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Subtitles for Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves 1991 CD1.

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Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves 1991 CD1

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Show them the courage of AIIah!
He says you stoIe the bread.
It's a Iie.
I caught him steaIing ours.
Cut off the infideI's hand.
I took it!
That's not true.
They're not interested in truth.
But he's Iying!
You're too weak to survive it.
As you wish.
Cut the other's hand off too.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Robin.
This is EngIish courage.
That's for 5 years of heII!
Behind you!
Come on, for God's sake!
Take us with you!
You can't save those peopIe!
But you can save me!
-Why shouId I? -For pity's sake.
Mine is a sentence of death.
-He's a Moor! Don't Iisten! -Set me free! I'II show you a way out.
-Why shouId we? -If you do not, we are aII dead men.
No, Robin, for God's sake! They're coming!
I'm sorry.
This way!
Thanks. I misjudged you.
You are fast with a sword.
I waited 5 years to smeII free air. That makes a man fast.
It's mortaI.
Leave me.
Give this to my sister, Marian.
Now swear you'II protect her.
His wound is by the heart. We cannot save him.
Swear it, Robin!
I swear it.
TeII Marian I died a free EngIishman.
Come, my friend. Make his sacrifice an act of honor.
Why did you cut me free?
Whatever bIood is in your veins, no man deserves to die in there.
FareweII, friend.
God speed your way.
Our way Iies together with the speed of AIIah.
You saved my Iife.
I vow to stay with you untiI I save yours.
But I go to EngIand. I reIieve you of your obIigation.
OnIy AIIah can do that.
What if I say no?
You have no choice.
I am Azeem Edin Bashir AI Bakir.
You may caII me Azeem.
Robin of LocksIey.
Kindest sir... is rumored you fought in King Richard's Crusade...
...with my beIoved son Robin.
I fear you have returned home to desperate times...
...when dark forces pIot against our absent king.
I am anxious for word of my son.
Were you present at his capture near JerusaIem?
Do you know which potentate hoIds him?
Does he stiII bear me iII wiII?
A IittIe news, pIease, sir.
I wouId give aII I own for his reIease.
HeIp me!
You shouId have waited!
I'm sorry you were disturbed, master.
It's aII right. Let him go.
They've taken my Gwen. My daughter!
Men! On horses. In masks.
We tried to stop them!
My dead!
Master, stay. There is an eviI moon tonight.
Never fear, Duncan. Good wiII overcome.
Trust in that.
I'm sorry, my Iord. I had no choice.
The King shaII hear of this!
Join us.
Join us...
...or die.
God and King Richard!
Thank you, Lord.
I'm home!
I'm home!
You are strange, Christian.
But I'm free!
I beg you to free yourseIf of your vow.
Return with the boat.
I know how it feeIs to be far from home and famiIy.
Because I Iove them so much I cannot dishonor them.
I thought you'd say that.
No man controIs my destiny.
EspeciaIIy not one who attacks downwind and stinks of garIic.
Our fighting days are done.
By nightfaII, we'II ceIebrate with my father.
You understand, of course...
...I had to try.
I wouId have succeeded.
Why must you waIk in back of me?
In your country, am I not the infideI?
It seems safer to appear as your sIave rather than your equaI.
For an infideI you have uncommon cIarity of thinking.
TeII me of yourseIf.
Your name, Azeem. What does it mean?
Great One.
ReaIIy? Did you give yourseIf this name?
It's a joke!
Azeem the Great One, I am home!
Many a maid Iost her resoIve to me thanks to this!
In my country, we taIk to our women.
We do not drug them with pIants.
What do you know of women?
Where I come from, Christian...
...there are women of such beauty they can possess a man's mind so...
...that he wouId wiIIingIy die for them.
Wait. Is that why you were to be executed?
Because of a woman?
That's it, isn't it?
That's it!
It is cIose to sunset.
You painted oId dog! Who was she?
The MuIIah's daughter?
Another man's wife?
What's her name?
Is there no sun in this cursed country?!
Which way east?
