be one great blurry mess ... right?
No, thanks. - What do you say?
l'll raise 1 5. - l'm in.
Can l borrow another 50? - Help yourself from the pot.
Your 1 5 ... plus ... 35.
Too much for you?
l'll see you.
A pair of kings. May l see yours?
Two pairs.
Oh, no!
lt's only money.
Shall we call it a night? - Can you lend me another 1 5?
Use your head, Kenneth. - Can you?
Sure? - You know you'll get it back.
What would Mick say? - Mick? He's not my dad.
Another 1 5.
You owe me $70,000.
You do realize, don't you?
You'll get it back.
There's someone in the lounge.
What? - ln the lounge.
What the ...? - Do be careful ...
ls that you, Carsten?
Howdee, Mick. - What are you doing?
l didn't break anything. l took the whole unit out.
You can't break in to my house.
l heard you'd got that Rambo picture.
You know how things are ... - Who said so?
All kinds of people. Your dad ...
lf l'd lifted it, would l be stupid enough to keep it here?
No, l suppose that's ... that's right.
But it ... it's ... l mean ...
l had to give it a try, didn't l?
Run along back to bed, all right? - Yes. l'll just leave it there ...
l'm messing everything up.
Just leave it.
Remember your crowbar.
Are you coming to soccer on Thursday?
Good night, Carsten. - Good night.
You know what they called me in my youth? Hi, Mick! Sit down!
Beat it, you two.
What are you trying to do? - What are you on about?
l found Carsten from the corner shop in my lounge last night.
Have you lost your mind? What about your own share?
Carsten said he'd give me two thirds.
You take the best offer you can get.
What the hell is the matter with you?
You want to wreck your whole family? Mum wasn't enough?
What's that got to do with it? - Let me fucking tell you.
She let disgusting old men fuck her for the rent -
- while l covered my ears in the lounge -
- because you'd tried to ram raid the national bank in a 1 0 ton truck.
You destroyed her with all your crazy plans that always went wrong.
You have to think big.
Or you end up like other mediocre assholes -
- moaning because you were never given a chance.
You made bloody sure mum never had a chance.
l never heard her complaining.
Because you were never home.
Your mum was no angel.
A horny bitch, that's what she was.
Don't talk about my mum like that. lf you do -
- l'll ram your teeth down your throat.
lt wasn't my wife -
- who jumped off a high rise while three times over the limit -
- with a teenage lad watching -
- while l was doing time for stealing scrap.
Scrap, Mick!
You never did have any ambition. Silly boy.
Take things easy. Everything will work out.
You've got the painting so our deal is still on.
Give Tom my love.
That was some comeback.
Yep, that made a bit of an echo.
Have we time for another go? - l need a smoke first.
No! - Yes!
Listen ...
l may have to go away for a bit. - Oh, where to?
l've no idea. - Lanzarote's great.
They've got great training facilities.
No, l think it'll be further away than that.
Can you afford it? ... Take me with you!
What? - l'd like to come.
You and me on the Savannah with a few vegetables and some animals.
Making babies.
What are you on about? You don't want kids.
What makes you say so? - Aren't you too old?
l mean ... there comes a point where women can't any more.
You don't want kids.
You fell for it. As if l'd want kids!
We've got time for a quickie before he gets home.
Don't you reckon? - What's the time?
l'm sorry. l lost track of time.
l want to be at that reception in an hour's time.
l'll go and work in my study. - Yes. OK.
And ... in future, keep to the hours we agreed.
Of course ...
Are you OK ...?
That went very nicely. - What does the note say?
Meet the day after tomorrow. 1 0 o'clock. The old docks.
Was he weird?
l thought he was weird. - Come on.
Two more days and it'll all be over.
The Virumgaard Museum -
- is offering a reward of $ 1 00,000 -
- for information leading to the return of its Rembrandt.
The police still have no trace of the robbers.
Detective lnspector Beck, who is in charge of the case, -
- says he has no problems about the reward being offered.
Relax. Two days, right? lt'll be OK.
That painting's not staying under my bed.
l don't like you being in on this, Tom.
Me and Kenneth can finish things off.
Why would l let you do that? - You'll get your share.
So what are you on about? - 4 or 5 years inside.
lt's a long time ... and if you want to start a family and stuff ...
You remember all your birthdays when l was doing time?
l was inside when you and Trine got hitched, wasn't l?
We never actually got hitched.
l got picked up in Poland on the day. Trine was pretty miffed about it.
And we never got round to it after that.
Aren't you going to start a family?
You've got an old lady, right? - Yes. But she doesn't want kids.
And she's married.
