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Subtitles for Riget I (The kingdom) 1x02.

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Riget I (The kingdom) 1x02

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The Kingdom Hospital rests on ancient marshland
where the bleaching ponds once lay.
Here the bleachers moistened their great spans of cloth.
The steam evaporating from the wet cloth
shrouded the place in permanent fog.
Centuries later the hospital was built here.
The bleachers gave way to doctors and researchers,
the best brains in the nation and the most perfect technology.
To crown their work they called the hospital The Kingdom.
Now life was to be charted, and ignorance and superstition
never to shake the bastions of science again.
Perhaps their arrogance became too pronounced,
and their persistent denial of the spiritual.
For it is as if the cold and damp have returned.
Tiny signs of fatigue are appearing in the solid, modern edifice.
No living person knows it yet, but the gateway to The Kingdom
is opening once again.
Thy Kingdom Come
Good morning ... My poor wee chap!
What's happened?
Let me guess ...
Oh my God!
Your Donald Duck magazine hasn't arrived.
How the hell are you going to pass the time now?
Oh, I'll find some jobs to do. No, no, no panicky solutions.
Where's the boss?
No idea. Of course not.
But the doctors car park is an earthquake zone.
It was a great experience. We must find her again.
She needs me. Urgently.
Where do you think you are going? Mrs Drusse is in hospital.
In the hospital, Mrs Drusse has a bed.
It's in bed I want to see Mrs Drusse, and nowhere else.
Consultant neurosurgeon Hook told me I could walk about a bit.
Wait ... Just who is consultant neurosurgeon Hook?
Him? ... Well I'll be damned. You, a consultant neurosurgeon?
Mrs Drusse, you are seriously ill.
There's never been a body fluid count like yours ... Sister!
Consultant neurosurgeon Hook says
give this patient a saline drip in her own bed. A slow one.
Helmer? It is I.
Your diplomacy didn't work. Mona's mother has complained.
A good thing you're in the lodge.
Lots of the brethren are on the General Medical Council.
We'll discuss the complaint at morning conference.
It's better than letting rumours fly.
Then it'll look as if I've found a few ways out
but don't want to burden the staff. That's a trick you could use.
They all think you're a bit harsh.
But I think the complaint will be of benefit to you here.
It'll make you seem more human.
What makes you like Denmark, specially?
Dr. Helmer joined us two months ago, and we're proud
to have this internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon here.
Sadly, Dr. Helmer is already having to become acquainted
with one of the less attractive areas of Danish medicine,
namely patient complaints. As some of you recall
problems arose in connection with an operation he performed
on Mona somethingorother just after he joined us.
A complaint has been lodged
and I'd like to ask you all to give him your support.
In this context I'd like to raise a minor problem
to which I think it reasonable for the staff to propose solutions.
Uncertainty has been expressed visavis working
with Dr. Helmer.
Stig may find it peculiar that we address such things together.
But if Operation Morning Breeze is to justify its existence
we must also let the morning air into our personal spheres.
Perhaps you do things differently in Sweden ...
Oh. Any suggestions as to how to counter this uncertainty
visavis working with Dr. Helmer?
Communication. Splendid. Splendid.
Communication ... does anyone else feel communication's the problem?
He never says anything,
and when he does it's in Swedish.
We probably can't solve the Swedish problem right away.
Let's hear what Dr. Helmer has to say.
How do you feel we can improve communication with you?
How should I know? Would it help to call you Stig?
Be more personal?
Excuse me, I have work to do.
Operations, and other trivial tasks.
Of course ...
1, 2, 3, 4...
This plate is unclean.
The walls have been flaking.
Can't you do something?
No, nothing.
Oh, dear.
We'll have to wash them again.
It'll wash off easily.
There are other things that can't be washed off.
What do you mean? Blood?
Some blood can be washed off
and some blood cannot.
Tell me, are you crazy?
No girl will ever be interested in anyone so childish.
