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Subtitles for Rescuers Down Under The.

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Rescuers Down Under The

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[Hollow Log Horn]
[Radio] Thundershowers are expected in the Crocodile Fallsarea,
and some of the surrounding gullies.
- Cody! - Yeah, Mom ?
What about your breakfast ?
- I've got some sandwiches in my pack. - Be home for supper.
No worries, Mom.
[Hollow Log Horn]
[ Bird Calls ]
I know ! I'm coming.
Hustle up, Nelson.
Faloo is sounding the call!
Come on, little wombats !
[Hollow Log Horn]
[Hollow Log Horn]
- Who's caught this time ? - Her name is Marahute,
- the great golden eagle. - Where is she ?
She's caught, high on a cliff in a poacher's trap.
- You're the only one who can reach her. - I'll get her loose.
Right-o, hop on ! No time to lose.
She's up on top of that ridge. Be careful, little friend.
Marahute !
[ Screeches ]
Calm down, calm down.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
That's a girl. Stay still.
It's okay.
- Screech ! - I'm gonna help you !
Easy, easy !
[ Screeches ]
You're free !
No !
[ Screeches ]
[ Screeches ]
[ Screeches ]
Higher !
[ Screeches ]
Whoa ! Ha-ha !
[ Screeches ]
Squawk !
Ha-ha-ha !
Ha-ha-ha !
Whoa !
[ Screeches ]
[ Screeches ]
Wow !
You're a mom !
They're very warm. Are they gonna hatch soon ?
Where's the daddy eagle ?
Oh, my dad's gone, too.
[ Screeches Softly]
[ Airplane Sounds ]
Squawk !
Mmmph !
Hey, little fella, what happened to you ?
No, no ! It's a trap !
I'll get you loose.
[Beep, Beep]
[Beep, Beep]
[ Beep, Beep ]
Ah, heh-heh!
Got one!
Are you all right ?
- I think so. - Okey-dokey !
Hey, come back !
Mmmph! Ugh... Mmmph!
Here you go. Grab on !
That's great !
Just a little more.
There, I got it !
[ Bird Cries ]
Yike !
- Grrrr ! - Ahhh !
Well,Joanna, what'd we get today ?
A dingo ?
A fat old razorback, or a nice big... boy ?
Joanna, you been digging holes again ?
Dumb lizard's always trying to bury squirrels.
Uh-uh, it's a trap, and poaching's against the law.
Trap ? Where'd you get an idea like that ?
You've been in that hole for too long.
Well, come on, grab a hold.
We'll get you out of this little lizard hole,
and you can just run along home.
This is a poacher's trap, and you're a poacher!
Aaah !
Let go ! Hey, get off me !
I'm gonna kill her.
I'm gonna kill that dumb, slimy,
egg-sucking salamander !
Get off !
[ Gulp ]
Good girl,Joanna.
Where'd you get this pretty feather, boy ?
It was a present.
That's real nice. Who gave it to you ?
It's a secret.
That's no secret, boy.
You see, I already got the father.
Now you just tell me where Mama and those little eggs are.
No !
Joanna, sic him !
You're coming with me, boy.
My mom will call the rangers !
No, not the rangers ! What'll I do ?
Don't let your ma call the rangers, please !
Ha-ha-ha !
My poor baby boy...
got eaten by the crocodiles.
Let's go, boy!
[ Engine Starts ]
Help ! Help !
Help, help, help ! Send for help ! McLeach took a boy !
Send for help !
[ Morse Code Beeps ]
[ Beep, Beep ]
[ Beep, Beep ]
[ Beep, Beep ]
[ Beep, Beep ]
[ Whistle ]
[Telephone Ring]
[ Wind Blowing ]
[ Beep, Beep ]
A code red ! A code red !
Attention alI Rescue Aid Society delegates !
Please report immediately to the main assembly hall.
This is an emergency meeting.
This is a code red emergency meeting.
Order, order !
I know it's late-- really, pajamas !
Hello, Frank. How are you ?
And Esmerelda, there you are !
Quiet, please. Everyone pay attention.
There has been a kidnapping in Australia !
A young boy needs our help.
This is a mission requiring our very finest,
and I know we are all thinking of the same two mice.
What's this ? Gone ?
We must find Bernard and Miss Bianca at once !
Mmm, pea soup !
Pea soup !
To my dear Bernard...
and our wonderful partnership.
Uh, yeah, wonderful.
