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Riten (1969)

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scene 1 a room of Interrogation
Let them wait.
They can come in.
How are you?
Please enter.
The times are very tiring.
the thermometer beats records. 34º C, it is very unhealthy.
and the storm of yesterday did not change a lot.
- What enviable fortune! - enviable?
I think so, Mr. Ritter... Please excuse me Mr. Fisher.
- I will have my sherry finally. - Perfect! and you, Mr. Fisher?
- I will settle for tea. - You are entitled to a bottle.
- It is the state that pays. - I am very grateful...
- Thank you for offering up your Sunday. - Thank you for receiving us.
- You sacrifice yourselve too. - It is nothing!
I work all the time. It is like a drug for me.
My doctor warned me. It has been fifty years now...
if a loving woman, a dinner and a pair of slippers would await me...
But enough spoken about me, even though I like it.
where will you go next? You arrived from Poland, I see.
A few weeks in Holland and then the Far East.
- For how long? - six months.
Isn't it boring?
You get used to it.
Excuse me for asking it, but according to your papers,
you all are Swiss citizens.
For 5 years we have lived in Ascona between the round trips.
That has many advantages.
We have tried to find out about your incomes since 3 years.
But Swiss tax authorities are, how to say...
extremely reticent.
one of my colleagues contacted
the establishments where you performed.
He estimates your annual incomes at nearly 2 million.
a priori, your incomes do not have anything to do with our affairs,
but I wish to have as much information as possible.
and there are the incidents of speeding
the Dutch police stopped you between Arnhem and nijmegen.
You claimed to be late for a charity bazaar in Liège.
You were driving at 160 km/h.
You told them you were very late
exactly, it's in the report.
My wife had been sick, that's why we were delayed.
Mrs. Winkelmann was drunk and insulted police officers.
she undressed herself and, I quote, " made obscene movements".
- They provided a medical certificate. - exactly.
Mrs. Winkelmann suffers from a form of epilepsy
that can have side effects on the mental level.
- I thought I was suffocating - I see.
Anyway, the Dutch police was very shocked!
- and this charity bazaar? - There wasn't one.
A friend has a castle close to Liège
and we have played in front of a group politicians and industrialists.
I simply said " charity bazaar " stupidly enough.
The report complains about this carelessness.
we transferred three-quarters of our revenues to a good cause.
Really? They didn't tell me. I take good note of it.
oh, it's only a trifle.
- I was never fined. - You jumped a traffic light in 1956.
- Too bad, I had forgotten. - yes, it is regrettable.
I'll come immediately.
- excuse me. - But certainly.
- the bastard! ll will not loupera us. - No hysteria, sebastian.
I do not support this kind of situation!
- Hans leaves... - yes, let speak to me.
let us remain welded costs that costs.
- ll has microphones there, here? - there is nothing to hide.
one did nothing of illegal, it is a simple maintenance.
- I choke! - you, both Calm.
ll does not have there heart which lives in the street.
a flash, over there, behind the gas- tank.
you see the large ladybird on the edge of the window?
the second on the left.
it is enormous.
it saw you and flew away.
and if the judge were killed?
one can leave quietly afterwards, there is nobody.
Hans will deal with us, it is our head.
ll is so attentive, wise, worthy and clever...
you do not stop.
I felt an anguish inexpressible all the day.
I want to cry and of me soûler.
- you already soûlé yourself yesterday. - you believe me drunk, there?
cease showing me without stop! Cease!
Hans did not mean that.
scene 2 a Hotel room
you are obliged to make as much of noise?
- That makes me start. - Goes in your room.
- you put to me with the door? - if I obstruct you when I read,
goes in your room. ll has another thing there?
- I hate you. - Thank you, me in the same way.
- the judge awaits you 10 H. - I will be there.
- you did not brush yourself the teeth. - you either.
- That is not looked at. - you have bad breath, the morning.
I would like to only sleep, but you cannot sleep without me.
- did Portner die, you knew? - What?
" lvan Portner, 50 years,
" died in Stuttgart of the continuations of a long disease."
Throat and lung cancer.
it was operated twice.
- I saw it in February. - you did not say it to me.
ll had a dirty mine but it still worked.
it was at the end of February. ll had the air already dying.
- I was unaware of it. Was Marina there? - not, I did not see it.
- if, you saw it. - I say to you that not.
- You did that in his back. - I did not see Marina.
if, you saw it in Switzerland between two rounds.
you are not jealous, it estjuste of the bad mood.
I know that you saw Marina.
My contract expires in six months. one can dissolve the company.
you, me and Mr. Winkelmann.
You will have to do of sebastian Fisher.
- It is Hans. - or one comes to seek the plate.
- I am sure that it is Hans. - and then?
- you feel guilty? - I do not know.
I made a dream, this night.
I walked in the street, it was one Monday.
I realized that the school started and that I was not there.
