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Ricordati Di Me CD2

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- Perfect. -What?
-What are you doing? -What you told me, l'm leaving.
Dad, don't.
-You're joking, right? - No.
- Don't do this to me. - Let go of me.
l don't care anymore who you spent the night with,..
..but don't be hasty, don't throw it all away.
Our kids and us are what counts.
-Alessia? - l can't talk for long. l'll leave you a message later.
- Okay. - l always think of you.
Me too. Bye.
l'm making a superhuman effort to not ask you anything,..
..but you have to stop, if you don't want it all to end.
l'm going.
Me too.
Want to make love?
Don't do this.
Giulia, please...
Why not?
-What's wrong with me? - Don't use that voice.
- Stop it. -What did l do wrong?
-We're not in love anymore. -That's not true.
Admit it.
There's no connection, we're not stimulated by the same things,..
..we've buried ourselves under tons of crap,..
..we've castrated each other. That's the truth. Stop it!
You're thinking about her?
Who is this lady who's come between us?
Can l know?
Answer me.
Was she good?
Was she good? Answer me.
Answer me, Carlo. Was she good?
Answer me, bastard!
-Was she good? -Yes, she was!
You make me sick!
Don't go or l'll kill myself.
l'll kill myself!
Did you hear me?
Do you have the keys?
We'll just stay for ten minutes.
They'll start up....
lt's about time!
The red head called you.
Said she'd call in 20 minutes.
The usual buttheads.
This is Valentina.
Hi! Nice to meet you.
You can't tell, but he was on the national soccer team.
l didn't recognize you.
Franklin, Reitz's manager.
Nice to meet you.
lf you need an agent, he's number one.
She gave a killer audition.
He's said that 20 times.
See, l don't bullshit.
l don't need to introduce them.
l always watch you.
You know him.
A pleasure to meet you.
- l'm a fan of yours. - Thanks.
- Should we sit here? -Wherever you want.
- Hello? -Your father and l got locked out.
l need to get the keys from you.
Can't you ask Paolo?
l can't reach him. Where are you?
Pinocchio, followed by the Cat and Fox,..
..ran, ran,..
..ran to the Fairy and said:
..''Open up, Fairy, it's Pinocchio!''
Your brother's already asleep, how about you? lt's 10:00.
Five more minutes!
lt's late, listen to mom.
- No. -Yes. - No. -Yes. - No!
- How do you know them? - l just do. Leave, now.
Good evening.
Good evening.
l'm Valentina's mom.
Your mom is beautiful.
-Won't you stay? - No, thanks, the cab....
Just stay for a drink.
No, thank you.
Please, just five minutes.
What are you doing here?
Nobody wanted her three years ago.
l was the first to tell her to pay for it.
Then what happened?
She was with an Arab,..
..then she published a nudie calendar.
She paid for it herself!
lt's dad.
- l'm on my way. - Paolo let me in.
To get out of that hole,..
..she did Beltrami and his friend.
What a slut!
Do you like her?
l still don't know who you're talking about.
Are you working on something?
The new edition of ''Ali Baba''.
l used to watch it.
- Did you like it? -You're great, but you know that.
l'm pleased to hear it from you.
He's pleased!
Tell me...
What were you like at my age?
Did you think you'd accomplish nothing but crap..
..or something worthwhile?
Mom and l are splitting up, you know.
l noticed.
What do you think?
- ls there another woman? - No.
- Don't make that face, smile. - Paparazzi?
- Let's go. -Where?
To my place. Come with us, Giulia.
Don't you dare say no.
l'm moving to my mom's and they're coming with me.
You wanted revenge? We're even now.
l'll sleep with the kids.
Don't disturb your mom.
l'll leave, if you can't look me in the face.
See you tomorrow morning.
l love you.
Raise it! Let's go!
Raise your hand if you don't like this song!
Come on, deadbeats!
-Your daughter's a bomb! -Yes.
How old is she?
Almost 18.
Lucky her!
l prefer her mom.
Where's the bathroom?
At the end of the hall.
-Valentina! Excuse me. -What?
Come here.
lt's almost 2:00, let's go.
-Go ahead. - No, both of us.
- l'm staying. - No, come with me.
You're embarrassing me!
You have school tomorrow.
Don't ever mention school in front of my friends.
Okay. Let's go.
Know why you always want to ruin everything?
You're jealous, you're old, you've played your last card.
Dad was right to cheat on you.
