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Roman Holiday

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
{y:i}Paramount News|{y:i}brings you a special coverage...
{y:i}of Princess Ann's|{y:i}visit to London...
{y:i}the first stop on her much-publicized|{y:i}goodwill tour of European capitals.
{y:i}She gets a royal welcome|{y:i}from the British...
{y:i}as thousands cheer|{y:i}the gracious young member...
{y:i}of one of Europe's|{y:i}oldest ruling families.
{y:i}After three days|{y:i}of continuous activity...
{y:i}and a visit|{y:i}to Buckingham Palace...
{y:i}Ann flew to Amsterdam...
{y:i}where Her Royal Highness dedicated|{y:i}the new international aid building...
{y:i}and christened an ocean liner...
{y:i}then went to Paris...
{y:i}where she attended|{y:i}many official functions...
{y:i}designed to cement trade relations|{y:i}between her country...
{y:i}and the Western European nations.
{y:i}And so, to Rome,|{y:i}the eternal city...
{y:i}where the princess's visit was marked|{y:i}by a spectacular military parade...
{y:i}highlighted by the band|{y:i}of the crack Bersagliere Regiment.
{y:i}The smiling young princess|{y:i}showed no sign...
{y:i}of the strain of the week's|{y:i}continuous public appearances.
{y:i}And at her country's embassy|{y:i}that evening...
{y:i}a formal reception and ball|{y:i}in her honor...
{y:i}was given by her country's|{y:i}ambassador to Italy.
Her Royal Highness.
His Excellency,|the Papal Nuncio...
Monsignor Altomonte.
Sir Hugo Macey de Farmington.
- Good evening, Sir Hugo.|- Good evening, Your Royal Highness.
His Highness,|the Maharajah of Khanipur...
and the Rajkumari.
- I'm so glad that you could come.|- Thank you.
Thank you, madame.
Prince Istvar Barlossy Nagayavaros.
How do you do?
Sir Hari Singh...
and Karak Singh.
The Count and Countess|von Marstrand.
Good evening, Countess.
Good evening.
Good evening.
How do you do?
I hate this nightgown.
I hate all my nightgowns.
And I hate all my underwear too.
My dear,|you have lovely things.
But I'm not 200 years old.
- Why can't I sleep in pajamas?|- Pajamas?
Just the top part.
Did you know there are people who sleep|with absolutely nothing on at all?
I rejoice to say|that I did not.
Oh, and your slippers.
Please put on your slippers|and come away from the window.
Your milk and crackers.
Everything we do|is so wholesome.
They'll help you to sleep.
I'm too tired to sleep.|I shan't sleep a wink.
Now, my dear, if you don't mind,|tomorrow's schedule.
Or schedule. Whichever you prefer.|Both are correct.
8:30, breakfast here|with the embassy staff.
9:00, we leave for|the Polinari Automotive Works...
where you'll be presented|with a small car.
Thank you.
- Which you will not accept.|- No, thank you.
10:35, inspection of food|and agricultural organization...
which will present you|with an olive tree.
- No, thank you.|- Which you will accept.
Thank you.
10:55, the new|Foundling Home for Orphans.
You will preside over the laying of the|cornerstone. Same speech as last Monday.
- Trade relations.|- Yes.
For the orphans?
No, no, the other one.
- Youth and progress.|- Precisely.
11:45, back here to rest.
No, that's wrong.|11:45, conference here with the press.
Sweetness and decency.
1:00 sharp, lunch with|the foreign ministry.
You will wear your white lace|and carry a bouquet of...
Very small pink roses.
3:05, presentation of a plaque.
Thank you.
4:10, review special guard|of Carabiniere Police.
No, thank you.|How do you do?
Charmed.|So happy.
Stop, stop, stop!
It's all right, dear.|It didn't spill.
I don't care if it spilled or not.|I don't care if I drowned in it!
My dear, you're ill.
I'll send for Dr. Bonnachoven.
I don't want Dr. Bonnachoven!
- Please let me die in peace.|- You're not dying.
Leave me!
- Leave me!|- It's nerves.
Control yourself, Ann.
I don't want to!
Your Highness.
I'll get Dr. Bonnachoven.
It's no use.
I'll be dead|before he gets here.
- She is asleep.|- She was in hysterics three minutes ago.
- Are you asleep, ma'am?|- No!
I'll only disturb|Your Royal Highness for a moment.
I'm very ashamed.
Suddenly I was crying.
To cry is a perfectly normal|thing to do.
It's most important she be calm|and relaxed for the press conference.
Don't worry, Doctor.
I'll be calm and relaxed.
I'll bow and I'll smile and...
I'll improve trade relations and...
There she goes again, Doctor.|Give her something, please.
Uncover her arm, please.
What's that?
