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Subtitles for Riverworld 2003.

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Riverworld 2003

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System check complete.|Weīre ready to go, Scotty.
Control, this is Frontier.
We are good to go and assuming|entry attitude. Over.
- [ Switch Clicks ]|- [ Beeping ]
- [ Instrumentation Beeping ]|- What was that?
Weīve been hit.|Weīre losing oxygen and power.!
- Control, this is Frontier.|We have a deorbit emergency.|- Deorbiter not responding!
Rate of descent?|Five K.P.M. Time to entry interface--|three minutes.
[ Violent Shaking ]|Okay. My best guess--
10-second burn on front port,|20-second on rears|to bring her nose up.
- Tell me Iīm wrong.|- With the payload gone,|weīll overshoot.
I say five on front port,|10 on rears.
But itīs your call.|[ Grunts ]
[ Female Computer Voice ]|Warning. Navigational systems failure|in quadrant four.
Emergency protocol not responding.
[ Grunting ]|Well, weīre-- Weīre 50-50.|Weīre gonna do it my way.
Ten seconds to burn.|Get ready!
- [ Computer Voice ]|Warning. Electrical systems failure.|- Ten, nine,
Emergency protocol activated.|eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one!
[ Computer Voice ]|Warning. Heat shield reaching|critical temperature threshold.
Weīre coming in too hot.|Weīre not gonna make it.
Itīs not your fault, Hale.
I donīt think my way|wouldīve worked either.
[ Computer Voice ]|Warning. Fuel systems failure.
Emergency systems not responding.
[ Alarm Beeping ]
[ Alarm Fades Out ]
[ Groans ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Gasping, Out of Breath ]
[ Groans ]
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]
- Hey!|- [ All Shouting, Indistinct ]
Come to me.!|Come out of the water.!
Itīs okay.!|Come to the shore.!
Just stay calm|and come to me.
Itīs all right.|Go to the shore.
Thereīs cannisters|with clothing in them.
[ Shouting, Overlapping ]
[ Man ]|What is this?|Itīs all right. Itīs safe.
- [ Sobbing ]|-[ Man ]|Somebody help me.!
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]
- Get away from me!|- Itīs okay.
- Itīs okay.|- [ Man ]|Get me out ofhere.!
[ British Accent ]|I donīt know what youīre saying.|Youīve got to get me out of here!
Get back!|Itīs okay.|Iīm not gonna hurt you.
Iīm not gonna hurt you.
A minute ago, I--|I was 82 years old.
I was 53.
Ah, this is nuts.
Leave it to me!|Give it back!
Last thing I remember...|[ Man ]|Somebody help me.!
was in the shuttle--|we got hit by space debris.
A shuttle?
What year is this for you?
Itīs 2009 for me.
- ī34? I was born in ī56.|Thatīs 22 years after you--|- Died.
We all died.
But thatīs impossible.|Am I having one of my dreams?
Iīm going to wake up, arenīt I?|This canīt be real.
Is it?
My name is Jeff Hale.
Iīm Alice. Alice Lidell Hargreaves.
[ Woman Sobbing ]
Well, Alice Lidell Hargreaves,
something or someone|put us here.
Thatīs obvious.|The metal cannisters,|the atmosphere.
The air--itīs breathable.|Give it to me!|Thatīs mine!
It might be a different planet.|It might be a different|physical dimension,
maybe even|a spiritual dimension.
- You mean heaven?|- Or hell.
At this point,|anythingīs possible.
[ Man ]|Let it go.!
[ Man Shouts, Indistinct ]|[ Man #2 ]|Where are we? Where?
I know the coast.|This isnīt right.|This isnīt Polska.
[ Chattering ]
What country have they|taken us to?
The Schutz Staffeln--|the S.S.
What camp are you from?|Birkenau. Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Heīs a prisoner of war.
You are American?|Yeah, thatīs right.
Iīm an American.
Iīm CommanderJeff Hale,|United States Air Force,
[ Woman Sobbing Hysterically ]|2009.
Oh-- "2009"?
[ Gasping, Wordless Stammering ]
[ Whimpering ]|[ Woman,]|Somebody help me.!
[ Man ]|Whereīs my wife?|My number.
[ Woman ]|I donīt understand.|[ Man ] Please tell me.
Quis hic locus,
quae-- quae regio,|quae mundi plaga.!
Itīs Latin.
It means, "What worlds are these?|What kingdom? What--|What kingdom of what shores?"
Yes. Seneca-- Hercules furens.
It seems appropriate|under the circumstances.
I was a professor of ancient history|at the University of Kraków.
This is strange, so strange.
Forgive me.|My name is Lev Ruach.
I have one question.
Who won the war?|What war?
The second war.
- We did.|- Good.
- Good!|- [ Explosion ]
[ Wailing, Shouting, Indistinct ]
- [ Man ] That is Lucifer.!|That is Lucifer.!|- No!
Lucifer is here for us!
Lucifer! Itīs Lucifer come for us!
Whatīs happening?|[ Alice ]|I donīt know.
Come on.
[ Man ] What is it?|[ Woman ]|Come on. Letīs get closer.
[ Man #2 ]|Be careful.