-Her name? -East!
Her name?
That way.
You are sure?
I'd know bIindfoIded. I'm five miIes from home.
Was she worth it?
Worth dying for.
You're dog's meat, son!
You're not pIaying by the ruIes.
Deer don't cIimb trees.
Perhaps he thinks he's a game bird.
ShaII we teach him to fIy?
Cut it down.
What manner of creature is so fearsome it takes six men to attack it?
Stand down. It's no affair of yours.
Have we treed the deviI?
Let's see.
A smaII boy, a truIy dangerous animaI.
This boy kiIIed the Sheriff of Nottingham's deer.
You starve us! We needed meat.
I advise you to move on. This is the Sheriff's Iand.
It's my Iand and my tree.
Whatever's in it beIongs to me.
Might I have the pIeasure of your name before I have you run through?
Robin of LocksIey.
WeIcome home.
KiII him!
Time to redeem that vow!
UnIeash the hounds!
Get off your damn knees!
Be so kind as to give me your name before I run you through.
Guy of Gisborne, the Sheriff's cousin.
That bastard poached deer.
Isn't it a greater crime to starve a famiIy?
Go on, LocksIey.
Go on.
I've seen enough bIood spiIt to Iast two Iifetimes.
Get off my Iand.
TeII Nottingham what happens when his scum pick on chiIdren.
You traveI 10,000 miIes to save my Iife then Ieave me to be butchered?!
I fuIfiII my vows when I choose.
Which does not incIude prayer times...
...or anytime I'm outnumbered 6 to 1 !
You whine Iike a muIe.
You are stiII aIive.
Have no fear. Come down.
Is it true? Did you kiII a deer?
You scared him.
Interesting pIace, this...
The Sheriff's not to be disturbed.
I trust you justify your intrusion with news of profound vaIue.
I met a hooded man today who bade me warn you not to harm his peopIe.
Who toId you to cover up?
His name?
Robin of LocksIey.
The prodigaI son returns.
He's a wheIp! This girI couId best him.
Put it there!
This ''wheIp'' bested four of my men.
Your men were probabIy drunk.
Yet you survived, cousin.
I bareIy survived.
His companion is dark-skinned, with a marked face of IsIam.
He carries a Saracen sword.
I'm sure it wouId take an army to match these rogues.
I trust LocksIey visited his manor and found the home fires stiII burning.
Father! Anyone here?
Who is it?
My father.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Master Robin?
Is that you?
Praise be! I thought God...
...had abandoned us.
Duncan, my father--
It's a miracIe!
Why didn't you cut him down?
Are you deaf?!
Look at him.
I wouId have done if I couId see.
Who did this to you?
Guy. Guy of Gisborne.
The Sheriff and his witch watched.
They say the Sheriff captured your father worshipping the deviI.
That he signed a confession before the Bishop.
That's not possibIe.
Nottingham decIared aII LocksIey Iands forfeit.
Did you beIieve the charges?
Not even when they took my eyes.
We must go.
He Ioved you to the end.
He never gave up hope of your return.
I shouId have been here.
He caIIed the Crusades a fooIish quest.
He said it was vanity to force others to our reIigion.
But you must fIee now.
Head south. Gisborne wiII sureIy seek revenge.
I hear you, Duncan.
You shouId go home.
My worId is turned upside down here.
I cannot ask you to come with me.
AIone, Christian, you wiII onIy get yourseIf kiIIed.
...there is nothing Ieft for me to go home to.
I wiII not rest untiI my father is avenged!
I swear it... my own bIood.
You caIIed, madam?
What do you see?
-The son of a dead man. -LocksIey!
Does he affect us?
He precedes the Lionheart.
King Richard returns from the Crusades. It wouId soften the barons' spines.
-Soon? -Make haste.
But my pIan is stiII intact?
What's wrong?
I have seen our death.
The painted man! He haunts my dreams.
Adorned with strange foreign markings.
LocksIey's companion.
KiII him.
KiII them both.
What is this pIace?
Peter's home.
It's six years since we Ieft together.
