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Rock The CD3

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You motherfucker! Die! Die! Die!
I'm rather glad you didn't hesitate too long.
How do you do it?
Oh, I was trained by the best. British lntelligence.
Come on.
But in retrospect, I'd rather have been a poet or a farmer.
Okay, the president arrives in three hours.
His directive is to string Hummel along until the air strike is operational.
- What's the word from Mohave, General? - The same as last time, Lou.
They're going as fast as they can.
- Do it over here. - On your knees. On your knees!
Navy SEALs, listen up. You've got something that belongs to me.
Twelve guidance chips, to be precise.
Let me remind you there are lives at stake, civilian lives.
Speak up.
- Speak up! - I, uh, uh--
- Tell them your name. - My name is Larry Henderson.
- Oh, man. - And I'm a father of three.
And, uh, they've got a gun to my head.
You've got exactly three minutes to return the guidance chips to the exercise yard...
- or Mr. Henderson won't have a head. - Oh, no.
Hey. Wha--
Now, three to go.
You find them and defuse them, okay?
- All right. - All right.
I'll try and delay Hummel and give you more time.
Hey, what about Mr. Henderson's head?
Okay? What do you mean?
- General. - Who the hell are you?
I'm all that's left of the enemy.
Stand easy.
Thought I'd been in the service a long time.
- Name and rank, sailor. - Well, it's army, actually.
Answer the question. And address him as "General, sir."
Captain John Patrick Mason, General, sir...
of Her Majesty's S.A.S. Retired, of course.
You're a long way from home, Captain.
How the hell are you involved in this?
Oh, I have a unique knowledge of this prison facility.
I was, uh, formerly a guest here.
Hi, sweetie.
Hey, come back here, little boy.
Did they bother to tell you who I am, why I'm doing this?
Or are they just using you like they do everybody else?
All I know is you were big in Vietnam. I saw the highlights on television.
Then you wouldn't have any fuckin' idea what it means to lead some of the finest men...
on God's earth into battle, and then see their memory betrayed by their own fuckin' government.
I don't quite see how you cherish the memory of the dead...
by killing another million.
And, uh, this is not combat.
It's an act of lunacy, General, sir.
Personally, I think you're a fuckin' idiot.
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time...
with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson.
"Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious," according to Oscar Wilde.
- Thank you for making my point. - Where are the guidance chips?
Where are the guidance chips?
- I destroyed them. - That was a bad move, soldier.
Does that mean you'll execute us both?
You're lucky that old man Hummel wants you alive.
'Cause I'll take pleasure in guttin' you, boy.
I'd take pleasure in guttin' you
"l'll take pleasure in guttin' you, boy."
What is wrong with these people, huh, Mason?
Don't you think there's a lot of, uh, a lot of anger floatin' around this island?
Kind of a pubescent volatility? Don't you think?
A lot of angst, a lot of, "l'm 16, I'm angry at my father" syndrome?
I mean, grow up! We're stuck on an island...
with a bunch of violence-for-pleasure-seeking psychopathic marines.
Shame on them!
Anyway, I only got one chem round. There's two left.
- Mason? - Yes, I'm here.
I was just thinking how wonderful it was...
when the inmates weren't allowed to talk in here.
Not allowed to talk.
How'd you do it?
Uh, nurtured the hope that there was hope.
That one day I'd breathe free air.
Perhaps meet my daughter.
Modest hopes, but, uh, they kept a man alive.
What'd they put you away for, John?
Oh, that's a long story.
Well, I'm not goin' anywhere.
When was the last communication from our men on Alcatraz?
Seven hours.
Thermite plasma is operational.
- Get me the president. - Be seated.
Gentlemen, consider yourselves on ground alert. If we receive launch authority...
your mission is the complete thermal destruction of Alcatraz lsland.
The entire island is to be blanketed, not one square inch missed.
Eighty-one American civilians and a number of U.S. Marines...
will lose their lives in this air strike.
Why didn't you just tell them where the microfilm was...
and, and create a solution?
Hmph. The moment they had the microfilm, they'd suicide me.
- Some solution. - And you ended up here.
