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Robe The CD1

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Rome, master of the earth,
in the 18th year of the emperor Tiberius.
Our legions stand guard on the boundaries of civilisation
from the foggy coasts of the northern seas to the ancient rivers of Babylon,
the fiinest fiighting machines in history.
the people of 30 lands send us tribute: their gold and silk, ivory and frankincense,
and their proudest sons to be our slaves.
We have reached the point where there are more slaves in Rome than citizens.
Some say we are only looters of what others have created,
that we create nothing ourselves.
But we have made gods, fiine gods and goddesses,
who make love
and war.
and drunkards.
But the power lies not in their hands of marble, but in ours of flesh.
We, the nobles of Rome, are free to live only for our own pleasure.
Could any god offer us more?
Today we traffiic in human souls.
the slave market is crowded because the emperor's heir and regent, young Caligula,
is coming to buy gladiators.
He probably will not be pleased to see me.
Look here, look here. A singer, a dancer,
a companion for a noble lady, or a noble gentleman.
Stop, gentlemen. A priceless gem for your household.
Look here, look here. A singer, a dancer,
a companion for a noble lady or a noble gentleman.
A physician from Egypt. Question him if you like.
Stop and look. Stop and look. Ajewel, ajewel from the East.
You've heard of the beauty of the Circassians. Look.
A beauty from Circassia. Stop and look.
Buy young and train them yourself.
Children grow into men and women. These Goths grow strong.
Buy young. Buy young and train them yourself.
Too old? Why, he's still got ten or fifteen years left in him.
He costs no more than an ox, and cheaper to feed.
A pair to touch the heart of any buyer. A mother and child from Syria.
Buy them together. Buy them separately. Smile. What's the matter with you?
Tribune. You came. l have them. Wait.
Girls. Girls.
Look. Two identical rubies. They're perfect.
And this one is a hairdresser. She's an expert. Look at her hands.
- Very nice. Aren't they nice, Livia? - Let go of me.
- l apologise for last night... - Anything you say will be a lie.
Slave loose! Slave loose!
Thank you, Tribune.
A tribune. So today in Rome a tribune does the vile work of a slave master.
Fool. Will you never learn? This is Senator Gallio's son you're speaking to.
- Down on your... - What's this? Tried it again?
Give me his slate. ''Highborn, educated, qualified for household steward.''
Sell him for lion bait. Put him up as a gladiator. Never mind the price.
But, Cleander, Caligula's buying gladiators today.
- What of it? - He'll get this Greek for nothing.
- He's worth 1,000 pieces of gold. - He's worth his weight in dog's meat.
- Please. - A gladiator. You heard me.
You animal. Animal!
Did you hear what he said? Lion bait.
- l'm sorry. What were you saying? - There's nothing more to say.
After last night you'll never hear another word out of me.
ln front of my friends, too. l know you were drunk as a pig, but that's no excuse.
Do you realise you've made me the laughing stock of Rome, Marcellus?
Marcellus Gallio.
Don't think l won't talk about this.
- l intend to. - Yes.
lt's good to see you, Marcellus.
lt's good to see you again.
Then you do remember me.
Yes, of course. Let me see now, it was the...
And your promise. Have you forgotten that too?
What promise?
To marry me.
Was l drunk?
That's not very flattering, Marcellus.
lf you'd tell me when l was supposed to have said this - the circumstances.
l remember them perfectly. l'd cut my finger, and l cried.
You took a dagger and cut your own finger to show me that it didn't really hurt.
Then you kissed me and l stopped crying,
and then you promised to marry me when we grew up.
- Where have your freckles gone? - l lost them.
- l loved every one of them. - Then l'm sorry l lost them.
Let me look at you.
12 years... The gods must love Capri to make you blossom so.
- What are you doing in Rome? - Tiberius sent me.
Since my father died l've been the ward of the emperor.
- Yes, this is Caligula's pavilion. - Empress Julia thinks l'd be good for him.
Caligula? You can't.
He'll be emperor someday, and... Would that matter, Marcellus, to you?
More than my life. After all, l promised you.
And you'll never know how seriously l took your promise.
Do you intend to hold me to it, Diana?
l might. But l've heard that you've made other promises since.
But only one vow to Diana.
He's coming, Marcellus. You'd better go.
Caligula and l have been in competition before, and l've never lost to him.
- At least you're frank, Marcellus. - l'm sorry. l didn't mean it that way.
Then all the tales l've heard of you are true.
