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Robe The CD3

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Demetrius and l will leave in the morning.
We go to Syria, Lebanon, then Greece, Sicily, and finally Rome itself.
Everywhere we'll find friends.
Everywhere our movement grows.
And you, Marcellus?
l suppose l'll go back to Rome.
Demetrius and l wondered if you'd come with us.
- You want me? - We can always use courage and devotion.
No. No.
- lt's impossible. l can never be one of you. - Why not?
Marcellus, is there something you want to tell me?
- l'll try. - lf it will make it easier,
let me tell you about the burden l carry.
You heard Justus say l was steadfast and loyal.
He didn't know.
The night Jesus needed me most, l denied him.
Not once, but three times. l swore l never knew him.
l crucified him.
l know. Demetrius told me.
And you can forgive me?
He forgave you from the cross.
Can l do less?
Now, does anything stand in your way?
Can you be one of us?
From this day on,
l'm enlisted in his service.
l offer him my sword, my fortune and my life.
And this l pledge you on my honour as a Roman.
- Will you wait for me here, please? - Yes, my lady.
The emperor will see you now.
The lady Diana, as beautiful as ever.
- And as cold. - You commanded my presence here, sire.
- Only because my invitations were ignored. - l sent word that l was ill.
And you have chosen to be a guest of Senator Gallio, who bears me no great love.
Shouldn't l consider such behaviour an affront?
You are the emperor, sire.
lt is not in my power to affront you.
Good. Good.
Tell me, what news have the Gallios had of their precious son Marcellus?
- None, sire. - And you.
He must have written to you.
Not for almost a year.
His last letter was from a village in Palestine called Cana.
And nothing since then?
Nothing from Antioch, or Ephesus, or Corinth?
You are telling the truth, aren't you?
Poor Diana. He's played you false, like the rest of us.
- What do you mean? - l mean he's here in Rome,
and has been for some time.
- That's impossible. - He fooled me, too.
l thought he was only a wastrel and a clown.
He's become one of the most dangerous men in the empire,
a traitor and a conspirator against the state.
- No. Not Marcellus. - That's why he hasn't come to you,
or his family, or his friends.
You've heard of this new sect, these fanatics who call themselves Christians?
- He's one of them, one of the ringleaders. - lt can't be true.
No? Then come. l'll show you.
You'll learn for yourself what kind of man it is you preferred to your emperor.
Where is he?
Marcellus's personal slave, remember?
The day he dared to bid against me.
But now no longer a slave.
His partner in treason.
- Has he talked? - No, sire.
- Ask him again. - Where is Tribune Gallio?
Where's he hiding?
Give him the wheel.
Three of them came here from Corinth.
The Greek slave, a Jewish fisherman, our loyal tribune.
We've caught one. Soon we'll have the others.
Where is he?
Give it to him.
Enough for now. He's no good to us dead.
Let him think about it for a while.
My lady. What's wrong?
lt's Marcellus.
They say he's alive.
He's here in Rome.
- Who told you that? - The emperor.
They have his slave in there. They're torturing him.
- Demetrius is here in the palace? - l saw him.
You're sure?
What is it, Marcipor?
What do you know about it?
You've seen Marcellus.
You're one of them. A Christian.
Yes, my lady.
Take me to him.
- l can't. - Do you think l'd betray him?
Take me to him.
Wait here.
- Where have they got Demetrius? - ln the armoury, below the guardroom.
l know the place.
- Where's Peter? - At the meeting in Bovillae.
- He won't be back until midnight. - Right. We can't wait for him.
Get me ten volunteers to come with me as soon as it's dark.
l'll go, Marcipor.
Why didn't you come? Why have you kept away from me?
l would have come, soon.
But Caligula's decreed against us.
- He said... - l can imagine what he said.
Whatever you are, you're not a traitor.
- lf you're still ill... - No.
l'm well. Really well, for the first time in my life.
You found the robe?
Here it is.
Why, it's just ordinary homespun.
- Was it really bewitched? - ln a way.
lt changed my life. ln time, it will change the world.
l don't understand.
lt's a long story. And a strange one.
- About the robe? - Yes.
About the robe, and the one who wore it.
- lt's nearly dark. - Good.
Send Marcipor to me when he comes back.
Why are you dressed like that?
No, Marcellus. They'll kill you.
- You must have faith. - Faith in what? This new god of yours?
He couldn't save his own Son. They crucified him and they'll kill you, too.
- l can't leave Demetrius to be tortured. - But you'll leave me.
l love you. Does this dream of yours mean more to you than our love?
Marcellus, what you've told me is a beautiful story, but it isn't true.
Justice and charity. Men will never accept such a philosophy.
The world isn't like that. lt never has been, and it never will be.
