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Ripoux 3

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The Chink, we lost him!
Where'd he go?
Down Belleville Park.
I'll handle it.
Police, freeze!
Want a good scam?. Let me go!
- Not my style. - Tonight.
They're real pros,
- not small fry like me. Well?. - No!
You're an idiot!
I'll enrich your vocabulary:. idiot and cop,
that's called a tautology.
Van Hu.
First name?.
Dong... Nice name... You got a long one?.
- No, Deng. - OK, Ding dong.
Now... sex?.
Need I ask, with a name like Dong?.
You won't answer?. What have we got?.
Racketeering, resisting arrest,
assaulting an officer.
That's big trouble.
OK, grill him hard, but don't let it show!
- Chief, that's my blood! - He's not grilling you!
That's petty crime.
I agree. But he won't hear of it!
Chief, I'll give you a good scam, if you let me go. OK?.
- Cut that out! - Leave me alone with him.
We'll hold him, and let him out tomorrow.
I hope you didn't lie to us!
- The old ways still work best. - I've used 'em all.
- Usually they backfire. - This is my worry.
I'm still in charge here.
The Chink gave me a good scam. Interested?.
You get first crack. He's your collar.
- You know Chen?. - No.
Officially he's the honorable owner of a restaurant.
It's a front.
In fact, he banks all of Chinatown.
Each month he collects hot cash and gets it back to China.
That's for the Tax Fraud squad.
Dong says Chen's gonna be held up by Chinese hoods.
For them it's a cinch. He can't press charges.
His restaurant's there, on the corner.
Your pal says there'll be 4, on 2 motorbikes.
- What about you?. - My guys can handle it.
François, watch out.
The best laid plans can go wrong.
Those scumbags are still there.
They gave me money to bet on a horse, I bet on another.
But theirs came in.
Now they want me to pay them. Scumbags, I tell you!
two vultures are after me. Help me!
Help a poor gambler who's down on his luck.
It's the last time!
You angel!
Excuse me...
Looking for Rene?.
Don't worry, I won't bite you.
He owes me money.
Come on.
Get me my money, and keep half.
Fat chance!
- Hi, Rene. - Hi.
There's a guy you owe over there, too.
He was kidding. Road's clear.
When'll we see you?.
Next time some idiot wants to be repaid. Very soon!
Hi, Rene.
- Greetings, soulmates. - Got a tip for me?.
- 1, in the 1 rst race. - My paper!
Now you got a winner, you don't need it!
1 for the sewerman.
Got a tip for me?.
- Bet on 2. - Thanks, Rene.
Chestnut seller:. 2.
- Got a horse, Rene?. - I fancy 3.
You inspired today?.
- 4's a good bet. - Got it.
- What's hot today, Rene?. - I'd say 5!
- It's 50-1! - Right.
So don't listen to an old pro.
- Got a tip, Rene?. - 7!
- Hi, Rene. - Hi.
Got a nag for me?.
1 1.
- 1 1?. - Yeah.
Hi, folks.
1 5.
- Can I bet big?. - Go easy.
- If it wins, dinner's on me. - Book the table!
Do I stink?.
- What horse did you give him?. - 1 6.
There's only 1 5 horses in that race!
I wanted to see if you knew. Bet 1 in the second race...
Thanks, Rene.
In the first race at Vincennes, an outsider won...
Who won today?.
The butcher.
At least one guy'll thank you!
Great scam! Where'd you find it?.
I don't win on a 50-1 horse every day! Here!
- You shouldn't. - It's my pleasure!
Got something for my cat?.
Kitty cat?.
Here, kitty cat.
What's wrong with you?.
Hi, Rene.
It's my cat. He's under the weather.
I'm a horse vet!
"Cure a horse, cure a cat."
For dumb proverbs, you're the champ.
- Holy mackerel! - Don't worry, he'll just get a drop.
Don't be scared, fella. You'll be fine.
There, all done.
He does this to me, on my birthday.
- It's your birthday?. - He's my dinner partner.
Come here.
- I never gave you a present. - Not that I recall.
Tonight at the track,
bet on "Lindy Hop" in the last race.
"Lindy Hop" is no horse, it's a gluepot!
1 00-1. Hasn't a chance! Who gave it you?.
Straight from the horse's mouth. They talk to me!
Don't overbet: the odds'll drop.
Not a chance. I quit betting!
- No! - Francs! We'll take those, too.
- They're out of circulation! - Like you!
I've got a great tip in the 7th!
Your tips are lead balloons!
You'll meet someone...
A man...
The love of my life. About time!
- Is he the love of my life?. - No mine, alas!
I gotta talk to you.
I know what he'll say.
She's a seer!
He sings the same old song:
"Have I got a tip! Lend me some money."
And the refrain: "lt got left at the start."
"My horse fell in the straight." Anyway,
bye, bye bread!
But this is a real winner.
He met a horse that whispers to him!
Carmen, lend me 300.
