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Subtitles for Requiem for a Dream.

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Requiem for a Dream

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Juice by Tappy,|Juice by Tappy,
Oooh, Tappy!
Juice! Juice! Juice! Juice!
Juice by you. Juice by you.
Juice! Juice by you!
Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you,
-We got a winner,|-We got a winner!
-I said we got a winner,|-We got a winner!
-We got a winner!|-We got a winner!
Our first winner is a fIight|attendant from Washington, D, C,
WiII you pIease|weIcome Mary KeIIington,
Juice by Mary! Juice|by Mary! Juice by Mary!
Harold please,|not again the TV.
Aw ma. Come on, ma.
Why do you have to make such|a big deal out of this, ma?
You know you'll get the set|back in a couple of hours.
Why ya gotta make|me feel so guilty?
What are you trying to do?
You trying to get me to|break my own mother's set?
Or break the radiator?
And maybe blow up|the whole house, ma.
Your own son, your own|flesh and blood, ma?
ls that what you're trying|to do? Your own son?
Why do you always gotta|play games with my head?
Harold, l wouldn't do that.
The chain isn't for you.
lt's for the robbers.
Then why won't|you come out?
See what l mean? See how you|always gotta upset me ma?
C'mon out? Please ma.
This isn't happening.
And if it should be happening|it would be alright.
So don't worry, Seymour.
lt'll all work out.
You'll see already.
ln the end it's all nice.
Shit, man!
That mother fucker's starting|to look a little seedy Jim.
What, are you particular|all of a sudden?
Hey, baby...
...ah don't care just as|long as we get our braid.
Just give me a hand, Tyrone.
Whoopie fuck, the table too.
Hey, do you want me to|schlep it on my back?
You got a friend.
l ain't my lepers|schlepper. Shit.
Such a son. A goniff.
Your mother needs you like|a moose needs a hat rack.
...that's some|boss scag, baby.
l mean DYN-A-MlTE.
Yeah man, something else.
You know what|we need to do?
We need to get us a|piece of this Brody shit...
...cut it up, and off it.
We could double|our money. Easy.
Then we can buy us|a couple a pieces...
That'd be righteous.
l'll bet in no time at all...
...we'd get a pound of pure.
Oooh, that's what l'm|talking about, baby... hassles.
-How's it going, babe?|-What's up, buddy?
-The usuaI?|-Yeah, sounds good,
Anything else?
Anything else?
Uh, no.
Nothing. l'm alright.
Good afternoon,|Mrs. Goldfarb.
Good afternoon,|Mr. Rabinowitz.
Although l'm not so|sure how good it is.
-And you?|-What can l say?
-Do you want your TV?|-Yes, if you don't mind.
Mrs. Goldfarb...
...can l ask you a question,|you won't take it personal?
How many years we|know each other?
Who's to count?
Why don't you tell|already the police?
Harry wouldn't be|stealing no more the TV.
Mr. Rabinowitz,|l couldn't do that.
Harold's my only child.
He's all l have.
Thank you, Mr. Rabinowitz.
Join us,,,
,,,in creating ex ceIIence,|Juice,
Be ex cited! Be,,, be ex cited!
HeIIo? Who is it?
Now what?
-HeIIo?|-Mrs, GoIdfarb?
-Mrs, Sara GoIdfarb?|-Me, Speaking,
Mrs, GoIdfarb, this is LyIe|RusseI from MayIin and BIock,
l'm not interested.
Mrs, GoIdfarb, I'm not|seIIing anything, Nothing,
I just want to offer you a|chance to be on teIevision,
-You see, MayIin and BIock,,,|-TeIevision?
That's right, Mrs,|GoIdfarb, TeIevision,
-CongratuIations,|-Look I don't have any,,,
I'm not Iooking for|money, Mrs, GoIdfarb,
I'm caIIing to teII|you you've aIready won,
MayIin and BIock|discovers contestants,
You've aIready been|chosen from a Iong Iist,,,
,,, of potentiaI contestants,|Meaning you've aIready won,
Yes, Mrs, GoIdfarb,
l never thought l'd|be on television.
-I'm just a,,,|-That's right, You on TV,
We'II send you aII the|information in the maiI,
Goodbye, congratuIations,|and take care,
l don't get it.
Why are you so hard|on your folks?
l mean they give|you everything.
