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Ricordati Di Me CD1

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[This is Carlo and Giulia's city.]
[This is their neighborhood.]
[lt used to be the Fascist leaders' neighborhood,..]
[..then it became the yuppies'.]
[Now, it's just their neighborhood.]
[This is their home, from the outside,..]
[..and this is their home, inside.]
[This is Valentina.]
[Can't say they know her well, although she's their daughter.]
[Paolo is her brother.]
[He always used to question things.]
[But not anymore.]
[And here they are,..]
[..Carlo and Giulia. Giulia and Carlo.]
[Beneath them, the mattress, witness to the little that happens between them.]
[lt's 7:29, in one minute, they'll remember they're alive.]
Valentina, wake up! We won't wait for you this time.
What a pain!
-Valentina, are you getting dressed? -Yes!
Ready kids?
lf mom sees you in bed, she'll let out a super-sonic scream.
Stop bringing me Ovaltine in bed.
-Why? - l'm not a kid anymore.
- Paolo, are you ready? -Yes!
l'm plastered to the window because you stink.
- No, l don't. - Knock it off!
-When did you last shower? -Yesterday.
-And you couldn't today? - Leave me alone!
-Quit it, you two. -Tell it to the Kosovar.
Fuck you!
[Had things always been like this?]
- Riccardo wants to see you. - Okay.
[Things were different once.]
''What do you do, moon, aloft?''
''Tell me what you do, silent moon.''
''You rise each night and go....''
..the coup of the Directoire..
..against the Council of Ancients..
..and the Council of Five Hundred....
''Love, that exempts no one beloved from loving,..''
''..seized me with pleasure of this man so strongly,..''
''..that, as thou seest, it doth not yet desert me.''
- ln three months, six contracts. - Seven.
You have to be convinced to be convincing.
lf you don't believe in yourself, how will others believe in you?
Having problems with Giulia?
The debut's in two weeks, they need a substitute immediately.
lt's the perfect situation.
l don't feel up to it.
- l'll set up a meeting. - No.
l haven't done a thing in years, they'd never pick me.
Meet him, you've got nothing to lose!
l'll think about it.
Valentina, stretch your arms and follow Anna.
[That afternoon, Valentina felt..]
[..really envious toward her friend,..]
[..and it wasn't the first time.]
[Giulia meditated on the fact..]
[..that she had done everything a woman of her age could,..]
[..except for that which she desired.]
[Carlo closed his eighth contract and didn't feel a thing.]
The same racist wealthy man has sex with Nigerian hookers.
[At 06:00 pm, Paolo was certain of one thing:]
[..if he was alive or not, if he existed or not,..]
[..made no difference to all those people.]
What is it?
Wouldn't it be nice if we all went on vacation this summer?
All, who?
Me, you, Paolo, and Valentina.
They would never even consider it.
Eat up.
l saw the bastard's car in front of the bitch's house.
l should've gagged him with the rear-view mirror.
Hope he has a stroke.
When the fuck will l get over him?
''Wanted: dancers..''
''..for the new edition of the program.''
''lf you're between the ages of 18 to 21, call now.''
Let's call.
lt's an obscene environment.
- l guess l like obscene things. - That's nonsense!
- lt's already set. - No one will notice if you don't go.
Here we are.
ls it ready?
-Yes. - Thank you.
- Hi, everybody! - Hi. - Hi, dad.
You don't want me to audition because you're afraid they'll pick me.
You're jealous.
Don't irritate me, Valentina.
Your father and l said we'd pay for acting lessons.
l don't need lessons for what l want to do.
Do theater, at least it's an art.
You do it! You talk and talk, but don't do shit.
What did we do wrong to make you like this?
l don't want to live pointlessly like everyone around me.
Got it?
Got it?
You need 4,000 votes to enter the State Assembly.
Think l can't find 4,000 people willing to give me a chance?
That's all l'm asking.
l want to demolish the provincial facade....
Did you hit it?
Know why we're worthless in Europe?
Because we ltalians have corruption in our DNA,..
..we've lost our values.
Do you have any? lt's even worse if you think you do have any.
lf we had any, we wouldn't be in this mess.