I'm broke. I had 2 customers in 3 days!
If this can help.
No, don't. He'll never pay you back.
Thanks anyway, madame.
Go see Chen. He lends.
But he wants it back! Or else!
You got the winner. Why be scared?.
- My respects, madame. - Sir.
Over 1 00 Chinese went into his joint.
And came out a minute later.
The Chinese eat fast.
- HQ to Ruby. - Ruby to detail.
Two bikers went round the square 3 times.
Another Chinese!
Hey, a Frenchie!
- What's he doing there?. - You know him?.
Not at all...
Reminds me of a pal I haven't seen in ages.
- Where's Chen?. - He's busy.
- No, Rene. - It's urgent.
Chen, it's a sure thing.
"Lindy Hop" in the 7th. Lend me 200, tomorrow you get 400 back.
Last time you repay in 2 days!
Chen, when I was a cop,
I did you a lot of quick favors!
I'm finishing a job. You can't stay there.
Wait in the yard. Then we go to races.
Hurry. "Lindy Hop"!
Ruby to 5. The bikers are in front.
Calling everyone. Don't move until notified.
Got you. Out.
Radio silence.
Rene, I'm being held up!
Run! Hide this for me!
Get going!
Holy shit!
Everyone! Move in!
- Police! Freeze! - Freeze!
- Freeze! - A guy got away! Grab him!
- They're in the joint. - Freeze!
- Cops! - Cops coming.
Gimme your gun, quick!
Police. Freeze!
Police. Freeze!
Got held up?.
No, you make mistake. Those boys are friends.
A guy's getting away!
Police, don't move or we'll shoot!
No. Don't!
I'll handle it!
Stay there!
Stop, Rene. It's me, François!
Stop! You'll get in deep shit!
It's me, François Lesbuche! Remember me?.
You're making a big mistake!
What's this?.
Looks like a big wad of Euros.
Who are they?.
Friends. Carpenters.
They came to fix door. My wife broke it.
She angry today.
What did I say?.
Take 'em all in.
You can't. Got a warrant?.
Can you read?. What does it say?.
That's a Chinese proverb.
"Frog down a well, not know sound of sea."
"Beware of cop you think is idiot." French proverb.
Oh, shit!
Holy cow!
It's Rene...
What happened to you?.
I'm wounded.
- Go to Emergency. - It's a bullet wound!
- I get it... - You owe me some favors...
- You got shot?. - You figured it out.
Congratulations. At your age it must be about money, not sex.
If asked, you don't know.
Money and discretion. That's my motto.
First, take care of me. I'll pay you if I survive.
Who is it?.
Me, Rene.
It's been years since you woke me up at night.
You OD'd on Viagra?.
Got a problem?.
Why did I go see Chen?. My cat must be starving!
- You can't go home?. - I'd better not.
Sleep here. I'll move over.
Sweet of you. Can you help me, please?.
Yes, a slug.
Like in the good old days.
Pull. Gently.
I'm listening.
We moved in with perfect timing. Then Chen introduces the hoods.
Says they're carpenters. And the money's gone.
Someone came by minutes before?.
I saw a man disappear with a bag.
- A Chink?. - No, an old European.
I thought he was a retired cop.
A partner I had 1 0 years ago. Impossible!
Rene Boisrond?.
It looked like him, but...
Crooked cops never change!
Your old pal hit it big.
I had Chen's line tapped. They're hopping mad!
Take my advice: find Rene Boisrond
before the Chinks do.
Go on!
- I need a favor. - Sure, Chief.
My godchild, the son of my aunt's sister,
just joined the force. Can you help him?.
Sure. I'm all for helping kids.
Thanks, François.
Yes, godfather.
I told you not to call me godfather!
No, not boss. Your new boss is François.
Never leave his side!
I'll fill you in. We all have our methods.
Mine is personal and confidential. OK?.
Why say that, sir?.
I know why he stuck me with you.
I'm no snitch, sir.
Then why are you here?.
To learn from you, sir.
One, don't treat me like an idiot.
Two, stop calling me sir.
What should I call you... sir?.
Nothing, shut up.
Forget that. You're not in a disco. You're a cop.
Keep your eyes and ears open.
"Lindy Hop". It came in, see?.
So did the Chinese. It's like Chinatown here!
They're looking for me.
And my cat is dying of hunger.
Just go see Chen, and explain.
What?. "Sorry, I lost your money"?.
- Think he'll believe me?. - No way!
I can't believe it myself.
He'll skin me alive to find out where I stashed it.
And as I really lost it,
I'll wind up as diced chicken or "chomp" suey.
A customer. Hide!
I'll have to listen to all the usual crap...
- So leave! -...that those women spout!
Rene Boisrond?.
Open up!
The cat!
Wait there!
Don't come here, kitty!
- Rene, what are you doing?. - lmprovising.
Don't forget to feed my cat!
You must be hungry.
- Police! - You have no right!
OK, where's Rene?.
Hello, Mr Chen?.
