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Subtitles for Requiem from the Darkness Episode One.

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Requiem from the Darkness Episode One

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Senin hatan... Bu senin hatan. If it weren't for you...
If it weren't for you...
(Wanting you to just be near, to feel your breath upon my ear)
(Wishing you would call my name, 'Cause only you can light the flame)
Constantly searching, still can't find
Ever illusive peace of mind
Sometimes it's near, but slips away
And I'm faced with another day
Of wanting you... (to feel your breath upon my ear) just be near ('Cause only you can light the flame)
Of wishing you... (to feel your breath upon my ear)
...would call my name, to feel your breath upon my ear
Of wanting you...wishing you... (to feel your breath upon my ear)
Call my name, 'cause only you can light the flame
No way I can find my way out from this!
It's getting soaked!
Well, that's just great. It's getting foggy.
All right!
Um, Beto-Beto-san, right? Okay, better say that charm.
"Beto-Beto-san, Beto-Beto-san, go round and ahead."
Okay, then!
I can't stop!
Um, I don't know who you are, sir, but...
Are you unharmed?
This is no place for one such as you to be.
You should head back where you came.
If you do, you'll find a hut to stay in.
It'll be hard to climb up here.
A shop? In a place like this?
By any chance... Do you live around here?
N-N-N-No, I'm lost on this road.
Ah, then you're like me?
There're no other houses around here.
Looks like this is our only shelter from the rain.
Do you think anyone's still living in there?
That was close! The shop's sign?
And who might you be?
S-Sorry to impose on you like this.
The rain suddenly started, so...
Oh! Please, come inside.
Please excuse all the dust.
It's all right. Please, don't worry about it.
A long time ago, this was a busy neighborhood.
You live here alone, sir?
Yes. Oh, and the name's Tokuemon, by the way.
That sound!
Is something wrong?
- Pardon me.
- Pardon me. - Yes?
I'm a little cold and... Is...Is there a toilet I can use?
At the end of the hall, on the right.
Excuse me!
Have we met somewhere before?
Huh? Which way did I come from?
Oh! Thank goodness!
Excuse me--
Hey, kid!
What are you gaping at?
Could you close that screen?
Uh, s-sorry! I didn't do it on purpose!
I just came into the wrong room, and--
Just close it.
S-Sorry, ma'am!
Is something wrong?
N-No, but you said you lived alone...
and I saw this woman here, so...
She sought shelter from the rain, the same as you.
I... I see.
Oh, it's you! Thank you so much for your help before.
You don't take advice, do you?
I was just trying to spare you a scare.
What do you mean?
Naughty boy.
N-No way! You've got me all wrong!
That sound!
Sound? Yes, the raindrops are heavy, but...
Can't you hear it? That sound... That slish-slish sound!
Sure you aren't hearing things?
No, I hear it, too. Yeah.
It sounds like... Iike azuki beans being washed.
Azuki beans?
Is this place being haunted by an Azuki Arai?
Azuki Arai? What might that be?
Literally "Azuki Bean Washer," it's a type of specter.
They're said to exist in valley rivers or under bridges...
and make a noise that sounds like washing azuki beans.
It's also said that they can't be seen for some reason.
A specter, you say? It's a superstition.
Superstition? You sell charms, don't you?
Don't you make your living off of curses and specters?
I'd like to say your theory was an accurate one...
but charms and exorcisms simply put food on my plate.
In fact, I believe in neither gods nor Buddha.
It's definitely an Azuki Arai. If you can hear the sound...
it is believed that you would fall into the water.
So, you're not just a pervert...
but also knowledgeable about strange things, huh, pal?
S-Stop calling me a pervert!
Look, it's because I make my living...
thinking up riddles that children can solve...
but I'm working on a collection of 100 ghost stories...
that I want to publish someday.
A hundred of them, you say? I just love scary stories!
I see. An author would naturally be well-versed in his subject.
No, please. I'm just a beginner at this.
There is an Azuki Arai here.
The Azuki Arai was the cause of my shop's downfall.
Yes. It was 10 years ago...
BlCCHUYA It was when the store was still busy...
that I received an apprentice named Yasuke.
Yasuke was hopeless at doing this job...
but he had a strange but amazing talent.
He could tell how many azuki beans there were...
in a measuring box with just a glance.
