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Reversal Of Fortune (2003) Korean

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Invested by Yedang Entertainment
World sales by Cinema Service
Produced by A1 Cinema Well made Film
I'm gonna go for it
No. Play it safe Just get it near the hole
I can do it, Father
Shut up, just get it near and you'll win.
Lee Myung-soo of Dongwon
This is Suh Byung-ho
Don't worry and...
Ah, Mr. Jung Yes. Yes
Good morning
Don't get so swept up by rumors.
Kim Seung Woo That's the way it is in this field.
Kim Seung Woo
I'll call you again, Ma'am.
Ha Ji-won I'll call you again, Ma'am.
Ha Ji-won
Shit. I'm dead.
Seung-wan, phone.
Me? Say I'm not here.
In step.
Left, left, left, left.
- Here, phone ~~ - Say I'm not here
Jerk. Hey! Hey!
Hello, Dongwon Securities.
I'm gonna break his leg and make a soup out of him.
Sun of bitch
Don't swear at me.
Asshole. Probably younger than me
You staying?
Gonna stay here all day?
Move! Move!
You have guests.
Search it
Yes, Sir!
- Find him - Yes, Sir!
Damn, I'm really dead
Hey, Seung-wan.
That asshole.
Director Park Yong-woon
Director Park Yong-woon - Shit - What are you doing!

I'm dead if I can't t woo this woman...
So, cute
I'm thinking about giving Jae-seok some cash to play with
You're kidding
I've been dancing with you every Monday Wednesday... And Friday for the past month!
He says he can double if I give him $8.5 million
$8.5 million?
Hey, Big Mama
Come on, open the door!
No, don't go. Tell me what to do to change your mind
Help me just once! Mama! Big Mama!
Bill shit!
SONG Jae-seok!
What do you want?
That Mama. The big fat Mama
Fuck you
Ah, Mrs. Piggie?
She's mine.
Got it?
She's mine. Give her back.
You know what I've put up with...
Son of a bitch!
- Let go now - You wanna it?
Let me go, damn it. One, two...
Ouch. It hurts, it hurts...
Telephone! Telephone!
Son of a bitch! My arm may be broken
Hello, this is KANG Seung-won of Dongwon
Hello. I'm in charge of "Heroes of the Past" on Daehan Broadcasting...
What? Broadcasting?
You are that junior golf champion KANG Seung-won, right?
Bill Jackson, nine wins in a row.
That ugly dude
Should be your photo there instead
This sucks.
Shoot, almost forgot.
Wanna go on a blind date?
Face like an actress, boobs like watermelons...
Two in one...
What about fruit?
You crazy ass.
Where you gonna find a right-handed girl who peels fruits with her left?
I know there is.
Yeah, your dead mom.
Such screwed up ideals...
Just forget the blind date.
Did I say I was gonna do it?
Just live alone 'til you die!
Who is it?
Oh, it's you.
Did you or did you not know today is Father's anniversary of death?
You knew, but came late intentionally,
didn't you?
Whose fault is it I'm living like this?
Who lost our house gambling?
Who's bumming off a poor, divorced sister?
Okay, okay. Stop it.
Can't believe this.
Can't you make peace with a dead person?
Cheer up.
Don't worry.
One lucky stroke and I'll get our old house back.
Hye-gang, let's go to bed.
Yes, my baby
My baby is so heavy ~
PowerSoft is gonna start soaring today Let's go!
Come here.
Ouch, what's up?
Zipper eat...
I told you to sell it, didn't I?
Sell what?
What about PowerSoft?
It went bankrupt!
No way. No freaking way.
This is all some kind of conspiracy.
All the money I put in it...
No, this can't be!
Go hide out for a few days.
I'll take care of things here.
Shit, it's Ma Gang-sung?
A little more! A little more!
A little more! A little more!
I got this, I got this.
I got it No!
Don't park Asshole
Man, this is one fucked up day.
If I ever catch this son of a... Shit!
One, ten, hundred, thousand...
- Two thousand dollars! - Do you like it?
Thank you. Too expensive...
KANG Seung-wan.
Do you know me?
Golf champion KANG Seung-wan Who doesn't know you?
