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Subtitles for Resurrection of the little match girl CD1.

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Resurrection of the little match girl CD1

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This movie is based on a poem
A world where the frozen city floats like an iceberg
The little match girl
Was this girl resurrected in this world
Snow flakes like stones fall on the city
Buy a lighter. A lighter, sir. They work very fine
Buy a lighter. A lighter, sir. They work very fine
People don't pay attention to her
Buy a lighter. A lighter, sir. They work very fine
The doors close loudly on her
Little girl. Don't sell this stuff Sell some food instead
Sir, I'm so cold
Please, buy me one
Sir, buy me one
Stop bothering me, bitch
Freezing, the little match girl thinks she'll just warm her hands
You girl. My poor girl
I'll buy you 2 lighters. Will you give yourself to me in exchange?
Little girl, could you move from my parking space?
My lips are frozen I can't speak
Buy ligher... ligher... Miser I can't wak 'nymore I'm hunry
Then breathe the ligther's gas. It's fine Butane
Hungry, the match girl breathes the gas lying on the snow
Well fed, mumy dady...
Spring time. Already spring...
The world seems beautiful to me...
The little match girl keeps her nice smile
As white footprints Like flowers flakes
Are dispatched on the floor Used up lighters, red, blue, damaged...
Resurrection of The Little Match Girl
You guys, You know PAM? Huh?
- Oh PAM, the group like the Gamers guild? - Yeah, that's it
In fact I'm one of them. I'm a member
In my group we have like really cute players. Nice males, you know
- Prettier than me? - Yeah, of course!
- So... - Oh, then they must be fucking cute
So we meet once a month. Usually everybody comes.
Last time we met. I was there with the others guys.
A guy asked me on the mic if I'd come back next time
Then I hear some guys talking in my back inspite the mic
- The guys are talking? - In the back...
- I hear their words - Hum...
The guy with the mic keeps saying: Come! Come!
In my back, he says
"If that bitch comes next time, I'll see If she's as cute as through a webcam"
- Really, that asshole! - Wait, there's more
- What? - He says:
"If it's not fucking true, I'll tell that bitch off"
Ah that shitty bastard!
And me, I heard every word
Embarrassed, I faked I didn't hear that
- You see this ring... - Yes, it's beautiful
- And the necklace - Yes, it's so cute
Not bad, heh?
- I bought them with the last game's price - Is it true?
Yeah, not bad, is it!
Then, you must win a lot of money?
Ah, money? In fact my gains are just pocket money, but it's worth it
You're so cool!
Let me serve your glass
By the way, I forgot...
No, no. It's better you tell them. Stop eating, bastard!
Last time, last time he won, he invited me at the chinese I work for, my boss was really happy
No that's not what I'm talking about, are you nuts or what! Tell them what I'm doing next week
- Ah-ha... Ah, next week... - Stop eating!
So next week... He'll play the STAC grand final
- Next time... - STAC, really? StarCraft?
Oh, how do you put it, you wasted the effect!
Next week... I will play the STAC grand final..
- Oh is it true? - If I win, money will be nothing compared to fame!
You know, pro-gamers have some famousness
Everything will change. No doubt people will ask for autographs on the street
I'll be on TV, shit I'll be the invincible. It's gonna be crazy
- You are so deadly! - Even if I said it like this, it's no joke. It's fucking serious stuff
Who am I? I'm a pro-gamer, pro-gamer
- Sir, bring me some matches... - That bastard, he doesn't give a shit!
- Asshole, you don't have a lighter? - Here, take mine
Right now we're talking about games, can't you concentrate? You eat and smoke like an asshole!
- I think he's moody - Leave it, forget about him - Oh, stop eating!
Leave it. Come on, let's drink. He pisses me off.
You! You don't toast
- That's bullshit - Here, put it in your bag
You refrained smoking all this long
Wouah, I did fucking good, it's the first time
- Smell's good? - Piss off, it stinks!
- Those guys aren't bad? - Yeah, the yellow hair is so cool
- He's the best of all the guys I know. - You're right, it's true
But the other one, bloody hell, he's too much! I watched him eat the whole night
He never stopped eating without drinking that bastard!
- He only came to eat or what? - He pisses me off... that bastard
But the yellow hair, he's so good. I can't believe they're friends
- The yellow hair, I'll date him, really! - Wait, I'm first
- What, What are you saying? - I said I'll go out with him first
- Hey, You want the yellow hair? You'll take him? - Yes
You're crazy! Last time, it was already the same. It's pissing me off
That's the past, in fact the other one's not bad, seduce him
You say the other one's not bad, then you take him!
