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Return To Me

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% Return to me
Oh my dear, I'm so lonely
Hurry back, hurry back
Oh my love, hurry back, I'm yours
Return to me
For my heart wants you only
Hurry home, hurry home
Won't you please hurry home to my heart?
My darlin'
lfl hurt you I'm sorry
Forgive me
And please say you are mine
Return to me
Please come back, bella mia
Hurry back, hurry home
To my arms, to my lips, to my heart
Shame we've got to put roofs on 'em.
All right, Bill, I'm goin' home. See you, buddy.
Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, mio cuor
- See you, Big Mike. - Hey, Bob. Have fun tonight.
As always!
So this is what I'm gonna say - I'm gonna get up on the podium
and I'm gonna say, "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen."
"Tonight I'm speaking on behalf of my friend Sydney..."
And, um... Sydney, I'm really nervous.
- But do you care? - Liz?
I knew I'd find you here.
Sydney, how you doin', brother?
I need your signature here so I can change the polar bear's diet.
It's already five. I'll check the calf. Just go home and get ready, OK?
Thanks. Bob's picking up my dress, I have stockings, I have to take Mel for a run.
My hair, make-up... God, I'm so nervous!
You'll be fine. At the worst you forget your speech and we don't get any donations.
- Don't even say that. - Just kiddin'.
Oh, look at him, Charlie. We'd go nuts in a place this small.
I know. But we're workin' on it.
Wish me luck, Sydney.
He only does that with you.
- Who are you bringing tonight? - Haven't decided. Still got two hours.
Don't shake.
No, no, no, don't!
Oh, wet dog. Come on, let's do it. Wet doggie!
Good boy! You hungry? Let's eat.
Let's go, Mel. She'll be home any minute.
Come on. Come on and eat. Let's eat.
Ooh, this looks good!
Go get some dinner. Come on, come on!
Dinner! Come on!
All right, she'll be home in a minute.
- Hi, my baby! - Hey, babe.
Hey, honey! It's pouring out.
- Did you get my dress? - Yeah, picked it up from the cleaners.
We're on schedule.
Mel, I'm so nervous.
I took Mel out.
In your tux? Honey, your pants are soaked.
- Tell Mel to eat. - Mel, eat!
You are cute!
Spend all day with an ape, what do you expect?
Under our care at Lincoln Park Zoo
Sydney has regained his strength and maintained excellent health.
Over the years Sydney has become a part ofthe family.
Here he is with my husband.
My husband's the one on the right.
With the generous donations we've received tonight,
along with continued fund-raising, hint hint,
I hope - we hope - to expand the gorilla habitat to triple its size.
Thank you all for your tremendous support, and enjoy the evening.
Elizabeth Rueland. Thank you, Dr Rueland.
Let's hear it for the doctor.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr Joey Gian!
Good evening.
Speaking ofanimals, the band and I have worked up something special.
So let's get this party started.
ln the village, the peaceful village, the lion sleeps tonight
ln the village, the quiet village, the lion sleeps tonight
Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh
"What do you expect most from a relationship?"
"A) Companionship, B) Sex or C) Respect?"
I'd go with B, but let's put C so we get a higher score. What do you think?
I think...
What do you need? ls it your neck? I'll move the pillow.
Your back? I can raise you up.
Very funny. You almost gave me a heart attack - excuse the expression.
Meg, you can go home.
To what? My cable's out.
Joe and the kids.
They're OK.
It's good for him to be with them when they're comin' down from the sugar.
He usually fuels them up and then they detox on my shift.
Well, you've seen it!
Promise me you'll take care of my grandpa.
What's got you talkin' like that?
I may never get a heart. You know?
I know you'll get one. I know.
You'll be able to do things you were never able to. Concentrate on that.
Think about it, Grace. Picture ridin' a bike.
Yeah, ridin' a bike.
That's what you need to think about. Travelling, painting in Europe
and dating handsome men! It's got to happen to one of us.
I'm getting a new heart, not a new ass.
Bob... excuse me... Bob Rueland!
Mr Bennington. I didn't see you or I would have stopped and said hello.
- Elizabeth's speech was wonderful. - I'll go tell her that.
I suppose she told you about our sizeable donation?
- My... Mrs... - Mrs Bennington?
My wife gave, you know... strictly anonymously.
Of course. Very generous. I'll let Elizabeth know.
We also gave a chunk to the rainforest. And before I knew it, I was on a safari!
Can you imagine me on safari, Bob?
No, I cannot.
I was. Me and the missus, hackin' through the bush.
- Charlie? - Hey, Bob! Mr Bennington!
Charlie, did you hear about my sizeable donation?
The anonymous one. Yes, I have.
- She loves this song. - Apparently.
- We don't want keep you, so... - Stay, I'm going to put on more lipstick.
Is that possible?
- I'll go with you. - To the ladies' room?
You got big news for Mr B, don't you? Mr B, Charlie's got big news for you.
- What news? - What are you...?
Because of that donation, they'll hang a picture of you in the monkey house.
- I'm touched. - It's an honour.
It's not official - I have to run it by a couple of guys. I can do that right now.
You two have a lot to discuss. So why don't you just stay and...?
Listen, Charlie, would you ever consider
- a mural, maybe? - A mural.
We love it there. My mother's family is from Tuscany so it's like going home.
That's so sweet.
You must come out some time. Our place is at the edge of a magnificent vineyard.
Everything's at the edge of a vineyard. It's Tuscany.
- Mrs Rueland. - Hey, stranger.
Honey, you remember Celia and Tony.
We were telling Elizabeth about our place in ltaly.
- We meant to go on our honeymoon. - Sydney wouldn't have stood the flight.
I promise you we'll go to ltaly - eventually.
That's big. If that's a promise, I'll take that.
- Where are you vacationing this year? - We're going to a water theme park.
That'll be nice.
It's a joke, Celia.
I promised my wife that we'd dance tonight, Tony, so if you'll excuse us...
- Certainly. - It was wonderful to see you both.
Good night.
It's a little crowded out here right now. Let's wait for the next song.
So really... how was l?
You were perfect. With the backlighting you could see right through your dress.
No, you were wonderful. Really. I'm so proud of you.
Don't be too proud. Poor Sydney's still stuck in that small space.
Tell you what. If you promise you'll take time off for a trip to ltaly with me
I promise to build Sydney a new home, with or without the rest of the funding.
Come on. You can stand on my feet.
Return to me
Oh my dear, I'm so lonely
Hurry home, hurry home
Won't you please hurry home to my heart
My darling
lfl hurt you I'm sorry
Forgive me
And please say you're mine
Return to me
We got a female, 34, car accident. Hit on the right side.
