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Rio Lobo (1970) CD1

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(Rhythmic tapping)
(Acoustic guitar plays)
Come on, pick up your feet.
- This box is pretty heavy, Lieutenant. - Gold usually is.
Come on, get a hold of it in there.
- Get in there with it, and stay there. - Yes, sir.
Tell Colonel McNally the train's ready.
- We're waiting instructions. - Yes, sir.
Tell Colonel McNally the train is ready.
- Waiting instructions. - Thanks.
I'm sorry to disturb you, Colonel.
You were told to, Lieutenant. You'd have been sorrier if you hadn't.
Yes, sir.
- What do you want? - A message from Plainsburg.
- What does Lieutenant Forsythe want? - Further instructions, sir.
You tell the Lieutenant to get in that car,
and stay there until I knock on the door.
Yes, sir.
- Sergeant, the gold's on the train. - Did you hear that?
The Colonel says for you to get in that car
and stay there until he knocks on the door.
Good luck, Lieutenant.
Let's go.
Hey, Sergeant. The train's left Plainsburg.
You all hear that? Keep on listening.
Captain! Message coming through.
- The train is on its way. - Better get ready.
- Don't worry, Captain. - We're waiting.
What time is that train due at River Junction?
About 15 minutes, sir. She'll take on wood and water.
- Who's in command? - Captain Barrett, sir.
Well, you give Captain Barrett my compliments.
And tell him if anything goes wrong at River Junction,
I will personally see that he rues the day.
Yes, sir.
I can't see how you can hear a train by listening to the rail.
- Them rails is all put together... - Shut up!
Keep quiet.
- Here she comes, Sarge. - All right. Get back.
Don't let nobody see ya. And don't come out till I tell ya.
It's hard to let that much gold go by.
When it gets as far as the Captain, we'll get it back.
All right, boys. Let's go. Move it. Come on.
Let's get those ropes across the track.
Bigfoot, tell the Captain the train passed here.
Sure, Sergeant.
- Get 'em to tie them ropes well. - Tie those ropes hard and fast.
Hank, move faster, or the train will be gone!
Captain! They left River Junction.
James... you got enough grease?
We've got enough so when that train hits, it won't go nowhere.
- You'd better put it on extra heavy. - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir. - You ready?
These hornets are getting mad. Just listen to 'em.
They're mad all right.
- How does it look, Lieutenant? - Well, it looks just fine.
- She's a comin', Captain. - Everybody get out of sight.
And don't come out until you see me.
Beauford, get down from that tree.
- Train's left River Junction, sir. - Good.
Once it gets here, there's not much to worry about.
- It isn't here yet, Lieutenant. - No, sir, but...
- So, do you mind if I worry? - No, sir.
- May I say something, Colonel? - Go ahead.
Is it because from River Junction to here is the worst part of the trip
that you gave the gold detail to Lieutenant Forsythe?
That's one of the reasons.
He's been with you quite a while, hasn't he, sir?
- Since the war began. - Yes, sir.
That engine's sure pullin' hard up that hill.
We're slowing down, Lieutenant.
Watch her when she hits the grease.
The wheels are slipping and we have no traction.
We've got to get out of here.
- We're all set, Captain. - Good. Billy Joe, get that wire down.
Blow off her steam.
All right, everybody on. Cut loose.
Come on, get on.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Jack, come on! Get up, Jack!
Willie, you nearly didn't make it.
The wire's dead. Could be the lines are down.
The wires are dead between here and River Junction!
- Damn! Call in your outposts. - Yes, sir.
Open the door.
- Captain, them hornets is sure busy. - Yeah. I see 'em.
For God's sake, Harry, jump!
Let's go! Jump! Get off the train.
- I can't see. - Jump.
- Johnson, is that all of them? - I'll find out, Captain.
Can't see a soul.
Give those hornets some smoke and get them out of there.
I don't want 'em there when I go in.
It's all yours, Captain.
Yes, sir.