Sleep and calm.
This will relax you and make|Your Highness feel a little happy.
It's a new drug.|Quite harmless.
I don't feel any different.
You will.
It may take a little time|to take hold.
Just lie back.
Can I keep just one light on?
Of course.
Best thing I know is to do|exactly what you wish for a while.
Thank you, Doctor.
Oh, the general!|Doctor, quick!
I'm perfectly all right.
Good night, ma'am.
- Good night, ma'am.|- Good night, Doctor.
Bet 500.
Five hundred.|How many?
I'll take one.
Foolish boy.
Two for papa.
Five hundred more.
Without looking.
Five hundred,|and I'll raise you a thousand.
Two pairs.
Oh, well, I got|three shy little sevens.
A nervous straight.
Come home, you fools.
Look at that... 6,500.
Not bad.|That's ten bucks.
One more round and I'm gonna throw|you gents right out in the snow.
- Say, what do you mean?|- I gotta get up early.
A date with Her Royal Highness who|will graciously pose for some pictures.
What do you mean "early"?|My personal invitation says 11:45.
Couldn't be anything to do|with the fact that you're ahead?
- It could.|- Well, it works out fine for me.
This is my last 5,000,|and you hyenas are not gonna get it.
Thanks a lot, Irving. See you|at Annie's little party in the morning.
- "Ciao", Joe.|- Good night, Joe.
All right,|a little seven-card stud.
Okay with me.
So happy.
How are you this evening?
Hey, wake up.
- Thank you very much. Delighted.|- Wake up.
No, thank you.
Charmed too.
You may sit down.
I think you'd better sit up. Much too|young to get picked up by the police.
- Police?|- Yep. Police.
2:15, and back here to change.
You know, people who can't|handle liquor shouldn't drink it.
"If I were dead and buried|and I heard your voice...
beneath the sod|my heart of dust...
would still rejoice."
Do you know that poem?
What do you know?
You're well-read...
and snoozing away|on a public street.
Would you care|to make a statement?
What the world needs...
is a return|to sweetness and decency...
in the souls|of its young men and...
Yeah, I couldn't agree|with you more, but...
Get yourself some coffee.|You'll be all right.
Look, you take the cab.
Come on, climb in the cab|and go home.
- So happy.|- Got any money?
- Never carry money.|- That's a bad habit.
All right, I'll drop you off.|Come on.
- It's a taxi.|- Well, it's not the Super Chief.
Where are we going?
Where do you live?
Oh, come on.|You're not that drunk.
You're so smart.|I'm not drunk at all.
I'm just being very happy.
Don't go to sleep again.|Come on.
Where we going?
Look, where do you want to go?|Where shall I take you?
Where do you live?|Huh? Huh?
Come on. Come on.|Where do you live?
Come on.|Where do you live?
She lives in the Coliseum.
Is wrong address.
Look, "signore", for me|it is very late night.
"Mia moglie"... My wife.
I have three "bambino"...|You know "bambino"?
My taxi go home.|I go home together. Excuse me...
Via Margutta 51.
Here is Via Margutta 51.|{y:i}Cinquant'uno.
I am very happy.
Thousand lira.
One, two, three, four "mille".
For me?
Now look,|take a little bit of that...
take her wherever|she wants to go.
Good night.
All right, look...
as soon as she wakes up|she'll tell you where she wants to go.
- Okay.|- Moment. Moment.
My taxi is not for sleep.
Understand?|You understand?
Look, pal,|this is not my problem, see?
I never see her before.|Huh? Okay.
Is not your problem.|Is not my problem.
What you want?|You don't want girl, yeah?
Me don't want girl.
Police.|Maybe she want girl.
Stay calm, stay calm.
So happy.
So happy.
I oughta have|my head examined.
Is this the elevator?
It's my room.
I'm terribly sorry|to mention it, but...
the dizziness is getting worse.
Can I sleep here?
Well, that's the general idea.
Can I have a silk nightgown|with rosebuds on it?
I'm afraid you'll have to|rough it tonight...
in these.
Sorry, honey, but I haven't|worn a nightgown in years.
Will you help me|get undressed, please?
There you are.|You can handle the rest.
May I have some?
Now, look...
This is very unusual.
I've never been alone|with a man before...
even with my dress on.
With my dress off,|it's most unusual.
I don't seem to mind.
Do you?
I think I'll go out|for a cup of coffee.
You'd better get to sleep.
On this one.
Terribly nice.
These are pajamas.
They're to sleep in.|You're to climb into them.
- You understand?|- Thank you.
Then you do your sleeping|on the couch, not on the bed.
Not on the chair.|On the couch. Is that clear?
- Do you know my favorite poem?|- You already recited that for me.
"Arethusa arose|from her couch of snows...
in the Acroceraunian Mountains."
