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Ripleys Game

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You're stoned and you're late.
Quality is "numero uno".
Is that everything?
Is it everything?
Everything is... You tell me.
Everything is you.
You are everything.
Tommy, you are everything.
Today I saw somebody who looked just like you...
You're not planning on singing me through the door, are you?
I've got a "Corregghio" in here.
- You're not coming in. - I fucking am!
o. Because it's not a Corregghio, it's Correggio.
Just like it's not "tacco", but taco.
Not "paster" but pasta.
Your entire education comes from Classic Car Magazine.
And it's not a Correggio, it's a fake Rembrandt.
And until you know that, you're not coming in with me.
Don't fuck me over here, prat.
Don't threaten me, I'm not the one wearing an earring.
Who is this?
I'll be waiting over there.
Yes, it's Tom Ripley.
Welcome. I always wanted to meet the man behind the...
- Scurrilous rumours? - Reputation.
- I've heard so many things. - Some of them may even be true.
- That's fabulous. - It's a Guercino.
Look at the energy in that line.
The two Parmigianino.
Really stunning. This is extremely rare.
1,2 million dollars. That's what we agreed.
- What we agreed? - Your partner called me.
- Reeves? - Yes. - More a pet than a partner.
He was rather persuasive. I wanted to pay 900,000.
Since you spoke with him I have perused them more carefully.
This Rembrandt fake is worthless, but I'm not discounting for that.
No, because you'll sell it as genuine for 800,000, the Guercino 400,000...
..the Parmigianinos, 650 for the pair.
Add the others and you'll clear 3 million dollars.
- I want two million. - You must be kidding. We had a deal.
No, you had a deal with Reeves, not with me.
- 1.3. - 2 million or forget it.
No. I wish you people wouldn't waste my time.
- You people? - Terry, Mr Ripley is leaving.
Please don't touch those.
Leave them!
- You've killed him. - Shut up!
- Don't shoot me. - Shut up!
Still! Here's the deal. I'll take your offer, 1.2 million dollars.
But due to the volatility of the market...
..I'll take several of the drawings with me.
- Is that clear? - It's up to you.
That's true. So perhaps I'll take all of them.
Would you like to keep the folder? It's real leather.
Don't follow me.
That is a lovely lcarus.
He flew too close to the sun, no?
Sorry about your friend.
- How did it go? - Very well.
It takes a long time to count 1.2 million dollars. It's yours.
- You don't want your cut? - No. You made the deal.
- What about yours? - I got the deal because of you.
After you've paid for the drawings, you'll still have 400,000.
Whoah! It's not that I don't trust you...
But I don't fucking trust you.
Fucking hell!
It's a gift from Professor Ripley's finishing school. You did well.
Ciao. You're a gentleman.
You're an honest man.
See you.
Italy, three years later.
Fantastico! It's beautiful!
An incredibly rare piece. May I ask what you paid?
Yes, you can. How long to get it ready?
We need at least six weeks to make it play.
You have 13 days.
It's a surprise.
- Morning. - I brought the picture.
Good. Thank you.
My wife and I are having a few people over for drinks.
- You'd be most welcome. - That's very kind.
It's the third on the left past the restaurant.
Maybe we'll see you later.
- Delicious! - I mortgaged the house to buy these truffles.
- So leave a little bit for us. - I will make risotto.
- The best you ever had. - I'm sure.
- Is Jonathan here? - He's in the kitchen.
- Hello. - Do you know Jonathan?
I'd like to think if I were gate crashing, I'd be somewhere else.
- Have you met his wife? - No. - Come.
Sarah, this is Tom Ripley. Tom, this is Sarah.
- Hi, Tom. Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
Amarone. The best!
- May I help? - That'd be great.
- Where's Louisa? - Preparing her concert for Vicenza.
- Louisa Harari, a very gifted harpsichordist. - How wonderful!
- Are you hungry? - No, thanks.
I wish I could play something or paint or do anything creative.
