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Subtitles for Roman de Renard Le 1930.

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Roman de Renard Le 1930

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This is not an animated cartoon.
This is a revolution in the history of cinema.
Ten years of work went into its making.
The film you are about to see
was adapted by Roger Richebé
from a scenario by lréne Starevitch
Directed and animated by Ladislas and lréne Starevitch
dialogue by Jean Nohain and Antoinette Nordmann
Music composed by Vincent Scotto.
The voices
Men, women, children, old folks,
the tale l will have the honour and pleasure to tell you
is the oldest and most beautiful story known to us animals.
On the evening, cows tell it to their little calves in the byres,
rabbits tell it in their clearings, squirrels in their trees...
wild beasts in their wilderness.
The tale of the fox.
l will pleased to leaf through it for you.
Here we got some of the heroes of our story.
Master Raven,
which Monsieur de la Fontaine brought to our attention.
The lordlings of the poultry yard,
Sir Cock and his worthy wife, Lady Hen.
Poor fearful little hare,
always hunted, heart and ears twitching.
Renault and Cerberus, the two farmyard's sergeant majors.
The wolf, his wife and their kid.
We wouldn't want to meet them in the woods at night.
Maitre Badger, best barrister at the beastly bar,
he'll plead for our true hero.
Look, that's him, Reynard the Fox, ever crafty, ever on the make
proliferating daily, his wiles
were the despair of all his fellow animals.
Say fox, and all you see is a flash of tail.
That morning, as every morning, actually
Sir Reynard was strolling in the country,
looking for the victim of the day.
Sentimental? This doesn't seem likely.
Are the animals becoming distrustful?
Better check on that right away.
Not far away
was a beautiful black bird.
And the fox, nicer and nicer...
Good morning, Master Raven, how cute,
and you seem to me
so elegant, so chic
and black suits you so well,
so well...
Trust me, if your song matches your plumage...
you are the phoenix of these woods.
Ashamed, the raven belatedly swore never to be taken in again.
But Reynard's jokes were sometimes not so harmless.
One new year's eve, as the wolf was warming up by the fire...
Lazybones! that's a shame.
You sure could get some fish for supper.
Go out in this cold?
No fear!
l'll warm you up if you're cold.
Don't hit me!
l want some fish, understand?
Ok, ok.
So unwillingly tearing himself away from the fire,
He went out into the snow.
Led by a delicious smell, he soon met the fox
who was engaged in some mysterious task.
The fox was in fact busy grilling fish.
The wolf came closer
and watched enviously.
Not only was the fox grilling fish
but he was eating them. The wolf's mouth watered
but he dared not beg the fox for charity.
However, one might not be missed.
Never mind that. l've found a miraculous way,
you'll get as many fish as you want.
l'll tell you alone, keep it secret.
lt's called moonfishing. lt's simple.
You make a hole in the ice like that.
Then you stick your tail in it, like this.
Like that, without a hook?
Then you just wait until the fish will bite...
That's the way.
Good-bye now.
Wolf! Wolf!
ln this one-sided battle, the poor wolf lost his tail.
Coming back home after this memorable hiding,
he still found that the fox
had other surprises for him.
To this great fortress...
came all the fox's victims to lodge their complaints.
l'm here to reclaim my cheese, with accrued interest.
And you?
So am l, but don't tell it.
All were here to seek justice from the king of the beasts...
His Majesty the Lion.
The queen, charming, coquettish and greedy
was only interested in the Ortolan brochettes.
Speak fearlessly, Sir Wolf.
Here is my complaint, Sire.
The fox again? Read it clerk.
Read it.
''Sire, l demand compensation
''for a cold,
''nervous breakdown and stolen hams.''
The fox is up to his tricks again.
Silence in court!
l know the truth about the fox. This wolf is an abominable liar.
Believe me, Sire, Reynard is not what they claim.
Reynard lives quietly on the outskirts of town
in a delightful old castle.
He lives with his wife, three children
and a new born cub only weeks old.
This baby is a sunshine in the house
and when he shows off, the whole family
is overwhelmed with joy.
So touching a picture cannot leave you unmoved, Sir.
My cousin's heart is as pure as the mother's milk.
