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Rocket Brothers (2003)

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I haven't written a song in over|a year, not one single song.
I'm terrified of starting.
I'm terrified of confronting|myself with the thought of -
- having to start somewhere.
Henke, Mads, Asger and I are standing|like racehorses at the starting line.
We need to kick ourselves|in the ass...
... to get moving, or I do.
I do. I need to kick|myself in the ass...
... and just do it instead|of feeling sorry for myself.
{Y:i}One year earlier
{Y:i}One year earlier
- Thank you. The winner is...|- And the winner is...
Damn, this is exciting.
But the winner is... Kashmir!
Well, well.
{Y:i}What does winning|all these prizes mean?
{Y:i}6 Grammy's...
I can whistle.
{Y:i}They came up to me and they said:
That's too far out. Being recognized|because you look a little "rock".
It's not even that, they could|tell you were a rock star.
This is going on the website.|It's an awesome picture.
I like this stuff.
What else do you like?
Playing electric bass, smoking|cigarettes and wearing denim.
It's not because|I don't listen to you, Mads, but...
I have to wear these, I think.
What do you think, Stener?
- About what?|- Which shoes?
The most comfortable ones.|It doesn't matter at all.
Just wear the most comfortable ones.
- That's a cool shirt.|- I'm playing in the white one.
- Okay.|- Is it okay?
Yes, but I think|the other one is cool too.
- You prefer the other one?|- Yes, I think so.
- I'd definitely say the white one.|- You would?
Are you crazy?|I think it's the best.
I love the other one, the Jefferson,|but the Grand Prix is...
I think you look better in "Jefferson".
It was great that|after our sound check -
It was great that|after our sound check -
- some people came over|and said it sounded good.
It always makes you feel good.
Every little bit helps.
You need every bit of positive|energy when you're...
... a shaker.
I can't tell if I'm nervous -
- or if I'm excited|or if I feel comfortable.
I think it's in between really.
I don't want to make|a big deal out of it.
But I also know that this|is the most important concert.
We've never played a more|important concert than this one.
And I know I need to stop focusing|on it. But I do when I say it to you.
And we all know it,|but no one wants to talk about it.
It's between the lines.|It's in the air.
People are a little:
It will be cool.|We're looking forward to it.
We really are.|I'm looking forward to it.
It's weird being here with|the guys and knowing that -
- 10 of the biggest record companies|in the US are coming to see us.
So I'm a little... okay, wow.
Why the hell aren't we on there?|That was the least they could do.
- I don't know. Ask Rikke.|- Losers.
- Is it because we're nothing?|- Yes, of course.
Don't get paranoid, if something|happens or you get nervous.
So fuck it.|Who wouldn't do that?
Stay cool. It won't be a disaster|if you get a weird feeling.
That's where you might get a little...
Use it, use it for something good.|There's no reason to be paranoid.
Like today when|you kept stopping things -
- I know you did it because|things didn't sound right.
But we just have to keep going|tonight, no matter what -
- no matter if we play it wrong,|we can't start over.
We'll just take it from there.|Are you cool with that?
{Y:i}Copenhagen, one year later
You don't always feel like an artist|because you've released 3 albums.
What kind of film is this?|What do you want out of this project?
It doesn't take much.
Yes, it does. It does, but...
You need to turn off|the camera, I can't...
It's hard to say what I'm doing wrong,|but I am doing something wrong.
It's been so long since|I've had a big flow of things.
Sometimes I doubt whether|I'm a composer or an artist at all.
I'm getting ideas again because|I stopped concentrating on them.
- Well...|- Do you feel guilty?
I always feel guilty|when I'm not doing anything.
The toughest pressure|comes from myself.
There's something meditative|about peeling an orange -
- so I'm going to do that.
It's easy enough to pull something|out of your butt that's just...
That's easy enough. What's hard is|to get something that is -
- honest and true|and that you can see yourself in.
The right things appear|in the moment when you look away.
When you just... What?
What did I just write?|That's how I felt.
A short verse about your life that|says everything about what you felt.
It's dangerous|if you make it a compulsion.
It's dangerous if you see it|as a monkey on your back -
- forcing you to express something.
I often wonder whether|I'll ever write anything again.
Maybe I won't.|Will I ever write anything I like?
Maybe not.|Maybe I need to do something else.
{Y:i}Should I sing this instead?
I understand that you're|a little touchy about this.
It's completely new and|you want us to have clear reactions.
- Isn't that right, Kasper?|- Yeah, that's probably...
And you see our faces|and don't know how we're reacting.
Isn't that it?|Honestly?
When I sit like this while you're|singing, you think: "What is it? ".