- Drive! - Where to?.
Anywhere. I've got to do some thinking.
What's your relationship?.
Good neighbors, that's all.
Sure... If you hear anything, call me.
We'd better find him before they do.
I'm fond of the old guy, too.
Still don't know where to?.
I've got no choice.
Police HQ. Quai des Orfevres.
Rene! What a coincidence!
I think of you.
I think of me, too!
Where you going?.
Police HQ.
Can we get by?.
I'm headed there, too.
Get in, I'll take you.
Kind of you.
Rene, I'm glad to see you.
I'm glad to see you, too, Chen.
I didn't call: they tap your phone.
Very wise.
But I must admit: we were worried.
You see, that money
came from the labor of many families in our community.
You put it in a safe place?.
No one can guess where it is.
Shall we go get it?.
Let's go.
Some tourist friends want to visit. OK?.
Go ahead, Rene.
They can taste the waters, if they leave a good tip!
It's here! Don't move!
Need help?.
No, I'll manage.
Your money... I don't have it!
I lost it!
I got shot in the arm and dropped it.
I slipped, the bag fell in the sewer, and was flushed away.
That's absurd! You've ruined me,
ruined a whole community!
I know, but I swear it's true!
It fell in the water and a huge wave came.
I ran after it, but couldn't catch up.
I wanted to borrow 1 50 Euros, you stuck me with a million!
Don't blame me. It went down the drain!
The Paris oriental community is 200,000.
You're a goner! You know the 1 06-piece torture?.
Your whole body gets sliced up,
except your tongue: so you can talk!
You'll end up telling us where our money is!
Room 1 2.
I got shot again.
Flesh wound.
The tenth time, you win a teddy bear.
Come along.
I thought you'd retired from scams.
For an old gambler and a loser...
- Nice work! - Let me tell you.
Don't bother. All Paris knows of your exploit!
That's crap!
Swiping a million Euros from the Chinese! Quite a feat!
Rene, you're a pal, a real one!
You came to the right place.
Between a million Euros you can't get at,
and 600,000 that you can, it's an easy choice.
You've got to die.
If you're a corpse,
no one'll bother you.
Death can save your life.
How does that work?.
This is also an ordinary hospital.
I'm the boss.
People die every day.
We wait for the right guy. You're him, he's you.
Identity swap. I've done it before, it's my specialty.
If you go out, you're dead.
Here, you'll be in a room,
and we wait, patiently.
You'll be in clover!
This is like a 3-star hotel.
Room service, day and night.
Does the TV work?.
Cable, satellite, dvd.
Since you can't go to the races
you can bet from here.
I don't have a dime.
Not a dime on me.
As an appetizer, I'll stake you to 1 000 Euros.
- How much is that?. - A bit more than in US dollars.
Not much for all the races.
If you lose it, you get more.
Get used to it, Rene, you're a rich man now.
I'm looking for Rene Boisrond. He's a regular.
Haven't seen him in a couple of days. Why?.
He swiped a million from the Chinese.
I heard it, but thought it was crap.
They want him.
If you hear anything...
I said, I don't know where he is! Why insist?.
I'm insisting as a pal, not a cop.
We separated 1 0 years ago, but we're two of a kind.
He taught me all I know. Good and bad.
I think of him every day.
If he got hurt, I'd be very sad indeed.
So would l.
He's not far. I sense it.
That's your job.
Got any ideas?.
A pendulum?.
He's around there.
Maybe he's dying like a rat in a hole...
Veal stew in cream sauce, and apple pie.
- Cheese?. - No, my cholesterol.
A little wine?.
At 1 22 Euros a bottle?.
It's not much.
Wine should be included in the daily rate!
The girls too, huh?.
Wine, girls, and cigars are extra.
Got any half-bottles?.
The man we want has friends, connections!
I've made the list. About 20.
Interrogate them... Our way!
Those who don't know, won't talk. Too bad for them.
But one of them will know. And he'll talk!
Had a nice week-end, boss?.
What do you care?.
Just asking...
So you can tell your godfather?.
Not at all.
You play the ponies?.
No, I can't afford it.
But I'm perfecting software to win.
I enter the winning horses,
check them out...
You're a dreamer.
I love it, boss!
Stop calling me boss!
Did you do that?.
No, that wasn't us.
If I get the slightest proof, God help you!
You're dead!
Cut it out!
Sorry, he's a bit edgy these days. Bye!
Don't hit me, I'm a cop!
You're dead!
Don't worry, it's not you.
"The body was on a vacant lot."
Burned to a crisp.
Kind of scary, huh?.
How'd you do it?.
The expert's report:
fingerprints, blood, DNA, all match...
Rene Boisrond.
Signed, sealed and delivered!
Nice work!
The problem's the 2nd opinion.
They both agree:
it's Rene Boisrond.
This time, it's final.
But it costs 5000 more.
The two experts are in cahoots.
You'll bleed me dry!
No more than 50%%. I'm honest.
