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Rikyu 1989

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Shochiku Presentation
Teshigahara Productions, Inc.
Shochiku Eizo Co., Ltd.
Itoh & Co., Ltd.
Hakuhodo Incorporated Coproduction
Dedicated to Isamu Noguchi and Sofu Teshigahara
Film by Hiroshi Teshigahara
Cut all the flowers in bloom.
Welcome, my lord.
It really woke me up.
Thank you, sire.
I prefer Chojiro's red bowls.
I don't like black.
Thank you.
Excellent, my lord.
Did I peorm satisfactorily?
Do you think I'm too stiff?
Want to try?
How many times have you taught me the tea ceremony?
It's already been five years
since I became yourtea master.
Five years?
And Sakai.
Anything dangerous on the way?
Twice - both great perils.
Let's drink to the courage of the Potruguese.
The power and the range have improved remarkably.
I'll buy them all.
Thank you.
The captain will give you the globe and the poodle.
The globe only.
I don't need the stand.
The tea ceremony is ready.
Do you think the world is really round?
I wonder.
Try to conceive of it.
But I've never seen the world.
Never seen the world?
Well, I mean...
It all looks flat to me.
I trust the globe.
Land has no end.
Nothing invisible can exist.
Catholic priests insist on heaven and hell after death.
After death?
What does that mean?
You come, too.
On June 6th in the year 1582...
Mitsuhide Akechi and his troupes rebelled against his master,
Nobunaga Oda, who losing the battle committed suicide at Honno Temple.
Many cherished tea ceremony utensils were completely destroyed.
Excuse me. Where does Rikyu live?
Rikyu? Overthere.
A European named Stefano is here to see you.
Aren't you Lord Nobunaga's page?
Yes. He said for me to come to your house.
Come in
And... what happened to your master?
He said come here,
then went back to his room.
He looked like...
when he went to his tearoom.
I took this when I left.
I rememberthat.
"Land has no end."
A letterfrom Matsui.
What's your name?
This is Stefano.
He'll stay with us.
My name is Ochiyo.
It's name is Globe of the World.
Who was it?
Who do you think it was?
Any more?
No more?
I'll bet on the Badger.
Too bad!
What? Hideyoshi?
I can't believe it.
I win.
Who gave you the news?
The magistrate's office.
No mistake then, eh?
Wasn't Hideyoshi out of Kyoto?
He came back and killed Mitsuhide three days, later.
Mitsuhide didn't make it then?
Wasn't good enough.
We'll be seeing more trouble.
Katsuie won't let Hideyoshi get that much power.
And Nobunaga had other poweul retainers,
like Niwa and Sakuma.
It'll be a read showdown.
I'll bet on the Monkey.
I don't like him
It's going to be Katsuie.
He's a lot better, right?
The Supreme Commander Lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi is arrived.
Justo, come here.
You're a Christian.
Sit closerto the priests.
Christians have pure heatr's.
I can tell by just looking at Ukon.

That is most praisewotrhy.
I'm the Supreme Commander now.
I wish no futrher land,
no more gold or silver.
I shall give my responsibilities to my brother Hidenaga.
So that I may concentrate on conquering Korea and China.
Therefore build a fleet.
Your country's battleships are built very well.
But neither country wants war.
Neither do I, of course.
So, I sent envoys to demand subservience.
In the future,
I will make them all become Christians.
I want to keep in close contact with you people.
Hidenaga will be at your disposal for public affairs.
Speak with Rikyu here about private matters.
Let's be friends.
Come closer.
The others can't see.
Look! It's all gold!
You're going to make a gold tearoom.
Yes, sire.
I did it!
I made tea forthe Emperor.
Well done, sire.
You looked really golden.
Here we go!
Stop the bellows.
Soji is intolerable.
Damn, black bowl!
Said you had to appreciate black before you could know the spirit of tea.
He's a strange one.
Black is gloomy.
Banish Soji!
Forthe second time, sire?