They hook you up with an|apartment, with a shrink.
Which is fine, you know,|it's great. lt's just...
Money is never what l really|wanted from them, you know.
That's pretty much|all l ever get.
Why don't you get|away from them?
How am l going to do that?
l don't know.
What about your clothes?|Your sketches are great.
Open up a store.
l can't.
Why not?
When will l have time|to hang with you?
Well, so where's the party?
When l tell you you're going|to jump out of the window.
lt won't come up.
l got a great diet book.
Come here!
Be ex cited! Be,,, be ex cited!
l thought l would catch|a little sun today.
Really? Well in a|box you'll catch it.
Why don't you just relax...
...and think how gorgeous you'll|look with your new red hair.
Today the hair...
...tomorrow the sun.
Anybody wanna|waste some time?
AngeI says that this is the|time, we shouId do it now,
-I'II caII Brody tomorrow,|-Who's Brody?
That's my sweet connection,
He's got some|unbeIievabIe shit,
Marion, we got this idea,
What is it?
We get a piece of this|stuff, we can cut it up,,,
,, and doubIe our|money, no probIem,
Shit man, then we get us|a pound of pure and retire,
You know what that means?|No more hacks,
We get off hard knocks|and be on easy street,
What's the catch?
That's red.
l mean that's a red. l mean|it's not a red red but it's...
...that's a red. That's a red.
You're telling me that's red?
Yeah. l'm telling. lt's red.
Then what's orange?
lf this is a red l want|to know what's orange?
Well... could be...
...that it's a little orange, too.
You know something?
l always thought you are...
...the most beautiful|girl l've ever seen.
Ever since l first saw you.
That's nice, Harry.
That really makes|me feel good.
You know, other people|have told me that before...
...and it was meaningless.
Because you thought they|were pulling your leg?
No, no nothing like that.
l don't know.
l don't know or even|care if they were.
lt just... was meaningless.
You know?
When you say it...
...l hear it.
l really hear it.
Somebody like you could really|make things alright for me.
You think?
What is it?
Remember when l told|you about the store?
l've been thinking|about it a lot.
l put together some|numbers and it's...'s not impossible.
l mean... know, you could do.|You should do it.
l mean we could|do it together.
What do you think?
Stop already.
l felt better in a red|dress than a cheese danish.
Three things is aII I|did to change my Iife:
Three things,
No red meat,
Think about it, What do|they stick in red meat?
I ate red meat,,,
,,, to the point where I wouId|eat it sIab right off, raw,
I turned it around,
You need to be passionate,|No red meat,
No red meat for 30 days,
No red meat!
Ada told us. lt's gorgeous.
We're going to make it|a little darker tomorrow.
Why darker?
To go with my red dress.
Yeah, but now it's|looking like Madonna.
This is not Madonna.
And neither is this. But|soon... l'm going on a diet.
-What diet are you on?|-Eggs and grapefruit.
l was on that once.|Lots of luck.
lt's not so bad.
-How long you been on it?|-All day.
All day? lt's one o'clock.
-l'm thinking thin.|-She's thinking thin.
My Louise, she lost fifty|pounds just like that.
-Like that?|-Like what?
What did you do, put|her in a sweat box?
She went to a doctor.|He gave her pills.
-You don't want to eat.|-What's so good about that?
l'm sitting here not thinking|about pastrami on rye?
You really shouldn't talk like|that when someone's on a diet.
Oh, big deal.
l'll sneak another|wedge of grapefruit.
l'm thinking thin.
Oh Sara, the mailman...
Sara Goldfarb?
You have something|for Sara Goldfarb?
-l'm expecting something.|-Mrs. Goldfarb...
-Sara Goldfarb.|-This is it?
That's it. Come on.
Alright, okay. Okay. Your|name. Spell out your name.
Alright we on our way.|Alright.
Brody's man says he got|some real fine shit, man.
Alright man.
Here we go.
...let's do this right, man.
Come on baby...
Come on, hurry.
Maybe they'll send you|to the Tavern on the Green.
You know, that's where|they send all the stars.
l'm eating eggs and grapefruit|at Tavern on the Green.
Hurry before the|mailman comes.
Here we are.
Mail it!
There it is, jim.
There it is, baby.
Shall we try?
Wait, Ty.
