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Subtitles for Rio Lobo (1970) CD2.

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Rio Lobo (1970) CD2

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- We need somewhere to stay tonight. - But the horses...?
- It's not good to have them here. - Where's a good place?
Over there's an empty house. See?
You will find a corral on your right.
- All right. I'll take them. - Be careful. They're watching.
- Why did you come back here? - Maria, it's a long story.
But first, tell me what have Ketcham and the Sheriff been doing?
They've been after Phillips to sell his ranch.
- Has he sold it? - I don't know.
I haven't seen Tuscarora since you went away.
Everybody is afraid here.
The Sheriff's men are watching everywhere.
- They're watching this house? - Everywhere.
It's not safe for you to stay here.
We have to stay here tonight. We haven't eaten.
I'm sorry, I didn't think. I'll just prepare something for you.
(Metallic jangle)
I'm sorry. Someone's chasing me. I've no other place to go.
- You don't have to go. - What?
You can stay here.
- Could you put that light out? - As you wish.
Thanks. Don't stand in the middle of the room.
- Can you see anyone? - I don't see a soul.
- Would you like me to look? - I'm looking.
- Yes, but I could go outside. - You'd better put some clothes on first.
- As you wish. - No, I didn't mean that.
- I don't think you should go out there. - Well... we could stay here.
I have plenty of tortillas and beans and chilli and even some wine.
- Sounds good. I wish I could stay. - Why not?
Because I think they're gone now. I must get back to my friends.
- I'm sorry. - I don't know how to thank you.
- You don't have to. - My name is Pierre. What's yours?
- Thank you, Amelita. - Wait a minute.
It's all right.
That smells good.
(Knock on door)
- Come in. - Where have you been?
I put the horses away and I was hiding.
- Hiding? From whom? - From the people that watch the town.
- I told you. Where were you? - In a house of a girl.
A girl? Pretty fast worker. Where did you meet her?
I crashed the door and there she was. She's pretty. Dark hair.
- And I think her name's Amelita. - I know her. She's a friend of mine.
- Well, she helped me. - I hope you had fun.
Stop it. What are we gonna do now?
We'll stay here tonight.
In the morning I'll go into town to see what I can find out.
Why don't we go into Phillip's ranch...
If they're watching this town, they're certainly watching the ranch.
- The Sheriff knows you, doesn't he? - He does.
He'll want to know what you're doing here.
He wants to know all about any stranger.
Wrap up your wrist and say you hurt yourself and you're looking for a doctor.
The dentist's a friend of Tuscarora and Mr Phillips. He can tell you much.
I feel a toothache coming on. I hope you have plenty of wine, Maria.
Thanks. See they get some water.
- I'll be back in a while. - Be careful.
- It's been a long time, Maria. - All right, boys, come on.
Tuscarora. Come here.
You wanna see me?
You just brought some horses into town. Are they yours?
- They're ours. - I think some were stolen.
That's a lie.
No. Leave him alone!
Stop it!
Stop this wicked thing!
That's enough.
What's going on?
We're teaching him some manners. He's been stealing horses.
We gotta save enough of him to hang. Take him over to the jail.
Come on. On your feet.
- Bring the girl, too. - Why?
Are you all right, lady?
You'd better go on home.
Go on!
You're kinda new around here, aren't you?
- Got in this morning. - Figure on staying long?
- Bum tooth. - Doc, got a customer for you.
Oh, and, mister...
After you get that tooth fixed, just amble on out of town.
Sounds like good advice.
- Doctor... - Come on in, sir.
Keep an eye on that big fella. See if he really has a bad tooth.
- So you've got a bad tooth? - No, I haven't.
- Get in the chair. - I told you, my tooth's all right.
- Can't we just talk? - See that fella over there?
He's checking out your story on your tooth.
- Open real wide. - I can't talk with my mouth open.
I'll ask the questions, you just nod or shake your head.
Now, that girl, Maria, the one that got knocked around... she send you?
- Yeah. - I thought so, the way you bolted here.
That hurts.
Most of my patients yell a lot. Take a look out there.
He's gone. Is that my tooth?
No. Yours are fine.
Tell me what's going on around here.
The man running things is Ketcham. He came here right after the war.
Hendricks killed our old Sheriff and Ketcham made him the new Sheriff.
