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Rio das Mortes (1971)

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You're not listening to me.
What was that?
You seem so strange.
I told you, Mom, we're getting married soon.
Of course I did.
Mom, how can you say I wasn't listening?
Whenever we speak, you always bring up marriage.
You phone up in the morning and accuse me of lying.
You can't do that.
You can't accuse me of lying, Mom.
Am I what?
Why do you ask whether I'm warmly dressed?
All right!
I'm wearing the blue socks you gave me for my birthday...
...and the pink woolen petticoat...
...the one I got for my name's day...
...and my yellow jacket.
No, Mom, of course I don't smoke on an empty stomach.
Really, I don't.
Mom, I must hang up now. I'm expecting an urgent call. Ciao!
Sorry, dear. My mother phoned an hour ago and didn't stop talking.
You know how it is. The same old questions.
Yes, as always. She means well. Really!
But how are you, my dear?
How exciting!
Tell me about it!
Oh, I see. Yes.
It's 10:30 now. At 12:00?
Okay. See you then. Ciao!
It is essential to inculcate standards of achievement... a child as early as possible... help the child...
...adapt as easily as possible.
It is essential...
...that the adaptation of the child...
It is essential to inculcate standards of achievement... a child as early as possible... help the child...
...adapt to its environment as easily as possible.
It is essential to...
...inculcate standards of achievement... a child as early as possible to help the child...
...adapt to its environment.
No, I'm free today. Oh, yes!
Oh, damn it! I promised Katrin...
At the Little Bucharest.
Come with us!
See you!
"It is essential to inculcate standards of achievement...
" a child as early as possible...
" help the child adapt to its environment."
"It is essential to inculcate standards of achievement in a child..."
Sit down, my dear!
You look lovely today.
Really? Your dress! How ever do you do it?
It cost only 120 marks, you know.
I've got an eye for that sort of thing.
Yes, of course.
Would you believe it? He's asked for a divorce himself.
- No! - Yes, I tell you.
I get a letter from his attorney, asking me if I'd agree... a quick settlement.
A whole year I've been trying to persuade him.
Now he asks me if I'd agree to a quick settlement!
- You know where he is? - No?
In Israel.
He wants to marry an Israeli woman.
An Israeli!
I'm so happy, my dear.
At last I'm free. Joachim and I will marry immediately.
- Immediately? - Yes.
How I've been looking forward to this moment!
You know that.
Mike and I are getting married soon, too.
Of course, my dear. Of course.
Have you learned that crap?
- More or less. - Nothing but learning!
Thank God, there'll be an end to that!
- Yes, madam? - The steak with horseradish sauce.
- And for you? - The same.
How are things at college?
- There are more important things. - Oh, yes?
- Katrin's getting a divorce. - You're kidding?
A divorce is real hot stuff.
That depends.
You've knocked the salt over.
I'm sorry.
What this wholesale firm's offering is tremendous, and so reasonable!
Are you interested in travel?
- Sure. - Look!
A 14-day train trip to Cameroon for 1,098 marks.
That's fantastic!
Do you have any kids?
No. But I want to have lots later.
I see.
If you're looking for cheaper shopping or travel...
...I might be able to help...
...if you want.
It's like this.
We're running an advertising campaign to attract customers.
As part of this, we're giving customers a present.
We're giving a 33-60 percent reduction on all our items.
We sell articles exclusively from the cultural sector...
...globes, atlases, language courses...
...amateur dramatics, fairy tales, discs and so on.
Would you buy things from us occasionally?
It doesn't matter what.
It's all free. You just have to pay for what you buy.
No matter whether you pay 5 marks or 10...
...whether you buy it here or in Kalama-whatsit.
The main thing is, you buy something.
This certificate is on the house.
You just have to use it once a quarter or so. That's not asking too much.
If you don't need it give it to your friends. It doesn't matter who buys.
I don't believe it!
Get on your feet!
Cut it out, or I'll hit back!
Come on, then!
Why did you do that?
Günther and I...
...swore never to do military service.
Then he goes and volunteers!
For the navy!
You know, when we started school, everyone was against him.
Somehow I made friends with him.
We got up to all kinds of things, blood-brotherhood and so on.
Sure we did!
We cut our arms and drew blood then mixed the blood and drank it.
- And later? - Later?
We did our training together...
...even though the whole guild was against it.
That's how things are.
My mother phoned again today.
- Can't we get married? - When?
I don't know. Next week maybe.
Ugh, ugh.