- Keats.|- Shelley.
You just keep your mind off the poetry|and on the pajamas.
Everything will be all right.
- Keats.|- Shelley. I'll be back in ten minutes.
You have my permission...
to withdraw.
Thank you very much.
- Well?|- No trace, Your Excellency.
- Have you searched the grounds?|- From the attics to the cellar, sir.
I must put you on your honor|not to speak of this to anyone.
I must remind you that the princess|is the direct heir to the throne.
This must be classified|as top crisis secret.
Have I your pledge?
- Yes, sir.|- Very well.
Now we must notify|Their Majesties.
So happy.
The pleasure's mine.
Holy smoke.|The princess interview.
Hi, Joe.
- Good morning, Joe.|- Hello, honey.
Mr. Hennessy|has been looking for you.
Thanks a lot, hon.
Come in!
- You been looking for me?|- Just coming to work?
Who, me?
We start our days at 8:30|in this office.
- We pick up our assignments...|- I picked mine up last night.
- What assignment was that?|- The princess, 11:45.
You've already been|to the interview?
Sure.|I just got back.
Well, well, well.
All my apologies.
- It's all right.|- Very interesting.
- Just routine.|- She answered the questions on the list?
Well, of course she did.
- I've got them right here somewhere.|- Don't disturb yourself.
I have a copy here.
How did Her Highness react to the idea|of a European federation?
She thought it was just fine.
She did?
Well, she thought|there would be two effects.
The direct and the indirect.
Naturally, she thought that|the indirect would not be as direct...
as the direct.
At least not right away.
Later on, of course,|well, nobody knows.
Well, well, well.
That was a shrewd observation.
They fool you, these royal kids.
They've got a lot more on the ball|than we suspect.
How did she feel about|the future friendship of nations?
She felt that|the youth of the world...
must... lead the way...
to a better...
By the way,|what was she wearing?
Oh, you mean|what did she have on?
Well, that's usually|what it means.
What's the matter?|Little warm for you?
No, I just hurried over here.
Naturally, with a story|of these dimensions.
Did you say|she was wearing gray?
- No, I didn't say that.|- Well, she usually wears gray.
Oh. Well, it was|a kind of a gray.
I think I know the dress you mean.|It has a gold collar.
That's the one. I didn't know exactly|how to describe it, but that's it.
I think you described it|very well...
in view of the fact that Her Highness|was taken violently ill at 3:00 a.m. ...
put to bed with a high fever...
and has had all her appointments|for today cancelled in toto!
In toto?
Yes, Mr. Bradley.
In toto.
That's certainly|pretty hard to swallow.
In view of the fact|that you just left her, of course.
But here it is, all over the front page|of every newspaper in Rome.
All right, all right, I overslept.|It could happen to anybody.
If you ever got up early enough|to read a morning paper...
you might discover|little news events...
little items|of general interest...
that might prevent you in the future|from getting immersed...
in such a gold-plated, triple-decked,|star-spangled lie as you just told me.
If I were you, I'd try some other line|of business, like mattress testing.
Is this the princess?
Yes, Mr. Bradley,|that is the princess.
It isn't Annie Oakley, Dorothy Lamour|or Madame Chiang Kai-shek.
Take a good look at her. You might be|interviewing her again someday.
Am I fired?
No, you're not fired.
When I want to fire you,|you won't have to ask.
You'll know you're fired.
The man's mad.
Giovanni, it's Joe Bradley.
Now listen carefully.
I want you to hurry up to my place and|see if there's somebody there asleep.
"Sí", Mr. Joe.
I look... "subito".
You wait... "aspetta".
Mr. Joe?
Yeah... Yeah, yeah.|Tell me, tell me.
Giovanni, I love you.|Now, listen...
Yes, Mr. Joe.
A gun?
Yes, a gun, a knife, anything!
But nobody goes in,|and nobody goes out.
You still here?
How much would a real interview|with this dame be worth?
You mean Her Highness?
I don't mean Annie Oakley,|Dorothy Lamour or Madame... How much?
What do you care?|You got as much chance...
I know, but if I did,|how much would it be worth?
Oh, just a plain talk on|world conditions might be worth 250.
Her views on clothes, of course, would|be worth a lot more. Maybe a thousand.
- Dollars?|- Dollars.
I'm talking about her views|on everything.
The private and secret longings...
of a princess.
Her innermost thoughts, as revealed|to your Rome correspondent...
in a private, personal...
Can't use it, huh?
I didn't think you'd like it.
Come here.
Love angle too, I suppose.
Practically all love angle.
With pictures.
Could be. How much?
That particular story would be worth|five grand to any news service.
But tell me, Mr. Bradley,|if you are sober...
just how you are going to obtain|this fantastic interview.