Head trauma, unconscious at the scene, never regained.
Get Westfall into scrub.
- Name? - Any allergies?
Sir? Her name.
- Sir? - Eli-Elizabeth Rueland.
Sorry, sir. You can't go in.
You're going to have to wait here.
We're going to try to help her.
Return to me
Cara mia, ti amo
Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu
Mi' amor
- Andiamo. Get that while it's hot. - I got it, Marty.
- Aah, sure I'll get it myself. - Suit yourself, baby.
Where's Sophie?
She got a perm today. Her scalp is still burning. She went home early.
Oh, of course she did. Why did I ask?
Will you go find yourself a gondola?
Pick up.
Now then, Nancy darlin'...
It looks massive but you'll get through it.
Thank you.
Marty, how is Gracie doing?
Oh, fine, you know. We... we're all waiting.
- Are you still keeping up the rosary? - Every night.
- Give her our love. - Oh, I will, of course. Of course I will.
I can do that. Where are the three chicken Vesuvios?
- Already served them, Marty. - Thank you very much. Grazie.
Oh, you've got it, haven't you?
You have? Thanks be to God and all the saints in heaven!
Let me talk to her.
I'll be right over. Here's Angelo now.
Call everybody up now!
You got a heart, huh?
What, like an hour into it?
Someone will come out and tell you intermittently. Excuse me.
He's here.
- You're here. - Isn't she beautiful?
Grandpa, thank you for always taking care of me.
And if I don't come out...
I love you so much.
You've got to come out. If those tulips you planted come up
and see only me standin' there, they'll go back into the ground again.
Thanks. Give me a kiss.
OK, folks.
- Here we go. - Pray, Grandpa.
We'll take good care of her.
- I'll see you later. - Yes.
I got to walk Mel.
I left the hospital a few hours ago. I came by and took him to the park.
- I'm gonna stay. - No.
I'll pick your parents up from the airport in the morning.
If you need anything, you call me. I'll be here in two minutes.
Thank you, Charlie.
She's not coming home, Mel.
Blessed Michael the Archangel, who protects in battle,
and this is the greatest battle of our lives...
My wife never thought much of you but you were always my favourite saint.
Cos you're a battler, you're a fighter. Well,
fight for us now, Michael. Fight for us.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.
Adam Martin Dayton, what is that?
Cherry pop.
- Sophie, did you give him wine? - Angelo...
Angelo, what are you doin' to me?
- It's... tranquilliser. - Great(!)
So sue me. Now they're drunk and disorderly.
Is that funny, Dad?
Stop it right now, both of you. Joe!
- Joe... - What?
Help me out. Take the kids to your mom's. It's one in the morning.
- Here, Emmett. Nourish yourself. - Thank you.
Could I have milk?
Tyler, I want all your brothers up here.
I'll only buy more.
- Let's go. - I wanna stay and see the new heart.
You'll see it when it comes home. Come on.
No stopping anywhere. You come straight back here.
- I'll stop at a lap-dancing bar. - That's funny(!)
- Where's Marty? - Dad, where's Marty?
In the chapel, honey.
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...
Want me to shuffle for you?
- Want to ante a quarter? - Yes. I do.
This guy you're talkin' about, he can't sing at all.
- How come he's got such a big band? - To drown him out.
Wally, stay out of this.
How many famous Polish singers are there?
I got two words for you: Bobby Vinton.
Bobby Vinton?! Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vinton!
Well, what have you got? The lrish Rovers?
I got three words for you.
Mr Bing Crosby.
He made a lovely priest.
But he beat the hell out of his kids.
Doesn't mean he couldn't sing. Sinatra beat up everybody.
Frank did not. His people did, he did not.
Look at Dean Martin.
The guy never hit anybody.
What about Jerry? But he was askin' for it.
The point is: we got Frank, we got Dean, we got Perry Como,
Vic Damone, Bobby Darin,
Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti,
we got Beniamino Gigli, we got the composers!
Verdi, Leoncavallo!
- Millions. - That's right. A dynasty.
- I'm not bragging, but... - You're not?
You're not bragging?
Christ, he goes on for a half hour.
Oh, come on.
- I'll take you to the doctor in my Caddy. - No thanks, I'll take my bike.
- Let him take you. Suppose it rains? - Then I'll get wet.
Then you'll be sick.
Gracie, settle this: best male singer, dead?
Dean Martin.
- Frank! - Bing.
Bobby Vinton!
Now, go straight to your appointment, then you go to meet Megan.
If your plans change, telephone me.
I may stop off at the Pussycat Club. One of their strippers quit.
Don't say strippers. God's listening to you.
It's been over a year. You can hardly see it.
Nice try, Angelo. I just don't like all the questions.
Tell everybody you're the luckiest girl in the world.
I know, Grandpa.
You're beautiful - and no one's going to notice your chest.
Thanks a lot(!)
- I'll see you later. - Bye, Grace!
Ride on the sidewalk, now.
Leave her alone.
Stop in at the church as you go by.
She's thanked God enough already.
You're going to be a long while in purgatory.
Really? Well, I'll be with friends.
God's listening to that.
All right, guys...
Now, out of respect we gotta give honourable mention to Sammy Davis Jr.
He only had one eye, so... what else can I tell ya?
- He was lrish, you know. - Are you blind? He was Jewish.
Whatever. Somethin' didn't fit.
This is hard for him.
Everyone he's ever loved has died. I'm all he has, he's all I have.
- Morning, Grace. - Hey, Alice.
Everything's looking very good. How are you feeling?
- Good. Happy. Of course I'm happy. - Good.
- What else am I gonna be? - Well, we all have our days.
Add those to your morning meds.
I don't feel like I should have "days".
I should be happy just to be alive - and I am.
I'm alive cos someone else is dead.
I should just shut up and be happy, right?
You can get dressed. See you next month. Say hi to your grandfather.
He's a great listener(!)
- What, honey? - Nothing.
Tom, what the hell is goin' on?
- It's not my department. - Whose is it?
- My guys worked 18 hours. - At time and a half. I'm cryin' for ya(!)
- You got the best guys here. - I don't give a shit.
I got to take a break.
You're on Wabash at 3 o'clock - new beams goin' in.
Keep up.
- Mail it, Grace. You'll feel better. - I know. I want to.
Every time I go to do it, l... I can't.
I don't know why not. It's anonymous.
It says you're grateful. I'd want to get it if I lost someone I loved. Wouldn't you?
Yeah, but... it just seems so strange.
Sending a thank-you note for a heart.