The true story is as follow, Sir.
On a cold winter night, my cousin Reynard saw a peasant
who'd been fishing, dragging his heavy catch.
Then, Reynard had a brilliant idea.
And there, in the moonlight, he played dead.
What's this, a dead fox?
l'll make a bedspread for grandma, or pants for grandpa.
So the trip began,
the barrow was full of fish
in front of this treasure, Reynard remembered his kids...
his beloved kids,
so fond of trout, salmon, gudgeon.
So, as in an old tale...
He strewed fish on the road.
what a feast for the family!
But the wolf was prowling, the fierce, famished, lazy wolf...
who swallowed until he was almost bursting.
This is the truth, Sire,
and you will give punishment to all those...
who complain unfairly.
He's witty, Sire.
But what will he say about Reynard's assault
on the hare, witnessed by myself?
ln the royal chapel,
choir bunnies innocently sing their praises
then, craftily disguised as a monk...
But for me,
the hare would have become a meal.
You persist in your charges?
Yes he grabbed me here, Sire.
Yes here, l still bear the wound.
A base lie, Sire.
My cousin Reynard had come to atone for a few venial sins...
when he saw that ungodly, sacrilegious hare
crawling about on the altar.
My cousin to blame? what a farce.
The hare was drunk on communion wine.
Heavens do you know what you have done?
Stop, l say! Stop this shameful behaviour.
That's too much.
The hare stuck out his tongue, and that was just too much.
Hateful hare
or righteous Reynard, tell me,
which is the sinner?
What do you have to say?
Enough, l say
of these disputes. The decision
l have come to
shall be irrevocable!
Take note clerk.
''We, Lion, king of the beasts, decree: so that peace may reign,
''our subjects are forbidden to eat each other.
''Only vegetables, dairy produce
''and fruit...
''Are permissible.
''From this day,
''the greatest love must reign in the earth.''
Love... love.
You know how much l love you, miaow, miaow
l won't go away, miaow, miaow
As you known you own my heart
Give me yours
ln the moonlight, with ecstasy
Miaow, miaow l want to say
You're my only love
l'm coming to your house
Don't leave me alone
Open your arms
At this time of night
Everyone is home, sleeping
And, ln the moonlight, not a cat stirs
You know how much l love you miaow, miaow
l won't go away, miaow, miaow
As you known
You own my heart Give me yours
Tonight, in the moonlight
With ecstasy, miaow, miaow
l want to say
You're my only love
So that peace may reign
Our subjects are forbidden to eat each other
Only vegetables, dairy produce and fruit are permissible
Love must reign in the land
Offenders will be hanged
Only the king shall be entitled
To a little fresh meat on Thursdays and Sundays
Thanks to His Majesty,
daddy and mummy and me won't be eaten anymore.
No more meat? Me, a vegetarian?
Well, l'll try.
Oh, Wolf, l am no longer of this world.
That's over. l am in heaven.
Friend, why should we have to remember our old fights?
lt's so beautiful, here.
What a pity you couldn't come with me.
On fleecy clouds in starry skies l see my ancestors float by.
Angel rabbits fly like birds
Joy reigns alone
All is feasting and festivity
Festoons of sausage Matchless delicacies
Here, death is not sad
Transformation comes to everything
You may drink your fill Do you want wine, or milk?
Here are the little cups
And the winged casks
Just let the nectar flow into your mouth
On earth you pay
You suffer and have to work hard
Come here take your share Of heavenly bliss
Look my friend, here's what awaits you
So beautiful. lf only l dared...
So, come here, quickly.
Wait! l'll come down too.
ln the bucket?
Reynard, l'm so grateful to you.
Reynard, will l see my ancestors?
Sure! By the way, whenever you see mine, give them my regards.
So long, stupid.
You, rascal!
- The devil! - No a fox!
Help, help!
Up here, l'm in the well!
Come on, Mathieu, the wolf is in the well.
You rascal!
Sire... the fox,
the fox... Look!
The court is shocked by this sight. Come here and explain.
Since your royal decree,
l have lived happily with my good wife and chickens.
But one day... beware!
Who goes there?
So that peace may reign, our subjects
are forbidden
to eat each other...
Ware fox, ware fox!
