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Robe The CD2

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Masters of the world, you call yourselves.
Thieves. Murderers.
Jungle animals.
A curse on you.
A curse on your empire.
There it is again, sir.
No. No.
Stop it. Stop it.
Stop it. Why don't you stop it?
- Stop what, sir? - Were you out there?
Out where, sir?
l'm sorry.
A nightmare.
lt must have been a nightmare.
- We should put him in irons, sir. - He's a tribune.
l don't care. He's dangerous.
lf he asks me once more ''Were you out there?'' in that tone of voice...
l haven't slept since we left Joppa.
My lady.
My lady, he is here.
What's wrong, Marcellus? You're ill.
- What is it? Let me help you. - No one can help me.
lt's enough that l'm with you again.
Let's sit here.
You can have no trouble so great that l'd be afraid to share it.
Ever since l went away you've been in my heart.
Your voice in my ears, your image in my eyes.
Waking and sleeping, you were with me.
And even more, since it happened.
- Since what happened? - Every evening of the voyage,
a star appeared above the bow, standing bright and steady in the sky,
as if sent to guide the ship home.
ln my illness,
l thought you had sent it as a sign.
lt became my one link with sanity.
Sanity? What do you mean?
What is it, Marcellus? Tell me.
- Marcellus? - Don't come near me.
Keep away.
No, Marcellus. Don't.
My love, my poor love.
Tell me.
Soon enough you'll learn the truth.
l am ill, as you guessed.
But in my mind.
The truth is, l'm mad.
My lady?
- What is it? - A message from the emperor.
He'll see Tribune Gallio at once.
- You can't go now, not till you've rested. - lt's no use. He already knows.
The captain of the galley ran to report to him as soon as we docked.
l'll go with you.
l can't ask you to.
But l want you to know
you're free from your promise.
Sire, Tribune Gallio is here as you commanded.
But he was made ill by the voyage.
l beg you to postpone the audience until he is rested.
- Does he ask for a postponement? - No, sire, but l do. l implore you.
lt would serve no purpose. l will see him now.
Bring him in.
The lovely lady Diana married to an idiot.
But she's too good for Caligula, isn't she?
After 40 years with Julia,
my approaching death holds few terrors for me.
Death, sire? But my last examination proves you'll live for 20 years at least.
- My physician is very loyal. - Not 20, sire.
30. l read it only last night in the entrails of an owl.
And my soothsayer even more loyal.
The entrails of an owl.
No, stay. We may have need of you men of science.
The entrails of an owl.
- You are welcome, Tribune. - Thank you, sire.
l bring you dispatches from Pontius Pilate.
By your leave, sire, he asked me to put them into your hands and no others.
Then they must hold bad news.
- Sit down, Tribune. - Thank you, sire.
Tell me, what was your impression of Pilate?
- lt's not my place to... - l'm asking you.
Did you find him capable?
Yes, sire. He is considered a good administrator.
- Stern, as befits a Roman governor? - l'm sure of that, sire.
l can't say.
Why not? Surely you can give me some sort of an answer.
Tell me, Tribune, what happened out there?
- What happened? - Were you out there?
l told you, sire, he's ill. Let me take...
Leave him alone. Stand back.
Tribune Gallio, you are a Roman officer.
l command you to get control over yourself.
Yes, sire.
This report of Pilate's, and your own condition,
hint alike at a serious situation.
- Now speak. - Please, Marcellus. He wants to help you.
l'm not your enemy, boy.
l fought in lberia with your grandfather. Your father was like a son to me.
Now tell me. Everything.
ls Tribune Gallio still there?
He's been talking for two hours, my lady.
- And? - Hopeless, my lady. Completely hopeless.
The Son of God?
What god?
l don't know, sire.
l don't know.
And you lost your wits when he looked at you?
lt was later, when l put on the robe.
Miracles, disciples, slaves running away...
Roman legionaries fraternising with the natives...
Well, none of this concerns us for the moment.
We must make you well. What have you learned gentlemen to say?
A difficult matter, sire. Under my care...
- He'd never improve. - Who gave you permission to speak?
The clue to this man's sanity is not in a vial of medicine.
- Well, where then? - ln the robe that bewitched him.
- Go on. - Plainly, there was a curse on the robe.
His only chance is to find it and destroy it.
An interesting notion.
He's right, sire. He must be right. The robe was bewitched.
- Let me find it, sire, destroy it. - lf you do, your mind will be restored.
A lost robe in the hands of a runaway slave?
- What chance would you have? - He couldn't get away.
He must be still in Palestine, with the other followers of the dead man.
He had disciples. lt's there in Pilate's message.
Who knows what powers he left to these disciples?
Magic formulas, potions...
- Beware. - He is dead, Dodinius.