[ Chattering ]
[ Woman Screams ]
Wherever we are,
I donīt think this is heaven.
[ Man ]|What is it?
[ Woman ]|Itīs dangerous.
[ People Gasping ]
[ Loud Flaring ]|[ All Gasping ]
[ Man ]|Incredible.
[ Man ]|What is it?
[ Sniffs ]
[ Grunting ]|[ Excited Chattering ]
- No.!|- [ Grunting ]
- [ Groans ]|- [ Growling ]
[ Alice ]|Stop it. Stop it.|Ready?
- Hejust wants food.|- Yeah, right.
Here you are. Itīs food.|You can eat it.|[ Sniffing, Growling ]
[ Growls ]|[ Woman ]|Stay away. Stay away.
Oh, my God. Amazing.
Aprehistoric Neanderthal man.
[ Snarls ]
Are you all right?|Iīm not gonna hurt you.
My name is Hale.
[ Man ] How does it work?|[ Man #2 ]|Take some of this.
Here. Take this.
[ Speaking Foreign Language ]|This could be a trap.
Youīre not understanding|a word Iīm saying, are you?
I understand you.|You speak English.
What is īenglish"?
[ Foreign Language ]|We donīt know|if this food is all right.
Someone or something|is translating for us|so we can communicate.
Maybe the same someone|who is clothing and feeding us.
[ Growling ]
Aaah! Curse you!
[ Snarling ]
[ Grunts, Groaning ]
This one is a problem.
Enough! Enough!
Better him than any of us.
The one must always be sacrificed|for the good of the many.
Wait a minute.|Who are you?
- A citizen of Rome. And you?|- Iīm an American.
We live by different rules|than you do.
And how is that relevant here?
Well, we just donīt start|killing each other.
You are the enforcer of your laws?
No, but if weīre going to survive here,|then we have to learn how to get along|with each other.
Rules, social order--
the fundamental aim of all responsible|citizens who desire a quality of life|that raises them above the animal.
Yeah, well, thatīs great,|but before we get that far,
we may want to find|some shelter.
You know, I suggest that we|establish our positions first...
to avoid confusion|amongst the citizens later.
Whatīs wrong with you?|Stop it!
[ Choking, Gasping ]
Someone do something.
[ Choking ]|[ Man ]|Stop.!
- You fight well.|- You fight dirty.
I fight to win.
[ Hoofbeats ]|[ Horses Whinnying ]
[ Man ]|Look.!
[ Horses Whinnying ]|[ People Gasping ]
[ Man ]|Look. Look there.
[ Yelling Fiercely ]
[ Yelling ]|[ Screaming ]
I guess weīre not the first.
[ Yelling, Ululating ]
[ Man ]|Get in there.! Get in there.!
[ Man ]|Theyīre getting away.!
[ Man ]|Quickly.! After them.!
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]|[ Man ]|Stop them.!
I am Valdemar,|master of Riverworld!
I offer you my protection from the chaos|that exists in this place.
The strong amongst you will be|considered for the privilege...
of serving in my armies.
Any others I choose|will serve me...
as workers or slaves.
[ Grunts ]
[ Moaning, Whimpering ]
You! Stay there!|You!
[ Man ]|Please donīt hurt me.
Here... there is only one rule,
one sacred duty,
and that is|to prove yourselves worthy.
Or you are no more than garbage|spat out by the river.
Gather them!
You.!|[ Woman Whimpering ]
You.!|[ Man ]|Please donīt hurt me.!
[ Woman Sobbing ]
[ Guard ]|Come on.!|Keep in line.!
Weapons and armies|take time to build.
You know, these resurrections|might have been happening|for some time,
and they might not be|anywhere near over.
- Do you remember|being underneath the water?|- I woke up swimming.
I thought I was going to drown.
Heaven or no heaven, this place|must be the work of a higher power,
a higher intelligence|of some kind.|[ Alice ] Of God.
Or-Or gods.|Letīs go.! Keep moving.!
Or another species altogether.|Go on.!
If everyone who ever lived|ends up here--
everyone,|the good and the bad--
Like Hades.|Move.!
Or purgatory.|thereīd be billions of us.
Everyone that weīve ever known,|all our descendents,|all our ancestors.
- All our loved ones.|- And enemies.
Letīs hope thereīs plenty of room,|or it might start to get|a little crowded.
No one rules billions with a sword|from the back of a horse.
Weīre caught in some personal fiefdom here,|one of many, would be my guess.
Keep going.!|Come on, come on.!
[ Guard ] Over here.!|[ Guard #2 ]|Carry it.! Come on.!
[ People Chattering ]|Go on!
[ Man ]|You two help me.|[ Man #2 ] This is happening again.
[ People Coughing, Moaning ]|[ Guard ]|You.! Go.!
Come on! Forward!|All right!
All right!|[ Woman ]|Let go of me.!
[ Man ]|Stop.!
- [ Grunting ]|- Easy. No!
[ Guard ]|Get her.!|[ Lev ] We want no trouble.
No ship!|No ship here that I can see.
- Itīs okay.|Please. Weīre going.|- [ Guard ] Hold her.!
[ Hale ] Leave her alone.!|Youīve already died once today.
