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Ride The

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-What's it guzzle? -About twenty litres. Roughly.
Cheap to run. Good car.
Does it run on gas or diesel?
Depends on what you teach it to use.
Not bad, eh?
I can give you a good price. What's your offer?
We haven't got much.
How much?
-Eight what? -Thousand.
Eight thousand crowns?
Let's look there, then.
Take a good look at this one. It's a Pontiac.
This is what the one over there could look like.
When you put it together.
Eight thousand crowns. A '93 model, ABS, air conditioning.
-Where's the engine? -In the shed.
But it's registered and has number plates.
But we want to drive it tomorrow.
Well guys, you should have put more away. Sorry.
We've fucked!
Is there anything here that we could drive away?
This Kadet's not too bad.
They can all run. Back there we've engines, wheels... no problem.
Just needs a simple fix-up.
-But we want to hit the road now. -Let's take a look over there.
-But none of them are registered. -Let me worry about the papers.
Plates too. I like you guys, you go far.
I'm going to give you choice. French plates.
Just say ''Bonjour''. Works a treat to the cops if they stop you...
They're stupid. They'll let you go.
German doesn't work anymore. ''Guten Tag'' they know...
-So, French plates are better. -I won't be driving it...
Doesn't matter who's driving. It's just a better cover.
-So how much? -How much d'you have?
-Eight thousand. -Eight?
You're kidding me. I should chuck this in and do charity work.
So it's a deal?
We'll find a place
where the smoking's good.
Where the hot sun
doesn't sting the drinks.
Where the wind spreads bits of bird shit
all around us and says
We've got to try what tastes the best
and calmly wait till someone comes.
Someone who knows that we're sitting here,
and who will say ''hi, boys''.
I've got one long arm.
One long arm for you.
Come sit with us
we'll listen to you.
We'll think on what
we've got to do.
Give us your hand
and you'll relax...
on that spot where one feels blue.
The main roads are for cops and criminals.
The side roads are for us.
Haven't we been here before?
The Prague Health Dept. issued a warning...
...about the poor quality of water in swimming pools.
This is due to people peeing in the water.
And, quote: ''Everyone's peeing'', say City health officials.
It says that a shrew
is around one and a half times the length of a credit card.
That's a progress.
We used to use match boxes
to compare the scale of things.
God for instance.
Let's check this scale.
-So what's the verdict? -God is great!
Let's plug ourselves into the world.
A Roumanian girl would be ideal.
-What for? -We could share her both.
-They're good, eh? -No, but if she didn't like it,
she couldn't complain, nobody would understand her.
And we could say that we thought she wanted to, right?
Or a Hungarian. For sure.
-Aren't they all ugly? -We can't be too choosy.
Or we can pick up a real beauty, have her in the woods...
But then we'd have to bury her.
We got a shovel.
A tropical heat wave has paralyzed traffic in the capital.
Traffic on most major routes is gridlocked and not moving.
Seems as if it never will.
Good afternoon.
-C'mon. We'll give you a ride. -Oh no, boys, it's not worth it.
-I live here in this village. -C'mon. Here.
But it's really not worth it.
-Your rake... -See, with my rake.
Such a nice car. I'll only scratch it up.
You'll sit up front...
-Here we go. -Where are coming from?
Oh, the fields. Working, you know. Raking hay.
-You still rake hay? -Sure.
-And where do you come from? -We're from Prague.
I hope you find some nice ladies and enjoy your holiday.
-Stop right here, by this lady. -Here?
I told you, it's not worth it...
Now can I have my rake. Thank you.
Where were you... ...that you needed a lift.
They were just nice boys... from Prague.
Even then we only gave her a short lift.
It was still a good deed!
If we hadn't taken her, we'd be three miles further.
But it's not true. It's impossible.
So we're actually three miles behind, you see...
So, whatever happens from now on wasn't meant to be.
A magic moment. What's up? Where you going?
The reward for our good deed.
Hi. Want a ride?
What are you doing here? C'mon. Get in.
You'll die here. Ants will eat you alive.
-What were you doing there? -Nothing.
So what were you leaving behind?
Where to?
Doesn't matter. I'll get off somewhere.
-We can take you home... -No.