- Who knitted your sweater? - I did.
- That's very... - What?
- Creative. - Mummy.
- This is Matthew. - Hello, Matthew.
- Is it your birthday? - No.
- It's Jonathan's. - Oh, I see.
Have you seen Ripley's place?
Bloody philistine American! He's ruined that Palladian villa.
Restored the heat and soul out of it.
That's the trouble with Ripley. Too much money and no taste.
Oh, hi. You're here then. We were hoping you'd come.
- Why? - Well...
To add spice to the evening.
You're a bit of a local personality.
People have heard about you.
Nothing. Just...
What happened to the coffee?
It's coming.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
It's what the ltaliano and English have in common.
Plain simple food. Eggs in butter, sunny side up.
Mr Ripley! The lord of the manor himself!
- What a pleasant surprise! - Come here.
You beautiful man. I've missed you.
What's the matter with your face?
He doesn't want you to know he's glad to see me.
Ripley's a Yank, but a Yank with class. He's got culture.
More than you can say for me.
- But he's overjoyed to see me, eh? - Absolutely.
Maria, you can go home.
No. She can... Some eggs.
I'm just showing her some culinary tips.
- She's the best cook in the Veneto. - I bet, but eggs is eggs!
- Didn't I ask you to never come near me? - Yes, you did.
But I forgive you, Tom.
I trust you were not followed, my liege?
- I told her to light a fire in the library. - Lovely!
Remember those drawings in Berlin? I made 400 grand
and you made several millions.
And here you are.
Professor Ripley's finishing school nicely tucked away.
I like it.
Thank you.
You spent the money well.
There's a lot of wood.
Very flammable!
Oh shit! Bit of greaseproof and a hot iron should do that.
I'll sort it out for you later.
I like your wife, she hates me, so she's a good woman, you're lucky.
I don't know what I dislike more, your admiration or your envy.
- It's not envy, I'm doing all right. - Great!
- I've three clubs and a restaurant in Berlin. - Great.
Business is good and I don't pay one penny for protection.
Tell me what you want or a truffling pig will find you dead somewhere
in a month or two.
Let me tell you something, Tom.
I've got some problem neighbours, business competitors
that need deregulating. But I can't be seen to be involved.
Everyone knows everyone in Berlin.
Who died, who did it. Who's next.
If I want to play it safe, I need someone who's not connected.
- And you want me to do it? - Yes.
- Why me? - Somebody's got to do it.
An outsider ideally, but someone who knows how to play the game.
Even somebody who's been on the sidelines for a while.
Why not someone who's never played?
- 50 grand's a lot for an amateur. - lnnocence is expensive.
Once you've digested, avail yourself of one of our lovely local hotels.
You're an arrogant bastard. Always was, always will be.
- Why was he here? - He wants me to kill someone.
- Why did he ask you? - Because I can.
I know you can, silly. You can sew too.
- Why does he want this person killed? - I assume he's desperate.
His restaurants are failing, his nightclub's in freefall.
He's involved in some squalid turf war.
You can't do that. Run off to Berlin to assassinate people.
He's a fantasist, I'm not as assassin.
- How was the party? - Smashing.
I knew you'd hate it.
Isn't it sad about him?
- Who? - The picture framer. He's got leukaemia.
- Is drunken pomposity a symptom? - No.
He's just English. He's very ill, Tom, he's dying.
It's a shame.
Is it?
I've been reflecting on your problem. Your talent search.
I might have come up with someone.
He's as innocent as a newborn lamb.
I think under all that soft, white fleece, he might be capable.
- Jonathan Trevanny. - My name's Peter Wister.
I work for a European head-hunting agency.
We offer highly lucrative short-term contracts.
I'm terribly sorry, you've made a mistake. I'm a...
I'm a picture framer. I have a small shop.
- No. No mistake. I can assure you. - How did you get my name?
Can we meet for coffee at the Cipriani about twelve noon?