Are you nuts, why should I take him? - You're making a fucking scene!
Aah, are you free?
Are you busy?
Do I go without asking?
I... I give you a lift?
I give you a lift...
- Miss... - Sorry I'm late, hurry in
He's crazy... Do you know him?
- No, I don't known him - Really? You don't know him?
That's true!
He comes every day to the game center where I'm working
Here's the delivery. Where do I put the dishes?
We didn't order anything.
- You didn't order? - No
Strange! Palbochae, Lajogi, Tangsooyuk... 2 bottles of saké...
- This is Entertainment. - Who let him in?
You heard him? We don't order dishes. Get out of here!
Someone ordered from here.
Get out quickly!
- Ah... - Haven't you heard?
- It makes me crazy - I told you to go!
The order isn't a matter, but why are shouting?
Get out, did you hear or not? Haven't you heard?
Bitch, look at how she talks!
Hey you, you didn't eat chinese noodles?
Now you're joking, aren't you?
You want to be shot by noodles?
- Hey... - Sir, don't kill me... don't kill me
Yes, I remember your voice
It's actually you who ordered an extra soup
What for are you standing there?
I'm at the client's
He hasn't ordered
- It seems this player has the best attack speed in Korea - Yes, it's true
But for the other one who's ID is GG, it's his first time for the grand final
But he is a well known online gamer. He's doing well here
In my opinion, seeing the enemy size, he could loose
From now on, the resources are almost consumed
- Kim is under siege unfortunatly - Ah yes, is it the last assault?
It's the last attack for victory!
Yes, all resources are used up, The last moments...
The winner is GG!!!
- Congratulations - Thanks
Those who just arrived, please place yourself quickly
I'm taking the pictures
Joo, come. Come here
- Hurry up, quick - Not here, get in the back
1... 2... Here we go 1... 2...
You have a minute?
Wait a minute
Level: 50 Connection: Seoul Age: 19, Popularity: 3
Lee: Joo's best friend. But emloyed by System to assassinate Joo
Chinese restaurant Man-Li
That... that worthless idiot, why is he stuck in front of the mirror
Damn, he's preparing to go out
When you're free, try to learn cooking, cooking...
It's been already a year, but you can't even do a Tangsooyuk
That's the first time I have someone like you
I'm want to become a pro-gamer
What? What's a pro-gimer, pro-gimer?
You shitty bastard, what are you doing to me?
- See you tomorrow, sir - Wait to see if you take the bike
That motorbike is for delivery, not for your personnal use
- Be careful! - A glass of water - Sure
This country isn't geting any better because of kids like him
Buy a lighter
Buy a lighter
Buy a lighter
- Hee-Mi? - Buy a lighter
Buy a lighter
Buy a lighter
End No.1: 'The girl prostitutes'
Hint: Pay attention and be careful Restart? (yes/no)
It's working fucking good
You always went out with loosers. This time, you chose well
Don't tell me about it, he sucks. Bloody hell, he's disgusting
The hell with that. He's rich, it's all that matters
Stop talking and concentrate
Ah fuck, who's calling this late!
Pisses me off
Hey, leave it Don't answer
Hello... hello?
Who is it?
It's me
Who is it?
It's me, Joo
It's you Joo
Hey, dad's drunk again?
- Did you eat? - Yes, I ate
Shall I prepare diner?
Grandma, I already ate. Good night
I said good night!
Welcome to the game: Resurrection of The Little Match Girl provided by System
If you wish to connect, press 1
Like the poem "Little Match Girl". The game's goal is to let the girl die of cold
You must let the girl die, once you have saved her
against whoever willing to buy a lighter or kidnap and keep her
But the game doesn't end at this level
Like the poem where the girl dies dreaming of her grand mother
You must make her dream of you instead. Then you'll win
If you a sure you can win her love and you'll be happy with her
Then enter this fantastic world
Of course there will be thousands of opponents
But beware...
If you are careless and ignorant you could be stuck in the game and never make it back to real life
Do you wish to continue?
Look straight at the camera
In the meantime, you can have a look at the game's details
These are the caracters you will encounter in the game
Save the girl from these people and make her dream of you as she dies
Here's your electronic card
Your personal informations are on this card
Of course it's confidential
It's also your ID card and your credit card
Depending on your skills, your level and credit will automatically increase
All services are at your disposal including health care
Buy a lighter
A lighter...