Who am I now?.
Jean Morzini.
- Who's Morzini?. - One of my patients.
Had a bad heart,
and died.
In one month, he never had a visit,
not one phone call.
The ideal customer.
I may be too old to change skins.
Don't worry.
You'll stay here a few days,
to get used to it...
But then...
Live it up!
Go on "Punkboy"!
Go on, fella!
Keep trotting!
Go on!
Go on, fella.
Jean Morzini?.
I'm Maud.
In jail, Dominique must have spoken of me.
Your letter worried me, but now I see you,
I'm reassured.
Great hideout!
I feel much better now.
I can see.
We did what you said.
Got all the equipment.
Wasn't easy to find!
I can imagine...
20 kilos of explosives!
It's in 2 weeks!
Meanwhile, rest up.
Put Albert on!
Listen, Albert...
I had a visit from a woman who...
Call you back.
Jean Morzini?.
Your letter...
I was afraid I'd be too late.
""Marie, my daughter.
""We"ve never met.
""I was sent up for 20 years, the day you were born.
""Your mom visited me, talked of you,
""then she died in a car crash.
""I did my time, but now illness has doomed me.
""Before I die, I want see you once, the first and maybe...
- ""the Iast. "" - You"re better?.
Dad, now I'll take care of you.
Listen, Miss...
I mean... Marie.
I have to tell you something.
I'm not...
Mr Morzini is due for his...
He's my dad.
We'd never met...
He must be thrilled.
Miss, your dad's still weak.
He needs rest.
This is where I work. If you need anything...
What have you got me into?.
Who's this flake Morzini?.
He was a stickup man.
Just did 20 years.
Stickup man!
Found nothing better?.
He was perfect. No one knows him.
No one?. I already had two visits!
- Find someone new. - I'm not the registrar.
I'd rather be Rene Boisrond again. I know what to dodge.
Too late. Rene Boisrond's in a coffin.
Funeral's Monday. Wanna go?.
You'd let me go out?. I haven't paid you yet.
Think of it: if the Chinese
find out you're alive...
Wait for me here.
I knew your life'd end badly...
That it'd hurt me, but not this much.
And yet...
you made my life hell
for 1 0 long years,
with your cheap scams.
You were a crooked cop, Rene...
But I was fond of you...
You deserved a better end...
A nice heart-attack
after winning the daily double, the jackpot!
But now...
you're gone, Rene.
But for me,
you'll always be here.
You knew him, too?.
I wonder.
I'm going to kill you!
So you can cry your heart out again?.
You'd rather I were dead than alive!
I know those two oldies.
If they see me, they'll drop dead.
OK François, arrest me.
Take me in, I'll spill the beans.
I'm listening.
...So you lost the million-Euro bag in the sewers?.
It was flushed away.
It must half way to England, by now.
You don't believe me?.
Let's go see.
We go back a ways: I know when you lie.
You're not lying now.
I can't arrest you.
Get going!
See the old guy I was with?.
Tail him discreetly.
I've never done that.
Any jerk can do it.
Wait till he's turned, stupid.
Wear the earbud and mike.
You can go now.
Julien, you copy me?.
- Boss, you copy me?. - Yes, strength 5.
What do I do?. He stopped.
You stop, too.
We're off again.
- He's going down the subway... - Follow him.
He passed the turnstile.
- Do the same. - I don"t have a ticket.
- Buy one!. - I got no money!.
Figure it out. Follow him!.
Sorry, lady. He said, figure it out.
- Little punk! - I did!
My ticket!
He stole my ticket!
Boss, you copy me?.
Boss, you copy me?. We're out.
What can you see?.
That's a big help.
A canal...
OK, I got it.
We're in Argenteuil now.
I'm coming.
I have to tell her.
Marie, it's important. I'm not your dad.
So you're not my daughter.
Then she'll ask where he is, why I have his name.
I'll have to tell her he's dead.
- Tricky... - He's talking to himself.
So are you.
I want to see Marie.
Aren't you Jean Morzini?.
She's so happy she found her dad.
She's a new girl.
She said you're a handsome devil.
After 20 years in jail!
In Melun Jail?.
You knew Lil' Louie?.
He's a pal!
What about Queenie?.
I almost got nabbed with him.
In jail you make pals.
This is on me. Marie'll be right down.
He went in there.
Go in, too. Be a customer.
I got no money!
It's my dad!
I have to talk to you, kid.
Not now. We're going to a bash.
Let's take him!
- Let's! - I need one minute...
You're coming with us!
Your dad's cute!
It'll be a ball!
What do we do?.
We follow. Get in.
So, Dad what is it?.
Nothing much...
Out of the hospital, you got nowhere to go?.
Stay with me. I'm horny!
She's hot for old romeos!
I waited 22 years for my dad. I won't give him up.
At my job, there's rooms. I'll get you one.
- OK?. - I'll be in the way.
No, being without you was sad.
If my dad split, I'd jump for joy!