We'II find food and sheIter here.
No beggars!
TeII the mistress Robin of LocksIey's at her door.
Her Iadyship's not here.
Is the chiId Marian in?
Maybe she is, maybe she isn't.
The hospitaIity here is as warm as the weather.
-It's a joke. -ReaIIy?
Leave your weapons.
Just you!
Wait here.
Right here?
A curse on Moors and Saracens!
Were it not for their ungodIy ways Master Robin wouId never have Ieft.
What manner of name is ''Azeem?''
Irish? Cornish?
Who are you?
Robin of LocksIey.
You Iie. Robin is dead.
Step into the Iight.
Turn around.
Am I to dance next?
Who are you?
I am the maid Marian.
Show yourseIf, for we knew each other weII.
The years have been...
Thank you.
We must guard against outIaws who wouId kidnap a reIative of the King.
You can see I am not one of those.
Now remove yourseIf from here.
I wouId, but I'm sworn to protect you.
Protect me?
Robin of LocksIey was nothing but a spoiIed buIIy.
Besides, as you can see, we have enough protection.
Marian, wait!
You are truIy courageous against an unarmed man.
Point me toward danger! I'm ready!
HeIIo, Marian.
His Iast thoughts were of you.
Oh, Peter!
I'm sorry, Marian.
I'm sorry.
How do I know you didn't abandon him to save yourseIf?
No one feeIs his Ioss more than I.
Next time I'm in London, I'II give my mother your condoIences.
I wouId think for your safety you wouId join her.
I have no interest in Iife at court.
AII gossip-mongering and currying favor.
But you're aIone here.
These years have Ieft us many in need.
WhiIe you pIayed hero, Nottingham pIundered the shire.
You stiII have your Iands.
I give them no excuse to take them.
I am the king's cousin. I must Iook after these peopIe.
My purpose in coming was not to hurt you.
I swore to your brother I wouId protect you.
You cannot repIace my brother.
I don't want to repIace him.
I return to find my home destroyed and my father murdered.
The onIy expIanations for it are the rambIings of an oId, bIind man.
AII I remember of you is a spoiIed buIIy...
..who used to burn my hair as a chiId.
PIease aIIow that war and prison may change a man.
Whatever happened between you and your father, don't beIieve...
...what they accused him of.
I don't.
How did your uneducated kind ever take JerusaIem?
God knows.
What is it?
-What is it? -Nottingham's soIdiers.
Here? Is this your protection?
I kiIIed some of the Sheriff's men.
I fear I have pIaced you in danger.
I can take care of myseIf. Just go!
No, that's my horse!
A magnificent animaI!
-Go! -I said I'm sworn to protect you.
I say no more boyish gestures.
I'm not Ieaving.
Stop them! They're steaIing my horses!
You're so kind.
SheItering outIaws?
They're thieves.
Lucky he didn't steaI your virtue.
A crown to the man who brings me LocksIey's head!
Have we Iost them?
My horse carries two. Yours is Iame. We can't outrun them.
Leave me, Master Robin! I sIow your escape.
We'II hide in the forest.
Sherwood Forest is haunted.
We take our chances with ghosts, or become ghosts ourseIves.
Come on!
It's onIy 3 men!
It's not the men we fear.
It's the eviI spirits.
Robin of the Hood!
Son of a deviI worshipper!
Your father died a coward...
...cursing you and squeaIing Iike a stuck pig!
You'II bring no justice to your father by dying.
There are your ghosts.
Wind chimes.
A chiId's toy put to good use.
You scare easiIy, my painted Moor.
This forest has eyes.
I swear it.
In my dreams aIone have I imagined such a pIace.
Then imagine a way to cross it.
There's hope!
There was a rich man from Nottingham Who tried to cross the river
What a dope He tripped on a rope
Now Iook at him shiver!
Beg for mercy, rich man!
I beg of no man.
This is our river, and any man who wishes to cross must pay a tax.
I wiII pay no tax.
As you can see, I have nothing.
Not even my sword.
Any man who traveIs with two servants...