Look. Itīs okay.
Itīs all right.|Get in there!
- [ Guard ]|Move.!|- Iīm Lev.
[ Grunts ]
[ Guard ]|Faster.! Come on.! Stand back.!
[ Breathing Heavily ]
I am Mali,
Prophetess of Yoruba,
mother spirit of my people.
- White people take us.|- The Yoruba?
The Yo-- The Yoruba. The Yoruba|were an African tribe, I think.
White people took you away|in a ship. Huh?
Yes. Sixteenth or 17 th century.|Portuguese traders, possibly British.
I was also enslaved|by white people.
By your own people?|Call them another tribe.
And as you can see,|there are many tribes|of many different colors.
[ Guard ]|Get in.!
- Oh, you poor dear.|- Her name is Gwenafra.|She is mute.
[ Alice, Gasping ]|What--|[ Mali Gasps ]
My name is Monat.
[ Alice ]|What is it?|What are you?
I am not human,|as you can see,
but neither am I dangerous.
I assure you.|Itīs all right.
I am from the star system|your astronomers named Tau Ceti.
Yes. Tau Ceti.
Are there other|extraterrestrials here?
Alas, I am the only one.
You died on Earth.
You were on Earth.
- You are 20th century.|- Yes, early 21 st.
I was an astronaut,|just like you.
My ship charted a large asteroid|approaching your planet.
We hastened to warn|your authorities,
but our intentions were misread|and we were shot down.
I alone survived the crash.
I tried my best under interrogation,
but your scientists were skeptical|of our advanced projections.
Chaos theory.|For your people, it was just that--|a theory.
For mine, it was a practice.
As we predicted, the asteroidīs course|was deflected when it passed through|theJovian Belt.
By then, it was too late to stop it.
The impact would have equaled|the detonation of 100 million|of your hydrogen bombs.
No life form could have survived.
- Well, this is more preposterous|than H.G. Wells.|- Believe me. Ask around.
Find someone who claims|to have lived on Earth...
afterJune 18, 2039 A.D.
- What is it saying?|- Use of masculine gender|would be appropriate...
when addressing me.
[ People Chattering ]
Heīs saying...
the Earth, as we know it,|is gone.
Your planet is dead,|but your species|has been preserved.
- And no way back?|- One is to assume.
Have you found any other|forms of intelligence here?
None higher than myself,
if you will forgive|my lack of humility.
How long have you been here?
Two years of freedom.
Two days of captivity.
We were resurrected together.
She appears to be|the only human on this planet|who has been resurrected as a child.
I have no idea why.|Neither does she.
And Valdemar?
He was one of the first.
Ten years on Riverworld--
more than enough time|to construct a modest empire.
His armies are known to all|as the Vandals.
My people will hear of this,
and they will come for me.
Do you see anything?
Theyīre locked up,|surrounded by guards.|We can go in as merchants.
No. No, we canīt risk it.|Sam, Gwen is a child,
and Monatīs knowledge|is critical for our success.
And if we get caught?|No.
There are too many other lives|dependinī on us.
You know the rules-- go for broke first,|go for anything else second.
Heīll take them to the fortress.
When weīre free and clear,|then weīll come back for īem.
[ Wind Blowing ]
Who are you?
Why have you come here?
All I have to do|is raise my voice.
Free me. You go your way,|Iīll go mine.
This world is large.
Weīll never have to meet|each other again.
[ Hale Sighs ]
[ Roman ]|The prisonerīs free.!
[ Guard ]|Get the gate.!|The prisonerīs free.!
[ Guard ]|After him.!|[ Lev ] Run, Hale.! Run.!
Get him.!|[ Man ]|Run, Hale.!
- He leaves us to die|like animals.|- You donīt know that.
You are all the same.
[ Panting ]
Come on!
Come on.!|[ Grunting, Panting ]
[ Panting ]
There he is!|[ Grunting ]
Come on!
[ Shouts, Indistinct ]
[ Grunting, Panting ]
Keep moving.!
- [ Grunts ]|- [ Yelling ]
- Weīve got him!|- There he is.!
The fool.!|Where is he?
Heīs dead.
Letīs go.
[ Gasping ]
[ Guard ]|Come on.!
[ Guard ]|Move on.!
Keep moving.!
- Faster.! Letīs go.!|- Move it.!
- [ Muffled Groan ]|-[ Guard ]|Move.!
Come on! Keep moving!
[ Man ] No.!|[ Woman Sobs ]|Stop.!
[ Guard ]|You.! Faster.!
[ Muffled Yelling ]
[ Guard ]|Come on.! Keep up.!
[ Prisoners Moaning,|Pleading, Indistinct ]
[ Guard ]|Move it.!
Stay in line.!
[ Man ]|What is it?|[ Guard ] Move along.!
- [ Woman ]|Where are we going?|- [ Prisoners Chattering ]
[ Guard ] Come on.!|[ Guard #2 ]|Quit dragginīyour feet.! Move.!
[ Prisoners Moaning,|Pleading, Indistinct ]|[ Guards Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Woman Sobs ]|[ Guard ]|Letīs go.! Move it.!
[ Guard ]|Letīs go.! Move.!