- "Is something wrong? "|- Of course.
It's because you're self-conscious|about it, which is totally natural.
But I think you need to count|on people saying what they think.
We need to trust each other|to speak up if there's a problem.
I just don't want us to decide right|now, based on this tiny new idea.
- I definitely haven't.|- Good. No, Good. Fine.
Suddenly this idea occurred to us|yesterday. It came out of nowhere.
I had an idea about some chords.
Then a lyric appeared.|Henke knows nothing about it.
He just knows we jammed a little,|so we'll try to keep it...
Because he wasn't there yesterday.|He was sick.
He can't go thinking the boys don't|do anything when he's not there.
How did you do?|Does it have a shape?
No, we just jammed. We couldn't get|it together for the longest time.
We just jammed a little.
And then finally, Asger had|this idea for a strange beat.
That's very cool.|That's pretty cool.
I've been thinking|about it all morning.
I felt the same way when|I woke up this morning...
It's really moody.|I really like it.
It's got a really good vibe.|It worked right away.
- It's great to hear.|- It sounded great.
It was awesome to listen to.|It's cool.
We kept playing it|until we had a take everyone liked.
It kept growing as|we played it yesterday.
We were like, how could it be|so easy? How is it possible?
And we didn't want to tell Henke -
- "We did a song, want to hear it? "
We wanted to be like:|"We did something you can hear".
- That's why you were so secretive.|- But you "interviewed" it out of me.
"What's new? "|"A thing we did."
"What is it? "|"A jam thing"
"Is it good? "|"Yeah, it's okay"
- I didn't sound like that.|- No, but you pulled the secret out.
- We did some piano yesterday.|- Oh?
- Maybe we should check it out.|- Can I hear it?
Why couldn't I hear it?
- That seemed pretty cool.|- I think it sounds good.
I think so too, but it needs|to be more unisonant.
It sounds perfect there, but|I'd like to try it an octave higher.
- With Kasper's guitar.|- Isn't that what you did?
No, it was here.
I'd like to hear it,|just to get some clarity.
It's good and it's cool when|Kasper responds with those...
I liked the first refrain|when you played that.
It made it lazy in a cool way,|those half-tempo chords.
That was lovely.
You could emphasize|the 7 in the A-chord.
- On the way down?|- Yes, that sounded fantastic.
I don't know.|I thought it sounded a little...
It wasn't as prominent there|and I like that.
- This could be cool.|- This could be mother-fucking cool.
How cool! What's up with that?|We wrote a song.
- And I think the lyrics work.|- I think so too.
I really like it.|Just think about...
{Y:i}Santa Claus,|Santa Claus...
Great lyrics. All you did was|smoke a cigarette and then...
Just change there...
Try taking that...
Take that chord.|Can you go on from there?
Yes, try that.
Try going down two notes each time|or a whole note.
And then maybe half a note|on the last one.
The song isn't finished.|It's just a skeleton.
Perhaps we ought to structure|that solo a little more.
Right now, it's a little|uncertain where it's going.
We need a color of something else|that could work somewhere -
- so you don't just come back -
- so it isn't just a roundabout|feeling so you get a zero and a 100.
We're just looping it at the moment|and it feels boring.
It needs to build, right?
I need to try that.
That was cool.
- We are the sorrow boys.|- The Kings of Sorrow.
It's awesome working on new songs.
It's more awesome|than you could imagine.
To really be moving again,|to be getting stuff done...
Something that...|So it doesn't just...
Wait. We've got a lot to do, but we're|here now and this needs to be cool.
- But I can't do anything.|- Stop that, Mads.
- No, Kasper.|- Stop it, Mads. Don't do that.
- It's not about how you play bass.|- I don't say that when you record.
- It's not about how you play bass.|- But this isn't working.
Don't do that.|We just need to move on.
We're all talking and|I'm just saying, let's get it done.
I just think|it's the wrong way to say it.
I'm really sorry.
You don't have to say "stop that".|It seems so aggressive.
But, I think it's...
Let's just move on.|You're so sensitive.
- No, I'm not.|- That's how I perceive it.
It's just not cool to be told|we've got a lot to do.
It's not cool.|I'm trying my best.
- I know.|- Good.
You can do it by yourself.|I don't want to be here.
- That was a really cool reaction.|- Yeah.
- Refreshing.|- The same to you, buddy. It's cool.
I don't know what to do now.|Can anyone else help?
Play some bass.
What the hell do I do now?
- There's nothing to do but play.|- But that's what I want to do.
How about a little understanding|that I've got this big turd here?
But it's just that we need to move on.
Sure, man. We just need to get past|this little bummer that I need to play.
