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Subtitles for Road Movie CD1.

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Road Movie CD1

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Come with me. Stay off the streets
Don't do this to me.
I'm not interested in love anymore.
How can I leave like this?
Hurry up and get on!
Go and have a good life.
And don't ever come looking for me.
Suk Won, how much did you lose?
Don't think too much. Save yourself.
You're here?
What happen?
Can you get back any of our money?
Darling. I'm sorry...
You mean, it's completely gone?
I never meant...
You bastard,
that money was everything to us.
Hey you! You fucker,
you looked like trouble right from the start!
Hey, you. So you're the bed type, are you? Fine, fine.
And what's this shitface,
You fucker,
you bastard!
What are you doing in my home, you bastard?
We have rules here, too.
Leases, rent, key money, you know?
Look at this bastard!
Hey asshole. Asshole!
Look at this crazy bastard
- Get lost, you motherfucker! - Hey!
What's with all the noise?
This asshole's in my home.
Fucking rookie, must be crazy.
Beat him up and throw him out.
Whatever you say!
Go, asshole, get lost.
Hey, old man.
Let him stay, just for tonight.
Huh? Boss!
Standby, cue!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you for visiting Seoul Station, ha ha!
Cut! Cut!
Mister, try to be serious.
He said don't smile.
- So I'm homeless, big deal! It's just a way of life. - Think street life is easy?
Mister, we can't do this if you keep laughing.
Try to look weary, ok?
Hey boss, what should I do?
Try to look really shitty.
- Like this? - More.
Like this?
He says cut, cut.
Why are they only showing these parts?
There was more.
If you're done watching TV, beat it!
Go to hell! I got paid for doing that!
Maybe I'll go somewhere else
Oh, I'm so scared. These rich customers say they're leaving!
Lay off the crap,
and give everyone here a bowl of noodles.
I'm buying.
He's buying!
Look Dae Shik, I haven't had a customer all day. For God's sake, take them and go.
Bull shit
- Hey, where'd you get that jacket? - What? It's mine.
It's that broker's jaket. I guess he's a goner.
Oh, shit
Hey, hey!
So, feeling any better?
Take it, it's yours anyway.
Think you could kill yourself so easily?
Out of the way. Move.
You cutting in again?
I was here before, just had to take a leak.
Get lost!
Move over, asshole.
What is it?
Maybe he can't lift his arm.
Use your left hand, then.
Hey, you! Don't even think about living off us.
Every man's on his own here.
Right, Boss?
I can't move my arm, either.
come on!
You crazy bitch, beat it!
Can't you read, it says "Gentleman."
Boss, what are you doing here?
You're having a grand old time. What are you doing?!
Where do you think you're going, huh?
Hey, what is this?
Turning us out like dogs? Let me go, asshole.
Think you can treat us like shit!
Dae Shik, do something. Get your stuff!
Shut up!
Cut the bullshit and get lost.
Dae Shik, stay at the shelter for a while, huh?
Hey, stop that!
You bastards!
Hey, aren't you gonna help?
This is an outrage!
Aren't you coming?
Go ahead. The rain feels nice after so long.
Hey, old man. Go stay at the shelter, huh?
I don't want to deal with your corpse.
They don't even let you smoke there. Rather die on the streets.
Go to hell, then!
Wait, Wait, wait monent!
Just checking ID.
You just have to show us your ID.
No! I'm not going to the shelter!
Officer Kang! Take him away.
Don't read shit like that.
There's nothing there that'll help a beggar.
Beggar, beggar. Stop saying that.
Do I look like I'm living without a plan?
You don't believe me?
Out of three and it's au revoir.
If you haven't heard anything by now
Besides, what's the other two?
None of your business.
You got some money stashed away?
If you add it all up about 100 million won.
But I've got a second plan.
My colleagues will start their own company and call me.
Is the third your wife? Wake up.
She's a smart woman.
Aren't you lucky to have so many ways out.
So stop treating me like a beggar.
Because I'm different.
That crazy bitch. She's out of the shelter.
Why didn't you call me? Living like this...
I didn't want to burden you.
You crazy bastard. Burden?
It's hot here. You two talk.
I'm going out for some air.
I'm sure I've seen him somewhere.
So how are you doing?
Then what about me?
Here's ten million won. Try to make do with this for the time being. Trust me.
Were you a climber?
You look like you've climbed a lot.
- Did your friend say that? - He said you were a famous climber.
It's over.
A climber should be in the mountains. What happened to you?
please Shut up, okay?
Where are you going looking like that?
Go on. Don't ever come back.
This isn't much... Sorry.
Fuck you.
Mr. Yoon killed himself.
What are you
What's going to happen to us?
Leave your brother's house.
We'll rent a small room and start over.
Where do we get the money?
Jung gave me 10 million won.
What good will that do us?
And I'm not living in a tiny rented room.
How can you say that?
Why look at me like that? This is all your fault.
When did you start smoking?
I'm looking around for work.
I'll stay at my brother's until we get settled.
Is that all? We've got tons of bills to pay.
You little Here!
Fucking bitch. Too good for a rented room?
See what it's like without me!
Fuck the world
I'll disappear for you.
Het ~
You bastards!
Suk Won
Hey, Suk Won!
Bet you're gloating now that I'm back.
You're crazy!
Suk Won!
Are you crazy? You bastards!
Sun of bitch
Oh, shit.
Who do you think you are?