Move! Get over there!
-[ Guard ]|Watch īem.|-[ Guard #2 ] Scum.!
[ Guard ] Quit your whining.!|Move.!|[ Guard #2 ] Get back there.!
[ Valdemar]|So, the entertainment has arrived.
My warriors deserve|their amusements, Flavius.
And here are the men|that will give it to them.
You will fight to the death.|Show them to the arena.
- Move on in!|- [ Guards Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Guard ] Get in there.!|[ Prisoners Moaning, Pleading, Indistinct ]
[ Cheering, Yelling ]
[ Blows Thudding ]
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]|Come on!
[ Crowd Cheering, Yelling ]|[ Grunting ]
- [ Dissatisfied Sigh ]|- [ Crowd Shouting, Indistinct ]
That was too easy.|Get out.
[ Guard ]|Bring in the next man.!|[ Crowd Booing ]
[ Crowd Noise Continues, Muffled ]
I see it, child.|The palladium.
[ Crowd Cheers ]
Take your weapons.
- [ Man ]|Pick it up.!|- [ Crowd Yelling ]
[ Man ] Come on.!|[ Woman, Taunting ]|Donīt be afraid.!
[ Grunting ]
[ Cheering, Yelling ]
[ Grunts, Groaning ]
[ Dying Groan ]
[ Crowd Cheering ]
[ Laughing ]
- What is your name, prisoner?|- I am Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus,
citizen of Rome.
And now, a commissioned warrior|in my Vandal armies.
What say you to that, Flavius?
Flavius Carminus Doremus--|captain of the Praetorian Guard.
You were a lot younger|when I first promoted you,
and I was somewhat|more seasoned.
Your Majesty,|you have returned to us.
[ Crowd Chattering ]
Well, you might know me better|by my public name--
Germanicus Drusus|Claudius... Nero.
Emperor of Rome.
Hail Nero!
[ Flavius, Men ]|Hail Nero.!
Hail Nero!
Hail Nero!
Hail Nero.!
Hail Nero.!
Hail Nero.!
Hail Nero.!
[ Hushed ]|Did you miss me?|I knew youīd come.
When the fighting starts,|meet me at the tunnel entrance.
Thereīs a way out underground.|You ready?
[ Laughing ]
[ Scoffs ]|Never heard of you.
And this is not Rome.|This is the Riverworld.
And here, my law|is the only law.
[ People Laughing ]|Yeah.!|Get rid of him!
[ Man ]|Donīt move.!|[ Man #2 ] Stay back.!
Ah, but, you see, things are|gonna get complicated between us.
Your death will be sweet.
[ Man ]|Kill him, Valdemar.!|[ Crowd ] Kill him.!
- Do I not get|the benefit of a weapon?|- No.
Oh, good. So much|more interesting for me.
- [ Valdemar Grunting ]|- [ Crowd Cheering, Yelling ]
[ Cheering, Yelling Continue, Muffled ]
Yeah!|Yeah! Yeah!
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Crowd Cheering, Yelling ]
- [ Crowd Cheering ]|- [ Groans ]
Maybe you will find it|as entertaining for you!
[ Crowd Cheering, Yelling ]|[ Chattering ]
Who else challenges Nero?
All right. Act like slaves.
Come on, you lazy|bunch of slugs! Move!
Come on! Move!
- Prisoners are forbidden|to enter here.|- Except if Valdemar orders it.
- To do what?|- Soldier, if you want to be the one...
that questions the masterīs orders,|go ahead, Iīll wait here.
- The prisoners have escaped.|- Go ahead!
Go. Go then.|Move! Come on, you!
- Move! Move!|- Close all the exits!
You too.!|Over there.!|[ Man ] Go for it.!
Youīd never believe|whatīs goinī on out there.
Oh!|Thatīs not gonna do anything.
Please tell me|every day on this planet|isnīt going to be so eventful.
What are you doing?|He had a helmet on him.
Iīm sorry.|Come on.
Everybody, letīs go!
[ Wind Blowing ]
[ Monat ]|My community|is two days walk upriver.
There is food and safety there.
We will take you if you wish.|It is the least we can do.
- If I go, we all go.|- You are strangers.
It will not be up to me whether|you are allowed to stay,
but I will speak on your behalf.
I am not one of you.
Erzulie will guide me|to my people.
Lev! Lev!
Mali! Mali, where are|you going?
Canīt force her to come|if she doesnīt want to.
Letīs keep movinī.
- [ Hale ] Whatīs beyond those mountains?|- [ Monat ] No one knows.|They are unclimbable.
Following the river is the only way|to travel in this world.
[ Objects Streaking ]
The atmosphere must be thinner here|than on Earth.
Enough to make Riverworlders|keep one eye on the ground|and one on the sky.
The great debate in my time...
was the possibility that life existed|on other planets.
Hmm. Now you know.
How many?
An infinite number.
But to end up on this planet|with your particular life forms...
in this strange dimension|beyond life itself--
that I had not planned on.
Well, I guess weīre|in the same boat, arenīt we?
You humans|have each other here.
You have family, friends,|lovers-- all waiting|to be discovered.
You have that hope.