You can't let her down!
Come on, Dad, please!
OK, then.
Come on. The party's here.
He always loved hookers.
Go on. Hustle her, find out for me.
Don't tell me you're gay?.
No, but hustling girls is tricky.
Stay on the air. And turn up the volume.
Come on, Dad.
I'll never learn that.
That'll do.
Your turn.
Care to dance?.
What's up?.
I'm dancing...
With her...
Where"s he?.
Is your boyfriend jealous?.
My boyfriend?. He's my dad!
He's your dad?.
- He's her dad. - No way! He never had kids.
You sure?.
Why?. Does it bother you?.
Not at all.
It's sweet to take your dad to a kids' hop!
You can't understand...
For me, it's a fabulous moment.
Make her tell you!
Tell me.
It means a lot to you.
Actually, I never knew my dad, and 3 days ago...
- Hide. It"s the cops. - Why?.
She'll know you're a cop.
I gotta hide.
Kill the music!
Where's the owner?.
It's been a while. Coming!
I hid. But she saw me leave.
What'll she think?.
She"II think you"re a hood, a thief.
Lay it on thick!
Cars are double-parked.
I'll fix that. What'll you have?.
The usual!
Dad, why are you hiding?.
- You're not on the lam?. - No, but Marie...
I gotta tell you.
Planning a heist?.
Nothing like that.
What's going on?.
Seems to me,
you two don't like cops.
I'll say!
Don't move, I'll go looksee.
Forgot your gun?.
- In the car. - In the car.
What's your racket?.
I do OK.
I do OK.
You a pimp?.
No! He has a daughter!
No, I'm not a pimp.
You need work, just got out of jail.
I need work. I just got out of jail.
- It's all clear now. - Marie, I feel a bit...
I shouldn't have. We'll take you back.
You got a car?.
Yes, sure.
Yes, sure.
Keys and gun, under the floormat. Come back for me.
Where's reverse?.
Right and front.
Here we go.
Sorry, right and back.
Got your Iicense?.
Got your license?.
Yeah... Sure...
This is a pal's car.
That's why.
You swiped it?.
Next time,
swipe an automatic.
I'll settle Dad in. Wait for me?.
Wait here a second.
I need a room for Dad.
We're full.
And up top?.
I can't let your dad sleep in a garret!
How about my room?.
That's up to you.
I've got you a room.
It's not a hotel room!
No, it's mine. It's the laundry-room, too.
You'll be fine.
I'll go crash at a girlfriend's.
I have one photo of you.
With Mom.
You hated being photographed.
I can see why. With the cops always after you.
No, Marie, on that photo...
I found you some pajamas.
It's not your size, but in the sack...
'Night, Dad.
Good night.
You don't talk much.
Jail did that to you?.
Not many girls to talk to there.
- That's for sure... - How long were you inside?.
5 years.
My dad did 20!
You don't say!
20 years, jeez!
Eyes like your Dad's.
My life's very intense now.
I met my dad, and someone I really like.
The idiot!
You dumb or pretending?.
That's why.
I also met a girl I Iike.
I also met a girl I like.
Oh, yeah. Who?.
Let's go elsewhere. Together.
Go! Leave the car and gun.
I'll be alone.
I won't be far.
Back in there.
Remember, you're a hood.
They stole your car!
Who cares?.
I can"t tell you the truth in person,
so I"m writing it to you.
Mr Morzini.
Madame Maud is parked downstairs.
Dominique knows you well.
I know him, too.
He said: Morzini's pride is his daughter.
How's your health?.
I'm surviving.
We followed your blueprint.
Check that we got it right.
The map of the premises.
The equipment you asked for.
I asked for all that?.
It'll be a breeze. Thanks to you.
You're a genius!
The best laid plans can go wrong.
You're not fired up.
A big job should excite you more.
I'm playing it down, hiding my joy.
The access cards for your team.
You can't back out now, Mr Morzini.
You swore to succeed on your daughter's head.
I swore it.
She's young, charming. Pity to harm her.
Expense money.
We can't spend tonight together.
Dad's in my room, I'm at my girlfriend's.
Waiting's OK with me...
Dad, I thought you were asleep.
- Can I talk to you?. - Really?.
Marie told you about me?.
I'm onto a heist.
You want in?.
I only just met you.
You trust me so soon?.
I'm a gambler. You remind me of a nag.
- A horse?. - Yeah.
"Lindy Hop", a bum like you.
But someday you'll be a winner.
I can feel it.
Can I think it over?.
OK, I did. The answer's yes.
The black sedan belongs to a private bank.
What have you got me into?.
From cop to hood in 24 hours!
You're so lucky:
Infiltrating a gang is every cop's dream.
But it's dangerous...
I'll back you up. But stay on his tail.
You here?.
Just passing by. In case...
Follow me.
You can give me a hand.
Dad?. Your new room OK?.
Perfect, sweetie.
Are we still on for 5PM?.
