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Ring Virus

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Hello. I'm home alone.
They're at some alumni get-together.|They don't give a damn about their daughter.
Hey, if...
Kyung-Ah just paged me.|Left this voice mail to try to scare me.
Is that it? Forget about it.|Hey let's go for a drive.
- No, I can't. I have exams next week.|- Stop being such a wet blanket. Come on.
- My parents are going to be home soon.|- Stop being a tease. You know that place...
Hear what?
Chang! What's wrong?!
You look good enough to frame.
So, you can replicate me?
Eun Kyung Shin
In this age of|modern science of cloning,
I'm trying to discover|who I am through the body.
Jin Young Jung
asexuality, cloning...|So multi-sexuality is the key word, right?
Chang Wan Kim
The ancient greeks had an affinity|for bi-sexuality.
The best of both worlds, a combination|of feminine beauty and masculine strength.
Multi-sexuality which|breaks the boundaries
Du Na Bae
between genders was admired|and worshipped two thousand years ago.
By eliminating the complications of|human intercourse,
half of the problem has been solved.
All right sweetie, mommy's gonna be home soon.|but you shouldn't call when mommy's working.
- My outfit's all ready mommy.|- OK...
- Honey, you must not say anything to them.|- Why not?
Aunt and uncle will be very sad.
- Because of cousin Sang-Mi?|- Yeah.
Is Sang-Mi really dead?
Let her be. It's ok.
You want something to drink, honey?
Hello... Listen, kid,|how many times do I have to tell you?
I looked for it|and it's not here!
- Excuse me.|- Do you know what today is?
Here let me.
Yeah, I'm her aunt.
I'll find the resort|membership card for you. Ok.
Meanwhile,|could you hold off on the phone calls?
- Boram...what are you doing in here?|- I hear something.
Stop that.|Uncle's looking for you.
It's not here. I looked for it many times...|don't open that!
She was in there... dead...
fist full of her own hair...
don't cry.|Sang-Mi's in a better place now.
I don't know well.|I knew she was a model student.
Well...|I'm not an intimate friend with her.
The resort card that Sang-Mi borrowed,|would you know where it is?
I was supposed to go with them,|but only Sang-Mi and Kyung-Ah went.
Kyung-Ah... okay, I'll call her.
but... Kyung-Ah's...
what about Kyung-Ah?|- you don't know?
don't know what?
She's dead too.
what?!! when?
The day that Sang-Mi died.|It was all over the news.
Midnight date-couple die
Did you write this?
Wear your glasses.|- I wear them when I need them.
You don't wear condoms all day, do you?
Are there any more reference materials?
- Why are you so interested in this case?|- She's a friend of my late niece.
She was in a state of full arousal.
Just when they were about to get into it.|They kicked the bucket.
Anything suspicious?|Strangulation...
No internal bleeding,|the police say it was a heart attack.
No substance abuse?
what do you want to hear?
The case isn't over...
There is no case.|It was a heart attack.
There was some weirdo at the autopsy.
Said something about unrecognizable shock or|something equally ridiculous. Pretty hilarious.
Hey, wait. Stop!
Umm, Sun-Joo...
do you know the guy who died with Kyung-Ah?|Lee, Dong-Joon?
I've never met him...|She told me he was some guy she knew.
Do you think Dong-Joon went to|the resort with them?
It's oK.|I won't get mad...
Yeah, he did.|Kyung-Ah told me after she came back.
So, it was the three of them.
Actually, there was one more.
A friend of Dong-Joon joined them.
you shouldn't jump into|something like this.
No, there's something strange. Why would you|grab your own hair during a heart attack?
Park, he touches his ear|when he gets a writer's block.
I touch my feet...|you pull your hair.
Is this the doctor|with the unconventional diagnosis?
He was the best in sawing heads open,|but I heard he's off his rocker now.
He's not worth your time.
Excuse me.
are you dr. Choi?|I called you earlier...
you claimed the deaths were caused
by super natural shock|as opposed to other opinions.
Are you claiming homicide?
Do you have any medical evidence|to Support your claim?
No. It's just a gut feeling.
But shouldn't something like|this have some evidence...
Miss journalist,|do you have some evidence?
It could be the new virus|from the recent meteor shower...
No one knew what aidS was|when it was first discovered.
Have you thought of this?
For instance,|the theory that the same virus killed
all four simultaneously is more plausible|than a supernatural force as a cause of death.
these critters already know|that I'm getting them
out to play with them|or to kill them.
Why's that?
Let me guess, you won't sleep|with a guy on feelings alone.
You haven't got laid in over a year.
It's been exactly 18 months.|Satisfied?
Dr. Choi!|I'm here about the autopsy...
