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Replicant The

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911. Please identify yourself.
There's a man in my house.
I have a baby. He's going to kill us.
Who's in the house, ma'am? Ma'am, stay with me.
Please, hurry!
God, he's coming!
He's coming.
Possible homicide in progress. Mother and infant.
Dispatch all vehicles in the area. Ma'am, stay with me.
No! No!
Why are you doing this?
You're a bad mother.
"Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
"When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
"When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
"And down will come baby
"Cradle and all"
Let me finish your nightmare, kid.
What's your status? Is SWAT here yet?
Secure your perimeter.
-What are you waiting for? -SWAT team.
They'll be all night. Take the stairs.
We've got smoke in here.
It's him.
Don't shoot, please!
-Is anybody else in there? -No!
Get them downstairs! Go!
-Get them out! -Check it!
-We've got to wait for the fire trucks. -Absolutely. Shit!
Get those windows open. Go on!
Come on! Move it!
Come on, baby!
Come on, baby.
I'm okay. Get out of here!
What in hell are you doing?
It's okay.
Take the baby. Get him to the hospital. Make sure he's okay.
Suspect is a white male, heading north on Hauser on foot...
...wearing a black leather coat.
Hold it there!
Stop the bus! Open up!
-What's going on? -Sorry, folks.
Just a routine check. Nothing to be alarmed about.
What's going on?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Everybody up! Against the window. Don't look at me!
Be afraid, Jake.
Be very afraid.
Almost had him. I had him!
Well, that's not your problem anymore.
As of an hour ago, you're officially retired.
I know.
When they find the car they should check for blood.
Shut up, okay. lt's not your case anymore.
I popped him one. Check for blood.
You just couldn't leave quietly, huh?
You know, I wanted one last inspiring lecture from you.
Ten years, you've heard them all.
A lot of good it's done. But, before you go, the feds are here. They want to talk.
To me? Of course, they do.
-Stan Reisman. How are you? -Fine. What do you want?
-I understand you're leaving the force. -That's right.
-We'd like to offer you a job. -No, thanks. Don't need one.
We can help you catch him. He will kill again.
Last night, the Torch claimed his 11th victim.
This elusive serial killer has remained at large...
...for over three years, preying on mothers...
...throughout the Seattle area.
Detective Jake Riley who has headed up the case had this to say about the Torch.
How's it to be leaving with the Torch case unsolved?
No comment.
-Has he called you? -No comment.
Is this brilliant killer the reason you're quitting?
I'm retiring for personal reasons. It's got nothing to do with it.
-Come on. Give us something. -I'll give you something.
Our big bad bogeyman is nothing more than a bed-wetting mama's boy.
That's right. He pisses himself all the time.
Pathetic really. Just a sick pervert. Is that enough for you?
-Did you get that? -Did we get that?
Did you get that?
-Darling, telephone for you. -Oh, thanks, Mom.
That was a nasty thing you said about me on TV.
Oh, yeah? You're just a little too sensitive.
I don't want you calling me anymore. I'm retired.
You can quit, but you'll never get rid of me.
I'm too smart.
Yeah, Mommy must be proud of her little psycho.
Stop it. Look at yourself.
Three years trying to catch me. But you failed. You're a bad cop.
Do you think quitting would stop me?
I'm going to keep on killing, asshole.
-You're a real loser. -Fuck you, you fucking prick!
I'm gonna track you down like a fucking dog!
You understand, you son of a bitch?
Fuck you!
Fuck you, too, Jake.
It's always the same M.O. with slight variations.
Single mother. Mole. Burns them postmortem.
We've got partial prints. Trace evidence. Blood type, even.
-But still no Torch. -No shit.
Tell me something I don't know.
We fed enormous amounts of data on the Torch...
...into our ViCAP supercomputer. We've come up with a white male.
Thirties. Very physical.
Step up to the mark.
Welcome, Jacob Riley.
The Martucci slayings, a year ago.
We found a hair follicle belonging to him. It was enough for a DNA imprint.
Take a closer look.
-Okay. So this is a clone of the killer? -A replicant.
God created man in six days. We took longer.
-Since when is the FBl- -We're not FBl.
We're National Security Force.
We really don't care about your serial killer.
Originally, this was developed for national security. Counter-terrorism.