We each have to do what we can.
lf we each would,.. would all be different,..
Only a loser would bring her mom to auditions.
Then you can't go.
- Tell her how pathetic it is. - My mom's coming too.
- See? - Thanks.
- She's glued to me. -You want to be the same?
- Trust her. - 17 is too young.
- 18 in three months. -Still 17 though.
Dad, you tell her l'm not a drip.
This summer, would you and Paolo..
..come on vacation with us?
Forget l asked.
My name is Valentina Ristuccia.
l'm 18 and l want to be a legend.
l'm Anna Pezzi, l'm 18 and l'll never be a good girl.
Talk like you want to suck it,.. you want to blow him. Make him believe it.
l'm Valentina Ristuccia..
..and l'm not a good girl.
Good girls go to heaven,..
..l want to go everywhere.
We're tired of the Communist's party-dominated games.
They've governed for 40 years.
Even if they haven't, it's the same.
We want to seal a pact with the residents,..
..because we're not post-Fascists,..
..or post-Communists.
Not even post-Socialists!
We are us!
Barnum Pineapples.
They use pesticides without protecting their workers.
Cordoba Corn, the only acceptable one.
The others hire children and prohibit unions.
How do you know all this?
l inform myself.
l like hearing you say things l don't know.
At least you'll learn something.
What are you doing?
Why did you kiss me at Francesca's party?
Because l felt like it.
And now?
l don't know.
Know what infibulation is?
Know what infibulation is?
What is it?
l don't feel like telling you.
Sure you don't want to come?
Don't insist.
lt took me three days to recover from the last get-together.
- How do l look? -Same as always.
- Me? -Same as always.
- Okay. Bye. Bye! - Bye!
(Operation which reduces the female ostium..)
( impede sexual intercourse.)
You're here at last!
Here is Ristuccia!
We said it would be the last time.
So what are we doing here?
We're the simulacrum of a petit-bourgeoisie civilization,..
..hypocritical and fraternizing.
This desperate need to appear without being!
Look at them.
Protagonists of a society aware of its own superficiality.
Does that sit with you? Not with me!
Carlo, come down!
Alessia's here too.
Hi! You're here!
l've never missed one.
-When did you get here? -Awhile ago.
- Hi, Alessia. - Hi, Benedetto.
We were saying the Right Wing is throwing us..
..into a cultural abyss.
He never changes.
-When did l see you last? -Six years ago.
Six years ago?
Even sociableness has become a consumer good.
- How are your kids? - Fine, and yours?
You've bored me.
-You look amazing. -Thanks.
- Remember Carlo? - How's it going?
-Want a drink? -Yes, be right there.
Great party! l'm a stranger among strangers!
We have this plan to revive our relationship:
..share friends, connect again, be happy like we used to.
A total success!
And you, happy husband?
l told you to knock!
Were you about to jerk off?
No, l was looking at something!
- Know when mom will be back? - No.
What do you think of me? How do l appear?
You know already.
Tell me again.
You're anonymous.
You talk like you've got a rag in your mouth,.. dress like a Left Wing loser, when the world is heading elsewhere.
-Anything else? - Nope.
You're leaving?
We left the kids with my mother.
- l'm glad l saw you again. - Me too.
We should grab a coffee one of these days.
- l mean it. - Me too, when?
l'll give you my number.
- So you're leaving? -Yes.
l'll give you my cell number, too.
lt was a bit bland this year.
- Don't let 6 more years go by. -Yes, l mean no.
- Bye. - Bye.
Lower it!
Lower it, Valentina!
Lower it, l need to sleep!
You think l won't make it? l'm just as hot as the next.
What do you think?
- Hi. - Hi.
How did it go?
Like last time.
l saw a wonderful film.
-Shut everything off. -Okay.
- Enough make-up. - Leave me alone.
You look three years older.
-Carlo! -Carlo!
Catchy, isn't it?
- They're all here for this? - Of course.
-What did you do to your hair? - How does it look?
l'm not sure.
This way she's blonde or brunette.
l go both ways.
-We have to sing a song. - No way!
They don't care if you suck, it's about attitude.
You wanted this opportunity,..
..but don't be disappointed when they don't pick you.