We're going faster than we figured. Can you slow it down?
- Brakes don't do no good, Captain. - We're gonna hit hard.
You'd better find a good hold.
- Good work, Sergeant. - Have any trouble?
- Not much. - Bide's handling the gold.
The horses are here.
You'll be all right, Jim.
- What happened? - They greased the track.
They jumped us and knocked us out. When I came to, the train was gone.
- Can you get this thing going? - No, sir. All the steam is gone.
- So much booty! - Hand me some.
We got plenty for everybody.
- We got the gold all right, sir. - Get it loaded quickly.
It's heavy, Sarge.
Let's go. Keep it moving.
Corporal, get that wagon started.
Let's not take all day, men.
All right, move out.
- How is he, Corporal? - He's got a bad cut on his shoulder.
- I'll be all right. - What's the matter with your face?
- They threw a hornet's nest in the car. - That's why we had to jump, sir.
- Where's Lieutenant Forsythe? - Down the track. He's hurt pretty bad.
- Lieutenant. - Yes, sir.
Stand at ease. Fall out and give 'em a hand here. Move forward!
Colonel McNally, over here.
Sorry, sir. But we couldn't stay in that car with all those hornets.
I know. Can you feel this?
Colonel, those Rebs had to know beforehand about that gold.
- They sure as hell did. - They sure got the jump on us.
- Can you feel this, Ned? - No. It just feels numb, sir.
Can you move your head?
No. But it doesn't hurt, sir.
- I'll be all right. - Your neck's broken.
I'm sorry I can't wait here with you, but...
I know, sir.
- Catch 'em, will ya? - I will.
Corporal, get up in that car and take a look-see.
Wyler, get on ahead of us, see which way they took off.
Probably south.
Colonel, the gold's gone. They got it, sir.
I thought so.
Here, Colonel.
They had a wagon. You can see the tracks. They split up.
Part of them went that way with the wagon and the rest out there.
The wagon was heavy coming in and heavy when it left.
The load could have come from this pile of stones.
Maybe that's what they wanted us to think.
- You mean the gold's on the wagon? - Well, I'm goin' after the wagon.
You take half the troop and follow those that went to the east.
Cartel, you and your squad follow me.
And Lieutenant... If you catch 'em, I want you to bring a couple back.
- And I want them to be able to talk. - Yes, sir.
Follow me.
Jenkins. Check that trail.
- Colonel. - What is it?
Here's a button from a Reb uniform. Could have come this way.
- Could a wagon get up there? - Not a chance.
You and Miller come with me and the rest of you follow that trail.
If the gold was in the wagon, they're packing it now.
- They came into the water here. - They went upstream or downstream?
Who can say?
All right. You two go downstream and I'll go upstream.
Hey, Johnny Reb, stay right where you are!
Yank, I'm unarmed.
That's what bothers me. Turn around anyway.
- Don't drown him. - I won't.
He hit his head, Captain.
Give us a hand here.
He's heavier than a baby whale!
- It's all quiet out there, Sergeant. - Let's hope it stays that way, Captain.
You'd better leave that bandage alone,
unless you want to start bleeding again.
- How do you feel? - I hurt.
- You hit your head on a rock. - I feel like a fool lettin' you take me.
I would, too.
You haven't got a bad leg. That bandage fooled me.
Bide over there loaned it to me.
It's real blood, too, Colonel. Made by a Yankee bullet.
- Who knocked me off my horse? - Tuscarora, here.
I hurt a little, too, Colonel. You're a big man.
You're the outfit that's been taking our gold shipments.
- That's the fourth lot you've grabbed. - The South needs money, Colonel.
I know you from someplace, don't I?
- You do. - What's your name?
Pierre Cordona.
French mother, Mexican father. From New Orleans.
Four or five years ago in Abilene.
- That's right. - Something about a horse, wasn't it?
- Big bay horse. You stole it. - The hell I did. I won it.
- You won a sorrel. - The sorrel was lame.