Second time?
Do you object?
I'm sorry to worry you, but...
I'll stay loyal to my principles.
Sounds like I'm unprincipled.
Everyone trusts you, whatever you say.
This is a good oppotrunity for me to go.
Where to?
Tea masters should not live on the tea ceremony.
It saddens me to see you do so.
I'm no exception, though.
Black is venerable.
The lord loves gold.
I too see a strange beauty in the gold tearoom.
Staying in it,
I feel as if I were in something large...
immensely large.
That's because you made it yourself.
It is the value of gold that's spoiled it for you.
You're only being compliant.
You always insist on simplicity forthe tea room, right?
Aren't the two the same?
That's a contradiction.
Your skin shows you're healthy now.
The breeze at Sakai is so refreshing.
"Everything Lies Before You?"
You put that there?
It looks very nice.
Lord Hideyoshi's wife wants to see a woman
who's famous for her beauty.
Who could that be?
She means you.
What nonsense!
She wants you as hertea-ceremony instructor.
I cannot do that.
Why not try?
I'm interested in women's tea-ceremony, too.
So what did Sogyu buy?
A great amount of ammunition, so I heard.
I've already figured it out
It's a good way
There is a high reputation
of the quality of theirweapon
That can't be helped.
They can only make a deal with gods
Business is not that easy
I've finished the letter.
Is the tea ceremony interesting?
It makes me see things in a new way.
No matter how much tea you drink your eyes won't change.
You Japanese appreciate calligraphy.
You leave empty space in your paintings.
You even find beautiful old bowls and you use them.
This is good.
This is just so-so.
Those two belong to Lord lyeyasu Tokugawa.
This one is junk.
It's Lord Geni Maeda's.
He has no taste as always.
What a good color!
You did well.
It's light.
It's beautiful.
The clay is good.
You really did it this time.
It feels so nice.
This form is... peect forthe hands.
This is all new.
Lord Oribe is such a bright man.
Such a daring one.
I'd have done the same.
The stone arrangement in the garden and this bowl...
It's fascinating.
Times are changing.
I have begun to realize it more than ever now.
The world you create will prevail in an era of peace.
I feel as though I can see it now.
The doctor has arrived.
Thanks for coming.
Excuse me.
You need no doctor, my lord.
Is that so?
Thanks for your effotrs.
I see I must rely on yourtea ceremony.
Masamune Date still refuses to come.
It might upset the otherfeudal lords.
You hold a tea patry for him.
I don't want him to join the enemy.
Do your best now.
About disarmament,
there is no problems with the temples.
But as forthe farmers, I recommend a strict inspection.
Be more strict with blacksmiths and casters.
Very well, sire.
And severely punish corrupt officials.
About Masamune Date...
I have sent him many letters, urging him to join us.
But, no reply.
You're still too young.
I shall behead him!
Soji happens to be in Odawara.
Is he?
Yes, sire.
I believe Rikyu knows about it, too.
They were like master and disciple.
Soji is in Odawara.
Do you know what that means?
You'll use Rikyu?
To get to Lord Hojo.
How do you get in touch with Soji?
We'll use a spy to send him a letterfrom Rikyu.
I don't think Rikyu will cooperate with us.
We must avoid unnecessary wars.
I'm trying to say that Soji is stubborn.
He won't do what we want.
Maybe Rikyu has some ideas.
I wish he were a warlord.
If he were with the enemy,
he'd be a man to fear.
About Soji, too...
Rikyu may already be exchanging letters with him.
Rikyu knows betterthan to do that.
It's Mitsumari's idea, not mine.
I must fight Lord Hojo while still uncetrain of unsure Date.
Reconciliation first.
Tell my motherthat I and Koichiro are here.
Today, I came with Koichiro.
Long time no see
Busy recently
what with politics, what with the tea ceremony.
And that Masamune Date bother, too.
Mother you look great
You eat more
Brother's been neglecting that,
Feel ill again
Look pale
Are you OK?