- Look out there. - Wish I could hear what they're saying.
Don't have to... blackmail.
If they do things the way they've been doing,
Hendricks will send his bullyboys out to Old Man Phillips' ranch.
They'll run off all his stock, so he's on foot.
Then they'll tell him the way to keep his boy from being hanged
is to sign over his ranch to them for a quarter of what it's worth.
I know that old man. He's stubborn as hell.
But he dearly loves that boy.
So they'll keep him there till he cracks and signs over his land.
Ketcham's been pickin' up a lot of land.
- All of it that's any good, Mr...? - Doesn't matter.
Well, Mr Doesn't Matter, I hope you can do something.
- You got plenty of help? - Well, no. I haven't.
God be with you. I still wish you luck.
We ought to give one more good yell.
They usually yell a lot when I give 'em a shot of this.
That's the real stuff.
If you were a good enough actor, I wouldn't have used it.
That'll be a dollar six bits.
- Would four bits be just as good? - Just as good.
- Thank you, Mr Doesn't Matter. - McNally. I'll be seeing you.
You must hide. Maria says the Sheriff is sending some men here.
- Where can we hide in here? - Under the bed. Hurry.
Wait a minute. First, pour some water over my head.
- All of it? - Yes, go ahead.
- Who is it? - Open up.
- Just a minute. - Hurry it up.
Just a minute.
- Anybody else in here? - Well, you're here.
- I can't see. Who are you? - Sheriff's office.
Nobody in here.
They're gone now.
- What are you laughing at? - You wouldn't believe what he said.
- Those things are private. - Do you really get away with that?
- Do you know what he said? - What did he say?
"One more kiss before we die." Can you imagine?
- That's stupid. - It is not.
- Who is it? - Me.
- What did you find out? - Plenty.
They slapped Maria around this morning,
put Tuscarora in jail for stealing his own horses,
and they've gone to Old Man Phillips' ranch to force him to give in.
- Are we gonna let 'em? - Not if we can help it.
I'm sorry I couldn't get here before.
- There were men. - We had visitors.
- I was asking the way to Phillips' ranch. - I'll take you.
- Not a chance! - She can't stay here.
You know that, don't you? I'll take the wagon.
- Why? - It's all I've got left.
I might not get a chance to come back for it.
You have a lot of faith in us!
You're good, but you're taking on a lot.
- Can you get out without being seen? - With luck. Help me, Amelita.
I'll meet you east of town, half a mile from the little church.
I can show you. Is there anything else I can do?
Pray a little. We'll be back if things work out right.
It's very much for just two men.
I hope there'll be three when we see Mr Phillips.
- Will you show us the way? - Yes. Follow me.
There are two of them by the gate. I don't see the third one...
Wait a minute. See that shack behind the house?
- That looks like cigarette smoke. - You've got good eyes.
I see 'em.
- Think you can handle him? - Sure. I can get in behind him.
All right.
How about you?
We can leave Shasta at the wagon and when we get through...
How are you gonna get close enough to them?
This comfortable old man figured he'd shoot 'em.
How will you get into the house?
Phillips will blow your head before he knows what side you're on.
- Did you...? - Don't be sarcastic.
- Do you have any suggestions? - Yes, I do.
I'll drive the wagon in. You'll be in back.
And get yourself killed?
They killed Charlie Simms... I want them to pay for it.
- I'm against it. - This is your first step, isn't it?
If you fall down, you won't get another chance.
- I will not permit it. - He's in love with me.
- I didn't say that. - You said you thought you were.
Are we gonna rescue an old man or stand here and argue?
Give me two minutes before you start and I still don't like it.
This thing between you two - kinda sudden, isn't it?
It's not me, it's him. Are all Mexicans as sudden as he is?
One little kiss and the balloon goes up.
Let's get in the wagon.
He's had his two minutes.
Two minutes more and we'll know if your idea was any good.
When the shooting starts, don't forget to duck.
Yes, Colonel.
Let's go.
Got a visitor.
What in tarnation is that thing?
Hold it right there, miss.
- Where are you going? - My horses need water.
- I thought I could get some here. - It ain't safe to go that way...
Ain't that the girl Whitey Carter went lookin' for?
- You the girl? - Yeah, I'm the girl.
- You got any more snake oil? - Yeah, there's plenty in the wagon.