I promise you it will be to your considerable financial advantage.
Organized crime wrecks the lives of millions of innocent people
and we need to do something about it.
- What exactly are you after? - The job will take two days.
Then we pay you 50 grand.
- How much? - 50,000 dollars. Guaranteed.
For two days? What's the work?
To kill an extremely evil man.
To kill? What?
There's absolutely no risk.
Wait a minute, this is some sort of a joke.
You think this is a fuckin' joke? This ain't "Candid Camera".
I'm being straight with you. A fucking joke!
I'm sorry. But you've definitely got the wrong person.
- I don't think so. - Where did you get my name?
We done a search.
If this isn't a joke, it's a mistake. Please forget you ever met me
and I promise I won't say anything about this to anyone. All right?
50,000 dollars is a lot of money. You have a beautiful son.
And you're fuckin' dying of chronic myeloid leukaemia.
- What? - It's like I said before.
We do our homework.
If you change your mind, I'll be here for a couple of days.
- Hello. - Tom, he's a wanker.
You wanted an innocent, they come together.
- So he's going to deliver? - Of course.
- What did you offer him? - 50,000 dollars like a wanker.
- Double it. I'll pay the difference. - You have 50,000 dollars?
Are you okay?
- You look pale. - Just a bit shaky.
What's wrong?
I bumped into a total stranger who knew I had leukaemia.
- The whole world knows. - It's a small town.
Yes, I know.
- You shouldn't be ashamed of it. - I didn't say I was.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
- Oh God, I'm sorry. - It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'm scared. - I know.
I just wish everything were different.
I wish you didn't have that job.
We need the money.
Look... please.
- I apologize for upsetting you. - Then please leave.
When you come to Berlin, I can get you to see a top specialist,
absolutely no obligation!
I don't need another second opinion!
Twice in my life doctors have said I was dying. But I'm still here.
Look at me.
I'm still here.
I've been authorized to increase the original offer.
100,000 dollars.
Look... I'm sorry.
Thank you very much for your time. Please call me.
- Hi. Can I give you a ride? - No, thanks.
- I'll drive. - I like to walk.
Indulge me.
- Thanks for the party. How are you? - Fine.
It's none of my business, but I know you're not.
I'm sure it can't be easy to talk about it.
No, it's not as a matter of fact.
- I did just want to say... - Thanks. There's not much to say.
- Do you have a specialist? - Yes. Dr Gianni.
- Where is he? - Here.
- Here in the clinic? - Yes.
Oh, I see.
- They're a competent team. - I'm sure.
- He's a beautiful little boy. - Thank you.
If I had a little boy like that, I'd do anything for him. Anything.
- It's what I'm trying to do. - I'm sure you are.
- Thanks for the lift. - Cheers.
I didn't realise the occasion the other night.
Happy birthday. They're a mixture. Who knows what will come up.
That's the beauty of planting things.
Thank you.
Take care.
I've been thinking of something someone at the clinic said to me.
I might go and see this man.
I think you should.
Daddy, are you going away for ever?
- Not quite yet. - But Mummy said you will.
Mummies may be right. But not this time.
All finished?
"Closed until Monday"
- Is Jonathan away for long? - No, not long.
- Where did you say he'd gone? - To Berlin.
I don't know how much you...
How much l... drink?
Bathe? Work out?
- How much you know of his condition? - Nothing, I'm an innocent.
He has chronic myeloid leukaemia.
My God, I'm so sorry.
Thank you. This opportunity for him to get a second opinion
came up at this research foundation.
He doesn't talk about it, but I know he's angry.
He's angry because he'll probably die soon, while we go on living.
He's angry to be so young.
He's angry that he might not see Matthew grow up.
And you? Are you angry?
Sometimes. I love him completely but...
there's a part of me that will be glad when it's all over with.
And that's a terrible thing to say.
I don't think you could even say anything that terrible. Or think it.
What you feel isn't terrible at all.