Evil never dies. lt lives - in the air, in the robe, everywhere.
Tribune Gallio, l give you an imperial commission.
For yourself, find this robe and destroy it.
For Rome, seek out the followers of this dead magician.
l want names, Tribune.
Names of all the disciples, of every man and woman who subscribe to this treason.
Names, Tribune. All of them.
No matter how much it costs or how long it takes.
You will report directly to me.
l understand, sire.
- l am grateful. - A galley will be put at your disposal.
You will leave at once, on the first tide.
That is all.
Thank you, sire.
For your sake, l interfered when my wife wanted to give you to Caligula.
For your sake, l brought your tribune back from Palestine.
For your sake, l now free you from him.
But, sire, l have no wish to be free.
Have you gone mad too?
He had everything then.
He could have had me too.
l wanted him, but l wasn't sure that l loved him.
Now l am sure.
l think it my duty to forbid you to see him again.
As a child, you were wise.
Now you reason like a woman, foolishly.
l can't help being a woman, sire, but l try to reason as you taught me.
You were a soldier, sire.
When you won, you could expect your legions to cheer you.
But when you lost, what would you have given
to see the eagles raised in your honour, to hear your name on every man's lips?
l like Caligula no better than you do,
but what a wife you would make for an emperor.
Very well, my dear. Your tribune shall have another chance.
Thank you, sire.
When it comes,
this is how it will start.
Some obscure martyr in some forgotten province.
Then madness, infecting the legions,
rotting the empire,
then the finish of Rome.
But if the tribune breaks the spell...
Spell, you fool? What spell?
This is more dangerous than any spell your superstitious mind could dream of.
lt is man's desire to be free.
lt is the greatest madness of them all.
And l have sent the most effective physician l could find to cure it.
l have sent a madman.
Tribune. Tribune.
- l warned you not to call me Tribune. - Worthy merchant, then. l have news for you.
When Abidor says he'll find someone, he finds him.
You found the Greek slave. Where is he?
l haven't seen him, not myself. But he is known, in this village.
- Cana, it's called. You'll find him soon. - ''Soon.'' With you it's always ''soon''.
We've been to three provinces and a hundred villages. Has he been seen?
These villagers are suspicious.
ln this land of Galilee, the crucified one has many friends, very many.
Names for your list, Tribune - merchant, l mean.
And coins for me too, no? A coin for every name.
- The Greek. What about the Greek? - He has been here.
He is somewhere in Galilee now, with one they call the big fisherman.
- Fisherman? - That's all l know. You'll find out the rest.
The emperor's spy is cleverer than a poor Syrian guide.
l'll prepare the way for you. A Roman merchant comes to trade for their homespun.
Your gold will buy their answers.
And their lives.
Got any woollens? He'll buy them.
He wants all the homespun in Galilee.
- Who is he? - The Roman merchant.
He's paying well over market prices.
Says homespun is coming into style in Rome. The fine ladies dye it fancy colours.
Maybe he'll buy this.
Look what he paid me, and there was a moth hole in it.
l wouldn't have used that rag of mine for a donkey blanket.
You've paid more than you should have.
ls this how we were taught?
Do we pray to be washed of the sin of greed
only to close the book, and cheat the stranger in our midst?
Well, l'm not ashamed, Justus. This money comes from the taxes that grind us down.
Does one crime erase another?
Friends, shall we turn dishonest because life is hard?
l think you gave me too much.
Thank you, friend.
l hope you'll forgive my neighbours.
l wasn't angry. A man is not cheated when he's satisfied with the price.
But you weren't the real loser. They were only cheating themselves.
Good day.
l'd like to camp overnight here. Can you suggest a place?
l'd be glad to.
You seem to have great influence here.
Well, when age speaks, youth listens, sometimes.
That's not what l mean.
- Are you their leader? - l'm only a weaver.
Few travellers come to Cana. What's the news from the great world?
The world's the same. But l've heard that some new ideas have sprung up.
ldeas are...
ldeas are important. They grow like children.
- Have you any children? - Several. And a grandchild.
We call him Jonathan, because he was born with a crooked foot, like Jonathan of old.
Jonathan of old?
l don't suppose they teach our history in Roman schools.
- Jonathan. - Yes?
Wait for me.
- Didn't you tell me he was crippled? - He's well now.
Jonathan, this is...
Caius Marcellus. How are you, Jonathan?
- l'm fine, thank you. Are these your donkeys? - Yes.
Behind this house there's a good place to camp, and a well.
Jonathan, come along. lt's time for you to eat.
- Already? lt's early. - Perhaps he would like a ride on a donkey.
- May l? - Of course.
What's more, you can keep him. From now on he's Jonathan's donkey.
