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Subtitles for Resurrection of the little match girl CD2.

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Resurrection of the little match girl CD2

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What are you doing in here? Get out.
You can get a lighter anywhere, who will buy it?
Just sell food as I do!
This afternoon, the Little Match Girl has murdered people on the street
A L.M.G. (Little Match Girl) bug is out there
Work even in your dream
The Angels House. The world's most pleasant orphanage
God, make everyday the same as today
Help me blame myself rather than accusing someone
Help me see my sins rather than criticize other people
Give me wisdom and courage to fight against evils
Let my body be the embodiment of your power
As I walked the sacred place, with great noises the 7 angels appeared
"Go back to earth to knock over the 7 bowls of God's wrath"
Then one angel holding one of the bowls said...
Wonjang Manager of the "Angels House"
Both president of the association keepers of virginity
And vice-president of the organisation for the protection of teenagers
In case of emergency come to the quay next to the market. Choopung
Since I haven't got my ID, I can't eat or buy weapons anymore
Because I ran, fuck, I'm going crazy!
What should I do?
Should I die like this?
You know the price per minute for my information...
You told me to throw my ID away!
Hey kid, I saved your life. How dare you...
Go to Odeng, ask him for a mackerel
Arrest the Little Match Girl, we have to reprogram her
We see the girl machine-gunning people around tzeu tzeu tzeu
It's so cool, she fires without reserve
- She's cute! - She's really cute!
L.M.G. I love you!
Spread out! Spread out! Spread out!
Take him to the hospital quickly
Don't shoot!
Can you take another taxi? my service is finished
Starting the milometer...
I have many mouths to feed
Taxi 78... 78
- Move your gun off me - Taxi 78...
- We have a serious situation - Taxi 78...
- What's happening? - Taxi 78...
I warn you, taxi 78...
Stop it! Stop it!
Can't you hear, stop now!
Bastards, they order me to stop.
They're still in short pants, and they command me!
Hey you bastards, how old are you? Miss don't you worry
Who I am? I'm a real pilot.
All the taxis know me. Here we go...
Catch me!
Look a this, they can't even drive
You're prettier than on TV
Are you the Match Girl?
You know, you're famous among the taxis, we say you're beautiful
We may even create a fan club...
Miss, aren't we getting on well together? The two of us?
I have an idea... What do you say, we work together?
She's gone!
Up there!
A mackerel. Give me a mackerel!
Where do you come from?
Choopung sends me
Sir, forgot about my Kimbap?
Give it now!
We must take her alive.
Approach without firing until she runs out of ammunition.
- Now she's targeting her head - Wait!
Back off!
- Why can't you just catch her? - We can hardly approach her
I think her machine gun is empty. But we can't be sure about the gun
She threatens to blow her head off if the soldiers come closer
Let me go up and convince her
I'll check if she has a bullet left
In that case, she'll shoot me
She hates me
Don't follow me
Here he comes, we're moving towards her
I don't mind dying. I'd rather die by your hands
But I didn't kill the singer
What killed him...
Was the System
Kill Oh Sadness!
Killer F.A. is arrested, and sent to System
As both sides of this road are protected by the canal and swamp
We can only get inside through this way
To me, breaking in through the main door is best
Once inside, your destiny relies on the yellow doors you pick
We know neither the inside shape nor it's material
We have no precise information about the internal structure
Choopung created it, but nobody knows the System, it's perfect
- You are Choopung? - Yes
True, I created it but there's no limit between game and real life
For real and fake are continuously blending
Like the climate, it changes and recreates itself
Sure the mackerel will help you
But it's not efficient inside
The odds to get into System's core...
1 to over 100 000
With luck
Ahh, it's deadly!