When you play poker, you should know what you are playing for.
I remember. We were both on that big bay.
I was in front and you were behind with a gun in my back.
- Your friends wanted to shoot me. - I wasn't happy about it.
Colonel, I'd feel better if you'd stay away from those rifles.
Neither one of us got hurt. Tell me, what am I doin' in this rig?
Well, Colonel, you used me and now I'm going to use you.
This time you'll be in front and get us out of here.
If we run into any Yanks, you'll be between us and them.
- You'll get shot first. - I don't know where all our units are.
If you don't know, you better guess pretty good.
I would start doing a little thinking before we leave.
- When are we leaving? - As soon as it's dark.
- Do you have to tie my hands? - Captain's orders.
Colonel, I'll be riding right behind you. I can throw this knife pretty good.
- And it makes no noise. - I hear you.
Douse that light. Them in the back, too.
Get ready to move out.
- What is it, Corporal? - Which direction is he taking us?
South. I can't see the stars, but we should be headin' south.
You're wrong. Which side of a tree does moss grow on?
- The north side. - The moss is on this side.
Right now we're goin' north.
Sure. We're goin' north.
Half of Sheridan's army is south of here.
The only way we can go is around 'em. I don't know if I can get you through,
but it's your idea, Captain, and you're stuck with it.
You better not be trying something, Colonel. You might be sorry for it.
Lead on.
Hold it, Colonel.
We're getting near water and I smell smoke.
- Take a look, Sergeant. - Better keep an eye on the Yank.
- What do you think, Colonel? - I can't keep track of every outfit.
Might be some of your Johnny Rebs.
(Harmonica plays)
- They're Yanks. A cavalry outfit. - That'll be the 10th Ohio.
- They were 20 miles away yesterday. - You're on track of where you are.
- I try to, Sergeant. - Can we go by them?
- Better ask the Yank here. - Best to go right by them, east.
Pass the word. We're near a Yankee camp.
Keep your horses quiet. Use your hands if you have to.
- How do I do that with mine tied? - Cut him loose.
- You be mighty careful, Colonel. - I will.
Go ahead. Slow.
See anything, Colonel?
Rebs on your flank. Look alive! Get over here.
Every man for himself.
(Bugle blares)
(Cordona) Separate and ride south. We'll meet back by the bridge.
Don't lose that gold. O'Brien, you and...
(Birdlike whistling)
Don't get nervous, Sergeant. Just drop that pistol.
Keep movin'. Your Captain's over by that log.
- What happened to him, Colonel? - He hit his head.
He's all right. Wake him up.
- What's in that canteen, Sergeant? - Corn liquor.
I could use a little of that myself.
Better be quiet.
Your Captain's in the wrong uniform, remember?
Well, Captain, how do you feel?
Back in the cave you said you felt like a fool. Now I do.
I thought you gave in a little too easy.
When we was goin' north to get away, we was just goin' into trouble.
- You wanted that gold bad. - Not as bad as I wanted you two.
Somebody in my outfit had to be giving you information.
- I want him. - And you want us to tell you.
Tell me and I'll cut you loose and turn my back...
The two of you will have a good chance of getting away.
Otherwise... you're a prisoner in the wrong uniform.
- You know what that can get you! - Yeah, I know.
And our boys lose all chance of gettin' more gold.
The war isn't over yet, Colonel.
All right. Over here!
- Captain. Hold up! - Over here!
Captain! Just got this.
Damn! All this for nothing!
Give him a blanket, corporal. Next man. You got boots and shoes?
- Chills and fever? - No, sir.
- Any cramps? - No.
You will, when you have that pork. Drink this.
- Next man. - Name, rank, unit.
Bide, lance corporal. Tupelo Fusiliers.
It was a small outfit, getting smaller. Last I heard, I was all of it.
Length of internment, eight months.
Give that to the paymaster. Next.
- You were right. - I thought he'd be here.
Cordona, Pierre. Captain. 1 st Louisiana Cavalry.