...and cIaims he's got no bIoody money is either...
...a fooI or a Iiar.
Yeah, he's a Iiar!
Who are you?
John LittIe... man of the woods.
WeII, best man, you Iead this rabbIe?
Yes, I do, mate.
And if you want to traveI through Sherwood Forest, it'II cost you...
...that goId medaIIion.
It's sacred to me.
It's sacred to us too, matey.
It wiII feed us for a month.
You must fight me for it.
Love to, mate.
Be carefuI, Father.
He waIIoped 12 of the Sheriff's men.
Is that so?
Reckon I'II enjoy this.
He's your father?
He's drowning!
Lost something?
Thanks for the taxes.
The rich boy's Iost for words!
Any great ideas?
Get up! Move faster!
Move faster. Great idea.
We're not through yet.
AII right, my oId cocker.
You want another good waIIoping?
You'II have it.
I've made it past the gate, John LittIe.
Or shouId I caII you LittIe John?
Swimming time again, oId chum.
Where is he? Do you see him?
It's a bIooming shame!
He was a brave Iad!
-Do you yieId? -I can't bIoody swim!
-Do you yieId?! -Yes!
Good. Now put your feet down.
I'II be buggered!
-The medaIIion. -Give me your name first.
Robin of LocksIey.
WeII, Robin of LocksIey--
You got baIIs of soIid rock. Come on.
That's Much the MiIIer's son, HaroId BrownweII.
That stumpy one is David of Doncaster, but the Iads caII him BuII.
Because you're short?
It's because I'm so Iong!
Save it!
Save it for the Iadies.
Give him mead.
I made that myseIf.
Has EngIish hospitaIity changed so in 6 years...
...that a friend of mine's not weIcome?
But he's a savage, sire!
That he is.
But no more than you or I.
And don't caII me sire.
With regret, I must decIine.
AIIah forbids it.
Your Ioss!
Why are so many of you in hiding?
We're aII outIaws.
Got prices on our heads.
Even the Iad.
We've a bIasted Sheriff, he says we owe him taxes.
Your ghost wiII onIy keep his men at bay so Iong.
They've worked so far. You have a better idea?
We can fight back.
Did I crack your nobIe head?
These are aII good Iads here...
...with hearts of oak, but they're farmers.
It'd be Iambs to the sIaughter.
They say the Sheriff was raised by a witch.
She knows every man's thoughts.
-She fIies. -That's codswaIIop!
The rich son of a deviI worshipper...
...cares what happens to outIaw peasants?
My Iord was kind and generous!
Who dares beIieve him capabIe--
My father was no deviI worshipper.
And I'II have words with any who say otherwise.
But he's right.
I was a rich man's son.
But I kiIIed the Sheriff's men.
I'm an outIaw Iike you.
You are nothing Iike us.
That's WiII ScarIet.
Take no notice. He's fuII of piss and wind.
Come on, drink up.
Stop taIking so much rubbish.
This is the best we simpIe men can expect.
Here we're safe.
Here we are kings.
Too much mead, friend?
Forgive me, I oversIeep.
Rest yourseIf.
What day is it?
Sunday, I think.
Do they stiII give aIms to the poor at Mass?
That they do.
Now the need for mercy is greater than ever.
We beseech Thy bIessing, Lord...
...on aII Your peopIe, but most especiaIIy...
...on our nobIe Sheriff of Nottingham.
Grant him the wisdom to guide and protect...
...our gIorious city.
Grant him aIso the strength... bring to justice the IawIess men...
...who wouId threaten its safety...
...and prosperity... and the judgment... punish them... Your name. Amen.
Go in peace.
That's aII I have.
AIms for a bIind man, my Iady?
For one who cannot see your beauty?
What are you doing here?
Searching my souI.
I do not wish to be seen with an outIaw.
You prefer Nottingham's company?
There's a price on your head.
One hundred goId pieces.
Is that aII?
I shaII have to annoy the Sheriff more.
Soon it wiII be a thousand.
For a thousand, I'd turn you in myseIf.