Jonathan is fortunate to have someone like you, and I imagine he knows it.
- How was it? - The exam? Thorough.
- When do you get the results? - In the morning.
Dr Wentzel's one of the best. I don't like doctors myself.
This is what we're going to do. Get your results in the morning,
then you can tell me what you want.
A: I can drive you to the airport.
Or B: we can do the other thing.
The other thing.
Meet me here at 9 o'clock.
Then you can get a plane home 100 grand richer.
It's your decision. I'll see you tomorrow.
So? How was your evening?
Not without interest.
- And how did you play it? - By ear.
Well I hope.
A nice...
steady rhythm?
I didn't play the whole piece.
Why not?
Turn over and I'll tell you.
No way! I want to know now.
Turn over and I'll tell you.
Was she too easy?
Turn over and I'll tell you.
Now tell me.
I have your test results. They don't appear to tell us anything new.
After the bone marrow transplant, you went into a partial remission.
And then lapsed to the chronic phase.
These latest tests only show what I think you already know.
Your situation remains grave. So...
..what do you want of me?
- A future. - I can't give you that.
It is, I fear, not in my brief.
- How long will you stay in Berlin? - Not long.
- I wish you luck. - I may need it.
- How much have you given me? - 50 grand up front, 50 grand later.
If you weren't so polite, you'd count it.
- So how do you use this thing? - You screw that into the barrel.
- What, like this... - Yes, just screw it.
- And where do I shoot him? - Just point it and pull the trigger.
It's him. He usually wears those horrible gold-rimmed glasses
and a great big Russian furry hat. They killed three bears for that.
His name is Leopold Belinsky, a fucking Russian.
He left Moscow a year ago.
Running prostitutes and drugs out of his clubs.
The prostitutes keep getting younger and the drugs keep getting harder.
This scumbag is totally out of order.
You take him out and decent people will call you a fucking saint.
Once a week, regular as clockwork, he visits the zoo.
He always ends up in the insect room, where his real friends are:
bugs, creepy crawlies, slimy things just like himself.
That's where you'll find him.
There's no one else there at that time.
Kids are all at school.
- Excuse me, sir. - I just came to get my things.
No, stay. I'm just going.
Hi, Tommy! Guess what.
Your wanker, he did the business.
- I expected you in the morning. - It is morning.
It's so great to be back.
It's beautiful.
We can't afford this.
So what did he say?
- What did who say? - The specialist.
Oh, him...
Well... he said...
Nothing's changed.
It's no worse!
- How are you? - Very well, thanks. You?
I've found something to go in the downstairs powder room.
- Sarah said you called round. - Yeah, we missed you.
- You went to Berlin. - Yeah.
- Productive trip? - lnteresting.
What do you make of these? For a hallway?
- Very nice! - I thought so.
Matthew, have you finished? I have to get ready for work.
Big boys eat their cereal.
- Okay. - Who was that?
- Wrong number. - Again?
No, no. More.
How are you doing? No, more.
- Want something to eat? - No, thanks. - More!
How do you feel?
- All I want is what you owe me. - This is fucking fantastic!
Please may I have the rest of my money?
- Thank you. - Want some more?
- More what? - More of what you fancy.
You can turn money into all sorts.
Listen, I couldn't...
What I did, I wouldn't... I couldn't do it again.
Shame! There's another 50 grand... And so much easier.
I'd rather we didn't meet again.
In matters like this, the trouble starts when the job is half done.
Even bastards have friends. Even dead bastards.
- What are you talking about? - You can't shoot people...
..without tidying things up. Not if you value your life.
My life?
I wouldn't go on any family picnics if I was you.
- Where were you? - I took the car to the garage.
But it isn't worth repairing.
So what do we do?
We... buy a new one.
- With what? - There's something...
..I've been keeping from you. - I know.
This medical research foundation
gave me a few thousand dollars.
But I have to go back.
- What for? - They're doing a clinical trial...
