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Romantic Comedy

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Happy endings are the best?
I told you...
I hated romantic comedies
A Jackie Chan flick|would've been better
She wanted to see|this, huh?
That girl...
Tell her to just stay|in the theater forever
Just spend the rest of|your life here, okay?
- Yeah?|- What?
Directed by Moh Jee-eun
I'm gonna live happily|ever after
America has too|many divorces
I'll never divorce!
I'll meet a nice girl|and have a happy marriage
Hi, when will you finish?
Shin Eun-gyung
Jung Joon-ho
I think I've seen you...
My family is
So Confucian that ever|since I was a kid
Grandpa made me read|a lot of books on Confucianism
Would you like to|hear some?
That's why I always have|it with me on paper
Confucius says|I became learned at 10
self-aware at 30|unchangeable at 40
enlightened at 50
wise at 60|and desireless at 70
Knowing what you know
and don't know is knowing
What could he be like?
Probably nothing great
Let's go take a look
Excuse me
Think I can do well?
Don't be too nervous
Just be your natural self
30 minutes left
Are you hurt?
No, I'm okay
Think there's|a right girl for me?
Confucius said|sandals need a match, too
She'll be just your size
So don't worry too much
Confucius said that, too?
Your face turns white|when you drink, right?
Instead of coffee|have a drink with her, okay?
But it's our first meet|and it's the daytime
The girl you'll meet|is very nice
But she likes to drink
I see
Let's hurry it up
Sorry folks
And about that Confucianism
It's important|but not in front of the girl
Well, I wish you luck
Sir, you can do it!
I can do it!
Why isn't the elevator working?
You're telling me
My style is ruined for today
How many calories|would six floors be?
She's got charlie horse again
Cut her leg off
Hi!|We're getting married!
I love you honey!
Hyo-jin, you've done it again
Very Good!
Because of my son's marriage
I take him to Buddhist|mass every morning
What's wrong|if he went on eight blind dates?
He's handsome|and talented
Regardless|don't count the last date
Your son was|an hour late last time
He hardly takes calls|so it's hard to fix a date
And he's always late
I'm sorry but|I can't cancel the last one
You can't?
Then I'll take|my business elsewhere
Ouch, my head!|I give up
Do as you like
Then what other company|will you go to now?
- Look here, Miss|- Min-ah!
Your house is on fire!
We have a reason
for setting 12 dates
for our clients
Can't you think of|those dates
as helping him with|his karma?
They say even a monk
Without karma can't|be helped by Buddha
- Hello? Mom?|- Are you Buddhist?
Now I have someone|I can talk to
Call that working?
Then I'll see you later, sir
Is she trying to set a date
Or find one herself?
Look at Hyo-jin
Her guy has a PhD at KAIST|a nice family, and handsome
Learn from her
He looks slimy, huh?
Park Hyun-soo
I thought I handed|all his files over to you
He'll probably be late|or won't show up again
Good luck, Hyo-jin
It's out of my hands now
Park Hyun-soo
You have four dates left|so finish them in a month
If you show up late|or not at all again
I'm going to|you personally
Don't forget about|your date at six tonight
You're scary Hyo-jin
So what did he say?
He didn't answer|so I left a message
Have you forgotten about|your date tonight?
Where are you now?
Are you alright?
Park Hyun-soo|by any chance?
you're supposed|to arrive on time
Next time watch|how you dress
Being well-dressed|for a date is polite
Please hurry to your table
I'll be going now
You have a long tail
- Wait|- Here you go
Excuse me!
You can't end|it this fast
Did you ask to|see her again?
Oh, right
What was her number again?
Hi, one sec
What was her name again?
Park Hyun-soo
You have three dates left
You said nice girls|are your type
So what type is that?
Park Hyun-soo
What did I say?
Oh right
The nice type of girl|my mom likes, I think
Anyway|how could you drink so slow?
- Are you okay?|- Of course
Try this and it'll work
That's okay|it happens to me, too
- I see|- But
Your eyes
I'm okay|it doesn't hurt
No, your eyebrows
No boyfriend, right?
You seem like you don't
No, I have a boyfriend
Wanna see his picture?
Yes, I'll be going in soon
And your name is
Hyo-jin, Kim Hyo-jin
Right, Kim Hyo-jin
So it was|Kim Hyo-jin
Sorry, I can't remember things|I don't care about
Hello?|where are you?
Don't you have a nice guy|out of your clients?
Don't disgrace my job
I don't look at|my clients as men
That's the ethics of my job
Kim Hyo-jin is number one!