You've been very quiet this evening.
Is there something on your mind ?
Well, um,
actually, I-- I was wondering.
Yes, darling ?
Miss Bianca, would you--
Would you--
Would you excuse me for a minute ?
Mademoiselle Bianca, l have important news.
Yes, Francois, what is it ?
You and Bernard have been asked to accept...
a dangerous mission to Australia.
The poor boy. This is dreadful.
Where is Bernard ? I must tell him.
Allow me, madam. I will tell him immediately.
Miss Bianca, will you marry me ?
Monsieur Bernard--
Please marry me. Not now, Francois !
No, no, no, you don't under--
O, sacre bleu !
- Did you talk to Francois ? - Yes, but--
I know exactly what you're going to say.
- Francois told me. - How did he know ?
It doesn't matter. I think it's a marvelous idea.
You do ? I mean, you really want to ?
It's not a matter of wanting, it's a matter of duty.
Duty ? I never thought of it--
Well, all right. How does next April sound ?
Heavens no ! We must act tonight !
Tonight ? B-But, wait !
Bianca, this is so sudden.
Don't you at least need a gown or something ?
Just a pair of khaki shorts and some hiking boots.
Hiking boots ?
Ah, there you are !
Come along, come along.
Delegates, we have an important announcement.
Bernard and I have decided...
to accept the mission to Australia.
- Australia ? - Good show !
You must fly out immediately.
It's a bit nippy outside, but that won't stop us, will it ?
Miss Bianca, I'm not sure...
it's a good idea to fly this soon after eating !
Darling, you'llbe just fine.
But aren't you supposed to wait 45 minutes ?
Oh,just knock on the door...
and see if Orville is there.
Nobody's home. Let's go.
this is no time to play in the snow.
I wasn't playing. It was an avalanche.
Look, Bernard !
"Under new management. See Wilbur. "
## [ Rock Music ]
Come on, darling !
Let's get a move out.
#l know that you would say he's gone#
#Black slacks Mostly in the head#
# I'm the cat's pajamas #
#Always running 'round with crazy little mamas #
Yoo-hoo, Mr. Wilbur.
- Get down there, son ! - Hello !
Pick it, boy, pick it !
Yeah !
Whoo, here we go ! Let's walk !
Look out !
Bernard, do something.
He can't hear us.
Big time! Big time!
- #The girls all look when I go by# -[MusicStops]
Hey, who killed the music ?
That's better.
Excuse us for interrupting.
We're from the rescue aid society.
I am Miss Bianca.
The Miss Bianca ? I don't believe it.
My brother Orville told me all about you.
Oh, boy, this is an honor !
May I just say "enchante senorita" to you ?
Ahem !
- We need a flight. - You've come to the right place.
Welcome to...
Getit ? 'A fair fare. "
It's a play on-- Never mind.
I've got tons of exotic destinations, far away places...
custom designed for "a romantic weekend get away,"
as well as the finest in-flight accommodations.
Speaking of which, what can I get you ?
How about a nice mango Maui cooler ?
No, thank you.
A coconut guava nectar ? It's carbonated, very nice.
I've got little umbrellas for each one of them.
We must leave immediately !
- Nothing at all ? Cream soda ? - Wilbur!
We need a flight to Australia !
The land down under ? That's a fabulous idea !
So when can I pencil you in ?
After spring thaw ? Mid-June would be very nice.
We must leave tonight!
Tonight ?
You're kidding me, right ?
Have you looked outside ? It's suicide out there !
Oh, no, your jolly little holiday will have to wait.
What a bunch of jokers !
But you don't understand. A boy needs our help. He's in trouble !
Boy ? You mean, little kid kind of boy ?
- He was kidnapped ! - Oh, that's awful.
Locking up a little kid. Kids should be free,
free to run wild through the house on Saturday mornings,
free to have cookies and milk...
and get those little white moustaches.
Nobody's gonna take a kid's freedom away while I'm around !
Does that mean you'll take us ?
Storm or no storm,
Albatross Airlines at your service !
Passengers are requested to please fasten their seatbelts.
We'll be departing following our standard preflight maintenance.
Thank you.
Loosen up, get the blood flowing up to the head.
And a couple ofthese.
Ow !
Okay, one's enough. There we go.
That feels better ! Oh, baby !
Tie your kangaroos down, sports fans !
Here we come !
Let's go for it ! Whoa, hey !
I didn't adjust for the wind.