I plan to enter her sick room|disguised as a thermometer.
You said five grand?|I want you to shake on that.
You realize Her Highness is in bed today|and leaves for Athens tomorrow.
I'd like to make|a little side bet with you.
Five hundred says|you don't come up with the story.
- What are you looking at that for?|- I just want to see what time it is.
What day it is.
- It's a deal.|- Now I'd like you to shake.
You're into me|for about 500 now.
When you lose this bet,|you'll owe me a thousand.
Why, you poor sucker.|I'll practically own you.
You have practically owned me for|a couple of years, but that's all over.
I'm gonna win that money, and I'm gonna|buy a one-way ticket back to New York.
Go on.|I love to hear you whine.
And when I'm back in a real newsroom,|I'll enjoy thinking about you...
sitting here with an empty leash in|your hands and nobody to twitch for you.
So long, pigeon.
- Everything okay, Giovanni?|- "Sí", Signore Joe.
Nobody she's come,|nobody she's go.
- Absolutely nobody.|- Swell.
Thanks a lot.
How would you like|to make some money?
That's the stuff.
I've got a sure thing.
Double your money back|in two days.
Double my money?
Well, I need a little|investment capital to swing the deal.
Now, if you'll just|lend me a little cash...
owing me two months rent.
And you want me|to lend you money?
Tomorrow you'll be sorry.
Your Highness?
Your Royal Highness?
Yes? What is it?
Dear Dr. Bonnachoven.
Oh, sure, yes.
Well, you're fine.|Much better.
Is there anything you want?
So many things.
Yes?|Well, tell the doctor.
Tell the good doctor everything.
I dreamt and I dreamt.
Yes?|Well, what did you dream?
I dreamt I was asleep|in the street...
and a young man came.
He was tall and strong...
and he was so mean to me.
He was?
It was wonderful.
Good morning.
Where's Dr. Bonnachoven?
I'm afraid I don't know anybody|by that name.
- Wasn't I talking to him just now?|- Afraid not.
Have I had an accident?
Quite safe for me to sit up?
Oh, perfectly.
Thank you.
Are these yours?
Did you lose something?
Would you be so kind|as to tell me...
where I am?
Well, this is what is|laughingly known as my apartment.
Did you bring me here by force?
Quite the contrary.
Have I been here all night...
If you don't count me, yes.
So I've spent the night here...
with you.
Well, now, I don't know|that I'd use those words exactly.
from a certain angle...
How do you do?
How do you do?
- And you are?|- Bradley. Joe Bradley.
You don't know|how delighted I am to meet you.
You may sit down.
Thank you very much.
What's your name?
You may call me...
Thank you... Anya.
- Would you like a cup of coffee?|- What time is it?
About 1:30.
- I must get dressed and go.|- Why?
What's your hurry?|There's lots of time.
Oh, no, there isn't. And I've been|quite enough trouble to you as it is.
You're not|what I would call trouble.
I'm not?
I'll run a bath for you.
There you are.
Here we go now.
There you are.|That does it.
Give me a little slack,|will ya.
Irving! Why don't you answer the phone?|Look, this is Joe.
Can you get here|in five minutes?
Oh, no, I can't come now, Joe.|I'm busy.
Joe, I'm up to my ears in work.
Get into your next outfit, honey.|The canoe.
What kind of scoop?
I can't talk over the telephone.
One word in the wrong quarter, and|this whole thing might blow sky high.
It's front page stuff.|That's all I can tell you.
It might be political, it might be a|sensational scandal. I'm not sure which.
But it's a big story.|It's gotta have pictures.
But I can't come now.|I'm busy...
I'm busy now, and I'm meeting Francesca|at Rocca's in half an hour.
Don't understand.
There you are.
I was looking at|all the people out here.
It must be fun|to live in a place like this.
It has its moments.
I can give you a running commentary|on each apartment.
I must go.
- I only waited to say good-bye.|- Good-bye?
But we've only just met.
- How about breakfast?|- I'm sorry. I haven't time.
Must be a pretty important date|to run off without eating.
It is.
Well, I'll go along with you|wherever you are going.
That's all right, thank you.|I can find the place.
Thank you for letting me|sleep in your bed.
Oh, that's all right.
- Think nothing of it.|- It was very considerate of you.
You must've been awfully|uncomfortable on that couch.
No. Do it all the time.
Good-bye, Mr. Bradley.
Go right through there,|down all the steps.
Well... small world.
Yes. I almost forgot.
Can you lend me some money?
Oh. Yeah.
That's right.|You didn't have any last night.
How much was it|that you wanted?
Well, I don't know how much I need.|How much have you got?
Suppose we split this 50-50.|Here's a thousand lira.
A thousand?
- You can spare all that?|- It's about a dollar and a half.