Poor Sanne! Whatever were you thinking of?
I thought I knew you. But you've got the charm of a turd.
You'd better put that head back where it came from.
Of course. Good ...
... Not that it's my affair. And I never want to see you again.
Shove off.
I'll miss the operation. Professor Bondo wants to see me.
Oh. Did you screw up? Why?
Well, he's summoned you, hasn't he?
Run along, then.
I see you've asked to see me later, too.
Can I go, too?
If you want to be a doctor, you'll have to watch an operation.
What if I watched through the window?
To kind of get used to it?
Why isn't the patient asleep?
Hello. May. I am assisting here.
"May"? The patient reacts to anaesthesia.
This gentleman is going to hypnotise the patient.
It's so exciting! The hell it is.
Where are the funny noses? What do you mean, Stig?
You are a circus manager and we clowns want noses.
Red ones, with elastic bands.
This clown appears in my theatre and says he has a job to do.
The hypnotist ... of course you should have been informed.
The patient reacts to anaesthesia. Rigmor can tell you more.
Scruples about operating because of the Mona complaint?
It's like riding. If you fall, you get straight back on.
Mona has got nothing to do with it.
I'm pleased to hear it.
But you must admit this is exciting.
Hypnoanaesthesia! Purely scientifically ...
After all, it's related to your article in The Lancet.
Though you'd know that better than I do, since you wrote it.
By the way, have a handful of the Morning Breeze stickers
you recommended I had printed. They're super.
How are you?
Where did you get to? I've had work to do.
I'm tired of lying here. A spirit is calling.
I must search. There's nothing wrong with me.
You've changed your tune. I can walk.
Sad about the drip.
Yes, if I didn't have a porter in the family.
Relax, relax.
You are feeling drowsy.
In a moment you won't be able to feel anything.
At first in your skin, then your whole head on the count of three ...
One ... two ... three.
By the way, I dropped into the clothes store.
It was very clear
that you had borrowed a dressing gown.
Dressing gowns are for the patients ...
... not the staff.
Hand it back immediately.
In Sweden you'd have been given very short shrift.
Do you understand?
I thought the patient was asleep. He should have been.
Whether my patient is under anaesthetic or not,
whether he's under hypnosis or he has just been knocked out
with a blunt instrument is totally irrelevant.
But he must keep his mouth shut. Relax, you feel marvellous.
All the pain has gone, everything is over.
Come in, Mogge.
I have good news and I have bad news.
The good news is that I have no proof.
The bad news is that if I get the slightest evidence
linking a certain stolen body part with your personage
will result not only in your immediate expulsion
but also to my calling the police.
I hope you have left no trace.
A pathologist is a blood hound
by profession.
I have no more time for you.
Real life has summoned me.
Hello, my name is Dr. Bondo.
You are related to Mr. Zakariasen? He's my husband.
This is our son.
I am not the doctor who treated your husband, I'm a pathologist.
I requested this interview. Are we to talk in front of him?
Mrs. Zakariasen, your husband cannot hear what we say.
What do you want to say?
New legislation requires that you consent to dissection.
What's a dissection? He wants to cut daddy up, Mum.
Without autopsies we'd still be in the Stone Age.
Dad is still alive. Or is that just a formality?
Dissection would only take place after death.
Would you mind telling us
what your personal interests in this case are?
Am I right in thinking they go beyond those of general medicine?
Your father has a hepatoma.
I think my research has achieved important results,
but for a decade I have had no specimen to work on.
I need your father's liver to conclude my research.
So your beautiful thoughts on benefiting humanity
are more to do with your own career.
We can't really take your problem seriously.
I find your request rather distasteful.
My research may improve the treatment of hepatomas.
It might prevent others from suffering like this.
With one patient a decade
I doubt if society would pay for any new form of treatment.
Nobody can argue that dissection doesn't make sense.
We're not arguing. We're just saying no.
We'd like to be alone with dad now.