Proud citizens of South Korea.
It's illegal to let people ride in the back of trucks.
Show me your license.
It's hot and they were limping. I felt sorry for them.
Give me a break, huh?
Shut up and show me your license!
Hey, you two, get down here, now!
You're younger, you come up here.
Get down here!
- You could get killed for that. - We'll see about that.
You stupid ass. Hey! Hey! Come on.
You motherfucker. Go on, hit me.
Let go of me!
Good to see you again. Roads are terrible, aren't they?
- It was a nightmare getting here. - That's how things are here.
Jung Ki Ho! Come out.
You managed to hide for so long. How'd they catch you?
A minor car accident.
I'm really sorry. Didn't mean to get you caught.
Never mind. Actually, it's a relief.
Just your luck today, Mr. Jung. Let's go.
- Have a nice day. - Have a safe trip back.
What do I do with them?
No point in keeping them.
Where are you headed? I've got time, I'll give you a lift.
Hey, over here!
What happened to your face?
How can I drink coffee looking at a face like that?
Look, just drink up, okay?
I can't stay all day.
What's wrong?
You idiot.
You've done fine till now, what's wrong?
Just drink your coffee.
You guys are a barrel of laughs.
Come on. That's life, you know?
Nothing but trouble once you leave home. Right?
You're telling me this?
Hey, what is she doing?
Is she crazy?
Look. Over there!
Come on! A bit more!
It was his fault for driving drunk while on the run.
Hey, you two want a drink?
What did you think of her? She seems to like you.
What was her number...
I got money for the repairs, but it doesn't feel right to keep it...
Il Joo. I'm so tired...
Who are these bastards?
Shit, the bitch is in love.
Here they come.
After you're done, take a look in the mirror.
Don't just get up like a zombie.
You always come out with flat hair.
At least I don't snore.
Damn bitch!
Look, you bitches, cut the crap.
- Are you kidding me? - What?
Is this some kind of fucking recital?
Think I'm an idiot, you fucking bitches?
He's got quite a mouth on him.
Told you they wouldn't like this song.
Hey, let's drink up.
Uh oh, here she goes again...
Don't get her mad. You'll get hurt.
Hyung Ja, lock the door.
Think you're tough, huh? You asked for it.
- That's more like it! - You'd better have the cash.
Just shut up and get on with it!
Go to hell! Over a measly bit of cash
I'm a fund manager!
I spend millions at room salons. You don't believe me? Want proof?
- Where are my business cards? - Human trash, these people.
They were probably born that way, huh?
Detective Suh, we could have turned out that way.
Could happen to anyone.
- Hey! Why should you pay for them? - Stay out of it!
Got to spend your money on something.
What money? You're up to your neck in debt!
He's practically killing her in there.
You're really not up to it?
Hard to believe.
You look like you could drive a girl crazy.
Mister, don't worry. Once things start looking up,
something else will start looking up, too.
Take them with water. You'll ruin your throat.
You've tried them, too?
Why did you do that today?
I was just sitting there, when the waves called me.
Il Joo... Il Joo... Like that.
Bitch, don't do that
Don't be that way. There'll be better days.
Whatever you say.
Get some sleep.
Hey... You wanna live together?
Even though I'm homeless and can't get it up?
Love's enough, those things don't matter.
We can earn money, and they say too much sex is bad for you.
Love? I'm not interested in love.
Let's sneak away at dawn, just the two of us.
Suk Won's a real nerd. Why do you stay with him?
Don't pretend you're asleep!
Dae Shik!
You deliver here, now?
- Here/-yes
Don't kidding
Sorry, forgot to pay again.
I always drink myself stupid.
Been getting into trouble lately because of money.
Hey, here...
Wasn't that much anyway.
Give me a break! I'm the one who paid.
Didn't you two say you were heading for Busan?
I sometimes go there on business.
Come see us then. We'll have a drink or two.
Hmm, good idea...
Might not have the time, though.
See you around, then.
- See you again/-Me, too
Bye! Stop by sometime!
Take care of yourself. Honey
Go! Stubborn bitch
Are you crazy? You bastards!
How dare you throw stones at me?
I wouldn't follow you if you begged me! Hey!
Dae Shik!
It's more fun with a woman around. What's with you?
It's hard enough as it is.
She's following us.
What? Really?
Hey! / Don't you stop right now
Stop the bus! Stop!
What the~!
O. K ~
Isn't this great? Peaceful.
No stupid bastards in sight.
Right now,
I bet we're among the 100 happiest people in Korea.
My wife... I told her it's not a good time to meet, but she insisted.
What should I do? She'll be upset to see me like this.
We'll wait in the 2nd floor cafe.
Would you do that?
lf... I'm not back in 2 hours...
You've gone back to Seoul with your wife.
I'm sorry. But now you have II Joo.
You don't need me.
Let's go
Hurry up.
Here, over here.
Yoo Jung, Yoo Jung.
What's with you? Why are you running away?
Do I embarrass you?
Then what's wrong?
There's no hope for us. Is there?
Il Joo. Let's go.
Why? What about Suk Won?
He went back to Seoul.
With his wife? Is that true?
He said if he's not back in two hours, it means he's gone to Seoul.
That idiot. In his dreams
I bet his wife's here with the divorce papers.
I'll make up for everything.
Forget you ever knew such a prick.
Dae Shik.
You're in love with him, aren't you?
I need to use the restroom.
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