I just had to duck down a little lower,
go under the wind. Here we go !
Whoa, hoo-hoo !
Oh, this is cold !
Hey. Slippery. Ice !
We got ice ! We got ice !
Whoa, hang on now!
Ow, hoo-hoo !
Here we go ! Here we go !
Aaah !
Cowabunga !
- [ Honk] - [ Crash ]
Captain, is this a non stop flight to Australia ?
Not exactly, no. I could definitely say no.
We're gonna make connections with a bigger bird.
Non stop ?
What do I look like, Charles Lindbergh ?
Let me out ofhere ! You can't do this !
Help, help, help !
Breaker, breaker, little mate.
I forgot to tell you,
around here, you need to be quiet!
Or the rangers might hear you.
Now sit down and relax. Enjoy the view.
Nothing but abandoned opal mines...
as far as the eye can see.
And dead ahead is home sweet home.
#Home, home on the range#
# Where critters are tied up in chains#
#I cut through their sides and I rip off their hides#
#And the next day I do it again#
Everybody! #Home, home on therange##
Cody ! Cody !
Cody !
[P.A. System] Flight 12 is now approaching Sydney Airport.
Make sure your seatbelts are fastened and tables secured,
and enjoy your stay in Australia.
[ Snoring ]
- Are we there yet ? - Yes.
Perhaps we should wake up Wilbur.
All right, I'll get him up.
- Wilbur. - [ Snoring ]
Wilbur !
Just 5 more minutes, Ma.
Aaah !
5 more minutes.
- Areyou awake ? - Get up ! We're there !
- Okay, I'm up. - Watch out !
[ Back Cracks ]
I must have been sleeping on a bolt.
Oh, boy!
Throw another shrimp on the barbie,
- 'cause here I come ! - Here we go again.
Cannonball !
Whee !
Gang way ! Coming through !
Mice on board. Clear the way !
Move over, madam. There you go.
Coming through, sir. Thank you.
Next stop, Mugwomp Flats !
Did we lose anyone back there ?
[ Bernard ] Miss Bianca, from now on...
can't we just take the train ?
Well, Sparky,
you've had this coming for a long time,
and now you're gonna get it.
Ha !
Hmmm, wise fly.
[Wilbur] Mugwomp Tower!
This is Albatross 1-3 requesting permission to land.
Albatross ? Let's see.
Finch, wren, scrubbird, lorikeet, freckledduck,
galah, kookaburra, parrot, cockatoo, albatr--
Albatross ? It's a jumbo !
Negative 1 -3. Turn back !
Our runway isn't long enough for a bird your size.
- I can land this ona dime! -[Bernard] Wilbur--
[Wilbur] You can't let these radar jockeys push you around!
Leave it to me, all right ?
I say again, mate, our runway is too short.
- And I say again, mate, I'm coming in ! - Crazy yank.
Sparky, we've gotta extend the runway !
- We'll never make it ! - Here we go !
Oof! Aaah !
Passengers, please remain seated...
until the aircraft comes to a complete stop.
Whoa !
Whoa !
Quick, Sparky. We need to make a drag line !
Whoa !
Ouch !
Don't try and tell me the runway's too short.
Hold this for me, will ya, pal ?
That bloke ought to have his wings clipped.
Your captain thanks you for flying Albatross Airlines.
Crazy Yanks.
They think they can do any fool thing--
Oh, no.
Welcome to Australia. My name's Jake.
If I can make your stay more pleasant,
- don't hesitate to ask. - Oh, how kind.
Allow me to get that bag for you.
Ahem, I've got a lot of luggage here.
Let me give you ahand.
All part of the friendly service--
- [ Back Cracks ] - Big-time hurt !
Are you all right ?
Don't worry, I'll handle this.
Sparky, watch the tower. I gotta get him to the hospital.
Can't go down, can't go up. Take the bags !
Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
[Wilbur] What are you doing ?
- Heave-ho ! - What's going on ?
Wait a minute. Just stop everything !
Wilbur, don't worry. We'll come back the moment we find the boy.
Wait a minute !
Heave-ho !
I'm feeling much better now, ready to hit the beaches.
I'm even ready to mambo.
# Dun-dun-dun #
Doctor, will he be all right ?
Now, now, my dear, keep a stiff upper lip.
They come in with a whimper and leave with a grin.
Off with you now. Leave everything to me.
Shoo-shoo. Off you go.
Hop to it, ladies. We've got a bent bird.