- That terrorized me. - My god!
- I annoy you? - At all...
I really was afraid.
Then I said myself that I could to leave the school when I wanted.
I returned to the house.
Mom opened the door and said to me: " you are not at the school?"
I answered: " not, I left the school, I will not go back any more there."
My mother had the very red face.
she had taken cold and the nose was mouchait.
That appeared odd to me etj' kept my distances.
she said to me: " How t'en you will leave
" if you do not go to the school?"
I answered that I gained 750000 crowns per annum
and that I will leave myself there.
I dreamed that I walked with an attachment.
I had the choice between a young person and an old horse.
I took young person, the old man not being also strong.
Later, the horse had sat in the car etje drew.
and the horse spoke about love, of art and freedom.
ll is time to cut down the horse!
the horse had an ulcer and it had taken cold.
it is hard to be prevented from laughing vis- a-vis comedy situation.
with the fact, you remember this poem...
- " I am semi-man, semi-bird..." - poetry does not interest me.
you read only magazines. I do not remember it...
- What? - poem! you listenings not!
the poem on the bird...
< i>Mi-bird, semi-man Heart of bird, lung of homme
< i>Tête of bird, eyes of homme
< i>Le body burning of a desire never rassasié
< i>Le body with the members engourdis, the glance turned towards the ciel
and so on...
sebastian, the bird!
< i>La superb flower of the woman opened,
< i>humide, generous, intrepid...
< i>La proper sister of our mother ground. Miam, miam...
you are always avenged because you cannot satisfy me.
- at least, Hans arrives there. - and not me?
not, you cannot. in any way.
I am too frail, I cannot to deliver to me... how to say...
...with the grotesque one.
I will say you what said to me a psychiatrist.
ll said to me: " You are not matter but of the movement,
" you float unceasingly.
" as soon as you include/understand that, your neurosis dispara^tl ruffle."
Then it added...
" the îll be in the river are the sign of a close death."
" they extend and are solidified while emerging from the obscure wave."
" one day, the îll be will block the current."
you should have four men different.
to maintain you, to kiss you,
to distract you and for to deal with your spirit.
- I am well badly parcelled out. - I will rise.
I go in my room.
- I will miss you. - you were malicious, today.
I will miss you etje forgives you.
Not just for today, but for tous. les. jours.
- do not leave. - ll is late.
and Marina?
I will take cold.
you me listenings never.
an old director said one day of the actors:
" It is a permanent miracle,
" one day, daisies will push bottom of the corpses."
lord, have pity of me.
< i>Oui, my petite.
I have pity Thursdays.
keep me near you.
save my heart, if not it dispara^tl ruffle in nothing.
scene 3 a room of Interrogation
I have a cold, a sore throat, badly everywhere like with the eyes.
and afflicted, but I have a horrible diarrhoea.
I am extremely indisposed. I practically did not sleep.
I thought of cancelling this maintenance.
I must play this evening, that passes above all.
- be nice with me. - one starts with the forms.
ah good? That seems threatening.
- Your complete name? - Albert emanuel sebastian.
- surname? - I believed that you knew it.
- They is German or English? - German Fisher., at the origin.
My father, who emigrated in 1931, the name anglicized.
My grandparents étaientjuifs.
My mother was of an old family Dutch artists.
- You know Vaalendorff? - Not very well.
- ll has a Vaalendorff circus there. - afflicted.
ll is managed by two of my uncles.
My father was a musician, he could have become famous,
but alas, he was alcoholic.
ll fell sick, it had hallucinations, it does not matter...
- You are married? - I divorced it is a long time.
My ex-wife is a professor of archaeology it lives in Cairo.
You are separated, not divorced. it is different.
afflicted. Why ask if you know already?
simple formality, Mr. Fisher. It will not be long.
It is too pleasant.
You want to speak about my scar on the cheek?
it is secondary. You were accused for murder not premeditated.
- a brawl with the knife. - I defended myself.
- it was a close friend, not? - one avaitjou‚ 4 years together.
- alcohol made it insane. - Mrs. Winkelmann was his wife.
it was a missed marriage.
one worked for the same one company during several years.
Hans was married, it had two girls.
one divided a house close to London.
- its death made burst the group. - My wife left me.
Hans and thea started to work together.
I made prison, the woman of Hans was insane of jealousy.
I could pass my language through my cheek.
Why have given four blows of knife to your friend?
ll died in the first blow.
- Which relationship with our business? - I am curious.
I do not know. There I had to take pleasure.
I supported it.
ll coughed, one was covered with blood.
I felt his badly shaven cheek against my shoulder.
one spoke and laughed without realizing at which point it was serious.
a question: did that torment you?
how that, " tormented "?
You want to know if I missed it?
That goes without saying. I liked it.
- You had remorses? - not, why?
- You carry an alliance. - That looks at me!
Of course.