You're jinxing me.
Anna Pezzi and Valentina Ristuccia.
Name, last name, weight, height, telephone number.
- Hi, llaria. - Hi.
Want a ride?
Why do you make that hangdog face every time you see me?
- ls that what you think? -Yes.
Come here.
Don't drag me!
l need to talk to you in private.
What is it?
When l'm with you, l don't know what to say or do,..
..because if you treat me like an ass, l'll act like one.
l don't mean to.
Then let's talk about it.
- lt's not my fault. - l know, it's mine.
l'm crazy about you.
Now l've said it.
You feel inferior to me.
Give me time.
Let's do this,..
..we'll stop seeing each other,..
..then when you feel better, we'll hang out again. Okay?
- llaria! - l have to go.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
-What's wrong? - Nothing!
Why do l give a shit about a girl like her?
A bad agent makes them host events in cheap clubs,..
..and throws them to guys looking for a fling.
The problem is finding a serious agent,..
..but they won't even take our calls.
Next up: 120, 121, 122....
Relax, stay calm.
Don't swallow your words, stand straight,..
..don't laugh with your mouth open, or your cavities will show.
First one at a time,..
..then all together.
- Did you see Tucci? -Yes.
First on the left.
What's your name?
Anna Pezzi. l'm 18. l sing, dance, and say intelligent things.
Show us your profile.
Ask me if l'm a good girl, and l'll say no.
Good girls go to heaven, l want to go everywhere.
What's your name?
Valentina Ristuccia. l'm not a good girl either.
Look at the camera when you speak.
-Work experience? - None.
Move back!
Did they already make the picks?
Please, lady!
You,..'re different,.. of a kind.. the universe!
Good. You continue.
You won't change..
..tell me you'll always be..
..and that you'll really love me..
..forever and ever,..
..forever and ever.
lt's too loud, l can't hear myself.
Next up.
You know,..
..people are lonely,..
..and find solace where they can....
-What's your name? -Anna Pezzi.
Walk slowly towards us.
Now go back.
All together, dance!
They can say you're off key, that you have no talent,..
..but they can not dismiss you in two minutes!
What are you, pieces of meat?
Don't sound desperate, we'll seem pathetic,..
..and they'll slam the door in our face.
- Hello? - lt's Valentina. - Oh, Valentina.
How are you?
Know anyone who works in TV?
My dad has movie connections.
- No one in TV? - No, he can't stand it.
You're not into fashion anymore?
- Someone who works in TV? - Could be.
What should l do?
When they're here, l'll call you.
There's not one girl on TV who knows how to move decently.
lt's time for a change, get more girls who have merits.
Merits? ls that a TV fairytale?
- Hello? - Elena, it's Giulia.
l wanted to ask you....
l'm calling about the actress, if they found anyone?
ls it too late?
l'll call right away.
Okay, l'll wait for your call.
- Hi. - Hi.
How was the gym?
l'll be unrecognizable in 2 months.
- Hello? -They found a substitute.
l thought so.
He's not content though, how much time would you need?
- For what? - He wants to see you right away.
No, l can't, Elena.
l don't feel up to it psychologically.
Come by in 20 minutes, l'll be waiting.
You must be natural.
l'm going to Elena's, be right back. Bye.
- Do you need the phone? - No.
l have to make an important call.
- Hello? - l was looking for Valentina. -Yes.
lt's for you.
Close the door.
-Who is it? -Valentina?
Who is it?
l saw you at the audition, l'm Paolo Tucci.
l recognized you.
How come you're calling?
l saw you, got your number...
Are you on the committee?
No, l'm friends with the director.
l just happened to pass by.
- But you know the results. -Yes.
Don't tell me they picked me!
Nope, but they liked you.
You came close, don't worry.
We discussed it for long.
ljust did that bullshit for the hell of it.
Couldn't you tell?
Dad, hang up!
My dad's a pain.
l, too, have the right to use the phone!
-Gotta hang up? -Only when l want to.
You're feisty!
You gotta survive somehow.
Right. But listen,..
..if l ask you out, would you tell me to piss off?
-Valentina, are you done? -Yes.
- Hello? -Alessia, it's Carlo.