Listen, Dr. Choi,|I'm not interested in playing games.
two other people supposedly died|from heart attacks on the same day!
Leave the dead alone|and let the case remain closed.
Hey, where are you going?|that door's for corpses.
Sun-Joo!|you're playing a dangerous game.
It's nothing like you've ever seen.
Be careful!
We saw it was not have to see?|- Kyung-Ah 10:52 P.m.
What happened to you, Sang-Mi?
You're sure?|Thanks... the resort guys won't talk,
claimed guest Privacy|infringement or something.
Let's have a drink soon, ok...
room 105.
You want me to go with you?
Hey, Kim!|there's a gas explosion!!
What!! Let's just drop by.
All right, you go ahead.|Take this.
You regret if you see this!|4 A man of horrors-
we shouldn't have watched it.
May I borrow these?
Yes, go ahead.
Do you remember the kids|who stayed in suite 105 last time?
Sorry,|I'm usually only on night duty.
Watch till the end.
Or else death will swallow you.
playing in water will summon spirits.|you'll soon bear a child next year.
Listen to your granny.
Whoever watches this
will die exactly one week from now.
If you want to live...
mommy, aren't you going to work?
december 1st, tuesday.
Let me see the tape first.
No, it's too dangerous.
Then why are you here?
Didn't you come for help?
Don't you believe what l'm saying?
Do you want me to shake in my boots?
I'd like to see my own dead face,|if I could.
So am I involved now?
Maybe it's a practical joke.|Like one of those chain letters.
Ever see a joke this serious?
Why did those four idiots die?
The video has the spell to break|the curse and if they knew about it,
why didn't they use it?
Maybe they saw the tape|after the spell was recorded over.
Who erased the spell?|you have to find out.
We can't ask the dead now, can we.
You know this show?
Find out when that greasy|looking dude was on as a guest.
That's the day the spell was erased.
It wasn't recent. The clothes|they're wearing are out of fashion.
- I have to find that out too?|- Of course. Anyone else who's seen the tape?
Show it to people, after wards,
you'll have plenty of helpers|on your hands.
Why aren't you in bed?
Could l get some copy?|I want to take my time with this.
Cheers! Pretty exciting huh?
A game of life and death.
Seven days left.
You're a day ahead.
december 2nd, wednesday
all right.|You don't have to watch it.
But you help me.
The tape deck in the resort room was installed|in September. Who left this in suite 105?
That's too much snooping!
OK, narrow it down to November.|It was probably before the quadruple deaths.
If you can find the culprit too,|that'd be great.
- Sun-Joo, have a seat.|- I only have six days left.
Hey, come here.
Mr. Kong?|I need you to find out something.
The guest that was on the show... yes.
Mysterious death during brain surgery
december 3rd, thursday.
This looks like the tidal wave in the video.
Judging from the height,|it's definitely a seismic wave.
From 1951 to 83,|there were four of these just in the east sea.
If it would be pictured by video camera,|it maybe made at 1983...
is a 1971 model.
the tv in the tape...
The tape was filmed|and was left in 105 by someone?
A family stayed in the room 3 days|be fore the four victims...
their kid probably left the tape|in there after
he tried to record that show.
then the four victims stayed there next|and watched the tape on a whim.
They probably thought|the whole thing was ajoke
and erased the spell at the end|to scared the next people.
Why was this recorded on the blank tape|that was in the vcr?
Is there anything else?
That's all I have.
What's about you?
Stop it there.
Don't you feel something slippery
when you watch this part?
Look closely.|That dark obstruction, what is it?
What about it?|Is it important?
Aren't we impatient today.
If you want answers.|You have to find the person who made this.
Right, I should go back to the resort|where the tape originated from.
Obviously alone.
- I'm sorry doctor, I thought you were alone...|- Come in.
This is Ji-Yeon. My one and only pupil.
This is Sun-Joo,|a devoted believer of modern science.
- You have a call from the publisher.|- What the fuck do they want now?
- They couldn't get in touch with you.|- Tell the fuck to wait.
You should call them.|It should hold them off for about a week.
Everything is in a week. Go buy some of these|and not ones with a week left till expiration.
Let's not waste any more time.
How about an ad in the paper to find the person|who made this?
you have a day less than I do.|It's you who should get a move on.
I'd like to see that smile wiped|off your face after I'm dead.
You're my partner.|You can't die.
Hey!! No!|What are you doing?
Cousin Sang-Mi told me to watch.
What did you find out?
Tell me for heaven's sake!
I'm not offering a solution,|only evidence.
I want to know what you've thought up.
Only 4 days remaining,|but there are so many barriers...
my daughter watched the goddamn video.
More reason to calm down.|Go splash some cold water on your face.
I divided the video screen into two.
Abstract images in the head|and what can be seen with the eyes.