- I can drink something? - afflicted, I do not have anything.
- You have how many children? - no idea.
I swear you that I am unaware of it. I never counted them.
I in talks four or five,
my lawyer has all the details.
with the professor, two children and a miscarriage.
Let us come with the principal question.
this " number ", if I dare statement, is of your invention?
lnvention? what you can be ridiculous and pretentious!
with your curiosity of small middle-class man without any tact!
Your lack of education and of compassion.
I noticed that you were not clean, Mr. abrahamson.
You neglect your intimate hygiene.
under your after-shave reigns a stinking odor of greasy substance.
You put on a clean shirt tous. les. jours,
but I see a black mark above the collar.
Your nails are not very Nets.
I mistake you,
your professional zeal is perfectly ridiculous.
That you pla^tl to clear with three famous artists.
to have your photograph with us in the newspapers.
That you pla^tl to badger us of your humiliating questions,
under pretext of decency and discretion.
You lower us the froc to give us the smacking.
I will require a judge who is with my height.
You are unable to include/understand or to judge our work.
You are only one imbecile!
I said what I thought. lock up me,
for insult or what you will want.
That saddens me that you find me if feeling reluctant.
It is true that I perspire much.
I consulted specialists, it is my metabolism.
I can understand that you are obstructed by the odor.
But it is not true that I am dirty.
Nobody washes himself as often as me.
and it is not dirtiness, in my neck.
it is a task due to the sun, a a little odd pigmentation.
You find me middle-class man?
I do not know, it is a random concept.
My parents were easy, my father lawyer,
my teaching mother. we were 5 children
and we received a good education.
I tried not to wound you nor to obstruct you.
I was perhaps too discrete.
I immediately felt your animosity.
As I said it to you,
that wounds me and destabilizes me.
all this disturbed us,
I thus suggest that we stop there.
I wish you a speedy recovery
and delighted me by advance to see you this evening on.
I will not take your anger in heart.
it is forgotten and even forgiven.
I include/understand your strong reaction emotional.
goodbye, Mr. Fisher. You know the way?
follow the corridor, the elevators are on the line.
afterwards, it is very simple. goodbye.
You are not only malicious and feeling reluctant,
but also poor actor.
the number which you have just made is one of worst than I saw.
You are pitiless, immoral and rotted.
people like you do not deserve to live!
I am constrained for you and for myself.
I am unable to feel aggressiveness.
I do not feel that impotence.
- please, leave! - very well.
if that must occur like that... Mother of god! I saw,
there is nothing to make!
I do not have a family,
nothing which attaches me to the life.
I will not touch you, it too would be feeling reluctant.
you sit.
While you recover... Shit, which the weather is hot!
I will tell you a scene that I play with Hans.
a man enters in a police station
to announce an abnormal fact. about what is it?
ll was taken of an appetite phenomenal.
ll ate his wife, saleswoman in a store,
his/her two children and his grandmother.
a bearded man enters then in the store, god in person.
ll cutting a net in the thigh of god and eats it.
ll is taken then of an irrepressible desire for shitting
then it goes to the police force. you calm, it is finished soon.
ll raises its cranium, that it had sawn,
and shows the struck police chief the interior which is empty.
its head was empty.
at the bottom, there was a string for the eyelids, but it is all.
You are calmed? I will leave,
before one goes further.
- Question: you are believing? - I do not have a religion.
I do not need a god, safety, eternal life.
I am my own god, I have my angels and my demons.
I live on a pebble beach, who is inserted in the ocean.
a dog barks, a child cries.
the day fall and transforms itself into night.
You do not impress me!
More no human being cannot frighten me.
ll has there a prayer which I recite in an absolute silence.
< i>Que the wind comes to raise the sea and the twilight ‚touffant
< i>Qu' a bird arrives of the sea,
< i>briser the silence of sound cri
scene 4 a Confessional
Father... I do not want to confess me,
- but I must speak to somebody. - I listen to you.
I believe that I will die.
Curiously, I am afraid.
while returning at home yesterday, I had to sit me on a bench.
I had the impression to have already died.
My body had a stinking odor that I did not know to him.
Of course, there was heat abnormal,
and my fragile heart.
Then the death of my old father. one makes in vain, any exchange.
What do I tell?
I speak with my bonnet.
the men can forgive each other between them, not?
ll has a grace there on ground.
But apart from the fragile circle human heat,
reign cruelty.
the understanding...
god... the understanding.
I know that you do not laugh at me.
You owe conna^tl Re this phenomenon because of your practice.
You know that the unbelievers often request.
I request. That relieves my pain.
ll makes night.
ll makes sinks etj' am afraid.
My mother left and the door closed again.
Nobody will hear me if I call.
I do not dare to walk by ground because of the animals.
I must remain in my bed.
if I start to cry of anguish,
I will be still more afraid.
scene 5 a room of Interrogation
Dear Mr. Winkelmann. I am sorry.