Which brings me to another question. When you broke out--
Let me see if I can get this straight. You went down the incinerator chute...
on the mine cars, through the tunnels to the power plant...
under the steam engine-- That was really cool, by the way--
and into the cistern through the intake pipe.
But how, in the name of Zeus's butthole...
did you get out of your cell?
I only ask because in our current situation...
well, it could prove to be useful information, maybe!
Trade secrets, my son.
General, two operational rockets left.
One's at the lower lighthouse and there is one on the roof.
And both of the birds are ready to fly, sir.
- G-General, can you hear me? - I heard you, Captain.
Oh, just makin' sure.
Should we prepare for launch, General?
I'll handle the strategy, Captain.
Yes, sir.
The hour is approaching, sir. Just letting the General know of the time, sir.
- I'm very aware of the time, Captain. - Aye, aye, sir. Lettin' you know.
Me and my boys are ready to cock, lock, and ready to rock.
Mason, where're you going?
Thirty years ago I vowed I wouldn't die in this toilet.
You're not leaving! There's a madman in there with his hand on a, on a button!
Shh. Some sniper's gonna get his ass.
Stop moving, Mason.
Mason, stop moving.
Hummel won't do it. He's a soldier, not a murderer.
- I read it in his eyes. - You read his eyes?
Oh, well, then, everything's just fine!
- I can't afford to take that chance. - Why don't you talk louder?
Three minutes to go, sir.
- They're not gonna call, Frank. - Oh, they'll call.
They'll call if we fire one of our rockets up their ass.
- Hummel. - Hi, Frank. It's AI Kramer here.
- How's it going out there? - How do you think it's goin'?
- Listen, on this end we're gonna need another hour, Frank. - You've got three minutes.
Listen, uh, Frank, we have to get final authorization from the president.
You've got three minutes.
Frank, please don't do anything stupid.
They want another hour.
Well, that's bullshit. That's bullshit, General. They're lyin'!
They're calling our bluff, sir.
They're playing you for a fool, sir.
Order the launch, General.
Come on, General. Let's be all we can be.
The mission's not complete!
Well, mine is.
When this is over, you'll go back home...
driving Carla and your baby insane in your beige Volvo.
And I'll be dead or back in prison, which is the same thing.
You're not leaving.
All right, I'll do it myself.
I got three weeks' weapons training.
I'll kick the-- Out of a platoon full of marines.
No problem.
- Major, patch me into Roof Battery. - Aye, sir.
Fire open control circuit coordinates to the roof, sir.
Let's go!
Laser powered up!
- Oh, no. - I said, on your knees!
My name's Stanley Goodspeed. I'm a chemical weapons specialist for the FBl.
- Uh, glass or plastic? - What?
- Glass or plastic? Glass or plastic? - Shut the fuck up!
Because if the winds change after you launch those rockets...
- we're all gonna die. - Shut up!
And you're gonna end up in either a glass jar or a plastic bag.
So, what do you say you do the math, h-hand over the gun...
- and let's go find some rockets? - I said shut the fuck--
- You made the right choice. - I decided I didn't want your child...
growing up without a father.
Hey, the last time I swam this channel I was your age.
So, I'm fucked either way. So, come on.
Weapon is hot. I am standing by for the launch command.
Man, killing Navy SEALs is one thing--
- Is this for real? - Hey, it's business.
Access code entered. Weapon available for release.
Launch coordinates: six, seven,
five, four, five, niner.
The weapon is hot. I'm standing by for launch command.
That's affirmative.
Standing by for command.
I'm waiting for launch command, General.
- Fire. - Fire!
Missile loose! Missile loose!
Origin: Alcatraz, 67253725.
- What's the goddamn heading? - Heading 185 degrees south southeast.
- Speed? - Three hundred knots. It's headed right at Oakland.
Football game.
Oh, my God.
Missile radically changing direction.
New direction: 275 degrees west. It's headed out to sea, sir.
Oh, Christ!
Missile losing altitude. Falling.
Falling, 300 feet, 200, 100.
Bogey detonated under water.
What the fuck?
It missed.