This is our chance|to make it big.
We play it right...' we can get|a pound of pure...
...but if we get wasted...
...we'll fuck it up.
l know.
l ain't trying|to jive you, jim.
l don't want to be running|the streets my whole life... sneakers all ripped up, my|nose runnin' down to my chin.
All l'm saying is we should|take a little taste... we know|how much to cut.
lt's business.
Fair enough.
Thank you, Three things is|aII I did to change my Iife,
Thirty days is aII|it takes, Three things,,,
Number two:
No refined sugar!
Now sugar's everywhere,
You know, they even put|sugar in bottIed water?
I was sick with sugar,|That was my medicine,
It nurtured my spiraIIing|brain that feIt I was a Ioser,
-Juice by you!|-Juice by you!
Sucking candies,|very good sir,
None of that stuff,|Just stay away from it,
No refined sugar,|Watch it for 30 days,,,
I'm going to eat right,,,
,,,I am going to|pick up my spirits,,,
,,, and I am going to try,,,
l need the number|of that doctor.
l don't understand|why you got to see him.
Cut the son of a bitch|loose for Christ's sake.
Because l don't want him|mentioning to my parents...
...that l've stopped therapy.
They're already|so pissed off at me...
...they're thinking|of cutting me off.
Harry, l'm not going to|sleep with him or anything.
l'm going to come home|after the concert.
You're jealous!
Harry jealous?
Put your arms around me.
Oh you are so stubborn...
...put your arms around me.
Stop that!
l'll suck your eyeballs out.
l'm disappointed that|you're indisposed.
ls Anita out of town,|or something?
Why do you ask?
l was just wondering|if she's...
She's fine, thank you.
Actually she's in Florida.
Can l ask you something|personal Arnold?
Of course.
Anything. What?
You have something|over here.
-There?|-A little bit... lower.
lt's okay. Don't|worry about it.
lt's much better. Arnold...
How are you, Mrs. Goldfarb?
How am l? Enormous.
-That's why l'm here.|-Oh, l've seen much worse.
Thank you.
How's your hearing|and vision?
l have both.
The doctor will be|with you shortly.
-You're a little overweight.|-A little?
l have fifty pounds|l'm willing to donate.
We can take care of that... problem.
We're on our way, baby...
...we're really on our way.
God, it was great out there.
l mean everybody's thirsty.
Come to me.
...l'm so glad.
Purple in the morning... in the afternoon... in the evening.
That's my three meals,|Mr. Smarty Pants.
And green at night.
Just like that.|One, two, three, four...
Why dontcha' come|back to bed honey?
Come on now, Alice.
Got plenty of time for that.
Right now l'm grooving with|these new mirrors l got.
l told ya, ma.
One day l'd make it.
You don't have to|make anything, my sweet.
You just have to|love your momma.
What are you doing baby?
What are you doing baby?
l was thinking about you...
...and the nasty things|l'm about to do to ya.
l'm going to get on you.
You'll scare me to death.
Oh no, l wouldn't scare you.
l don't want to scare nobody.
All l want is a little bit|of peace and happiness.
Right now....'re the finest fox|l ever laid my eyes on.
That's what l'll do.
For my mother.
l've been thinking about|getting something for her.
Like... a present or something.
But l didn't know|what l was going to get.
-Until now.|-And?
l finally asked myself, right...
...what's her fix?
Television, right?
l mean if ever there's a TV|junkie it's the old lady.
lf l figure l owe her|a new set anyway...
...with all the wear|and tear it got.
You really love|her, don't you?
l don't know.|l guess so, y'know.
Most of the time l just|want her to be happy.
Let's go get it.
Well let's push-off first.
lt's early, Harry.
We shouldn't get|going till tonight.
Number three,,,
Number three,
This drives,,,
,,,most peopIe crazy,
This,,, is,,, easy,,, so,,, far,,,
l mean that is thin.
She looks like|a different person.
l can almost zip the dress.|The red dress.
-l've almost got the zipper up.|-Sara, the mailman.
When l see it l'm going to|wave it all over the place.
-Are you sure?|-Yeah, l'm sure.
lt's Harry!
-Look who's here,|-Hey ma, easy,
Easy. You'll crush|me for Christ's sake.
Come inside.
Hi, Harry.
And how are you Harry,|you're looking so good.