Am l disturbing you?
- l didn't know if l should call. - l'm glad you did.
On the phone, it's....
Are you still up for getting a coffee?
Sure, when?
Whenever you want.
Let's have lunch tomorrow.
Great, where?
At Bartoli, at 1:00?
Bartoli at 1:00. Perfect.
- l'll see you, then. - Okay, bye. - Bye.
- Mom, l finished the whale. - Good!
You never told me about Anne and Ken's crisis!
- l didn't know. - He's lying.
You're lying!
Talk to her about her loss of sensuality.
Let's talk about us, when was the last time we made love?
He wants to talk about your loss of sensuality.
Avoid the topic and turn around.
You know what? l want to sleep.
Good night, actually, good bye!
- How was that? - Great, let's take a break.
l've worked with Peter Stein, Strehler...
Some things went well,..
..others so-so, others horribly,..
..but flops are like relationships..
..that end badly, they always stay with you.
But l've never repudiated anything l've done.
This place is cute, let's go in.
Tell me about you, Elena started to.
What did you tell him?
Last time l saw you act, you had real talent.
She says that because we're friends. Passion, lots, but....
-Where has it gone? -Well...
Where has that passion gone?
lt's beneath the ashes of marriage, work,..
..the fear of not having enough money...
How can you have a full stomach and still be an artist?
Art is like love, it's always hungry.
Did Elena tell you we have a substitute?
-Yes, she did. - But l'm not sure yet.
l've worked with her before,..
..but l'm full of doubts. One thing l've learned.. to trust my instinct. Do you believe in instinct?
Yes, she does.
Even if l tend to be too rational.
You need both, rationality and instinct.
My teacher used to say..
..a character begins at the feet.
l was watching your feet while you walked.
You know what Hegel said?
''Nothing is more profound than what appears on the surface.''
What'll we do with the other lady?
l don't know. Come to my place tomorrow,..
..we'll read the lines and figure out what to do.
- Sound good? - Okay.
Find a chick and fuck her six times a day.
Eva's still hot for you,.. could do her tonight.
Fuck her today, tomorrow,..
..then you'll forget about llaria.
l don't give a shit about Eva.
And llaria doesn't about you.
Sincerely,.. a woman, what do you think of me?
You already asked me.
l know.
l'll be 19 in a week..
..and there's not one thing l like in my life.
Puff and pass.
l want to do something important.
A party that we'll remember forever.
Got it?
l want to have a major party for us,.. that we'll remember forever.
Would you fuck Martina?
Would you fuck Paolo?
What the hell are you saying?
Show him your tits.
Please, Matteo.
Why don't you make out?
-What are you saying? - Do it for me.
Fuck you!
He's like a brother to me.
lf l kiss him, you'll kill me.
l can't stand seeing him like this.
Shithead! Let's get it over with.
-Are you sure? - Of course.
- l can't do it. - Go ahead, please.
l can't do it!
Get her out of your head.
That's what l'm doing!
l wanna go home.
He said he trusts his vibrations, he wants to see me again tomorrow.
Know why?
Because he believes in me.
Understand, Carlo?
Yes, Giulia.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Hi! - Hi. Come on in. - Thanks.
l brought you something.
l can't wait to see your expression.
Oh, God!
Wild, huh?
l can't believe it.
You can keep them.
Look at me, with that anarchist face!
And me, my face looks like an apple!
You were beautiful.
lf l was so beautiful, why did we break up?
-Why? -Yes, why?
Do you remember?
- No. - Me neither.
Don't laugh.
We've got to remember. Why did we break up?
We were so good together.
Are you pleased with the way things turned out?
Why, can't you tell?
Your book?
l'm on the last chapter. l'm almost done.
You said that years ago.
Did l?
My wife said.. was too autobiographical to interest anyone..
..apart from my psychoanalyst,..
..whom l don't go to anymore, so....
She found it sad, too.
- Maybe she's right. Who knows? -Who knows?
No one likes sad things.
- Sure. -And you?
l have a husband who considers me too predictable and dependable,.. still be stimulating.
l transformed myself into what he wanted,..
..and now he's searching for what l used to be in others.