You wait for a long time? two hours? They is dreadful!
You did not have my message?
I had asked my secretary to call you,
- you were not at the office. - Not at this precise moment.
in any event, it is very regrettable.
As you undoubtedly know it, I spoke to Mr. Fisher.
we are not heard very well.
I excavated my conscience with the case where I would have offended it.
ll is very sensitive and rather fragile in this moment.
ll suffered from infections who make it irritable.
I include/understand.
- ll takes that too much with the serious one. - and you?
ll has there a long time that I am not irritated more in my work.
I do my better, it is all.
ll is natural that your justice seek to inquire.
the sorrow is light, if we are considered to be guilty.
the fine was deposited at the bank that you indicated to us.
I am magic to learn that we adopt the same attitude.
our laws are perhaps obsolete
- but must be applied. - Of course.
they are other authorities who do them and repeal them.
the fine is modest.
we made you much publicity.
By principle, we are not remunerated by the percentage.
I see...
You negotiate and establish contracts?
not, our agent takes care some. ll negotiates with the foreign agents
who negotiate then with our employers it is complicated.
I summarize for our agent, Josef Hero,
topics our representations.
after having consulted my partners, of course.
Who, among you, is the creative force?
it is difficult to say, we are very dependent.
we know our thoughts, our feelings and our reactions.
When one plays day after day in such a demanding context,
a body gradually is formed homogeneous.
what does not prevent us to have different sights.
thus it is impossible to say who had the idea of this number?
- absolutely. - accessories?
- I do not remember it. - gestures?
Each one is responsible of its own gestures.
a cigarette?
- Four hours and quarter. - Forgive me,
I did not want to be coarse.
I left my wife to the hotel, I do not want only it worries.
- You want to call it? - not, that will go.
You fear to only leave it with Mr. Fisher?
My wife needs me,
this history disturbed.
I will only see it, I am certain that I will be able
to reassure. You do not think, Mr. Fisher?
- Winkelmann. - yes, forgiveness.
- I wanted to speak to you about it. - one moment, please
- You are married since when? - 5 years.
- children? - a boy.
- where is it? - in a house, it is weak.
- You were married, before? - yes.
- where is your ex-wife? - I do not know.
You pay a pension with your two daughters?
My lawyers undertake some.
You never see them?
- I must answer? - not, I am just curious.
- does That disturb you? - yes.
not... it is because of the voyage.
- You leave on holiday? - I am tired too much.
Your current wife prevents you to see them?
What do you want to ask me?
I wanted to ask you a favour.
I would be very grateful to you to give up seeing my wife.
- or there then, I make a point of being. - I see...
My wife is, say, a very special person.
Many would say " neurotic ".
she is abnormally sensitive, mentally and physically.
she has sometimes crises and of the very strange ideas.
with me, it is calm and completely normal,
apart from a stammering due with an infantile traumatism.
moreover, it has a need irrepressible to like.
You can make him say or to do anything,
beyond the reasonable one and of dignity.
Your maintenance would not have no the direction.
Dear Mr. Winkelmann...
I would satisfy readily your request but I have orders.
You can accompany it here and to wait side,
but I must only see it.
I understand that it is difficult to cancel maintenance.
Can one make simple formality? I make it enter,
you exchange some sentences futile etje come to seek it.
I estimate you largely and make a point of sparing your wife
but I must obey with the instructions.
You cannot represent you its terror, it is animal.
- I can convene a doctor. - That will worsen the things.
I try to render comprehensible with thea that it is not disturbed.
You must include/understand my position.
with the fact,
why sebastian Fisher does it always carry its alliance?
it belonged to her father. lls had a very strong bond.
As for my wife...
- a connection with Mr. Fisher? - Forgiveness?
- lls lives together? - How?
- lls likes? - I seized not.
- lls sleeps together? - lls is like brother and sister,
very close one to the other.
- and tolerate it to you? - I know humiliation.
I am unaware of why. There is some thing in me which lends myself to it?
truths large artists are invulnerable at the bottom of themselves.
I do not form part of it.
I have only one fear: to only find me.
- Really? - does That surprise you?
I have the robust air, balanced, rather intelligent.
I have an immense talent, etc.
I like sebastian Fisher and my wife.
I like? I do not know.
I need them but I am not not sure that it is reciprocal.
then I try to return to me essential.
You do not go to cancel maintenance?
I believed that the debate was closed.
I beg you, with knees. I know that it is melodramatic,
but I am sincere.
I can pay you?
- How much? - Propose a reasonable sum.
- 50... 100000? - 100000.
- I can make you a cheque? - That will go.
Thank you for your kindness.
You were very understanding.
hold, I have write your name with two " S ", I hope that it is exact.
It is exact.
- Now, I am very curious. - Why?
I will pass in addition to your attempt of corruption of a civil servant.
it is your responsibility.
