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Rock The CD2

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Hey, man, you just fucked up your Ferrari.
- Oh, no! Baby's goin' down in flames! - It's not mine.
Neither is this!
Damn! This sucks! Where's that son of a bitch at?
I'm gonna hunt him down! That motherfucker ain't safe nowhere.
- Chem weapons. Isherwood. - Marvin, look up Wolfburg Federal Penitentiary.
The inmate is Mason, John.
Hey, Stan, listen, I'm gettin' out of this government shithole.
I'm goin' over to Orkin to design roach motels. Cool, huh?
Look, I just stole a kid's motorcycle.
I'm not really feeling too good about it, okay? Wolfburg. Got it?
Yeah, I got it. All right, Magrane, Masconi, Masters. No Mason.
Go to February '76. Who was transferred to Wolfburg from San Quentin?
This is weird. They got medical records.
They got place of birth. Glasgow. Uh, but they don't have a name.
Uh, wait a minute, wait a minute. They have next of kin.
A Jade Angelou of 32 Stenson Drive, San Francisco.
No, Stacy. Jade's friend.
Were you afraid to come alone?
- It's okay. - I'll be over here if you need me.
The last photograph I had of you, you were about ten.
Well, I found a picture of you among my mom's things when she died.
Oh, yeah? Well, uh-- Why don't we take a walk?
I got 'im. Palace of Fine Arts.
Your mother, uh-- Yeah, well, sh-she was very special.
Yeah, she was.
But I don't think that we should romanticize what happened between you and her.
Meeting in a bar after a Led Zeppelin concert.
Head out, and I was the result.
Well, I'd like to think it would've led somewhere if only--
If only what? Six federal marshals hadn't kicked down our door...
and dragged you back to prison?
- I'm sorry. - It's all right.
- So, they let you out? - Yeah.
That's good.
What did you do?
Jade, I don't have a great deal of time here.
But I'll be coming back. And, uh--
- Maybe we can-- - What? We can what?
You know, you're almost the only evidence...
that I exist.
But I don't know you.
That's what I want to change, eh?
I've rehearsed this speech a thousand times on the chance that we would meet.
Here we are, and I'm lost.
Well, I don't know how I'm supposed to be feeling either.
Jade, I'm not an evil man.
If you can believe that, then it's a start.
Is this about you?
You broke out of prison again, didn't you? Why did you come to me?
FBl, ma'am. Your father's working with us.
He's helping us resolve a dangerous situation.
- He is? - Yes, ma'am.
Well, gee whiz, John, I guess we oughta get goin', huh?
Whatever you say, Stanley.
Thank you for that. You could've handled it differently.
What do you say we cut the chitchat, a-hole?
You almost got me killed twice. And my jaw hurts like hell!
- Good. - Cocksucker!
If I had my way, you would be shipped back to Wolfburg in leg irons...
and caged like an animal for the rest of your natural fucking life!
You wrecked half the city!
Now, tell me about the tunnels.
If you know the system, it will take you wherever you need to go.
All right, there's an intake pipe here, below low tide. Is that our best access?
Yes. That's exactly where I had come out.
Then beneath the cistern, there's a connection to the abandoned septic system.
Then beneath the cistern, there's a connection to the abandoned septic system.
How many feet is that?
Uh, 57 paces.
Where do we go from there?
Where do we go from there?
That's a good question.
- I have no idea. - What?
I mean, I'll know it when we're all inside.
No. You're not goddamn goin'. Show us on the blueprints.
I can't! My blueprint was in my head.
I was underground for three days in the dark...
just waiting for the tides to be right.
But don't worry. It'll all come back to me.
You're not going anywhere, Mason.
Wait a second. Now, this piece of work might be the only chance those people over there have.
If he's not going, then why the hell did we get him out of jail?
- He's smart. - I got him out to get you people in, not go with you.
If it's the only way of getting the intelligence I need, then he goes.
He'll fuck with you.
You compromise my men's lives, and I'll bury you out there.
Now, Womack...
you're between The Rock and a hard case.
How is your bowling arm?
Dr. Goodspeed, the goal is to take out the launchers,
then neutralize the V.X. chemical rounds.