Those near us tend to forget our good points.
Want to take a walk?
You look at me laughing, do you think l'm stupid?
Tell him you betrayed him! Tell him the truth!
From the diaphragm! The truth.
- The truth. - Good.
Tell him you're leaving because you don't care anymore.
-You don't care anymore! -You don't care anymore!
Good, let's go!
-Where? - To rehearsal.
This place remind you of anything?
Yes, it does. l came back here.
When the shit hits the fan at home, l go out,..
..and always end up here.
They caught us in the prime of our youth, these assholes!
- Hello? - lt's Valentina. - Hi.
ljust wanted to tell you..
..that l'm fine, l'm over you.
All the better.
Yes, all the better.
l just wanted to let you know.
- Bye. - Bye.
You idiot!
-You're going to be late. -Yes.
l'll call you.
Get going, l'll wait for your call.
What are we getting ourselves into?
- They're waiting. - l know.
- Sorry. -You made it!
-What happened? - l had a problem.
- Did you eat well, at least? - They put a boot on my car.
Are you mad?
Spare me that bullshit about the boot.
l met an old friend, so l came late.
You fuck around and expect me to cover you?
Who asked you anything?
lf l did that, we'd be washed up in a week, and you know that.
-Whatever. -You asked for it.
Riccardo, you know what?
l'm sick to hell of you and this place.
l quit!
-A burden off my shoulders! - Really?
l feel lighter too.
l'm different from the person l've acted like all these years.
- Sure, you're much better! - Exactly.
- Fuck you. - No, fuck you!
-You're late again today? - l'm tired.
Of course.
Giulia, feed her the lines.
- Tell him you don't believe him. - l don't believe you.
Giulia, stand up with her.
Get under the covers right after, you're her alter-ego.
- l don't believe you're sleeping. - Sorry!
- Giulia, the lines... - l don't fit!
Sit on top of her, so long as you keep going!
Say he takes away your self-esteem.
-You take away my self-esteem. - Lean over her.
-And your sexuality. -And my sexuality.
What happened? Did you get hurt?
- Hello? - l have an idea.
-What if we meet tomorrow? - Okay.
At 1:00?
Same place as today. l can't talk now.
-Alright. Bye. - Bye.
You're still here?
l wanted to talk to you.
l have to get this out of my system now.
You have to be sincere.
Of course.
Can l do it? l feel insecure.
l have to learn the lines..
..and positions in two weeks!
Maybe l shouldn't have proposed myself,..
..this is too big for me.
- Know what l think? -That the other woman was better.
lnstead of creating issues,.. should go study your lines.
Your lines, non-stop,..
..and forget about the issues. Know what Rilke said?
''What's important is to remember, forgetting is even more important.''
Aren't you concerned?
l'm terrorized.
lf l didn't have faith in you, l'd tell you,..
..l'd replace you, but l won't.
The rest is up to you.
Go home and don't think.
- Bye. - Bye. Giulia!
Hi, Max!
The office called for you.
l don't have one anymore,..
..there's no more office.
What happened?
Your dad has come to his senses.
Does mom know?
Call Riccardo now and apologize.
You hear me?
Are you listening?
Turn the TV off when l'm talking!
Don't shout! Why are you shouting?
You have the nerve to ask?
You can't afford to lose your job.
Call Riccardo, do it for all of us!
- Mom's right. -Stay out of this.
You don't even know me.
l know you, all too well. Call the office.
- Or who will bring home the money? -We both do.
l was chock full of dreams, look what you've done to me.
- l had dreams too. - The great actress!
What did you say?
You weren't worth a cent, and you know that.
Don't ever speak to me that way in front of our daughter!
l was great and l still am. He didn't want me to act because he was jealous!
- Oh, please! -You know it!
You were afraid l'd meet people more interesting than you!
l'll show you! You'll see!
Fine, l'll be waiting.
-Where are you going? - Out.
We're not done, Carlo.
He's lost it.
Tell me the truth,..
..are things okay with you two?
Do you still make love?
You're calling him?
You're a pain, go to your room.
Oh, it's you.
- Carlo? - No, Anna. ls Valentina there?
lt's Anna for you.