Anyway, son,
I'm alright
Heaven will punish me if I complain.
I feel mighty sad for my girls.
They went and married those warlords,
just cause you said to.
I feel real sorry forthem.
you served the Emperor, right?
So behave now.
What are you saying?
I was just the wife of a poor peasant.
You served the Emperor.
Forget it
It happens that way...
I am sure
I never deserved that honor.
Just make people believe it.
You look nice in those clothes,
don't you think?
Is that right?
Onene, Let me rest here.
Politics can be tiring, can't they.
They make me hungry.
Let me eat here.
What would you like?
Anything. Soup and some dried fish will be enough.
Only that again?
I always eat too much of everything else.
I'm so very tired.
It was embarrassing.
Mother cried again.
She still wants those daughters I married off.
I'm afraid she's getting senile.
Mustn't speak ill of your mother.
Whatever you may think,
times have changed.
She can't go see those married girls so easily.
You're resigned to change because you succeeded all by yourself.
But your mother is different.
Are you blaming me?
No. Not at all.
Your mother has no greed
She remains a humble woman.
That just enchants people.
are you saying I'm a picture of world greed?
You are her son. You're the picture of humbleness.
Some woman!
You never stop talking back.
And when I'm so tired.
The lord will soon be here.
It pleases me...
that you're pregnant, Lady O-chacha.
We're eagerly waiting forthe bitrh of the lord's son and heir.
Is the lord's wife well?
Yes. And she's studying the tea-ceremony.
Rikyu's wife Riki meets with her at times.
To instruct her?
She may be Rikyu's wife,
but a woman instructorwould be too much.
My uncle is teaching me the tea-ceremony.
Nothing wrong with women studying it.
But the atr was developed for samurai.
But now even merchants are practicing it.
I hate such a lowering of standards.
My uncle much admires Rikyu's tea ceremony.
He abuses the lord's favor.
And he's collaborating with a most suspicious potter.
One who sells junk at incredibly high prices.
The lord ordered Rikyu to hold a tea patry
to persuade Date to be more obedient.
We're facing the risk that more power may fall in the hands of Rikyu.
I'd like to see Rikyu when he's making tea.
The lord is arrived.
How are you?
Yes, thank you, my lord.
Your stomach's XXX?
The baby often kicks.
The baby kicks?
It kicked just now!
It kicked now?
It kicked! It kicked!
Seen the new main gate?
Yes, I have.
I'm glad it's was finished so beautifully.
It's such a wondeul gift.
Don't thank me.
Here is one place
I can get a bit of peace.
I heard that Kokei was pardoned.
That's because Lord Hidenaga intervened.
I'm glad.
Tohaku Hasegawa happens to be here.
The painter?
I just finished it.
It's to celebrate my pardon.
The best gift I've ever seen.
He has such a talent.
Only he could point it.
You're only embarrassing me.
By the way, will you do us a favor?
Please go ahead
The main gate is now completed.
it lacks something impotrant.
Do you know what that is?
What do you mean?
A statue of yourself.
No. That way...
Every such gate has it's donor's image.
I heard that too.
That would be going too far.
We'll have Tohaku design one
and ask Ankei to carve it.
No. I'm serious.
Let's do it.
Forthe sake of the temple.
Let us hurry on horseback to our destination.
Let us hurry on horseback to our destination.
Our heatrs are soaring high above the clouds.
I am the Lord Hideyoshi Hashiba,
Lord of the Chikuzen Province...
I feel better.
Yourtea is a true medicine.
you have ahd a great deal to worry about.
My brother has become so selfish, so arrogant.
He's rached the top of the mountain.
And now he's Ionely.
Masamune has become your disciple, right?
He's charmed by you.
My brother is delighted, too.
Thank you, sire.
Delighted, but...
he has some doubts.
Geni Maeda is speaking ill of you.
Has something wrong happened?
Maybe just my expetr opinion.
Merely a trifle.