Well, we know the poison's being kept in the prison morgue from the satellite thermal imaging...
which is right here; these colorized dots.
-Have you ever actually seen one of these devices? -No, sir, but I've studied them.
I should really begin briefing your guys on defusing and detoxification.
Got a really neat layout over here of the chem round as well as the rocket...
- so let's get rolling. - That won't be necessary.
Oh, it's very necessary, sir.
The power of this chemical is way beyond anything you can imagine.
An ecological disaster, sir.
Plus the devices themselves are complicated.
That's why you're coming with us.
-I am? -You're the expert. What's your problem?
You mean I'm going, going out there, under the water?
Well, earlier today you wanted a gun.
Now you're getting a gun and a wet suit.
Have you ever been in a combat situation?
- Define "combat," sir. - Shep?
An incursion underwater to retake an impregnable fortress held by an elite team...
of U.S. Marines in possession of 81 hostages and 15 guided rockets...
armed with V.X. poisoned gas.
Oh. In that case, no, sir. Excuse me.
- Here. - Ah, thank you.
You don't look too good.
In fact, you look like shit.
My stomach's doing hula hoops around my ass.
You all right?
I mean, you gonna make it through this thing?
I don't know.
I always expected something like this was going to happen...
but nothing prepares you for it.
Now I'm-- I'm responsible...
for a whole city.
Look, I know this isn't easy for you.
Remember, you were trained for this kind of a situation...
and believe me, it'll come back to you.
Besides, you got the best SEAL team in the country backing you up.
Okay. You're right.
I-l'll be on the wire. I'll help talk you through it.
There's something else.
It's terrible. N-No, it's wonderful...
except it isn't.
My girlfriend's pregnant...
and she's just flown in to see me.
You keep your mind on what you're going to be doing out there tonight.
And I'll send someone to pick up your girlfriend and bring her here to the command center.
Hummel! - Hello, Frank. Lou Linstrom.
I'm at the White House with General Kramer.
Uh, Frank, uh, we're havin' a few problems with the account transfer.
- Don't tell me problems. Tell me solutions. - Now, we've spoken to the president...
and I know that you're well aware of his stance on terrorism.
- So what we'd like to do is-- - This isn't about terrorism. This is about justice.
It's about reminding you people who found it politically convenient to forget.
This is goin' nowhere, Frank.
Well, then, let me tell you what is.
Fifteen V.X. gas rockets into the heart of San Francisco.
You've got 17 hours to deliver the money.
Or be prepared to reap the whirlwind, gentlemen.
- What's the word from Mojave? - General Peterson can give us...
no definite assurance on the thermite plasma.
That is the word.
Green light to SEAL incursion.
Fall in! All right, listen up.
Mr. Mason will run point for us.
Lieutenant Shepard will be attached to his hip.
You breathe, he breathes with you. You piss, he helps.
Dr. Goodspeed is our specialist.
When he neutralizes the threat, we launch green flares and we wait for the cavalry.
Make no mistake, gentlemen. We're in the fight of our lives...
against maybe the greatest battalion commander in the Vietnam War.
I shit you not.
Any questions?
Let's load up!
After you, ace.
Pass out and activate the minicams.
Everything set here? Minicams operational?
Roger that, sir. We are on-line.
Shep, what's the status on the special operational gear for Mr. Mason?
Uh, let's see. We have, uh...
one quart of kerosene in a squeeze bottle.
Three washers and waterproof matches.
Use the green flares to signal when the threat has been neutralized.
Now, this is atropine. If you come in contact with the gas...
you have 20 seconds to inject it into your heart.
Don't fuck with me on this. It may save your life.
I have three incoming bogeys bearing 275.
Range: 6,000 meters.
FBI Command Center?
- Oh, I would just love for you to tell me what is goin' on. - Nope.
Listen, Stanley Goodspeed is my boyfriend. Actually, he's, um, my fiance.
- Where is he? - Classified, lady.
Okay. Well, you just sit here and act like a Bureau bonehead, then.
Hey, where are you g-- Goddamn it!
Decoy choppers commencing run to Alcatraz.
I just lost one, sir. I just lost one.