It seems so...
..not enough.
- Won't you feel worse not sending it? - Yeah. I mean, I always have it.
And it's been a year, so drop it in and move on. I'm sure they have.
Let it go.
Everybody clap for Auntie Grace. She just mailed a very important letter.
- Mom, look at the cool truck! - Yeah. Oh, look at that.
- Look at their arms. - Yeah. Wow!
OK, come on - gorillas.
Karson, your pants are falling down.
These are Adam's. He has your pants on.
That's all right. Come on, Laura.
Laura, stay in front of Mommy all the time while we're here.
Aunt Grace, are you OK?
Yeah. Whatever it was, it didn't hurt.
Let's try it. See if we can get him to come over.
- "H"... - Here he comes!
Look, Mom, he likes us.
- Doesn't he remind you of Daddy? - He looks bigger than Daddy.
- Do you see? - That's kinda sweet.
Bob, don't go in there. I just talked to 'em!
OK, guys, here's the deal.
My wife wanted this building up years ago, so we're way behind schedule.
First of all, you: artificial trees are not planted.
I'm asking for an additional 50 feet to build aroundthe existing oaks.
And I will leave plenty of room for your godforsaken souvenir shop.
If you don't approve, I'm taking my men and it's over. I don't need the work
and I'm certainly not here for the money. I'm here because of my wife.
Have you got it?
Thanks for yellin' and screamin'. Now I gotta go in and clean everything up.
You want to get a drink? Somethin' to shake this off?
- Come on! Let's go get a beer. - Thanks, Charlie. No.
Well, if not tonight, Friday night. Because I got somebody for you.
Charlie, no.
She's got a great body: attorney, great body, intelligent...
You gotta start goin' out! She loves animals - her cat was a patient of mine.
I'm a dog person.
I'm just trying to help you.
- Dan, you got 'em! - It's the first time I'm wearing 'em.
- You look good. - Feelin' good.
- Need some help? - I think I'll be OK.
Look at you!
- Where are you goin'? - I don't know.
Thanks. I took Mel out.
Put the mail next to the phone. On the pile.
Thanks, buddy. See you later.
Come on, Mel.
Any calls?
You have no messages.
Wanna eat?
- Hi. - Hi, Mr Rueland.
Hey, Mel!
- There you go. - Thanks. See you tomorrow night.
- Yeah. - Bye. Bye, Mel!
Come on. In the kitchen.
I got you some rice.
Here we go.
You're gonna eat in here today.
Come on. Come on.
I'm not doin' this any more. We're goin' back to eatin' in the kitchen.
Goddammit, Mel, come on back here and eat in the kitchen like a normal person!
Good boy, good boy. Come on, let's go.
To the kitchen. Let's go. That's it. Follow me.
There's a good boy.
Good boy. You made it halfway.
You gotta snap out of it, buddy.
Charlie, it's Bob.
I'm gonna go out with you on Friday, all right?
Yeah, you heard me.
O'Reilly's ltalian restaurant?
Where is that?
Ah, Marie
Ah, Marie!
Big finish, Grandpa!
I'm still trying to get them to play "Danny Boy".
All right, I got a chicken Vesuvio and a corned beef and cabbage - no butter.
All right, darlin'.
Now... don't eat that.
Oh, my God!
Save it for the ltalians. I know you love me.
Can we afford it?
Angelo says a true artist must paint in the Pissa Navona.
Piazza Navona!
- You know, l... I could go over with you. - Sure, yeah.
- Marty, let her go alone. - Or... you wouldn't have to go at all...
- She'll be fine. - I'm gonna go.
She's never before been on an aeroplane and Rome is far away.
- She'll be fine. You paid for the ticket. - We'll discuss it later on.
- Ange. Two more, hon. - Sophie, he gave her the ticket!
You couldn't wait till I was here?
She had the same look on her face then as she has now. Show her.
I miss everything!
Well, the customers out there are missing you, so...
Can I at least look at it?
Here, look.
Don't touch it!
- Look how much it cost. - It's so beautiful!
- You deserve it, sweetie. - She does indeed.
- Oh, well. All right, let's go. - Thank you.
All right, back to work.
Thank you, Grandpa.
Angelo, thank you!
How did you talk him into it?
My goodness! I'm so proud of him.
He loves you so much, he's like an ltalian mamma!
I can't wait to tell Megan. She's gonna flip out.
I got another surprise for you.
- He is here. - Who's he?
The guy I was telling you about. He's at the bar, waitin' to meet you.
- Oh, Angelo... - Don't worry. I told him everything.
- I told him you had your chest worked on. - What?!
- Angelo, he's gonna think I had a... - What?
It doesn't matter. He's a terrific guy. In fact, he had a transplant too.
Coraggio - go on.
My doctors - they say it's a solid transplant.
Look how natural it looks. Go ahead, give it a tug.
- No, that's OK. - Oh, come on, give her a tug!
Good evening, sir.
- Are you staying or leaving or what? - I'm staying.
Thank you very much.
My man, Bobby!
This is Marsha.
- Come on! - I have bacon fat on my hands.
It's OK. I can wash it, shower in it, swim. Come on, give it a good pull!
- I don't want to hurt you. - It's OK! I'm fine.
- OK. - Ow, ow!
- You picked a soft spot. - Sorry.
Gracie, mind the four-top over there, will you?
Yeah, I will.
OK, well, it was really nice to meet you.
- Good luck... with your hair. - Thank you.
Hey, Patrick. Wanna grab on with two hands and run for the door?
- No, Ralph. I don't touch men. - It's women's hair.
And then I said, "It's Squeaker, my kitty!"
Everyone was laughing! Ah-ha-ha! Oh!
That's when I met Charlie. He was the only vet open.
- Funny story. - Where are the menus? What's going on?
Squeaker won't let another vet touch him.
Yeah, well, I better not hear about anybody else touching your squeaker.
I didn't mean to say that.
- I really like this place. It's nice. - Oh, well, if you like this kind of place.
Everything here is good. That's the beauty of it.
Oh my gosh, look at us, matchy green. "Matchy matchy green squared!"
I'll take care of that.
Thank you very much.
Could you hang this up behind you?
- Yeah. - Thank you.
So, Rob, Charlie tells me you work at the zoo.
Wait a minute - he doesn't work there. Bob is there building. Bob's a builder.
The new building on State Street? Bob's.
- You own it? - No. No, I designed it.
Good evening.
No, no, no. Do you have bottled water?
Sure. Anyone else?
- May I have a wine list? - Sure.
Do we know each other?
I think so. Have you been in here before?