Why must you throw your life away for a slave?
l owe him a great deal more than my life.
lf your god means that much to you, l won't stand in your way.
l want to be your wife whatever you believe.
l'd marry you if l had to share you with a thousand gods.
Oh, my love.
Take her home.
Diana, l'll come to you as soon as l can.
Keep the robe for me.
- Sentry, come with me. - What's the watchword, Tribune?
- Hurry, you fool. - Guard!
Who's there?
Stop. You. Stop.
Get the boy up.
On the emperor's business. Open up.
What business, Tribune?
lf you're in command, my message is for you.
You're not one of the Praetorian tribunes. l know them all.
The keys. The keys, quick.
Quickly now.
l can't believe you let them take an imperial prisoner from the palace itself.
Tribune Quintus, where were you when this happened?
- l could send you to the galleys. - The Greek was nearly dead.
- By now he's a corpse. - The Greek? Who cares about the Greek?
Or the Jew fisherman or any of the rest of them?
l want the Roman traitor who's responsible, who made fools of the Praetorian Guard.
l want Tribune Gallio. l want him in my hands before sunrise.
l want him alive. l want him to stand before me alive.
Do you hear me? Find him or you'll all go to the galleys.
Tear the city apart if you have to. But find him!
Now, get out, all of you.
- Anything? - No, sir.
- And you? - No, sir.
- Upstairs? - No, sir.
Detail, form.
Detail, march.
- l can barely feel the heartbeat. - He can't die.
- ls he such a valuable slave? - He's one of the most valuable men alive.
- Well, he won't be alive for long. - You're a physician.
There are limits to what science can achieve.
l can't put shattered flesh together again, nor restore the blood he's lost.
Father in heaven, he was the bravest and best of thy servants.
Why hast thou abandoned him?
Let me be alone with him.
You stay, Marcellus. And you, Diana.
Who is this man? ls he a physician?
No. Please go.
For my sake, sir. Please.
- What's he doing in there? Who is he? - l've never seen him before.
Senator Gallio should inform himself about what goes on in his own household,
with his own son.
This is my house, sir. You were called here as a physician,
- not to question my family's behaviour. - l'm a physician, but first of all a Roman.
And l must tell you bluntly that...
- He's gone? - We didn't even thank him.
What did he do?
You were here. You saw it.
- Yes, he... - Can't you speak?
Are you bewitched?
So that's it. Sorcery.
Doesn't your friend know the penalty for pretending to heal by such methods?
Marius, you did everything in your power, and we're grateful.
- Come, stay and eat with us. - No, thank you.
There are mysteries to life and death, yes.
Patients have made astonishing recoveries.
But l have never ascribed them to the magic of a sorcerer. Good night to you, Senator.
Do you think he'll go to Caligula?
l think he's a proud man and his pride's been hurt.
Well, if your slave's fit to be moved, you'd better take him back to the catacombs.
Marcipor? Order a carriage and two men to help me with Demetrius.
l'd like to see you again, to tell you more about our...
We are seeing each other for the last time.
You have chosen to make yourself an enemy of Rome.
From this night on, l have no son.
l've brought something for you.
Tomorrow l'll send for you.
- All ready, sir. - Yes.
We're being followed.
Faster. Faster.
- Stop at the bridge. - Yes, sir.
- No, don't. - For all you've been to me, thanks.
lnto the carriage.
Get him to Peter.
Goodbye, friend.
Goodbye, friend.
l can only give you a few moments.
l prayed that l'd see you again.
We haven't much time, Marcellus, so listen.
Tomorrow you're to be put on trial before the entire court.
- l never thought l'd get a trial. - Your father's powerful.
Caligula can'tjust kill you. He's forced to prove that you're guilty.
He'll have no trouble proving it.
lt's up to you, Marcellus.
What do you want me to do?
Don't defy Caligula.
Your god doesn't want you to die. He can't.
Otherwise he wouldn't have sent Peter to save Demetrius.
l'm afraid, Diana.
ln Cana l lived with people who were not afraid.
People who'd met Jesus face to face, who'd spoken with him,
eaten and laughed with him.
A crippled girl who thought herself fortunate to be lame.
A weaver whose words were like his work: simple, and lasting, and strong.
A little boy who gave his donkey to a friend.
Never again in his life would he own anything as fine as that donkey,
and yet he gave it happily, without a second thought.
lf these people had denied him one after the other, to save their skins,
would he have any followers left?
l want to think as you do.
l want to be like those people, but l can't do it alone.
l can't do it without you.
My faith in what you told me isn't strong enough.
lf you die, l'll believe that you died for nothing.
My lady, you'll have to go now.
Please, Marcellus.
l need you.
Senator, the emperor wishes to speak to you and the lady Diana.
Greetings to our loyal senator.
The proceedings here today will interest you.
- Sire, l am not in the mood for... - Patience.