Did something happen to you?
I'd like a drink.
Can be arranged.
What's he doing?
-Do you speak English? -Czech.
You didn't see a redhead somewhere around here?
-No. -No, we haven't.
What do you want to drink, then?
No ice. And tonic.
-There's no gin. -Doesn't matter.
She says it doesn't matter.
-It doesn't matter. -Fernet, then.
-So what does she want? -Fernet.
What's this place called?
Where are you going?
The sea?
The car hasn't any papers, so it can't cross the border.
So what do you do when you get to the border?
We'll go either east or west.
-Going through Pelhrimov? -No.
But we can take you there if you want.
What I really want is a drink.
Who was that in the car?
A guy.
Did he do something to you?
What did she say?
Nothing. I think she's a bit wacky.
Well then work on her. She could...
Did you notice that she hasn't put those panties on yet?
That means that under that skirt, she's actually, you know...
I guess so. And probably doesn't even know it.
You think she's, like, nuts or something?
I don't know.
Well, no point in us fighting over her.
Look, she's put them back.
So she's not totally nuts.
So we won't get to see her little pussy after all.
Hey look. A mirage.
That's where I'd like to go. Just disappear.
It's the heat. We say the air is sweating.
-Have you got any money? -Money?
Why do you want to know? Do you?
I don't have any. So you'll have to look after me now.
That's why I'd like to know if you have any money.
Why? Do you want it or what?
-No... -So I don't get it.
Well, if I want something...
And do you want anything?
I'd like an ice-cream. A Magnum.
D'you want to sit up front?
So will you tell me your name?
Why? Does it matter? I'll be getting off soon anyway.
Where are you getting out? In Nepomuk?
So why don't you come with us to Susice at least, eh?
-What do you think you're doing? -I should be asking you that.
Our contract states that this fridge is property of Algida.
You can't put other stuff in here. Pragolaktos, Scholler.
I'm surprised you don't keep chicken and spinach in here too.
So it's Annie?
I'm Radek. Hi.
-Cute little knuckles. -Don't say that.
Why not? I want to...
It's just talk. Isn't it?
I don't have another freezer.
Freezers should be provided by those companies that supply you.
I am hereby disconnecting and sealing ours.
So what should I say to make you stay with us?
Am I going anywhere?
-Well, no. Not yet you aren't. -So don't say anything yet.
Do I annoy you?
No. It's just... I don't want to talk now.
Will you require a receipt for these samples?
That way I could record how much of the other stuff there was.
-Well then don't bother. -Alright then. One more Magnum.
See you.
-It's freezing me! -So put it on the floor.
No! It's mine. Mine!
Oh, shit!
Come here, little mouse, come to me!!
No I won't, little cat, you'd eat me.
Yes you will, yes you will, you know it, too.
Dog!! Kill the cat!! Kill the cat!!
I want to look, want to look at it.
I want to look as it squeals under your paws.
And if it survives, if it survives...
...I'll tie you up, and let the cat scratch out your eyes.
And then I'll wrap myself up in barbed wire and plug it...
...into a socket and release the devil.
I get the feeling he really wants to see you again.
Poor guy. He must be really mad.
Why are you running away from him?
I don't like him anymore. I don't want him.
So why are you going with him, then?
He does whatever he wants... ...with me.
So we'll teach him a lesson, right?
Do you have a gun?
No, we don't. Unless there's one in the trunk.
Does he have one?
No. But he might have got one.
That would be just like him: he's really aggressive.
He once kicked the shit out of a guy...
...just because he was talking to me.
Beat him to a pulp.
Is he really such a tough guy?
Are you that afraid of him?
I messed up my dress.
That can be washed.
I don't have anything to change into. It's all in his car.
-So what do you think? -Why do you ask? You want her.
Well, if you want to know, I am not having fun.
Since we picked her up we've hardly spoken to each other.
We're wasting our time running away from some arshole.
-At least something's happening. -She's only got that one dress.
And I bet she's used to a lot of money.
I bet she'd expect a hotel.
You think she's going to stay with us overnight?
She'll smoke all of our grass and then we'll never get rid of her.
-That wouldn't bother me at all. -I don't mind either.