- I'd remember an lrish-ltalian restaurant. - Yeah, you would.
Oh, my God - blah, blah, blah. My water?
I don't want Swiss water. I got sick on that once, remember?
Ach, that was awful. That was so bad.
As long as it's not Swiss or tap water. Preferably French, no bubbles.
I want it cold - no ice, no glass, just the bottle and a straw.
Do you want to write it down? I don't want Swiss water...
I'm pretty sure I got it.
I'm sorry. Can I get a coffee?
- Sure. - No straw.
- I hate when they don't write it down. - It will be wrong.
Maybe she'll get it right.
It's not gonna happen.
Nope, not me.
- Not me. - No.
I think your ass is ringing.
I usually don't bring it.
Mike! Excuse me, I gotta take this.
What do you think?
Patrick, can you gimme an Aquafina?
That's good, Mike. The welder can work four days for us and one day at the zoo.
Either way they get paid under the original contract.
Who else is on the clock?
Um... no, no, that sounds good. I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Hold on! Can you call me back in three minutes and whatever I say, disregard it?
So the old man goes, "How many times I gotta tell you,
I don't want no brown bananas?"
- Wine lists. - That's a good one.
- I bet that's refreshing. - Such a difference!
- Yes. - There you go.
It's about time.
I'm doing a new food combination, so I don't need something...
- Our specials are chicken Vesuvio... - Please!
I'm around them all day.
I didn't mean to...
I'm a vet. You know?
And a corned beef and cabbage soufflé and a spinach ravioli, my favourite.
- I'll have that. - That sounds so fattening.
- Well, just order something else. - Is every dish here cooked in oil?
No. Some we boil in Swiss water.
- We're gonna need another minute. - OK.
- We should get that smartass fired. - She's fine.
No, that is not fine. That was uncalled-for.
- Get out of the way, Patrick. - We're getting compliments on the pasta.
Why wouldn't we? Angelo's the best ltalian chef in Chicago.
Angelo! Three more shepherd's pies, if you please.
Oh, that's me. That's mine.
Rueland. Hey, Mike.
I'm just havin' dinner.
No. No, that's not a problem.
If I have to be there I have to be there. See you in five minutes.
- Where? - The Wabash building.
- They're working on a Friday night? - Can you believe that?
- No. - It's an emergency. I gotta be there.
- It was nice to meet you, Marla. - Marsha.
- And Shari? - Yeah, that's it.
I apologise, and... have fun.
- Is everything OK? - Oh, yeah. Fine. I just got called to work.
Oh, OK. Are your girlfriend and friends staying?
God, that's not my girlfriend. It's not even a friend. Not an acquaintance either.
Yes. They will be staying.
Oh. Hang on a second.
- Soph, what is that? - Ravioli and a side cabbage for pickup.
Here you go, Mr... Atsuki.
It's... on the house.
Come back again.
Thank you.
Ticket, sir? Thank you, sir.
Buona sera, signorina, buona sera
It is time to say good night to Napoli
Though it's hard for me to whisper buona sera
With that old moon above and the Mediterranean sea
- What are you doin'? - I got a call. I gotta go.
- You're already out. It's Friday night. - I know.
Drink some wine. Enjoy the evening.
I can't. I gotta go to work. I'm sorry.
- Thank you. - I know you're goin' home.
I'm not goin' home. I gotta go to work.
Yeah, yeah, right(!)
- Grace? Umbrella. - Oh. Thanks.
Another set of keys. Oh...
I found this phone on the bar earlier. Nice, huh?
Buona sera, signorina
Kiss me good night
According to these plans... are we only enclosing the one oak tree?
No, I got a newer set of plans in my office. We'll work Saturdays.
- We are working Saturdays! - I'll get the new set of plans.
I'll take this home. My kids love colouring between the lines on these.
- Hey, Bob, could I see the new plans? - Yeah. Sure. Right here.
- These'll be the last set, right? - Yes.
Oh, yeah.
Did anybody call back about my phone?
Oh, yeah, the restaurant. They have it.
- Who called? - The restaurant.
- No, l... who from the restaurant? - I don't know. Some woman.
- Young or old? - I don't know!
- I'll send one of the guys to go get it. - No, I'll swing by there later.
That's cute.
Will you stop with the piano?
I'll go in the fall.
- Here's the baby pig pen. - OK.
The mommy has ten baby bottles coming out of her tummy.
That's cute.
Stop with the piano!
- What? I'm not playing it. - But you...
What else did you see at the zoo?
Then we went to see the gorillas and mommy said it was you.
Oh, I did not! I did not!
- Did she take you to see the elephants? - Watch it, Joe!
- Did you change him? - Yeah, I'm gonna.
Get up and change him. What have you been doing?
- I've been saving lives all day, honey. - Very funny.
- I'll change him. - No, Grace, I got it.
- Joe, get up and do it right now. - I got it, Grace. I'll do it.
- Megan... - What?!
I invited Rudy over. To meet Grace.
Father Rudy?
He's not a priest any more.
To me he always will be. Joe, she'll meet someone on her own.
Where? She's here on every one of her nights off.
- He's a nice guy. - It doesn't matter!
It's not easy to dance when no one's leading.
Now help me clean up the puzzle!
- Here's the barn. Barn's gone! - What's goin' on?
Nothing. Joe invited somebody over - Iike a blind date for you.
- What?! - It's not a date.
He's comin' over for dinner, that's it.
- I gotta find my scarf. - Better hurry!
- I already told him you've had work done. - What?!
She's not a Buick.
He understands, he's OK with it. He's a priest!
- A priest? - Yup.
An ex-priest. What's the big deal? He's never dated, you've never dated.
- Grace has dated. - Who? Chooch Patucci?
- I never dated Chooch! - That's a date?
You dated Chooch Patucci?!
Don't say that name in this house.
- It's all right, Megan. - Do you hate priests, Aunt Grace?
- No, honey. - Cos if you do you'll go straight to hell.
Your mouth!
- That's great, Joe. You taught him "hell". - I did not. You picked it up from Mom.
- I never said "hell", you son of a bitch. - Just back off.
Oh, shit! Father Rudy's here.
- Don't say "shit" in front of the priest. - Shit! Shit!
Would everyone just calm down, for the love of God and all that is holy?
Calm the hell down!
Stop playing that.
- Shut that thing off. - No, no... Dad...!
Good night, Nurse!
For Christ's sake, he's just a man!
I'm not used to being without it yet, Joe.
Come on in.
- There she is. - Oh, boy!
Dinner, I mean.
I'll call my friend and see where he's at.
Where you at?