Today's intelligence has failed to weed out terrorists.
Okay. Go on.
Our goal is to create replicants that can lead us to them.
I understand.
He's not a terrorist, though.
No. But the behaviour patterns are similar.
So, why me?
Because he picked you.
What do you mean he picked me?
When he's ready you'll take custody. You'll care for him.
Help him develop. Then you'll see if he can lead you to the killer.
Wouldn't it be easier just to plaster his face on TV?
This project is classified. No pictures. No conventional techniques.
All you have is Replicant.
What's going on?
A counter-reaction. He's rejecting the latest growth hormone.
-Talk to me. What can we do? -V-fib! Flatline!
Get him out. Now!
Welcome to my world.
Good morning, Number One.
Time to wake up.
Today, we're going to cover the basics: How to sit...
...stand, walk and stop.
Now I'm walking.
I'm sitting.
I'm standing.
I'm Miss Johnson. How are you?
Did you hurt yourself?
Maybe your golden boy's retarded.
Physical readings are normal, but the brain sign waves are low.
We've enhanced his telepathic ability through genome resequencing.
He may be our first, but genetic memory has been scientifically proven.
He just needs human stimuli.
That's the toilet.
That's where you come in: first human contact.
Good try. Watch the video and try again.
-Impressive, isn't he? -He's exceeding expectations.
You guys are pretty happy with yourselves, aren't you?
You have no idea what you're getting into there.
I've seen what he's able to do firsthand to 11 women.
If this thing turns out to be anything like the original, we're gonna regret it.
At the end of the day, Replicant is disposable.
Take it easy.
I'm Jake.
You like that? How about this?
How's that?
Here, here.
Okay. Here. Look at that.
You like that?
Strong, huh? Easy! Take it easy!
Take it easy!
Back up! Back!
Easy! Back!
Now, sit!
I'm standing.
I'm walking.
I'm sitting.
I'm walking.
I'm sitting.
-I'm standing. -Stay!
No. Walk.
Move. Let's go.
Give me your glasses.
-Those are $500 sunglasses. -Yeah?
Thank you.
Do I get an owner's manual on this guy, or what?
You do whatever it takes to awaken the killer inside.
Here are your temporary NSF papers. And your gun.
-Got it. -I want a report every 12 hours.
Okay. Let's go. Walk!
Sleeping killer. How sweet.
We've got company.
Okay, freak-of-science.
Let's talk a little shop here, shall we? What do you remember?
What do you remember? Come on.
Are you a killer? You feel like killing?
Killing somebody other than a woman? Show me how you did it.
Show me how you did it, come on.
Show me how you fucking did it.
Remember that?
Take it.
Want to kill me? Here's your chance.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
Drop the gun! Drop the gun!
Three stooges to the rescue.
Stay calm. Do not shoot the subject. Jake, tell him to back off!
Just shoot him. Kill him.
-Goddamn it, Jake. -Okay, boys. Take it easy.
Maybe if you put your guns down, he'll do the same.
That's good.
You deliberately jeopardised a classified project. We're taking him back.
Good riddance.
He's useless.
-Very nice. -You broke my arm!
You shouldn't have showed him the moves!
Hurts, don't it?
-Freeze! -No!
Million-dollar project! No shooting, remember?
Put it away!
That's it. Put it away!
Stay! No!
I'll call you a cab. Walk.
Yeah, hi.
I'd like an appointment to see the house on Berkeley.
-My name is Jake Riley. -Drop the gun!
Shut up!
Excuse me?
Sorry. It was the radio.
Half hour. Great. Thank you.
You know this place?
A year ago, you made it the most famous house in the country.
Real messy.
Come on! Get back! Calm the fuck down.
You hear me? Calm the fuck down.
Okay. Let's go.
It's just rain. Come on.
How about this weather? Jake Riley?
Wendy Wyckham.
Calm the fuck down.
Sorry. My cousin Ron is a little special.
-Let me show you in. -Be good! Come on.
This house was built in 1926.
All the woodwork is original.
A nice cosy fireplace here makes the entrance that much more special.
Over here, we have a spacious living room.
This way.
Here, we go into the kitchen which has recently been remodelled.
All the marble, of course, imported from Florence.