Think I'll get some.
Where have you been? They've been lookin' all over for you.
I don't know... Oh, I guess I can tell you.
I don't like Whitey. I didn't want him to find me.
Everybody's got different tastes. You can't...
- What was that? - Your friend getting some snake oil.
What's a girl to do when a man keeps following her around?
I'm tired. I haven't slept.
Except for the other night, in a place where an Indian was buried.
- It was awful! - Where was the Indian buried?
I can't remember. It was just before somebody hit me.
- They hit you? - I didn't see him, but he hit me.
- Where? - There.
You took long enough. I was running out of things to say.
That I can't believe.
- Hurry up. - Just a minute.
What's goin' on out there? Who's out there?
Speak up or I'll shoot.
Hold on a bit. We're trying to help ya!
- Hold your fire, you fool. - Don't come no closer!
- I'll go. He won't shoot a woman. - Don't count on it.
Mr Phillips, let me in.
You just stay where you are out there.
What's goin' on?
Look out. Stay away from that window.
- Where's Shasta? - Inside.
- Who's out there? - It's me.
- Who's me? - Pierre Cordona.
- You Tuscarora's captain? - Used to be.
Don't try nothing.
You, big fella, get down off that contraption.
Now get your hands up high and walk up here nice and easy.
You too, Cordona. And keep 'em high.
Just keep them up there.
Keep your hands up and say something. Go ahead.
- What'll I say? - I wanna hear you talk.
- If you quit prodding me... - I knew it!
I can tell by your talking, you're a Yank.
- Didn't you tell him? - He's a difficult man to convince.
You would be too, if you had a flock of no goods hanging on you.
You said you was my boy's captain. How do I know that?
Did he write to you about the first battle we were in?
- Was he shot in the arm? - I guess you're who you say you are.
What's this damn big Yank doin' here?
This damn big Yank's after another damn big Yank
and helping you in the process.
- What's your name? - Cord McNally.
Didn't Tuscarora tell you about me?
He sure did. And I ain't gonna repeat what he said.
Tell me about her.
I'd have shot her, but she's got the best lookin' legs I ever seen.
- I didn't have the view you did. - What's she doin' here?
Whitey Carter murdered one of her friends.
Old Charlie Simms. I heard about that.
- Now I know who she is. - Whitey's dead.
Best news I heard all year.
- Who killed him? - She did.
Well, I'll be a sucking mule! Legs like that and can shoot too.
I'm obliged to you for getting me out of the fix I was in.
- This calls for a drink. - I could sure use one.
They got my boy. What do you plan on doing?
Ride into town and bust open the jail?
That's not for the young. What's it brewed with?
Are you just gonna bust open the jail?
The answer is no, unless you want your boy killed.
- Think I'm a fool? - That's not the question.
We need something to bargain with.
- Like what? - Like Ketcham.
Ketcham? Are you serious or crazy?
A little of both, but it's the only way to get your boy back.
- How do you get Ketcham? - You know his ranch pretty well.
- I was there before he had it. - How far is it?
Two... three hours.
- You comin' with us? - Reckon I'm crazy too.
Is there a safe place to leave this young lady while we're gone?
Hank Pryor's place is on the way.
I reckon we can get there before dark, if we leave right away.
- I'm going with you. I can help. - You're not going.
You've been trying to run this show since we met.
Listen to me and keep still. You are not going!
- You tell her, Frenchy. - Yeah.
I'd give every horse I own to get a chance at that fella.
Mr Pryor, if we don't come back, you said...
I'm not gonna disappoint you.
I told you I'd get the girl to Blackthorne.
Thank you.
- Come on, Shasta. - No.
What the...? Frenchy!
Are you comin' with us, or you got something better to do?
That's a silly question, Colonel.
You'd like to be doin' that yourself, wouldn't you?
No, Mr Phillips, not a chance. I'm just comfortable.
You keep calling me Frenchy. I'm half-Mexican, you know?
Yeah. Which half was kneeling and which half was kissing her hand?
- Where's Ketcham apt to be? - The big house.
- What does he look like? - Big man. Black hair. Moustache.
Could be anybody.
Could be the man that was with Whitey when we paid the money.
- How many men has he got? - 15 or 20 hands in the bunkhouse.
There's one over there, another farther to the right.