You ran away last night, you don't show up tonight...
I'm sorry, Charlie, I'm just not feelin' up to it.
I don't know, maybe somethin' I ate.
I'm just going to... I'm gonna kick back, take it easy, maybe go to bed early.
- What you doin'? - Now? Watching the Cubs game.
- What's the score? - The score? Oh, it's, uh...
It's... the Cubs are losin'.
Mr Rueland?
Dan the man!
Bob the slob - just kidding.
Maybe you could clean up the place.
I don't think you could afford me.
How do I look?
Tall, yeah.
Oh, Megan, it was fine. You know... He was a nice guy.
- Well, at least we had a few laughs. - Yeah, we did.
Did you notice how he was afraid to even let me lift a plate of potatoes?
No, I think he was just being polite.
No, but it's like as soon as they know, they think of me as broken.
I think they see you as a kind, loving woman that's beaten unbeatable odds.
- That's the way I see you. - Urrgghh!
OK, Tyler, come on!
The right guy will know. Trust me.
Can't have Joe helping. The way he describes your surgery'd scare anyone!
Tonight. They're asleep. We can do it!
What did he say?
He's saying he's sorry about tonight, so please forgive him.
Left. Step up. Good boy.
- Goddammit! - Oh, dear.
- Goddammit! - Megan!
I'm right here. Take it easy.
- Dad, I want some water. - You can't have water.
- He can have water. - He'll wet the bed and who'll change it?
- I do, damn it. - OK, potty mouth's gonna change it.
Come on, honey, get up there. You're going to sleep - for ever!
- Stop, it'll be in their heads all night. - I'll put something in their heads!
- Dad, what are you doing? - I'm trying to put Mom to bed too.
- Grandpa, you need some help? - No darlin', not at all.
I'm blessed with work.
- Sweet dreams, Gracie Alana. - Good night, Grandpa.
Best female singer.
- Dead or alive? - Either.
- Ella Fitzgerald, easy. - Now I can agree with that.
I agree.
- I still take Banks over Cobb. - Don't be ridiculous.
You can't mix your dream team from different eras.
- Is this a new rule? - You can't mix living and dead players.
Ty Cobb was the greatest ball player ever.
- A great player, but an animal. - I'd still take Ernie Banks over Ty Cobb.
Know how many came to his funeral?
Joe DiMaggio was the classiest of them all.
Apples and oranges - come on, guys. Compare short stop to short stop.
You are either very late or very early. What's your view of it?
I left my cellphone here. Somebody called back. A young lady?
- I'll look for it. Come in and have a beer. - No, thanks.
- Have to get home to the wife, do you? - No.
- You're... you're not married, then? - Mmm... No. Not really.
I hope she didn't walk out on you.
No. No, no, she passed away.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that's very sad.
Oh, I hate to hear that. But anyway...
Come on in, we'll have a pint on that. Meet the lads back here.
Now, this is my friend, uh...
- Bob. - Bob. His wife is dead.
Hey, Robert! How are ya?
That's Wally over there, and this is Emmett. This is my brother-in-law Angelo.
And I'm Marty. So deal him in. Sit down and I'll get you a beer.
Give him a chair, come on!
- Sophie, bring another pitcher of beer. - I'm not real good at cards, but...
- You got cash? - Yeah.
- You're in. - Pay a nickel, take your chances.
Well, I'm on my way home.
- Ah. Hi there. - Oh. Hi.
- How'd you end up in their net? - Sophie...
His wife is dead.
Ah. Welcome.
Who's walkin' me?
You're two doors down. What's gonna happen? Will you get lost?
I hope I do so you have to live with the guilt.
- Oh, yap, yap, yap... - Oh, Sophie, I'll walk you myself!
Don't pay any attention to them.
- Wally, Wally. - You got a lot of class(!)
You should have walked her home. She's sweet on you.
Sweet on me?!
- You should have taken her home. - What?! I've known her 20 years.
- Wally Casanova. - You think she really likes me?
I think she likes you.
- You do? - She was makin' a move.
- You got that impression? - I got that vibe.
- Why do you think she wants you to... - Now here's a guy with a little taste.
I can't depend on you two... hobos.
So everybody's gone for the night?
The bartender, bus boys, waiters, waitresses? You're closed up?
I'm not much of a player but... Willie Mays.
And I believe all these picture cards are a good thing.
- Oh, Jesus! - Gimme a break!
This is your lucky night tonight.
- I gotta go cover my plants. - Wait, wait, wait, Gracie.
Robert, my granddaughter Gracie. Isn't she lovely?
Yes, she is. We spoke last night. I was here with
- the water lady. - Mm-hm, yes. Yes.
- Nice to see you again, Robert. - Bob. Bob's fine.
I'm here because I left my phone and you called back, and...
Oh, yes! I have your pyjamas... phone behind the bar.
I'll get it. Go ahead, cover the plants. Roberto, give her a hand.
- You need a hand? - No.
Should I go?
Yes, yes, go with her.
Yeah, that's very nice.
There they go.
All right!
- I'm gonna play from the hot corner! - Always looking for the edge.
- Marty, what do you wanna play? - Texas Hold'em.
These are really fragile.
- What? - Nothin'.
- I know I look ridiculous. - Oh, no, no. It's a lovely... hat.
I'd take it off, but then I'd have a shower cap head.
You saw my hair last night. Not that you were lookin', but I mean...
We did speak, so maybe you noticed my head. My hair. My head of hair.
Thank you.
I'm sorry you got dragged into this.
You bought me dinner last night. Very good, by the way.
Did you plant all this?
Yeah. There's no rhyme or reason to it. You just let it grow.
It's amazing. I've never seen anything like it right in the middle of the city.
It's like a garden.
- I might have bent that one. - Oh. That's OK.
- I gotta get some more shelves. - Oh, you smell great.
It's the flowers.
Not this particular flower, cos this is a tomato plant - it's all the flowers.
You can just put that down there.
- Did you paint that? - Uh, yeah.
Where is this? Europe?
- Could be. - How many times have you been?
Oh God, none. I've never been anywhere but here.
It's beautiful, wherever it is.
I should take it inside.
I guess I paint places from my dreams.
I bet you can't wait to go to sleep!
Would you go out with me?
- Is that a question? - No, it's a yes. Yes!
- Tomorrow night? - Yes.
- Eight o'clock? - Yes.
- Pick you up here? - Yes.
My, you're a very difficult woman!
You take that inside. I'll finish up here.
I'll find your phone.
They're coming back. Come on, let's get lost.
What? This is the best hand I ever had!
- Don't argue about it. - New shuffle if we relocate.