- Mine? - You are very generous, sir.
No. l'm still in your debt.
ls he one of us, Grandfather?
You are, or you wouldn't be giving things away. Did Jesus tell you to do that?
You must have known him. He straightened my foot.
- There you are. - Go. Go.
Fast, go. Grandfather, look, l'm riding.
l'm riding my own donkey. Look, everybody. He's mine.
David, look. He's my donkey. Mine.
Look, everybody. The man down there gave him to me.
Jesus used to live near here, you know. ln Nazareth.
Almost everyone in Cana knew him.
Now upon the first day of the week
Very early in the morning
We came unto the sepulchre
And found the stone rolled away, rolled away
The great stone
Was rolled away
And we entered into the sepulchre
And found not the body of Jesus
And lo, a voice spake to us, saying:
''Why seek ye the living among the dead, among the dead?''
''O seek not the living among the dead.''
''For he said unto you in Galilee
The Son of Man must be delivered
lnto the hands of sinful men
And be crucified and rise again, rise again.''
''The Son of Man must rise again.''
And lo, Jesus appeared to us
And showed us his wounds
And he said unto us there:
''Go ye therefore, the blessed
And teach all the nations.''
''And l am with you always.''
''l am with you.''
''l am with you
Even to the end of the world.''
- Who is she? - Her name is Miriam.
You've seen my grandson. Miriam is another on whom Jesus looked.
Another miracle?
lf you want to use the word.
When she was 15, she was struck down by paralysis.
lt left her hopelessly crippled, and hopelessly bitter about life.
She ate herself away with hate and consumed everyone with her envy and malice.
- But she's still a cripple. She can't walk. - No, she can't.
lf he was such a magician, why didn't he cure her?
He did.
l don't understand.
- Have you had supper? - No.
Perhaps you will honour my poor house.
Thank you.
Then one day there was a wedding here in Cana.
The whole village took part in it, all but Miriam.
She stayed home and wept.
A wedding, you see, when no man would look at her and her twisted body.
But when her parents returned to the house, they found her, as she is now,
as you saw her, smiling and singing.
Was Jesus at the wedding?
Yes. But he came late.
So now she spends her time singing fables about the man.
But they're not fables.
Surely you don't believe that he rose from the dead?
He lives more surely than we do.
He's dead. And no moonstruck girl can sing him back to life again.
How do you know that he's dead?
A soldier told me.
A soldier who saw the lance thrust into his side.
A soldier who was...
who was out there!
What's wrong?
Were you out there?
You're ill. Let me help you.
No. Let me alone.
Since the voyage, l've been indisposed.
Forgive me.
My master. These Romans drink like pigs, but they pay well.
- What do you want? - l have news.
This pedlar outside is fresh from Jerusalem.
He says the governor has ordered the arrest of all these fanatics called Christians.
And for the leaders they pay in gold, generously.
Justus is a leader, no?
l act under an imperial commission, and l report to Tiberius, not to Pilate.
Fine. You are a rich tribune.
But what harm is it if l get a few extra coins out of this?
Justus on the cross is worth a year of good wine to me.
- Get back to Damascus, Abidor. - But...
Leave now. Tonight.
You won't get rid of me so easily, worthy merchant.
These Galileans are poor, but they might pay well to know who you are.
And you are the man who crucified him. You are his murderer, they are saying.
Stop! You are hurting me!
Let's go. Come on.
Kick him. Kick him.
- Kick him harder. Let's go. - l'm kicking.
Go on, kick him. He'll go.
Kick him, that's it. He'll go. Kick him.
- Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
- Kick him. - Jonathan, isn't it?
- Yes. - Letting your friend have a ride?
- No, l gave him the donkey. - You gave him the donkey?
- Did your grandfather tell you to do that? - No, sir. l did it myself.
Why are you so angry?
- Good morning. - Good morning.
l didn't mean to eavesdrop.
l sit here so that l can watch people pass.
Well, wouldn't you be angry? l gave him the donkey for himself.
Then it doesn't matter what he does with it.
l suppose not.
ls it that you resent what our master taught us?
Why should l resent it? He means nothing to me.
Then why do you consider him your enemy?
You see, we know why you're here, Marcellus.
lt's simple, really. No merchant, even a stupid one, would have paid those prices.
And the look of you, those shoulders.
We guessed at once what you were.
Sit down, please, here in the shade. The sun's hot.
Why must you do this, Marcellus? ls it for Rome?
And for myself, to save my reason.
Justus said you were ill.
- There's one who can help. - No.
- He was crucified. That was the end of him. - That was the beginning.
He's with his Father, but he left his word with us and taught us how to use it.
Don't confess to sorcery. You'll make things worse.
He was no sorcerer, Marcellus. He cast no spells.