You'll get two dollars, Captain. Sign here.
- You're entitled to your sword, Captain. - Could I have a pistol?
- No firearms. - Never mind about the sword.
Phillips, Tuscarora. Sergeant. 1 st Louisiana Cavalry.
- Pierre and Tuscarora. - You've got a good memory.
Glad you weathered the storm.
It's the simple life - no wine, no women, no song.
- And no whisky. - I can remedy that.
You don't mind drinking with a Blue Belly?
- I'd drink with the devil himself. - I feel just like he does.
We're headed in the right direction.
- Hi, Colonel. - Hello, whisky for three.
None of that cow purge! Give us some whisky.
But, Colonel, this is planter's stock. Jamaican rum.
- I paid dear for this. - And you charge dear for it.
Give us that stuff on the bottom shelf. Give me the bottle.
Colonel, I know why you want to see us.
You haven't found the fella who told us about your gold shipments.
Who sold you the information about our gold shipments.
No, I haven't. But I will.
You make it sound personal, Colonel.
A boy that I watched grow up
was in that car that you threw the hornets into.
Was he hurt bad?
- We buried him the next day. - I'm sorry.
We killed your friend, but you don't hold that against us.
What you did was an act of war.
But selling information, that's treason. Rotten treachery for money.
- I want the name of that man. - There were two.
I don't know their names. We gave them money.
- They gave us the information. - Can you describe them?
One was a big man. Almost as big as you.
The other one... You were closer.
The other fella, even in the dark he stood out.
He was like an albino. White hair, white skin. Smaller man.
- That's all. - That's more than I had.
You fellas can do me a favour.
If you run into either of them, let me know.
You can be sure of that.
- Another drink? - Let us buy you a drink.
What did you get when you signed out?
Two dollars.
- Where are you heading? - I'll just look around.
I'm going back to Texas.
The man who brought me up has a ranch in Rio Lobo.
Two dollars won't get you very far.
Since you've been locked up, our pay's been coming through regularly.
That'll get you to Texas. You can owe me.
I never thought I'd want to kiss a Yank.
If we run into one of those fellas you're after, where can we reach you?
Blackthorne, Texas. That's near your Rio Lobo country.
The Sheriff there can get in touch with me.
I see the Sheriff of Blackthorne County has earned some bounty money.
One of these little hides can buy a lot of drinks.
- Good to see you. - Thanks.
I was wonderin' when you'd show up.
I got your message that Pierre Cordona wanted to see me.
Yeah. He got in last night.
He's at the hotel. Come on in. I'll give you a drink.
What's it all about, Cord? Can you tell me why you're here?
Didn't Cordona grab a coupla army payrolls from the Yanks?
That's right.
I heard that you captured him and put him in a prison camp.
You heard right.
Cord, you're not fixing on causing any trouble? I wouldn't like that.
Don't worry, Pat.
Besides, you're too good for that young fella.
There's no hard feelings between us. The war's over.
Oh, that's good. Then why do you want to see him?
The only reason Cordona could get away with those payrolls,
was because some people on our side were selling him information.
I'm after them.
Are you working for the army, or is this personal?
Sheriff, I'd say you were going to have company.
- Which of you is the Sheriff? - I'm Pat Cronin. If there's anything...
I want to report a murder. And I want the man who did it arrested.
- Where'd this happen? - In Rio Lobo.
I'm sorry, that's out of my jurisdiction.
- You're not going to do anything? - Excuse me. You said Rio Lobo...
Are you connected with the Sheriff's office?
- No, I... - Will you please stay out of this?
Sheriff, does that mean you're not going to do anything?
It means I can't do anything. I have no authority there.
A man was killed...
Unless a US Marshal or the Sheriff of Rio Lobo asks me...
You know the Sheriff of Rio Lobo and you know he won't ask you.
I know.
The man who committed the murder was one of his deputies.
I'm sorry, miss.
Well, so am I. I just thought...
So am I!