I have no one|to discover.
I have no hope.
We are not in the same boat.
We should find shelter and rest.|It will be dark soon.
The woman is following us.
Where?|I donīt see her.
Youīre blessed with|five senses, Hale.
Sight is only one of them.
## [ Chanting In Native Language ]
## [ Chanting ]
The other night,|when you escaped,|the door was locked.
There was, uh, somebody--
How do I say this?|He had a hood on.
So I couldnīt see his face,|but Iīve seen him before...
under the water.
He has some kind of power.|Heīs made me see things.
You mean like a vision?|Of what?
I donīt know.|The future maybe?
[ Grunting ]|[ Rocks Fall ]
[ Chuckles ]|You escaped.
This is Hale, the man who freed us,|and his companions.
[ Monat ]|This is Tane.|He is one of us.
Monat, you know the rules.
A stranger who saves my life|is no longer a stranger to me.|He is my friend.
Get Sam.
Watch yourself.
[ Man, Western Drawl ]|Monat. Itīs good to have you|back, my friend.
You must be Hale.
It would seem I owe you|a measure of gratitude.
Escaping from Valdemarīs clutches--|thatīs quite impressive.
- Heīll be mad enough to come after you.|- No, he wonīt. Heīs dead.
He who lives by the sword--
- When?|- Yesterday,
by a man who claims to be|the Roman emperor Nero.
Well, thatīs quite a claim.
Though I guess the true Nero has to be|somewhere on this planet.
Everyone comes here eventually,|so itīs possible.
He saved our lives, Sam.
Well, y all know too much now anyway.|You can enter our camp,
but only on the understanding|that youīre forbidden to leave|until I say so.
No exceptions.
Very well. Follow me.
[ Sawing ]|What on earth?
[ Chattering ]
Oh, youīre not on Earth|anymore. Come on.
Welcome to the Go For Broke.
For my sins,|I am the captain.
It must have taken years|to build a vessel of this--|Six and a half, to be exact. If you please.
I modeled her on the steamers|I used to pilot up and down|the Mississippi.
Add a couple of sails|for the scaredy ancients among us|to make them feel comfortable.
Those of us from the civilized democracies,|we are in the minority|here in this world.
The average Riverworlder|would kill you as soon as look at you.
But on this vessel,youīre gonna find|some rules and freedoms|that donīt exist on the land.
And with those liberties,|we are gonna travel everywhere|and anywhere this river will take us.
Are you going downriver?
You got a reason|we should go upriver?
Yeah. Nobody ever learned anything|sailing away from the source.
How about seeing the engine room?
Everything you need to see|you can see from up here.
We used the best|materials and men.
And we got fellas here who worked on|St. Paulīs Cathedral, the pyramids,
the Titanic, which they tell me|was quite an engineering feat,|despite its later mishap.
Iīm sure any question you have|will be answered soon enough.
- [ Clang ]|- In the meantime, thereīs plenty of jobs|around here for you to earn your keep.
These are your shadows.
Doesnīt look like|we have much of a choice.
Itīs nothing personal.|Just canīt afford a security risk|this close to launching her.
Sam. A word.|Excuse me.
Well, what is it?
I found enough palladium to start|the wheels and keep them turning.|Where?
A decoration on Valdemarīs throne.
Itīs pretty rare, Monat.
Any Cetian can smell saturated|metal hydride a mile away.
Our technology is based on it.
Timingīs good. With Valdemar gone,|itīll be pretty confused around there.|Iīm sure I can get it.
Valdemar we knew.|Nero we donīt.
What if one of us gets caught?|No. Canīt risk it.
Sam, the whole rock gives us enough|critical mass to finally launch this boat.|I say waiting is the risk.
This is not a democracy, Tane.
I decide who goes, who stays,|when we launch and when we donīt.
And what Iīm telling you both is--
Iīll think about it.
How you ever convinced me to|develop this cockamamie technology|of yours, Iīll never know.
Whatīs the matter with|a wood-burning furnace anyway?
My boat powered by rocks.
- [ Laughter, Chattering ]|- Pull it close.
Gwen, look.
I could make you a pretty dress.
Look, Iīve almost forgotten|what itīs like to wear civilized clothes.
How about I teach you|to sew as well?
[ Wind Blowing ]
Iīm just gonna take a bath.
What, you wanna come watch me?
Whoo!|[ Gasps ]
What-- Do you mind?
No, I donīt. [ Chuckles ]
In my time, when a bunch of us|would get together in a hot tub,|weīd call it a party.
- But I guess you didnīt do|that kind of stuff in your time.|- Not if one had manners.
I wonder what my children|would think of me now?
Did you have a family?
I had a son.|He died of leukemia.
And his... mother,
well, she tried--
She tried, but she couldnīt|stand the pain. She took her own life.
Iīm so sorry.
So whoīs gonna get out first?
Not me. [ Chuckles ]
- How much of it is mine?|- As far as the eye can see.
[ Flavius ]|To expand further, we need|the ship the rebels are building.
Our spies tell us|itīs nearly ready to launch.
Then we should act soon.
[ Grunting ]
[ Flavius ] We mine enough ore|from the rocks that fall from the sky|to keep our men fully armed.