Absolutely, but|that's what we're doing.
Really? No kidding.
Well, Henrik, want to record this?
It's just not cool to play something|for them that's not finished -
- if they think it's not cool|because it's not finished.
It would be a shame if they thought|the new Kashmir wasn't cool.
It's a dangerous risk to take.
Listen, boys.
- That was Anders 3:20.|- And?
He's seeing MTV today and wants to|play one of our new songs for them.
- If they only get to hear it, it's fine.|- Maybe. He suggests "Aftermath".
Let's not underestimate the importance|of them knowing who we are.
- How about "Rocket Jack"?|- I don't think so.
- What about what?|- "Rocket Brothers".
- I don't think so.|- The vocals aren't as good.
I don't think "Rocket Brothers" is|finished. I'd like to talk about that.
There are some things that|bother me arrangement-wise.
I think we can optimize it.|We can get closer to the song.
We can make it better.
No, we can't rerecord it.|That's stupid.
- That's what I was thinking.|- Really?
I listened to it really|closely last night.
I did too.
There are some really cool parts,|but it's caught between two chairs.
I don't get the feeling that|the recording was exciting enough.
I think we can get closer to it.
I've got to say it|if I feel it.
Kasper, we need to be careful.
I'm glad you're saying this,|but let's not do anything drastic.
We need to listen to it|and figure out what we can do.
- Nothing's going to disappear.|- No, unless we...
- It will just be a new version.|- Sure.
But let's see if we can fix|the problems in the song.
Maybe we shouldn't be afraid of|trying again, doing it differently.
I'm not trying to depress you or|to be negative about this song.
I've felt this way for a while.
There's something about|it that could be better.
I also feel that if you really don't|feel good about that version -
- then I think it would be death|trying to repair it.
I don't agree with Mads.|Maybe we should try a new version.
- I don't think we can decide yet.|- I don't believe in repairing it.
It would be a shame to take|elements out of this version.
- I think so too.|- I don't think we should.
We should try to mobilize the desire|to do it another way, to start over.
What needs to be different?|Can you hear anything?
Please be specific,|because I don't know what's up.
It's no one's fault and you have|to speak up if that's how you feel.
But I can't help being bummed|about doing it over again.
Everyone needs to be happy,|so that's how it has be.
I don't want to do it again|if that's how you feel.
- It won't be like that.|- It won't work that way.
Like you said, we need to find|the desire to do it another way.
If we're going to do it,|we're going to do it right.
- That's pretty cool.|- Yeah... Cool...
{Y:i}I got a phone call|from James Guthrie -
{Y:i}- who mixed and co-produced|part of "The Good Life".
{Y:i}He also co-produced, as it's called -
{Y:i}- but in fact actually produced -
{Y:i}- "The Wall" and "The Final Cut"|with Pink Floyd.
{Y:i}Roger Waters,|who used to play bass -
{Y:i}- and was the lead songwriter|for Pink Floyd -
- is going on a world tour, where|he'll pri marily play Pink Floyd songs -
- and some of his own work.
He needed a new guitarist|and vocalist in his live band.
I started thinking|all sorts of wild thoughts.
First I thought|I couldn't for two reasons -
- I can't leave my band|for a six month world tour -
- and I'm not good enough|for this job.
But then I talked it|over with the band -
- and they were|immediately on guard.
It's been three years|since our last album -
- and we need to move on|and release a new album.
So it wasn't the best time to leave|for six months with a different band.
We talked about it and how it was|the chance of a lifetime.
It would be idiotic to turn|down an opportunity like this.
This is really bizarre.
{Y:i}When someone else is such a big|part of your consciousness -
{Y:i}- as Roger Waters is for me...
{Y:i}Most people have a hero or an idol -
- and when you've had one|for as long as I have -
- that person becomes unreal|or al most god-like.
You start seeing the person|as supernatural or nonexistent -
{Y:i}- in a physical form.
{Y:i}I did it my way and|put my own expression into it -
{Y:i}- and I don't think he wanted that|so I didn't get the job.
{Y:i}I have thought about it since.
It would have been a huge adventure|to tour the world in a private jet -
- staying at grand hotels in Brazil,|Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia.
It would have been|completely fantastic.
On the other hand, I'm also|a little relieved I didn't get it -
- because my dream isn't|to go out and be someone else.
My dream is to create my own universe|with my band doing my stuff.
A man is coming from|Stockholm to see us today.
He's the Head of A & R|for Sony in Scandinavia.
A & R stands for Artist and Relation.
He handles everything to do|with the music and the artists.
He's the one that approves|the budgets and the music.