There's that dark obstruction|over the real images.
- Remember this.|- Go on.
The characters behind|the obstruction are all real.
What do you feel?
Don't you feel like|you're being reproached?
These images,
we thought they were captured on camera.
Look closely.
Those faint shadows.
why do I feel like|I'm actually there?
This game's getting better and better.
Someone recorded|these images through telekinesis.
A man blinks twenty times a minute,|a woman blinks fifteen.
It's highly probable the tape|was produced by a woman.
What are you trying to say?
The blank tape in the resort suite.
A woman with super natural powers transferred|images from her head to the video.
I can feel it.
The damp darkness...
exactly, who are you looking for?
Someone with telekinetic ability,|who's probably in hiding now.
Telekinesis. There are so many cases|and many are fraudulent.
May we try?
december 4th, friday.
Are you sure it's here?
Highly probable.
Concentrate on the southern province.|that old hag in the video was
speaking southern dialect.|I asked a friend about it.
playing in water will summon spirits.|you'll bear a child next year.
Listen to your granny.
What does that mean?
Don't ask me.|That's your job.
Is this it?
Maybe.|Take down the name and address.
What's the matter?
It's here.|It has to be.
Park... Eun... Suh...
This is her invitation.
Are you still busy these days?
I guess so... I'm sorry, mom.
That's all right, honey.|We'd love to have Boram with us.
- But is something wrong?|- No, everything's fine.
december 5th. Saturday
Those four dim wits,|why didn't they execute the spell?
Simple. They didn't believe in it.
Fear of dying is a basic instinct.|It can not be ignored easily.
At least one of them|should have tried to prevent it.
Maybe, the spell to break|the curse are difficult to execute.
If so, what will you do?
It depends on if we find out.
We only have the name Park, Eun-Suh.
Man, what an ordeal!
Everyone over reacts|to the mention of Eun-Suh.
They consider the mother|and daughter as witches.
- Mother and daughter?|- Didn't you hear?
Park, Jung-Sook,|Eun-Suh's mother had incredible powers.
They were amazing at one time.
They'd predict rain...|they'd predict high winds...
after Jung-Sook killed herself,|Eun-Suh lost her Powers.
You mean her powers|and foresight disappeared?
Yes.|She lived normally with her uncle
and disappeared after high school.
She jumped from here?
Yes,|this place hasn't changed since.
Why did Jung-Sook kill herself?
Do you need a room?
We're looking for Park, Eun-Suh.
- What? You don't need a room?|- Yes, we do need a room.
Sir,|we're looking for Park, Eun-Suh.
You journalists should know better.
She's not here.
Father! I'm sorry.|My father-in-law doesn't mean it that way...
Do you know where she is?|Did something happen to her?
- I don't know, I'm not from here.|- Ma'am...
Your room is ready.|It's got a good view.
- I need another room...|- Pardon?
- Another room...|- Of course... coming right uP.
- Father...|- Just do as I say...
- At this time of the night?|- The guests are leaving!
Sir, you know where she is, don't you?|It's a matter of life and death.
That time,|It's a matter of life and death, too.
Ma'am... please help us?
I hope this helps...
this was the last thing|we got from her.
I know my father-in-law misses here too.
Park, Jung-Sook had supernatural powers?
She met a man named Oh, Chang-Joon|when she was 21.
- Oh... Chang... what?|- Chang-Joon. He was a professor of psychiatry.
They started out as patient and doctor|and the relationship became amorous.
Eun-Suh was their child.
Park... what are you saying?
Dr. Oh was a married man.|He already had a child.
That's life...|Hey, there's a storm front moving in.
Anyway,|they caused quite a media scandal.
Jung-Sook killed herself and dr. Oh|died a ruined man. Can you find out?
- I got it. I'll look into it when I can.|- When?
Hey, I'm swamped!|I have two deadlines to meet.
How can you say that?
What's about me?|I've got two days to live!
All right, which one first?|Mother or daughter?
Eun-Suh holds the key.|There's more.
She predicted a seismic tidal wave|at the age of 11.
Well, on that day, an enormous tidal wave|swallowed the island as well as the mainland.
- That's what I saw on the video.|- That's on the video?
It wasn't shot by a person.
1973?|Are you kidding? Sun-Joo,
I can barely trace information from last year.|That's two decades ago!!
You mean Park, Eun-Suh|was a nightclub singer?
Mukoy Dong?
I'm the one who phoned.|Please take a look.
Park, Eun-Suh...
You mean Sunny Park. Singer, my ass,|she was a golfer for about a year.
You remember her?|Was she pretty?
Well... She looked like...
december 6th. Sunday
I found out something interesting.
Why he dead...? what he saw!?