- And what's he doing now? - No idea.
Selling things from door to door.
How often do you wash your hair?
Every other day. Why?
I just wondered. It can't be easy.
How much do I owe you, chief?
14 hours apprentice at 8 marks.
That's 112 marks.
14 hours assistant... 14 marks.
That's 196 marks.
Plus 14 hours master-craftsman... 20 marks.
That's 280 marks.
Why craftsman's hours? You didn't do a thing.
That's the way we calculate.
...463 marks for materials...
...makes a total of...
...1051 marks.
Okay, leave the bill with me.
I'll pay it later.
If you charge 14 marks an hour for your apprentice... much of that does he get?
He gets 8 of the 14 marks.
I told you, that's how we calculate.
Of course it's incredibly important.
You'll be saying next, we're not learning for school, but for life.
Well, of course!
We're learning for a real situation.
Or don't you want to teach kids later so they won't be as stupid as we are?
It is essential to inculcate standards of achievement... a child as early as possible to help the child...
...adapt to its environment as easily as possible.
No! I don't want to do that.
I don't want to work later.
And anyway, what you say is pretty Utopian.
What about you?
I'm getting married.
I want to be there just for my husband and children.
The repression of women can best be recognized in women's own behavior.
Listen! I've found the plans again.
The plans of Rio das Mortes.
That's right. We ought to go to Peru.
I know, I know. No!
Hey, Hanna wants to eat out at the Tropic of Cancer.
Come with us!
Okay. See you later.
There are these old Mayan temples in Peru...
...up in the mountains somewhere.
The Mayas were fantastic: Terribly cruel.
They had these feasts: Incredibly gory.
They sacrificed little girls to their gods.
And they had this crazy music and danced.
- And you two want to go there? - Sure we do.
- But it's all been discovered. - Don't you believe it!
There are all kinds of things no one's ever found.
No one.
And you want to excavate with all the proper gear?
Sure we do! Don't we?
With all the gear.
What would you do with the stuff you dig up?
Er, well...
Do you want to take photos and publish a book?
Sure. A book. Why do you think we want to go there?
Sure. A book.
Life's not really expensive in Peru.
Although technical goods are not cheap: Cars and so on.
You'd have to reckon on prices above German levels.
- How do you know all this? - My mother's sister lives in Lima.
We get letters from her.
And you'll have to take medicine into account...
...if you're going into the interior.
Do you really want to go?
I'm not so sure now.
- Why do we need medicine? - Because of the malaria.
You'll have to be vaccinated and take tablets regularly.
- Let's add it all up! - For one or two persons?
- Two. - I see.
The other person is my friend.
I can tell you the exact price only for the flight.
Two return tickets to Lima.
That makes 10,440 marks.
- Plus living expenses for...? - Three months.
5,000 marks...
...if you're economical. A car?
- Yes. - Leasing costs: About 8000 marks.
A motorboat.
A motorboat roughly 3,000 marks...
...and odds and ends for living...
...for 3 months, that's another 5,000.
That's 34,440 marks altogether.
There's nothing crazy about the idea.
Just imagine...
...leaving all this shit here, and going off somewhere else.
You can do as you like.
There was a picture collection...
...from some margarine firm...
...all about Africa, Asia...
...and South America.
South America would be real hot stuff.
That's where the Incas used to live, and the Mayas.
They got up to crazy things.
They buried hoards of gold and built their temples.
Then the Spaniards came and ruined everything...
...with their civilization and so on.
Just imagine, you're in the jungle.
Everything's lush green...
...with birds of paradise and butterflies.
And there are Indios walking around stark naked.
Not always the same old grind... here.
Could you take me along?
- Where's he meant to take you? - Peru.
What's the problem?
If you work hard, you'll be able to afford to go to Peru one day.
If I work overtime every day...
...and save all I can...
...and do some moonlighting...
...I'll need exactly...
...15.7 months till I've got my share together.
I'll probably need longer.
Forget the whole stupid idea!
Listen, darling!
Whenever I plan something good, you're always against it.
But this time I'm not letting you stop me. Okay?
You hurt me.
- I'll sell the car. - No!
Oh, yes, I will.
But you're so attached to it.
My mother will lend us something...
We were so happy together!
Then you turn up, and everything goes wrong!
Now he wants to sell the car!
Come on.
Fill her up.
Sure is a great car.
You feel like jumping in and just driving off.
Down south.
You should go down to Italy.
I was in Cattolica last summer with my wife.