Well, I'll arrange for it|to be sent back to you.
What is your address?
Via Margutta 51.
Via Margutta 51.
Joe Bradley.
Good-bye. Thank you.
Double my money, eh?
- Tell me how I double my money that way?|- Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow.
What wonderful hair you have.
Just cut, thank you.
Just cut?
Well, then...
cut so?
- Here?|- More.
- Here?|- Even more.
- Are you sure, miss?|- I'm quite sure, thank you.
All off?
All off.
- Are you sure?|- Yes.
That's a nice little camera|you have there. It's nice.
You don't mind|if I just borrow it, do you?
- Miss Weber!|- Just for a couple of minutes.
Let go. It's my camera.
You musician, maybe?
You artist?
I know! You "modella"!
- Model, huh?|- Thank you.
It's perfect.
You be nice without long hair.
Now it's cool.
Yes. It's just what I wanted.
Now, why you not come|dancing tonight with me?
You should see. It's so nice.
It's on a boat on the "Tevere"...
Tiber. The river by Sant'Angelo.
Moonlight, music.
It's very, very... Very.
- Please? You come?|- I wish I could.
But... But your friend,|I not think they recognize you.
No, I don't think they will.
- Oh, thank you very much.|- Thank you.
After 9:00, I'll be there|dancing on river.
Remember Sant'Angelo.|All my friends...
If you come, you will be|most pretty of all girl.
Thank you.
- Good-bye.|- Good-bye.
- Gelato?|- Gelato.
Thank you.
A thousand lire.
No money.
I'm sorry.|I've really no money.
I'm sorry.
Well, it's you.
- Yes, Mr. Bradley.|- Or is it?
- Do you like it?|- Yeah. Very much.
So that was your|mysterious appointment.
- I have a confession to make.|- Confession?
Yes. I ran away last night...|from school.
Oh, what was the matter,|trouble with the teacher?
No, nothing like that.
You don't just run away|from school for nothing.
I only meant it to be|for an hour or two.
They gave me something last night|to make me sleep.
Oh, I see.
Now I'd better get a taxi|and go back.
Look, before you do...
why don't you take|a little time for yourself?
Maybe another hour.
Live dangerously.|Take the whole day.
I could do some of the things|I've always wanted to.
- Like what?|- Oh, you can't imagine.
I'd like to do just whatever I like|the whole day long.
You mean things like having|your hair cut, eating gelato?
Yes. I'd like to sit at a sidewalk cafe|and look in shop windows...
walk in the rain...
have fun and|maybe some excitement.
Doesn't seem much to you, does it?
It's great.
Tell you what. Why don't we|do all those things together?
- Don't you have to work?|- Work?
No. Today's gonna be a holiday.
You don't want to do|a lot of silly things.
Don't I? First wish,|one sidewalk cafe coming right up.
I know just the place.|Rocca's.
What will the people at school say|when they see your new haircut?
They'll have a fit.
What would they say if they knew|I'd spent the night in your room?
Well, I'll tell you what. You don't|tell your folks, and I won't tell mine.
- It's a pact.|- What would you like to drink?
Champagne, please.
Well, champagne "per la signorina"|and cold coffee for me.
Must be quite a life you have|in that school. Champagne for lunch.
- Only on special occasions.|- For instance?
The last time|was my father's anniversary.
- Wedding?|- No. It was the 40th anniversary of...
of the day he got his job.
40 years on the job.|What do you know about that?
What does he do?
Well, mostly you might call it|public relations.
Oh, well, that's hard work.
- Yes. I wouldn't care for it.|- Does he?
- I've heard him complain about it.|- Why doesn't he quit?
Well, people in that line of work|almost never do quit...
unless it's actually unhealthy|for them to continue.
Well, here's to his health, then.
You know,|that's what everybody says.
- It's all right?|- Yes, thank you.
What is your work?
Oh, I'm, uh,|in the selling game.
Really? How interesting.|What do you sell?
Chemicals. You know, chemicals.|Stuff like that.
Irving!|Well, am I glad to see you!
Why?|Did you forget your wallet?
- Pull up a chair. Sit down with us.|- So you're gonna introduce me?
Yes. This is a good friend of mine,|Irving Radovich. Anya, Irving.
Yes. This is a good friend of mine,|Irving Radovich. Anya, Irving.
- Anya...|- Smith.
- Hiya, Smitty.|- Charmed.
Hey, anybody ever tell you|you're a dead ringer for...
Well, I guess I'll be going.
Don't do anything like that, Irving.|Sit down. Join us. Join us.
Well, just till Francesca gets here.
- Tell me, Mr. Radovich...
- what is a ringer?|- Waiter?
It's an American term,|and it means...
anyone who has|a great deal of charm.