The rebels steal from the harvest fields|occasionally, but it never amounts to much.
- Valdemar couldnīt catch them?|- They are highly skilled.
Sometimes it is better|to allow them some freedom.
Their ingenuity can be useful.
Tom got more cuffs and kisses|that day, according to Aunt Pollyīs|varying moods,
than heīd earned before|in a whole year.
He hardly knew which expressed|the most gratefulness to God|and affection for himself.
More tomorrow.|Time for you to go to sleep.
Whatīs this?|[ Chuckling ]
Well, who did this for you? Huh?|It wasnīt one of us.
One of the new crowd, huh?|Was it Mr. Hale? Mr. Lev?
Miss Alice?
Miss Alice.|Well, well, well.
Sheīs quite an artist.
And dressmaker too.
You two quite like each other, huh?
Donīt get too fond of her.
Correct me if Iīm wrong.|I donīt recall inviting you|below decks.
Take us with you.
I have a hundred berths on board|and a hundred workers|ready to fill them.
Besides, weīre goinī downriver.|That doesnīt seem to interest you.|Sam, listen to me.
In all your years here,|have you ever seen|a native of this world?
Not in 10 years.
Thereīs stories,|but thatīs all they are.
Theyīre not stories.|Someone came to me|while I was still under the water...
and he gave me the power|to see the future.
I saw Nero.|I saw a dark tower|wrapped in ice and snow...
and I saw this exact boat|headed upriver and I was on it.
Well, I reckon if thatīs our future,|then itīll happen just the way|you saw it.
You donīt believe me.|I donīt believe anyone, and I donīt|believe in anyone except myself.
Then believe in what|your eyes are telling you.
Believe in that.|Look at this world around you--
the obelisk, the cannisters,|the food, the clothing.
You canīt tell me that|someone isnīt behind this.
You spent years working on this boat.|Mm.
Years! Donīt you want to take it out|and find some answers for yourself?
Answers? Hell. I didnīt find|any answers in my last life.
Why the hell would|I want to waste my time|trying to find them in this one?
And you forget,|Iīm older than you.|Iīm a lot older than you.
I have a 30-year-old body|and a 90-year-old mind.
And what I have learned|in my considerable time|is to enjoy the journey,
not the destination.
Now the closest obelisk|is quite a hike.
Theyīll be needing some help|in the morning with the canisters.
Why donīt you go|make yourself useful?
[ Grunting ]
[ Whistles ]
Ah, ah, ah, ah.|Thatīs not nice.
Up the hill.|Up the hill.
Monat! Tane!
Get down here.!|Look what I found.!
Sneaking around.
Trying to find--|[ Groaning ]
Why did you--|Why did you do that?
He was a spy.|A Vandal scout.
It is the way of Riverworld.
- We could have questioned him.|- You are a stranger here.
You have no right|to question him or me.
[ Hale ]|Someone.! I need some help|with this man.!
Well, the good news is|they wonīt miss him|for a few days.
[ Monat ] Sam, if we go now,|we can be back before then,|ready to launch.
Theyīll never know|we were there.|If we go where now?
Valdemarīs fortress.|Thereīs some things there|that we need.
-[ Monat ]|Heīs been mining the meteors.|- Iron for weapons mostly.
But meteors contain|other useful metals, Hale.
The rarest is hydrated palladium,|which we intend to use as a fuel|for our boiler.
Valdemar found a rock|large enough to yield an almost|perpetual energy source.
Perpetual, huh?|Impossible.
Cold fusion has formed the basis|of Cetian energy production|for centuries.
The hell with the boat then.|Letīs build a spaceship...
and weīll just get off|this godforsaken planet.
Just the two of us.|What do you say?
Monat, Tane.
[ Sighs ]|One of you goes, one of you stays.|I canīt risk the loss of both of you.
I will go.|Without Monatīs brainpower,|the boat doesnīt go anywhere.
I broke out of there alive.|I can break back in.
Fine. Both of you go.
If youīre not back|before the next high tide,|Iīm gonna assume the worst.
Iīm gonna launch her without you,|on sail power alone.
[ Sam ]|Even with all these heroics,|I canīt guarantee you a berth.
If thereīs not enough room|for all of us, at least take the others.
Get me the damn rock.|There may be room on the deck.
[ Sighs ]|You trust him?
I donīt trust any human, even you.
[ Tane ]|Welcome to the Valley of Meteors.
Without them, we wouldnīt have|had enough ore to make our boiler.
We should keep moving.
Weīre entering Vandal borderlands.|We should find cover.
You got it?|He said it was behind the headboard.
Nah, itīs gone.
Looking for this?
[ Grunting ]
You should have freed me|when you had the chance.
Those who help me are rewarded.
Youīve done well.|Your bargain with Valdemar endures.
Bring him with us|to the ship.
Itīs a shame to waste such|promising centurion material.
But he will make a good example|for the others.
- ####[ Tribal ]|- [ People Chattering, Laughing ]
Would you like to try?|Mm. Yes.
- Sam!|- [ Yelling ]
Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Everybody fight.!|- Surrender, or they die!
Both of them!
Valdemar had more to offer me|than just a berth on a boat|to nowhere.