The service there's incredible.
And cheap!
And the beach!
All sand! And soft!
And dancing every evening!
And everything's organized.
43 marks 20.
And the food! It was so good!
I enjoy eating, of course. Thanks.
Even my wife was happy.
Usually she does nothing but moan, and Majorca was her...
Stop! Your change!
2,200 marks.
I was counting on a lot more than that.
It's part of me somehow.
I can't go above 2,200.
I can't pay collectors' prices.
Take a seat!
I prefer to stand.
Sell her to someone who'll take care of her.
Do you have the documents?
And your identity papers.
Sign here.
You'd prefer cash, I guess.
You bet.
Oh, by the way...
...the keys!
- You're still working as a tiler? - Yes.
I always told Günther it's a good profession.
A job for life. One he could be proud of.
The navy wasn't bad for him either.
But what he does now!
Can't you persuade him to return to his old trade?
We want to go to Peru.
We always wanted to go to Peru.
You really want to quit your job for a crazy idea like this?
We wanted to ask if you could advance us some money.
We're building our holiday house in Tyrol.
Everyone needs a plot of land...
...a place one can call one's own.
I've put something aside over the years...
...for your wedding, my boy.
Shall I give it to you?
Very well. I'll write out a check.
It wasn't easy to save...
...and it's not very much.
Okay, let's go!
They'll never manage it anyway.
How much do they need?
- Roughly 40,000. - There you are!
They'll never save that much.
You're worrying unnecessarily.
He's sold his car.
Just imagine, his car!
How often we drove out together and made love in it!
And now he's sold it.
Look, if they really pull it off...
...I'm sure Peru is beautiful.
And it'd be a break for you, too.
What about these plans they have?
I don't know.
If you find them, burn them!
You see, it's as easy as that.
Even if we scratch together 10,000, and that'd be hard enough...
...what's 10,000?
Then let's call it off!
Can't give up now.
It'd be better if you moved in with us.
We could save your rent.
And anyway...
That was great!
You never dance with me like that.
You can't dance like that.
Sure I can.
Shut your trap!
Günther's moving in with us.
We can save his rent.
And anyway, it's more fun.
Come on, dance with me!
Will you shut your trap?
Cut that out!
- It's none of whose business? - We'll see about that.
Don't! Please!
Get out of here! All of you!
Shall we go home?
Tell me...
What is it?
Oh, nothing.
Does he really have to move in with us?
It's cheaper that way.
I've got an uncle who's a general agent for South America.
Maybe he could help you.
Just tell him you want to start a farm.
He's a businessman.
Aren't you pleased?
I love you so much.
Hello, Hanna!
You've become stunningly beautiful.
This is Mike.
How do you do?
We're getting married soon.
And that's his friend Günther.
This way Hanna. Let's sit down.
Something to drink?
Yes, please.
A whiskey?
And you, gentlemen?
So you want... emigrate to Peru?
Why, of all places...
...heard a lot of beautiful...
- Business-wise it's... - Pretty good?
Well then, cheers!
Hanna, I'm not allowed to...
What do you want to do there?
To start a farm.
Yes, that's it. A farm.
A farm.
And what were you thinking of precisely?
Well? Out with it!
I'm sure you've investigated the situation on...
...the international cotton market...
...and especially in Peru.
- No, I mean... - Yes, we've been listening around.
That's right.
In that case,
it'd be sensible...
if you'd outline your ideas on the funding. Show me...
a calculation of profitability for your farm.
Then I could consider how much I want to invest.
- When can I expect to see it? - Tomorrow?
Okay, an appointment.
The day after tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow at 2:15 p.m.
I'll expect you in my office.
And now... us, Hanna!
Do you think...
...Peru's an interesting country... emigrate to?
Economically interesting for someone seeking new experiences?
That depends on your line of business.
Broadly speaking, I'd say...
...the economic development is equivocal.
An exploitative economy.
Whether the present ruling powers will manage...
...through nationalization and so on... raise the country above a state of so-called underdevelopment...
...remains to be seen.
Why "so-called"?
I don't think...
What I mean is...
I support the argument of a new historical overall theory...
...on developing nations...
...which says that development occurs precisely where it was planned...
...that it is not underdevelopment, but bad development.
This fits in with the international division of labor...
...and results in the kind of markets and production of export goods...
...that are desired.
What role do you think the church will play in these countries...
...or does play already?
All kinds of roles.
Brazil's quite different from Peru.