- Dunno. Depends... - Julien!
Go get more newspapers. To fill the bag.
Throw it, Julien!
We followed the bag, for quite a while.
Then what?.
At one point he stopped,
picked up the bag and said:
"We'll try when it rains harder."
That's all?.
I'm scared to talk to him.
But I asked him: "What's it all for??'
- He answered you?. - Yeah.
He said: "Shut up!
"l ask the questions."
What's so funny?.
We have to talk. Come into my office.
Yes, but you can't get it.
Coming, Chief.
I'll go back. To see the old rooster.
And the chickie too, no?.
Yes, Chief.
Close the door.
Forget I'm the Chief.
I'm talking as a friend.
the police are a big family, if someone strays,
we have to help him.
- You mean, me?. - I'll get to the point.
Your old partner Rene Boisrond was murdered.
You killed him.
Kill Rene?.
In the force, they suspect you. Confess.
Return the money, we'll nab the Chink,
and ease you out.
- I swear that... - That's enough!
How much time do I have?.
The sooner, the better.
What'll it be?.
You Marie?. Morzini's daughter?.
He's an old pal. From before your birth.
We were young, cute...
Then we got into trouble.
I got 1 0 years, Rene got 20.
Yes, "Rene". We used nicknames.
I heard Rene was out. I'd like to see him.
I'll see what I can do.
- Want a drink?. - A snack, maybe.
- A grilled cheese sandwich?. - I'll ask the chef.
These are the customers' safes.
That's the big vault.
Dad, a pal from jail wants to see you.
You said I was in?.
What's he like?.
Come look.
At the bar.
- Great to see you! - Same here!
- I have good news. - I can imagine...
The other day I let you get away.
Now I have to run you in.
What for?.
A rumor. I want stifle it before it grows.
They think I was in it with you, then killed you.
- You killed me?. - Yes.
You didn't!
- That's what you'll tell them. - You bet I will. I'm coming!
Thanks, Rene.
I thought it'd be tougher.
- When did this come up?. - Just now. The Chief hauled me in.
And 2 hours later, you show up with a live corpse!
"l didn't kill him. Here he is."
And I'm off the hook.
You're still as dumb, François.
They'll ask you questions.
"Where'd you find him?.
"You knew where he was! So who got buried?.
"Where's all the dough?.
"You set up the whole thing!"
God help you!
But you'll tell them the truth.
You bet! I'll tell them everything.
And there's a lot to tell.
Right?. We two pulled off a few scams.
But we had a lot of fun. It'll do me good
to come clean, to get it off my chest.
François, we all have to pay for what we did.
We both deserve to get nabbed
and wind up in the same cell.
We could tell our tales of crooked cops for life!
That what you want?.
You really want
Rene Boisrond to resurface?.
He can, if the Chinks get their money.
I got a scam.
No way!
Your cheap scams ruined my life. Enough!
You crying, Rene?.
I want to see my cat.
Get out.
And you?.
Can I be of help?.
You never held up a bank!
Morzini did. It was his specialty.
I inherited it.
Meet a kid who'll be with us.
You don't like kids?.
Not if they're bums.
Trust him.
He did 5 years' jail.
You did 5 years?.
No... only 2.
In the pen with Big Lulu?.
- Yes. - No, he got 5
and did 2, like everyone.
That's it.
You were in the Burbs Gang?.
You did the Farm Credit job?.
Murad the Worm ratted on you.
The sandwich.
You lied to me, kid.
Then I want out.
You can't let them down.
This new guy is riding me.
I'm choosy about partners.
Dad, he did 5 years' jail.
Your pal Julien
can stay on one condition.
He has to pass a test.
A heist?.
Yeah, OK.
Go on, we'll wait here.
Well, a bit.
Show us your stuff!
His life and works.
Explosives expert in the Foreign Legion.
He's discharged, pulls 20 heists, all with explosives.
A champ, known as "Bastille Day".
Walls, doors, safes, nothing stood up to him.
Then he goofed: forgot about DST. Charge blew too soon.
2 traffic cops died, he's caught, gets 20 years.
Albert saddled me with quite an lD!
I've become a real weirdo.
You can be Rene again.
If I pull the heist, I've got a chance.
With the Chinks, I've got none.
Congratulations, Julien. Thanks.
Wasn't too hard?.
Cats aren't my thing.
The door!
Dad's here. Happy, puss?.
Very nice.
I think I'll keep it on, to get used to it.
spending our money?.
I always wanted a cashmere coat.
Come along.
You've got stitches to lose.
I trust you, and you run out on me.
I thought you were honest.
Where's the money?.
You know...
if Morzini drops dead, no one'll be surprised.
Morzini was a sick man.
You're hurting me.
With this,
you'll talk...
even if you don't want to.
I lost that money, Albert.
Dropped it.
Your truth-serum can't make me lie!
We'll try it. And if you still won't talk,
we'll try other ways.
You're wasting your time.
The syringe!
- You use it. - What's this?.