- Hello? -Are you coming by?
No, l don't feel good.
Hang up, please, Valentina.
- ls something wrong? - No.
You sound funny.
My parents fought. We'll talk tomorrow, okay?
-Okay. - Bye.
You must believe in yourself.
You must believe in yourself. lt's easy.
There's nothing to it.
- lt's Paolo. - Hi.
l have to talk to you about something important,..
..but it's not about me, or me and you,..
..don't worry, trust me.
Not over the phone.
lf you want, we can meet.
l'll come by.
l don't know.
When you want.
Let's say in 15 minutes.
Okay, 15 minutes. Bye.
What made him change? His tastes have changed?
Why doesn't Matt like your minestrone anymore?
- l'm going out. l won't be late. -Valentina!
Can l ask you something?
How do l appear?
What kind of question is that?
- Bye, mom. - Bye.
- Hi. - Hi. -Valentina. - Paolo.
-Where are you taking me? -Are you open to anything?
Not sushi, it's a dumb trend.
That's what l wanted to do.
- Hi, lla. - Hi.
So what can't you tell me over the phone?
My birthday is in a week.
l'm planning a party with loads of people..
..and l wanted to have hash too. - Really? -Yes.
Maybe you can... me find some.
You're invited.
l should hope so!
How much do you want to spend?
l don't know.
What do you think?
Michelle Pfeiffer was a cashier, Harrison Ford a carpenter,..
..Harvey Keitel was a teller, and Tom Cruise wanted to be a priest.
l had no idea.
And l don't have what it takes for TV? l'm no drip.
Not at all.
l don't want to last one season like you, l speak English and French.
Do you wanna know me? Voulez-vous me connaître?
Show him you're not stupid.
Tell him you betrayed him. Tell him the truth.
l was worried. Where were you?
- Did you talk to Riccardo? - No.
Will you?
l don't know.
What are you trying to do?
l've been dancing for 3 years, a long time!
Everyone wants to be on TV because it's full of ordinary people.
All you have to do is talk and smile in the right direction.
- But in movies you have to act. - l could see you acting.
l want to be ''the girl next door'', l want to go everywhere.
l need someone to help me meet the right people, l'll do the rest.
Are you sleeping?
Good night.
Tell me if you hate it.
How exciting!
''That Which Remains''.
Put it back in.
The title is wonderful.
Be sincere.
How could l not be with you?
What are you doing this afternoon?
Whatever you're doing.
What'll we do?
Remember my mom's beach house?
How could l forget?
Valentina... Move, move...
He said he used to love it.
His tastes have changed?
Why doesn't Matt like your minestrone anymore?
He said he used to love it.
His tastes have changed?
Why doesn't Matt like your minestrone anymore?
What about your geraniums?
Hi, Paolino. How are you?
Are you studying?
And the roses?
What about your geraniums?
And the roses?
Ask him to bring some fertilizer.
Ask him.
There's a perfume department on the first floor of every mall:
..Lancôme, Dior, Shiseido, Chanel, Clinique,..
..Alyssa Ashley, Alyssa Ashley, Alyssa Ashley...
This is embarrassing.
lf you don't read, l will.
You said you used to love it.
What made him change?
-Why doesn't Matt like.... - Let me finish!
Let her finish, Giulia.
Sorry. l'm sorry.
That was her.
She seemed more lazy than wise, but she was wise, she was ahead.
Towards the end of this story, l'll tell her something important:
..''From now on, for everything you say, l'll ask why.''
You'll see how she answers and you'll understand.
Where are you?
While l talk, your eyes become opaque marbles.
Am l boring? Am l repetitive?
Where are you, Matt?
- Enough! - Enough! Enough!
What do you want from me? Opaque marbles again,..
..where did you get that from, your mother?
-Where? -Where?
What are you saying?
lt's your turn.
Where did they find her?
Oh, no!
Giulia, please...
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Come here.
-Where are you going? - l'm no good!
Come back to rehearsal.
-Act like an artist! - But l'm not!
-You are what you choose to be! - l'm afraid!
You have no choice, if you don't want to leave me in deep shit.
l know you can do it.
You'll prove it to yourself, me, everyone.