You refused to give it?
That's it.
And now Mistunari Ishida and the other magistrates
are denouncing you as a nuisance.
It's problem!
This assault on the Hojos...
and then the attack on China.
Will you find me a nice tea bowl?
You prefer any patricular kind?
Whatever you think best.
A new one...
Something coloul,
a red one would be best.
As you desire, sir.
They're very good.
Excuse me.
Give us a few bamboos.
Any ones you like.
Cut that one.
Many warlords have pitched their camps near here.
Will they really fight?
The Hojo force is boxed in. They're almost finished.
I wonder how Soji is doing.
Will you go around to the rear?
I'm so glad to see you.
Come in.
I believed I was a full-fledged tea-ceremony master.
Then I came to realize I was thinking in the wrong way.
I've dwelled too much on trifles.
For example?
If I have to considerthe wotrh of old and valuable utensils while making tea,
only an obstacle to the ceremony.
I'm ashamed.
Then you were...
still thinking about such utensils?
Maybe the endless path to true tea-ceremony is to forget for value of the utensils.
You are absolutely right.
Now I can return to Odawara without regrets.
Will you return there?
I made a promise.
To whom?
Genan Hojo.
I was underthe impression that he had released you.
Yes, but...
Remember, this is a battlefield.
It's impossible to go back through it.
I shall go back no matterwhat happens!
Is Genan so impotrant?
You never change.
Why not enjoy the chance to stay here a little more?
I'd like to see yourtea ceremony It's been a long time.
We'll wait...
We'll wait forthe right time and
visit the lord when he's in a good mood.
Soji, I'm glad you came.
Such a long time.
Let me take a better look at you.
I too an delighted to see you well.
You have not changed.
Thank you, my lord.
I trust everyone knows that the Hojos are prac tically dead.
Everyone knows
You weren't even on the payroll of Hojo, yet came here in defiance of all danger.
I appreciate that.
Thank you, my lord.
Therefore, I shall pardon you,
and employ you with the same amount of pay as before.
You want more pay?
Not at all, my lord.
I have neverthought of enjoying such wealth.
something prevents me from...
Becoming a tea-ceremony master?
What? Explain!
I have made a promise to Genan Hojo in Odawara.
Rikyu told me you've been teaching tea ceremony to this Genan.
But this is an order.
You shall work for me!
You cannot refuse me!
Allow me to decline the order!
I must go back to Odawara no matterwhat.
I must return.
I cannot break a promise.
Very difficult to follow indeed.
Shut up!
This promise of yours is more impotrant than me?
It's not that, sire!
Indeed it is!
Genan belongs to the Hojo Clan,
so he's more impotrant than me!
I beseech you!
Allow me to return to Odawara!
Behead him!
Slice off his ears and nose!
I was careless.
Soji, forgive me.
About the image,
perhaps anothertime...
I'm sorry forwhat happened.
I see now,
I'm little more than an effigy myself.
I don't understand.
Rikyu could've saved him.
He wasn't there.
He was waiting on an coutrier at that time.
But, why did Rikyu let Soji go see Lord Hideyoshi by himself, then?
He thought Soji had best not go back to Odawara.
Soji's death will make his position safer.
Is that all that you can say?
Anyway, it's too late.
Mast Rikyu is completely in the power of the lord.
Always following the Lord.
I've heard that Soji got killed.
Why couldn't Rikyu save him?
Soji's relatives are angry.
Is that so?
Even Hideyoshi respects Rikyu,
just I don't understand.
You did real well.
Yahei is here.
Welcome back.
You've lost some weight.
In Odawara,
it was terribly bot.
It was a real problem.
That's too bad.
I think it was Soji's Tragedy, too.
I had a stomach,
that's all.
I got better soon.
By the way...
Will you accompany Lord Hideyoshi to China, if he goes?
Of course,
if he orders me to.
It seems like Japan itself will move there.
They'll build tearoom hold tea ceremonies
They'll have Noh dramas, too.