Rumors of Yasuke's ability spread from village to village...
until eventually this kingdom's lord...
demanded to see Yasuke's talent for himself.
Yasuke counted the azuki beans perfectly.
Not only did this please the lord, but as word spread...
BlCCHUYA Not only did this please the lord, but as word spread...
BlCCHUYA the store became even more successful.
It was then, when I was so pleased with it all...
that I announced that I was going to will my property to Yasuke.
I said this in front of all the employees.
I had no children of my own, you see.
I suppose the most foolish child...
always turns out to be the most dear.
A few days later, Yasuke went off...
to wash some azuki beans and disappeared.
He met a cruel and gruesome end.
Ever since then, we started hearing...
that strange noise on rainy days like today.
It's the Azuki Arai.
Yasuke's thoughts when he died had nowhere to go...
and had become a ghost. So the rumors claimed.
One by one, my employees left the shop...
until it became the ruin you see now.
I'm sorry for you.
And the murderer... Was he ever found?
It was a man named Tatsugoro, my head clerk for many years.
He was a diligent worker, but he was executed for the crime.
Is something wrong? You don't look well.
Someone's in here!
Someone's in here!
I doubt that.
Please don't scare us like that.
It's grown very late.
Some fate brought you here to discuss those events of long ago.
Please, won't you stay here for the night?
You know, when you think about it...
it's not surprising Yasuke would haunt this place.
He was killed having done nothing at all wrong.
You're right.
Well, if a ghost should happen to appear...
we have a fine monk like Master Enkai here to protect us.
How do you know my name?
This certainly is turning out to be a strange visit.
Rain's not letting up, either.
No. This isn't Bicchuya.
It wasn't out in the countryside like this.
And... And Tokuemon is supposed to be dead!
Beggars can't be choosers, huh?
What's wrong?
Have a bad dream?
Begone! Begone, I say!
What's wrong, Brother Tatsugoro?
No! I'm not Tatsugoro! I'm not! I'M NOT!
Ow! What's the big idea?!
This is...!
Who is it?! Who's playing a prank on me? Open up!
Open the door, please!
I... I did nothing wrong!
I... I did my job well!
How could the master give it to him?!
If he hadn't said he was leaving it to Yasuke...
If he just hadn't said that...
Brother Tatsugoro?
I... I practiced my apprenticeship well!
For years! Years and years!
And yet... And yet the master...
was going to leave it all to Yasuke...
To that stupid little kid!
That's why... That's why l...
Such is the way of this world.
Just as the undeserving may find fortune...
so, too, might an honest man suffer loss.
The world is full of such unexplainable twists.
Which is right and which is wrong, we cannot say.
However, the sin of killing another person is always a sin!
What the heck?
What's going on?
Poor guy. Maybe we overdid things a little.
Heh, we ALWAYS overdo things, don't we?
Still, he died with a peaceful look on his face, didn't he?
To the next world, we commit Thee!
There they are!
I finally found you!
Just who ARE you people?!
What do you mean? I'm a harmless peddler of charms.
However you put it, the truth is you're a trickster...
who makes his living by fooling people, Mataichi.
Ogin! What about you? You PUPPETEER!
Oh, the slanders you tell!
There they go again.
Trickster? Puppeteer?
They're nothing but murderers, if you ask me.
That's who we are.
Do you understand, Mr. Pervert Author?
For your own safety, I suggest you keep your distance from us.
Those who don't listen to advice may end up getting injured.
Just who were they?
That was my first encounter with the Mataichi Gang.
And with the world of darkness that existed with them.
Wind chimes whisper soft and sweet
Though there's not a hint of a breeze
Moonlight dancing on the garden walk
As it gently drifts through the trees
Romance takes flight on this perfect night
While all of the world lays sleeping
Find us here as we feel the moment of love
Draw near
Dream, sleep, with your hand in mine
Underneath a blanket of stars
Song birds singing in a distant glade
As we share the warmth of the dawn
Evil and ambition scatter in the darkness...
Ieaving behind dubious rumors to fly in public.
In glorious Edo, to protect the respected inn Yanagiya...
a willow loves the inn's owner, Kichibe, so much...
that it kills his bride each time he takes one.
Next time, on Natsuhiko Kyogoku's "Requiem From the Darkness:"
Yanagi Onna (The Willow Woman)
To the next world, we commit Thee!
Sleep, sleep.
Go to sleep.
Gently sleep.
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