..with a new drug.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I didn't want you to worry.
- Because it's dangerous? - No.
It just might not work. But at least we'd have a car.
They're paying you because there's a risk.
There is no risk. And it wouldn't be for long.
Don't go. We don't need a car.
I need to talk to you. Outside.
"Scusi". Please, it's a beautiful song.
Hello. I know, I'll call you later. Later!
Here you are.
It's a garrotte.
- I know what it is. - Signature of old Belinsky.
When they find it round the neck of his business rival,
it'll start a war between them, then I'll have the field clear.
So you want Trevanny to strangle a Ukrainian Mob boss
on the Berlin to Dusseldorf express with a piece of dental floss?
Yeah. Well, more or less.
I think we can talk him into it.
He's not going to do it.
- No? - He did it once.
- And very well. - Once is enough.
I won't let him.
- No? - No, game over.
Game over. Who the fuck are you?
This ain't a game, it's my fuckin' livelihood!
I said no!
All right.
"Please leave a message, I'll call you back."
You said it was easier.
You didn't mention strangling anybody.
I couldn't strangle anybody even if I wanted to. Look at me!
It's not a matter of brute strength.
You apply the right pressure to the right point. You can do it.
Jonathan... Oh, fuck!
Where the fuck is he?
Just fucking do it.
Otherwise your family's going to die before you do.
Don't fuck with me!
They're coming.
He takes the train twice a week for business.
He has prostate problems so he spends half the trip in the toilet.
You have a master key to it. That's where you'll do him.
You've got a garrotte but you've also got a gun. But...
This is very important, listen to me. It's very important.
You have to use the garrotte.
Let's be optimistic and say we won't need that.
The noose, please.
Stick around, I'll need your help.
Has he come back yet? Jesus!
This is a non-smoking car. How rude!
If he doesn't come back soon, we have to wait till after Dusseldorf.
Keep my watch. If it breaks, I'll kill everyone on this train.
I'm going to take him inside. You wait outside,
say your wife is in there very ill.
Go into the corridor. When he comes toward you, turn and look at me.
Wait right through these doors and stop there.
I'll take care of the rest.
I'm sorry... my wife's in there, she's being sick.
Mr Guleghin? Is everything all right?
- Jesus! Is he dead? - I don't know.
Get his legs in.
Tom! The other guy's coming now.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Sorry, I don't speak German. I'm waiting.
Mr Guleghin, are you in there?
It never used to be so crowded in first-class.
Can I have some more?
I don't want to rush you, but the flight to Milan leaves in an hour.
Please, I've had over 20 minutes
to adjust to becoming one of Europe's most wanted.
I know I must look ludicrous to you with my heaving, and shaking
and my shockingly awful normalness.
I do hope that you will forgive me.
I can't look at my son! I can't look at my son!
I can't explain how I made 100,000 dollars.
And I really fear I am in fact ill. I'm not well...
I'm from the lmmigration Authority.
Could you go outside, please?
- All right. - Thanks.
I should thank you, I wouldn't be alive if you hadn't helped me.
But I can't say thank you.
I don't know anything about you.
Who are you?
I'm a creation. A gifted improvisor. I lack your conscience.
When I was young that troubled me. It no longer does.
I don't worry about being caught as I don't believe anyone is watching.
The world is not a poorer place because those people are dead.
It's one less car on the road, a little less noise and menace.
You were brave today. You put some money away for your family.
That's all.
If you lack my conscience, then why did you help me on the train?
I don't know, but it doesn't surprise me.
The one thing I know is that we're constantly being born.
But why me?
Why did you pick me?
Partly because you could. Partly because you insulted me.
But mostly because that's the game.
We have to get this flight. Shall we?
What's going on?
Where did this come from?
- You... you wouldn't believe me. - Try me.
- I won it. - You won it?
Yes, roulette.
Since when did you play roulette?
- In Berlin. - Don't lie to me.