We'll have our own places in China
Well, that's good to hear.
So, I'm thinking like this:
How about a Noh on the China attack?
We could statr preparations right now
and ask the lord to play the hero himself.
If only this attack turned out like the one on Akechi.
I see.
China is such a large country that
attacking it might not be so easy as vanquishing Akechi.
Well, I didn't mean quite that.
I see. You're quite right.
Please add some water.
I'm back.
Welcome home.
Your brother came to see me.
To chatter away again?
He talked about nothing but the Noh.
At Lord Hideyoshi's wife's mansion,
I hearthat Catholic priests will be sent home.
I was afraid of that.
It'll be hard for him to stay.
"Afine horse tied to a straw house?"
What does it mean?
How would you interpret it?
Straw houses represent povetry.
But tea-ceremony utensils are a luxury,
so it's like showing off.
That's not it.
There are few decorations in a straw-thatched teahouse.
But the minds of those who sit there
should have a fine mood.
That's what it means.
The "fine horse" stands forthis Kxxx elegance?
I think so.
Simple povetry alone cannot create a fine tea ceremony.
I guess not.
This tea-ceremony was a great adventure for me.
Will you do tea ceremonies back home, too?
But tea ceremonies are very difficuilt.
Don't take them too seriously.
Just do whatever you like.
That's the only true tea ceremony.
Afarewell gift.
I won't see you any more.
But I'll live on this globe just as you do.
"Land has no end."
"Land has no end."
leyasu has begun to enjoy
closer contacts with Masamune Date.
This not be too good for us.
Do you suspect him for a rebellious intentions?
No, but...
Let no one criticize the proposed attack on China.
It will create many victims.
Firm control and absolute order must be strictly enforced.
Just as the scales of the fish lie in peect order.
So must warlords be warlords and tea-masters, tea-masters.
Force is not all that counts.
Leyasu is reluctant to join our attack on China.
We'll have to some how make him.
We must simply tighten our screws on him.
That's very bad.
He might tighten the screws on us in return.
One must be careful of a man of his stature.
You'd best take a rest.
Call someone for him.
Who is it?
I have to go
We'd best keep a close watch on lyeyasu.
He's surveying all the land in his fief.
That's a kind of rebellion against us.
What's your opinion?
I take it that Lord Hidenaga was right.
Lord Iveyasu is ruling his fief in accordance
ord Hideyoshi's policy.
He does not act from personal ambition.
I don't share that opinion of yours.
He's a bright man.
To outwit him, one of Rikyu's tea patries would best.
To persuade him to join our attack on China.
If it's in a tearoom,
there's something betterthan talking.
This belonged to a European who was executed.
A green powder
Just a spoonful
will send anyone to a peaceful rest.
You'll need this at that tea patry.
Is this Lord Hideyoshi's wish?
Think as you will.
I'm honored that you summoned me, Lord Mitsunari.
At the December peormance,
your disciple danced well, right?
It must have been difficult for you to train him.
TThank you.
He has talent.
I enjoyed the banquet, too.
As I remember you were very drunk.
You're embarrassing me.
I couldn't quite catch what you said at that time.
I'll ask you again.
Rikyu said,
"The attack on China won't be like the attack on Akechi.
Yes, something like that.
How did he say it?
Explain in detail.
In what way?
But... we were only chatting on the veranda and...
Hiding won't do you any good.
I have no intention of hiding.
Then, tell me what happened.
Very well, sir.
List of Tea Utensils for Lord lyeyasu.
Green Glass Bottle
Now it's ready.
Are you ill, my dear?
No, not at all.
You look pale.
I'm all right.
A letterfrom Lord Hosokawa.
Lord Hosokawa?
"This morning, Geni Maeda's men arrived at
the temple gate to inspect yourwooden effigy."
We've come to inspect Rikyu's statue.
Hurry up, we have to see it.
Wait until the heard priest comes.
We can't let you in like this.
I'm the temple magistrate!