[ Nero ]|I gather sheīs ready to launch|at the next high tide.
Teach my men how to sail her|and your lives will be saved.
You, however,|can expect no such kindness.
The great Neptune|will require a sacrifice|if my voyages are to prosper.
And what better candidate|than my first true enemy|in this world?
Make it slow.
The profit is all in the pain.
Keep her apart from the rest.
[ Man ]|Ah.! Come on.!
[ Flavius ]|With this, we do not need|to rely on the wind.
And no one on the river|can have anything like this.
I want to see it work.
[ Scoffs ]
Now, which of you wants to be|the next crew member to die?
Once lit, the energy|converts to heat,
which creates steam,|which creates pressure,|which turns the wheel.
Good. Have the strongest prisoners|load the remaining supplies.|Store the others in the hold.
- The hold wasnīt built for people.|- The weak will die,|the strong will survive.
I fail to see your problem.
Oh, what my legions|could have achieved...
with metal hearts|beating inside their ships.
Everywhere this boat sets anchor,|soldiers will be added to my armies,|slaves to my work force.
You see, the only cure for anarchy|is the firm hand and iron will...
of a leader with a vision.
For the good of the citizens,|Rome must be resurrected.
Make him load the ship|with the others.
Less than 12 hours to high tide.
Hold your breath|long enough at the end...
and you might just get to see me|waving you good-bye.
No! No!|Come on!
No. [ Screams ]
Everyone!|You must be still.
Be still. Be still.
Breathe slowly.
Save your strength,|or you will die.
Are you all right?|If we live, weīll build another boat|and sail in the opposite direction.
Theyīre not gonna let us live.|You and I both know that.
The first time I was murdered,|I hadnīt the strength|to go down fighting. Now I do.
Are you with me?|Only if we get the chance.
Enough talk!|Move it!
Sam. Sam.|Move! Now!
Thereīs a time and a place.|Come.
If only youīd been reasonable.
[ Man ]|Get in there.!
[ Sam ]|Whereīs Gwen?
Whereīs Gwen?|I donīt know.
Gwen!|I can only hope she escaped.
Mali,you died in a hold|like this, didnīt you?
It was all for nothing.
This is how you humans|comfort each other?
There was a distinct shortage|of comfort in Birkenau.
In the end,|when all was stripped away,
the only words of comfort|that meant anything to me|were these--
I am still alive.|[ Scoffs ]
Say it.|I am still alive?
I am still alive.
[ Man ] Is everything ready?|Neroīs coming on board.|[ Man #2 ] Yes, sir.
The boat is ready.|How long till high tide?
Less than an hour.|And the woman?
She awaits you|in the captainīs quarters.
I do not wish to be disturbed.
Ah. Good girl.
Look, if anything bad happens,|go to your hiding spot.
I like your spirit.
The more they evade us,|the more we admire them.
I know I intrigue you,
though you wish I didnīt.
Youīre upset about your friend.
I did not order his death lightly.
But I must establish my authority|if I am to bring peace to this world.
Oh, is that what youīre after?|You revolt me!
Oh. You misunderstand me.
I do not claim to be perfect!
How did you get|out of that one?
- Good things come in small packages.|- Gwen freed you? Sheīs safe?
Yeah, sheīs okay.|Whereīs Alice?
All right, listen up. The tideīs almost in.|So weīre gonna launch the boat right away.
Hale, itīs too risky.|They donīt know how to sail her yet.|Thatīs our advantage.
Sam, this is our window of opportunity.|There might not be another one.
Now, if weīre gonna make it|through this thing alive,|we have got to work together.
Now, are you in or are you out?|Iīve gotta know right now.
[ Man ]|Come on, Sam.
Iīm in.|Okay.
Now, if we want to live,|if we want freedom,
everyone that steps foot on that deck|is gonna have to fight for it.
And maybe to the death,|if necessary. Are you ready?
Are you ready?
[ Man, Softly ]|Yes.|Are you ready?
- Yes.|- Are you ready?
- [ All Whispering ] Yes.|- All right.
Weīre going for the ropes.
The men on the ground|wonīt be a factor|once weīre underway.
We have got to come up with a diversion,|something to hold them in the beginning.
- Leave that to us.|- Good.
- Lev, can you handle a sword?|- Thereīs a first time for everything.
Get two men, meet me on top.|Mali, you go for the ropes|and then meet us as well.
All right, up you go.|[ Man ]|Okay, letīs do it.
[ Neck Cracks ]
Letīs go.|One at a time.
- Psst.|- What are you doing up there?|I told you to stay put.
All right, you can stay|and help Mali with the ropes.|Now, go! Go!
Lev, Iīm going after Alice.|Good luck.
I was inexperienced.|Impatient.
I lacked the judgment|of the elder emperors.
But Iīve learned from my mistakes.
And now I know I need|a strong empress by my side...
to steady me,|to teach me...
an emotion I was never|allowed to develop in Rome.
Choose someone else.|[ Screams ]
Look, you have secrets.
I donīt know|what youīre talking about.
You have such pain|behind your eyes.
Who left you?|Forget him.
Consider me instead.|I can give you everything.