He has to say it's good enough,|we want to release it.
So he's coming to hear a few songs.
And who knows,|maybe he'll fire us.
- Welcome.|- How are you guys doing?
- Is it going well?|- I think it's going really well.
We're very surprised by|how much we can do here.
- It's very light.|- We're not used to seeing daylight.
- It's great.|- It's even got air conditioning.
- That's good too.|- What do you want?
They just need to hear something|they haven't heard before.
- Of course, the "Rocket Guys".|- "Rocket Guys".
Turn it off.
This is really good, really. Exciting.
The first one was my favorite.
- Okay.|- The first two are singles.
- You must be satisfied.|- What?
- You must be satisfied with it.|- Definitely.
- That's good to hear.|- This is really good to hear.
It's both clearly Kashmir -
- and yet it's also totally new.
Great to see you too.
And congratulations on|that wedding thing.
They wore black and I thought,|"Oh my God, what if..."
I also noticed the black-black.
- There was always that initiative.|- I was just going to say that.
- I was just...|- And then it went away.
I kept trying to distract them.|Want some cake? Coffee?
I caught myself trying|to keep Leif's smile going.
It disappeared really quick.|Saying something funny and then...
It went great.|It went...
- Who are you calling now?|- I'm trying to call James Guthrie.
I haven't talked to him|for two weeks -
- about whether he wants to invite|us to Lake Tahoe to mix our album.
He didn't sound happy.
He sounded stressed out,|like he had to give me bad news.
He doesn't have time.
He just found out yesterday|and we had to wait.
And now we're in a situation|where we've got nothing at all.
We're completely flat on our ass.
We've got no one to mix it|and the album needs to be finished.
I simply don't know what to do now.|I don't know who to talk to.
I need to tell the band the bad news.
I don't know what to say|or how to do it.
It's that final part of the process -
- that is so necessary|to make it a good record.
It turned out he couldn't.
It's a shame, but we've found|someone called John Cornfield.
He did all of Supergrass's records.
I think it sounds good. Their music|isn't me, but it sounds good.
Yes, I hope so.|We're meeting him on Thursday.
What if he's like...|And when we get there he's...
What if he's like...|And when we get there he's...
- That would be such a bummer.|- If he didn't quite have a grip...
- Guys, you want to see something?|- Yeah.
This is the record.
- That is so trippy.|- That's it? Modern technology...
It's a 70's pencil box.
The whole record's in here?
It's not this close to surreal,|it's totally surreal.
We're here.
This troll is going to mix our record.|It's fantastic.
You've got to admit it's got charm.
I really hope he thinks it's cool.|I hope he gets into it.
We need to convince him.|He hasn't had the time to hear it.
- That's a little irritating.|- Is it?
That he's not prepared.|It's like it's just a job.
We need you to feel good|about singing with this guy.
It means a lot to me that you have|a good vibe about singing this.
Maybe he's more down-to-earth.|Maybe that's what we need.
Yeah, but I don't think so.
But of course I'm worried.
I'm tense about him|and what will happen.
He just needs to mix this album|and he needs to make it sound good.
Precisely...|Idiot! Why do I have to be so lame?
Why did I need to spill that beer?
Why do I lack all motor skills?|I definitely don't lack motorskills.
Give me a beer, will you?
It has to be constructive|with a man like that.
But it's also really important|that you tell him -
- because it's a sensitive process|because you have to perform.
We're not just mixing,|you have to do something.
It's very important that|you two communicate well.
You need to tell him you need his|opinion and his feedback for this.
Otherwise I think we need to follow|our intuition of how it should be.
Otherwise I think we need to follow|our intuition of how it should be.
Do you think|they're still downstairs?
Let's have a look.
You've got this treasure|in your hand -
- that you've spent|so much time building -
- and you want to hand it over|to someone you trust.
John Cornfield was someone who|definitely didn't seem attractive.
He was careful. He was calm and|he didn't throw compliments around.
But when you got a compliment,|when he said "it's fucking great"...
... you almost fell off your chair -
- because you knew you had|gotten an honest response.
On that "go", it needs|to be shorter and more distinct.
It's really damn good.|It's damn good.
He said to take it easy,|because the material's super.
It can't go wrong.
Now you can feel that he's not|holding back the compliments.
And he's totally consistent.
Yeah, and he said...
That's it. And that the man can be|so professionally intuitive.
It's totally... Hat's off.|It's really cool. I knew it.
Good brother, it's awesome.
It's cooking now. It's awesome.
Hats off. Fuck me, this is cool.
Good afternoon, Roskilde!
Subtitles by: Nicholas Hawtin|Dansk Videotekst
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