- Well, that's great. - Extremely great.
But there's still one left.
What happened to the rocket? What the fuck happened to the coordinates?
What the fuck is going on? Sir! Major!
- Captain, step outside. - Talk to me, sir.
Captain, step outside!
Get me the Pentagon.
What the hell was that, Frank?
- I said, what the hell-- - I heard what you said! lf you're gonna be insubordinate...
- I'd appreciate it if you'd do it with a little more respect. - Cut the crap, General.
- What the hell are you doing? - I'm not ready to kill these people.
- Call the Pentagon. Ask for more time. - No!
Do it, Frank! We're coming loose.
You're coming loose. The rest of us are in complete control.
- We're askin' 'em. We're askin' 'em for a new deadline. - Put the phone down.
- The men are falling apart. - The men are marines!
Are they?
- I wanna talk to General Kramer. - You've been asked by an old friend.
- Put him on the phone right now. - You've been ordered by a superior officer.
-This is Major Baxter. -Now you're being given your last chance by a man with a gun.
Put the phone down.
- I thought you weren't ready to kill. - I'm warmin' up.
At ease.
They need a decision, Mr. President.
These past few hours...
have been the longest, darkest of my life.
How does one weigh human life?
One million civilians against 81 hostages.
And in the middle, Frank Hummel.
That we have ignored, abandoned or marginalized...
a great soldier like Frank Hummel...
and that American boys have paid for that neglect in blood...
is equally real and equally tragic.
We are at war with terror.
Fighting a war means casualties.
This is the worst call I've ever had to make.
Air strike approved.
Red Thunder to tower. Request clearance.
With the amount of firepower they're gonna drop in there...
- Tower this is Strike Leader. Prepared to go. - it'll be over in a few seconds.
Flight time to drop point: 17 minutes.
Excuse me, General, sir, with all due respect to you, but what the fuck is going on?
- You changed the coordinates, didn't you, General? - That's affirmative, Captain.
So, now they think we're gutless, the Feds? They think we won't actually do it.
They're gonna come at us with everything they've got. Air and sea.
- They're gonna bomb our ass back to the Stone Age. - They don't know we missed on purpose.
Great. We're not gutless, we're incompetent. That right?
I don't think I like your tone, Captain. We planned for this contingency.
Load the V.X. into the choppers, take four hostages and evacuate.
The consequences of our actions I'll face alone.
Excuse me, General, but what about the fucking money?
There is no fucking money. Mission's over.
Bullshit it's over.
You're talking to a General, soldier. Maintain discipline.
I'm not a soldier, Major.
The day we took hostages we became mercenaries. And mercenaries get paid!
I want my fucking money!
This mission was based on the threat of force.
I'm not about to kill 80,000 innocent people. Do you think I'm out of my fucking mind?
We bluffed. They called it. The mission's over.
Whoever said anything about bluffing, General?
Stand down, Captain.
Stand down, Captain!
Major, I'm ordering you to take these men to the choppers and evacuate.
- That's a simple order, Major! - It's not so simple, Frank.
Sergeant Crisp...
secure the General.
I'm relieving you of your command, sir.
- I'll have that sidearm, sir. - You mean this sidearm?
Major Baxter, you're either with us or against us.
It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve with you, General.
But like he said...
it's over.
Let's get him.
- My God, what have I done? - Where's the last rocket? Where's the last rocket?
- Where's the last rocket? - Lower lighthouse.
- Lower lighthouse. - Go!
Darrow, go to the lighthouse. I'll take care of this fucker!
One, two, three! Eat that!
Did it.
Come here. Come here, you little chicken shit!
You shoot me, I drop this. We're both dead.
Well, come on. Come on. Don't be scared. I won't hurt ya.
- Come on. - Do you know how this shit works?
You know how this shit works?
Come on. Come on.
I don't need the gun. I'll put it down.
Come on. Let's play. Come on. Come on.
Listen, I think we got started off on the wrong foot. Stan Goodspeed, FBl. Uh--
Let's talk music. Do you like the Elton John song, "Rocket Man"?
I don't like soft-ass shit.