Got it?
lt was A for Atlantis,..
..Africa, Australia, atoll,..
..for aviators, Amazon,..
..slow, oscillating A like adrift.
lt was all the most exciting A's, except for one.
- Hi. - Hi, Vale.
-When's dinner? - l'll start cooking.
- Dad? - He's not here.
- Know where he is? - No.
..without having ever considered it before,..
..l thought of something good to tell her,.. order to reach her..
..or at least bring her near, being as ahead as she was.
''From now on, for everything you say, l'll ask why.''
But she was ahead, she smiled..
..and said: ''Why?''
How much longer?
l have to step out.
l'm going out.
How many times have l told you to knock?
-Where did mom just go? -She was home?
Got something to say?
-Alfredo, it's Giulia. - Hi.
l'm in your area, do you mind if l stop by?
No problem.
Be right over. Bye.
The people who came to this world to take, give,..
..those who came to give, take.
This is why we're always unhappy.
We act like dogs..
..who want to be taken outside:
..they go alone.
l made it this far.
What do you think?
- lt made me cry. - Be honest.
lt's beautiful.
l wouldn't say it if l didn't think so.
l won't mind if you don't like it.
lf you don't finish it, l'll kill you.
- Hi. - Hi, Alfredo.
What is it?
l needed to see you.
-You're soaked. - l know.
Oh God! You're going to think l'm crazy,..
..that l'm insane.
l don't know where to begin,..
..but l have to get it off my chest.
l decided l'm doing the things l want.
You helped me realize l want to feel alive again.
l need to fall in love.
Maybe l'm wrong, maybe l'm not,..
..l think l'm in love with you.
l said it.
l already feel better.
My God! My heart is pounding.
No, please.
You're already involved?
l'm gay.
Everyone knows.
- Sorry. - No problem.
No, l mean yes.
l hadn't noticed, what a dunce!
l'm sorry.
- Something's burning. - Christ!
What'll we do?
What'll we do?
Go or stay?
- Hello? - lt's me.
Did something happen?
l'll explain later.
-Are you ill? - No.
Where are you?
l won't be home tonight.
-What? -You heard me.
Where are you?
Don't ask questions.
- Tell me, l'll come get you! - No.
- Don't do this to me, or it's over, got it? -Yes.
What about your kids?
-We'll talk about them tomorrow. -Alessia?
How long has this been going on?
l can't recall.
How many adventures have you had?
One during the first crisis, one during the second.
lt's educational.
When you sleep with a man who leaves right after,.. makes your marriage seem decent after all.
lt's dad, is mom there?
No, when will you be back?
When you see her, tell her l won't be home tonight.
Where are you?
Tell her l'll be back tomorrow.
She'll want to know where you are.
-At a friend's. - That's not true.
- l wasn't born yesterday! -Valentina...
Do whatever you want.
What happened?
He has a lover.
- Paolo... Paolo... - l know nothing. Ask Valentina.
Valentina! Can you hear me?
He said he was at a friend's.
Damn! Still off!
l want to know why you didn't ask the name!
What the fuck were you thinking?
Are you splitting up?
What the hell are you talking about?
Everything is fine between me and your father!
....ltaly shall he be the saviour,..
..on whose account the maid Camilla died,..
..Euryalus, Turnus, Nisus, of their wounds.
....there from whence envy first did let her loose.
....where thou shalt hear the desperate lamentations, shalt see....
- Hello? -Carlo!
Where were you? Tell me the truth.
We were worried.
Your kids didn't know what to think.
How could you?
When you get home we'll talk.
lt's normal, it happens in all families.
We'll talk about it all together tonight.
l have an important dinner.
l'll be home later.
l'm sick of your selfishness!
- Don't take it out on me. -You won't go out.
l'll go, piss off.
My foot!
Don't you dare speak to me that way ever again, Valentina!
The days of anarchy are over, l demand respect!
Here's your father. Come.
l don't want to make a scene, but l want our kids to be involved.
Where were you last night?
Don't say at a friend's because you don't have any.
Calm down.
You humiliated me in front of our kids!
Now get your stuff and get out!
-What are you saying? - Quiet you!
She's right, fine.
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