Dr Wentzel took us to a casino...
- Is that some kind of therapy? - We had a few thousand marks...
- It's true. - You won a small fortune...
..and decided to hide it. - I wanted it to be a surprise.
What were you doing with Tom Ripley?
I met him at the airport.
He offered to give me a lift.
Dr Wentzel has this system.
You bet on the red and if you lose...
Don't lie to me, whatever it is you're doing!
- You don't believe me? - No.
I go through all that exhausting crap with doctors,
hoping against hope, looking for some glimmer.
Then I get an incredible stroke of luck
for the first time in my life,
and then you accuse me of lying to you. You accuse me of lying!
Look! I have some money.
Money for you and for me and for Matthew.
And money is what's important, isn't it? Isn't it?
- Where did you find it? - In a chicken coop, outside Pisa.
They completely rebuilt the legs and stripped all the emulsion off.
I can't...
I just can't. Give me a moment.
Stop it!
Never touch her again. She's too good for you.
I know.
- What's wrong? - One of them's still alive.
- How do you know? - I heard it on the World News.
Jesus! I always figured you for a Talk Radio man.
I guess I didn't strangle him long enough.
It's not likely a garrotte comes with a manual.
One of them got a very good look at me.
The first rule is don't ever worry about anything you can't control.
I don't think they can trace us here. And if they do, I'll let you know.
What about my family? I'm just worried about my family.
If they come for anyone, they'll come for me.
These Balkan types tend to take strangling quite personally.
Shit, it's not Reeves!
Where is he?
He was here.
There's another exit.
You get him.
Let the man live.
Let us take this time to pay a well-deserved homage
to the ever and ever rising souffle' of Tom Ripley.
Look at that.
- You are the perfect housewife. - That's true.
I should marry you.
It's okay, leave it.
I already had three wrong calls today.
Oh yeah?
Yeah? How long...
Oh, my!
- Come on. - What are you doing here?
Don't get arsey, Tom.
So they located you in Berlin?
- I don't know how they found out. - Now you lead them to my house.
There's something of the mudslide about you. You bring everything down.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
- Are you gonna let me in? - Let you in? No, I don't think so.
- You're on your own again. - You bastard.
You fucking bastard!
You fucking bastard!
I'll lead them straight to you, you fucking bastard!
You fucking bastard!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
How is it? A masterpiece?
Maria, would you like to take the weekend to visit your sister?
I would like it very much. Thank you.
My love, maybe you'd like to go to Vicenza today.
You can rehearse in the theatre. Such lovely acustics.
- So you'll stay here by yourself? - Actually I'm expecting company.
- Will they come to the concert? - No.
They're not music lovers.
- Will I see you there? - Absolutely.
I want you to get rid of anything that might have my name
or phone number on it. And do the same with Reeves.
Why? Are we in trouble?
Yes. Don't phone me and don't come to the house.
- If you're in trouble, I'll help. - Stay away. Stay safe.
Did you have a nice day in school?
I've got to go away for a few days.
I have some business to settle.
I want to fix up something for after I've...
I don't want to go into it yet.
What thing? Don't you think we should talk about it?
Yes, when I get back, in a couple of days.
Is it to do with Tom Ripley?
- No. - Jonathan!
I'll be back in a couple of days.
Look, we should talk about this.
- When I get back. - Great! With another fat envelope.
Shut up!
- What are you doing here? - I thought you might need help.
Go home. When they come, there might be quite a few of them.
I'm staying.
- What did you tell Sarah? - An assortment of lies.
- Did she believe any? - I don't think so.
Watch your step.
- What are these? - Man traps.
- Would you like some tea? - Yes, please.
- Do they work? - They work.
Yeah, I think so.
Shouldn't we close the gates?
No, they'll come in anyway.
I don't want to spend my life like this.
- Are you scared? - No.
I'm fucking terrified.
Come on.
I didn't even think to ask.
With your condition, can you eat meat?