Oh, you-- Oh, oh. Oh.
Well, I only bring it up because, uh, it's you.
You're the Rocket Man.
- How do you like how that shit works? - Second rocket's away!
It splashed into the bay, sir. No detonation.
Open up!
Come on.
Open up!
Hey, you mother!
Oh, I'm gonna get you now, baby.
I got ya. I got you, baby.
Come on.
Red Thunder Strike Leader.
Time on target: seven minutes.
English prick. I tell you my old man was lrish?
Maintain air speed 450 knots.
It's me and you, pal.
I want that fucking chip!
I love pressure.
I know you're in here, and I know you can hear me.
Now, pay the piper and come out like a man.
Increase speed to 500 knots.
You motherfucker! Die!
I'm gonna choke my million bucks out of you. You're gonna die.
Eat that, you fuck!
All right, team, inbound. Time on target: 60 seconds.
Come to course heading 142 degrees.
When he neutralizes the threat...
we launch green flares and we wait for the cavalry.
- Let's tighten up that formation. - May God have mercy on your souls.
Please don't let this happen. There has to be something you can do. Please.
Let's drop to the deck. One hundred feet below radar.
Target acquired. Rolling in.
This is Red Thunder. Master armed. Master armed.
Time on target: 12 seconds.
T.O.T.: ten seconds.
Stay tight, gentlemen.
I got green smoke. I got green smoke!
This is C.Q. One, C.Q. One! Green smoke! We have green smoke! Over.
- Eh, gimme that! Gimme that! Abort! - Abort!
- Flight leader, abort, abort, abort! - Jesus Chri--
I already dropped them!
- Oh, goddamn it! - Oh, my God!
Get out of my way. Let me through, please. Let me through!
The cells did not get hit. The bombs hit on the back of the island.
I'm fed up saving your ass. I'm amazed you ever got past puberty.
I suppose all this will make a great bedtime story to tell your kid.
You're insane, Mason. The kid'll have nightmares. Spend all my money on shrinks.
Goodspeed, come in.
Goodspeed, Goodspeed, do you read me? Come in!
- Scanning all radio frequencies. - Goodspeed, do you read me? Come in!
Goodspeed, do you read me? Come in!
Goodspeed, do you read me? Come in!
This is Goodspeed.
- Are the hostages alive? - Every one of 'em.
Goodspeed, it's Womack.
What about Mason?
- He's dead, sir. - How? When?
Just come and get me.
Womack tore up your pardon, John.
But, of course. I knew he would.
The S.D.U.s and the scuba gear should still be where we came ashore.
If you can get to the Pan Pacific Hotel, there's clothes in my closet, $200 in the Bible.
Room 26.
Well, it's been a long time since I've said thank you to anybody.
But thank you.
Well, Stanley, uh, this is when we go our separate ways, huh?
But, uh, I'm sure you know the etymology of your name "Goodspeed."
Yeah, Godspeed: to wish someone a prosperous journey. Why?
Well, if you fancy a journey...
I recommend Fort Walton, Kansas.
I was thinking of Maui.
Forget Maui.
"St. Michael's Church, Fort Walton, Kansas.
"Front pew, right leg.
Is this what I think it is?
-Congratulations, Dr. Goodspeed. You did it. -Thank you, sir.
You know, for a while there, I didn't think you were gonna make it.
Well done, son.
So, where's Mason?
Vaporized. Blown out to sea.
Blown out to sea, huh?
Poor bastard.
Goodspeed, where's Mason? Where's his body? I wanna see that son of a bitch!
Vaporized, sir. Excuse me, gentlemen.
What? Vaporized? A body can vaporize?
Oh, yeah! Absolutely, sir.
St. Michael's Church, front pew, right leg.
Front pew, right leg.
Vandals! Vandals!
Oh, yes, baby, come on!
- Stop! Vandals! Stop! - I'm sorry!
- Come on, baby! - I've got it! Okay, let's go!
- Stop! Stop! - Sorry!
Stop! Hey, hey, you!
Vandals! Vandals!
Honey, uh, you wanna know who really killed J.F.K.?
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