Will the junior registrar close him up?
Didn't you hear me? Please close him up.
Communication problems? All right, put his lid on.
Actually, communications aren't the problem.
The problem is qualifications, Hook.
You ... you must always ...
... obey Professor Tribini.
Professor Tribini will count to three.
One, two, three and whoops!
All of a sudden you are a good doctor.
Or what, Hook?
He has withdrawn my funds for a phase contrast microscope.
He says savings must be made. Yet just look at the waste ...
Listen carefully.
You can hear my voice.
In a moment I'll count to three and you will wake up.
You will feel marvellous.
You'll feel no pain. You'll feel marvellous.
You'll be yourself again.
I'll count slowly to three, and on three you'll wake up.
One, two ...
Three. Now open your eyes slowly ...
I'd like to talk to the doctor who did the operation.
There was a girl ... A girl?
A little girl.
She was kind.
I was upset, and she stroked my hand.
Do you know her? The doctor who's just gone out?
Yes, that's Judith.
The little girl pointed at her and said "family".
Hi, Bulder. Hi, Drusse.
What are you up to? Looking for the ghost.
Why not take Bongo? He howls when he hears that ambulance.
Really? I'm not taking a dog.
It's bad enough pushing my mum mile after mile.
You're a good boy, Bulder. I'm sick of pushing this bed about.
I've been pushing it all day. And dogs aren't allowed here.
If we push him round in this, nobody will ever know.
He's picked up the scent.
Where are we now?
Below M. Infectious medicine.
What now?
She's here.
Hi, Mogge.
Did I miss a Swedish screwup?
Why do I suddenly like you? ... What did you want?
You wanted guinea pigs for the sleep lab.
Are you sure you'd want to? It's heavy stuff.
We test new sleep control drugs. OK by me.
You get 150 per sleep period.
We do an ECG to measure which brain centres are activated
while you dream. Then you describe the process.
OK by me. Fine.
Report to the cage.
You said Helmer had taken away your microscope?
I can apply again next year. That's crazy.
I think so, too. I've a better idea.
Where are we going? I want to show you something.
Everything looks fine.
The hypnoanaesthesia was apparently highly effective.
You say you didn't notice the operation, or any discomfort?
No discomfort.
But there was a little girl. In the operating theatre?
She tried to talk to the doctor doing the operation,
but he wouldn't listen.
She tried to talk to Helmer?
Yes ... he wouldn't listen.
And I think I know why.
Wouldn't listen to what?
Her little bell.
Why not?
Because it was the death bell.
What bloody nonsense!
Don't let it bother you. I don't.
I take no notice of any of the nonsense here.
Professor Bondo just phoned. He wants to address the lodge.
I'm trying to scrape some brethren together for tonight.
I can't take this damned crap.
"Her little bell!" "The death bell!"
Pull in here.
Hello, Hook. Hi, Hansen.
Hi, Bulder. Any news?
You've been for quite a walk with Mrs. Drusse.
That drip ran out hours ago.
Bongo! Come here!
Dogs aren't allowed in hospitals!
This is where I live.
Oh, you don't really.
Yes, I do.
It's just practical. Most of my friends work down here.
In the passageways and kitchens round about.
I like living here, don't get me wrong.
What if you get found out? I have been.
We have a tacit agreement. I fix things for the hospital
and the hospital leaves me alone.
There's a lot of wastage, and that's not a good thing.
Helmer said you'd stolen a dressing gown.
Is it anything to do with that? It's an excellent example.
But he got it wrong. It wasn't just one dressing gown.
It was hundreds.
Dressing gowns were piling up at neurosurgery.
They took up room. So I dealt with them.
How? I redirect them.
Redirect them? To wards where they're needed.
Lemon? Yes, please.
What's in it for you? I don't get anything out of it.
I just don't like ... I'm happy when things aren't wasted.
Ethyl alcohol and distilled water. The cleanest drink you can get.