Why are you on the sofa?
l was trying to sleep.
Know what?
One day l'll prove l'm worth more than all of you put together,..
..but it'll be too late for you then.
Fuck you!
Call your daughter and see if she bothered turning her phone on.
l just tried to call.
-What? - l just tried.
Try again.
Let me talk to her.
- Hello? - Can we meet in an hour?
- Can you make it? -Yes.
See you.
l want my daddy!
Let's go, mom.
Who was it?
Was it her?
-Where are you going? - To the bathroom. Can l?
She's still calling?
Who's this cocksucker calling you at 8:00?
Who is she? Let me in!
Why are you doing this?
We have to make sacrifices to stay together happily,..
l've never been happy with you.
That's not true!
- Get out. - No way!
- Then l'll go. - Carlo!
- l won't come back this time! - Carlo!
Your dad is fed up, l'll explain one day.
- Don't go to her! - Let me out!
Mom, don't make that face.
- Calm down. - He can't breathe!
We'll handle it.
-When will you let us know? -As soon as we can.
- Date of birth? - May 20.
He's three years older than me...
Oh, God!
l can't remember.
l can't think.
Are you cold?
On Tuesdays and Saturdays they even have belly-dancers.
We'll put you to sleep now.
lt'll all be over when you wake up.
Relax, count to ten.
[Paolo had never believed in God,..]
[..but that night, he prayed his dad would walk again.]
[Valentina asked herself..]
[..if she'd become the pathetic daughter of a paralytic,..]
[..or a saint who'd redeem herself taking him for Sunday strolls.]
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Hi, dad.
How are you?
How was your night?
We have to shave your beard again.
- Has the doctor come by? -Yes.
Carlo, tell her what he said.
What did he say?
He said..
..that l'll walk again.
- How's your dad? - Better.
ls something wrong?
-Why? -You're acting weird.
Nothing's wrong, Anna.
Don't worry.
Let's go.
-What'll you do next year? - Dunno, and you?
Architecture or Anthropology,..
..or l'll take off.
This way.
Do you still like me?
Hi, Piccio.
Know this CD?
- l can burn it for you. - Deal!
Wait here.
How many can you do?
- How many? -You're strong!
Pure Calabrian herb, it's good.
Damn good!
What if the cops catch me with this?
Anne enters and sees her with Ken's shoe in hand.
Matt: ''And you?''
Don't look at him.
Louise: ''l told her it was your shoe.''
There's a 50% chance l'll be impotent for life.
And a 50% chance you won't.
When was the last time you saw your daughter?
A month ago. That bitch would call the cops if l even went near.
Can we have an autograph?
What are your names?
-Valeria. - Francesca.
We always watch you. You're great.
- Thanks, bye. - Bye. - Bye.
Can l ask you a question?
How does it feel to be recognized?
-You never told me about Anne and Ken's crisis. - l didn't know.
- He's lying. - You're lying!
Talk to her about her loss of sensuality.
Let's talk about us, when was the last time we made love?
He wants to talk about your loss of sensuality.
Avoid the topic and turn around.
You know what?
Good night!
Actually, good bye!
-Valentina? -What? - Paolo? - Go back to sleep, mom.
Be reasonable, please.
Stop yelling,..
..lower your voice, please.
Don't raise your voice! Don't yell!
You can't....
You can't do this,.. can't treat me this way,.. have no right!
You'll pay for the crap you put me through!
You're a bitch!
Die! l hope you die!
Fuck you!
What happened?
She's taking my child away for two more months!
That dirty-ass whore!
Tell me who she was.
l don't want to talk about it now.
l want to know if it's someone close to me.
You don't know her.
Had it been going on long?
ls she still important for you?
l need you.
Me too.
l'm not asking much,..
..l just want to see my daughter grow up.
She needs me.
ls it that hard to understand?
Honey, l understand you.
What am l doing with you?
What are you doing here?
Don't say that.
l want my daughter,..
..what do you want?
An audition for ''Ali Baba''?
What do you want from me?
You think that's why l'm here?
Remember that photo from Sorrento,..
..when Valentina turned three?
l looked at it all day yesterday.
l felt how we used to be.
We'll make up for all our errors.
l still love you.
ljust desperately needed someone to believe in me.
l'll miss you tonight.
Are your kids coming?
Paolo has a party and Valentina's with her boyfriend.
But it's fine. They would've made me too nervous.