Shoot up!
Rene, grab his arm.
It makes a smaller hole than this!
Go on!
Go on.
- Push! - Now press on it.
- How did you find me?. - I put you on GPS. A hunch.
You put a bug on me!
For your own good. Don't try, you can't know how.
I'm a crooked doc, I only treat hoods!
I'm a crooked doc, I only treat hoods!
I'm a crooked doc...
The usual drink?.
No, water today.
- Water. - Same here.
They're all on water.
They're planning a heist.
Some get high on coke before a heist.
If they only use water, they're real pros.
That's Bergere St.
I'm talking to you.
There's the bank.
We'll be parked there,
exactly there.
Dad, don't come back in 20 years!
I know a nice joint near Bastille Sq.
Tonight, dinner's on me.
Where is it?. I want to be near you.
See you tonight.
We're about to see the generous donations
from the many sponsors
who we convinced of the urgent need
to build this hospital-ship,
that is so badly needed along the coasts of Africa...
- Humanitarian funds?. - I didn't know.
A rip-off, as usual.
If that's it, count me out!
The answer's inside.
Now, a great fund-raiser for good causes, Jean-Louis Ogier!
This money, in cash, will be donated and counted before you...
Leave nothing in your pockets.
What about you?.
I'll keep mine on!
Here's our first sponsor, Mr Carl Hoffner,
from Deutch Chemicals.
Deutch Chemicals: 25000 Euros.
Eurodam Co: 40000 Euros.
Tele-Tadis: 90000 Euros.
Can we talk?.
You never said it was a charity.
You weren't told?. Having scruples, Morzini?.
- That's new! - I do!
Same here.
I'll reassure you.
The boat will never be built.
The money will end up in the pockets
of the fund-raisers.
It can end up in others, like yours.
It's too late to feel guilty.
You know that.
Good luck.
Altria Cypress & Co: 400000 Euros...
What's she got on you?.
Beat it.
I'll do it alone.
I'm staying.
Why do you always get me in deep shit?.
We always got out of it, François!
We have now raised
another 6856000 Euros
on top of the 5300000 already collected.
For a total of 1 1 million and...
1 56000 Euros.
Now, my friends,
it's time for refreshments.
The is the Liberation Front against international capitalism.
Your bank is our first target in the final struggle.
A first bomb will explode, then others,
till your satanic enterprise is destroyed.
Evacuate the premises at once. First and Iast warning!
Mr Ogier, there's been bomb alert!
Bomb alert?.
A group against international capitalism.
That's all?.
- We empty the room?. - It's often a hoax...
What about our image, the press, the sponsors?.
Come along.
Mr Gstaat, of the lnsurers Security Dept.
- A bomb alert. Is that usual?. - Never fails.
What do we do?.
If all bomb alerts were real, every day would be Bastille Day!
- Check all floors with your men. - Yes, sir.
Mr Gstaat, how many are you?.
We're three.
Check the basement.
The records room.
The equipment should be in a closet.
Ever used this stuff?.
I never lit a firecracker. I hate 'em!
I love 'em!
- You know this?. - Just light the fuse.
- Miss?. - Yes.
You have a badge?.
No, my boyfriend's inside. He has it.
I have orders.
Number 1.
What does he do?.
He's a reporter.
- A reporter?. - Right.
OK, go ahead.
Anyway, it's ending.
"Plug your ears and open your mouth."
Bombs! Everybody out!
Bombs! Get out!
Extinguisher, François!
Everybody out!
I like big bangs, not whimpers!
Bomb alerts are taken lightly now!
- There'll be more! - Let's get out.
Number 2.
Why smash that?.
It has cameras. They recorded our faces.
Light it!
Let's get out!
Everyone out of the bank!
They're all out. Cops are coming.
Number 3.
Why didn't you evacuate sooner?.
I thought it was the usual hoax.
Let's take a closer look.
Get back!
Move! Don't stay there!
Get back!
- It's for me! - We'll get caught!
I'm taking your battery.
Do something!
Don't just watch my bank blow up!
Shit! Send in your men!
You lead the way, sir!
We blow that?.
I got what it takes to open it. We grab the cash and then... bang!
- We blow the door?. - No, I have the key.
Since you enjoy it, explode something up there.
François, give him number 5.
- The vault of our "employers"?. - You got it.
Now let's think of ourselves.
Only take what you owe Chen, not a penny more.
Ten thousand,
twenty thousand, thirty-five thousand.
- You doing this for nothing?. - For you!
- Here goes! - And him?.
- He takes nothing, either. - Being a cop's fun!
At first I didn't like it.
You really fooled me!
Hey, bomb experts!
Stay outside.
Nice work.
Close shave! You almost killed us!
Yes, but it blew there!
With this we get out through the next door basement.
It's gonna blow! Where can we hide?.
- In the john?. - No, in the safe!
Good idea. Go on.
It's out of gas.
- Got another one?. - No, I don't!