This decree is so stirring, isn't it?
Love... it's true enough. Damned lion!
You're a very cute hen.
l'm not what you think.
No, we are not what you think.
Come and join the dance.
Oh, dear Reynard...
Stop thief!
Now l am widowed... She loved to dance.
lt has been her ruin.
The cock is lying, Sire.
What he says is all cockadoodle.
The cock himself killed his wife to implicate my cousin.
Jealous of the amorous activities of his wife,
well known locally as a shameless cock teaser.
That's enough.
The law is the law. l intend to see my decree enforced.
Captain Bear... Bring back
the fox, dead or alive.
You known where is his castle at Malpertuis.
Go and bring him back.
Daddy! mummy! The bear is coming,
he doesn't look pleased, and he's coming here.
Quick, we'll try plan A.
Oh, l suffer so much! Bear, what do you want?
Read this.
Lovely honey, isn't it?
There is no need to drool.
l can see you love honey,
l can show you a mine of honey this deep,
As deep as that?
Come quickly, l'll show you.
Come closer, that's here.
Here, in this hole?
Yes you'll see, it's wonderful, it's full right to the bottom.
l've to stick my snout down there?
ls there really honey in there?
Yes, but you'll have to stick your snout
right in to reach it.
Right in, all the way.
Now you can reap your reward.
Come, hurry, there's a bear here!
Come on, he's not far away.
Come closer, hit him bad.
Mr Greedy thought there was honey in there.
You may be a lion, still you eat like a pig, my dear.
l should advise a little moderation.
l've had a beating, Sire.
l'm just a poor, bruised and battered bear, Sire.
ln beastly gods name, what's this mess?
The treacherous Reynard set a bear-trap for me, Sire.
A whole gang of peasants set upon me
and talked of selling my skin.
lt is horrible, but now that it is damaged,
they let me go.
Ah, bloody honey!
Don't toy with my heart
You know how much l love you miaow, miaow
l won't go away, miaow, miaow
No more serenades!
By the way, come here, you!
l got a mission for you.
Go to Malpertuis and bring back Reynard,
cost what it may.
Another cop, this time, it's the cat.
Quick, let's try plan B.
And you, Mouse, try to turn on the charm.
l know where there are swarms of mice.
That'll keep you fed for weeks.
lt's called Mouseland.
Mouseland, Mouseland, Mouseland
Here it is, just say l sent you along.
And have fun.
Thank you, Sire Reynard.
Don't mention it, cuty pussy.
The fox, Sire, just look what he did to me.
Come here.
l fought like a lion and he caught me like a rat.
No one will be able to catch him,
he is so treacherous...
Enough, everyone is laughing at me.
Send for the badger right now, l've got to talk with him.
Maitre Badger, you speak so well.
l want to give you a mission on which your life depends.
l want to see your cousin Reynard
here at court, where signal punishment awaits him.
You alone seem cunning enough to persuade him to come.
lf by tomorrow you have not succeeded,
you will be punished in his stead.
l shall try, Sire.
The lion is in great good mood, l assure you,
you have nothing to fear.
l'm not all sure of the king's good intentions towards me.
l will answer for him with my life, believe me.
You sure cannot imagine the reception that awaits you.
l'll sleep on it and l'll think about it.
That night, the fox had a remarkable nightmare.
So, male and female, the great day has now dawned
To settle these disruptive disputes,
the king has decided on single combat
between Sire Reynard, squire of Malpertuis
and his enemy the wolf.
Captain Bear, that noted master
of single combat, will see fair play.
The wolf has entered the list
A stir of excitement announces the fox's arrival.
Doffing his cape,
Reynard reveals a dazzling suit of armour. He bows.
What an eye-catching figure.
Fierce and alert, the wolf looks at him askance.
The king wears the modest uniform of a Corporal of the guard.
The queen looks charming in brocaded satin,
delightfully trimmed with fresh ermine.
The fox has dealt the first telling blow,
but his adversary regains his feet.
The battle, listeners, is now waxing fast and furious.
Excuse me, but l can't really see.
The wolf has grabbed the fox tail, he's raining axe blows on him.
Captain Bear is firmly in control.
Another right from the wolf.