You must have good reasons to prevent this maintenance.
we finished.
I will see you tomorrow if you accompany your wife.
I thank you of your magnanimity.
I wonder whether your attitude hiding place something of dangerous.
I do not believe.
- goodbye, Mr. Winkelmann. - is the door still open?
- I will warn the gatekeeper. - goodbye.
scene 6 a cabin
- What is there? - I am very afraid of this foutu judge.
you have to only give to him the declaration which I wrote.
if it questions you, you have only with b‚gayer.
if you panics, I am at side.
Calm yourself.
I did all that I could.
the day after tomorrow, all will be finished. one will go to the countryside.
I know an inn where one eats very well.
if the weather is not too hot, one will walk in wood
and one will sleep under a tree.
one cannot leave sebastian only.
then one will take it along with us.
ll will leave us when his contract will have expired.
- ll will not leave. - This time, it will do it.
- I will speak to him. - ll becomes insane.
- I do not believe. - I am afraid of him.
- moves away from him. - ll cannot do without me.
I must spend my nights close to him so much it is distressed.
It is terrifying, you include/understand. I cannot say not.
remove yourself, now.
- you are annoyed? - not, why?
you are so cold.
- I am tired just a little. - Like always.
- It is me which tires you? - not, why?
- you, isn't this likes me? - Of course.
if I did not have you, I would commit suicide.
you would have someone else.
- you are quite bitter. - not, I am just tired.
recently, you said to me that the goal of your life was to take care on me.
- It is well that? - yes.
you are my only safety.
a great insecurity with Œll ots of would safety, it be better, not?
it is closer to reality
that your idea of a great safety with puffs of insecurity.
- Why do you say that? - Because I am tired.
- you are tired of me. - I did not say that, but agreement,
I am tired of you.
etje am tired of sebastian.
I am tired of you and of sebastian.
I have enough of it to travel with two nutcases.
I have of it enough of your supposedly " art ".
I find that we are...
without interest, feeling reluctant, ridiculous.
- our relevance was lost. - What wants to say " relevance "?
- one useless, is exceeded. - you are really tired of me?
yes, my trouble is unbounded. you do not make me pity.
- you are lazy, you do not repeat. - three hours yesterday!
before yesterday, you were sick, you so–l‚e yourself, you saw a friend...
- I did not see anybody! - It does not matter which it was!
and before that, on a journey, you disputed with sebastian.
you are lazy, negligent, unbearable.
you are not worth a tenth the EC what you gain.
Do what you will want at the end of your contract. Goes to the devil!
I do not know what I say.
I never speak about me.
and yet, I love you. It is true.
you include/understand?
Despite everything, I love you. you make me sorrow.
you occupy almost all my thoughts.
I would do anything to save evil to you.
This passion between you and sebastian worries me.
I look at you tearing you.
I should have doubted to me it.
No matter what you say or make,
nothing has influence on you. You are monstrous.
I know it, I see it.
I could not become like you, I do not want it.
I have enough of it.
try to listen to me, now!
the extreme limit was reached.
it is humiliating, degrading. too much it too is.
you include/understand what I say?
- I am tired of you. - Poor Hans.
not... you a word did not include/understand.
Poor Hans! Poor bad conscience.
the world leaves of pieces, it burns and bleeds.
Poor Hans...
ll is necessary that the things are like Ci, that, not like Ci...
- I believe in my reason. - Me also,
- it will not give up us. - It is true.
you are tired, my poor. I hurry.
- do you know where is sebastian? - ll left.
- the hotel has? - I do not believe.
- I became ugly? - not.
- you are always my husband. - one will divorce.
- I will go with you in your farm. - not.
you must be quite tired of me.
one behaves like the insane ones!
- at what do you laugh? - of sebastian.
- with him, you laugh at me. - Of course!
god how I am tired! leave me this prison!
- My god, release me! - you want to die?
Not really to die.
I would like to sleep.
you know that each morning...
you awake to 5 H,
anguish posed on your chest like a black bird.
you want dormirjusqu' with 10 H, 11 H?
I want to be free.
- essuie your nose. - afflicted...
I am almost ready! Pass to me my dressing gown.
ll is very wet.
These cabins that one gives us! one should not tolerate it.
Lime pits with the director!
- afflicted. - not, continuous.
not, it is too hard...
one does not include oneself/understand, one never speaks oneself.
the witty remarks are never found.
it is an absolute incomprehension.
- I call a taxi? - Y has interest!
I am not really sober and you drank too!
I will take a shower.
- Hans! - What is there?
- I if am distressed. - But not, I am there.
- you will not be in the part. - side has.
- this judge is terrible. - ll is not so terrible.
ll is satisfied to do its work.
- you know some more than that. - I imagine that yes...
My god!
scene 7 a room of Interrogation
Good evening, Mrs. Winkelmann.