- Who is the Sheriff of Rio Lobo? - Tom Hendricks.
- Blue Tom? - That's right. Ever run into him?
I chased him enough, but I never got lucky.
- How about that drink? - I'm out.
As usual. I'll buy you one.
Town's growing up, Pat.
- Morning, Hank. - Morning. Can I help you?
I'd like you to meet my friend Cord McNally.
- Glad to meet you. - Thank you.
- I'm looking for a Pierre Cordona. - Room 19.
- Key's gone. - He's up there all right.
Just a minute. He left a message about something.
He'll shoot anybody who wakes him up unless the building is on fire.
He gave me two dollars to see that nobody started a fire.
Two dollars will buy a lot of sleep around here.
- I guess we can wait. - How about that drink?
And remember, you're buying.
- Hello, Jane. - Hello, Sheriff.
Sit down. Give us a bottle, Jim.
Little Miss Busybody.
She'll either be in the jail or the hotel. Chuck, take a look in the jail.
- Nobody in the jail, Whitey. - All right.
George, you go around the back. Come in that way.
You two come with me.
Well, young lady. You gave us quite a chase.
Sheriff, this is the man that I wanted you to arrest. He's the murderer.
That may give the Sheriff the wrong idea about me.
It was self-defence. He tried to knife me.
That's a lie!
Hold on, I can handle this. What exactly is your business here?
Name's Carter. Whitey Carter. I'm a deputy from Rio Lobo.
As to my business, I came lookin' for her. She's wanted.
What for?
She and the old man she lived with ran one of them medicine shows.
You know, snake oil, crooked shell games, pick a few pockets...
That's another lie. I didn't do anything.
Sheriff in Rio Lobo just wants to talk to her, so I'll take her along with us.
Just a minute. I'm the Sheriff of Blackthorne. I want to see a warrant.
- A warrant? - For the young lady's arrest.
I never thought about that.
Without a warrant, you're not taking anybody.
I got a warrant right here, Sheriff.
Satisfied, Sheriff? Now, drop your gun and go sit down.
All right, everyone stand still. No one gets hurt.
Come on.
Look out!
- Did they hit you, Pat? - No, I did it myself when I hit the floor.
You're getting too old.
Hello, Captain. I'm glad you joined us when you did.
I heard the racket and knew it was you. How did it start?
This young lady here shot that white-haired man.
- She really didn't want to go with him! - Can you blame her?
This was one of the fellas you were hunting.
- Well, I never! Are you sure? - I'm sure.
Is he dead?
- Unfortunately, yes. - Did I kill him?
Not entirely, but you sure helped.
Well, I couldn't let him take me. I'd rather be dead.
- You damned near got us all killed. - I'm sorry...
Are you gonna faint?
- What'll I do with her? - Bring her up to my room.
- Where is it? - Up on the left. The door is open.
There's somebody in there.
Oh, I forgot. Come on, Mable. Get out.
Come on. Move on.
- Why can't I sleep? - I'll explain later. Come on.
Is that what I'm leaving for? I thought you were a gentleman.
- You've been busy. - Just keeping out of trouble.
Hank, go get the undertaker. Never mind. Here he comes.
I heard some shooting, Sheriff. Do you need me?
I got a lot of work for you. One there. Two over here and one in the corner.
I'll get right at it.
What did you find out?
I talked to the stage driver that brought the girl from Rio Lobo.
He said he picked her up a couple of miles out of town.
She was tellin' the truth all right.
He was after her and he shot the old man with the medicine wagon.
What did Tuscarora say in that letter?
Only that he saw one of the men you were after. A man with white hair.
- That'll be Whitey from downstairs. - Whitey worked for a rich Yankee.
Tuscarora hasn't seen this Yankee.
But you didn't come all the way to Blackthorne to tell me that.
Tuscarora's in trouble. They're trying to take his old man's land.
- And you thought I'd join in? - Two guns are better than one.
Maybe we're after the same thing.
Maybe I can help you.