- Every man makes enemies. - All your enemies seem to be women.
Begin the sale.
And why is Tribune Gallio in my pavilion? Does he seek a favour?
l invited him, sire. We were friends many years ago when we were children.
Buying today, or looking for amusement?
Buying, l hope, sire. A pair of twins.
- Male or female? - Female.
- Have them put up first. - Sire.
No. Sit down, here with me.
You're very kind, sire.
The pleasure of our loyal tribune is important to us.
You have such excellent taste. These twins must be charming.
We have here two Macedonian twins,
trained as companions, entertainers, servant for a highborn lady.
Only once a year can their like be found on the auction blocks of Rome.
They won't be sold separately. What am l bid?
500 gold pieces.
- Don't lose them, Gallio. - 1500.
- Marcellus, are you my friend or aren't you? - Not to this extent.
- 2,000. - The bid stands at 2,000 pieces of gold.
- You bid for yourself? - No.
Sold for 2500.
Forgive me, Gallio, but l have decided to give them to the lady Diana.
- But, sire... - You wouldn't refuse me?
No, sire.
Offered as a gladiator, a Greek. l guarantee his strength and fighting spirit.
- Buy him. - 50 gold pieces.
- 50. - Dog's meat!
There are no more bids. Get on with the sale.
- You bid against me? - Against Tribune Quintus.
- Be careful, Tribune. - The Greek is well-qualified, sire.
- He's worth a better price. - 200 gold pieces.
- 300. - You want to make a gift of him to me?
No, sire. l want him.
And l bid against Quintus.
- 500. - 700.
- 800. - 900.
The bid is 3,000 pieces of gold.
A little high, but l expected to spend more on the twins.
You offend me, Tribune.
l think it's time you offend me no more.
Detail! March!
Sold to Tribune Gallio.
A wonderful purchase, sir, even though you may have to beat him.
- Yes. Unchain him. - Sir?
- Unchain him. - But he's a dangerous man.
- Unchain him. - Yes, sir.
What's your name?
Demetrius, from Corinth.
At the end of the street you'll find the house of my father, Senator Gallio.
lt has a scarlet door. Report to the steward there.
There are times when l'm away with Senator Gallio.
ln that case, the slave attending the front door is required to light the lamps.
To be a slave in this household is an honour.
To be a slave anywhere is to be a dog.
The door. Open it. Remember to bow.
The door. Run, you fool.
- Good evening, Marcipor. - Good evening, sir.
lt's you.
No household duties. He'll be my personal attendant.
You could have run away. Why didn't you?
l owe you a debt, sir. l pay my debts.
- Not a slave's reason. More like a Roman's. - A Greek's.
Yes, l know. ln the great days of Greece, we Romans were no more than barbarians.
Have Marcipor show you where l keep my clothes. l'll change before dinner.
Good evening, Mother. Lucia.
Sorry, Mother, l was outbid for those twins.
- We know, Marcellus. - Diana was here.
Diana? You should have kept her till l got home.
Marcellus. She told us that you and Caligula had a quarrel...
- Don't worry about that. - Caligula's very angry.
- She takes him too seriously. - She has to.
- She's going to marry him. - Did she tell you that?
Mother, look. l think he's in love with her himself.
Love's like wine. A sip hurts nobody, but to empty the bottle is to invite a headache.
Well, you won't even get a taste. She thinks you're very funny.
- She does? - She thought you wanted the twins.
- Lucia. - That's what she said, Mother.
Marcellus. Are you deliberately trying to cut the ground from under my feet,
orjust too much of a fool to understand what you've done?
You mean my difference of opinion with Caligula?
l lead the senators who oppose him, and my son makes fun of him at private banquets,
and now humiliates him in public.
l'm fighting for the republic against the tyranny of the emperors.
- l know that. - You know nothing.
Nothing but dice and women.
And now, by your behaviour to Caligula, by these petty slights,
you cripple me, make my fight look like a personal quarrel.
- Yes? - Sir, Tribune Quintus is at the door.
- For me? - For your son.
- l'm not at home. - Yes, sir.
Your leave. Give this to Tribune Gallio when he does come home.
Well, aren't you going to read it?
After dinner.
Good eating to you.
Ladies. Senator Gallio.
Quintus is a very important man.
He was already my enemy.
- May we know? - lt's from Caligula.
''The courage of a military tribune must not be squandered in baths and banquet halls.''
''You are ordered to the garrison at Jerusalem.''