My face has changed so much.
You have very good memory...
Obviously you've quit golf.
What you doing now?
Ah. I didn't give you my card.
I'm... Here is lottery and wait seconde
I'm the star of Dongwon Securities, KANG Seung-wan.
I'll make you rich.
Not interested in stocks.
You should still give it.
How you gonna put food on the table?
Stop, why are you hitting me?
And don't talk to me so casually.
Probably similar age with me
Come back again! I'll call
What's this
The same temper wherever he goes.
What creepy lady...
- Hello? - Uncle, it's Hye-gang
Ah, Hye-gang
It's Uncle, Sweetie. Did you eat?
The question is, did MA Gang-sung eat?
Are you here?
Why are you so late? You kept the guests waiting.
How are you, my younger brother?
Stamp it!
Stamp it! Asshole!
Shit, don't you want
I'm too young to die. I can't...
I said stamp it!
Life Insurance.
If Kang should die,
MA Gang-sung gets paid.
- Let's go - Yes, sir
Please, don't do this. Please~~~
I'll pay you back. I can't die like this.
You have two weeks.
And then a traffic accident.
For your information,
pay's double if you die on holidays or weekends
I'm going.
And answer the Damn phone when it rings
Wait, Sir.
Is this former junior golf champion KANG Seung-wan?
Yeah. That's me!
We spoke before, I'm in charge of TV program "Heroes of the Past"...
So what?
- We want an interview - You pay for the interviews?
- Of course not... - That's why it's a "No!"
It's not coming off.
You two dating?
I'll go.
Uh, why?
Hit the jackpot and pay them back.
It's all my savings. $40,000.
Forty thousand!!
Bug, I didn't come here for this.
He says he doesn't want it. He has a conscience.
Aren't you?
Of course.
- Sun-Joo - Forty thousand dollars!
- Ah, $40,000 - Give me
I'm the only friend he has.
- Bug - Go
The PIN is 0924. The date you won.
Bug... you...
Don't get mushy. Go.
Due to the bankruptcy of PowerSoft
the Kosdaq market is in a panic.
The company was once a riding high with its global technology...
Jae-seok, please let me in on this game.
No, I'm not asking for a free ride...
I've got some cash.
Please count me in... I'm dead if...
Jae-seok, please!
Let me in!
I'm on the edge of my wits.
If you don't let me in, I'm gonna blow the whistle!
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna hit the jackpot,
buy a house
drive a sports car
KANG Seung-wan's life
I'm gonna turn my life on it, damn it, even if it kills me.
Nice wheels.
Some assholes are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
I'm a bum...
Move! Move!
You wanna race, is that it?
Come on! Come on.
Mr. KANG Seung-wan?
How do you know me?
Who doesn't know you?
What, am I in the papers or something?
Aren't we modest.
The whole world knows you're missing.
Jae-seok, the asshole So, he's got another project going.
What are you mumbling?
Why are you butting in?
- Weirdo - What?
This should help you.
What's this?
I don't need this toy. Hey!
Jae-seok, so you're trying to take me down with you?
I didn't even start yet.
What's this. It's the right PIN 0924.
Excuse me
- aren't you Mr. KANG Seung-wan? - No.
- Bug - B... bug?
The PIN number is wrong.
I told you not to call me.
- Is there a cop with you? - Don't call me!
There must be a pig with him.
Thank you.
Hey, Mister... Excuse me, but...
Everything's the same except for the hair style.
You look just like my boss, too Except you're bald
Oh yeah?
Don't people tell you all the time that you look like golfer KANG Seung-wan?
Golfer KANG Seung-wan?
You're goofing around?
Wait. Stop. Stop!
Hey, stop!
What are you doing here?
I'm a cab driver.
Stop it, Mr. MAENG?
I've been driving cabs for 13 years.
It sure is good meeting you.
What the...?
This was Dongwon Securities just yesterday.
Autograph this. Don't be a snob.
I'm going nuts.
Don't take photos. Go away everybody.
Mister, stop it.
It's you, Sweetcake!
What happened? Did the company move?
How do you know my nickname?
Stop goofing around. Not you too.
You're my Dongwon Securities colleague...