We're ready!
lt's a full house.
Raise it!
Are they here already?
lt's probably my sister.
There's gonna be loads of weed, right?
A friend's here.
..can't tell a FlAT from a motorboat,..
..but he writes these stories....
- Hi. - Hi!
....about a dude who....
-Valentina. -Giada.
- Should l make coffee? - No, thanks.
We're going out.
He's in front of the mirror..
..and doesn't recognize himself.
The crazy thing is that whoever reads it, dies.
We're going out.
-Who is she? -Awriter. We're going out for dinner.
- l'll come too. - No, it's a work thing.
-Should l wait here? -Whatever.
l set up an audition for you.
Are you happy? See you later.
Where are you, Matt? Matt!
He's not listening.
The light is on, but no one's home. Tell him he's a monster.
You're a monster.
No reaction.
Have no fear, he's still alive.
Snatch the paper from him!
Burn it!
Don't ever take the paper from me while l'm reading!
Newspaper time is sacred!
l told you he was still alive.
You rule!
Toke up, Ristuccia!
Hit it hard!
Okay, l got it!
The weed's done!
l don't feel good.
Not good at all.
What do you think, Louise?
What do you think?
l'm fed up with these two, taking one step forward and two back.
And it's....
lt's been 20 years that l've thought this,..'s high time l quit thinking.
That's what l think.
You can't string two lines together, idiot!
What do you think?
Hey, feel better?
Feel better?
Ristuccia, what are you doing?
Hand over the weed!
Feel better?
- No, l'm ashamed. - lt went fine.
l sucked!
Can't you hear the applause?
Hand over the weed!
Are you okay? How are you doing?
l feel better.
What happened to me?
You're smokin' it all up!
lt's done.
Where did you hide it?
lt's done.
- l think it's done. - Everyone's leaving.
Tell them there's cake.
- Let's all go at Vedovati's! -Wait, there's cake!
We're going to Vedovati's party.
-Why? - Everyone's going, come on.
-There's cake. - l can't stay.
Great party.
Wait, there's the cake!
Everyone's leaving.
Come here!
Blow them out!
You're home?
Where else would l go, to a hotel?
Did you discuss it all? Have fun?
What's your problem?
Nothing, l'm fine, can't you tell?
-What did you do all this time? -We talked.
- Really? -Yes.
Are you hiding something?
No, nothing.
Why shouldn't you?
We're not together, so l have no reason to lie.
Are you uptight?
Not at all.
lf you had someone, you'd tell me?
What's wrong with you?
- Did you sleep with her? -When?
You tell me, tonight?
lt's true, right?
l won't get upset, really.
l just need to know what you're about.
Come sit here.
Come on.
You can't imagine how alone l feel.
l need someone to be near me.
Nod if you understand.
- Did you fuck her? -Yes.
- Tonight? -Yes.
How was it?
l see.
You okay?
Don't you ever....
You let them photograph us together.
l thought l could trust you, understand?
Valentina, quit it!
-You're a dick! - Quit it!
Look what you did!
lf you don't like it, the door is there.
Got it?
Get lost. Get out of here!
How will l audition tomorrow?
ls there anything l should say?
- Just relax. - l'm super relaxed.
ls there anyone who's got more pull than others?
Except for me, no one.
-You crack me up. - l'm glad.
Oh God, l recognize it.
lt'sjust like on TV.
Those are your stairs.
Don't be a dork. Morning!
Here we are. This is Valentina.
Franco, Lucia, Alberto and Amalia.
-Welcome. -Thanks.
- How's it going? - Late as usual.
-When'll we start? -We were waiting for you.
-Want a drink? - No, thanks.
Show her where to go.
l'm flipping out.
Don't worry.
-Stay here, they'll tell you what to do. - Okay.
-Where should l put it? -Wherever.
Over there.
-Valentina.... - l hear you.
Look straight at the camera.
- How old are you? - 18.
Have you already done this kind of work?
No, but l learned how to dance before l walked.
l can do everything, try me,..
..tell me what you want me to do.
- Let's see your profiles. - Okay.
..and two.
- Should l walk for you? -Yes, please.
How's that?
We'll give you a song.
- Dance, and if you know it, sing. -Okay.
l know it.
Not bad...
How was that?
They picked me!
What's wrong?
Aren't you happy for your sister?
l'll send her flowers.
The first to take off isn't always the first to win,..'ll have your moment too.