Park Eun Suh's supernatural powers would not|be disappeared. Instead, more big...
- Turn on the tv... kill the men...|- Man! the ferry has been canceled!
The ferry has been canceled!
What do we do now?|You can't leave for a day or two.
We have to get out of here.|Tomorrow will be too late.
This storm is our chance.|The key to the puzzle is in Eun-Suh's home.
We should never have come here.|That damn video.
I should have kept my nose out of this.|Now, Boram's been dragged into this mess.
Nice to know you care about me.
She would've been quite attractive.
Super natural power revealed
What does people think|at their moment of death.
This video is...
We saw something not of this world.
No, Eun-Suh's not dead.|She's alive...
- Kim?|- It's over. We lost track.
- What do you mean?|- Further investigation is impossible.
- Park, Eun-Suh's disappeared.|- Kim,
She's not dead.|She's disappeared...
What did the old lady say?|About giving birth?
Who's the man in the video!
Don't ask me. Use your head!
We've uncovered alot.
But we're not even close to solving|the fucking curse!
You're afraid, aren't you?
Only of one thing.
That I'll die before|I solve this third-rate riddle!
That's the only thing I'm afraid of.
Still think it's a game?
Then what's about two years ago.|Was that patient a pawn in a sick game?
I shouldn't have trusted|a quack like you.
It wasn't a game.
She was Boram's age.|Everyone said there was no hope.
There is no possibility of revival...
but I did it.|The surgery turned out well.
I was high on my success.
But I heard someone whisper
"I'm taking her..."
She suffered for two days.
I killed her.
Do you regret watching the video?
The game's not over.
We still have a day.
You have one more day..
I know who drove Eun-Suh|and her family to ruin...
they put her on a pedestal|and shook it...
But why me?|Why am l being cursed?
You're ajournalist like them.
Someone painted that picture on the wall.|He's probably the last one to see her.
You know something. We don't have any time.|We have to break the curse.
It's strange.|I'm not scared at all.
If we die now,|I'll just be going a day earlier.
What happens when you die?
I don't know.|That's what scares people.
If the woman in the picture is Eun-Suh...
I'd like to meet the artist.
He's the only one who was there.
You know who he is?
It's her half brother...|Chang-Joon's son.
The storm's passed us by.
I guess we made it.
I'll call you when we find her.
december 7th, monday
This is why game's fun.
Oh, Kyung-Pil!|what have you done with her?!
What's the scar on your shoulder for?
Boram? mommy's gonna get you tomorrow.|I'm busy. Be good for grandma.
What time did you watch the video?
10:06 or 7.|It was definitely before 10:10.
I was in a sanatorium for small pox...
Eun-Suh came to nurse me...
We loved each other in a special way.
It was so simple.|Everything began here.
- I need some rest.|- We don't have time.
Calm down.
Eun-Suh were here.
I find, here!
I saw male and female in her body...
and then I could not remember|what I did...
She would be live still...
Are you all right?
Stop worrying and drop the bucket.
I have not enough time.
- What's wrong?|- Your turn.
I need to rest before I can...
Did you forgot it to call before?
Your daughter is at stake here?|Is that what you want?
You really think this will work?
Just get down there.
Gather her remains and put her to rest.|That's the spell to break the curse.
Eun Suh, wherever you are...|please appear.
Rest in peace Eun-Suh...
Sun Joo...
the time of death was passed.|We are the winner's of the game.
She survived in the well for a week.
She transferred her fear|and suffering to us...
Why didn't she curse Oh, Kyung-Pil?
She may have wanted to die.|Maybe with some help.
Because she lamented itself condition.
Just as light and darkness existed|as one before the big bang,
man and woman probably|co-existed as one.
A perfect combination of|strength and beauty.
But she was the target of|ridicule in her life.
She just wanted a normal life.|To have children...
Her only legacy is the video.
We only know parts of reality.|But we can't know the beginning and the end.
That's life.
So, it's over, huh?
Hey, I was having a nice dream.
I was actually flying.
Hey... do you like beer?
Thought you'd never ask.
Set date.|If you don't want my curse,
Sun-Joo! What's going on?
You ever hear of cell phones?
I'm Hong Sun Joo,|please leave a message.
- When did it happen?|- Around ten last night.
And the cause of death?
They said cardiac arrest.
Did he leave any information|about the videotape?
What tape?
Why am I spared?
You know. Please tell me! please!|Boram is next.
What I did and you didn't...
what I did and you didn't...
what I did and you...
Is this your spell ?
You have given birth to|something haven't you.
If you want to live.|Copy this tape and give to another
Mom, it's me.|How's Boram? yeah, I'm on my way.
Mom, do you have a vcr?
Stay there.|I'll be right over.
I have something you must watch.
It's for Boram.
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