Don't give me that|job ethics crap
Just hurry
And grab a nice guy|if there is one
You only get to see|your man once a week
He's not good for you
A week is enough|and I like it that way
What a career woman|we have here
Then take care of him at least
And listen to me carefully
If people our age don't have|someone something's wrong
You know|like if they're really ugly
Or if something's really wrong|with their personality
You bastard
Anyway|are my eyebrows strange?
Come to think of it|they are
How come|they look like that?
They look like|singles' eyebrows
Let's drink
Anyway, this bowl is|really cute, huh?
Look at you
Envious?|Want the same?
You're crazy
Hyo-jin, come here
Can a man and|woman be friends?
That's nonsense
It's impossible
- But possible for us|- All thanks to you
- Grateful, huh?|- Of course
Very grateful
Since you're not sexy
We've been able to
keep our frail friendship|for 20 years
You picked on me ever|since primary school
- Come here|- Look over there
Gotcha! What in the heck?
Look at your face
People will think|you're an abused wife
Don't worry
I can cover it with my hair
Hyo-jin, sure you'll be okay?
Remember I said I'll marry|you if you don't by thirty
So what now?
Forget it!
I won't marry|you if I'm single at sixty
See you later!
Hey, Hyo-jin wait
Nice job!
What?|The air gun?
I got hung up on
What's with the air gun?
Who was it?|your man?
No, it's Hae-in|and she was balling
Why'd she want the air gun?
It's past your bedtime|so where are you going now?
Look at you
Hey, I'm gonna tell your parents
that you're running wild|with your dad's air gun!
I'm gonna kill you
Before you take action
don't you need a drink first?
How about karaoke?
If you sing and drink
You'll muster up|more courage
Think so?
That's enough
It's already the 27th time
Rotten bastard
Son of a bitch
How could you betray me|for a one-month fling
after we went out|for seven years?
In that movie Fanny Pink
The odds are greater|for a woman over thirty
To get hit
by an atomic bomb|than to find a nice man
You believe that?
- One of our clients|- Be quiet, and listen to me!
They're right
Know why?
there isn't a nice guy|in this world
Hyo-jin|how many bullets are there?
One bullet maybe?
One isn't enough
That bastard has two hearts
If not, then how could|he love two women?
The sun's up
Revenge or not|I'm sick of it
Just tell him|to get married
Are my eyebrows weird?
Now that|you mention it, yes
They look like|singles' eyebrows
Should I slash my wrists?
Here's a present
If you feel lonely or sad|use this tambourine
And don't worry
I'll introduce you|to a good guy
Oh, I'm sorry
Oh, I'm sorry
What the hell?
One sec
Have an eyebrow trimmer|by any chance?
They look like singles' eyebrows?
You're telepathic
Excuse me
Lee Kang-hyun speaking
Hello, sir|Yes
Didn't forget|about tonight, right?
Happy birthday!
What is it?
I'm less older by|the lunar calendar
Who cares?|Just do it!
By the lunar calendar!
Hyo-jin, not meeting|your boyfriend today?
He has a lot of work to do
So he's coming over late
You're lucky to have|a guy like him
Who comes all the way|to Seoul every weekend
But they say|people look worse in person
So what are you gonna do?
Gonna see a midnight movie?
Hyo-jin, you'll be|the first to get married
Actually, I have something|to tell you all
That you're getting married?
I'm right, huh?
Don't say that|it's my birthday today!
I hate hearing|that the most!
You guys have|misunderstood me
I'm not getting married
Because I hate dealing|with family customs
In other words|marriage is business
No one has married|because of real love
A woman who doesn't want|to marry is selfish
A guy who doesn't is a playboy
That's society's prejudices
If we get involved
The number you have dialed|is no longer in service
Please check the number|and try again
Thanks for lunch
Me, too
I'll treat you all to|a great lunch one day
Always promises
I'm sick of it
I'm serious|it'll be my treat
Kim Hyo-in|your eyebrows look better
Who is she?
Isn't he that troublemaker|Park Hyun-soo?
Are you serious?
- Who is she?|- Know her?
Girl friend?
He looks|much better in person
Oh my goodness
Anyway|who's Kim Hyo-in?
You're right|who's Kim Hyo-in?
I told you|it was Kim Hyo-jin
I know! I know!
Relax, relax
The phone, phone
- I told you to eat one serving!|- 911! 911!
119! 119!
Oh my god!
Have a nice day
My name is Kim Hyo-jin
Lee Kang-hyun speaking
The revisions are done
So tell them to|confirm quickly
Sorry|it's a call from work
Find it next to the file
Can't find it?
Where are you?
The code seems|to be changed?
The team leader was|supposed to do it
He's really awesome
He was the hunk of|our club in college
Any man|who doesn't betray is fine
But is it okay|for me to do this?
It's only been seven days|since I broke up
They say it|takes three times
as long to forget everything
What are you talking about?