Buy a lighter
I'm so cold
Buy a lighter
Ah, yes I will buy you all your lighters. Would you like to get in?
The old rich man. He's an organ, wild animals and drugs dealer
Old man, get going!
Hey, you bastards know who you are dealing with?
Boss, I send him straight to his tomb?
The band of 5 men Connecting in group
Hey, is it your car? Does it consume a lot of gas?
Open the door!
Cute Worked as a hairdresser
Hey, worthless morons!
Shovel Worked as a farmer
That's the first time I do Sashimi with a car
Dog Nose Worked as a cook in a Japanese restaurant
Oh my God
The Boss Dreams of a powerful gang, but is worried by his stupid men
You fools! Where are my men?
SamBong Wanted to be action movies actor but gave up
Where's the girl?
I don't know!
Hey, Odeng! Give us some Odeng
Give us Soondae too
Soondae, soondae
Look at this horrible hair cut! Go color them
He keeps his old fashioned hair cut for a long time
Put a lot of porc with the soondae
And for me, give me some Tockboki
Oh, there's dust on the Kimbap
Oh here it comes
Get off
We don't live to eat, piss and sleep
Get out quick and find the girl, find her... find her!
- Boss! - What? What is it?
- I have a good idea - Good idea?
Something that'll make her fond of you
- She's not to be raped - No rape, of course!
When we are about to rape her, you show up and pan! pan! pan! you kick our asses
Then euah! euah! euah! we are completely beaten up
And then you save the girl with panache
Sir, as I have no money...
Can you accept my card?
Odeng, the owner of Odeng. Moreover, he sells weapons. Rumour says he's Choopung's pupil
There's nothing
Then, it's not possible?
You can have soup
Thank you
Lara. Remember Lara Croft. But here, she's lesbian. She's powerful, but mentally unstable
MM & Hallow point, 4 magazines
Miss... Take me as your pupil
I can do washing
And I can do cooking
Also, I can do chinese noodles
My Tangsooyuk is an art. I'll do everything you ask
I can even do massages
Hey, I don't like boys. Especially ugly boys
Take me with you!
Don't leave! Don't leave!
Take me with you!
Are you ready to feel my warm heart?
Shall we begin our love night?
Sir, buy a lighter!
Hey morons! You're not even worth a dog on heat!
What are you doing to this girl...
Who are you?
Who are you?
Hey, human beings like a crow trembling in the dark!
You'll see!
Listen to me carefully, you worthless dogs on heat!
Stop hiding in the dark. From now on, be honest!
Are you hurt?
Sir, buy a lighter
Don't thank me. Don't ask my name
He's asking for you
Buy a lighter! A lighter
Let's go
Kill her! Go kill her!
It's me. Big Sister
Hey take your hands off
- Where are they? - There, at the nightclub
At the nightclub?
Gansters always go to nightclubs
Go to 44 Boulevard, there's an hospital
Oh Sadness. Boss of the Sadness gang. As he loved the girl, he killed Ka Jun-O. She cursed him since then
Where were you? Hey?
In the toilets. I often have diarrhea
I'm sorry
Find and kill them
Yes. Yes
A call from System
Beware the boy with Lara. It's not a normal connection
It could well be a virus. Get rid of him first
If you go to the Hospital, 0% chance to win Do you want to go?
Who are you?
Throw your ID card away. It's a tracking system
Tracking system?
$10 per minute for any information Today, it's free
True information given. Choopung
Sir What about my ID card?
Buy a lighter
A lighter
Buy a lighter
Buy a lighter I can no.. not.. wa'k.. I'm hungr...
Then inhale the lighter's gas...
Ka Jun-O. The girl's first love. The musician who marked her memories
It's difficult then to gain the girl's love
What's the matter little girl?
A lighter...
Alright I buy them all
Don't buy!
Go away! I told you not to buy
This moment won't come back once it's gone
Don't think
Like an island
Like the wind
Like the wave
Like the flower
Joo thinks she's saying his name
He has no ID card. The program's in danger. Find and kill him
That's the first and last time I let you go as a friend
What happened?
Did you miss him or let him go?
Who is it?
It's dangerous here. Go to Man-Li restaurant
True information given. Choopung The expert who created the System
After being betrayed by System, he's hiding... waiting for the moment
Which moment? The moment to take System back...
Chinese Restaurant Man-Li
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