And these men guarding the place, which you boys call sentries.
- Ketcham doesn't take many chances. - I can see three... no, four.
There's one over by the gate.
We'll have to get them first, get into that house,
grab Ketcham, and use him to hold the rest off.
- We'd better not kill him, then? - No, we'd better not kill him.
- Well, Frenchy? - I'll take the one in front of the house.
I'll take the one on the left and the one in front of the bunkhouse.
Leave one for me.
Could you sneak up on that fella at the gate?
I can sneak up on a coyote if I have a mind to.
You better give me a little start.
No sense in letting this go to waste.
Remind me to ask Tuscarora a question.
About what?
He said you were a saintly old man who didn't hold with all the vices.
I don't hold with them at all.
That don't stop me from taking a saintly pleasure when I get a chance.
- Why don't you blow a bugle? - Ready? If you ain't, I'll go by myself.
(Startled clucking)
- Where's the old man? - There.
Did you get the fella at the gate?
He's at another gate looking for Saint Peter.
That big man at the desk, he's the one I gave the money to.
Sergeant lke Gorman.
I've waited a long time for this.
Sergeant Major Gorman, how does it feel?
Remember Lieutenant Forsythe? Well, here's one for him.
- Get up! - Only for a while.
McNally, give him one for Tuscarora.
Right, let's talk to your people.
Tell 'em they move a finger and I blow your head off. Yell out.
Do you hear me? This is Ketcham. Don't move. Don't do anything.
- Do you hear me? - Yeah, we hear you.
Tell 'em to get our horses. And one for you.
Bring their horses and one for me.
All right.
Find out where he hides them deeds and all the stuff he's been stealin'.
You don't think I'd keep them here, do you?
Where do you keep 'em? Where are they?
- At the bank. - Where?
- In the bank. - Where?
They're here. Behind that cabinet. In a safe.
Take a look.
It's locked.
Here they are, McNally. All the stuff we were lookin' for.
Look out!
Fire! Help me, please!
- Phillips, help me, please. - Let him burn.
Don't let him burn till he signs these papers.
- Are you ready to sign? - I'll sign anything.
All right, Frenchy.
Ketcham, take a look at this. The triggers are wired back.
See what happens if my thumb slips off.
And my thumbs ain't as strong as they used to be.
We got your horses. What shall we do with them?
Bring 'em up to the house. Come on, let's go.
One man hold the horses. The rest of you clear out.
We're coming outside.
Do what he says. Don't try anything.
You take the sorrel. That one's mine.
Can you cover him while I get up?
All that fighting in there wore me out.
All right, Ketcham, move out.
Let's hold it up here.
I can't keep riding like this.
Would you rather walk?
- Anybody following us? - Didn't see anyone.
Let's talk a bit. You want your boy out of jail, don't you, Mr Phillips?
Damn right I do.
- How do we get him out? - We use Ketcham.
And how long do you think before Hendricks will have us too?
You and your military mind. You gotta know the answer to everything.
- What'll we do? - All right.
Us civilians ain't the fools you Yanks think.
- There's a fort at Longhorn Springs. - That's right.
- We'll take him there. - What'll Hendricks be doing?
He'd rather see Ketcham dead than the army get him.
- You got something in mind? - Yeah.
We don't take Tuscarora out of jail, we join him there and fort up. You...
I go into Longhorn Springs and bring in the cavalry.
- That's smart for a captain, Frenchy. - Thank you, sir.
You ought to be back by late tomorrow afternoon.
If we run into trouble, we can hold out till then.
Stay on this trail till you hit the stage road, then take the west fork.
Good luck, Colonel. Sir.
Don't forget my thumb is gettin' tired.
Don't go over rocks. My horse might stumble and we'd have an accident.
(Chuckles) Let's go.
- What are you doin' here? - We went to Phillips' ranch.
Barter's dead, Minton had a broken shoulder,
and Chester had been cold cocked pretty bad.
He said a girl drove in that medicine show wagon.
He was lookin' it over and that's all he could remember.
It coulda been three of 'em. The wagon was gone and so was Phillips.
- Anybody see where the wagon went? - Couldn't find any tracks. Too dark.
Spence, you take five men and guard the north road.
Morton, you take a few more. Leave some on the south road close in.
The rest of you go to the west fork. Stop everybody going out and in.