- Welcome. - Good evening.
we sit and speak a little.
- it will not be painful. - I am sure.
Which splendid dress you have.
I am delighted that you like it.
That annoys you if I take notes?
Of course that not.
nowadays, one uses rather tape recorders.
But this kind of the machines tendency has to return being wary.
You are right undoubtedly.
today, it is the day hottest of the summer.
35§ C in the shade. it is very oppressive.
- I like heat. - Really?
each one its tastes.
- You do not play Monday? - not, it estjour of slackening.
- it is pleasant. - yes.
You to give how much representations per evening?
currently, four.
- That must be tiring. - one is accustomed to it.
where will you spend your holidays?
Hans and sebastian want to go to Africa.
- and yourself? - I suppose that I will go with them.
You are seldom with ascona. it is a life little casaniŠre.
one spends a few weeks there between the rounds.
- does Mr. Fisher remain there with you? - yes.
- this trio must be very pleasant. - completely.
- to be liked at this point... - yes, that too.
- No conflicts? - ll had problems there, at the beginning.
Your husband said to me that you fear this maintenance.
- Hans believes me very sensitive. - glass?
cognac? I do not have anything other.
What you have.
glass for your husband?
ll is bored at side. ll deserves glass.
- I greet it your share? - please.
has immediately.
Your husband greets you.
ll worries for you but I reassured it.
You are incredibly beautiful, Mrs. Winkelmann.
the way in which the light fall on your face...
Forgive me.
I wrote a declaration.
a declaration?
I wrote it in your interest.
Dear Mrs. Winkelmann...
I ask you to read it here. high voice has.
- Why aloud? - in order to explain certain points.
" I am called thea von ritt, Winkelmann, according to my passport.
" It is not my true color hair
" etje know hardly my age.
" My mouth changed expression
" carj' have remakes my front teeth.
" I knew violent pains physics,
" the worst was an itching who made me suffer
" during two years.
" it was calmed also quickly that it appeared.
" another disadvantage comes of my exacerbated directions.
" sudden noises, lights strong make me suffer,
" as well as the unpleasant odors.
" a normally tight dress
" can return to me insane of pain."
- I give too many details. - At all.
" I began my career artistic by lessons of song.
" I had a contract with a theatre where I met a man
" which made me discover variety.
" with the course our many rounds
" I met Hans Winkelmann."
" I claim to be holy or a martyrdom, from where my name thea.
" I can remain sitted hours with the table of the entry
" to look at the palm of my hands.
" one day, a red task appeared,
" in my left hand.
" But it was not blood.
" I have fun to enter in extase and with speaking to the Virgin Mary."
" Belief and not-belief,
" obstinacy and doubt,
" it is the same play.
" But inside me, I remain the same one.
" Sometimes intensely tragic,
" sometimes very exalt‚e."
- I did not want to say that. - How that?
- a relationship with our case? - I knew that that would annoy you.
all this is very beautiful,
I dare statement which you have of the talent, but let us come to the facts.
I believed that you had spoken about it with the others!
return to me that!
- You did not b‚gay‚. - That arrives to me.
- Why? - I do not know anything of it.
- You to simulate? - Forgiveness?
to simulate, make seeming, you to be played of me.
- Why would I do it? - You always do not b‚gayez.
Your husband called upon a traumatism infantile, it is true?
You do not use nor your true name, neither your age, nor your face.
Why this comedy?
and this confession, this " poetic overflowing ",
you want to read it with the court?
all this setting in scene...
anguish of your husband concerning our maintenance...
let us be clear and francs, Mrs. Winkelmann.
the artists poke curiosity with their way.
You created a smoke screen pink with your beauty, your grace.
But I distinguish your true personality behind your play.
only simple and precise facts us interest.
Your name?
Claudia Monteverdi.
Your age?
- I do not know. - You must know your age.
- You must know your age! - do not call me Claudia.
- I call you as I want! - kiss me!
Your age? species of whore of circus!
do not be hysterical! stop this comedy!
Please, cease immediately!
It is your fault, you returned to me furious.
Hans Winkelmann!
it had a sudden crisis.
- one did nothing but speak. - I heard you shout.
Who says to me that it does not simulate?
I did not do anything it can very to make seeming well, not?
call a taxi, I take it along to the hospital.
- I lead you to it. - not thank you.
I prohibit to you to travel by a taxi. the police force will escort you.
I come with you to clarify all that.
ll will have two doctors there and organizes it.
This trickery must cease. I tried to be pleasant, in vain.
Unfortunately for me and you.
a police car for an escort.
lci the doctor abrahamson... Judge abrahamson.
we go down in a few minutes.
we do not need reinforcement, two agents will be enough.
we go to the central Hospital.
all will be clarified. we go there?
Can you take his bag?
scene 8 a Bar
As usual...
- you are late. - one had not fixed an hour.
one had said 15 H, it is 16h30,
I waited one hour and half, you could excuse you.