I work here, at Hanbat Electronics...
Can I have an autograph?
- Wait moment, wait moment - Please, have an autograph
Things are so screwed up, now I'm imagining things.
you're saying there was an accident, right?
I'm not a pro golfer, I told you!
This is really getting crazy.
Put your hand up.
Put it up.
Give it here! Now!
Here, look.
This can't be...
Just wait a little Your wife should be here soon.
Ah, here she is.
How much did he drink? This is disgusting.
Shit, all swept, dammit!
What are you looking at? Greasy-looking asshole, aren't you?
What are you in for? Cheat on your wife did ya?
Assholes who look like you usually...
Aren't you Pro. Golfer KANG Seung-wan?
What are you doing here?
Wow, I'm a big fan. Here, let's shake hands.
He's dead.
What are you doing?
Why do I have to hear from other people that you're in Sydney?
I'm still your wife.
Be careful!
Are you messing with me?
- No, the truth is... - Shut up
Listen, something is really wrong.
You know that, do you?
Man, she's really bitchy.
No, wait, she's my wife.
This is really crazy.
Bill Jackson.
British Open!
- Having fun? - Yeah
What happened to your hair?
It's better.
It's my first time
I'm saying it, but I hated your bleach.
You look nicer.
Good night.
Wow, golden putt...
Winning streak...
Wow! I really...
Hey, this is what I got for my eighth birthday.
It's still here.
This is all for one guy?
Is this really men's wear?
It is men's wear.
Whoa. Watch! It's gold, gold.
This is really cool!
I can't go to sleep. I might wake up from this dream.
I'm Mun il-ok of "Good morning"
KFA's CEO Lee ju-il says that
our national soccer team's new chief is
Holland's manager Hidink until 2006 Korea World-Cup
Wishing that he make first win in the World-Cup,
we start the Sports Center of "Good Morning"
But if I can love my past...
March, march ~~~ Oh ~~
Just do it ~~
I'm singing ~~
You must be in a good mood.
Oh, yeah Did you get a good night's sleep?
Stock index... 2,400 points?
Wait a minute What about PowerSoft?
PowerSoft... Power...
Oh, my...
I knew it! There's no way it's bankrupt
I got worng time
So, when this that happen?
So, then...
What's up with the newspaper?
Um... this...
What's that?
Bottoms up!
Agh, health drink!
Let's get a divorce.
I'm sick of hating you.
Let's split.
No. No way.
Family is important, don't you know?
You have to be married before you can get a divorce.
KANG Seung-wan
It's right so far.
Smile, HAN Ji-young.
You look like it's the end of the world.
That's it! Way to go!
Cinched every tournament he entered, didn't he?
Well, that comes with the field...
What? Bill Jackson's coming?
You're watching them again, aren't you?
Hurry and get ready. We're going to be late.
Are we going somewhere?
Watching pornographies...
It's not!
Isn't that Mr. Dong-chun?
Come here you asshole!
Sydney? Without even calling me?
Oh, it's so good to see you.
- How long has it been? - What the heck?
Get in.
Wow, a limo!
Ladies first.
Since when?
Since when
You haven't changed a bit.
What's wrong now?
Dad! Dad!
It's Dad! He's inside!
His condition is worse now.
Dad! Dad!
Goofing around because I'm not here?
How are you going to beat Bill Jackson?
- Dammit! - Be patient, dad
It hurts, Dad!
Okay, get some rest. Bye.
What happened to your hair?
Champion should have a style
The other look was much better
Thank you.
You knew how to say that?
Don't put up a show.
Hey, Mr. Hwang
Hey, Sun-joo, good movie this time.
Hey, Sun-joo
I hear you and Ji-young were schoolmates?
KANG Seung-wan! HWANG Sun-joo!
They're a couple, you know.
Mr. KANG, is that true?
No way. Sun-joo is Bug's girlfriend...
SONG Jae-seok!
That's true, KANG Seung-wan
Shit, come on!
No, that's not true. You know it's not.
Why do you hassle me where ever I go?
This is becoming one violent family.
Just quit it Seung-wan, just quit it
Just quit it
He's a real dirt bag. I wanna punch him in the face.
Good job
There you go, thank you.