- We only got two flying in. I just lost one. - Shit!
In my day, we did it all with a snorkel and a pair of flippers.
- Your day? - Yes. Didn't you read my resume?
I don't-- I don't know anything about you.
- Hmm. I know something about you, Godspell. - Goodspeed.
Goodspeed, Godspeed, Godspell...
you never went to any antiterrorist school.
So just make sure you don't get us all fucking killed.
- We're goin' dark. - Night vision!
Raider One has dropped below radar coverage...
heading around Treasure lsland.
Sir, we've got two bogeys bearing due east and closing.
- Prepare to deploy! - Good luck, Commander.
Sir, Raider One is at the drop zone.
Stanley's not a very good swimmer. I mean, he can't even snorkel.
- Everyone, good to go? - Good to go!
- Good to go! - Good to go! Good to go!
All right, so the S.D.U.s have been deployed, and the Eagles are in the water.
Major, I want the perimeter patrolled to the west end of the island.
- Double-time it. - Yes, sir. Hendrix!
- You lead the patrol. - Aye, aye, sir.
Let's move. Move out! Move out! Move out!
The Eagles are on The Rock. They've entered the cistern room.
Thank you very fucking much, Mr. Mason.
You've led us into a room with no exit.
- Any ideas, Dillinger? - Figure it out soon. We're sitting ducks.
We're a little tight on time.
You stand by the door until I open it.
I'd like to know how you plan on accomplishing that?
Through here.
- You're shitting me. - I memorized the timing.
I just hope it hasn't been changed.
You catch one of those flame bursts, you're a corpse.
- Thank you. - Commander, you said never to leave his sight, but, uh--
Stand fast, Lieutenant.
Have a nice day.
- Where'd you dig up this guy? - That's classified.
Clear here, sir. No motion sensors tripped.
- Nothing. - Well, tell 'em to stay out there.
Sweep forward!
Looks like he fucked us, Commander.
I knew it. That son of a bitch jumped ship.
Welcome to The Rock.
- Mason. - That's a no-no.
That's the subway. That'll drop you into the tunnels.
Do it!
Sir, the Eagles have breached the tunnel system.
You enjoying this?
Well, it's certainly more enjoyable than my average day.
Reading philosophy, avoiding gang rape in the washroom.
Though it's less of a problem these days. Maybe I'm losing my sex appeal.
We've got seismic activity in one of the storm grates. North side.
Continue patrolling the area.
Sweep forward!
Commander, halt. We've got movement.
- They're hearing sounds above, sir. - Stand fast.
Down, down, down.
West storm drain's clear.
Ninety-seven paces to the shower room.
The Eagles are now at the access tunnel. They're right under the shower room, sir.
Fiber optics.
- Something's not right. - I got a bad feeling about this.
Motion sensors.
- Beams cutting across the manhole covers. - Deal with it.
Commander, the beam is hitting some sort of reflective device.
Possibly a prism.
I want to use a mirror to cut the beam...
send the beam back to its source, and then I'm gonna move the prism.
We've got motion on a trembler in the shower room, sir.
We've got visitors. Let's move.
Got it. Good to go.
- Fuck, man! I knew this would happen! Fuck! - Move!
Stand fast. We'll secure the area.
They're entering into the shower room, sir.
They're securing the area.
Just sit tight.
Drop your weapons! Drop 'em!
- Stand fast! - Hold your fire!
- Drop your weapons! - Hold your fire!
It's a fucking trap.
This is General Hummel.
Drop your weapons. Drop 'em!
Anderson here, General Hummel.
Commander. Team leader.
Commander Anderson, if you have any concern for the lives of your men...
you will order them to safety their weapons and place them on the deck.
This is not happening.
Sir, we know why you're out here.
God knows I agree with you.
But like you, I swore to defend this country against all enemies...
foreign, sir, and domestic.
General, we've spilled the same blood in the same mud.
You know goddamn well I can't give that order.
We're dead.
Your unit is covered from an elevated position, Commander.
I'm not gonna ask you again. Don't do anything stupid.
No one has to die here.
Men following the general, you're under oath as United States Marines!
Have you forgotten that?