But his axe has broken and hit Captain Bear in the belly.
The battle, nevertheless, goes on,
with the wolf belabouring the fox.
The fox has his second wind.
And the wolf is down.
The fox hammers the wolf.
The wolf grabs and throws the fox, the fox is finished.
Now Reynard, you are mine.
lt's all over, l'm going to die in your arms.
So, as one might have predicted, the result is a victory for...
ln a very good mood, Reynard decided to go see the king.
Reynard shall be well and truly hanged
A fine knot for you.
''By order of the king, Reynard is condemned
''to suffer the ignominy of public execution.
''As a malefactor unfit to live, may he find welcome in hell.
''We shall hang him forthwith
''to end his misdeeds.
''By decree of his majesty...''
We are ready, gentlemen, let justice be done.
Come, Madame Raven,
there'll be fresh fox meat for lunch.
Before l die, Sire, l wish to make
a last confession.
Wait, executioner, let the fox speak.
What you do not know is that l hoped
to make you the richest monarch on earth.
My heart is as pure as the heavens themselves.
l had amassed for you a wonderful treasure
of gold, pearls, rubies, amethysts, emeralds, aquamarines.
One vast diamond was shaped like a leg of mutton.
Alas, it's too late, now.
Shall l explain?
The treachery of this bear,
this wolf, this cat.
Who, me... really?
The bear is compromised, the cat is compromised...
Do you think the cat's guilty, though he's in love with the queen?
Speak without fear.
You and l, Sire, are victims of a conspiracy.
l hardly dare reveal the danger that threatens us.
The bear, your Captain of the guard,
has a burning desire to rule in your place.
His dream is to kill you and your lovely queen.
And then to settle on your throne.
Being too cowardly to act himself,
he enlisted the cat,
who was to secure for your successor the symbol of your authority,
the golden banded goose claw.
Stop don't listen to these dreadful things.
l have not yet told you the most dreadful, incredible thing, Sire.
Your assassin... There he stands.
The bear persuaded him to carry out his evil designs.
Your death is to occurs in a matter of days,
maybe only minutes.
The assassination has been planned in every details.
He's gone too far! l'll fix him.
Stop, assassin!
Arrest them all!
Throw them into jail.
Yes, in jail!
All three of them.
Damn! missed it.
So great a menagerie!
Deliver this box to the king with my compliments.
Yes, Sir.
Here is a cute little box in a cute little bag.
For your treasure, consult your daily paper
The fox was making a fool of me!
That's too much!
Furious, the lion decided to apprehend
Sir Reynard and prepared to lay siege
to the castle of Malpertuis.
There are many of them this time, see?
Brave and loyal companions in arms,
centuries of guilt confront you in this castle.
Guard this horn, Captain.
Only if it is sounded will hostilities cease.
Swear allegiance and constancy!
ls everything ready? Come here, Wolf...
Go, l charge you to summon the fox to surrender.
Reynard, you are lost. By order of the king, surrender!
What's that, l can't hear you!
l, Wolf, summon you to surrender!
Otherwise, we attack!
l can't hear you, come a little closer.
The wolf, Your Majesty.
That's too much. Proceed, Captain Bear.
ln the name of king, Reynard, surrender!
Or the king will send his armies and you'll die.
Obey, that's better. The king is powerful.
One moment, l'm coming.
At last, he's being reasonable. Gently now.
Have a good trip, Captain!
The honour to lead the attack shall be yours, Sir Ass. Forward!
Don't play the mule, Reynard, surrender!
lnto the breach, my second army.
Do not forget that you all are pigs.
Come on my friend.
On the head!
Stupid bloody ass!
Listen carefully,
l'm entrusting the horn to your care.
Do not use it.
Now soldiers, follow me for the final assault.
The retreat...
l'm going back home.
To the rear!
Cock, you turncoat!
The cock betrayed us. l recant my oath to fight.
The king realised that
cunning, witty Reynard would make the best minister.
Oh, my Queen, the crown.
Reynard is more resourceful than you all,
and l have concluded a pact of peace and friendship with him.
l wish you all to obey him in future.
Obey him as you would me, this is my will.
That's all folks.
Subtitling by TVS - TlTRA FlLM
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