Emmett, come on.
Get in there, come on. I can't close the doors.
We're not here!
- Who is it? - It's me.
- Who? - It's Grace.
I met someone. I just wanted to tell you.
I gotta go, cos Grandpa doesn't know I snuck out. OK.
- Do you want me to drive you? - No. I have my bike.
She's not the first woman I've noticed as a guy, but as a man...
You know what I mean.
I'm buildin' you a great place.
I don't know what to wear. Do you think black is too za-za-zing?
I'd wear somethin' light. Whatever you wear, just be comfortable.
I have a ten-inch scar down my chest.
If I was gonna be comfortable I'd wear my sweats.
Not a good idea. But whatever you do, don't shave your legs.
- Why? - Then you definitely won't let it go too far.
Megan, it's a first date.
I married a first date, missy. You know how it is.
You're with a guy, you find him attractive, everything they say sounds brilliant.
Hairy legs are your link to reality.
Needlepoint that on a pillow.
I just might. It kept me a virgin until - you know...
- Whenever. - Bye.
I fly to Florida a couple of times a year to visit the folks.
- I can't wait to go on a plane. - You've never been on a plane?
- Well, no, I couldn't. - How come?
Since I was 14 I've...
My grandpa was sick.
I always had to stay close to home so I could take care of him.
God, he seems so healthy now.
Well, he is. Now he's fine. He doesn't even like to talk about it.
I'll remember that. What about your parents?
My mom died when I was five.
I'm sorry. How?
Heart disease.
My dad took off as soon as her illness interfered with his plans.
It was all right. You know...
Grandpa was always the one that'd take care of us anyway.
What'll you have?
- Can I get two scoops? - No.
Of course you can!
Watch your head.
This is the first job I supervised on my own.
I love this building.
That's incredible.
We see all this cos we're standing on something you built.
I had help.
Elizabeth and I were married by the time we were 20.
We'd been dating since we were 1 5, so this may sound a bit juvenile... but...
Can I hold your hand?
- Sometimes it feels like another life. - I know what you mean.
Thanks for... coming out. I had a really nice time tonight.
Yeah. So did l.
- I should give you this. - No.
Keep it. I'll get it back from you next time we go out.
- OK. - It looks good with your blouse anyway.
Oh, God!
I'm so sorry.
- My God, did you see anything? - I wasn't looking.
No, I know. It's because I had a heart...
I had a heart... a heart-warming dream about you.
- Must have been a nightmare. - No, you were very...
- Scary? - Sexy.
- You had a sex dream about me? - No, I didn't...
I didn't have a sex dream about you. I don't even know you.
I'm really sorry.
Good night.
Good night.
Morning, Dennis. Boys.
Good mornin' life, good mornin' sun...
Gee, it's great to be alive and in love
Good mornin' life
Good mornin' birds, sing out, you're happy too
Feel so good, cos I'll be seein' her soon
Boys, you comin'?
Last night she said she loved me
What a pity to part
Hey, it's the new hip!
I wish I could move like that, Wally.
Gee, Wally, which ball is yours?
- Oh, you shutta your trap! - I didn't say anythin'.
Here goes, boys!
He strikes! Yes!
Megan, it's you.
Hey, get up there, Megan.
Megan, how do I look?
- Great. I've never seen you so happy. - I am so hot!
What do you expect in a wool sweater?
- It's cotton. - Go in your lane.
- It's up to here! Just tell him. - I'm gonna.
Where's your ball?
Here we go.
All right! Very good!
I got you some hot chocolate. I thought you might be cold.
All at once I knew what livin' can be
Do you suppose we could get back to the game?
- I'll hold on to it. I'll be right here. - All right.
I'll just... bowl.
Good mornin' life
Can I get a Miller? Bottle, no glass.
Oh, my God!
I'll be a minute.
- All right, make way! - Come on, killer!
Charlie! You made it.
Thanks for comin'.
- I, uh... thought we were meeting at a bar. - There's a bar here.
- What's with the senior citizens? - We're bowlin'. It's good.
- Everybody, this is Charlie. - Hi, Charlie.
Joe, Charlie. This is a good friend of mine.
Emmett, my good friend Charlie.
- Charlie, you in? - Yeah, he's in. Ten spot.
- You for or against? - Uh... for.
For? For? For? Of course.
- What did I just bet on? - Whether Angelo gets a strike or not.
All right!
Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? You're right here!
All right!
- Did I win? - Yeah.
- Great! - Everybody won.
- Here we go. - You're lookin' at your highest score ever.
Which is 67 up to now, Emmett.
- I didn't even know Bob bowled. - He doesn't.
I would like to dedicate this next shot to Grace,
who brought me back to the game after a 25-year absence.
Before I was your beer-runner and milkman,
the last time I bowled was
Andy Jankovsky's 1 3th birthday party.
So Grace,
this shot's for you.
68! 68!
Aaw! It's still
- 66! 66! - Hey, Bob!
- Try the other arm. - I got one more.
- So what do you do? - I'm a vet.
Yeah, I didn't... I didn't go to 'Nam.
That's for you, baby.
I think Sammy Davis Jr is the greatest performer of that group.
- And I like Bill Cosby too. - Well, l...
Oh, oh, oh. And Flip Wilson.
Oh, yeah!
What a wacko.
- This'll be good for about a week. - Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it. See you guys later.
- Bye, Emmett. Bye, guys! - Bye-bye, Charlie!
Poker tonight?
No, Grace and I are going to enjoy a glass of wine, maybe take a walk...
So I'll let you boys hold on to your money.
Don't walk too far now. It's getting very dark out there.
How would you like to take a spin in my Cadillac? I just had it waxed.
I can't handle that machine. It's too much for me. But thank you.
- You need a sweater? - Yes, she does.
I don't need a sweater, OK?
You don't need to go far beyond the yard anyway.
I'm going to have to put the special candle out there that repels all the bugs.
Every species but one!
Marty, what species is that?
It's the sabre-tooth fly.
- The famous candle. - Yup.
Marty, will you get away from the window!
All serene. I think she's going to tell him tonight.
The longer she waits, the harder it's gonna be.
I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, she had a heart transplant.
I went with a girl that had a club foot. She had the big shoe and everything.
- You'll be remembered in heaven for that. - You're a saint.
Bet she had a hell of a personality to put up with you.
He better not hurt her, that's all I've got to say.
What's this?
Everybody's picking on me now!
- Come on, simmer down. - How many cards you want?
Hold it. Let's play some Pavarotti - give 'em a little inspiration.
They don't need any music out there, Angelo.