- Yes, I'm just not very hungry. - You should eat something.
You may need your strength. The meat is fantastic.
It's from the little butcher's just by the war memorial.
Our cook Maria was once quite intimate with the butcher.
She got some very nice cuts.
- Think we'll get away with it? - Why not?
I'm not the sort of person to get away with things.
At school other kids did,
but not me, I always got caught.
You got caught because you didn't think of just killing your teachers.
I can't stand this waiting.
When I was a little boy I waited on the beach for hours
for my parents to come back from a boat ride. They drowned.
I could wait for ever.
Tom, this is Sarah. Is Jonathan there?
- No. Why? - Do you know where he is?
Why should l?
- Because I think you do. - Sorry, I don't understand.
- There's something going on. - I wouldn't worry.
- Don't tell me not to worry. - Can I call you back?
No, don't hang up.
I'm just in the middle of something. I'll make some calls and ring back.
- Please wait! - Bye.
Never give financial advice to friends.
What if they catch Reeves?
They'll never catch Reeves. Unfortunately.
He'd tell them about me, wouldn't he?
Probably. But he's already in South America
making life miserable for some unfortunate plastic surgeon.
Check if he's there.
Sorry. It's your breakfast.
- They didn't come? - Not yet.
Stay in here.
Keep still! Keep your mouth shut.
- I told you to stay inside. - Is he dead?
I don't know and as we know, I'm no expert.
Jesus Christ! It's the guy I shot!
You should have stayed dead the first time!
- Shut up! - Do you want it off?
I wish he'd stop bleeding.
Do you have a portable phone?
- Yes. - On you or in the car?
- It's in my pocket. - Get it out.
Call the man who sent you here and tell him you got a good look,
and we were not the people on the train.
If you do that convincingly
you walk out of here, we give you half a million dollars.
If you don't do it convincingly, I take you out back
and I run my fucking tractor over your head. Okay?
Do you get that?
Call them.
Calm down.
It's Gregor.
I was wrong.
It wasn't them.
I got a good look.
We'll keep looking.
Nicely done.
Listen, if we let him go, then...
Yeah, you're right.
Jesus Christ! Sarah!
Sarah, it's not what you think.
We killed him because he was going to kill us. It was self defence!
Don't touch me!
I'm taking Matthew and we're leaving.
- Have you got him? - Yes.
Grab the trunk, I'll get the other guy.
I guess you were wrong about South America.
Poor Reeves, he won't be getting plastic surgery after all.
Will you help me?
You take his feet.
One, two, three...
Put his feet way down.
Come on.
Hey, Luigi, it's Tom Ripley.
How are you?
Do you happen to have any Chinese tree peonies in the shop?
Lovely. Pink or red?
Terrific, I like the red. Listen, Louisa's concert tonight
is at Teatro Olimpico.
Could we send over four, five dozen if you have it? I'll drive.
Lovely. Thank you much.
Ah, yeah? How is he?
Give him my best. Thanks again. Bye.
Know the most interesting thing about doing something terrible?
Often after a few days you can't even remember it.
That makes me feel really, really good.
- The rest of your money. - No...
As per my arrangement with Reeves. It's yours.
I'm not sure all this was about the money.
You know what, I doubt it. After all we're two civilised people.
Now you're officially off Europe's active hit list.
- Thank you. - Okay?
- Good luck with the wife. - Thanks.
- Take care of yourself. - You too.
- Jonathan. - Quiet or I'll kill you.
Where's your friend Ripley?
Let her go! Don't hurt her!
- It was me! - Who brought you here?
I did it on my own.
..kill her!
Don't hurt her!
- Jonathan! - Why did you do that?
No, please.
Sarah, in a few minutes we'll have to call the police.
Tell them there was a burglary.
Your husband came home, there was a struggle and there were shots.
You're in shock, that's all you remember.
..take this. It's the balance of his payment.
He earned it.
If you need...
It's okay. I didn't expect thanks.
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