We all have shipmates we remember.
Some of them were shit on and pissed on by the Pentagon.
- But that doesn't give you the right to mutiny! - You call it what you want!
You're down there, we're up here. You walked into the wrong goddamn room, Commander!
- Stand fast! - Goddamn it, Commander, one last time.
You tell your men to safety their weapons, drop 'em on the deck.
- I cannot give that order! - I am not gonna repeat that order!
- I will not give that order! - What the hell is wrong with you, man?
- Stand fast! - Oh, my God!
- Let's waste these fuckers. - One last time. You order your men to safety their weapons--
Cease fire!
Don't go.
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Shit! Goddamn it!
Let go of me. Let go of me!
Don't. Don't go.
It's over.
Oh, God!
- We got some movement. - Who? - Two of 'em!
- Who is it? - Eagles 11 and 12.
- I-lt's Goodspeed and Mason. - I knew it.
I've gotta get a team together right now. We've gotta move with the second option.
What, and invite another massacre? No way.
We've got a 60-year-old convict and a lab rat. I'm telling you, it's over.
Not for Mason, it isn't.
Goodspeed, I'm not gonna kill you.
- Where are you going? - Off this bloody island.
What? Wh-Wh-What for?
Goodspeed. Goodspeed, do you read me?
It's for you.
- Sir? - What's the status?
The status is they're dead. They're dead!
It's just me and Mason. Now he says he's leaving.
That is unacceptable. Do you hear me? Unacceptable!
Well, there's a problem, sir. He's got a gun.
What do you have, a fuckin' water pistol?
- No, sir. - Go after him and stop him.
I didn't want this.
- Jesus, I didn't want this. - You knew this might happen, Frank.
- Well, maybe now they'll pay up. - Maybe now they won't, Captain.
Then maybe we need to execute a few hostages.
- Got a live one! - Put a bullet in him.
- You heard him. End it! - Holster that sidearm, Captain.
You made a terrible mistake.
And more of our brothers have died in vain.
Damn you for forcing me into this position.
I need to talk to you right now, alone.
Now you told me I'm on a need-to-know basis.
And I'm tellin' you right now, I need to know who the fuck John Mason is right now, sir.
All right, you wanna know? 1962, J. Edgar Hoover...
is head of the FBl, some say the country.
It's no secret he kept microfilm files on prominent Americans and Europeans:
de Gaulle, British members of Parliament, even the prime minister.
I mean, this guy had dirt on everybody in the world.
Yeah, I know all the cloak-and-dagger stories. Where does Mason fit in?
Mason was the British operative who stole the files.
But our Bureau agents caught him at the Canadian border.
Of course, the British claimed they'd never heard of him.
And we held him without trial...
until he gave up the microfilm, but he never did.
Well, I'm surprised Hoover didn't use his daughter as leverage.
Hoover was dead in '72. She wasn't born yet.
Today, well, it's a different Bureau.
So you held this guy without trial his whole life! No wonder he's pissed.
This man knows our most intimate secrets from the last half century:
the alien landing at Roswell, the truth about the J.F.K. assassination.
And Mason's angry, he's lethal, he's a trained killer.
And he is the only hope that we have got.
Mason! Mason!
There are 81 hostages still up there.
Yeah, like me.
All right, you wanna play tough? You wanna play tough with me?
Okay. FBl! Freeze, sucker!
- I'll fire. - No, you won't.
- Throw down. - You're not the sort.
Let's find out.
I could; you, no.
Besides, your safety's on.
Goodspeed, have you resolved the situation?
Not yet.
-He's got all the guns now, sir. -Shit!
You're right, I don't use guns and I don't kick down doors.
- This is what I do. - I haven't got my glasses.
What it says is Chemical Weapons Specialist.
That's right. I got a lunatic up there, man...
with 15 missiles armed with some really funky stuff.
That lying Womack. You could've told my daughter.
It was classified. Look, I'm in the same situation.
They've got my girlfriend in the city with a baby on the way.
Look, I can defuse the rockets. I really can.
But I'm gonna need your help, and I'm gonna need it right now.
Sir, this man's weapons and tack radio are missing!