And over here, we have the dining room. It's perfect for entertaining.
What line of work did you say you were in?
I was in law enforcement.
That's right. You're that TV cop. The Torch case.
I feel so much better.
-You know the history of the house? -Yes, I do.
You know, it's such a shame because most people can never get past it.
But it is a steal.
Way below market value.
-Is he okay? -Could you give us a minute, please?
Let's go.
Let's go.
What do you remember?
What? What is it? What do you see?
-Has he been here before? -In another life.
Let's go.
I don't want to go home. I want to go to the park! Now!
Johnny, stop it! You're a bad boy.
-How you doing, kiddo? -Good.
Come on! Jump up!
Up you go!
How you doing? You've been a good boy?
Up you go!
-How's things going? -Good! Mommy's making your favourite.
I like that.
Go give Mommy a hug for me. Go!
Be good.
Danny, go on upstairs, okay? And take Scout with you.
-Okay? -Scout, come!
Come on.
Sit. Down.
You want to tell me what the hell is going on?
Classified. If I told you I'd have to kill you.
That's not funny.
Sorry, I know. Listen, I need your help.
I've got to get a rendering of this guy as soon as possible.
I'm not going to do that for you.
That's against department policy. Remember?
That's why it's considered a favour.
That's gross! Don't eat that!
That's for doggies. Here. Try this.
Want some more?
You're supposed to say, "Thank you."
What happened?
Baby, what happened?
Come here. Get up!
You son of a bitch! What did you do to him?
Scout hit me in the tooth.
It was Scout? Wait a second.
Stop! It wasn't him.
Scout knocked his tooth out. It was the dog. It wasn't him.
What happened?
I kicked the shit out of him. Honest mistake.
It's been 18 hours. You've gone AWOL, let him attack my men...
...and now you're telling me you've mistreated my replicant?
-Perhaps I made an error in judgment. -Perhaps you did.
Perhaps you should take your experiment and go. I don't need your shit.
After what the Torch said to you, I thought you'd really want to nail him.
How do you know what he said to me?
You got my place wired, is that it?
How did you know where we were today?
You tracking us, too?
You think we'd let you out with the future of our national security...
...without knowing everything about you?
I expect a report every 12 hours.
No exceptions.
-Is that you? -Yeah, it's me, Mom.
Get your clothes off.
That's it. Good. Stay!
Not in the car. Too obvious.
Let's see.
Internal, is that it? Open.
Internal tracking device. They think they're real smart.
Internal. Smart, isn't it?
It's okay. Calm down.
What are you doing?
I'm working, Ma.
It's okay. It's not what you think.
Let's go, Ma.
-What? -That man was beaten up.
Ma, you don't even know the guy, okay.
Wait a minute! I'm talking about you.
What is the matter with you? What has happened?
-What's wrong with you? -Why are you treating people like that?
Mom, stop. Please.
Okay. But remember one thing:
If you treat people like criminals, that is exactly what they will become.
Your dinner's in the fridge. I'm going home.
Thank you.
I can't take it!
You have ruined my life.
Where are you?
Bad boy!
You must be punished!
You're a bad mother.
Hey, you all right?
Leave her alone!
Easy, man.
Thanks for the favour. I owe you one now.
Forget about it.
Right here. Stay.
Subject loaded.
Okay, let's see what you remember.
How about this one?
Remember that one?
Come on, talk to me.
The picture's scanned. Make it snappy, all right?
Sit down. Go on, sit.
"Edward Garrotte."
Outstanding. "Immigrated from South Africa, 1995."
-Jake? -Captain, how's the market?
Well, oil prices are down.
What the hell are you doing here?
I was just cleaning up some files. All done now.
-Are you jerking me around? -No, got to go.
You're jerking me?
Shut up.
Son of a bitch.
Let's go.
Jesus Christ.
Next victim.
Keep it.
Jake, we have an illegal entry.
This is one sick puppy.
The Torch. You got him.
-That's him in the car. -No. I'll explain later.
Jake, I've got to call this one in.
...back off!
Get out! Go!
Call for help.
Are you okay?
Where is he? He knew.
Jake! What the hell's going on?
-What's going on? -Not now! I'm gonna lose him.
That's the Torch. You got the Torch in the car.
No, it's not him. He's the key.