Per, this is Hook.
At K5006 there's a whole pile of equipment. Will you look for ...
What was it you wanted? A phase contrast microscope.
... A phase contrast microscope. Hmm?
Great. See you later.
What's that? Hey, that's spooky!
Maybe it is.
I got the idea from Professor Ulrich in gastrosurgery.
"We all have own private cemetery".
Each tray represents one of the senior doctors here.
And each cross is a death? Not likely, or I'd be busy!
No, each cross represents a death or injury
caused by medical negligence.
There's just not that number of mistakes reported.
Reported, no, and I don't tell the world about it either.
But one day I might find a use for my knowledge.
That was quick, lads.
Put it over here.
A present from the Kingdom.
I begin to see how you got that tacit agreement ...
It'll soon be dark.
Yes, evening is falling.
And when night comes, we shall sleep.
There's something I don't understand.
What don't you understand?
If the little girl from the lift is kind and good,
why does the old woman want to chase her away?
The little girl is unhappy. She cannot rest.
We sleep when night falls. She never sleeps.
She needs help so she can rest.
I wondered if you'd come and sit with Mrs. Mogensen?
She's such a sweet old lady, and she's interested in spiritualism.
You haven't heard ... She had another turn this morning.
The doctor expects her to pass away tonight.
I am sorry.
I had such a nice time with Mrs. Mogensen.
She asked for you earlier, but you weren't in your room.
Now she keeps slipping in and out of consciousness.
But I think she'd appreciate your company.
Of course.
A cup of coffee? No, thanks.
I'll stick to my crossword, even if I can't do it.
Just ring if you are afraid.
My dear girl, I shan't be afraid.
I have sat with the dying before. The jaw drops and that's that.
It can be very peaceful.
Is that you, Mrs. Drusse?
Yes, it's me, Emma. Where did you get to?
I was ghost hunting.
How I loved you, Mrs. Drusse!
And all your spirits.
All your zany spirits.
I have been very fond of you, too.
Do they say I'm dying?
Yes. Are you afraid?
A little.
Don't be afraid, Emma. You're just passing over
to all those zany spirits.
Quite true.
It is a spiritualist's duty to die.
I'll be coming soon. I'm an old biddy myself.
You aren't old. Stuff and nonsense.
But let's not argue, eh, Emma?
Eh, little Emma?
I think I'll sleep a bit.
That's right, Emma.
Come on!
Your tenderness ...
Your tenderness, your warmth. I don't deserve them.
You do, Stig.
No. I am a weakling.
But I can handle those thickheads.
Even their moronic Operation Morning Breeze.
But that Mona business is getting to me.
Because you are under pressure. All men are under pressure.
But all you need is a woman to feed you well
and give you some of the herbal remedies I've mentioned.
Nietzsche lived off them, or at least wrote about them.
You are fantastic.
You exploit my weaknesses.
You do!
You are forcing your witchcraft on me.
First came a book about Haiti.
Then a trip to Haiti I should treat you to.
Stop putting up so much resistance. I want to look after you.
You know I love you. Yes. Quietly does it!
Stig ... What's on your mind?
I'd like an honest answer ...
Of course.
Did you really say I had a backside like a chest of drawers?
Who said that? Never you mind. Did you?
Of course not.
Are you moving your things over? Eh?
Hi, Pop.
He's a good boy.
I told you to stay away. The toothbrush isn't for you.
I've come to sleep.
Don't be silly. Look at your papers.
OK. But you'll have to sleep.
I'm not allowed to talk to the guinea pigs.
I've come to sleep, not talk. Fine. Change in there.
Bondo ...
Dear brethren,
I have never previously exercised my right to convene you.
So you will understand the gravity of my problem.
You know I set great store by my research,
despite the friendly teasing about my lack of hepatomas.
And that's the point.
After a ten year wait, a wonderful hepatoma has popped up.
The tumor will allow me to conclude my research
but I can't have it! The patient,
who is on Professor Ulrich's ward, is dying.