Shit, we got a rodent problem. Flush the pipes.
There's probably a maze of tunnels on this goddamn island. Check every access you can find.
Even if you escape from the island...
you can't escape the rockets.
So, where are you gonna go? Go where? What are, what are you gonna do?
- Show me where the morgue is, Mason. - I'm out of here.
What about your daughter? Mason?
Rodents located.
The way I see it, you don't really have any choice, do you?
I don't think you do.
They're onto us.
Burn 'em out.
This mother's gonna blow big.
I don't understand. How could we lose radio contact all of a sudden?
We've lost coms. Still got 'em on locaters.
- So what's it gonna be? - What?
How do you like your choices?
- I don't. - That's what I thought.
All right, come on.
This is the oldest part of Alcatraz.
Did you know it was originally a Civil War fort?
Oh, really? Huh. Yeah, wow. You know, I like history, too...
and maybe when this is all over, you and I can stop by the souvenir shop together.
But right now I just-- I just-- I wanna find some rockets.
Don't tempt me. We are going to the morgue.
- You sure you're ready for this? - I'll do my best.
Your best?
Losers always whine about their best.
Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
Carla was the prom queen.
- Really? - Yeah.
Locaters have them approaching the morgue, sir.
Come on, come on. You can do it, Doc.
You must never hesitate.
I think you're shooting too close to the rocket.
Him, but not the rocket.
Any other news, Professor?
Not the rocket! Not the rocket.
I got a little somethin' for ya.
Oh, yeah, okay. That's just about the most awful thing I've ever seen.
the second you don't respect this, it kills you.
Put it over there.
You've been around a lot of corpses. Is that normal?
- What, the feet thing? - Yeah, the feet thing.
- Yeah, that happens. - Well, I'm having kind of a hard time concentrating.
- Can you do something about it? - Well, like what? Kill him again?
Listen, I'm just a biochemist.
And most of the time I work in a glass jar and lead a very uneventful life.
I drive a Volvo, a beige one. But what I'm dealing with here...
is one of the most deadly substances the Earth has ever known.
So what do you say you cut me some friggin' slack?
A really elegant string-of-pearls configuration.
Unfortunately, incredibly unstable.
Well, what exactly does this stuff do?
If the rocket renders it aerosol, it can take out the entire city of people.
Really? And what happens if you drop one?
Happily, it'll just wipe out you and me.
- How? - It's a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Stops the brain from sending nerve messages down the spinal cord within 30 seconds.
Any epidermal exposure or inhalation, and you'll know.
A twinge at the small of your back as the poison seizes your nervous system.
Do not move that!
Your muscles freeze, you can't breathe.
You spasm so hard you break your own back, spit your guts out.
But that's after your skin melts off.
My God.
Oh, I think we'd like God on our side at the moment, don't you?
So what I'm doing now is removing the guidance system chips...
so the rocket will splash down after 500 feet.
All right, let me have that.
You can let go of it. All right, just back away. Just back away!
Sir, morgue team has not checked in.
Blackbird One, this is Blackbird. Over.
Blackbird One, this is Blackbird. Come in, goddamn it!
Somebody's still there. Let's move!
Rats alive! Close on the morgue. Close on the morgue.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Frye, Darrow, hustle up. We got more company!
Hold it.
Converge on the morgue. Move out.
Goodspeed, come on. Come over here.
Good. I love pressure. I eat it for breakfast.
Come on. Time's up.
There's three rockets somewhere else. We have to find them.
Come on!
I'm too old for this.
- Where's it go? - I've no idea.
Sir, all the guidance chips are gone.
Captain, I guess you didn't quite take care of the rat problem.
- No, sir. - Well, there are two dead men here...
- who strongly suggest you go finish the job. - Yes, sir.
Yes, sir! Rio, Royce, let's go!
Move out!
-You really don't know where this goes? -No, I don't know where it goes.
Well, it's starting to pick up speed. Do you know how to slow it down?
No, I don't.
Mason, you all right?
Yes, perfectly okay, you fucking idiot!
- They're coming. - Who?
- The marines! - Where?
- What the fuck's goin' on? - Let's cut him off.
No! No! No!
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