Oh. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Mr. Bradley's just been telling me|all about his work.
- I'd like to have heard that.|- What do you do?
I'm in the same racket as Joe,|only I'm...
I'm awfully sorry, Irving.
- For the love of... What are you...|- I'm sorry, Irving.
I can take a hint.|I'll see you around.
- Your drink's here. Please sit down.|- Here's your drink. Take it easy.
I'm sorry about that.|Sit down. That's a good fellow.
That's a boy.
- You're twisting my arm, you know.|- Just be more careful not to spill.
Spill? Who's been doing|the spilling?
- You.|- Me?
Where did you find this loony?
You're okay.|Here's to you, huh?
Here's hoping for the best.
If it wasn't for that hair,|I'd swear that...
You slipped, Irving.|Slipped and almost hurt yourself.
I slipped?|I almost hurt myself?
- Joe, I didn't slip!|- You've got a bad sprain.
- Never mind I got a sprain.|- We'd better go and get it fixed up.
- Excuse us for a minute.|- Yes, of course. I'm so sorry.
Joe, now wait a minute.|What are you trying to do?
- Have you got your lighter?|- What's that got to do with it?
- Have you got it?|- Yeah, but what are you trying to do?
Listen. What would you do|for five grand?
Five grand?
She doesn't know|who I am or what I do.
Look, Irving, this is my story.|I dug it up. I gotta protect it.
She's really the...
Your tintypes are gonna make|this little epic twice as valuable.
- "The princess goes slumming."|- You're in for 25% of the take.
- The take's five G's.|- Minimum. Hennessy shook hands on it.
- That's $ 1,500.|- It's 1,250.
- Okay. Now you shake.|- Okay, now lend me 30,000.
That's 50 bucks.|You gonna buy the crown jewels?
She's out there now drinking|champagne that I can't pay for.
We got to entertain her, don't we?
We can't go running around town|with a hot princess.
Do you want in on this deal|or don't you?
This I want back Saturday.
Now where's your lighter?|Let's go to work.
- Better now?|- Huh?
- Your ear.|- My ear?
Oh, yeah. Joe fixed it.
Would you care for a cigarette?
Yes, please.
You won't believe this,|but it's my very first.
Your very first?
No smoking in school, hmm?
Your first cigarette.
There. The gizmo works.
Well, what's the verdict?|Okay?
Nothing to it.
That's right. Nothing to it.
I'll stretch my legs a little here.
- I'll pick this one up, Irving.|- Yeah. You can afford it.
Well, what shall we do next?|Shall we make out a little schedule?
Oh, not that word, please.
Oh, I didn't mean a work...|school schedule.
I meant a fun schedule.
- Oh, yes. Let's just go.|- How about you, Irving? Are you ready?
- Yeah.|- Let's go.
This is...
- Smitty.|- She's a grand girl, Irving. Grand.
Five grand, Irving.
Where are you going now?
Honey, I got to work.|I'll call you tonight.
Look at those men!
They were supposed to be|inconspicuous.
You asked for plainclothes.
Stop! Come back!
- Let me take it.|- No. Let go. I can do it.
I'm going straight from now on.
American news service?|What did he mean?
Well, you say you're with the press,|you can get away with anything.
Go to church to get married|on a scooter. That's a hot one.
Joe's a wonderful liar.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
You don't have to look so worried.|I won't hold you to it.
Thank you very much.
You don't have to be too grateful.
Okay, I won't.
I'm a good liar, too, aren't I?
- The best I ever met.|- Uh-huh.
Thank you very much.
Come with me.
The mouth of truth. The legend is|that if you're given to lying...
and put your hand in there,|it'll be bitten off.
- Oh, what a horrid idea.|- Let's see you do it.
Let's see you do it.
You beast!|It was perfectly all right!
- I'm sorry. It's just a joke.|- Oh, you never hurt your hand.
- I'm sorry. You okay?|- Yes.
All right. Let's go.|Look out!
I'll park at the corner.
What do they mean,|all these inscriptions?
Well, each one represents|a wish fulfilled.
It all started during the war when|there was an air raid right out here.
A man with his four children|was caught in the street.
They ran over against the wall|right there for shelter...
and prayed for safety.
Bombs fell very close,|but no one was hurt.
Later on, the man came back and|he put up the first of these tablets.
Since then,|it's become sort of a shrine.
People come, and whenever|their wishes are granted...
they put up another one|of these little plaques.
Lovely story.
Read some of the inscriptions.
Make a wish?
Tell the doctor?
Anyway, the chances of it|being granted are very slight.
Well, what now?
I've heard of a wonderful place|for dancing on a boat.
- The barges down by Sant'Angelo.|- Yes. Couldn't we go there tonight?
- Why not?|- Anything you wish.