What do you choose one like that for?
What do you mean? - Not much perspective in her.
Perspective? - Yes.
l don't want some bitch telling me what l can or can't do, -
- or a bunch of wailing kids.
Kids are all right. You just don't want them too soon.
Once when you were a kid l gave you a slap.
You know what your mum said? - No.
She said ''lt's never the children's fault''.
l'll be off now.
l'll come and collect my own share.
Your mum ... she wasn't quite well. She drank too much.
There wasn't anything l could do.
l remember the day of her funeral.
l picked you up from prison.
Know what you said? The only thing you said to me that day?
''Don't expect so much attention from now on''.
l don't remember that.
l was probably pretty shaken up.
You probably were.
See you later.
Where has he got to?
lt's 1 0.07. - That's not so bad.
Hey, he's a Jap!
The yen was not the official currency of the old empire ...
Something is not right.
Maybe we should just push off.
What was that?
l bet it's Beck. - Let's beat it.
lt's too late. Look around you.
We can't get away.
Fuck it.
Mick! - No need go drag it out.
Mick! - Let's get it over with!
We're out of here. They're not coming.
Why the hell didn't he show up? - What now?
l think we should get rid of it. Burn it.
You don't just burn a genuine Rembrandt.
lt'd be better to take it back to the museum.
The museum's not like a bottle bank.
Let's have a think.
There's nothing to think about. lt's over.
And with that reward everything on two legs'll be on our tails.
Let's get Frank to find a new buyer. - What's that, Kenneth?
No, no more deals with that old jerk.
Let me have the picture. l've got an idea.
lf it doesn't work out we'll torch it.
Give you the painting? You must be off your rocker.
You'll stitch us up.
Kenneth, shut it. Of course he won't.
lt's worth a shot at it.
What do you want? - A word with him.
lt's a really bad moment.
Don't start anything, will you? - No.
Somebody would like to talk to you.
What do you want?
Yes ... what do l want.
Oh, dear, this isn't promising. You've got precisely two minutes.
l've been coming here for a while now.
l can tell you've got a nose for a good deal.
Right? - How unusually observant!
l know these people who've got a pretty valuable painting.
Are you interested?
Or do you know anyone who might be?
What painting's that?
l can't tell you that. But it is very valuable.
lt's been given quite a bit of attention lately.
Tom, one likes to know what one is buying.
That's always been a good rule of thumb.
Of course.
So what painting is it? - lt's a Rembrandt.
''Lady with Carnation''. - What's the price range?
For a painting that will be very hard to dispose of?
1 .6 million.
You can have it for 1 .3.
Listen, you serve a purpose in my and Charlotte's lives.
You're a loser with a reliable dick. l tolerate you as such.
But never enter my house thinking you can play ball with me.
Don't delude yourself for a second that we're equals.
You're here by my grace and favour.
And right now both have run out. Get it?
So beat it before l call the police.
What was all that? - Nothing. Just an idea l had.
OK ...
When are you going away? - Oh, that? l won't be.
l'm going away. Two weeks in Thailand. With him.
Oh? - That's what happens.
Have a good trip!
Haven't you gone yet?
You won't be seeing him again for quite a while, Charlotte.
Why don't you just shut up? You old bastard!
Goodbye, Tom.
Dream Holidays
He painted it in 1 656 at the age of 52.
Get on with it!
Go home before he gets here.
l just want a word with him. - That's not how it works.
Chill out!
He painted a squint in her right eye. lsn't that fantastic?
What's so fantastic about a squint? Eh, Jimmy?
He loved her so much he didn't care about her little imperfections.
He painted her like that because she was a cow, OK?
Go on, Tom.
Let's get it over with.
lt's catastrophic. - Put it on the fire.
lt's granddad.
Hello, Kenneth! - Erik, hey, man!
Well then? - Well what?
The money ... l haven't got it right now.
But if we play a few hands ... eh?
l don't think there's room for you at the table.
l understand. l'll have the money for you tomorrow.
Don't insult me, Kenneth.
Are you going to hit me? - What do you think?
Don't you fucking touch me again.
Get it? - Have you lost your mind?
Stay out of it. - They'll kill you.
l don't give a shit.
Two Brits came to see me. Very posh.
l hardly understood a word they said. But they want to buy the painting.
How did they find out about us? - From the Chink, l suppose.
He's a Jap. - Whatever.
How much will they pay? - 2.5 million.
2.5 million! We almost ought to wait a bit longer and see what happens!
l don't think so. lt's too late.
Right. We'll do it with Tom. See you around, Mick.
Tom, don't do it. He'll fuck you.
lf you want to say something say it to my face.