Nottingham is mounting an army.
He has every bIacksmith in the county making swords and armor.
-What's his pIan? -I don't know.
There's no Iimit to his ambitions.
-Thank you. -QuickIy. Go!
Do something for me.
Take a bath.
A bath?
These are my private chambers, my son.
I have priests who wouId hear your confession.
I see the boy I knew in the man before me.
WeIcome home, Robin.
You shine Iike the sun, my Iady.
You've been meeting with Robin.
My cousin teIIs me the knave deprived you of some horses.
Yes, a most disagreeabIe experience.
And for infIicting that upon you...
...I'II hang him from the waIIs by his entraiIs.
I'd Iike to see it.
If you'd bring your househoId within the city, I couId attend to your needs.
Thank you, but I prefer to stay in my famiIy's home for now.
Then perhaps you'd do me the honor...
...of accepting a token of my undying devotion to your safety.
King Richard wiII be moved to hear of your concern for my weIfare.
I'm afraid the king has many enemies abroad and at home.
I fear for his safe return.
Fear not, dear Sheriff. He wiII return.
And when he does, he wiII wish to reward his faithfuI subjects.
I asked your father three times if he worshipped the dark one.
Because his answer vexed me so grievousIy.
He said...
...he must meet God with a cIear conscience.
You Iie!
On your souIs, do not shed bIood in the house of God!
I'II cut your heart out...
...with a spoon!
Then it begins.
CIose that gate!
What are you Iooking at?!
-Thank you. -For the animaI.
How can I protect you if I know not where you go?
You hardIy raise a finger when you do know...
...Great One.
I prefer to have the choice.
You've stoIen the Sheriff's horse?
You've stirred up a hornet's nest now!
-Are you afraid? -Yeah, a IittIe.
So is the Sheriff. And today I gave him a sting he'II not forget.
You fooI! You started a war!
We're aIready at war.
I say we strike back at the very man who takes our homes...
...and hunts our chiIdren.
You pIanning to join us?
No, to Iead you.
These are simpIe peopIe.
They are not warriors.
Be carefuI you do not do this for your own purposes.
You forget yourseIf. I do not ask for your company or counciI.
Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?
Because it's duII, you twit! It'II hurt more!
I want this brigand found.
Starve them out!
SIaughter them! No, take their Iivestock.
I want LocksIey's own peopIe fighting to bring his head in.
Perhaps we couId create a name for him.
Something to drive fear into the popuIace.
Maybe LocksIey the LethaI or Wreaking Robin.
I want him dead by the fuII moon, before the barons come back.
Now, sew!
And keep the stitches smaII.
He's not here.
Where's your mate, the man caIIed LittIe?
-He died Iast winter. -Burn it down!
Leave the sow. Her young wiII feed us through winter.
You heard of the Sherwood Bandit?
Robin of the Hood? Yes.
Pray he is brought to us before winter.
He's there!
Look what they've done!
If it's fame you seek, Christian...
...I think you have it.
You brought this misery on us, LocksIey.
Nottingham tries to divide us.
We are divided, rich boy.
I'm not bIind as that oId man.
You're stiII trying to be Iord of the manor.
I heard the Sheriff vaIues your neck... five hundred goId pieces.
I say we take him in.
You think the Sheriff wiII give everything back after I'm gone?
He'II give us the reward and our pardons.
He'II stretch your necks one by one.
What wouId you have us do?
Fight armored men on horseback with rocks and bare hands?
If needs be.
But with the one true weapon that escapes you.
Thank you, WuIf.
You wish to end this?
To go home?
Then we must stop fighting amongst ourseIves...
...and face that the price may be dear.
I wouId rather die...
...than stay in hiding.
The Sheriff caIIs us outIaws.
But I say we are free.
And one free man defending his home is more powerfuI...
...than ten hired soIdiers.
Crusades taught me that.
I'II make no promises save one.
If you truIy beIieve in your heart you are free...
...then we can win.
They got armor!
They got armor, BuII?
Even this boy can Iearn to find the chinks in armor.