Wait a minute, how about some Bing?
Bing, no! We need Bobby.
At least play something bearable.
Sorry, excuse me. Look...
They'll make their own music.
Come on. Let me handle this.
- I had a good time tonight. - So did l.
I had a great time.
She likes Dean or Frank.
We need somethin' modern. Don't you have any new albums?
These are all new - the latest thing.
Angelo, you pick out one.
If I pick out one it's Sinatra. Who the hell else is there?
In the beginning... was Sinatra.
And ever shall be Frankie Sinatra, the one and only.
Back in style, though dead.
Frankie! Sing it, baby.
What is this? A baseball game?
- Oh, God, it's a live concert. - That'll work.
- I'll make 'em turn it off. - No. No.
It's nice.
What's goin' on over there?
Let it work its magic.
Or merely the mock?
Oh, no. I'm really not a very good dancer.
You'll be fine.
Or is what I feel the real McCoy?
ls it for all time
Or simply a lark?
ls it Granada I see
Or only Asbury Park?
ls it a fancy not worth thinking of?
Or is it at long
Long last love?
ls it an earthquake
Or simply a shock?
ls it that good turtle soup
Or merely the mock?
- ls it the cocktail - ls it the cocktail
- This feeling of joy? - This feeling ofjoy?
Or is what I feel the real McCoy?
ls it for all time
Or simply a lark?
ls it Granada I see
Or onlyAsbury Park?
ls it a fancy
Not worth thinking of?.
Or is it at long
ls this at long
At long last love?
- Hey, Tommy, did you get that...? - It's all done.
- You don't know what I'm gonna ask you. - We got it done. Trust me.
- Charlie. - Bennington called.
I told him the dedication is gonna be in a couple of weeks.
He's postponing his vacation cos he insists on doing your intro.
Elizabeth would love that, huh?
She would love this.
- You did it. - Took me long enough.
Bob, I'm going to order one more double-glass panel.
No, Jeff. Hold up.
Want to get a beer? Or is tonight bingo(?)
- Take some time off. - Grace wants to talk after dinner tonight.
She wants to talk, she's making dinner and she never stays over. Don't you see?
She probably read that book with the laws, the rules, whatever they call it.
This is a game that all women play just to reel us in.
- Well, it's workin'. - You are so sad.
Hey, kids!
Sammy Sosa! Right here!
- It's him! - Everybody!
So... I'm going to tell him tonight.
- Please. I've heard that before. - No, I am.
Well, you should. Because he's perfect.
Yeah. For me he is.
Don't get me wrong - he's no Joe.
- Honey? - Yes?
Austin got sick all over my shirt.
I gave him a baby Tylenol and put him in his PJs.
He's going to sleep in our bed. Again!
Kid keeps gettin' sick.
I shouldn't have given him that pepperoni pizza.
You should put on a shirt or Grace will never be satisfied by another man.
You like that, baby?
- I'm a bad cat! - He's all muscle.
Come on, you can dance with me.
- Gracie, you wanna dance with me? - Our rhythm gets us in trouble.
- Sure you don't want any help? - Amazingly, I can microwave popcorn(!)
Did you see the write-up in the Trib about the dedication comin' up?
No. I have to read that.
Everyone wants to be there. Grandpa and the guys.
- Oh. As long as you're there. - Course I'll be there.
Hey, Mel.
Good boy.
Oh, that's enough.
Sydney is going to love his new place - I hope.
I'm thinking about movin' in myself.
It's... it's... it's perfect for him.
- I bet you can't wait. - Yeah.
You've been workin' so hard.
But it's been worth it.
To make Elizabeth's dream come true.
At least I could do that for her.
I'm sure she's very proud of you.
Thank you, Grace.
- There's something you want to tell me? - Yeah.
And now would be a good time.
Popcorn's done!
- Would you save my place? - Sure.
Oh, I got a new CD. You wanna put on some music?
Yes, good.
Where's the music?
It's in my jacket pocket. In the den.
Oh, OK.
"Dr Elizabeth Rueland died in a car accident on April 1 2th."
April 1 2th...
Jeez, the microwave. There's not gonna be any popcorn tonight.
- I'm sorry. - What?
I have to go.
- Now? - Yeah.
I completely forgot - I promised Megan I was gonna babysit for her.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
- I'll go with you. - No! No!
I'll drive us.
It's OK, cos I got my bike. I got to take my bicycle.
- Damn bike is so old! - You OK?
Yeah, I'm fine, I just... it's late and she's gonna be worried about me.
Slow down a bit.
Gimme that, you're gonna hurt yourself.
- I'm late. - OK. I'll just throw this in the truck.
No, no, no. I'm here, I'm here. Just let me go.
All right. I'll call Megan and tell her that you're on your way.
- No, because the baby might be napping. - All right.
- She's gonna be worried. Don't call her! - Relax. OK!
- What was it you wanted to tell me? - Nothing! It doesn't matter.
Mel, stay!
Come on.
- Oh, my God! - Honey...
What was God thinking?
- I'll take you over there and you tell him. - No, I can't go!
Yes, you can.
- I can't say anything to him. - Yes you can, you'll just tell him.
Just: "Bob... You know, l..."
"Bob..." You know, you say it. "Bob..."
You can't even say it.
Not off the top of my head - I need time to think - but we'll find the perfect words.
I'll help you and I'll bring you there. OK?
- I'll go with you. - I don't want to go.
I'll wait in the car, of course, but you go in and... say it.
But there's nothing we can say.
Oh Christ! Who died?
- No one. - Bob's wife.
- He's married?! - Oh, God.
That rat bastard!
That rat bastard!
You want me to go over and handle that sonofabitch?
I knew it - that hairline, the creative type - it's a given.
- You don't understand! - I swear, I will kick his ass!
I will kick the shit out of him!
Quit pushin' me!
Grace, you want me to handle it?
I'll kick the shit out of him for you, Grace. Son of a bitch!
Joe, please! Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart.
He's not married?
- You want some ice cream? - Yeah.
You want somethin', hon? Grace?
I called over to Fabrizio.
- He'll pick you up in Rome. - OK.
I can't go over there myself until the fall.
Because Angelo and Sophie need my help in the busy summer season.
I know, Grandpa.
I guess... you could go without me.
I think it's for the best.
It'll be easier for Bob if I'm gone.
It's only you I'm concerned about.
Once I tell him... I'm gonna want to go away.
- Hey, Marty! - Hello, Robert!
Hey, Gracie.
Close your eyes and don't open 'em until I tell you, OK?
Now, listen...
It's the character that's the strongest that God gives the most challenges to.