-I got to find him. -Jake, wait a minute!
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you?
Break it up!
Back off.
No more phone calls.
Who are you? What do you want?
What do you want?
You asshole!
I lost him. How is he?
How is he?
You've been lying to me.
Gunfire reported at Martini's Lounge, 9th and Renfrew.
Caucasian male, black leather jacket. Any units in the area....
That's two blocks away.
There were two guys fighting and they shot my boss.
Then they took off.
Calm down.
Two guys. ldentical twins.
-They were fighting. -Stay here!
The janitor said that it was two identical twins fighting.
Identical twins.
Go. Straight.
I'm proud of you. You're alive.
Who is he?
You're so smart, figure it out for yourself.
I will.
It will be my biggest challenge yet.
Watch where you're going.
Hey, buddy. Come on, beat it.
Get out of here. Yeah, you. Get out of here.
Hello, Jake. How's my replicant?
Fine. Shits and pisses in the toilet.
Wants to get laid.
Hasn't killed anybody yet, though.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I do.
And, yeah...
...something's happening. I think he's remembering stuff.
Excellent. What can we do to accelerate the process?
He's doing fine just on his own.
But I've chosen a different approach.
Yeah? What's that?
You don't know?
You don't know where we are right now?
Aren't you still tracking us?
4901 LaSalle.
That's the red-light district.
That's right.
Hey, baby, what's the hurry?
Like what you see?
Let's take a walk.
Come on.
Come on.
Make yourself comfortable.
So, what's it gonna be?
Have a seat.
Let's just take this off.
There we go.
Okay, we can do that.
Okay, that's all the freebies, baby. Now I've got to see the green.
Okay. Look, I said $100. Pay up.
$100. Pay up.
I said $100. Pay up!
What are you doing?
Let me go! Get the fuck off of me!
Let me go! No!
Yeah, I got me a deadbeat.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Is this your first time?
Oh, shit.
Look, I had no idea.
Let's say it never happened, okay? Go!
Come on. Go!
Stop it.
Stop it! Go!
We got a problem with payment?
I'm here to collect.
Leave him be. He doesn't know what he's doing.
Shut up! You like this guy or what?
You know the fucking rules, don't you?
I've had enough.
Stop it! Leave him alone! Please!
Police! Don't move!
-Get down! Freeze! -Don't shoot!
Get down, now! Get down!
Get down!
You men. Easy, boys.
-Come on, man! -What's going on, Jake?
It's okay. He's with me. I'll get him.
Okay. Take it easy. Relax. Sit down.
He's all right. You'll be okay. Go with him.
I brought you your coat.
Look me up when you get out, okay?
Come on.
What is it you remember? Help me out, buddy. Think.
That's it.
Bad boy.
Bad boy? What do you mean "bad boy"?
Hello, Mama.
Remember the mothers? The killing of the mothers?
Come on, talk to me. What do you remember?
Look at this picture. Do you know this woman?
-Get the rendering? -No DMV or passport.
-She's got to be a tourist or something. -Shit. Is she next?
-Look at this picture. -Is she next?
Is she next?
"Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
"When the bough breaks the cradle will fall"
What do you see?
What do you see?
Me kill.
Me kill.
Jake, who am I?
You are a genetic double.
Genetic double.
I don't understand it either, buddy, but....
Your other half, he's a killer.
Hop in.
It's all yours.
Feel good?
Ice cream.
There you go.
There you go. You got to do me a favour here.
I want you to look at that.
You know that girl?
What are you thinking?
Here, no.
Draw up here. That's good, up there.
I don't know. House?
Church? What?
Go ahead.
I got it.
I know.
Can you tell me if she's staying here?
Excuse me?
Is she a guest in the hotel?
Who are you? A police officer? You have lD?
It doesn't matter who I am. She's in danger.
I'm very sorry, sir, but hotel regulations strictly forbid....
Excuse me.
Sir, you're not permitted upstairs unless accompanied by hotel staff.
Okay, I understand that.
I'm calling Security. Get out. Get out!
Open the door. Come on!
Make your call!
We have a fire, 1404. I repeat, we have a fire, 1404.
Here. Go!
Is he close?
What are you doing? Get back.
Get over here and open the door!
Open the door, damn you!
