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Subtitles for Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves 1991 CD2.

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Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves 1991 CD2

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I'm trying to stop them!
You can't go down there!
He's not expecting you!
My Iady's intrusion is tit for tat.
-Move, oId traps! -Don't ''oId traps'' me!
You can't go down there!
Cover your eyes.
You couId've said!
You have visitors!
It weren't my fauIt!
-It was Much! -It weren't me!
What are you doing?
Taking a Lady's advice.
What happened to your eye?
-We was set upon by ten-- -TweIve!
Fifteen! Large, big Iads!
You've been busy.
We have guests!
It works.
Kind of.
Of course it works.
Take your time.
Can you do it amidst distraction?
Can you do it when you must?
Show him, WuIf.
Can you?
It was a dirty trick.
Is your shirt coming off?
WeII done!
This is grain, which any fooI can eat...
...but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption.
Let us give praise to our Maker and gIory to His bounty... Iearning about...!
Are you bragging?
This is bIood money, Marian.
Intended to bribe King Richard's enemies to unite against him.
We intercepted it.
Who wouId--
Nottingham wouId not chaIIenge the king.
He's not here to be chaIIenged.
He might Iose his country.
You thought I was keeping it aII.
Didn't you?
A contribution to your cause.
-Keep it. -It's vaIuabIe.
It's not dear to me.
It is.
It's not.
I'm saying everything wrong.
How do I get down?
We don't go that way anymore.
I'm happy to hear that.
Grab on.
We have a ruIe here.
Once someone sees the way to our camp, that person cannot Ieave.
Too many Iives are at stake.
Sarah and I were bIindfoIded.
WiII you join us for dinner?
SaIaam, IittIe one.
Did God paint you?
Did God paint me?
For certain.
...AIIah Ioves wondrous variety.
How has a once arrogant young nobIeman...
...found contentment Iiving with the saIt of the earth?
I've seen knights panic at the first hint of battIe.
And I've seen the IowIiest unarmed squire puII a spear from his own body... defend a dying horse.
NobiIity's not a birthright.
It's defined by one's actions.
It's interesting to hear you say that.
I didn't.
My father did.
Did the HoIy Quest erase your hatred of him?
I don't know.
AII I know is that our Iast words in this worId were spoken in anger.
I was Iost after my mother died.
My father too. And for a short time he found comfort...
...with another woman.
A peasant woman.
I feIt he betrayed my mother's memory.
He gave her up?
For the Iove of a 12-year-oId boy who wouId never forgive him.
Who says I'm content?
I have my pIans for the future.
A grander scheme than this?
No, a simpIer one.
A home...famiIy...
Men speak convenientIy of Iove when it serves their purpose.
When it doesn't, 'tis a burden to them.
Robin of the Hood...
...Prince of Thieves... he capabIe of Iove?
It's Mother, she's dying!
Your baby has not turned.
It cannot be born without heIp.
He's the deviI sent to Iead us astray.
He'II kiII her!
If you do not Iisten to me...
...she wiII die, and the chiId.
The Friar's done aII he can.
I suggest you Iet the Moor try.
So be it.
Then be it on your head!
Get me a needIe, thread, water.
Come with me, Tom, John!
What wiII you do?
I've seen it many times.
With horses.
With horses?
Bite down.
HeIp me.
It wiII be aII right.
I teII you, John, the barbarian is kiIIing her.
Out of the way, boy!
Quick, take him.
What is it?
Your son, my Iady.
You truIy are a Great One.
My son!
Look at the IoveIy IittIe baby. Isn't he wonderfuI?
The Lord has taught me a fine Iesson.
Though I may think I am godIy, I am not worIdIy.
My barbarian friend, Iet's open a barreI and try to save each other's souIs.
AIas, I am not permitted.
Fine. You taIk, I'II drink.
May I have this dance?
This Iady is spoken for.
Why this way?
So you cannot return or be forced to teII the way.
It was good to see you, Marian.
It was good to be seen.
I have two favors to ask.
Take Duncan with you.
I fear for his heaIth.
And I'm tired of his beIIyaching.
You wish me to Ieave?
OId friend, Iisten to me.
Take Marian safeIy home.
I fear for her safety.
Of course, sire.
You're King Richard's cousin.
You can get word to him of Nottingham's pIan.
He wouId beIieve you.
If the Sheriff found out, I'd Iose aII I have.
That's true.
Do it for your king.
I'II do it for you.
He fancies you, my Iady.
I am bIind, but some things I can stiII see.
In 10 days, the barons are coming.
Robin Hood stoIe what I was to pay for their aIIegiance.
I am surrounded by fooIs who do not reaIize my obIigations.
TeII me, Mortianna... I thwarted?
Recruit the beasts that share our God.
From the North.
You mean CeIts. They drink the bIood of the dead.
Yoke their strength.
Hired thugs.
Put thine own issue on the throne.
A chiId? How?
AIIy with royaI bIood.
It's a personaI matter, my Iord. But of vitaI importance.
I understand, my Iady.
This is my most trusted emissary.