- Jerusalem. - ''You sail tonight on the Palestine galley.''
That's all. Not even an expression of his tender regard.
Cornelia, he will need his things.
Help your mother, Lucia.
Where's Jerusalem?
The worst pest-hole in the empire.
A stiff-necked, riotous people always on the verge of rebellion.
Our legions there are the scum of the army, the officers little better than the men.
Disease takes them off like flies.
Some have been assassinated, sometimes by their own men.
Others have spared the assassins the trouble.
What Caligula hopes he has given you is your death sentence.
- ''We who are about to die''? - Marcellus.
Marcellus, you are the only son l'll ever have.
You know what my ambitions have been for you.
l know how l've disappointed you.
Try to endure it, Marcellus.
Grow hard.
Watch the hand of the man who walks behind you.
Drink in private and sleep with your sword at your side.
Take nothing on faith.
Bind yourself to no man.
Above all, be a Roman, my son,
and be a man of honour.
Perhaps there'll be amusement in being a man of honour.
- Ready, sir? - Yes, that's the last of my gear.
Ready at the oars.
Man the lines.
Careful with that, it's the wine.
Yes, sir.
There's no need to be so formal, Demetrius.
We'll both need friends where we're going.
Friends can't be bought, sir, even for 3,000 pieces of gold.
ls there anything else you want, sir?
The lady Diana begs a word with you, sir, before you leave.
We don't want to lose this tide, sir.
l came to tell you that l'm going back to Capri
to ask the emperor to intercede for you.
l think Caligula treated you unjustly.
Why, Diana?
lt was partly my fault what happened.
The real reason.
Because l've found you again, and l don't want to lose you.
Perhaps you don't believe that a girl of 11 could fall in love
and stay in love all these years.
Don't cry, my love.
Lucia thought l was in love.
l laughed at her, but women are wise in these matters.
Tribune. We'll miss the tide.
Make Tiberius promise not to give you to Caligula
until l come back.
Cast off.
- Pull up. - Lines are up.
Start the oars.
Jerusalem's no pleasure resort at its best.
This is the worst, the feast they call the Passover.
This is when their soothsayers tell them the Messiah will come.
- Messiah? What's that? - King. Saviour. Redeemer.
Son of their god - and general troublemaker.
- He's coming here? - No one knows.
No one knows if he even exists.
He is, but he isn't. He hasn't come yet, but he's coming.
Every year the same.
You'll find out, Tribune, if you live long enough.
Thanks for the kind wish, Centurion.
The Messiah.
There he is.
What stirred them up? Perhaps he's coming after all, the Messiah.
Something's happening, that's certain.
Look. There. Those people carrying palms.
The man riding a white donkey. See him?
Flavius, clear us a path through these cattle.
Demetrius, come along. Your master will have you flogged.
- Did you see him? - Who?
- The man who just rode past. - l was over there.
He stopped here and looked at me. He looked into my eyes.
- What did he want? - l don't know.
l thought he was going to speak but he didn't.
Only his eyes spoke.
Come on, Demetrius.
l think he wants me to follow him.
- Who is he? A general? - No.
- A king? - No, he's not a king.
l don't know.
This is for the tribune. lt's very important.
Excuse me. Let me pass, please.
Here you are, Tribune, just as l promised you.
The finest Syrian wine from the vintage you like the best.
And now, Tribune, there's a little matter of payment.
One, two, three, four skins of wine you owe me for.
Four skins of wine for four days, remember?
Who are you?
Who am l? The tribune has a sense of humour.
- He asks me who l am. - Ever seen this man before?
- No, never. - Never, sire.
Gentlemen, please. Please. l am Caleb, Caleb the wine merchant. Remember?
l'm an honest man. The tribune and l have an agreement.
A skin of wine every day. Don't you remember?
Please, gentlemen. l want my money. l'm a poor man.
You're not poor. You're as rich as Midas.
And you're not honest. You're a thief.
- Then you do recognise me. - As for being a wine merchant...
The stuff you sell isn't fit for ajackass.
Thank you.
Oh, dear.
Tribune, what have you done?
Enjoying yourself?
Whoever conquered this land should have been strung up.
- Demetrius, pour us some of this poison. - The curse of empire.
But think how we make it possible for those in Rome to enjoy themselves.
l am thinking about it.
Pilate's given orders to arrest that fanatic.
Remember? The day you arrived?
Yes, the Messiah. What did he do?
He's been preaching, stirring up a commotion.