-You want something to eat?|-No, ma...
A little nosh maybe|or a piece of cake?
l could go out and|get some if you want.
l don't have anything but|Ada will have something...
...a cupcake maybe.|You want something to eat?
No... no ma, nothing.
Please sit. You're making me|dizzy for Christ's sake.
You notice anything|about me?
You notice l'm slimmer?
Yeah, l guess you are mom.
Twenty-five pounds l lost.
Twenty five pounds,|can you believe it?
-And that's only...|-That's great, ma.
...l'm really happy for you.
But will you sit? Please.
l'm sorry l haven't been|around in awhile ma...
...but l've been|busy, real busy.
Oh, yeah?
You got a good job?|You're doing real well?
Yeah, real good. Real good.
-What kind of business?|-Well...
...l'm sort of a|distributor like.
For a big importer.
Oh, l'm so happy for you.
Hey mom, you're killing me.
Jesus, what have you|been lifting weights?
-l always knew that you could.|-You were right, ma.
So maybe you'll meet a|nice girl and have a baby?
...l already met one
Ma, ma, ma, ma! Don't|go ape shit, alright?
Who is she? Who's her|parents? What do they do?
You know her, ma.|Marion...
...Marion Silver.|Remember.
Oh, Silver. Of course.
Manhattan Beach. He's got|a house on the esplanade.
Garment business.
Yeah, he's real big|in women's undies.
Before you go bouncin' all over|again and make me forget...
What l want|to tell ya is...
...l got you a present.
l don't need a present,|just have a baby.
Will you let me tell|you what l got ya?
Will ya? Ma?
Krist, you're really something|else today, you know that?
...l know...
l'm sorry for being|such a bastard.
l want to make it up.
l mean l know l can't change|anything that's happened.
But l want you to know that...
...l love you...
...l'm sorry.
And l want you to be happy.
So l got you a|brand new TV set.
lt's going to be delivered|in a couple of days.
lt's from Macy's.
Oh, Harry...
Oh, your father|would be so happy...
...if he could see what|you're doing for your mother.
You see that Seymour?
You see how good|your son is?
He knows what it's like for|his mother living all alone.
No one to visit her...
Hey ma...
You on uppers?
-What?|-You on uppers?
You're on diet pills, ain't ya?
l told you, l'm|going to a specialist.
That's what l thought. You're|makin' a croaker for speed.
Harry, are you alright?|l'm just going to a doctor.
What did he give ya ma?|Eh? Does he give ya pills?
-Of course. He's a doctor.|-What kind of pills?
A purple one, a blue one...
l mean, like what's in them.
Harry, l'm Sara Goldfarb,|not Albert Einstein.
-How should l know?|-Do they make you feel good...
...and give you lots of pep?
Well, l guess...
-...maybe a little.|-A little?
Ma, l can hear ya grinding|ya teeth from here.
-That goes away at night.|-At night?
Yeah, when l take|the green one.
ln thirty minutes l'm asleep.
Poof, just like that.
Ma, ma, ya gotta cut|that stuff loose.
l'm telling you, it's no good.
What do you mean|it's no good?
-Twenty five pounds l've lost.|-Big deal.
Do ya wanta be a dope|fiend for krists sake?
What is with this dope fiend?|He's a nice doctor.
l am telling you that|croaker's no good.
How come you know|so much, huh?
How come you know more|about medicine than a doctor?
Believe me, ma. l know.
You'll get strung|out for krists sake.
Oh come on. l almost|fit in my red dress.
The one l wore to your|high school graduation.
The one your father|liked so much.
l remember how he looked|at me in the red dress.
What's the big deal|about the red dress?
l'm going to wear the red...
You don't know?
l'm going to be on television.
l got a call and|an application and...
C'mon ma, whose|pullin' ya leg?
Oh no, l'm going to be a|contestant on television.
l don't know when yet...
But you'll see how proud you|are when you see your mother... her red dress on|television, in golden shoes...
What is the big deal|about being on television?
Those pills will kill you|before you ever get on.
Big deal?
You drove up in a cab.
Did you see who had|the best seat?
l'm somebody now, Harry.
Everybody likes me.
...millions of people|will see me...
...and they'll all like me.
l'll tell them about you...
...and your father.