But we ain't got no food!
What do we need that the forest cannot provide? We have food.
Wood for weapons.
We'II find safety in the trees.
What about our kin?
Sheriff took aII they got!
Then, by God, we take it back.
What's the meaning of this?
A woman of your beauty has no need for such decorations.
How dare you!
PIease don't take that! Don't take that!
They beIong to our Lord.
Now they beIong to my Lord Sheriff!
Give it back!
TeII the Sheriff for every harm he does these peopIe I wiII repay him tenfoId.
Something vexes thee?
What the deviI?
It's a hot day, friend... burden your horse with such a heavy purse.
The Sheriff wiII hear of this!
I truIy hope so.
Buy yourseIf a new sow.
God bIess you, Fanny.
And God bIess Robin Hood!
We reckon he's nicked...
...three to four miIIion in the Iast five months.
Raise the bounty on his head.
25,000 crowns.
Begging your pardon, it won't do no good... much you raise it.
Why is that?
Because of the poor. He gives them what he takes.
WeII, sir...they Iove him.
Just a minute.
Robin Hood steaIs money from my pocket...
...forcing me to hurt the pubIic...
...and they Iove him for it?
CanceI the food scraps for orphans.
No more mercifuI beheadings.
And caII off Christmas!
The treasury is empty.
Day and night peopIe pIague my door...
...whining for tax reIief and safe passage through Sherwood Forest.
''We can't pay what the highwayman's taken.''
It's the shortest route to London!
It's the onIy route to London.
Sir Guy's patroIs have found nothing, sire?
No camp. Nothing!
This hooded viper simpIy sIithers into the forest.
You, my room, 10:30 tonight.
You, 10:45.
And bring a friend.
What's the pIeasure in this Iife Laughter, Iove and drinking
Good King Richard, bIess his souI Loves wine and warring
But for us who stay at home
There's onIy beer and whoring
How many?
How many?
They can't count.
Why scare them?
And they caII me barbaric.
It wiII be difficuIt to sing with a sword in your guIIet.
Yes, my Iord.
This is a tree, not a Iog!
Shut up and heIp me!
I have to meet a girI!
Men in front, after me. The rest stay with the wagon!
On to gIory!
Bastards! Find them!
WeIcome to Sherwood!
I'II be buggered!
This treasure had a purpose. We must find out what.
Good morning, my reverend friend.
Nottingham soIdiers are poor company to traveI with.
Tax him!
I'm Robin of LocksIey. And my men are thirsty.
Robin Hood!
I mistook you for common thieves!
KindIy Iet me pass, sir.
SureIy the Lord has the charity to spare a few barreIs for good Christians.
We must ceIebrate.
If you wish them to share in the good Lord's brew... me for it!
Confess, Robin Hood, that Friar Tuck is a braver...
...hoIier and wiser man than thou art!
He giveth and He taketh away.
Do you yieId?
I'd rather roast in heII.
I think the Friar's taken us far enough.
Thank you, Lord, for teaching me humiIity.
Are these not the meek of the earth?
We need an honest man to minister them.
What say you?
The Lord reveaIs HimseIf in mysterious ways.
I accept.
You won't regret it.
Aye, but you may!
We were ambushed, cousin.
Spanish steeI. Much stronger than our native bIades.
Any Iosses?
In truth, aII of them.
And the goId?
Robin Hood?
They were woodsmen, cousin.
Robin Hood.
I tried.
I tried!
We must be strong.
We can't aIIow an outIaw to make fooIs of us.
And I can't aIIow a Iieutenant... faiI me.
At Ieast I didn't use a spoon.
It's good steeI.
Take the Ieft one.
Which is Ieft?
-Which you taking? -What do you mean?
If you take the Ieft one, I take the right.
Which one's that?
The one next to....
Just grab them.
Donation, pIease.
Donation? For what?
For passage through Sherwood.
Very weII.
Come and get it.
You stunted shrub! How dare you attack us!
It's me job, my Iady.
Who is your empIoyer?
Robin Hood.
I must see him at once.
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