I insist.
That's it.
What's going on?
You can't go in.
This is my temple!
Mr. Muraue.
Don't you touch that.
I'm here to inspect it.
Is anything wrong?
No. He's coming to see me one of these days.
What are you doing up this late?
Will you bring me the best bowl we have?
Will you take it...
to Lord Hosokawa with this lettertomorrow morning?
Can you tell why?
Lord Hideyoshi's mind has gone beyond my understanding.
I believe Lord lyeyasu knows everything.
He'd help you...
If you ask him to.
Don't you agree?
This abalone...
Is very good, easy to chew- peect.
It's hard to find it in Edo, my own fief.
The city of Edo is still new.
There's nothing in it comparable to things in Osaka and Kyoto.
Is it said that Edo will become more prosperous things in
even than Osaka and Kyoto in the future.
I have my doubts.
For some time it will remain as a wilderness.
Is that impotred?
It is from Europe.
It shines in a unusual way, doesn't it?
Lord lyeyasu...
What do you think about life?
Life means that I can see tomorrow.
Is there anything the matter?
I will have some too.
I think of every tearoom I build as the last one.
Still, I notice so many unneccessaries,
There's no "last" to anything.
The end is the beginning of something new.
Isn't that right?
Well said
you indeed you are a man who lives forthe future.
Not so much as you do.
Excellent tea.
Lord Hosokawa is here.
He says it's urgent.
I showed him in.
I see.
You are kindly given me something I've always wanted.
Lord lyeyasu left a while ago.
I've just been sitting here since then.
Did he tell you anything special?
No, not a thing.
I expected to learn...
from today's meeting if Lord lyeyasu.
Might not help you.
Now, I think it best we speak to Lord Maeda of Kaga
At my age,
I'm still so thoughtless as to cause you trouble.
I apologize forthat.
Neither Oribe nor I can help you.
I really wish that Lord Hidenaga were alive.
Things will proceed as they must.
Please don't concern yourself about me.
Lyeyasu attended a tea ceremony at Rikyu's house
and then returned to his fief.
Is that so?
He went home?
How is Rikyu doing?
I hear he has a fever and stays in bed.
At such a convenient time?
What's his wooden image like?
It looks exactly like him.
what matters more is that he criticizes the planned attack on China.
He also talks as if your revenge on Akechi has been a very easy matter.
That's none of your business. Go.
It was right after I'd had my revenge on Akechi.
You built this tearoom to celebrate my unification of the entire nation.
The country still smelled of gunpowder.
I was surprised when I first saw this room,
because you made everything so very compact.
Thank you.
I was proud of you as my tea-ceremony instructor.
This room was for you and me.
Your kind words are appreciated most deeply, my lord.
Here, there is no wall separating us.
Come closer.
You can say anything you like.
Without reserve.
You can criticize me,
you can abuse me, as you wish.
But I have nothing to say.
I don't believe it.
You really want to say something.
My lord allowed to sit in here,
it is an honorto me.
All right, all right.
I know you're pleased.
You, like always,
You've shown me your peect tea ceremonies.
You've arranged flowers peectly.
Each time you did, I realized how powerless I was.
What are you saying?
You never cease to be thoughtful and teach me the way.
Recently, I have got a wondeul thing.
I came to show you something uite good.
This piece here.
I'll put it down here.
Beautiful plum blossoms!
Will you arrange them for me?
You can change blossoms into beauty.
As easily as that.
Around the whole world,
I have never met another man like you.
You yourself think...
you can change the world so easily, right?
You think I'm something like that branch.
Indeed not, my lord.
Indeed not, you say?
Yes, you think just that way.
That annoying wooden stauts!
So you put your own image up overthe gate.
It was thoughtless of me.
It's too late for regrets.
Kokei says it's all his doing,
You considering it was an accidental mistake?
Having that image carved.
He's just trying to shielding you, right?
Your guess is correct, my lord.
The wooden image matters little.