But for God's sake, go screw her. Just look at you.
-Now? In broad daylight? No. -I'll swimm the other way.
Hey, come on... don't.
-I'll turn around if you're shy. -I'm not shy.
If I were a guy, I couldn't bear it.
The way it shrinks like that in the water.
It must be awfully humiliating?
It's normal. Happens to everyone.
-Let's go for a walk somewhere. -Where's the other guy?
Over there, on the other side. He wants to be alone.
So, what's the story with the panties?
Well, I was being a bit naughty.
Can you believe I had to take them off...
...and throw them away just because someone else gave them to me.
-Would that upset you too? -Who'd you get them from?
-I don't know. My Mum, I guess. -Oh, from your Mum!
Don't. Not here.
Why not?
-I can't make love. -Why can't you?
Because I'm not turned on.
So tell me what to do to turn you on.
But I don't want to be turned on.
Well. That's different.
Maybe we'll make love. But not here and not now.
We're free-wheeling.
-Can I take the keys out? -No!
The steering wheel would lock. And that curve would finish us.
Why do we have to follow the road all the time?
Such a nice hill... Why can't we just go straight?
We can do anything we want. We can go straight.
OK. We're going straight.
Take off your glasses.
Well, kids: it's been great. Good bye.
Bye. Ciao.
Too bad we didn't get to know each other better.
-But I'm afraid. -Too late.
It's locked now. Hang on.
We going to die?
I think I bit my tongue.
Oh, blood.
When I look up at the sky,
I see these two little bubbles or more like spots.
Only I can see them. They're in my eye somewhere.
And they just go sailing through the sky...
When I don't look at them,
they go where I'm looking.
But when I try to look at them,
then they go off somewhere on their own.
So I pretend not to look at them, and then they come back to me.
And so I keep chasing them through the sky.
With me, it's a little line.
I haven't seen it for a long time, but it's still there.
Is there a moral in all this?
Don't know.
It's actually the first video game in the world.
Can you hear that?
-In the air. Not on the ground. -I know.
Smells nice, like those air fresheners in washrooms.
I don't smell anything.
I can't smell anything.
They're in a hurry, eh?
A cable car. Take it down.
Hey Ferda!
Get Mary. Wait, I'll get Mary.
I'm coming! I've brought the broomsticks!
We're going to clean it up here.
Get Betty; Betty will help you.
I'm the only female around.
And what are you going to do if we all jump you?
You don't have what it takes.
Careful I don't bite you.
I'll behave myself. So don't make me do it with everyone.
We'll see about that.
Said Ferda.
Where is she?
Over there.
-Where's she going? -I don't know.
-She's leaving! -No she's not.
-She is! She's leaving us here. -So let her go.
But she's got my t-shirt.
Wait, my t-shirt.
Hey mister! Don't take her!
Why did she do that? She had a great time with us.
What a bitch!
-So you didn't get any? -Of course not.
-She left her dress here. -She doesn't care.
And we're up shit creek.
Guess what? It's cracked.
Great. So we're not fucking going anywhere, are we?
-Nope. Not likely. -Fuck...
-Hey Radek, you got a fetish? -Bull. It's been washed.
Look, a tractor!
It's a work of art.
It's actually quite beautiful.
It's even signed. Armabeton.
Do you think the pyramids are higher?
These have got to be higher.
Let's compare it to our matchbox.
Where's the steam? Don't they work?
A work of art isn't supposed to work.
It provokes an emotional response.
They're telling us: ''Save, energy, or we'll turn on.''
An actress at the Comedie told me
she'd take me away to Nowhereland.
To Nowhereland...
Shit! It stinks.
I'm going to dry my dress.
The clouds fly low above the ground.
Fly fast, my head is spinning.
The clouds fly low above the ground...
For the last time I envy the clouds...
...the way that they can see the world.
The clouds fly low above the ground...
One day she'll take me away...
far away...
No one's in control!
What would you do,
what would you do if you had only one year to live?
Depends on what you mean.
Well, would you drop everything and just live it up...
Or would you try to leave something behind?
What's the point of leaving something behind?
One should leave something behind.
Kids, at least.
So Frank, you can die in peace.
-You're a dad? -Yeah.