- Will it hurt, doc ? - Bustle !
Dear boy, you won't feel a thing. Launch the back brace !
Hey, wait!
Ahhh ! I've been skewered !
I've already missed tea, Mr. Albatross.
Don't force me to take drastic measures.
- You must relax ! - Relax ? I have never been more relaxed !
If I were any more relaxed, I'd be dead !
I'm not convinced.
60 milligrams !
60 milligrams.
Hey, what ?
Are you guys crazy ? You can't do that to me.
I'm an American citizen, buddy !
- Better double it ! - Double ?
- Double, coming up. - No!
Prepare him for medication.
I'm dreaming ! Wilbur, wake up !
3 degrees right!
- 3 degrees. - Down 2 degrees.
- Don't go down 2 degrees ! - Down 2 degrees.
- Ready ! - I'm not ready !
Aim !
- Please don't do this to me ! - Fire !
[ Boom ]
Oh, whoa! Aaah, ooh!
We just gotta figure out how to get there.
So, you and your husband on a little outback excursion ?
We're not married.
We're here on a top secret mission.
Very hush-hush.
Gonna rescue that kid ?
That's right ! How did you know ?
You'll find it's tough to keep secrets in the outback.
So, which way you taking ?
Suicide trail through Nightmare Canyon or Satan's Ridge ?
Suicide trail ?
Good choice. More snakes but less quicksand.
Once you cross Bloodworm Creek, you're scot-free.
That is, until Dead Dingo Pass.
Wait a minute.
I don't see any of that stuff on the map.
A map's no good in the outback.
What you need is...
someone who knows the territory.
Oh, Mr.Jake, will you guide us ?
At your service !
Take my arm. It's gonna be a treacherous hike.
I remember the time it was just me...
and 400 of these big, giant possums.
He doesn't even know how to fold a map.
This is how we get around the outback, Miss B.
The only way to travel, hey, Berno ?
Yeah, it's just a little b-b-bumpy back here.
Cinch up your seat belts, mate. We're coming in for a landing.
Hold it. Hold it. Not yet !
Caw-caw !
Well, boy,
Iet's see ifwe can refresh that rusty old memory ofyours.
Is she on Satan's Ridge...
or Nightmare Canyon ?
What do you think, Joanna ?
Grrrr, ahhh.
Yeah, that's it. Right smack dab...
in the middle of CrocFalls !
- Am I getting warm ? - I don't remember !
Don't you realize a bird that size is worth a fortune ?
I'll split the money 50-50. You can't get a better offer than that.
You won't have any money after the rangers get you.
Grrahh !
Grrr... aaah !
[Bernard] Jake's been gone... ow!
Been gone along time.
Maybe I should go... oh !
Maybe I should go look for him.
Don't worry about Jake. He can handle himself.
Yeah, I noticed.
I am sure he'll be back in no time.
You know,
now that we're alone, there's...
there's something that I've been wanting to ask you.
Yes, what is it ?
Well, it's like this.
Miss Bianca,
I-l would be most honored...
if you--
Look out !
Aaah !
No mice for you, Twister,
not today !
Miss Bianca !
I've been looking all over for you.
Now look, we've got a long way to go,
and you're gonna take us there !
And you're not gonna give us any trouble !
Right ?
They're perfectly harmless...
once you look 'em in the eye and let 'em know who's boss.
Ain't that right ? Now, git !
It's all right, Bernard.
Jake has everything under control.
Yeah, I noticed.
You know, Miss Bianca,
I used to be quite a dingo wrestler.
This one time it was just me...
and 300 ferocious mouse-eating dingos.
They had me surrounded.
The sight of their teeth...
was like a great wall of ivory.
I'll give you a night down here to think it over.
But tomorrow,
no more Mr. Nice Guy !
[ Squeal ]
Joanna, you thickheaded chunk offishbait!
I'll never tell you where she is !
Never ! Never !
Yeah, we'll never tell !
You'll have to drag it out of us !
- Hey, where did you come from ? - Um, the desert ?
Well, well,
Fancy that. Looks like McLeach has begun trapping his own kind.
There's no hope for any of us now.
No hope ? No hope ?
But there must be a way out.
- There's a way out, all right. - There is ?
Absolutely !
You'll go as a wallet, you'll go as a belt,
and our dear Frank...
- I don't want to hear it ! - Frank will go as...
#Waltzing Matilda ta-ta-la billabong #
- A purse. - Oh, no !