Everything except love.
[ Nero ]|Ah, love.
The ultimate challenge.
So Neptune spat you|from his waters.
- Donīt.|- Then drop it.
Do it.
Oh, do it.
[ Man ]|Everythingīs secured here.
[ Chattering ]
These had better work, Monat.
They will.
Kick it.
You see, the true leader|will always sacrifice the one...
for the good of the many,|no matter what his feelings.
Thatīs the difference between us, Hale.|Thatīs why Iīm destined to rule...
and youīre destined to perish.
- Stay here.|- Not on your nellie.
- Run for the ship!|- Stop them! Theyīre heading for the boat!
Mali, help.!
[ Hale ]|Mali, quick.!|Cut the last ropes.
[ Man ]|Hold on.!
Unbelievable.|Weīve launched.
Monat, get another rocket.
Go to the engine room.|Fire up the boiler.
[ Yelling ]
You never told me|about explosives, Sam.
- Hell of a launch party.|- The engine room.|We gotta get out of here.
[ Hale ]|Watch out for Nero.|Heīs still out there.
[ Yelling ]
The sails.
The currentīs pushing us|towards the rocks.
The pressureīs up.
Here it goes.
You ever done any sailing?
Iīm from Danzig.|We learn to sail before|we can pee standing up.
All right, good.|Tie it off and take the wheel.
Right.|You should go below deck|where itīs safe.
Go on! Go! Right now!
Dear God.|Oh, dear God.
Give me strength.
Monat!|What now?
[ Grunting ]
How are we?
Full starboard!|Full starboard!
I have almost no control|without the engine.
Iīm on it.
- Sam! We need power now,|or weīre gonna hit the rocks.|- What about the sails?
Itīs keeping us from drifting,|but thatīs about it.
Weīre doing all we can.|We got a kink in here somewhere.
- Not a technologically sound idea.|- Necessity is the mother of invention.
[ Hale ]|Hit it.! Itīs working.!
Wait! Enough already.|Sheīs coming around.
[ Lev ]|Iīve got her. Weīre in the clear.
Good going.
Sam, there might be|more Vandals on the boat.
You go forward.|Iīll sweep aft.
Stay put!|Watch yourself.
Weīre almost clear.|Hale, be careful.
- Your fightīs with me.|- I suppose it is.
But I asked myself, "Why bother?"
"What an artist|the world loses in me."|Famous last words, right?
Youīve studied me.|How gratifying.
Yeah, Iīve studied you.|Iīve studied Nero the emperor,|Nero the coward.
According to history,|you poisoned your way to the top,
and then, under your fine leadership,|the whole empire fell.
Well, history is mistaken.
You were the sad end|to the Augustan dynasty|and the end of Rome.
No! No!
I tried to resurrect|a crumbling republic.
My own mother,
my wife Octavia--|they all plotted against me...
and against Rome.
I died fighting against|false accusations.
You died on the run,
and then you killed yourself|because you were afraid|to face your enemies.
That was your legacy.
Be very, very careful.
Give him your weapon.
- I said...|- Come on!
give him your weapon.
Move!|Iīll die fighting false accusations again,
if thatīs what the gods|demand of me.
So Neptune will have my sacrifice.
[ Spits ]
The first person|you have ever killed.
Yeah. Yeah, up close.
He wonīt be the last.|Not by far.
Neroīs dead.|Drop your weapons.
Drop it!
Move! Move!
You can jump|or we can push you.
[ Yelling ]
[ Laughing ]|Weīve done it!
We won! We won!|Whoo-hoo!
You fought well.
- Are you okay?|- Are you?
It looks like weīre going with you|whether you like it or not.
I guess so.
[ Man ]|Yes.! Good work.!
[ Knocking ]
You were right.|It was one hell of a launch party.
Come on in.
Well, hereīs to life on the river.
- Well, they all want you to be--|- Sam, I did what I had to do|to get us out of there.
- This isnīt my boat. I didnīt build her.|- Iīm not asking you to buy her, Hale.
Truth is, all I really want is to be|the pilot of the Go For Broke.
Mess about on the river.|I donīt know, maybe--
maybe find myself|a little adventure.
Mess about on the river, huh?|Kind of like Tom Sawyer?
- Uh-huh.|- I donīt know if Aunt Polly|would approve of that.
But I bet Mark Twain would.
Or Sam Clemens,|as he was known to his friends|back in the days when he was...
piloting that steamboat|up and down OleīMiss.
Mark Twain.
I havenīt heard that name in years.
Born under a comet,|died under a comet,
partial to meteors.
Come on, Sam.|Why donīt you tell them the truth?
Why donīt you tell them|who you really are?
Do you miss your family, Hale?
I do.
But they know someone|named Mark Twain.
When I look back on my earthly life,|I realized that I was the most happiest...
when I was|plain old Sam the boat pilot.
Maybe I knew who I was|and who I wasnīt.
Now I figure thatīs why Iīm here,|to find out...
why that was so.
Iīd sure appreciate it|if you let it stay that way...
Letīs head upriver.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Their journey has begun.
As you said it would.|But will it be|completed in time?
Will it be completed at all?
That, none of us can foresee.
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