What's that about Sun-joo?
That Song is not a journalist
He's a troublemaker.
I swear, he writes pure trash.
Let's go
Aren't you overdoing it?
Hey, Seung-wan.
Say hello to Minister CHO.
- Mini... Minister? - Right
It's such a great honor to get to host an event like this in Korea.
You do big business
Bill Jackson Kick his butt.
He used to have a good heart once.
Give me one too.
It's strong.
Give it.
I told you.
- Seung-wan - Sun-Joo, why?
- What are you doing? - I miss you too much
Are you nuts?
Yeah, I'm nuts I've gone mad missing you.
How can you ignore me after Sydney?
Hold me.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
Wait, so
what Jae-seok said is true?
You are a coward.
That reporter scared you off?
If Dae-shik catches us... He'll kill...
I love you, Seung-wan.
- Not an ounce of shame left? - Wait a sec. Let me go!
How you doing, Bug?
You really want a beating?
No, Bug. Really, it's a misunderstanding.
I hate assholes with faces like yours.
Makes me puke.
See you later.
You make me sick too!
You know I'm married, Bug?
Do I look like a bug to you?
You're screwing up everyone's life
Straighten up!
Are you asleep?
Want a cup of coffee?
Man, what did I do to Dae-shik to get him so pissed off?
I'm sure it's all your fault!
Stupid jerk. Kicked out of the bedroom.
What did you do, Man?
This is really bizarre.
when exactly is that Bill Jackson coming?
Probably next week.
It's Seung-wan's only chance to get back on track.
Yeah, no kidding.
Aren't you gonna hit it?
Um, Dad. Let me go to the toilet first.
Right now?
I'll just be a minute.
This is crazy Where am I going to go?
Get out of the way!
What the...?
Can't fool age.
Whoa ~
It's the same design.
How did the $2,000 outfit get so cheap?
It's the same design.
Just 10% cost How...
You like it?
A real bargain, huh?
Always butting in.
Look here, Lady.
What, you goofball?
I'm KANG Seung-wan, you know. KANG Seung-wan!
I know.
You know, a golf champion A golf champion!
KANG Seung-wan of Dongwon Securities.
Right, sonny?
If you want to go back to your other world, you have to risk your life.
Take it up to 200 kilometers and let it ride.
If you slowdown or hold onto your spirit...
It's adios to both you and the car.
- Can you do it? - No
- Isn't there another way? - Waiting
You had no say when you came You'll have no say when you go back.
Just wait 'til it's time.
Why rush it?
Isn't your life here a hundred times better than when you were a bum?
Yeah, I guess...
But when I think about going up against Bill Jackson.
No, it just can't happen.
I haven't touched a golf club in 13 years No one will be fooled.
People are looking at me suspiciously already.
You really gotta get something better to worry about.
It'll be a piece of cake.
Why? You have the same blood type, the same genes.
Why? Because you're that same asshole.
You can even sleep with your wife, no problem.
Why? Because you're that same asshole.
I'm gonna jog with you everyday from now on.
I'll practice golf real hard, too. I'll be good to you, too.
I'm not divorcing you Let's forget the past
and start all over Okay?
Hey, asshole!
Are you sure you're playing golf?
I'm a bit rusty, that's all.
Shut up.
Here, bend your knee and elbow first.
You, buster Because you hit the ball by this
you hit ths field
Put on wild show, why don't you.
Hey, what are you doing?
No, what you are doing?
You never drank water while on the field.
You're really weird these days.
What do you mean?
You can't fool me,
you know I've been taking care of KANG for 15 years.
Just look at your hair.
It's utterly foreign!
Why don't you just go get married? I think you're too bored.
I've been there and back.
So, are you saying I'm a fake or something?
You know I can tell what he's thinking just by looking at his eyes.
When he's hungry, sleepy or ticked off.
But he's really acting like a different man these days.
Do you think he's crazy?
Do you want to try Shamanism?
I know a real good one.
- You want her number? - No
Kids, I'm here. Let's play train.
This way...
Hello... how are you?
I think you're right He would never come here
Next, Ye-eun.
A kiss.
Hye-mi is a difficult child. It's amazing.