- Forgives me. - very well.
- What do you want? - To speak businesses.
ll did without much things since this morning.
- has to hear you, they are bad. - all depends on you.
a telegram was received of our agent.
our round in the Far East was cancelled because of the war.
our round in the United States is also threatened
because of this rotten attack with morality.
That wants to say 6 months holidays or of unemployment.
- one will lose much money. - indeed.
- approximately a half-million each one. - Less, the agent does not take anything.
ll only remains us some weeks in ltalie.
it is annoying, it is the least which one can say.
Here about what I wanted to speak:
you will understand that I cannot to lend money indefinitely to you.
Here a state of our accounts that provided me our lawyer.
has right, your incomes, and on the left, your expenditure.
behind, there is the total.
our credit has: 296100 francs.
and my share in the house of ascona? That is worth something.
you perhaps forgot, I repurchased it to you
to be able to pay your taxes in Scandinavia.
we will have to make new contract, dear Winkelmann.
say to Bauer that I will still play one season, but with an advance.
addition, if it you pla^tl!
you t'en occupy?
the apartment will be sold. excuse me, I must leave.
ll has two other things there.
- That has the serious air. - a letter of our agent.
ll has evil to place us because of our seals.
ll proposes two solutions: or we work separately,
or we reduce our tariffs two thirds.
- ll suggests the first. - I see.
That suits me.
I intended to stop in one year or two.
remain to know what you and thea make.
thea and you, would owe you he to speak
of your future.
- thea and me? - yes.
You would form an interesting combination.
you will have to work hard to make new numbers.
thea would make a good stripper.
I know a good professor...
That is equal for me, make as you will want.
another thing...
ll has an overdraft there on tone count of 12100 crowns.
the bank called our lawyer, but as it does not speak itself,
and you either...
- it asked me to warn you. - another thing?
one must decide who will pay the hotel bill of thea.
- you, me or it? - she said to me that she paid it.
It is not true.
she often asks me money. small sums, it is true,
but I would like that one says clearly which manages its finances.
- you are her husband. - exactly.
thus we agree
that in the future, I will pay its invoices and will manage its money.
you can say to him?
she is annoyed when I speak to him about it.
it believes to manage its money itself.
- I will speak to him. - it is very nice.
the garage called, your car is ready.
Thank you, I will seek it.
according to them, the label is out-of-date since two years, therefore...
another thing?
I check on my list...
Let us see seeing...
not, nothing other.
you smell yourself how?
- Chiatique. - You dispute?
you call that, to dispute? representations are given
where one is witnesses and actors.
long representations.
it says that I cannot to satisfy.
let us go!
it says that you satisfy it. How do you make?
love and tenderness make nervous.
Penetrate it with your left hand
and your right hand supports extremely on its clitoris.
it will have several orgasmes.
after, you kiss it as you want.
how did you discover that?
For lack of imagination and despair.
- do not say to him that one spoke about it. - Of course that not.
do not launch out immediately.
Pretend to discover that little by little.
- does not worry you. - one did not saitjamais, with you.
- you support it? - without problem.
it is rather funny.
I like it in the spirit of " the ep^tl Re with the corinthiens ".
" the love is always trustful, full with hope..."
" it always perseveres," etc. It is well that?
- you are always tired of it? - yes, but that is equal for him.
- one is with end. - I know.
- it will return to you soon. - Thank you.
- you lost the reason? - makes some, I am very reasonable.
I can pay?
tell me a thing, you hate me?
not, far from there...
- I loved you better front. - before I take thea to you?
before you do not drink, that you leashes outward journey, I admired you.
I found you very sympathetic nerve, full with life.
you had something. thea also, moreover.
I had what?
a light.
you mouse... ll does not have there of another word, a light.
it is this light which thea and me let us try to extinguish.
I await a call of the agent.
I can ask him to call you to organize an appointment?
- you will be present? - without fault, if I can be useful.
scene 9 a room of Interrogation
Wednesday evening, August 9.
This morning, Messrs Winkelmann and Fisher
asked that one meet.
it is Mr. Fisher who spoke.
ll was not the same one that the last time.
its arrogance and its aggressiveness had disappeared.
ll appeared balanced, pleasant,
it had remorses and was very frankly.
ll suggested coming with his/her friends
after the representation of Wednesday.
lls will carry the behaviour prohibited number.
lls will give a representation into private
and will explain the scene in detail.
has their request, I accepted
that nobody of other is not present.
- Welcome! - afflicted for this delay.
torrential rain made the streets impracticable.
do not make any you, I had much work.
- we will prepare the scene. - Alas, it will be without lights.
I said to the night watchman not to disturb us.
lmaginez its head if it had to enter in full medium!
- How are you? - Well, thank you for the flowers.
I was relieved when the doctor said that it was not serious.
- You are restored? - a little tired by the treatment.