To be honest, I know nothing about Peru.
I've no idea where the episcopacy stands...
...or whether there are groups like those in Brazil or Colombia.
I just don't know.
Do you have any idea... the Colombian clergy differs...
...from that in Brazil... the circle about Monsignore Camarne... terms of the theories being disseminated?
What are the differences?
How do they differ from the priests in Colombia...
...who are, admittedly, pretty radical?
Developments in north Brazil, and they are the key issue...
...are about at the stage... which Camillo Torres was...
...two years before his death... terms of history, the radio schools, illiteracy, etc.
One still reckons on, I don't know whether Camarne does...
...but it was the same Brazilian firms...
...with these radio schools against illiteracy... reckons on being able to work in a quasi-reformist manner.
I don't think the younger generation does anymore.
But I have no access to the latest literature of these groups.
What do you think made the younger priests...
...reject the reformist cause?
The insight that...
... I've spoken about...
... is probably the insight that nothing can be achieved...
... by pursuing a functionalist course.
Unfortunately, the system functions all too well.
The markets, these bicultures...
... they're not monocultures...
... just very few export industries...
... agricultural and so on.
That fits the global economic pattern all too well...
... and I can imagine that it cannot be changed...
... other than by revolutionary means.
"Cotton could become the best deal on the international market."
When was the book written?
Hello. Is that the Peruvanian embassy?
Peruvanian! Can I speak with the ambassador?
Not the ambassador, of course. His secretary.
Yes. No. A few questions.
We need some precise information about Peru.
No, not as tourists.
We wanted to ask how expensive land is in Peru.
- Property! - For arable and livestock farming.
No, nothing specific.
We want to know the average price.
Maybe a little cheaper. Yes, exactly.
My God, not bad! Fine.
Ask if it's good land, and how long...
I can't listen to two people at once.
No, I don't mean you. My friend here.
I wanted to know if it's good land and when we'll see a return on it.
Thanks very much.
Oh God, I forgot to note the figures down.
Could you repeat them?
Write them down, asshole!
No, I don't mean you. Really.
Okay. In the plains, say?
And in the uplands?
Thank you.
Okay. Thanks a lot.
- It sure ain't easy with you. - Nor with you.
Well then!
Profitability calculation.
Peru is an economically underdeveloped country...
...just waiting to be animated by our highly civilized culture.
As a result, land in Peru is not expensive, almost a gift.
A square meter of land costs on average, DM 1,24.
To secure a good starting position for the successful operation of a farm... would have to acquire about 7.4 square kilometers of land.
The land should be planted with cotton.
Cotton is easy to cultivate.
One would need only eight Peruvian workers...
...and they're extremely cheap.
Cotton could be the big deal of the coming years.
The international market in cotton is stagnating.
A major attack on the cotton front would, therefore, be desirable.
If one were to enter the cotton market...
...with, let's say, 10,000 marks, after roughly three years... could reckon on a profit of 27,600 marks.
A telegram from my contract partner in Peru.
Read it out, my pet.
"Business situation in Peru very shaky, stop.
"Land at present overpriced, stop.
"Good land unobtainable, stop.
"Seriously advise against such transactions in Peru, stop."
I've also consulted the International Cotton Federation... you'd expect.
"Present situation on international market disastrous, stop.
"No sign of improvement, stop.
"Must advise against cotton at this time...
It just needs shortening a little.
It's such a pity...
...but I've grown too thin for it.
Really, it suits you marvelously.
- You think so? - Truly, darling.
Really marvelously! And I'll let you have it cheaply.
50 marks. It's a gift.
Jil Sander...
Okay. I'll take it. Wrap it up for me.
But now tell me what you meant by:
"There's another possibility."
You know Joachim's studying Central American history.
I told him about Mike's plan to go to Peru...
...and the problems he's having.
Joachim was thrilled to bits.
A research trip would give his PhD...
...a tremendous extra dimension.
We must get together, my dear...
...and discuss the whole plan.
Just imagine... and I...
...and Joachim and Mike...
...going to Peru together!
We'd get the money from the state.
Joachim's got scientific qualifications.
It'd be so important for him...
...and for me, too.
Of course one can obtain support.
There's the German Research Association, a private organization.
And there's a state agency, too, which is also in Munich.
Of course, it's not quite so simple.
Something to drink?
Just fruit juice.
But in principle, one can get money from these bodies?
You must just prove you qualify for it.
Come on, let's dance.
How do you see the whole thing?