You didn't even like me working here.
I love kids, you know that.
Boy, I'm starving.
Shall we go get something to eat? What's good to eat?
There is a place I like to go to when it rains.
It's the best when it rains.
My mouth is watering.
Where is it? Let's go.
It's something you really hate.
- Just forget it. - No, let's go
It's not a show.
Wait, you'll get wet.
It's my first time seeing you eat instant noodles.
- You hate it - No, it's my favorite
I've just been avoiding it to please Dad.
Of course Let's come here every time it rains.
Don't tell Dad!
One ~.
Two ~.
Three ~.
Do you remember this song?
When we met Mister Hyun-shik on our honeymoon in Alaska 3 years ago...
KIM Hyun-shik?
The one who died 10 years ago...
Almost died... due to alcohol.
Sang this song live, remember?
- Oh yeah, that's right - Oh my God!
This is my favorite part
When you're a kid, you don't know love ~
But when you get older, you know it too well ~
When time passes, you know it ~
Everybody laughs at least once because of love...
What, what...?
Your underclothes.
What are you doing?
This feels so good.
Come here.
No, it's okay. I'll do it.
You have to exercise more,
your muscle is all loose.
Yeah, I'll do it... even if it kills me.
You're so dramatic these days, talking about dying all the time.
You'll die when you're happy, and die when you're not...
You talk like that, too. Don't put up a show.
When you happy and when you not
Lift your arms.
Oh ~ it tickles.
- Wait seconde - You're not a very nice person.
You're selfish, care only about yourself.
Not at all interested in how others live.
Always hurting the person next to you.
You're a different man now.
I feel so nervous.
I'm thankful, but...
so nervous.
People do change, you know.
Stand up.
I'm not wearing any...
Stand up! Stand up~
Where you going? Come here.
Would she love me even if I'm not a celebrity?
If I was nothing...
Of course.
Sometime I wish you were a nobody.
Give me!
This is the research shop that belongs to my father-in-law
Who is Ji-young's father and also a world-class botanist.
What's up
Yes, they look strange,
but they're globally famous and amazing flowers.
Wanna know their name? It's... Maera...
You know it's a rare flower when it has a name you can't pronounce.
May Garden.
That's what people call the place.
- It's a corny name, isn't it? - This is so tacky
Wait a sec.
This is my Dad.
This is me when I'm eight What a cutie.
Me in high school.
finally 24!
Grew up so beautiful and sexy.
This is a lucky charm my father gave me.
Seung-wan asks for it before every tournament.
But I have no intention of giving it to him whatsoever.
Such cliche. What a show.
- What at show...? - Because
You're a real champion and don't need things like a lucky charm!
So narrow-minded!
Narrow-minded ~!
Narrow-minded ~!
Promise me.
Promise what?
- I, HAN Ji-young - I, HAN Ji-young
- Really! - Okay, okay
I, KANG Seung-wan.
- Will endure And endure - Will endure And endure
- But if things get too difficult - But if things get too difficult
- As a last resort - As a last...?
Come here together with me.
What this, a day before our wedding?
Okay, okay. Just promise.
Let me speak to the director. Now!
Director? Hi, this is HAN Ji-young.
You rat!
You have many enemies, Jerk!
Get your butt here!
Don't know who, but someone sent this via quick service. Asshole.
Get your ass over here!
SONG Jae-seok, I will kill him!
You didn't do this?
You crazy?
It's the end of my career if there's a romantic scandal!
Did something really happen in Sydney?
You don't remember?
I wonder what we did.
Got it, stop it.
Don't want to cry in front of you.
So, I've been crying all day...
But here I am again.
This is not by choice.
It is your choice.
I don't have a big bag.
If I'd known, I'd have bought some.
will you believe me if I tell you something?
No, don't bother.
Seung-wan. Ah Mister KANG.
Sorry ass loser.
Seung-wan, wake up What's wrong with you these days?
Look at him.
I told you several times.
This is not the Seung-wan we know.
Is what Dong-chun says true?
There's no mistake.
He drinks water all of sudden.
Look at that hair
And the swing, can you really call it a golf swing?
Have you been drinking?
Look at this. Look at this.