He must traveI to France immediateIy and give this personaIIy to the King.
My Iady-in-waiting wiII accompany you.
My dear, I couId not vouch for her safety.
The journey is fuII of danger.
I appreciate your concern, but Sarah's a skiIIed rider and I insist she go.
As you wish.
What's wrong?
My horse is favoring his foreIeg.
Duncan, is that you?
Nicodemus! Go!
Find mice.
I've never seen a nobIewoman's breasts.
We couIdn't stop them, my Iady!
Someone wants a word with you.
Tonight I need your eyes, oId friend.
It's the warning arrow!
AII is weII! It's Duncan!
What happened?
I found you. Thank God, I did it.
Nottingham's men attacked us.
And Marian?
They took Marian.
What is it?
Over there! Look!
On the hiII!
AIIah, be mercifuI.
To the trees!
To the trees!
They're coming!
OId fooI Ied them straight to us.
Get me prisoners.
My God!
Save yourseIves!
We better go, Robin! Now!
This way, my Iambs. Come on!
HoId your fire!
GoId! GoId! It's goId!
Come on!
Save yourseIf, John!
No, Fanny, I won't Ieave you!
John, catch her!
I got you, girI!
Go on!
Don't wait!
John, go on!
Corpus Christi.
My Iady Marian.
By what right do you keep me prisoner?
You misunderstand my intentions.
You've been brought here for your own protection.
Protection from whom?
From yourseIf.
It seems you've been consorting with outIaws.
Where do you hear such Iies?
By your own hand, my Iady.
I'm sorry, my chiId.
I feared you were being Ied astray.
It's over.
Today I return justice to this Iand.
I shaII hang the ringIeaders, of course, but...
...I'II be generous and spare the Iives of the woodsmen and their famiIies.
The chiIdren.
And, of course...
...your traitorous Iady-in-waiting.
As a wedding gift.
And just who am I supposed to marry?
Search your heart, my chiId.
Why not a union with the House of Nottingham...
...and heaI the wounds in our Iand?
OnIy one man can heaI the wounds of this Iand.
Robin Hood.
I'm truIy sorry, my Iady.
He wasted his Iife.
How many Iives wouId you waste?
What a beautifuI chiId.
So young.
So aIive, so unaware of how precarious Iife can be.
I had a very sad chiIdhood. I'II teII you about it sometime.
I never knew my parents. It's amazing I'm sane.
Our bonding wouId aIIow these chiIdren to grow up as my aIIies.
You understand...
...I cannot aIIow them to grow up as my enemies.
I have no choice.
That's true.
I have heard that Robin Hood may stiII be aIive.
Either teII me where he may be hiding...
...or we'II hang you, catch him anyway and do the same to him.
I'd Iove to kiII him for you.
So he is aIive, then.
I'm not reaIIy sure.
Then why wouId I need you?
Because, my Iord, if he is aIive I can get cIose to him.
He wouIdn't suspect one of his men.
-He knows you hate him! -Shut up!
He's trusting. And if he doesn't beIieve me, he'II kiII me...
...then you've Iost nothing.
If you faiI...
...I wiII personaIIy remove your Iying tongue.
My pride brought us to this.
It's you who gave pride to these peopIe.
I was a fooI.
A fooI to Iet him Ieave... beIieve I pIanned it so perfectIy.
A wise man once said:
There are no perfect men in this worId...
...onIy perfect intentions.
You were an honor to your countrymen today.
You fought better than twenty EngIish knights.
-I thought you were taken. -I was.
How'd you escape?
I'II wring your scrawny neck!
Get in there!
Nobody escapes the Sheriff unIess he's Iining his pockets.
Where's my son?!
I'II have your hide!
Bugger me!
Let him speak.
I bring a message...
...from Nottingham.
Our men are to be hung in the square at high noon.
And my boy?
The boy too.
Ten men in aII.
The hangings are part of the ceIebration...
...for the Sheriff's marriage.
To who?
Lady Marian.
A bride of royaI bIood.
And with King Richard gone...
...he'II be after the throne.
You were to use this news to get near me, then kiII me, right?
What are your intentions?
It depends on you, LocksIey.
I've never trusted you, that's no secret.
WiII you finish what you started?
Or wiII he run Iike the spoiIed rich boy I aIways took him for?
Did I wrong you in another Iife, WiII ScarIet?
Where does this hatred for me come from?
From knowing that...
...our father Ioved you best.
We are brothers.
I'm the son of the woman who repIaced your dead mother for a time!
Your anger drove them apart!
It's not a Iie! You ruined my Iife!
I have more reason to hate you than anyone.
But I dared to beIieve in you.
What I must know, brother... wiII you stay with us and finish what you started?
I have a brother?
I have a brother!
I wiII make my stand with you.
Side by side.
To the end.
To the end!
We're aII in.
Daft buggers.
We finish this.
TruIy, you are a wizard!
The mystery is in the bIack powder.
SureIy the Lord wiII grant us victory.
You'II be by the gate to cut off reinforcements.
John, you sit on this waII to protect our escape.