Open the fucking door! Open the door!
Get back here and open the door, now.
Get over here!
Stop and get over here right now!
Get back here, you asshole!
Damn it!
You received my message.
What are you?
Genetic double.
A clone?
Un-fucking-believable. Fantastic.
My exact replica.
We are the same.
Yeah. My body is your body.
My mind is your mind.
My life is your life.
But, my brother, Jake cannot be trusted.
He's going to kill you.
I'll protect you, my brother.
Where are you?
We are identical.
-Get out of the way! -Identical.
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
You let him get away!
We are the same.
I should have shot you both.
Goddamn you! He's screwing with your mind!
Will Jake kill me?
Will Jake kill me? We are the same.
Will Jake kill me?
-We are the same. -Shut up!
-Jake, are you on the case? -No!
-Are you back on the force? -I'm retired.
Can you say something better than that?
Look, this is an individual who refuses to take responsibility.
As far as I know, he's not taking responsibility.
He's a fucking nutcase, that's all.
I've been waiting for your call.
I know. How's your whiskey?
It's fine.
How's my replicant?
He's good.
Put us on the speakerphone.
Why would I want to do that?
We can talk, like family. I want both of you to hear me.
Go ahead and talk.
I want him to know how much I love him.
What it means to me to have him in this world.
How nice.
Psycho love.
So, do you want to know who's my next victim?
Ask my brother.
What are you waiting for?
In time, Jake.
In time.
Give me a reason, I'll blow your fucking head off.
Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
-Hello, Mr. Savard. -Hi, Carol.
-How's Mama today? -Well, she's had better days.
-Maybe you can cheer her up. -I've got a surprise for her.
And this one.
I cut her good. Very slow.
I wish you were there.
She was begging.
Bad boy, you must be punished! Bad boy!
But you know what?
I did it for you.
You bad boy!
You must be punished!
No more, you bitch.
No more.
You should never have been born!
Luc Savard.
Luc Savard.
Jake, I got it. Luc Savard.
Jesus, talk about a bad boy. Shoplifting at 11...
...grand-theft auto, narcotics, arson.
He enlisted in the corps in '88.
Reportedly killed behind enemy lines in June of '91.
But the body was never recovered.
And I tracked down his mother.
Gwendolyn Savard. She was committed to the Nepenthe Home...
...six years ago, after a stroke.
One other thing:
This woman killed her husband.
She locked the kid up in a closet and then set the house on fire.
Luc Savard only lived because it rained that night.
Mr. Savard?
We tried to call you last night.
-He was here last night? -Of course.
I'm sorry, your mother....
She had a sudden cardiac arrest. We did everything we could.
She was just too frail.
Her things.
Excuse me.
-May we see the body? -Yes. Of course.
Take it easy, Jake.
You want her to die? Do you?
Your gun, drop it.
Drop your gun.
You're not so smart.
You never saw me coming.
This is it, Jake.
You're going to die.
So, what's the matter, Jake?
No smart comeback?
No reporters to joke with?
He's not your family.
He doesn't care about you.
But I do. That's why I want you with me.
I have an idea.
You're gonna kill him.
Do it.
Finish him.
That's why you're going to die with him.
And they'll think you are me.
You are a bad boy, Luc Savard.
What did you say?
You are a bad boy, Luc Savard.
You killed Mama.
That's right. And so what? It felt good.
You bitch!
Okay. You're gonna be okay.
Don't move. I'll be back.
There he is!
-Where is he? -He's down there.
Not bad for a mama's boy?
Should I call the news now or later?
Stop it.
If you kill me, you kill yourself.
The safety, Luc Savard.
What makes you think you can take me?
I can read your mind.
Look at me. Come on, buddy.
-Look at me. -Jake.
My family's gone.
He's not your family.
I'm your family. I'm your family now.
Jake, I see rain... my eyes.
I see rain.
Open up!
Open the door!
Open the goddamn door!
Well, the only ones who made it were the corpses in the fridge drawers.
I expect a full report.
Danny, you may be in first but I'm better than you.
No, I'm in first. Who's the best?
-Did you see the delivery-man? -No.
Let's go get it.
He likes rain.
-Hi. -Hi.
I knew you'd come back.
Let's get out of here. Let's go.
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