Never drank an ounce of alcohol,
now look at him.
This is all...
The traits of drug addicts!
See, look!
A dot!
That's strange. It should be here...
Get your hands off.
Hurry up and get dressed.
Shouldn't you ask about Ji-young first?
Shut up.
The important thing is that Bill Jackson is here.
Bill Jackson! Bill Jackson!
Do you talk about anything else?
Of course not.
What else is there to talk about?
Do you know why I quit golf?
When mom died,
you were happy that I won the tournament.
You weren't even there for her!
What kind of ill manner is this?
Damn golf!
It's your fault mom died alone.
- You ill bred scum! - Your ruined my life!!
- My life! - What did You say?
- I did what to your life? - Hey, dammit!
Don't you dare say such a thing.
I sacrificed my life trying to turn you into a champion!
Mister! Mister!
You ill bred scum!
Who told you to live like that? Who?
Hey, Seung-won!
You ungrateful...!
Mister! Mister!
Mister! Wake up
What can I do
Doctor, please...
I beg you, make him well...
It's not too hopeful, but I'll try.
Thank you.
This is really screwed up.
I want another doctor.
- He's the best... - That's bullshit. That evil...
What are You saying?
- Take his glass off - Sorry, doctor. Sorry...
I tell You, I know him.
- Hey, shut up - Screwed up
Wait a sec!
Hey! You low-life gangster!
KANG, what did you just say?
I said you're the scum of the lowest life! What you gonna do?
Oh, Doctor!
I was a gangster once, now I'm a freaking doctor...
So I'm going in.
What the hell is the matter with you?
- Dong-chun. What about dad? - Seung-mi!
- Dad, how... - Now, he is operate on
- Dad! Hey, Seung-mi!
I promised your mother
I would look after Mister Kang when she died.
You were at the hospital when she died?
You probably don't know this,
but I looked after your mother.
That's how you dad was able to go to your junior championship.
And your mom...
Held on until you won.
When you did, she called Mister Kang to tell him
what a great job he did.
You're saying it was all mom's idea?
You did a great job.
That's why I quit golf,
because I blamed Dad.
You're saying that was all mom's idea?
Dad, please wake up.
Please wake up and hit me once.
I can't let you go like this. Not twice.
Please wake me and hit me, Father.
I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry, Father.
He'll be up soon.
You've lost weight.
Don't you eat?
Don't you hate my guts?
I'm worrying about you as a fan, not as a husband.
Dad! Dad!
Are you okay? Why do you shock us like this?
Daddy, are you okay?
Stop making such fuss.
It feels so good seeing your mother after such a long time.
What trick are you playing now?
I hear he can't drink a drop of alcohol?
Are you nuts? You want to die?
See, I'm fine If I was really him, I'd be dead already
You're really driving me mad.
You expect me to believe you?
This is really bizarre.
Really bizarre.
I'm going to ask you one question. Be totally honest, okay?
Is Dae-shik rich?
Damn rich. He owns a golf course.
For real?
Let's see you swing.
I don't know if I can do it.
Frustrating, isn't it?
I'm still not going to give up.
Look here, your head is moving.
I told you, the follow move is important!
Hit the 3cm spot hard.
Do the follow through the end.
Don't stop after hitting the ball.
Do the follow, the follow, please!
Take in your shoulders.
There, that's much better.
Damn it, do the follow! Follow! Follow!
The same distance as the back swing, give it a follow!
The iron shot should be short and clean But it has to have impact. Try it
Seung-wan, what are you doing?
Now! We really should use cheap balls Why waste such expensive!
Wasn't that good?
Crazy about you
How can you not get this?
My patience is just about all run out.
You really haven't hit a ball in 13 years?
Not once?
I sold everything related to golf.
You're one tough soul.
Get up if you're done eating.
I'm not done yet Let's rest a little more.
Get up now You're the world champion, remember it
You want to be humiliated front of the big crowd?
You have to at least look like what you're doing.
Even the way you peel fruit is just like your mother-in-law.
did Mom really peel fruit with her left hand...
when she was right-handed?
Yep. It was very sexy.
I don't know about sexiness,
but my face is prettier than Mom, right?
No way!