He only asked two things of us: ''Love God'', he said, ''and love ye one another.''
And he meant not only the Jews, but Romans and Greeks, slaves and soldiers,
the strong and the weak, everyone.
He asked us to build our lives on this love, this charity.
- To build a new world. - Worlds are built on force, not charity.
Power is all that counts.
Perhaps we have something better than power. We have hope.
That you of all people should say that.
What do you mean, Marcellus?
You say he could work miracles, but he left you as he found you.
l used to wonder at that myself,
until faith taught me the answer.
He could have healed my body, and it would have been natural for me to laugh and sing.
And then l came to understand that he had done something even better for me.
He'd chosen me for his work.
He'd left me as l am so that all others like me
might know that misfortune needn't deprive them of happiness within his kingdom.
lt's beyond reason that anybody should think as you do.
lf you had only known him, looked into his eyes, heard him speak...
- l did. - l don't understand.
Please. lt's enough.
You're in no danger from me.
l'm leaving. Now.
- We hoped you'd stay. - Do you want to die?
- Of course not. - Then let me go.
No one's holding you, Marcellus.
But a man came here this morning l wanted you to meet, the big fisherman.
- Fisherman? - Simon the Galilean.
The one Jesus called Peter.
Did he come alone?
No, he has a companion, a Greek.
Where are they?
At Shalum's inn. lt's not far from here.
l don't know what's in your heart. l've tried to tell you what's in mine.
But it's clear that you're troubled, and l wish l could help you.
Every man must find his own way, but sometimes it's a comfort
to know that others, too, have felt confused and lost.
Don't lose heart, Marcellus.
The way is never easy, but it's a path good men must take.
l hope you'll find yours.
The Greek, Demetrius. Where is he?
Up the stairs. The first door you see.
Stand up in the presence of your master.
That robe. Where is it?
The robe?
- Here. - Keep away.
Sir, you look ill.
There. Burn it.
- Why? - lt cast a spell on me.
- lt couldn't. - l order you to burn it. Now.
Why are you afraid of it? l'm not. lt brings me close to the one who wore it.
l've ordered you to burn it.
That you will have to do yourself.
l'll have you whipped and sold as a galley slave.
l'll teach you who's master here.
l know who my master is.
You're afraid, but you don't really know the reason why.
You think it's his robe that made you ill.
But it's your own conscience, your own decent shame.
Even when you crucified him you felt it.
The spell isn't in here, it's in your heart and your mind.
Face it, Marcellus. Don't be afraid of him.
He'd understand you.
He had compassion for all men.
lt was for your sake that he died.
For the sake of all of us.
No. No. No.
l am not afraid.
l'm not afraid.
Until now, you only remembered what you did to a man.
The wrong, and your shame.
But now you remember the man.
Come, let me present you.
Marcellus Gallio, tribune of Rome.
Peter, fisherman of Galilee.
A humble subject of the empire is honoured, Tribune.
l think the honour is mine, sir.
Everybody, move closer.
Sit down, children. Closer, everybody.
Sit down. l want to talk to you.
Neighbours and friends, many of us were privileged to know our master.
But none was as close to him as our friend Simon of Galilee,
whom he loved as his own brother, and whom he called Peter.
On that terrible night when he was betrayed, when some doubted and all fled his side,
only Peter remained steadfast, loyal to the end.
You may speak in a moment, Peter. Now it's my turn.
And so, my neighbours, on this happy day,
l welcome you here to honour...
Stop it. Stop it!
Stop it. Stay where you are.
Advance. Advance.
Well, Tribune. Your new command?
Centurion, by what authority do you attack these people?
l need no authority to clean out a nest of traitors.
- Withdraw your men. - And your authority, Tribune?
- An imperial commission. - l know you have it.
But it's no longer in effect. Tiberius is dead.
Caligula is emperor. Hits you hard, doesn't it?
- Men. - Wait.
An imperial commission is good until it is revoked by the emperor, whoever he may be.
- Have you new orders from Caligula? - No, but...
Then obey mine.
Make me obey, Tribune.
No. You won't try, will you?
Brave enough with a dice, or a cup of wine.
A tribune because you bear an important name, because you have friends at court.
Well, you outrank me, but l earned my rank, every step of it,
in Gaul and lberia and Africa, against the enemies of Rome.
With this.
Make me obey you, Tribune,
if you're fool enough to try.
You are a fool.
l've split more men from head to foot than you see in this square.
lf l win, you'll keep your word? You'll withdraw your men?
lf you win, they'll be yours to command.
l'll be dead.
Well? What are you waiting for?
Finish it.
You may give that order now, Centurion.
Column! Form square!
Prepare to march.
Formation, turn.
Column forward.
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