It's simple.
One flies to Lima...
...and picks up some native guides.
I've got my own special people, of course.
But the Indios are dirt cheap, and they carry the baggage, too.
You've got maps, as well?
What maps?
I've got nothing.
Nothing at all.
We'll take movie cameras. That's important.
Can any of you handle a camera?
Günther can photograph a bit.
Then he'll shoot the films. That's good.
You'll have to follow my instructions.
I attach special importance to this expedition.
And the girls?
They're coming with us?
They'll have to keep the expedition logbook.
You'll have to brush up your shorthand.
That's very important.
And I've got a special job for you.
You're experienced in mountaineering, I hear.
You'll lead the group in the mountains.
The area I want to explore...
...lies at a great altitude.
We have to overcome some steep terrain.
Having an experienced mountaineer is important.
I'm relying on you absolutely.
We'll hit it off together.
Your idea's very interesting...
...really interesting.
But do you have any references...
...or qualifications you can show me?
That's very important for us.
Our administrative apparatus is pretty big.
We even have a computer now...
...and it has to be fed with information.
We put in the data we have about a person...
...and it tells us what decision we have to make.
We could make the decision ourselves, of course...
...but that's progress for you.
We have a friend...
...a student of Central American history.
- Yes. He wants to come. - No, he's not.
You can't say things that are not true.
Is he qualified or not?
Gentlemen, please!
We want to get to Peru. Is that clear?
And we don't care how.
Is that clear?
Any means is okay with us...
...ain't it?
Well, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen...
...I have to attend an important meeting.
I really don't think we'll be able to help you.
We're overloaded at present, despite the computer.
Hey, I've a lot of work to do.
Why don't you speak?
Anything wrong?
Shall I make something to eat?
Do you want something?
Are you sore about something?
Can't you keep quiet?
Can one let a 14-year-old girl analyze something like this?
"Ida Wallace from Idaho...
"...Hollywood pseudonym, Lana Turner.
"Mickey Rooney coined the term 'glamour girl' for her.
"She married in turn...
"...Artie Shaw, clarinetist, Steve Crane, real estate...
"...Bob Topping, tin millionaire...
"...Lex Barker, 'body-and-soul' Tarzan.
"Then Johnny Stompanato, hoodlum.
"She didn't marry him.
"He was stabbed to death by Turner's daughter Cheryl...
"...age 14, in April '58.
"The mother was 38, the dead man six years younger.
"Lana broke down in court. The newspapers wrote:
"'Lana Turner has collapsed!'
"Frank O'Hara wrote:
"'Oh Lana Turner, we love you. Rise again!'
"And Allen Ginsberg wrote...
"...after 21.7.1966...
" City Midnight Junk Strains:
"'Frank O'Hara's body beneath the grass.
"'A car accident.'
"Lana Turner had long since risen again...
"...had married Fred May, a businessman...
"...then Robert Eaton, also a businessman...
"...and now, in May '69, Ronald Dante, age 49...
"...a neurologist and hypnotist in a bar in Las Vegas."
That's really beautiful.
What do you say?
Can a 14-year-old understand things like that?
Why not? It really grabs you.
If that's a poem... Crazy, man!
We've been through quite different things.
Crazy that it all happened!
Come on!
And beautiful!
If you think so!
I can only get a bad mark.
I've run out of ideas. Over and out. Finito.
And she really supports people?
Do you think I could have afforded my Perspex?
She gives money to anyone who's crazy enough...
...stage people, painters...
- What do I know? - Crazy!
You simply went to her and said:
"I want to work with Perspex. Will you give me the money?"
I just can't believe it.
You can't do what you really want. That's nothing new.
You think I could go to her?
If only they'd mention her name!
Just go to her and say:
"My dear Mrs. Martinsen...
"I'd like to..."
- What is it you want to do? - Make films.
Hey, be careful!
I think that's very exciting. Really.
You think you'll find the treasure?
Sure! Old maps are always right.
Rio das Mortes.
The map is really beautiful...
...almost as if an artist had painted it.
How much money would you need?
- We've already saved a bit. - Exactly 4,000.
- Have you known each other long? - We went to school together.
- And did our training together. - Then he joined the navy.
- Oh yes? - I wanted to be a good German.
- And we want to do this, for... - For the sake of life.
- And freedom. - That's right.
Very well. I'll give you the money.
When you find your treasure, you'll pay it back, won't you?
You'd like an uncrossed check?
- We've made it! - We've got the money.