A lovely ladies' purse.
I don't want to go as a purse!
Please, please, don't let him do it.
Don't worry, we're gonna get out.
- We are ? - Yeah.
If we put our heads together, we'll think of something.
- Yeah, something, something. - Frank, what's wrong ?
- Here he goes again. - Take it easy.
You don't want to hurt yourself again.
Yeah, I got it !
All we gotta do is get the keys !
Oh, is that all ?
Well, then, we'd better start packing our bags.
Wait ! He's right !
If we could get these long pieces of wood--
Wood ! Yeah, wood, wood. Good ! Good !
- Maybe we could-- - Caw-caw !
That's right. Just a little more. There !
Come on, everybody, get more stuff!
The kid's right. What are we waiting for ?
That'sit! You've got it!
We need something to tie it together.
[ Rattle ]
Hey! What do you got ?
Shoelaces, oh.
A little further.
[Frank] Yeah... no!
- Let's try again. - Yeah !
[Cody] Easy does it.
- No... yeah ! - Somebody shut him up !
[Frank] You got it!
Hmmm !
Yeah, I got it !
I'll just take my tail and pick the lock, like this !
Frank, give it a rest.
You'll thank me when you're free.
I just insert my tail like this,
I turn it like this, a quarter turn to the left,
then I push it a little bit further.
It's all in the timing.
Pull a little bit back, push a bit forward.
Show him who's boss, Berno !
Ah, ah-choo !
Aww, I feel like I got my head in a vice.
Oh !
#Ta-dee-da-da #
- Are we ready, nurse ? - Ready, doctor.
All right, ladies, snap to it !
- [ Snap ] - Ooh, that smarts !
Oh, let me see here.
Forceps !
Forceps !
Oh, no. What now ?
Spinal streculator.
That's gonna hurt !
Artery router.
Mother !
This is rusted tight. I wouldn't dream of using it.
Bring me the epidermal tissue disrupter !
The epidermal what ?
- Oh, no! - [ Engine ]
Aaah !
Mr. Albatross, we haven't operated yet !
You gotta catch me first, doc !
Mr. Albatross, please!
Cowabunga !
Mr. Albatross, we must return you to the operating room !
You'll never take me alive !
Please don't do this ! Your spine needs...
tender loving care !
Aaah !
Oh, oh !
Ahhh... my back !
It works ! I'm cured !
My back !
I'm coming, you little mice !
This is the finest fleet on two webbed feet !
Oh, boy !
I gotta go on a diet when I get home.
Here we go !
[Knock, Knock]
[ Knock]
[Radio] ln other news,
authorities have called off the search for the missing boy.
His backpack was found near Crocodile Falls,
and local rangers believe he was a victim of crocodile attack.
Authorities warn residents to use extreme caution--
Think you're pretty smart, don't ya ?
Who out smarted who, huh ?
I still gotta get that boy...
to talking, huh ?
I'm hungry.
Can't think on an empty stomach. Gotta have protein.
Gotta have eggs !
Everyone's got his price.
I'll offer him whatever he wants,
and then not give it to him.
- Did you take one of my eggs ? - Uh-uh.
Open your mouth.
These are not Joanna eggs !
Boy's got the eagle,
I want the eagle,
the boy won't give me the eagle.
If I could just find the boy's weak spot,
I could get him to tell me where the eagle is.
But the boy's only got one weak spot,
and that is the eagle.
Maybe if I stuck him in a giant anthill,
it would loosen his tongue,
- and then I got him ! - Eeek !
Got your hand caught in the cookiejar, didn't you ?
Who do you think you're messing with,
you dumb animal ?
My mental facilities are twice what yours are, you pea brain !
I give you platypus eggs, I give you snake eggs,
I'll even give you eagle eggs !
But I want you tost ayaway from my--
The eagle's eggs. That's it !
That's the boy's weak spot!
A little farther,
take it back a little bit,
then you turn it once more around.
Then take it back, and then you...
Aaah, waa-haa !
I give up !
I'll never get this. We're doomed!
Look, Krebbs !
- Frank's out ! - Frank, Frank, you're free !
I'm free ?
I'm free ! I'm free !
-Joanna will hear ! - Free, free !
Double or nothing, he's caught in 5 minutes.
Calm down, little mate !
Look at me ! I'm free !
- Get the keys. - I should get the keys !
I'm stuck !
- Shhh, quiet ! - Quiet, ya fool !