If you're not happy, leave him.
I only want you to be happy.
This is my seventh trip here.
How come no one's ever home?
Are you related to Ms. HAN Ji-young?
I'm her husband.
Ji-young, I'm in Sydney.
The press must be having a ball over there, huh?
I ran into Sun-joo in the U.S. And
we just traveled to Sydney together.
I'm sorry, Ji-young. But I'm really miserable.
My life was ruined the minute Bill Jackson appeared.
It's over for me now, Ji-young.
I miss you.
Will endure and endure But if things get too difficult
As a last resort, we will come here together.
This is really driving me nuts.
The match is right around the corner and
you're still learning the basics.
Fix head, tuck in shoulders, don't stick your ass out...
Make legs the wall
Here, I'll show you. Just watch.
Front green, right?
Did you see? Just get it up there.
Is it up?
I think so.
Kidding me!
From the looks of your position, I don't think it did.
Let's go.
See, Seung-wan
When there's a harmony between a swing and theory...
The distance between the pin and the ball disappears.
- Isn't this mine? - No, it's mine.
See, it's mine Where is your ball?
I don't know
See, you bent your leg again and now you've lost the ball.
Anyway, let's go
Hey, Mr. Kang.
That's my ball.
Isn't it mine?
Ha! I thought your swing was harmonious!
Let's go.
Wow, this is awesome!
Thanks, Bug.
This is Phinx Gold Club, where the first ever PSGA tournament in Asia...
- Is about to open - It is a proud moment, indeed
I've been in this job for 20 years
And I've never had a more emotional moment than this.
Viva Korea!
You did well today.
No, I was awful.
It's your first time without Dad.
I think it'll be harder than I imagined.
But I'm still going to try It might get better
You sounded like an adult just now.
Aren't you going in? I think he's waiting for you.
You go in first.
Okay then.
Do you remember what we promised the day before our wedding?
It's always been so,
but I need you more now than ever before.
Help me.
I'll cheer for you with all my heart.
I'll always be your fan.
KANG Seung-wan seems to be in much better condition today.
On the other hand, the news is that Bill Jackson has suddenly caught cold.
Yes, Lady Luck must be with KANG Seung-wan.
His concentration seems unbreakable today.
I told you Korea makes it to the semifinals in the World Cup, right?
What? Stop pulling my leg. How can we get that far?
I'm serious!
You'll be wearing a red T-shirt and cheering outdoors, too.
You must really take me for an idiot.
Golf requires so much concentration,
athletes feel faint from time to time.
I think the fans must be enormously shocked.
What do you make of his condition now?
Well, usually speed and balance is distracted...
But KANG Seung-wan is a great player.
He seems to be perfectly alright.
I'm just a little dizzy. It's okay.
Don't you eat?
Such klutz.
Do you know what my dream was as a child?
To find a woman who has warm hands...
And is right-handed
But peels fruits with her left hand.
That's why you proposed to me.
I must be the only woman
who was proposed to while peeling fruit.
I love you.
What's going on?
Look into my eyes, Ji-young
Remember me just the way I am.
Reverse it!
It is regretful.
Given his condition today
KANG Seung-wan could really win.
But unfortunately, this is the last hole.
It's his talent. He really is great.
He's about 12 meters from the hole It's possible to score a birdie.
If he does, this will be a last minute victory.
He's in top condition.
If he can just manage a par save
We would go overtime and he could still win That would be best strategy
Don't get greedy. Just put it up there.
I'm gonna go for it, Dad.
What? Go for overtime!
I'm sorry, Father I'm doing it my way this time.
Bug, I have to go.
Do you have to?
It's not by my choice.
Say hello to Dae-shik.
Win comment, please
I'll wait for you in May Garden.
Dad, I'm sorry I've been such a bad son.
Be healthy, please You have to be healthy!
Don't worry about me.
You did really good today, Son.
Why, why?
Congratulations. Come on in.
Who knew PowerSoft was going to go up to $85!
I told you, it was going to.
Hey, Manager KANG. It's end of troubles and start of happiness for you.
Manager KANG? Manager KANG?
That make the sky so much more beautiful.
Right, Manager KANG?