Shoot anybody that tries to get by. Now move.
- What are we stopping here for? - Tuscarora's girlfriend.
Maybe I can find out how things stand. Can you handle Ketcham?
If you hear a loud noise, it'll be Mr Ketcham dying.
(Woman responds in Spanish)
You got him! I'm glad.
In case you don't know, that's Spanish for "pig", Ketcham.
Much has happened tonight.
The men came from the Phillips ranch and told what you had done
and the Sheriff was very angry.
Would you like to see what he does when he's angry?
Amelita, show him.
Take a look.
Go on, take a good look. The Sheriff did it.
- Why? - To make me talk. To punish me.
He did it and then he laughed.
- Someday I'm gonna kill him. - You'll have to beat me to it.
I'm gonna kill him someday.
Be careful. The Sheriff has many men outside hunting for you.
And others waiting for you in the jail.
We've got the edge on him. We got their boss.
- I will pray for you. - Good night.
They don't know we got Ketcham yet,
but they know we've been to your place and got you,
so they'll probably be waiting for us.
- You still wanna try? - With or without you, Colonel.
That's good enough for me.
We're gettin' near the jail, Mr Ketcham.
My rheumatism is bad, so don't put a strain on my finger.
(Shouts) You in the jail!
Tell Hendricks to step out.
Blue Tom, we've got your friend Ketcham here.
And there's a sawn-off shotgun with the triggers tied back right behind him.
He wants to tell you something.
Sergeant Major, you louse this up and you won't live to know it. Talk.
Hold your fire, Tom. Do anything he says. Don't try anything.
- You hear him? - I heard.
Get all your men out of the jail.
You heard him. Come on out.
Now, everybody drop their guns.
- What d'ya say, Mr Ketcham? - Do it. For God's sake, do it.
All right, drop 'em.
Everybody ease over and keep going till you're in front of that hotel.
Hendricks, you hold it.
There's still somebody in that jail, Ketcham.
Tom, don't try it. Get whoever's in there out.
All right, Barney, come on out.
Drop your gun and get over with the rest of 'em.
You wanna step down, Mr Phillips?
Hope this thing don't go off while I'm climbing down.
Step off, Sergeant Major. Let's go to jail.
Don't worry, Mr Ketcham, we'll get you outta there.
That's a good idea, Sheriff. Why don't you try it? Please try it!
No, Tom, forget it. He wants you to try something. He's crazy.
He's right. Got another barrel left. Get in there.
We'll be here a day, maybe two.
Then the US Cavalry will be here.
- I should have taken you this morning. - You should have tried.
I couldn't say hello this morning, but I'm glad to see you.
- How do you feel? - Fine. Except for some sore ribs.
I'll stay back here with Ketcham in case his friends try something.
Don't you worry none, Ketcham. You're gonna be the first to die.
- Where's Captain Cordona? - He's gone for help.
How long are we gonna be here?
Till he comes back with the cavalry.
Douse that light.
Mr Phillips, is that the only tune you know?
I don't know this one, that's why I keep practising it.
Colonel, you have any trouble gettin' back into town?
They had men out, but we had Ketcham.
You suppose they have men watching the roads too?
Hendricks is not stupid.
What if they catch the Captain before he gets help?
Then we're in more trouble than we've been in since the start.
Mr Phillips, is there any way of getting you to stop that?
Yeah, I'd stop for a drink.
Well, if there's one, I'll get it for you.
Where are you going?
In the jail.
This is Doc Jones, the dentist. Can I come in?
Let him in.
You're taking a chance coming here.
I don't think so. They're not watching the place.
Don't bet on it.
I brought some food and beer.
- Better see Ketcham gets a bite. - He don't get no beer, does he?
Neither do you, unless you promise not to play that harp.
I'll stop.
- Who's there? - Shasta.
- What are you doing here? - I couldn't stand waiting, not knowing.
I took one of Mr Pryor's horses. Nobody saw me.
Hey, you in the jail.
- What d'ya want? - I got a message.
I don't wanna get shot delivering it.
Here it is.
See what it is.
- They got Frenchy. - Is he all right?
Evidently. They wanna trade him for Ketcham.
- So there'll be no soldiers. - Where do they want the trade off?
There's a barn by a creek at the other end of town.
I know where that is.