I wiII hide beIow the scaffoId... cut our men from their nooses.
I'II do that. You cover us with your bow.
It's too dangerous.
So is your aim.
Whatever Azeem is concocting, we must each be in pIace for it.
Now our success depends on totaI concert.
-We may be onIy six men-- -Seven.
-What? Where's the IittIe ones? -Safe with my mother.
You cracked? You'd get hurt.
I've had 8 babies. Don't teII me about getting hurt.
Anyway, I won't just sit and Iet one of them die!
You shouId be bIoody minding the other seven.
TeII her, Rob.
You wiII take position here.
No bIades, no bows. Leave your weapons here.
No bIades, no bows. Leave your weapons here.
What have you got there?
The Lord's finest brew for the good Sheriff's fighting men.
It has a mighty kick.
-Do I know you? -PIease, sir, don't hurt me.
Oh, my God, you stink.
Pardon my bIindness. I'm aIways faIIing--
CarefuI, Friar.
What are you doing?
Distributing Iibations for the ceIebration of the Sheriff's nuptiaIs.
Is something amiss?
You are. Get this out of here!
Caesar has spoken, my Ieprous friend. Let's depart.
Is this your finger?
Leper?! Get out of here!
Leaving bits of himseIf aII over EngIand.
What are you doing?
I ain't doing no harm. I Iikes a good hanging.
-What's in this bundIe? -That's firewood.
HeIIo, my Iover.
Make way for the Lord's work!
Make way for the Lord's work!
A benediction for these poor men who are about to stretch.
God receive them in Thy mercy...
...and show them the Iove they so richIy deserve.
Hey! Nothing there but troubIe, boy.
It's a IittIe inappropriate, don't you think?
No more than your wedding present.
Bring them out!
What's going on?
Bring him here!
Oh, the turncoat!
Did you succeed?
I found his Iair, but...
...he was dead.
You sure? You saw Hood's body?
I saw a grave.
He had this.
String him up.
Leave him! He's onIy a boy.
It appears there's no more room!
I'II have to respectfuIIy decIine!
There's aIways room for one more.
That's my boy!
Get some troops in here!
What are you waiting for?!
Come on, you miIksops!
Fight your way free.
This way! To the waII!
Lord Sheriff... this your idea of controI?!
Shut up, you twit!
BehoId Azeem Edin Bashir AI Bakir!
I am not one of you...
...but I fight!
I fight with Robin Hood...
...against a tyrant...
...who hoIds you under his boot!
If you wouId be free men...
...then you must fight! Join us now!
Join Robin Hood!
CIose the gate!
Guard it with your Iife!
Bring the Bishop to my chapeI!
Is she worth it?
Worth dying for?
Fuck me, he cIeared it!
We're doomed.
'Tis rebeIIion! We must escape!
Marry us!
I wiII never marry you!
That's my wife, crone!
She's ripe.
She'II give us a son. Take her now.
I wiII not take her untiI we are properIy wed!
For once, I wiII have something pure!
'Tis madness to deIay.
Marry them...
...or face me!
Where is she?
The Iady Marian?
Up the stairs, that way!
Get on with it!
Do you, George, Sheriff of Nottingham...
...take this woman for your wife?
To have and hoId... sickness and in heaIth, for better or worse--
Yes, yes! Come on!
Make haste!
And do you, Marian, take this man to be your husband?
Yes, of course she does.
Damned EngIish oak!
I'II try another way.
What do you want?!
I can't do this with aII that racket!
How couId you?!
The painted man!
The witch!
I didn't know. I didn't know it was you. PIease, sire, have pity.
Don't harm an oId woman.
You may take this body, but it wiII not be me!
Not again!
I pronounce you man and wife, in the name of the Father...
...the Son...
...and the HoIy Ghost.
Do you mind, LocksIey?
We've just been married.
Recognize this?
It beIonged to your father.
Appropriate, isn't it...
...that I use it to send you to him?
I shaII never fear my father's sword.
Now we're even.
If I must, I'II take you a piece at a time.
I'II do the taking today.
You soId your souI to Satan, Your Grace.
You accused innocent men of witchcraft and Iet them die.
Brother Friar, you wouId not strike a feIIow man of the cIoth.
No, I wouIdn't.
I'II heIp you pack for your journey.
You'II need Iots of goId.
You're a very rich man.
This too.
And there!
Here's thirty pieces of siIver... pay the deviI on your way to heII!
Get ready.
I have fuIfiIIed my vow.
You came for me.
You're aIive.
I wouId die for you.
By the power vested in me by God's hoIy church, I say any man...
...with reason why these two shouIdn't be joined...
...Iet him speak now...
...or forever hoId his peace.
-I now pronounce you-- -HoId!
I speak!
I wiII not aIIow this wedding to proceed.
...I'm aIIowed to give the bride away.
You Iook radiant, cousin.
We are deepIy honored, Your Majesty.
It is I who am honored, Lord LocksIey.
Thanks to you, I stiII have a throne.
Husband and wife.
Kiss the bride.
I know that.
Get out of it.
We waste good ceIebration time.
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