How good he was to us.
lt's a reason to get|up in the morning.
lt's a reason to lose weight... fit in the red dress.
lt's a reason to smile.
lt makes tomorrow alright.
What have l got, Harry?
Why should l even...
...make the bed or|wash the dishes?
l do them.
But why should l?
l'm alone.
Your father's gone.
You're gone.
l got no one.... care for.
What have l got, Harry?
l'm lonely.
l'm old.
You got friends, ma.
lt's not the same.
They don't need me.
l like the way l feel.
l like thinking about the red|dress and the television...
...and you and your father.
Now when l get|the sun l smile.
l'll come and visit, ma.
Now that l'm straight, my|business is going good...
...l'll come. Me and Marion.|We'll come for dinner.
That's good, you bring her.
l'll make your mushroom|soup and a roast.
That sounds great, ma.
That sounds great.
l'll give ya a call|ahead a time, alright?
Okay. l'm glad.
l'm glad you have a nice girl...
...and your own business.|l'm glad.
l got to go, ma.
l have an appointment|in a little bit. But...
...l'll be back.
Okay. You still got your key?
Yeah, l got it ma.
Goodbye son.
Brody say, you coming|up quick, kid.
Thanks, man.
He says you're smart,|you're loyal...
...and you're not a junkie.
Brody wants to promote you.
He wants to give you more|responsibility. You interested?
Yeah. Shit, yeah man.
Brody say, you fuck him...
-...l'll kill you.|-l got that.
Remember that.
Oh shit, you got|a white driver.
What the fuck...?
l love you, Harry.
You make me feel|like a person.
...l'm me and...
...l'm beautiful.
You are beautiful.
You're the most beautiful|girl in the world.
You're my dream.
No, Mrs, GoIdfarb,
I'm absoIuteIy certain,
But maybe you gave me|a weaker one last time.
That isn't possibIe,|Mrs, GoIdfarb,
They're aII the same potency,
But something isn't the same.
You're just becoming|adjusted to them,
It's nothing to worry about|Mrs, GoIdfarb, okay,
-We got a winner!|-We got a winner!
She's a beautifuI woman with|a winning sense of humor,,,
,,, and a magicaI smiIe,
Straight from Brighton|Beach BrookIyn,,,
,,,Iet's give a juicy weIcome|to Mrs, Sara GoIdfarb,
Juice by Sara! Juice by Sara!
Sara's got Juice!|Sara's got Juice!
Love, Tyrone C. Get your|shit together, you made bail.
How much?
They got most of our cash.
You're up for consortin'.
Oh shit, man.
Angel says it's a war between|the ltalians and the blacks.
Sal the Geep is keeping all|the shit down in Florida.
-No one's got a thing.|-Except Big Tim.
Shit. Let's go see him.
He ain't selling. He|only given up for pussy.
He's hooked on|the thang, man.
Ah toldim' ah giveim|all he wants...
...he said l ain't|cute enough for him.
You alright?
Yeah. lt was a bad dream.
You want some water?
Maybe we should dip in now.
Come Marion, l already|told you, alright...
lt's all we have.
Tyrone is going to score|in the morning, Harry.
l don't know...
lt's a bitch out there.
lt'll be okay.
lt'll be okay, Harry.
...l guess so.
l love you, Harry.
What seems to be the problem?|The weight's doing fine.
The weight is fine. l'm not.
The refrigerator...
Something wrong?
...all mixed up.
-Confused like...|-That's nothing to worry about.
Just get this filled.
Make an appointment|for a week.
Tyrone ain't|found nothing yet.
What are we going to do?
l don't know.
Well you have to|do something here.
lt's your fault that we don't|have something for the morning.
What are you talking about?
You were all hot in the|biscuit to get off last night.
-That is such bullshit!|-You didn't have to, okay.
-We could have something now.|-What was l supposed to do?
To sit around and watch you|push-off and not go myself?
Just don't put it|all on me, okay.
Don't worry, man.
We'll fill it up again.
Y'know, things'll get better.
Then we'll be filling|the box back up, y'know.
So you want to|hear the news?
What news?
You got your good news|and the bad news.
The good news is in|a couple of days...
...there's going to be some|prime back on the street.
-Who told you that?|-Angel.
Yeah, Sal the Geep let|go a couple a keys go...
...for the Christmas season.