They'll be at the barn with Frenchy an hour after sun up.
- We're to bring Ketcham. - Is that all it says?
- That's all. - What will they do after the trade?
There's more of them than us. What do you think they'll do?
- What's it gonna be, Colonel? - Looks like we have no choice.
You that delivered the message, you out there?
I'm here.
Tell Hendricks we'll be there after sun up.
And if we see anybody on the way over there,
he's gonna lose his boss.
I'll tell him.
Anybody got the time?
Two hours to sun up.
Anything I can do?
He ought to take all that stuff Ketcham signed,
and get them back to the owners.
They won't know Ketcham signed these till after the trade.
Thanks, all of you.
I wish you luck.
Luck, he says!
We need more than luck. We need a miracle.
How about it, Sergeant? You think you can pass one?
Colonel, it don't seem like you want to say it, so shall I say it?
It's time.
All right, bring him up.
Shasta, you'd better wait four or five minutes after we're gone,
then beat it over to your friends.
If we lose, get out of town quick.
- I just wanted to tell you... - I'll be seeing you.
You'd better wipe that smile off your face,
or I'll do it for you.
Hold it a minute.
Stay at this end of town and you won't get hurt.
Look out.
It's all right, Colonel McNally, they're friends.
- What are you doing here? - They came to help.
They won't be much help unless they're real good.
- Doc gave you the deeds, didn't he? - Sure.
But what are they worth if you lose?
- You know what you're getting into? - We promised you in the trade,
but we didn't say what condition you'd be in.
- Can any of you shoot? - Bide's a good shot.
Remember him? His bandage on the Captain's leg got you that headache.
- Remember, Colonel? - I remember.
- We all fought in the war, Colonel. - All right, you're in.
Somebody watch that back door.
You got more help than you think. There's men behind that wall.
Could surprise those fellas and out-flank them.
- Bide, how deep is that creek? - It changes. Three, four... six feet.
- Deep near the bridge? - Ought to be.
I got an idea. Can you hold up this trade to give me time?
- Not for long... - Bide, give me your gun.
- What do you plan to do? - Ain't got time to explain, Colonel.
I can't hold up any longer.
Hendricks. Hendricks!
What do you want?
- Are you ready? - I'm ready.
You start Ketcham, we'll send Cordona.
I'd like to take a look at Cordona.
Bring him out.
- Satisfied? - Whenever you're ready.
Hey, Colonel, he's got where he wants to be.
All right, Ketcham.
Now, you're gonna walk across there slow and easy.
- Unloosen your belt. - What for?
To keep your hands busy. Now walk.
That's far enough.
Here's your man.
All right. Take it nice and easy.
Hold it right where you are.
There's about six guns on you, don't move.
- Well, Sheriff, what'll it be? - I want Ketcham.
I want him too. He's no use to you.
He's signed all those deeds back to their rightful owners.
- You're broke, both of you. - Is that right, Ketcham?
No. Wait a minute, Tom.
He's lying. Don't shoot!
You yellow...
Get back in here, you fool.
Take it easy.
Stop your squawking. You ain't hurt.
Scattergun's useless.
Don't mind if I shoot, do you? Makes me feel better.
There's a lot more than three out there. They're gonna be tough to run out.
- Pete, you got the dynamite? - I can get it.
- Can you use it on the cantina? - Throw it through the window.
- Take Greg to back you up. - Come on, Greg.
See those fellas? They're trying to get around us.
- Colonel... - I saw him.
Get a match.
Look out!
We'd have had that dynamite in our laps.
Sure lucky I brought you along.
That ought to set 'em back.
Look behind you. Let's get outta here.
- Where are you going? - We're licked, Sheriff.
Come back here, you lousy... Come on back here.
- Where're you going? - After Hendricks.
- They're running, Colonel. - Well, Hendricks can't run far.
Look out!
Glad you brung me?
Spread out. This thing isn't over yet.
Turn around, Sheriff. I want you to see who's gonna kill you.
You got your town back.
I... I told you I'd kill him.
- I told you, didn't I? - You told me.
I had a right to. I'm gonna always wear this mark.
And every time I look at it, I wanna know I had the right to kill him.
If you hadn't done it, somebody else would have.
Now, you wanna give me a lift?
Mr McNally, you make a person feel...
Please, don't say comfortable.
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