Take it easy. I'll get you loose.
- There you go. - Ooh !
Now, go get the keys !
The keys ! Yeah !
I can't reach them.
Get something to stand on !
- Yeah, stand on ! - This ought to be rich.
Yeah, yeah ! Stand on !
- Frank ! - Huh ?
- Climb on the box ! - The box, of course !
- Aaah ! - Quiet !
These darn things are heavy !
Oops. Aaah !
The keys, Frank ! Give us the keys !
Over here ! Give us the keys !
[ Crash ]
Yee-haa! Ride 'em, Frank!
Yahoo ! Howdy, howdy !
Aaah !
Waaa ! Let me in !
Let me in ! Let me in !
Aaah !
No, no, no !
No, no !
No-o-o-o !
Ah, ah, ah.
Huh, missed ! Ooo-ooo !
Surprise !
If I didn't know better, I'd think you don't like it here.
Let me go ! Let go !
What are you doing out of your cage ?
That's better.
Come on, boy.
Say good-bye to your little friends.
It's the last you'll ever see of them.
There is no time to waste. We must try to get in.
Here, Miss Bianca, start digging.
Has anyone considered trying "Open Sesame" ?
Hey, it worked !
[McLeach] Get out of here !
Look, Bernard, it's the boy !
And McLeach.
It's all over, boy.
Your bird's dead.
Someone shother, shother right out of the sky!
Bang !
No !
What do you mean ? You calling me a liar ?
I heard it on the radio. She could have been mine !
Now you better get out of here before I change my mind!
Go on, git !
- Why is he letting him go ? - It's gotta be a trick.
Too bad about those eggs,
eh, Joanna ?
They'll never survive without their mother.
Oh, well,
survival of the fittest, I guess.
Bingo ! Heh-heh-heh !
Heh-heh-heh !
- Bird ? - Eggs ?
Shhh, listen.
[ Engine ]
I didn't make it all the way through 3rd grade for nothing.
[Jake ] I don't know where he's going,
but we can't let him get away !
Hurry up, you two !
Quickly, Bernard, now !
Oh, no!
Get between the treads !
Whoa !
Bernard, Bianca ! Here, catch !
Got it !
Miss Bianca, you can do it !
Oh, whew!
Boy, this is some head wind, huh ?
Say, you lovely ladies wouldn't have seen...
2 little mice running around down there, would you ?
Where are you going ?
Hey, I mean it ! I'm looking for 2 little mice !
Is it something I said ?
He's gone down the cliff.
Come on. We gotta warn him.
Cody ?
Huh ? Who are you ?
There is no time to explain.
You're in great danger.
-[Screeching] - Marahute ? It can't be !
Cody, wait !
She's alive !
Cody, please. You must listen.
McLeach is on the cliff !
Marahute ! No ! Turn back.
Stay away. It's a trap !
[ Screeching ]
I got her !
I got her ! Did you see that ?
Perfect shot. Perfect shot !
She's mine. Ha-ha-ha.
All mine ! Ha-ha-ha.
No !
Hold tight, you two. We're going for a ride.
Bianca ?
Bernard ?
That meddlin' brat !
I'm gonna get rid of him for good.
Help ! I'm slipping !
Cody, don't move.
[ Screeches ]
There she is, Joanna.
Just look at her. Look at the size ofher !
The rarest bird in the world.
That bird's gonna make me rich.
Filthy rich !
I got what I want.
Now, what does Joanna want ?
Does she want to make sure that bird stays rare ?
Yeah-yeah !
How 'bout great big triple-a jumbo eagle eggs ?
Huh ? You want 'em ? You want 'em ?
Go get 'em !
No ! Please !
[ Gulp ]
Whatever's the matter, Joanna ?
Ooo, ooo.
Get moving !
Ahh. [ Gulp ]
Huh ?
Yike !
Joanna, you hurry up and eat those eggs...
and get your tail up here !
Move it!
Yeah ! Ha-ha.
# Dum, dum, dee-dum #
Okay, you guys. She fell for it.
- Looks like the coast is clear. -[Wings Flapping]
[Wilbur] Girls, I'm here !
Ha-ha-ha. Where are you, you little chickies, you ?
Wilbur ?
- Wilbur ! - Aaah !
Don't ever do that to me again !
Oh, boy ! I lost a lot off eat hers on that one.
Wilbur, am I glad to see you.
- Give me a hand with these eggs, will you ? -Sure.