Him being a good Christian...
...he wants no wanting during|this glorious season.
-You believe it?|-Well l did.
Until l heard the bad news.
The price is doubled...
...and you'll have to cop for|weight at least half a piece.
How much?
That's fuckin' insane!
What the fuck you gonna do?
The man ain't goin' to lay|no nickel bag on you.
Where we gonna get two?
You mean Arnold?
Well, your parents won't|even return your call.
l haven't seen him in months.
So what? He's still|calling, ain't he?
l don't know.
Look, l don't know|what else to do.
Okay, this is our last chance|to get back on track.
We won't have to make that|freezing scene every day.
We need the bread.
Getting the money is|not the problem, Harry.
Then what is the problem|for Christs sake?
l don't know what l'm going|to have to do to get it.
We'll be back in|business in no time.
We'll start moving again...
...and we'll start saving.
lt'll be perfect. Just like|it was. l promise, Marion.
You'll see.
No, l've just...
...l had the flu forever|it seems like.
Are you depressed?
No, it's nothing like|that. l've been...
...l've been really busy.
Actually l've been|designing non stop.
That's wonderful.
l'm glad to hear|you've been productive.
To be perfectly frank...
...l was a little surprised|to hear from you.
-ls something wrong?|-No.
...that's usually the case|when you get a call...
...from someone you haven't|heard from for a while.
Everything's fine.
...l have a favor to ask.
You smug fuck!
What is it?
l need to borrow|some money.
May l ask what for?
Could you turn the light off?
What do you want|the light off for?
l just do.
-You never did before.|-Please, Arnold.
Where is everybody?
l don't know, man.
All they said was meet|at Waldbaum's.
Are you sure this is|the right Waldbaum's?
Yeah man, l'm positive,|alright.
Look, you just watch my back,|and l'll watch yours, alright?
What the fuck are we|supposed to do now?
Everyone and their mother.
Yeah, the truck's going|to be here. Back up.
Back up!
Stupid fucking junkie, man.|We're fucked!
We are fucked.
That's the last shit for miles.
We'll sit here ass deep in|some motherfucking snow.
What would happen if we|went down there to cop?
-You serious?|-Why not?
What the fuck|are you saying?
We supposed to walk up to|some mutha fuckin' room clerk... some hotel an' ask|him for a connection?
Can't you nose out some|dope when it's around?
...we got nothin' to lose.
lt's wide open, and if|we get there right away...
...we can name|our own price...
...and we can sit back|and be cool and have...
...those fucking fools|scufflin' the streets for us.
Hey man...
...las' summer was a mutha'|fuckin' ball, huh jim.
Seems like a thousan' years|ago since las' summer, man.
lt'll be back like|that again, man.
l could get Angel to|get us a short if...
...we promise him|some dynamite scag.
Where have you been?
Where the hell do|you think l've been?
Where's the score?
Well... we had a little|bit of a problem.
See, l mean everything was|going good. And then...
...some dumb ass junkie...
Did what?
Some dumb ass junkie did what?|You mean you fucked it up?
What the fuck is|wrong with you?
You promised me|that everything...
...was going to be okay,|remember?
l fucked that|sleazebag for you.
And l put myself through|fucking hell for you!
-There's nothing out there.|-l don't give a shit!
You fucking loser!
You want to be sure|we have some extra stuff?
Ty told me about a guy|who's holding some weight.
But he ain't selling it!
-Yeah?|-Hey Ty...
...give me that guy's number.
-What guy?|-The guy who Iikes broads,
-Big Tim? Why?|-Give me the fucking number,,,
...for krists sake.
Here, go fix|yourself up with him.
And l won't have to freeze my|ass off in the fuckin' streets.
-We got a winner,|-We got a winner,
-Oh, we got a winner,|-We got a winner,
She's a beautifuI woman with|a winning sense of humor,,,
,,, and a magicaI smiIe,
She's reaIIy gonna|win your heart,
Straight from Brighton|Beach BrookIyn,
PIease give a juicy weIcome,,,
,,, to our very own|Mrs, Sara GoIdfarb,
Juice by Sara! Juice by Sara!
lt's a pleasure to be here.
Well it's a pleasure|to have you.
And that is one smashing|dress you have on,
lf you don't mind l would|just like to say hello... my husband Seymour...