Adiplomatic way of saying you wouldn't bet on me.
That's not true.
That's not true.
Dad and l are the last chumps left.
Don't talk like that about your dad.
You've always treated him like a failure.
Now he has an excuse,.. you all speak well of him.
Stop it.
-Stop it. -Stop what?
You all make me sick.
My sister makes me sick.
You make me sick.
Everyone makes me sick!
Calm down.
l'm more than calm. l'm sick to hell of wearing the loser mask.
Sooner than you think,..'ll realize l'm worth something,..
..much more than you all. You'll see how alone and mediocre you are.
That's all you are, got it?
l'll show you what l'm worth, who l really am!
Baby, look at me.
''The wind blows and snow covers branches, you've yet to return home.''
''When you left, how l felt! Like a plow in a fallow.''
''Like a plow in a fallow.''
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Don't ever take the paper from me while l'm reading!
Newspaper time is sacred!
l told you he was still alive.
On stage!
One, two, three, shit!
How long have you been in here?
l lost track.
9, 8, 7, 6....
Applause ready.
3, 2....
Camera 4.
Camera 4 on him.
Good evening, thank you!
Welcome to the new edition of ''Ali Baba''.
Let's begin by introducing our contestants.
From Vigevano, Anna!
From Frosinone:
Alessio, from Florence!
And Emiliano from Rome!
Well then,..
..let the doors of luck open.
Hi, Max.
Come here.
You look even better here.
Please, my cheeks are huge!
When can we meet him?
- l don't know. - What?
Give her time.
- You're happy to leave? - l couldn't take it anymore.
lf l were better, l'd come too.
We're going to the beach.
Yes, but without them. Will you come visit us?
You too, when you get back.
Okay, dad, we'll come.
Don't pull my leg.
Of course not!
[That night, Carlo thought that Giulia's smile, in all those years,..]
[..had remained the same,..]
[..and perhaps he belonged there,..]
[..and that she was still beautiful.]
[Valentina thought everything was fine,..]
[..that she'd always land feet first, no one would ever..]
[..walk on her, and that things would always be fine.]
[The day after, Paolo saw land.]
Did we get the salmon?
We're getting it.
- Pâté too. -Yes!
Stop smooching!
- Let's go. -Why?
We got everything. Let's go home.
-We're missing loads of things. - Please!
- Hi! - Hi!
l'm here, sweetie!
That's Paolo, my son.
- Morning. - Hi.
- Nice to meet you. - l'm Alessia.
l'm an old friend of your father's.
He's a man.
This is Laura and Federico.
-Say hi. - Hi. - Hi.
Never imagined we'd meet here.
We were getting last minute things.
Christmas is always Christmas.
How are you?
Fine and you?
We got a house in this area.
Then we're neighbors.
Your book?
-What? - lt's still there.
You have to finish it.
l know.
Merry Christmas.
- Bye. - Bye. - Bye. - Bye bye. - Bye.
-Who are you messaging? - Francesca, she says Merry Christmas.
What's on your mind?
Thanks for the ride.
l'll call you tomorrow.
Sure. Bye.
- Got everything? -Yes.
- Merry Christmas. - Merry Christmas.
Paolo, tell your father to call Valentina!
Dad, mom said to call Valentina!
Here she is!
- Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas!
Sorry, there was awful traffic.
- Hi, Vale! You look great. - Put them under the tree.
- Did you get me a CD as usual? - No.
- How are you? - Fine. Dad!
- Hi, dad. - Hi!
How's it going?
What are you reading?
Something l wrote long ago.
Same old romantic!
l'll go help mom.
-Almost ready, are you hungry? -Yes.
First the fork, then the knife.
- Napkins under or on the side? - On the side.
lt's Carlo.
- Hey! - Hi.
l wanted to say..
..that ljust re-read my book.
- Really? -Yes.
What did you think?
Federico, lower it, l can't hear!
You were saying?
lt wasn't that bad.
Do you think we could meet one of these days?
l'll call you in a few days.
l have so much to tell you.
l know.
Am l still worth something?
Don't start.
- Bye. - Okay, bye.
See you soon.
Carlo, come on!
Hold on, l'll call him.
Come on, there's champagne.
Here he is!
Should l open it?
Move, dad.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, honey!
Merry Christmas, Paolino.
Merry Christmas, mom. Merry Christmas, Vale and dad!
Merry Christmas!
Smile, dad.
Smile, honey.
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