Then at midnight,|I'll turn into a pumpkin...
and drive away in my glass slipper.
And that'll be|the end of the fairy tale.
- Well, I guess Irving has to go now.|- I do?
That big business development of yours|that you have to attend to.
- Oh, the development.|- Can't afford not to take care of that.
Yeah. I'll see you later, Smitty.
- Good luck with the big development.|- Thanks.
Two, please.
Mr. Bradley, if you|don't mind my saying so...
- I think you are a ringer.|- A what?
Oh, thanks very much.
You've spent the whole day doing things|I've always wanted to. Why?
I don't know.|It seemed the thing to do.
I never heard of anybody so kind.
It wasn't any trouble.
Or so completely unselfish.
Let's have a drink at the bar.
There you are!|I look for you a long time.
I think maybe you not come.
Off! All off!
It's nice without, isn't it?|Cool.
- Oh, very, very good.|- This is Mr. Bradley.
I Mario Delani.
- Old friends?|- Yes. He cut my hair this afternoon.
He invited me here tonight.
Well, what did you say|the name was?
Delani. Mario Delani.
I'm very glad to know you.
Me too.
Oh, may I enjoy myself|the pleasure?
- Do you mind?|- No, no. Go right ahead.
Thank you.
- Did I miss anything?|- You're just in time, pal.
- Who's Smitty dancing with?|- Her barber.
Cut her hair this afternoon,|made a date for tonight.
The princess and the barber.
What is it?
Thank you!
Your Highness.
You'll dance quietly|towards the entrance.
- There is a car waiting.|- No.
- Your Highness, please.|- You've made a mistake.
Let me go. Will you let me go?
Mr. Bradley! Let me go!|Mr. Bradley!
Hit him again, Smitty!
- Joe, here are my car keys.|- Police, police. Come on.
The other side of the bridge.
- All right?|- Fine. How are you?
Oh, fine.
Say, you know,|you were great back there.
You weren't so bad yourself.
I guess we better get Irving's car|and get out of here.
{y:i}This is the American hour from Rome...
{y:i}continuing our program|{y:i}of musical selections.
- Everything ruined?|- No. They'll be dry in a minute.
Suits you.|You should always wear my clothes.
It seems I do.
I thought a little wine might be good.
- Shall I cook something?|- No kitchen. Nothing to cook.
- I always eat out.|- Do you like that?
- I always eat out.|- Do you like that?
Well, life isn't always|what one likes, is it?
No, it isn't.
- Tired?|- A little.
- You've had quite a day.|- A wonderful day.
{y:i}This is the American hour from Rome|{y:i}broadcasting a special news bulletin...
{y:i}in English and Italian.
{y:i}Tonight there is no further word from|{y:i}the bedside of Princess Ann in Rome...
{y:i}where she was taken ill yesterday on the|{y:i}last leg of her European goodwill tour.
{y:i}This has given rise to rumors|{y:i}that her condition may be serious...
{y:i}which is causing alarm and anxiety|{y:i}among the people in her country.
- The news can wait till tomorrow.|- Yes.
May I have a little more wine?
I'm sorry I couldn't|cook us some dinner.
Did you learn how in school?
I'm a good cook.|I could earn my living at it.
I can sew, too,|and clean a house and iron.
I learned to do all those things.|I just haven't had the chance...
to do it for anyone.
Well, looks like I'll have to move...
and get myself|a place with a kitchen.
I shall have to go now.
There's... something|that I want to tell you.
No, please.
I must go and get dressed.
Stop at the next corner, please.
I have to leave you now.
I'm going to that corner there|and turn.
You must stay in the car|and drive away.
Promise not to watch me|go beyond the corner.
Just drive away and leave me...
as I leave you.
All right.
I don't know how to say good-bye.
I can't think of any words.
Don't try.
Your Royal Highness...
Twenty-four hours...|they can't all be blank.
They are not.
But what explanation|am I to offer Their Majesties?
I was indisposed.|I am better.
Ma'am, you must appreciate|that I have my duty to perform...
just as Your Royal Highness|has her duty.
Your Excellency,|I trust you will not find it necessary...
to use that word again.
Were I not completely aware of my duty|to my family and my country...
I would not have|come back tonight...
or, indeed, ever again.
And now...
since I understand we have|a very full schedule today...
you have my permission|to withdraw.
No milk and crackers.
That will be all, thank you,|Countess.
- Is it true? Did you really get it?|- Did I get what?
The princess story, the exclusive.|Did you get it?
- No, I didn't get it.|- What? But that's impossible.
- Have a cup of coffee or something?|- Joe, you can't hold out on me.
- Who's holding out on you?|- You are. I know too much.
First, you come into my office and ask|about an exclusive on the princess.