You'll screw him. - Now, now!
2.5 million, for fuck's sake!
Do shut up, Christian!
Don't talk, just listen.
You'll get your money.
Shut it.
l was prepared to wave bye-bye to my 70 grand just to see you die.
But now Allan tells me that you'll soon be a very rich man.
What are you on about?
l told you to keep your fucking mouth shut!
The only reason you're still breathing ...
... is that your filthy little life is suddenly worth 2.5 million.
lt's not all mine.
There's a bunch of others.
You keep a quarter. l get the rest.
But what about the others?
l'll kill you, Kenneth.
You may need this.
What are these? - He's Mishimo Yasim.
Record as long as your arm. Go-between.
Seven convictions on drugs charges.
We pulled him in two days ago. He won't tell us who did it.
Yes? And where do l come in?
A nurse found this in his pocket and got in touch with us.
Now we know how Nigel and Toby obtain their information, eh?
How many people know about this? - Only me.
l wanted to hear what you thought. - How bad is he?
He'll survive.
Let's pull out before it goes seriously wrong.
We're going on with it. - Beck, damn it ...
That's why they put me on the case, right?
l've nothing to lose. - No, but l have. A wife and kid.
What if we crack it?
We can trick them.
All the people who want to break our balls.
No, thanks.
Mick? What's up, man?
What have you gone and done now? - Oh, this ... it was ... nothing.
ls everything OK?
The painting's at Jimmy's now. We'll pick it up tomorrow.
Jimmy? Can we trust such a retard?
l don't want Trine anywhere near this thing.
Tom says Jimmy's all right. - Tom ...?
What about the Brits? - That'll all work out OK.
Are you OK? - Yeah ... of course l am.
Mick? - Yes?
Maybe the three of us should go away together, you, me, Trine?
See you tomorrow. - Yeah. See you.
Hi, Tom. Be right with you.
What are you doing? - lt's a Vermeer. Not an original.
He painted at the same time as Rembrandt.
Fantastic dynamics, melancholy ... - Has Mick brought the picture?
Yes. This morning. - Where is it?
What? - Where is the painting?
l've hidden it. - Where?
Under the bed.
You've got a new computer.
Who was that guy? - Who?
The man with the foreign plates. - Oh, yes. The Dutch art dealer.
l met him in a chat room.
What did he come for? - He bought my Marvel collection.
l told him about my Jack Kirby and my Spider Man -
- and my almost complete X Men and he offered me a fortune.
Show me the painting! - What ...?
Show me the painting! Now! - All right, all right!
lt's down here somewhere.
l had it out a bit earlier ...
lf you've screwed us l'll have you.
l haven't screwed anyone.
There it is.
l had tried to hide it, after all.
Sorry, Jimmy. l'm a bit stressed out.
That's OK.
Have you talked to Mick? - Yes.
What's the plan?
We meet the Brits tomorrow.
They'll bring a go-between and the money.
lf everything's cool we'll go for a ride and make the swap.
Tom ...
That bit about going away ... l don't think l'll be coming along.
See, l've nearly finished my thesis -
- and l've an idea for a new subject.
And you know about me and ...
... spicy food.
Books about Rembrandt from the library.
What? - l wanted to know about him.
That wasn't too bright, Trine. The library keeps records.
Give me a break! The librarian said that because of the robbery -
- people are borrowing books about Rembrandt like never before.
lt's given him a revival. At least you've achieved that much.
ls that the guy? Why is he so full of himself?
He's 1 8 years old. The world's his oyster.
What did you look like when you were 1 8?
Not too good.
There was no hot water; they were rebuilding the prison.
He did self-portraits all his life.
What did he do with all the money he made?
l don't think his paintings made much till after his death.
He left eight handkerchiefs, a Bible, -
- a bundle of brushes, and his paintings, of course.
How the heck did he do them? - He used a mirror.
And he got fuck-all out of it. He must have felt cut up.
He left something he could be proud of.
lt'll all go smoothly tomorrow, won't it?
Those Brits are all right? - Sure. lt'll be fine.
lt will.
Trine, l know l haven't had much to offer you so far.
But once we pull this off everything will be different.
And you'll be proud of me.
l'll be damned!
lt's Mick! - Who's Mick?
You're sure we won't need back-up? - They'll lead us to the painting.
Nice and easy.
Mick, this isn't the way to Jimmy's.
That way. Move it!
Where the hell are they? - Shit!
What do we do now? Call in back up?
Yes, and a helicopter. They won't get away.
OK, drop your pieces and get into the car.
They don't speak Danish. - That one does.