Wait a minute. What the heck are you doing up here ?
The kidnapper took the boy and Jake and Miss Bianca.
Miss Bianca ? Miss Bianca's in trouble ?
Whoa ! That's terrible.
We got to do something. Bernard, I'm disappointed in you,
hiding underanest while Miss Bianca needs our help.
- I gotta talk to you, mister. - Wilbur.
You should start searching the desert for her.
And I'll scan the coastline !
- Wilbur ? - That's what I'll do.
- Wilbur ! - Huh ? What ?
Listen, there are some chicks here that need your help.
Really ?
Ohhhh, no.
Wait a minute. Hold it.
I know what you're thinking and you're wrong.
Don't look at me like that. You're getting "no" from me.
You understand ? I will not ever sit on those eggs.
Ah, nuts !
Gotta learn to be more assertive.
No is no is no !
Hey ! Quit moving in there.
Well, Joanna, it looks like lady luck...
has finally decided to smile on us.
Everything's going our way.
[Cody] You can't do this. You'll getin big trouble.
I'll tell the rangers where you are !
I almost forgot.
We got a loose end to tie up,
haven't we, girl ?
Now, now, Cody. We mustn't lose hope.
Bernard is still out there.
That's right. If anyone can get us out of this scrape, it's ol' Berno.
- Nice bluff, Miss B. - I wasn't bluffing.
You don't know Bernard like I do.
He'll never give up.
Oh, my gosh !
[ Snoring ]
[ Snorting ]
Ah, ahem, ahem.
Excuse me.
Now, look ! I've got a long way to go.
You're gonna take me and not give me any trouble.
Right ?
Good !
Now, git !
Are you ready, boy ?
It's time you learned how to fish for crocks.
They like it when you use live bait.
And you're as live as they come.
# Oh, you get a line #
#And I'll get a pole, matey#
#You get a line and I'll get a pole, friend #
# Oh, you get a line and I'll get a pole #
# We'll go fishing in the crocodile hole#
#Buddy palo'mine#
That's right, babies ! Supper time !
It don't look good, Miss B.
- I can't see anyway out of this one. - Bernard, please hurry.
# Pal o' mine ##
Now, this is my idea of fun !
Nothing personal, boy.
But I wouldn't want to disappoint the rangers.
They was looking so hard for you.
And now they're gonna find you !
What the blaze is going on here ?
Joanna ?
Did you know there was a razorback in my truck ?
Did ya ? Did ya ?
There was a razorback in my truck !
Quit playing around and do your job,
you 4-legged python !
Hey, what happened to them keys ?
Must be around here somewhere.
They couldn't just get up and walk away.
Something weird's going on around here.
I smell a big fat rat !
Grrr !
- Look ! It's Bernard. - I don't believe it. Way to go, mate !
Miss Bianca, Jake, catch !
Whoa !
Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Yeow !
Blast it !
Oh, my gosh ! I hope I know what I'm doing.
Sniff, sniff.
Grrr, grrr !
Heh-heh. Yeah.
Hey, get off of me ! Joanna, what are you--
What ? Oh, oh.
Aaaah !
Joanna !
Joanna, you stupid lizard !
Get off of me, you idiot.
Get off of me !
No ! No !
Bernard, the boy !
[ Gasp ]
Help !
Help !
No, no. Get back.
Get, get away. Get away !
I whooped ya !
I whooped you all. You'll think twice...
before messing with Percival C. McLeach !
Aaah, aaah, aaah!
Noooo !
Don't give up, Cody !
There !
Hop on, Miss B.
Help ! Help !
[ Screeches ]
[ Screeches ]
Squawk !
It's okay. Come on.
Thanks, little mate.
Oh, Bernard, you are magnificent.
You're absolutely the hero of the day.
Miss Bianca, before anything else happens,
- will you marry me ? - Bernard !
Of course I will !
Well done, mate.
Come on, Marahute. Let's all go home.
[Wilbur] Help !
[Wilbur] Help !
Anybody !
Bernard ! Bianca !
Where are you ?
Okay, that's it. I'm outta here.
This is ridiculous. You can't leave me here alone.
I'm gone. I am gone !
-[Cracking] Cheep, cheep. - Oh, no. Stay in those eggs.
That's a direct order.
Ah. Hey...
You're kind of a cute little feller.
- Coochie, coochie. -[SnappingBeaks]
Yeow ! Whoa ! [ Groaning ]
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