We've booked the flight and paid for the tickets.
We've got our visas, and we've had our injections.
I'm going to visit my parents...
...and have my passport renewed there.
It's expired.
Don't come to the airport.
I can't stand goodbye scenes.
See you in six months!
After some hesitation, I decided... realize the dream of my youth and join the navy.
It wasn't so easy, of course.
First I went to the district recruiting office to enquire.
They told me I'd have to take an exam.
I thought it over. I knew that, for the likes of me... wouldn't be easy to get on up there.
But I overcame my fears and went up north for the exam.
Come and lie down with me!
What happened then?
They put us on the train to Kiel...
...and sent us to the Blücher Bridge where the Gorch Fock is berthed.
We arrived in the evening, at about 9:30...
...and suddenly, at the station entrance, I heard...
...a great roaring and shouting.
I thought there was a scrap going on, and I wanted to take a look.
So I heaved my pack on my back, and off I went.
And suddenly I saw blue pompoms and caps...
...and uniforms.
And I thought to myself:
"You've got mixed up with a right load of bums!"
But they were the NCOs of the Gorch Fock.
They were ordering the people into line.
We had to line up and do everything in double time.
They allocated us to buses... individual groups, then off we drove to the Blücher Bridge.
It was night when we arrived.
We had to make our hammocks...
...and all the time they were giving us hell.
At first, it was terrible.
But I thought, "Stick it out! You'll make it."
Next morning at 6:00, it started.
Reveille, get up, tie your hammock, assembly...
...just in gym shorts and sneakers.
We had to lay our hammocks in front of us...
...and an NCO went along the rows with a knife...
...and cut the lanyards off the wrongly tied hammocks.
And those men had to go on deck and sew their hammocks.
It was usually bitterly cold.
It was September.
But worse still, you missed breakfast.
There just wasn't enough time.
Duty began at 7:30.
First we had a month of preliminary training...
...or "sailing instruction" as they call it.
Endlessly going aloft, setting sail...
...dropping sails, reefing...
...stowing, descending.
All day long without a break.
In the evening, we were too tired to go ashore.
And they had a terrible leave system.
"Shore leave roster" they call it.
Everything has to sit perfectly.
Usually, when you come the first time...
...they send you back without even looking at you.
Try again in an hour.
Then they might give you shore leave till 10:00.
It was hardly worth it at first.
I always stayed on board.
I was dog tired anyway.
After a month, that was the worst time of all...
...we put to sea in the "beginners' pond," the Baltic.
We sailed in circles, for two or three nights... practice under sail...
...with all the drill, turning about, bracing the yards...
...the whole box of tricks.
Then we sailed...
...on our maiden voyage...
...a training cruise to the Canaries.
Santa Cruz de la Palma was our destination.
First, we spent two days lugging provisions.
Finally, we set sail.
A big orchestra played, a navy band...
...and there were cheers as we sailed out.
During the voyage, I made friends with the NCOs...
...with the petty officer of our squad.
I tried to keep on specially good terms. And I succeeded,
with my permanent grin and being friendly to people,
and being cheerful in my work. I always acted this way.
At least, I pretended to be. This was important.
If they see you're unwilling, they give you hell.
There's nothing you can do about it.
One day, or maybe it was night...
...when we were at sea, it was pretty rough...
...he said to me, "Come to my cabin.
"Let's drink a drop of whiskey."
I couldn't say no, of course.
We drank the whole bottle and were smashed in the end.
Afterwards, I was on watch, and that was the problem.
The whole squad had to turn out...
...and brace the topsails...
...because our course had changed.
I could hardly stand let alone climb aloft.
Thank God, it was night. Only one person saw me.
Suddenly someone bawled at me. I was scared stiff.
I thought I had to go aloft.
I said, "I can't climb up there!"
Thank God it was my chief petty officer, Kowalski.
He saw I was blind drunk.
He could hardly stand himself. He sent me to my bunk.
What a stroke of luck!
I was usually lucky. It was a great time. It was hard...
...but marvelous.
It was important for me to take the line of least resistance... the saying goes.
When does the plane leave for Paris?
At 10:45.
Will you take me with you?
Will you?
"One fine day we see
"a shroud rise in the east
"high in the air above the sea"
Are you all right, Frau König?
Your husband still hasn't paid the rent.
Would you remind him, please?
I'm not married.
Please send a taxi to Stielerstrasse 7... von Stroheim.
Subtitles: Peter + Waltraut Green
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