...and to my beautiful|successful son, Harold.
HeIIo, HaroId,|I hope you're in Iove,
PIease come and see me and|bring Marion won't you?
I'm sure he'II be here soon,
It's aImost that time,|Are you ready?
I'm ready, Tappy,
Not to worry, Not to worry,
What are you doing here?
Why are you here?
What do you want?
Join us in creating|ex ceIIence,
Oh, I thought you'd never ask,
That's disgusting.
What do you expect?
Could you do better?
lt's an old building.
lt hasn't been|painted in years.
l'm old.
You don't understand.
Please. l'll explain.
What is this?|l don't want this...
What are you doing?|Get away from me!
-Ready, Mrs. Goldfarb.|-Ready for what?
3... 2...
Feed me, Sara.
-Feed me, Sara.|-Feed me, Sara.
-Feed me, Sara!|-Feed me, Sara!
-Feed me, Sara!|-Feed me, Sara!
-Feed me, Sara!|-Feed me, Sara!
-Feed me, Sara!|-Feed me, Sara!
-Feed me, Sara!|-Feed me, Sara!
-Feed me, Sara!
Thank you Angel!
Ah sure hope this mutha'|fucker works, man.
Ah could use some heat.
How long do you think|this trip will take?
Oh, we'll make it in|a day no problem.
A day?
California here we come.
lt's Florida.
California, Florida...
Either way your pale|ass getting a tan, right?
Do you know if this train|goes to Madison Avenue?
l have their address...
...they're on Madison Avenue.
l'm going to be on television.
You're whacked!
Hey! Hey! Hello?
Do you know if this train|goes to Madison Avenue?
l'm going to be on television.
l just have to find out when.
When is he going to be back?
A few days!?
What am l suppose to do?
You gotta help me!
Oh come on,|l can get you money.
Angel! There's got to be|something. Anything.
Help me!
Why aren't you calling me.
l have to know when l'm|going to be on television.
l'm Sara Goldfarb, and...
...and you should tell me when|l'm going to be on television.
Just sit for a moment.|l'll ring them.
l just want to know when.
Maybe you lost my card.
Please dolly, you'll have|a look and you'll tell me.
lt's not the prizes.
l'll give them away.
l just want to be|on the show.
l've waited so long to be...
...on with my Harry...
...and grandson.
Here, Mrs. Goldfarb, sip this.
Sometimes it takes awhile|to get called for a show...
...Mrs. Goldfarb.
-This her?|-Yes.
Can you walk?
l'm walking across this stage.
And you should see|my Harry on television.
We're giving the prizes away.
l just wanted|to be on the show!
-What's her name?|-We think it's Sara Goldfarb.
Call Seymore and tell him to|meet me at the beauty parlor.
l've got the dress that l|wore to Harry's graduation...
...and the gold shoes.
Okay Mrs. Goldfarb.|Here we go.
One... two... three...
Let's take it nice and easy.
l'm going to be on television.
Oh, sheeit.
God damned jim,|how long you had that?
A few days.
That shit don't|look too good.
lt don't feel too|good either, man.
But a little stuff will|take care of that.
Hey, what's wrong with you.|Don't shoot in there.
l'll blow it if l don't.
Fuck it!
Oh shit.
Hi, how are you.|Can you hear me?
Yes, Seymore.
-Did you take anything?|-l took my red dress in.
No emergency.|Take her to psych.
Come on in.
What's your name?
Well what do you know.
Maid Marion.
l'm Little John.
You have a beautiful view...
What l like best about patty|chicks is they give good head.
Black broads don't know|nothing about no head.
l don't know why.
Maybe it has something|to do with some ancient...
...tribal custom.
Better save some|of that energy.
l know it's purty baby...
...but l didn't take|it out for air.
l told you to stay|away from that arm.
l gotta call Marion, man.
Well it's about to be a|long distance call now.
That's six hundred miles.
Man, we are six hundred|miles closer to Miami.
Yeah. We're also six hundred|miles further away...
...from New York, Ty.
You know, l know where|you could pick up...
...a real nice taste.
Sunday night we're throwing|a little gathering.
All good people.
l can't. l'm busy.
Anyway, l'm not|really hooked.
Yeah, l know. But l'm tellin'|ya', it's a real nice taste.
l'll see you Sunday,|Maid Marion.