-You're married? -Yeah.
-And it's enough for you? -Totally.
But in any event, I don't want to die.
-And are you married? -No way.
So you can do what you like...
-You could say that. -So what do you do?
I've a girlfriend...
That's enough for you?
-Two hundred. -Each?
-Per room. -I'm sleeping in the car.
That's five Jim Beam's. Hope she's worth it.
At least she didn't steal anything.
Where did she go?
No money; nothing; at night.
She won't get lost.
She's gone. I think she's really gone.
I should have gone with her to the shower.
It was an invitation. I should've gone up with her.
If only I didn't have that drink, it would've been okay.
-I think it's fate or something. -What?
That this particular girl was on the road...
Jesus, if she's your fate, then God help you.
What do I know?
-You really didn't like her? -No.
Pretty girl.
Just forget her.
Such a cute smile.
Nice red hair. She had that cute peachfuzz all over her...
Get some sleep.
All because of one drink...
One drink less,
and she'd still be here.
No need to wash.
Then night.
-I brought breakfast. -Hey, hi.
-What's this cat doing here? -Sleeping.
Look what I did. Here.
-God, what happened? -A wire with little thorns...
-It's called barbed wire. -Where were you?
-Somewhere. -All night?
And the wire was rusty. So now I've got blood poisoning, right?
No you haven't. You've been vaccinated.
''We're'' vaccinated
against tooth/ mouth, shedding and worms.
We've a dog. A German Shepherd. He's really neurotic.
We always have to pay attention to him, otherwise he bites.
Once I was playing with Johnny.
-The dog? -No, the guy.
The one who's chasing us?
And I had him tied to the bed by his hands and feet.
And we were playing around.
And when it grew hard, I brought in the dog.
When the dog came up to him he wanted to be petted.
He couldn't move or even shout because that'd upset the dog.
He just lay there. He couldn't do anything.
And I stood behind the door and watched him sweat in fear.
''Throwing rocks into the river and on the slopes is forbidden.''
''Irresponsible behaviour can lead to serious injury to persons...''
'' the afore-mentioned areas.'' The International City Council.
Why don't you have the dog put down?
-But we love him. He's ours. -So how did it turn out?
-Did he bite it off? -No. He just sniffed it.
I sure wouldn't let you tie me up.
But we haven't known each other long enough.
Would they shoot at us if he isn't armed?
It's true they only shoot ones who're armed?
-How do you know he isn't? -I didn't see a gun.
Smile. It's the cops.
They're coming back.
-OK? -Not bad.
When I do something I shouldn't,
I feel like everyone's watching me.
That's because they are. We should get out of here.
I need to pee.
-Are you scared? -You don't want to?
Not at the moment.
What's taking him so long?
Where are you heading?
-Where do you want to go? -To Hell.
Hell? Marie, some Hell...?
-Don't they mean Devil's Rocks? -Oh yeah. Go down here...
No, go right here, right, left, turn after half a mile...
Let's go!
-Got it? -Got it. -How much?
-I took a thousand. -Great.
Guys, I've got to pee.
-Shouldn't they be chasing us? -We're safe now...
-Only a thousand crowns? -It was only a village bank.
Can I drive now?
Do you know how?
I can't do the pedals. But I can do the steering wheel.
Let's do it together. I can only work the gears.
-So you don't need me anymore. -You're going to do the pedals.
A farmer in the field
was looking for his cow...
For him villages or towns,
didn't matter now,
nothing but that cow, hiding in the grass...
as high as the ocean's deep.
Black water, blind fish, poisonous sea beasts,
in the farmer's head came the snap of the thread.
His spool's not turning,
and there's no conductor to say...
... while stroking his hair.:
You're with me on my train in my care.
I am driving!
Don't go home, the contest hasn't finished...
I'd like to thank to the volunteer Fire Department.
Go away, kids! Get lost!
So what's the story? You left him, or he threw you out?
No. We had a fight.
And how long have you been together?
About four years. But we've argued a lot,
so we haven't been together the whole time.
It's really more like two years.
And why do you fight?
Don't know. Spice up our lives I guess.
And what do you do when you're not fighting?
We go away somewhere and fight there too.