You must communicate with F.A. by telepathy until you see her
It's the only force that will guide you inside the System
A kind of spiritual language
You must acquire a telepathy ability of higher level
That's why I chose you
Steady your heart
Until everything is still
Fishing is the best way to reach this state
Don't use any bait
Once your heart is serene everything reflects in your mind
Catch the fish with your heart
Even forget the girl
So that nothing disturbs your heart
Just watch the hook
Master Choopung... I did it... with no bait
Here's the legendary Mackerel...
It's pseudonym is mackerel. Mackerel!
108 108 108...
The weapon can fire 108 times. Of course it depends on the owner
But save her ernergy, for the unexpected
- Keep the words in mind - It's only a toy
True, it used to be a toy. It's easier to hide
The important thing... The batteries
Light! Wind!
The power of light
Of wind
Energies that never dry up, like nature
It's a joke
Its power is tied to its owner's heart
Which means...
Which means...
Its power is the reflection of its owner's spirit
In fact, the spirit and the material make one
That's why the mackerel has no trigger
- There's no trigger? - Sure
Choopung! Nice to see you.
They located our position
The lighthouse is surrounded. Surrender peacefully
- Take the gun and go! - What about you?
I have something to do first
Hurry! Get out!
5 seconds before explosion
You want to erase and blow the System?
Odeng. What about master Choopung?
You show up at the right time
Sis! You look good. So you reconnected?
What? Bastard If not for Odeng, I'd be dead
Forgive me
Where are you running?
You left me dying! Asshole!
Don't you know who I am?
Lara, stop it now!
If not for Odeng you'd be dead by now
Odeng saved my life Hurry in
Good bye
- And you? aren't you coming? - I'll sell Odengs
- Brother Odeng! - What? Call me Big brother.
Big brother, is master dead?
Hurry up
Get in quickly!
Good luck to you
Big brother, good bye!
Access forbiden
- Sis, how does it work? - Shut up
What are you doing? I'm driving now
- Hey, are they all dead? - You're deadly!
Me? Try it! Try for yourself
I never used such a thing
Didn't you practised on video games? Go on. It's the same
- Can't find this in game centers - Hey throw grenades first
What's that?!
- Lara! - Should have used it earlier!
Nerver mind. Go. Hurry up!
- Comment? - Go! I can reconnect
If they come, it's all over. Hurry
Save the girl!
Good bye
Strange! How come he never loses track?
It's the girl!
She's communicating. Increase the correction level
It's me. Joo!
It's me!
- Are you mad? - It's only a game
Think it's only a game?
I've let you go by friendship
Are you my friend? Fuck you
Fuck I almost died
Joo. You'll never be up to my skills to kill me
Sorry, but you must die
Good bye my friend!
It's me who's sorry. You'll be my hostage
Walk in front of me if you don't want me to kill you
Why are you running?
Think I'll kill you? Walk!
I said walk, bastard!
Let him in
So you made it here
You're a great gamer You're the first one to get here
But it's too late
The reprogramming of L.M.G. is done. She won't even recognize you
So, do you want to reconnect?
But remember. You can never come back here
Thanks to you, we have found and killed Choopung
You've been of great help. I thank you.
Do you have something to say, Bug?
Save the girl's life
She won't die
She'll live as the Little Match Girl
Take the Girl away!
End N2 The last obstacle
Start again?
Fuck! I almost made it
What was your rank?
3 dollars, please
Good bye
First choice Crap ending version
Second choice Happy ending version
Do you have something to say, Bug?
Can I give her the lighter back? It's no use now
That's kind of you. I allow it
You sold me this lighter Take it back
I love you
Take the girl away
Kill this man right away! So he can never reconnect again
She doesn't remember anything
Is this her good or bad fortune?
How did we survive?
Maybe Odeng prepared a boat for us?
Then did we change for a bigger boat?
Or did we take a ship?
I think I saw a ship
Maybe we're not even on earth?
As we were given no name, there's no name here
What day is today?
But on our bank account, a lot of money from the System is wired
Then perhaps we're on earth after all
Anyway, we're happy
Director JANG Sun-Woo
Subtitles by Soojin & Jae
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