- It will not be too hard? - not, not for me.
I play of the drum and say anything.
excuse me.
I can put a question: why this scene?
we read that in a book, I believe.
I do not remember it more.
or it is Hans who heard that, child.
we wanted to recreate it. That stimulated our imaginations.
- then it is not so simple? - not, it is not so simple.
let us call that an intercession. the artists are very sensitive.
the need to devote itself to a rite. it is perhaps without interest,
but at a given time, there are all need to kneel and request.
Ritual play, incantation, formula. a kind of conversation.
I do not pour in the spiritual one,
but our desire has surely a Latin name.
Dr. abrahamson...
You undoubtedly had weaknesses.
a desire to let to you go with tenderness.
Like a child.
- Why this knife? - You do not know it?
I did not see the scene, it was just described to me.
- I can arrange it. - not, say to me with what it is useful.
This in addition to is full of wine. a given moment has, I raise it...
and bursts it by below.
the wine spouts out in the vessel.
- I see. - the lights die out.
complete silence, then the sound of the drum in the black.
not, I need the light to take notes.
we do not need total black.
sebastian, we are ready.
the voices are keep silent.
all is quiet.
still quieter.
still more.
the drum resounds. thea, if it you pla^tl...
not, initially, leave me... I must say something to you.
My father wanted that I would be a lawyer
like him and his/her father before him.
I did not have the choice. me was assigned this business
by drawing of lots. I make only my duty.
I proceeded with a great prudence.
I can nothing there if I were thorough with end.
I went too far and asked you forgiveness.
Perhaps you hate me.
I have a strange feeling of fear.
it was perhaps not curiosity,
but I wanted to see the scene of near.
animated by an obscure desire to take part.
it was perhaps the desire unavowed of... I do not know.
I have superiors, subordinates. I give and receive orders.
You are free, but I you do not envy it is an atrocious freedom.
isn't this? I do not include/understand you.
I do not include/understand your motivations nor your reports/ratios.
I do not include/understand my report/ratio with you.
Perhaps you laugh at me.
or not...
not... I imagine that you are serious.
one moves away from the subject, not?
- one would say. - I agree.
I always was afraid.
My first memories are related to the fear.
How I can, in if little time, you to give the key...
so that you include/understand the atrocities which me...
What do I say? I must calm myself.
I suffer from phobias.
ll is two hours of the morning, we all are tired.
Why do you smile, Mr. Fisher? I am ridiculous?
I mouse not.
It is an error to do that in this room of interrogation.
That should take place with the court, in front of witnesses.
Let us stop with the fear.
henceforth, you order, I am an obeying witness.
Dear artists...
You never had public more gratifiant and attentive.
I take my chair and will sit down over there.
I hope that that is appropriate to you.
did the representation start?
or does the orchestra agree?
very impressive, in any case.
I have a first name and a surname.
I was born, I was raised and educated.
I lived a certain number days, slept as many nights.
I was happy, I laughed.
I was sad, I cried.
disappointment, tenderness...
all is there.
You struck me, Mr. Fisher.
I admire your physical courage.
Your hand touched my skin, who burns,
but it also touched my memory,
my dignity human being.
You touched me and you humiliated yourselves.
But perhaps not,
perhaps you feel satisfaction and pleasure.
look at as my hands tremble.
etj' want to cry.
It is undoubtedly a kind of do abandonment, you include/understand?
to be pressed on somebody,
to find heat and comfort in the arms of somebody.
What a put in scene!
I admit that there is a kind of cruelty in my profession.
r‚primander, to humiliate, judge
and to inquire.
the desire of cruelty...
How this would be possible otherwise?
I ask you with you, artists...
You must know.
You know.
sebastian Fisher.
Claudia Monteverdi.
Hans Winkelmann.
begin the representation.
I will comment on what we do.
thea, in the large armchair, strike the drum.
ll makes night, before the rising of the sun.
the paddle points.
one cannot represent that here. Show imagination.
I see the paddle which rises.
I hold the vessel in front of the raising sun.
sebastian Fisher is held behind me.
Right before the paddle, the wind rises on the sea.
When it makes rather clearly,
at a given moment,
thea puts the mask of a god on its face.
I include/understand.
sebastian Fisher the arms tend behind him,
catch those of thea
and invites it to rise slowly.
at the same moment, I raise the vessel above my head.
the light is on the mask who reflects himself in blood.
I include/understand.
then, I drink in the vessel.
I swallow the reflection.
Then thea dispara^tl slowly in the back of sebastian.
it is thus a summary of our number.
I include/understand.
Dr. abrahamson died.
a doctor was called.
ll noted that Dr. abrahamson had died of a heart failure.
following that, the three artists were accused
for the number of mime that they called " the rite ".
lls paid a fine, interviews gave,
and at the end of the summer, they left on holiday.
lls never returned in the country in question.
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