Well, I reckon I'm in. I'll go as far as Rio Lobo and we'll find out.
- What did you just say? - Well, how do you feel?
I don't know. Aren't you the man that came downstairs...
...and helped us when we needed it.
Pierre Cordona, Miss... What is your name?
It's Shasta - Shasta Delaney.
You don't have any pants on, Mr Cordona.
- I didn't have time after the shooting. - You have time now.
- Why don't you put them on? - Cos you're lying on them.
- You don't have many clothes on too. - Who took my clothes off?
- I did. - Why?
- We flipped a coin and I won. - I've never heard anything...
Haven't you heard of loosening a person's clothes when they faint?
Oh, yes. I guess I'm acting like an idiot, aren't I?
- I'd say almost. - Yeah, I'd say so, too.
You suppose I could have a drink?
- You're not gonna faint again, are you? - No, Mr McNally.
Do you only take a drink when you're about to faint?
I'd hardly say that, miss.
You all right?
Oh, didn't I hear you say something about going to Rio Lobo?
- You did. - Good. I'm going with you.
- You? Oh, no you're not. - Don't be silly.
How much do you know about Rio Lobo? You've never been there.
You don't know where to go, who to talk to or who's an enemy.
- I can help. - Why do you want to go?
I want to get my wagon. Old Charlie wanted me to have it.
Every time I think about him I...
- Anyway, it's all I own. - You can't ride in that outfit.
If you get me a horse I'll be ready in ten minutes.
When you get the troops paraded, let me know. I'll be in the bar.
There she is.
I'll take that.
- How far is it to Rio Lobo? - 70 or 80 miles.
- Took three days on the stage. - It'll take us longer.
We forgot something. Can she ride? Can you?
- Which side do you get on? - Left side. I knew it.
- You're a good teacher, Frenchy! - Yeah.
This looks a good place to bed down. It's cold, but it'll get colder.
I'll see what I can find to make a fire.
Shasta, you don't have a bottle of that snake oil, do you?
- I just happen to have some. - Good.
(Tuneful whistling)
Hey, what are you so happy about, Colonel?
Well, I've had about the right number of drinks,
and I am warm, and I'm relaxed.
Well, if you gentle people...
...can manage without me, I shall go to sleep. Good night.
I'm freezing.
This will help.
Don't do that. I don't like it.
- I'm sorry. I was going to... - I'm tired of being pawed.
What happened? What made you say that?
- Why go into it? - Because I'd like to know.
All right.
I was married. It wasn't a good marriage.
He couldn't drink, but he did anyway.
And when he did, he wasn't good.
When he drank, he'd gamble.
And when he lost, he thought he'd been cheated.
I don't know if he was or not.
But the other guy was faster and a good shot.
So I had to get a job.
Do you know what it's like to work in a saloon?
- No. - They never leave you alone.
Then good old Charlie Simms came along.
The only man who was ever nice to me.
And they killed him.
- Do you have any more questions? - Yeah. What are you gonna do now?
- I'm going to bed. - I mean after this is all over?
I going to get Charlie's wagon and then I'm going to... I don't know.
You can't run a medicine show by yourself.
I'm pretty good at getting people to buy that Apache Herb Tonic.
Something will turn up. It always does.
You know... I like you.
- Why? - Cos you don't cry.
Oh, but I do. You saw me.
You cried for your friend, not for yourself.
There's a lot of difference.
Don't be nice to me, please.
- I didn't figure... - Didn't you want me to do that?
Sure I did. But I'm generally the one who starts it.
That's why I started it. Cos now I know when it'll stop.
Well, I would...
Oh, good night.
Pierre, see these poles above me?
- Mm-hm. - I can't figure out what they're for.
They're all burnt.
I'd say they were used by the Indians to bury their dead.
They put the bodies on the poles and burned them.
- Probably, you're sleeping on a skull... - What?
Hey! Hey!
How about waking up?
- How did she get here? - Ask her.
Hey, you!