Now the bag.
You won't get away. There's a chopper on the way.
Get in, all right?
Pick up those guns.
Search result negative. Continue search?
They must be in the vicinity. Continue the search.
That was wicked!
One, two, three, guns on the ground, car in the skip ... my dad!
And we've got the money and the painting and the balls ...
Tom ... - They'll be licking our asses.
Tom, damn it! We'll have to hand it all in.
What? - We'll never get away with it.
lt's only a matter of time before they'll be round.
We'll never get out of the country and even if we did -
- we'd never have a second's peace.
We've got the painting, the cash, and two police provocateurs ...
We can cut a deal with Beck. We'll all get away.
A deal? Are you crazy?
We can get out of this, Tom. And make a fresh start.
We can do that with the money.
You'd never be able to trust anyone again.
You think that's a start?
Fuck, man!
You're serious? - This will end in tears.
l know it will. - l say keep the lot.
Mick, l need the money. - We'll do as l say, OK?
Let's go.
Mick? Tom? Put the money down.
What are you at? - l said l needed it.
Put the gun down.
Don't talk to me like l'm a f... kid.
Give me the bag. - Kenneth!
The bag. - He hasn't got the balls.
l'll count to three. - He won't shoot.
One. - Don't.
Kenneth, without the money we're finished.
Without the money l'm finished. They'll kill me.
Cut it out!
He only winged you.
Are you OK? - Sure.
You're dead, Kenneth. - Tom?
We've got to get away from here.
lf they find us we'll have nothing to bargain with.
OK. There's a first aid kit in the bathroom.
Bring me a clean shirt, too.
l'm sorry, Mick. What am l going to do?
l'm dead if l go down and l'm dead without that money.
You've got to help me.
See how far you can run. That's the best chance you've got.
l can't do any more for you.
We've proved we're ready to cut a deal, Beck.
lf we bring you the money and your three men as well -
- we get off. Me, Tom, Kenneth and Jimmy.
The Brits can disappear.
You can say they found the pic but the robbers got away; whatever.
But the four of us are out of it.
lt won't work, Mick. lnterpol's involved now.
Nobody'll believe you got away.
Two men lifted the picture. l need two men.
You used agents provocateurs, damn it. That's illegal.
And this time they didn't get away. You're in big trouble.
You'll be lucky just to lose your job.
l knew the risk. l accepted it then and l accept it now.
You're forcing me to ruin your life. - l'll take the consequences.
You're not afraid to. Nor am l. - l've had it with that crap.
l've got a son. Why should he have to pay for the mess l've made?
lt's my fault if anyone's. - No, it's never the kid's fault.
lt's time you learned that. For when you have some.
l'm sorry, Mick.
All right.
Listen. You get me and Jimmy.
Treat us fair: we brought you the picture and the money.
You get the money, the Brits, me and Jimmy.
Tom and Kenneth are kept right out of it.
That's one fucking good deal.
You have the two men you need. Everyone's happy.
Can l have a word with my dad? ln private?
Jimmy won't survive prison a single day.
They'll say he didn't know what he was doing.
We'll have to get hold of Kenneth, then.
Then who?
We'll drop by the hospital on the way home.
Go on!
You think? - Yes. l do.
l thought you were away? - l let him go on his own.
Coming in? - l can't.
What's up? - Jimmy's waiting for me.
Your cousin?
Hi, Dorky!
Where are you off to? - Jimmy's going to an art show.
l'm going to do some time.
Oh? What'll the judge give you?
Four or five years, l think.
That's quite a while.
Yes, it's fucked up. But there's no other way.
No. - That's why l came over.
l was thinking about what l'll miss inside.
When will you get your first home leave?
ln a year, l think. - When will you get out?
With good behaviour, two or three years.
OK ...
l've brought you breakfast in bed.
Oh, no!
lf l could turn back the clock -
- l would.
Not just till before all this Rembrandt shit.
But till just after you and l met.
And every time l was about to screw up l'd think ...
... ''l can't live without Trine, so l'm not going to do this''.
''Or l'll be separated from her''.
l've got catching up to do and l don't want to waste your time.
Do you get me?
But l love you.
You'll never waste my time, Mick.
l love you, too.
Ready? - Yes.
l've been thinking about kids.
You've come to the right place, then.
lt was all most unfortunate.
But we're delighted that the painting is back where it belongs.
Will you be tightening security? - We already have.
Nobody will be walking off with it again.
How have the public reacted since it was returned?
We've never had so many visitors.
But of course, ''Lady with Carnation'' -
- is the only genuine Rembrandt in Denmark.
There's been criticism of your security ...
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