Manager MAENG! Manager KANG!
I can't believe I'm a manger!
How did you know?
No such thing as a secret in the world You look much better without it
Let's go celebrate soon... Among managers!
Seung-wan, please?
Just this one time, please?
You said there's no such thing as looking out for others. Especially for you.
Three hundred fifty dollars.
Don't you think you're overdoing it?
It's price of gum.
Just take it out all at once.
Where are you?
Putting on a show again.
What do you want?
A pillow!
Okay, I'll get it. Don't be too late.
- Thank you - Good-bye
Excuse me, didn't a woman just buy a pillow?
HAN Ji-young! Ji-young!
It's on sale. Originally $20, you can have it for $4!
Just $4, hurry-up
For 10 minutes only. Come fast.
Originally $20, you can have it for $4!
For 10 minutes only. Just $4
$20 product for $4.
there're cash counters everywhere.
Who are you looking for?
It's the plant studies department, right?
Excuse me,
- Do you know Professor HAN Jung-ho? - Who are you?
I've been living here for 20 years.
Who are you looking for?
Dr. HAN Jung-ho.
Why are you so down these days? I'm so thrilled.
- Are you that happy? - Of course
We've bought back our old house.
I can't even sleep these days, I'm so excited.
- Aren't you excited? - Yeah
- I'm excited, too! - Really?
By Baby. So cute I could just eat you!
It's still raining Aren't you hungry?
- Let's order something to eat - How about instant noodles?
- Okay! - Okay?
Let's go make instant noodles.
It's the best thing to eat when it rains.
Let's see, do we have kimchi?
What are you doing?
Can I ask you something?
Miss, Miss
- Buy one doll, Miss. Just one doll - No, it's ugly
Your noodles are all bloated How far did you go?
To the subway station He kept running away.
Must be running from something.
Who did this?
You didn't have to wear yourself out.
With a cold nonetheless.
I know what pain it is to lose a mobile phone.
- Hello? - Mr. KANG Seung-wan!
Wait, please don't hang up!
So many fans want to see you again!
Wow, she like the energizer bunny.
Look, I told you I'm not interested in doing an interview...
Hello, this is Hanyoung University's plant studies department.
Oh, hello.
Dr. HAN has a daughter.
I know.
Can I have her mobile number?
- It's 011... - Okay, 011...
Hello, speaking!
Hello? Who is it?
- If you don't speak I'm gonna hang up - Wait...
I don't know how to explain... but...
My name is...
Mr. KANG Seung-wan?
Do you know me?
Of course!
Why do you make my life so difficult? Not showing up for interview
- is This Miss HAN Ji-young's phone? - Yes
I'm the one working on the show.
- Your father is Dr. HAN Jung-ho? - Yes. Do you know my father?
Yes. Yes, I know him very well.
- Then you'll do the interview? - Yes, Of course
Where are you right now? Can we do it right away?
Sure. Right away Where are you?
Where are you, Mr. KANG? I'll go to you.
I'm at the lake near my home.
I'm at a lake near your home, too!
Lake near, lake near
Where are you?
I'm looking at the river.
Miss HAN Ji-young?
Yes, I'm HAN Ji-young.
Mr. KANG Seung-wan?
Junior champion KANG Seung-wan?
Do you by any chance peel fruits with your left hand?
My God! How did you know that?
It's really strange, I'm right-handed but peel fruit with the left.
Isn't that weird?
- Well, shall we get started? - Yes!
Seung-wan, what happened to your hair?
Are you sure this is for humans?
Daddy, why am I such a dummy?
Hey, Hey, Come on
- Wait a minute, wait a minute - What do you want me to wait for?
I think this is right.
Just leave it. That's going to be over $85 soon.
Idiote! PowerSoft is such a famous company.
Seung-wan, this too.
Bring it all
A man has to know alcohol Drink up!
Ha, I thought so. Here, eat this.
I don't want to go in.
Champion. World champion!
Stop! Come here
You don't believe Korea went to the semis in World Cup?
You'll be there for real someday So practice hard!
You know it
To prepare, here!
Wow! Goal in!
I'm real!
Please stop it! Just stop it!
Who the hell is HAN Ji-young anyway?
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