- How'd you get here. - When you were sleeping. It was cold.
Why me? Why didn't you pick on him?
He's young. I thought... Well, you're older.
- You're comfortable. - Comfortable?
I've been called a lot of things, but "comfortable"!
I'll say this. You're a lot better than a hot brick to keep a man warm.
It's nice to be appreciated.
- Is that coffee I smell? - It is. Get up and have some.
Rise and shine.
Come on.
- This is Rio Lobo. Take a look. - Looks quiet enough.
It's too late to start anything now.
Where does Tuscarora's girlfriend live? You said we could hole up there.
Yes, she's on the edge of town. There's a corral nearby for the horses.
Can we get there without being seen?
Yes, if you can get across the street.
- Take a look, Frenchy. - Right.
(Calls out in Spanish)
It's me, Shasta. Hurry, Maria.
Oh, Shasta.
Listen, these are friends of Tuscarora's. They're here to help Mr Phillips.
This is Captain Cordona. And this is Colonel McNally.
- We need somewhere to stay tonight. - But the horses...?
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Ray CD2
Rayon Vert Le (Rohmer 1986)
Real Cancun The
Real Fiction (Shilje sanghwang)
Real Women Have Curves (2002)
Rear Window
Rebel Music - The Bob Marley Story
Rebel Without a Cause 1955
Recess Schools out
Recipe For Disaster 2003
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Red Dragon (Jet Lee)
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Red Dwarf - 05x01 - Holoship
Red Dwarf - 05x02 - Quarantine
Red Dwarf - 05x02 - The Inquisitor
Red Dwarf - 05x03 - Terrorform
Red Dwarf - 05x05 - Demons and Angels
Red Dwarf - 05x06 - Back To Reality
Red Dwarf 02x01 - Kryten
Red Dwarf 02x02 - Better Than Life
Red Dwarf 02x03 - Thanks For The Memory
Red Dwarf 02x04 - Stasis Leak
Red Dwarf 02x05 - Queeg
Red Dwarf 02x06 - Parallel Universe
Red Dwarf 03x01 - Backwards
Red Dwarf 03x02 - Marooned
Red Dwarf 03x03 - Polymorph
Red Dwarf 03x04 - Bodyswap
Red Dwarf 03x05 - Timeslides
Red Dwarf 03x06 - The Last Day
Red Dwarf 04x01 - Camille
Red Dwarf 04x02 - DNA
Red Dwarf 04x03 - Justice
Red Dwarf 04x04 - White Hole
Red Dwarf 04x05 - Dimension Jump
Red Dwarf 04x06 - Meltdown
Red Heat
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Off the Map
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Red Shadow
Red Sonja
Red Sorghum 1987
Red Water
Red beard 1965 akahige CD1
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Ref The
Regarding Henry 1991
Regle Du Jeux La
Reign of Fire
Reindeer Games
Relentless 1989
Remains of the Day The CD1
Remains of the Day The CD2
Remember Me CD1
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Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans (Standard Edition)
Rendez-vous 1985
Replacement Killers The
Replacement Killers Who Am I
Replicant The
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Rescuers The
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Respiro grazias island 2002
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Return To Paradise (1998)
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Return of the Dragon
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Reversal Of Fortune (2003) Korean
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Rhapsody In August 1991
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Ride The
Ridicule 1996
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Rikyu 1989
Ring 0 - Birthday 2000
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Riten (1969)
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River of no Return The 1954
Riverworld 2003
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Road Trip (Unrated Edition)
Road to Perdition
Roaring Twenties The 1939
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Rocky III
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Roger Dodger
Roger and Me 1989
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Roman de Renard Le 1930
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Romantic Comedy
Romeo Is Bleeding 1993
Romeo Must Die
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Room with a View A CD1
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Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles (1999)
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Royal Tramp 2 (Stephen Chow)
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Ruling Class The 1972
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Run Silent Run Deep
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Runaway Jury
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Running Out Of Time 2
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