Nice work, bomb expert! Go buy matches outside!
Gotta be some in a desk!
A robot just came in!
We gotta hurry!
I don't believe it!
Let's go!
Now we just finish up the job.
Take number 7.
- Number 7's dandy! - Where?.
Why don't we put it inside?.
It has to come from outside!
Since we don't know the safe's code.
You got it?.
Send the robot lower.
That's the robot!
What was Morzini's plan for that?.
It says nothing.
- Shall I blow it up?. - Of course!
Turn it right. Head for the vault room.
That's blown, too!
Look at that!
It'll blow!
- I did it! - We forgot anything?.
No, everything's fine.
You can close it, François.
Julien, light it.
Shit, it's not here.
Can I have my cell phone battery?.
- Marie, it's me. - Where are you?.
In the car. With them.
I'm in front of the bank.
She's in front of the bank.
- Why are you here?. - I was worried. The explosions.
Everything's fine. See you at the hotel.
There's a canal nearby. Dump it all.
I'd like to keep them.
- They're fun. - Not a chance! Hurry!
Go on!
Now we gotta give Chen his money.
He'll even get his bag back.
Chen's money!
You took us for a ride!
I want to kiss you.
You're the greatest!
The old fart's still got some juice!
Your money!
What happened?.
It was too great a shock!
I should've phoned first. His wife thought I was a ghost.
It's the start of your resurrection.
Now you go back to being Rene.
Do I have to?.
Do it for me. And that bank job will remind them of Morzini.
I'm thinking of Marie. I didn't have a daughter very long.
- Come on... - I know, she's not my daughter.
But I'd grown used to her.
That's all.
Your dad left you this letter.
Marie, for reasons that you cannot know,
I have to Ieave the country unexpectedly,
for what may be a Iong time.
Love and kisses.
I'm sick of arresting bums.
Quit griping. He's the last one.
You bet!
And he stinks.
Hey, get up! Come with us!
Get up!
You know him?.
Rene Boisrond!
A bum we picked up. Lost his memory.
Remembers nothing.
I was at your funeral.
You're dead!
I'm dead?.
So this is death?.
It's fine.
I'm François Lesbuche! Your old partner.
- Remember me?. - François...
- François... - It's awul.
They say you have to talk to them. Over and over.
Take care of him.
I swear it, I never believed
those rumors and suspicions about you.
Chief, thanks for your trust.
You Rene... me François.
You Rene...
Me François...
Me François... You Rene...
OK, enough is enough!
But you Rene, me François...
- Marie Morzini?. - That's me. Why?.
Police! Come with us for questioning!
Your father, Jean Morzini, when did you last see him?.
I'll ask you again.
Take this to room 402.
I'll ask you again!
Miss Morzini!
Your father slept in your room,
we know that.
They're grilling Marie in room 402.
Only Morzini could've pulled that job.
So they're questioning her.
- What do we do?. - We take off.
Gerard is getting nowhere with the Morzini girl.
Wrong approach.
You take over.
Julien, you come too.
Questioning is the basis of police work.
We can hold you 48 long hours! You gonna talk, bitch?.
Chief, I won't do any better.
When chicks like that clam up...
François, I think you have an idea?.
Some of the old methods work best!
You try! I'll end up killing her!
When did you last see your father?.
If she sees her dad's pals, it may help.
Go ahead. But I'll warn them.
Keys are in the lock!
- Get going! - No.
- Get going. - Wait at the corner.
We're coming.
Thanks guys, now it's up to us.
You both nuts?. Where can I go now?.
The cops'll be back for me.
They'll leave you alone.
We said if they bother you, we'd waste you.
Where's my dad?.
He has a new lD. He's done that before.
I want to see him.
It's too risky now.
I'm sick of risks. I couldn't live with a hood.
You gotta change jobs.
Or we're through.
- She'll come. - She won't.
Wanna bet 200 Euros she comes?.
200, she doesn't.
She still sulking?.
More and more. Her dad leaving depressed her.
She's through with hoods.
- What did you say so she'd come?. - That she'd have a surprise.
She'll come: women love surprises.
You lost.
I'm glad I did.
Hi, you hoods.
Well?. What's the surprise?.
In fact, there's two.
First, I got a regular job. I'm becoming a cop.
Good, now you can arrest your pal.
- And the second?. - It's a horse.
A horse?.
What would I do with a horse?. I want my dad.
He changed his lD. He's no longer Morzini.
His name is Rene Boisrond.
Where is he?.
- Dad! - Never call him dad!
The cops are watching you.
Rene Boisrond... Marie Morzini.
I'm very happy to meet you, Marie.
So am l.
We go for a drive?.
Get in.
You ever driven a sulky?.
I'll teach you. You'll love it!
With a good horse, some day you may race it.
You start out of town, and end up in Paris.
- We'll meet often. - Oh, Dad!
Hush. Never say that... I'm Rene.
Subtitles: A. Whitelaw
Processed by: Eclair Video
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