- Why don't you arrest him? - lt's not easy.
Pilate wants it done quietly. The man's got half the people on his side.
We've got to find out where he is at night.
And that is like finding one particular ant in an ant hill.
Vinegar, like the rest of it. l hope you drown.
l don't care how you handle it, Centurion.
Just do your duty.
There's one way that never fails. But it'll cost you some money.
Demetrius, how much is left in the purse?
- Eight gold pieces and some silver, sir. - That should be enough.
Give him the purse.
Give him the purse. What's the matter with you?
l'll report later. Tribune.
Pour me some of that wine.
Friend. Friend, could you help me?
l'm looking for the carpenter from Galilee, the one called Jesus.
- What do you want with him? - l must warn him. l'm a slave like you are.
You're not even clever, you Roman spy.
You. Stop.
- l'm looking for the man called Jesus. - Who?
- The one they say is the Messiah. - l never heard of him.
Can you help me? l'm looking for a man.
- A man? What's his name? - Jesus. l must warn him.
You're too late. Even now he is before Pilate.
- They found him? - He was betrayed to them,
and by one he loved and trusted.
By his disciple, who sat at his left hand.
Because men are weak.
Because they are cursed with envy and cowardice.
Because they can dream of truth, but cannot live with it, they doubt.
They doubt, the fools.
Why must men betray themselves with doubts?
Tell them, the others. Find them and tell them not to doubt.
Even now, not to doubt.
Tell them to keep their faith.
They must keep faith.
Wait. Tell who?
- Who are you? - My name is Judas.
Tribune, wake up.
Come on. Do l have to drag you?
Duty calls, if the word means anything to you.
- What is it? - The governor wants you.
- At this hour? - Come. Pilate doesn't like to be kept waiting.
Sir, l need your help.
Where's my helmet?
- l spoke to you of the man Jesus. - Yes, the fanatic.
- He's been arrested, sir. - What do you expect me to do about it?
lntercede for him. Make them see that he's innocent.
No. When his trial comes up, l'll look into it.
What's he supposed to have done?
He's already been tried. He's been condemned by Pilate himself.
- Pilate? - You're going there, sir.
lf he stains his hands with this blood, he's a murderer.
That's enough. Pilate's the governor, the Roman governor.
As far as l'm concerned, that ends the matter.
- As far as you're concerned, too. - Ready?
For your own good, you'd better forget you ever saw this man.
- l don't like to be kept waiting, Tribune. - l'm sorry, sir. l came as soon as l could.
l have special orders for you.
You're to report to the emperor at Capri.
You must have powerful friends at court.
- l suppose l have, sir. - There'll be a galley at the end of the week.
l have one task before you leave. lt's routine.
An execution. Today.
- Three criminals. - Yes, sir.
One of them's a fanatic. He has a following. There may be some trouble,
some attempt to interfere.
- Take enough men. - l understand, sir.
l've had a miserable night. Factions, no one agreeing with anyone else.
Even my wife had an opinion.
Good luck. l'm sorry to lose you.
- Thank you, sir. - Give me water to wash my hands.
- But you just washed them, my lord. - Did l?
So l did.
Some wine before you go, gentlemen?
- No. - You'd better.
- Your first crucifixion, isn't it? - Yes.
What? Never driven nails into a man's flesh?
Hail our king. Our king.
Make way.
- ls it night? - No.
lt's the middle of the day.
This isn't like other days.
Your go, Paulus.
You're lucky today, Tribune. l'm finished.
- l'm always lucky. - You. Bring me that robe.
- l have a proposition for you, Tribune. - What?
You'll see.
- Hurry up. - What's the matter with that slave?
- Where did you find him, Tribune? - Throw the dice again, Paulus.
Mine by right of possession.
First-class homespun, previously owned by a carpenter of Galilee.
How much will you risk against it?
- 11. - Tribune?
Lucky again.
Tribune Gallio's first battle trophy,
for victory over the king of the Jews.
We've done our duty, Centurion. No need to joke about it.
You can say that. You're going back to Capri to kiss the emperor's hand.
l have to stay here in this sinkhole.
- Get back to your post. - Let me go.
- They say the storm's ajudgment. - Superstitious idiot.
- They say he's the Son of God. - Maybe he is. l don't know.
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Throw that cloth over me.
Didn't you hear me? Throw that cloth over me.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Take it off.
You crucified him.
You, my master.
But you've freed me.
l'll never serve you again, you Roman pig.
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