But the family refuses to allow dissection.
There's nothing I can do. So near, and yet so far!
I have a freeze dried sample, but I need the whole tumor.
To the very last I hoped that an operation would be performed
thus placing the tumour in my hands.
I know it was wishful thinking, Professor,
for the tumor is inoperable. But nevertheless ...
I no longer delude myself that a solution will appear from nowhere.
So I have convened you to ask for help.
Help me to help medical science!
Haven't you finished yet?
I can't sleep.
Don't worry, you will.
Turn over.
Ghost hunting ...
Of course
you've been ghost hunting!
Did you speak, Emma?
Tell me about it ...
Do tell ...
What shall I tell you? We searched everywhere.
But she didn't reveal her presence everywhere.
To announce her presence
she rings a little bell.
Where? Where?
Do you think it might be of some significance?
It was at Gynaecology.
Ward Y.
And then at Respiratory diseases ...
And on A ... Medicine.
You mustn't go, Mrs. Drusse.
I am right beside you, Emma.
I think it will be soon.
Is there anything you want me to do, Mrs. Drusse
on the other side?
Yes, of course.
Find my ghost, talk to her.
Ask her why she is so unhappy
and what I can do about it.
What's her name?
I don't know, but I expect you'll find her anyway.
Ghosts are in the state in between.
In Swedenborg Space.
But you won't stay there long, you will want to cross it
into the light.
But try and stay there a couple of minutes.
They will call you from the light, and tug at you.
But try to delay your crossing and answer me, Emma.
I'll do my best.
Thank you, Emma, you're very kind.
I'm not meant to tell you how the Mona affair is progressing,
but I got a furious letter from the Chief Medical Officer today.
Apparently the anaesthesia report was destroyed.
The CMO wants to see the anaesthetist's notes.
Blood pressure, and so on.
That's the bad thing about being a manager.
What is the bad thing about being a manager?
Management, damn it!
Bondo is in a most unfortunate situation.
It would look good if you could help ...
Me? The lodge likes active brethren.
Specially just after initiation. Poor Bondo.
Yes, poor chap. I'm no psychiatrist,
but anyone can see he is madly insane.
His speech is incoherent, he dribbles, yes, he's bonkers.
You mustn't say that, Stig, you're a scientist yourself.
Moreover, a brother's cry for help will always be heard
however insignificant the matter may appear to be.
Give Bondo's problem some thought. You're so creative,
you nervous types. The more you stand by Bondo,
the more the lodge will stand by you. This is where we part.
You can find the lift again?
Don't let the Mona affair dent your good humour.
Emma ...
Keep listening,
and I'll talk you through. I am beside you.
Let go, Emma, but don't fall too far.
Stay in the state in between!
Stay in the state in between.
Don't leave Swedenborg Space!
Answer me ...
Very good, Emma. We must hurry.
One flash, no. Two, don't know.
Three, yes.
Are they tugging at you from inside the light, Emma?
Is it beautiful in the light?
We're wasting our time. Have you found her?
No? You need a name?
Really, Emma?
Ward Y ...
And A ...
Her name is Mary, Emma.
Is her name Mary?
Fine! Is she with you?
What shall I ask about, then?
Where can I find out? Is there anywhere?
But where, Emma?
In this hospital?
Hold on, Emma, hold on!
Everything in this hospital has a number.
Give me a number before you disappear ... First digit
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Second digit, 1, 2, 3. Third digit, 1, 2...
Thank you, Emma. That was kind of you.
Good evening.
Can you tell me about Mary?
No, I don't know anyone called Mary.
Whose is the other bed?
Mrs. Krger's. She's in the pool.
They couldn't stand the way she went on pleading and pleading
so they opened the pool, even though it was late.
But you won't get much out of talking to her.
She's completely gaga.
Old and gaga ...
Thanks. Goodnight.
Who is Mary?
My name's Ellen.