- lf my son is to be put on trial... - Patience!
You will sit by me.
Thank you, sire, but my place is with the senator.
Your place is where your emperor decides.
lsn't that so, Senator?
- You don't look very happy. - Have l reason to be?
There isn't a woman in Rome who wouldn't pray for this honour.
There's only one man at whose side l pray to sit.
Before this day is out, you will be praying on your knees to me.
For his life.
Senators, Romans...
As you know, there exists today in our empire, and even in Rome itself,
a secret party of seditionists who call themselves Christians.
They have enlisted in their ranks the riffraff of the plebeian class, as well as slaves.
We have known slave uprisings in the past.
We remember Spartacus.
But now it grieves us to inform you
that one of our own tribunes has betrayed his trust
and joined this party of conspirators.
You, not we, shall be the judges of his treason.
Bring in Tribune Marcellus Gallio.
Tribune Gallio, you have been informed of the charges against you?
l have, sire.
You stand before the senators and nobles of Rome.
They wait to hear your defence.
lt is true that l am a Christian.
lt is not true that those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus
are engaged in any plot against the state.
But isn't it a fact that you call this Jesus a king?
Yes, sire.
But his kingdom is not of this world.
He seeks no earthly throne.
He reigns over the hearts and minds of men in the name ofjustice and charity.
And are these virtues not to be found in our empire?
Was itjustice, or was it charity that gave me my orders
when l put him to death on the cross?
You put him to death?
Then why are you risking your life for him?
l owe him more than my life.
- He forgave me my crime against him. - Crime?
Do you maintain that it's a crime for a Roman soldier to obey his orders?
The empire is governed by men.
Men sometimes make mistakes. And this was the greatest mistake ever made by Rome.
So, the empire makes mistakes.
And perhaps the emperor himself makes mistakes?
it is l who am on trial here, not you.
What's that thing you're holding?
His robe. He wore it to the cross.
Let me see it.
No. l remember. lt's bewitched.
- No, sire. - You. Take it.
- Destroy it. - Sire, may l keep it?
Sorcery too.
Did you think it would protect you here?
- No, sire. - Tell me, Tribune.
Do you expect us to believe stories that Jesus could heal by the touch of his hand,
make the crippled walk and the blind see again?
lt makes no difference whether you believe them or not, sire.
All that matters is that there's no story that he ever made anyone blind,
no story that he made anyone a cripple,
or ever raised his hand except to heal.
Sire, if you'd had the chance l had,
to talk with those who knew him, to learn what was in his heart...
Stop. Are you trying to convert me to your treason?
l only want to show you your opportunity, sire.
lf the empire desires peace and brotherhood among all men,
then my king will be on the side of Rome and her emperor.
But if the empire and the emperor pursue the course of aggression and slavery
that have brought agony and despair to the world,
if there's nothing left but chains and hunger,
then my king will march to right those wrongs.
Not tomorrow, sire. Your Majesty may not witness the establishment of his kingdom.
But it will come.
You have heard him. He stands convicted out of his own mouth.
What is your pleasure?
You see? lt is the will of the people.
The will of your slaves and parasites. How dare you speak ofjustice?
He's not a traitor. You haven't proved that and you never will.
Then listen. You will see that l am just.
Listen. Tribune Gallio, you stand condemned to death.
But it is our desire to be merciful.
We give you a chance to recant your treason and go free.
Kneel to us and renew your oath of loyalty to your emperor.
Renounce your allegiance to this dead Jew who dared to call himself a king.
With all my heart l renew my pledge of loyalty to my emperor and to Rome,
a pledge which l have never broken.
And the other? Jesus?
Renounce him, so all can hear.
l cannot renounce him, sire. Nor can you.
He is my king and yours as well.
He is the Son of God.
- And that is your answer? - Yes, sire.
Tribune Gallio, we decree that you be taken immediately to the palace archery field
and put to death for high treason.
No, Diana. There's no reason for it.
Sire, Marcellus is my chosen husband.
- l ask to go with him. - Stand back.
You're not on trial. There's no evidence against you.
Then if it please you, sire, l'll provide evidence.
l have no wish to live another hour in an empire ruled by you.
You dare to call yourself a Caesar.
Once the Caesars of Rome were noble, but in you noble blood has turned to poison.
You corrupt Rome with spite and malice.
- Stop. Stop it! - That you should be Caesar!
Vicious, treacherous, drunk with power.
An evil, insane monster posing as emperor.
Stop it!
As for me, l have found another king.
l want to go with my husband into his kingdom.
Then by the gods you shall.
Go. Both of you. lnto your kingdom!
They're going into a better kingdom.
They're going into a better kingdom.
They're going to meet their king.
They're going to meet their king.
For the big fisherman.
Visiontext Subtitles: Paul Murray
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