-Want a smoke? -I can't. I'm working.
With the sun shining through your ears, you look like an alien.
My little girlfriend...
For the monks who built this place it was like taming the Wild West.
There was nothing here. Only forests...
...and more forests.
-And huge ants. -How huge?
Like this.
The monks came with their saws.
And chopped down the trees.
They pulled out the stumps and started hauling boulders.
But first, they killed the huge ants.
I always thought of monks as impotent cripples.
They were regular guys. Musclemen.
And they did this all by themselves?
Yup. They built, painted, wrote, and prayed to God.
And there weren't any women?
Women weren't allowed here. For seven-hundred years.
Do you smell it?
It's in all monasteries. It's the spirit of the place.
It smells like this in the confessional booth.
I read somewhere that when men live without women,
they begin to give off a funny smell.
What d'you call it?
-What are you trying to say? -Something like ingraining?
Yeah. Absorbtion. Semen absorbtion.
For seven hundred years, it's been evaporating here.
I want you to do it to me here.
I'm dying,
my strength's leaving me,
I forgive what I should,
and then I leave my body...
... while I turn into dust.
I'm dying and my only wish... that you will dream of me.
It musn't smell of cow shit.
And I need my own room.
And I need a stove.
That little cottage looks nice.
Or that tiny little one.
This is a nice little cottage.
I'm scared.
That's that guy... The one they set fire to.
-That's Palach, right? -That's Hus.
That's the Red Fox. Sigmund.
And he's saying, hey, buddy, you there, Mister Jan Hus.
Hey, that's Dusek. From my school.
A guitar.
It's for me.
Look at all the little records.
Matuska, Sodoma...
-Neckar... Korn! -Kids, remember Korn?
-You know how to turn it on? -It still works?
A record.
Look. His picture's on it.
Winnetou laughs from the window...
...and Shatterhand is kissing Rybana's breasts.
Inchuchuna in the yard started up his motorcar.
Motorcar is bust. Inchuchuna's dust.
Blow it out!
An old newspaper from the communist times.
In Sri Lanka due to conflicts between the majority Singhalese,
and the minority Tamils, May Day has been outlawed.
Simple solution.
The National Congress of Pathologists:
The official program has been enlivened with a social event:
An evening organ pipe concert...
Hang glider pilots participated in the parade.
Driver Hlasek delivered the cargo straight to the Tymakov facility.
There the grain will remain over the weekend.
Then it will be transported to the Processing Centre in Prestice.
-I don't get it. -What are you reading?
What is it? It's a speech by Comrade Husak.
Every paragraph here starts with Comrades this and Comrades that.
The Robin Hood of the desert...
Saddam Hussein is distributing Kuwaiti land...
That was that war in the Gulf?
That was January fifteenth, Ninety-One.
Two days before the war,
I lost my virginity with Johnny.
You were under age, weren't you?
-I was fourteen. -So now he is paying for it.
See how happy this piece looks. While all you guys do is argue.
I had my first hysterical fit of laughter playing this game.
I was six.
What's that?
It's called a phone. An invention over a hundred years old.
Why is it ringing?
Did you know that the Americans won the WWII...
...because they knew how to use the telephone?
Loser gets us something to drink.
And some food.
-Five. -That's silly.
Ha! One.
That's stupid.
But you're going to have to go anyway. Radek can't drive.
How come she's doesn't have anything there?
I wonder what they look like now. How old they must be.
Maybe fifty. Or sixty.
What would you have done, if you had stayed here with Frank?
He's a man.
What do you mean by that?
He'd take what he wants.
So you'd sleep with him?
Anne, would you?
I want to talk about something else.
Yeah, but this interests me, so tell me.
You want to know?
You really want to know?
Yes I do.
And can you handle it? Can you take it?
Maybe we already have.
When did you have the time to? I was always with you.
Promise me that you won't say anything.
I would feel ashamed and you would look silly.
Maybe in Susice. You slept like a baby all night.
-Frank wouldn't do it to me. -Yes he would.
What are you going to do?
-I don't know. -Are you a man, or what?
Go away, will you?
Get lost. I'm bored.
When did he call?
It's always the same thing.
I don't know. Somewhere in Sumava. In Loucky.