Daddy gave me a new dolly today.
How old are you, Ellen?
Do you know Mary?
Mary is ill. She's in daddy's hospital.
She coughs. Her chest is poorly.
She has a hump. Mary has a hump.
What year is this?
1919, of course.
Isn't Dolly's hair lovely?
Her name is Mary, too. It says "Mary" here.
Would you like to see my daddy? He's a doctor.
Yes, please.
The picture is under the pillow in the pram.
Is that you next to your father?
No, that's Mary.
They wrote a song about her. Shall I sing it?
May I borrow your picture?
In a ward in hospital
In a white bed there
Lay a little girl who coughed
Sick and pale, with golden hair.
Lay a little girl who coughed
Sick and pale, with golden hair.
Every heart she stole away
As she lay there sweet and good
Bore her pain without complaint
With childish fortitude.
Bore her pain without complaint
With childish fortitude
Where is the lift? Or the stairs?
Say hello to my friend. He spent his childhood in Haiti.
He can tell you all about zombies. He tends the animals.
If I have to choose between zombies and the stairs,
I'll take the stairs.
I had a nasty dream.
The questionnaire ... I haven't time.
No money, then.
Evening, Madsen. Hello, Bulder.
Any activity? No, it's been very quiet.
Kingdom security here. ... Just a minute.
It's that call again! Record it, damn it!
This is stretcher van 12.
We're heading down Lyngby Road towards the Kingdom.
With horn and flashing lights ...
Stretcher vans? That was 100 years ago. Call the police.
Those calls come every night.
Bongo ...
Bongo, nice doggy ...
Bulder! Her name is Mary. Mary.
"A Helping Hand from Copenhagen".
"Last week Professor Aage Krger returned to his home town
to tell 6 year old Mary Jensen
she could be treated free of charge at the Kingdom.
Mary is looking forward to visiting the capital.
Here she thanks the Professor ..." There's a photo of her.
Mary had a little lamb ...
Thanks for the microscope.
I'm not busy tonight.
I thought you would be, now you've got it.
What about that research?
I know I've been playing hard to get, and I do like you.
But I was in love with somebody else.
And ... now you're not?
I don't know. He left a few months ago, I don't think he'll be back.
It's not a problem for me.
Did you really think it would be? It's not that simple.
I'm pregnant.
Is that good or bad? Good.
I want a baby.
His baby.
But I thought it might complicate things for you.
Listen, Sweetie.
I'm mad about you.
Pregnant or not.
If you have the baby, I'll love it, too.
You thought I wouldn't if it wasn't mine?
Maybe I did.
What an idiot!
The bloke who ran off and left such a lovely girl.
Aage ... Yes. Aage.
What an arsehole!
What's the matter?
I went all dizzy.
Of course, you're pregnant. And I'd already forgotten.
Lie down. We must take your temperature.
Because I'm pregnant? Some doctor!
Be quiet, we can't be careful enough.
And it might go up a degree or two ...
"Our forests are fresh and big, Cuckoo, cuckoo, faldera."
Hans Christian Andersen, Danish national poet.
Cuckoo, cuckoo, faldera.
They're not just idiots.
They're deadly dangerous.
Danish scum.
Bongo ...
If Mary's who we're looking for, where's her little lamb?
It's the dog.
Well, that was Part 2 of The Kingdom.
I'd like to thank you again for watching our little series.
Mrs. Drusse continues to slavishly follow all the clues
knowing they may lead her into trouble.
I am very happy with Part 2 and I'd call it poetic and captivating.
Maybe you think the story is predictable and depressing.
If so, look at your own life. Is it monotonous and humdrum?
Yes? Then enjoy the comfort of the familiar.
But if your life is exciting, enjoy this break from the caviar
with its view of the trivia you have surely out behind you.
My name is Lars von Trier and I wish you a very good evening.
Should you wish to revisit the Kingdom
be prepared to take the Good with the Evil!
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