You put it overthe gate,
it's like you and I like that.
Did lyeyasu go back to Edo?
I was sorry to have bothered you.
I worried about it.
I was relieved to hear he went home safely.
Thanks to you, we enjoyed a calm and peaceful tea ceremony.
What did he say about our planned attack on China?
What did he say?
We didn't talk about that.
Did you really say that our attack on China would not be so easy?
That a war against Akechi was all I could manage?
Maybe you're right.
But to me,
an attack on China is no more difficult than attack on Akechi.
My revenge on Akechi was far more dangerous.
When my master Nobunaga was assassinated,
My fellow retainers could have betrayed me then.
I was left alone.
Compared with it,
the attack on China will be nothing at all.
Still, you think it will be harderthan against Akechi?
About this...
I shall accept whatever reprimand.
But the attack on China will be different from an ordinary battled.
The enemy will be foreigners.
And yourforces will have to fight on foreign soil.
And you'll have to go there, by ship,
crossing stormy seas.
That's not your concern.
My lord!
Listen to me a bit more.
All right, all right,
you're right.
I know it's not easy to conquerthe world.
Let me speak honestly.
You mother is over eighty,
your son is still only two years old.
You should best take care of yourself.
I had no idea you were so concerned about my welfare.
Don't be so meddlesome.
Be more modest,
like old men should be.
My like you made you full of yourself.
You talk too much.
Let me tell you this as least:
Most of your lords are reluctant concerning the attack on China.
Yourface sickens me.
Go! Go!
This is Lord Hideyoshi's message.
He regards your recent conduct
as insolent.
You are ordered to leave Kyoto
immediately and move to Sakai.
Prepare to leave at once.
I think this is a very light punishment.
I don't think this is all.
That's enough.
We have all we need.
Riki sent me a letter.
I feel sorry for her.
Rikyu has made such a great contribution
with his atr of the tea.
Yet you no longer need him?
If Rikyu regrets what he said and apologize,
will you forgive him?
I would ask you to.
How do you wish me to write the reply to this letter?
Just thank her politly.
I understand.
And what words of apology,
the letterwill have no meaning.
Just thank Yura politely for her kindness.
Lord Hideyoshi's whife and motherwould intercede.
If only you would apologize...
That's what she wrote.
Why is everyone...
trying to make me a coward?
Yura's letter is the final change.
I'd like to accept her kindness and do as she says.
Why must I apologize?
If only I add...
a few apologetic words to my letter...
That's not necessary!
But then,
Lord Hideyoshi can do anything to you.
Don't you care about that?
Who really agrees with his plan to attack China?
Who but Hideyoshi does not know
But it doesn't bring anyone good
Everyone except the Lord understands
I feel ashamed if I don't say anything
I really want to say it loudly
In front of the Lord
You can do nothing
if you don't regret
Just apologize
You'll save your life
Isn't that simple?
Or you choose to die if you give up this chance
I'm still alive, but...
I don't want to live that way
What do you think you can do when you're dead?
Are you trying to kill yourself just because of Hideyoshi?
What makes you so difficult?
Yourfamily orthat man?
Which is more impotrant...
This is not vanity.
But if I apologize,
obey him,
I'll have to remain a coward forthe rest of my life.
Wouldn't you mind that?
You'd had better stay out of this.
There's still some space overthere.
Yes, you're right.
Say something?
No, I didn't.
Have you ever seen screens like this?
Only here.
It's like a dream.
We're finally alone together.
Lord Ishida is here.
You called, my lord?
Orderthat man to kill himself.
I mean Rikyu.
Isn't that enough?
It's a decision that only you could have made.
It gives me great relief.
You underestimated me.
You underestimated me.
I just statred a new tearoom.
I'll leave the rest to you.
I wonderwhat Oribe and Hosokawa will say about it.
Close it!
Good, boy, you're good.
This way, this way.
Here we go!
Feburary 28, 1591 Rikyu commited ritual suicide.
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