Next, you disappear. Then I get the rumor|from my contact at the embassy...
that the princess isn't sick at all|and she's out on the town.
What kind of newspaperman are you?|You believe every two-bit rumor?
Yeah, and a lot of other rumors about|a shindig on a barge down by the river...
and the arrest|of eight secret service men...
from a country|which shall be nameless.
And then comes the news|of the lady's miraculous recovery.
It all adds up.
And don't think by playing hard-to-get|you'll raise the price of that story.
A deal's a deal.|Now, come on, come on, come on.
- Where is that story?|- I have no story.
Then what was the idea of...
Man, wait till you see these!
Hiya, Mr. Hennessy.|You got here at the right time.
Wait'll you get a look...
What's the idea?
What do you mean charging|in here and spilling things?
- Who's spilling?|- You did!
I spoke to you about that once before,|don't you remember?
- Joe, look at my pants.|- Come in here and dry 'em off.
Aw, nuts to that.|Hey, did you tell him about Smitty?
Mr. Hennessy, wait till...
There you go again, Irving.
All right, save that till later.|You're here early anyway.
- Why don't you go home and... shave?|- Shave?
Or else keep quiet till Mr. Hennessy|and I are finished talking.
Hey, what kind of a routine is that?
What are you two guys up to?|Who's Smitty?
He's a guy that we met.|You wouldn't care for him.
- What am I supposed to look at?|- Just a couple of Irving's dames.
You wouldn't like 'em.
Maybe you would.
Don't change the subject. When you|came back into my office yesterday...
Yesterday I thought I had|a good lead, but I was wrong.
That's all there is to it.|There is no story.
She's holding the press interview today.|Same time, same place.
Maybe that's one story|you can get.
- And you owe me 500 bucks!|- Take it out of my salary.
- Fifty bucks a week.|- Don't think I won't.
Hey, what gives?|Have we had a better offer?
Irving, I don't know|just how to tell you this, but...
Wait till I sit down.
Well, in regard to the story|that goes with these...
- there is no story.|- Why not?
- There is no story.|- Why not?
I mean, not as far|as I'm concerned.
Hey, the pictures|came out pretty well.
You want to have|a look at 'em?
How about a blowup|from a negative that size, huh?
Oh, that's her first cigarette.
Oh, yeah.|Hey, the mouth of truth.
You want to know the caption|I had in mind there?
"Barber cuts in." Huh?
Here's the one I figured would be|the key shot for the whole layout...
- "The wall where wishes come true."|- Joe, that's good.
Lead off with that,|then follow up with the wishes.
I dug that up out of the file.|"Princess inspects police."
"Police inspects princess."
How about... Oh, wait.|I got a topper for you.
- Is that a shot?|- What a picture!
"Bodyguard gets body blow."
How about this?|"Crowned head."
Oh, I get it!|That's... Joe, you got...
She's fair game, Joe.
It's always open season|on princesses.
You must be|out of your mind.
Yeah, I know, but...
Look, I can't prevent you from|selling the pictures if you want to.
- You'll get a good price for 'em.|- Yeah!
You going to the interview?
- Are you going?|- Yeah. It's an assignment, isn't it?
I'll see you.
It ain't much,|but it's home.
Ladies and gentlemen,|please approach.
Her Royal Highness.
Your Royal Highness...
the ladies and gentlemen|of the press.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Her Royal Highness|will now answer your questions.
I believe at the outset,|Your Highness...
that I should express|the pleasure of all of us...
at your recovery|from the recent illness.
Thank you.
Does Your Highness believe|that federation...
would be a possible solution|to Europe's economic problems?
I am in favor of any measure...
which would lead to closer|cooperation in Europe.
And what, in the opinion|of Your Highness...
is the outlook for friendship|among nations?
I have every faith in it...
as I have faith|in relations between people.
May I say, speaking|for my own press service...
we believe that|Your Highness's faith...
will not be unjustified.
I am so glad to hear you say it.
Which of the cities visited|did Your Highness enjoy the most?
Each in its own way...
Each in its own way was...|unforgettable.
It would be difficult to...
Rome.|By all means, Rome.
I will cherish my visit here|in memory...
as long as I live.
Despite your indisposition,|Your Highness?
Despite that.
Photographs may now be taken.
Thank you,|ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
I would now like to meet some of|the ladies and gentlemen of the press.
Hitchcock, "Chicago Daily News".
I'm so happy to see you here.
Lampe. "New York Herald Tribune".
Good afternoon.
Irving Radovich,|CR Photo Service.
How do you do?
May I present Your Highness...
with some commemorative photos|of your visit to Rome?
Thank you so very much.
Joe Bradley,|American News Service.
So happy, Mr. Bradley.
Stephen House of|{y:i}The London Exchange Telegraph.
Good afternoon.
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