Okay Mrs. Goldfarb. Just try|and answer my questions, okay.
When did you start|taking the pills?
The summer.
You started in the summer.|Last summer?
l got the best|place in the sun.
-Okay.|-Ada fixed my hair.
Everything's going to be|alright, Mrs. Goldfarb.
We'll get you all|fixed up in no time.
You're okay. You're okay.
l can't cut it, man. l gotta|do something about this arm.
Let's see what it looks like.
Oh man.
That's the ugliest mothafucka'|l've ever seen.
l gotta call Marion.
Fuck that.
We got to get you|to a hospital, man.
What is that?
What is that?
What's the problem?
My arm.
-My arm, it's killing me.|-Let's have a look at it.
l'll be back in a minute.
l want to just play black|jack all night long.
l tell them ''Hey, you guys go|ahead, l don't feel good.
Sure enough,|they leave the room...
Ready? One... two... three...
And then as soon|as they leave...
...l go running back|down to the casino...
Sit at my blackjack table.
Man, l am there for|the whole night.
Finally l get up so big|l got five hundred dollar... chips in my pocket.
l swear to God, the hours|are going by, l'm laying bets.
He's a security guard...
...and he's telling me|l have to leave.
l'm like ''why are you|telling me l have to leave?''
You have to eat,|Mrs. Goldfarb.
lf we're going to get you|healthy, you have to eat.
Try and work with|the attendants.
l'm going to try|some new medications.
,,,I've been thinking|about you so much,
Are you okay?
When are you coming home?
You hoIding out aIright?
...can you come today?
l'll come.
I'II come today,
Just wait for me, alright.
Okay, Harry.
I'm coming back, Marion,
l'm sorry, Marion.
l know.
Mrs. Goldfarb...
...are you alright?
Mrs. Goldfarb, we've tried|several medications...
...and you don't seem|to be responding.
l believe we might be at|a point where we might...
...want to try some|alternative methods.
We've had excellent results|with ECTin the past.
So if l can just get...
...your John Hancock...
...we'll get underway.
Jesus krist.
l need a doctor.
My friend is sick.|Can you help, please?
l can't take it. My arm!
My fucking arm!
Help me!
Somebody fucking|help us please.
Maid Marion.
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
-Yes sir.|-Okay for work.
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
-Yes sir.|-Okay for work.
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
-Yes sir,|-Okay for work,
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
Yes sir.
Okay for work,
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
-Yes sir,|-Okay for work,
Fellows, meet Marion.
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
-Yes sir,|-Okay for work,
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
-Yes sir,|-Okay for work,
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
Can you hear me,|Can you see me?
Yes sir.
God damn New Yawk|dope fien niggas,
Learn some manners.
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
Yes, sir.
Okay for work.
Can you hear me?|Can you see me?
Says he's got something|wrong with his arm.
l don't think you'll be putting|any more dope in that arm.
lt smells worse than he do.
Better get him over|to the hospital.
l don't expect he'll|live out the week.
That's the trouble with|you New York dope fiends.
You got a rotten attitude.|You know that?
So what are we|going to do now?
Ass to ass.
Put your spineless|back into it. Come on.
And... three.
And... two.
Okay. Ready.
And three.
Cum. Cum. Cum.
Cum. Cum.
We're taking it off|at the shoulder.
Cum, Cum.
Cum. Cum. Cum.
Cum, Cum. Cum.
Cum. Cum.
Cum. Cum, Cum.
lt's alright.
Don't worry.|You're in a hospital.
-Marion?|-Who's that?
She'll be sent for.|She'll come.
No. She won't.
She'll come.
-AIright, we got a winner,|-We got a winner!
-Oh, we got a winner!|-We got a winner!
Our next winner is that|deIightfuI personaIity,
Straight from Brighton|Beach, BrookIyn,
PIease, give a juicy weIcome|to Mrs, Sara GoIdfarb,
I'm deIighted to teII|you that you have just won,,,
...the grand prize!
Your prize has a sweet smile,|and his own private business.
And is about to get|married this summer.
Would you please give a|warm and juicy welcome...
...Harry Goldfarb!
Juice by Harry!|Juice by Harry!
Harry's got Juice!|Harry's got Juice!
Oh Harry!
l love you Harry.
l love you too ma.
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