Now, you can take that as a compliment!
Your eyes closed?
- Yup. - Keep 'em closed now.
No peekin'.
Come on, put your hand over your eyes. I can't tell.
Hold on. Keep 'em closed.
Open. Ta-da!
A bike.
- You haven't even opened it yet! - You bought me a bike.
- With a basket. - Yeah.
I got it at Rudy's down on Addison. He restores vintage bikes.
This one had your name all over it.
I think she likes it!
Are you OK?
I was worried about you last night.
I'm goin' away.
- I'm goin' away. - Why?
I should have told you... somethin' l...
I didn't have the courage to tell you.
A little over a year ago I had surgery.
I had a heart transplant.
Oh, my God! I thought you were going to say you were a man.
- Am I hurting you? - No.
You're OK now. You're fine. You're healed.
You could have told me that.
I should have told you. I'm really sorry I didn't. But l...
When l, uh...
I found this in your house.
That's me.
I'm goin' away tonight, um... so you won't be reminded.
I... I didn't know. I didn't know that...
I swear to God I didn't know.
I'm so sorry. I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I... I gotta go.
- I'm sorry, I gotta go. - OK.
I gotta...
- walk. - OK.
You're not going to try to check that on to the aeroplane?
I wanna take it.
- Marty, come on. Let her take it. - But I can bring it over when I go over.
Sweetie, I did check the machine again. Still no call from him.
Oh well, now you better stay.
Sometimes you gotta run away to see if somebody's gonna follow.
I've told her I'm going to follow her but I can't get over until the fall.
- Are you sure he knows you're leaving? - Yeah. I told him I was going away.
Here's a little snack, honey. I love you so much.
Pray in Rome. God'll hear you better.
Oh, I hate to say goodbye to you.
Oh, well...
Away you go.
- Bye, you guys. - Bye, darlin'.
Hey, Charlie, it's me.
I need to talk to someone.
No... not over the phone.
Can you meet me?
Yes, 1 2.30 is fine.
Thanks. Thank you.
The inspector's here. Drink up.
Scusa. You like?
Oh. No, thank you.
Maybe... it help you paint?
Oh, it...
No, I was going to go home now, to... a casa.
Thank you, though. Thanks.
He is married?
It's a long story.
I take my break now.
Mamma mia.
- Who's takin' me? - All right.
No, no, Marty. I'll get it.
All right. Night, boys.
Good night, Sophie, dear. See you tomorrow.
Take care, Wally.
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
- What? - The door.
Oh. Sure.
What a guy!
Wally! It's Bob!
What's this? I thought you took her home.
- Short ride. - I'm in.
- But we're not even playin'. - Shhh!
- She's not here. - How you been?
- Hungry? I'll make you a plate of pasta. - No, thanks, Angelo.
- She left? - Oh, aye, it's two days now.
I've been thinkin'...
- The dedication's next week. - Yes.
And, uh... it means so much to me.
And to Elizabeth.
- Sure. - Well, you've been workin' like a dog!
I miss Elizabeth.
I'll always miss her.
But l, uh...
I ache for Grace.
And I don't know if I can...
- I don't know if she... - She can!
Here, Bob.
Come along with me a moment.
They'll be fine.
Angelo, siddown.
Stay loose, baby.
Only Gracie can tell you the name of every flower in this garden.
I know no more than one or two of them myself.
What's happening?
- He's got him in a choke hold. Holy shit! - Oh, my God!
- Marty, don't do it! - What are you talking about?
Now, Robert... This is none of my business.
I know that what's happened has been... overwhelming.
And I know it's going to take you a good while to sort it all out.
But while you're sorting, I want you to remember that in all the times
I prayed that Gracie would have a second chance at life,
I always knew that if God blessed us
the heart she got would have to be from
a very special person
if it were going to be at home in Grace.
When she met you
her heart beat truly for the first time.
Perhaps it was meant to be with you always.
O! Che bella bicicletta!
É sua?
- It's mine, yes. - Bella!
Ah! Ogni volta che si suona il campanello agli angeli spuntano le ali!
Would you like to ride it?
- Si, si, prova. - No, no.
Yes. Here.
- O no, no. - Si, si.
Uno soltanto.
Ma torna. Stai tranquilla, torna.
Si! Le piaceva tanto la bicicletta. Era un amore...
Tuo amor?
You came all the way to ltaly?
Yeah, I did.
I came all the way to ltaly.
I love you, Grace.
A lot ofyou have come up to me today
because you recognise me from my photo in the monkey house.
But my sizeable donations down through the years
is not what we're here to talk about.
Ladies and gentlemen - Bob Rueland!
Thank you for that introduction and for your generous contribution.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed time and energy.
My incredibly dedicated crew, sitting right there.
And supervising veterinarian - my good, my dear friend Dr Charles Johnson.
Hey, Charlie!
He apparently will be signing autographs after the ceremony.
The dedication ofthis new home for Sydney and his family
holds great personal meaning for me.
My late wife Elizabeth spent many years with Sydney.
She taught him... so many things. She envisioned this for him.
She taught him sign language. She introduced him to his wife.
But more importantly,
it was her uncompromising passion that brings us here together today.
So it is with great honour
that I dedicate this new habitat
in loving memory ofElizabeth Rueland.
Will everybody clear the dance floor
so that the bride and groom may have the first dance.
Oh, what ifl loved you
And I gave it my all?
What ifl told you
You're all I waited for?
What ifl held you tonight
And I made you feel oh so right?
What ifl loved you?
Would you always be mine?
What ifl kissed you
The way you like to be kissed?
What ifl held you in my arms so close like this?
What ifl touched you tonight
And I filled your body with delight?
What ifl loved you?
Would you always be mine?
Oh, what ifl sang you
A sweet lullaby?
What ifl gave you a dozen stars that I pulled from the sky?
What ifl told you tonight
I wanna love you for the rest ofyour life?
What ifl loved you?
Would you always be mine?
What ifl loved you?
Would you always be mine?
Standin' at the corner
Waitin' for a ride
To carry me away
Thinkin' 'bout tomorrow
At the end ofthe day
I've walked through every fire
And measured every mile
To see how far I've gone
And all that really matters
ls I carry on
And here I am
Like a soldier in the night, here I am
Ready for the fight
Oh, must be the master plan
Cos here I am
And do you ever wonder
Where the wind blows?
Where it all will end?
Some day I'll find the answers
And I won't be back again
And here I am
Just like a soldier in the night here I am, yeah
Ready for the fight
Oh, must be the master plan
Well, it must be the master plan, yeah
Cos here I am
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