Yeah. Whatever he says. I don't care.
Hi Anne.
What is it?
I don't want to!
It hurts! You bastard. I'm going to scream.
C'mon does it really hurt that much?
I don't want to cause you pain. But it has to be done.
Don't. I won't scream anymore.
-You have to be brave. -I couldn't stand it.
-It won't last long. -My hands hurt.
I'm sorry.
Where are you going? Don't leave me here.
Untie me you bastard!
What's that? What's that for? What are you going to do with that?
Radek, talk to me.
For God's sake, what are you doing with that?
That's petrol.
I love you.
Don't scream.
But there are candles everywhere.
I know.
I made all that up, about Frank. Everything.
You know, I actually believed you for a while.
So why are you doing this?
-Because I love you. -I love you too.
But we're just not getting it together, are we?
It would always be like that. We want it at different times.
Now we can make love. Then it will all be over.
I haven't even said good-bye to my Mum yet.
She has no idea where I am.
I've got beer and sausages. When you're thru, I'll be outside.
I can't do this.
Do it. Untie my legs and do it.
I want it. I really really want it.
I can't do this.
One chicken, seventy five.
-Do you have any soups? -We do, we do.
Packed soups, ghoulash, beef, leek. I'll show you...
French, pea, beef...
-We should go after them. -I don't think so.
I don't have her address or telephone number.
If she wanted you to have it, she'd have given it to you.
Sometimes girls forget to...
No they don't.
You know, I wonder...
...if she called him before or after she was with you.
Well if she called after, then that doesn't say much about you.
Alright. I'll tell you.
I never slept with her.
You're an idiot.
I really didn't.
We're free-wheeling.
Tailor, Sailor, Soldier, Daddy.
-Don't call me daddy. -We are facing a major decision:
East or west.
Because we're through with the south.
Shit, the cops.
Keep cool, it's just an accident.
Oh God.
We'll find a place
where the smoking's good,
where the hot sun
doesn't sting the drinks,
where the wind spreads bits of bird shit
all around us and says
We've got to try what tastes the best
and calmly wait till someone comes.
Someone who knows that we're sitting here,
and who will say ''hi, boys. ''
I've got one arm long.
One long arm for you.
Come sit with us,
we'll listen to you.
We'll think on what we've got to do,
Give us your hand and you'll relax...
on that spot where one feels blue.
I've got one long arm...
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Ratcatcher (1999)
Ray CD1
Ray CD2
Rayon Vert Le (Rohmer 1986)
Real Cancun The
Real Fiction (Shilje sanghwang)
Real Women Have Curves (2002)
Rear Window
Rebel Music - The Bob Marley Story
Rebel Without a Cause 1955
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Recipe For Disaster 2003
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Red Dwarf - 05x01 - Holoship
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Red Dwarf - 05x03 - Terrorform
Red Dwarf - 05x05 - Demons and Angels
Red Dwarf - 05x06 - Back To Reality
Red Dwarf 02x01 - Kryten
Red Dwarf 02x02 - Better Than Life
Red Dwarf 02x03 - Thanks For The Memory
Red Dwarf 02x04 - Stasis Leak
Red Dwarf 02x05 - Queeg
Red Dwarf 02x06 - Parallel Universe
Red Dwarf 03x01 - Backwards
Red Dwarf 03x02 - Marooned
Red Dwarf 03x03 - Polymorph
Red Dwarf 03x04 - Bodyswap
Red Dwarf 03x05 - Timeslides
Red Dwarf 03x06 - The Last Day
Red Dwarf 04x01 - Camille
Red Dwarf 04x02 - DNA
Red Dwarf 04x03 - Justice
Red Dwarf 04x04 - White Hole
Red Dwarf 04x05 - Dimension Jump
Red Dwarf 04x06 - Meltdown
Red Heat
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Off the Map
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Red Sonja
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Red Water
Red beard 1965 akahige CD1
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Ref The
Regarding Henry 1991
Regle Du Jeux La
Reign of Fire
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Remember the Titans (Standard Edition)
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Replacement Killers Who Am I
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Rescuers The
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River of no Return The 1954
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Road to Perdition
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Roger Dodger
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Romeo Must Die
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