You dated him for 7 years|so you'll wait 21 years?
Hurry so you can|have your revenge
He's a man of few words
and well-versed
Sorak Mountain
There was a heavy|rainfall warning
Those great members
Hyo-jin, you remember
Yang-soo and|Yong-suk, right?
Yong-suk is|at Samsung SDS now
Yang-soo got married|and immigrated to Canada
As I expected|that great guy
Was as I expected
Anyway, we climbed up the mountain|with all that we had
Then dark clouds with thunder|and rain suddenly appeared
But we couldn't|give up halfway
So we gave it all...|(I thought he was handsome)
We got to reach the top
So we finally reached the peak|(Long time ago... )
The peak!
That's funny
Wow, I didn't know you liked|mountains so much|(A man of few words?)
That's right, you like to travel
You should ask a favor from Hae-in|(Long time ago)
If you take a trip|come to my office
We have lots of discounts
I will
Thank you
We listened to what|we cherished for ten years
Ozzy Osborne's
Good-bye to Romance
Good-bye to Romance
Ozzy Osborne
He really is a man of few words|ruled the world at one point|(You're well-informed)
The band was powerful
without the use of effects
Stage performance?
It was awesome
He cracked a chicken's neck|and the blood
Marilyn Manson|can't compare
They need to retire!
You probably know already
Aren't we the rock generation?
A rock artist's dictionary|was our bible
When I memorized a page
I ate it raw
Back then|I ate a lot of paper
I was a walking|rock dictionary
Wanna memorize it
starting from A?
Air Supply, ABBA|ACDC, Aerosmith
Alan Parsons Project|Bad Company
Black Sabbath|Beatles, Chicago
Deep Purple, Pink Floyd
How come you|look down lately?
Sad that I'm getting|married in two days?
Don't make me talk
I'm about to fall apart
You're upset that|I'm marrying
on your birthday, huh?
Right? Right?
Stop it!
I'm already upset that|nothing's going right
My leg's gonna rip
Joon-ah|can I ask you something?
This guy can't remember|this girl's name
It's not once|but after seeing her twice
So what kind of|person is he?
that he's not|interested at all
So what's he like?
No, it's not me
One of my clients keep|forgetting a girl's name
I better introduce him|to someone else
Lively like Meg Ryan|dignified like Annette Benning
and unpredictable|like Nicole Kidman
That's my type
If possible|I'd really like a younger guy
Guys around my age|are too worn out
You should know
Also, never a guy with|a B blood type
I've been through|too many of those
Mom, which type of girl|did you oppose?
No girls whose last name|starts with vowels
Mom, when are you gonna|pick me up?
All creation is made of|Ying and Yang
Everything has both attributes
You need a Ying to|have a Yang
And you need a Yang to|complement a Ying
But since I went through|Chi training for a long time
I'm filled with Ying
So I need Yang's energy to|balance my Chi
And to train more
I don't care about|anything else
I just...
Need a man who can train|with me together
A woman cop
Who sees things long term
Kids these days are impolite
But a mother cop
never compromises
A nice girl
A for personality
A for family background
A for assets
A+ for looks
Total score, 95
It's down again
I knew this would happen
Computer giving you|trouble, too?
So how are your|meetings lately?
As a matter of fact|I even have one today
It's probably|too much for you
If so, then tell me
He was my client anyway
I should take care of him
Don't you agree?
- Darn, I missed it again|- I'm sorry
Is that you, Hyo-jin?
Oh, hello
How long has it been?
Good to see you
You've gotten very pretty
What a coincidence
Oh yeah, my card
I think I've run out
Do you work near here?
Yes, at this marriage|service company
You're a couples manager?
I'll have a card somewhere
My card is
Wow, you're|a couples manager
Where is...
Why don't I have one|when I need it
It's my card
Call me later|I need to marry soon
It's green Call me
- Bye|- Good-Bye
Call me for sure!
What was her name again?
Mr Park, next time...
insert her name and|number in your phone
And when you're done|you can check your phone
If people eat|something sweet
they feel better
Eating sweet potato|cake with milk tea
is delicious
Which side is|the window to you?
To my right
It's my left for me
So then?
Check the memory|and trace it directly
I'll go in and|check it quickly
Over here
What are you doing there?
Are you okay?
Wipe it off with this
- You have some here, too|- Here?
A little more
- There|- There
You go first
You shouldn't walk|ahead of people
You should match|a woman's pace
I'll give it a try
So what were you|going to say?
Oh right
What are you doing tomorrow?
My friend's wedding|is tomorrow
You said you have|a boyfriend, right?
Then you'll probably|go with him
Oh right
To be honest
One sec
Hyo-jin! Hyo-jin!
Come here, my buddy
My buddy
Hyo-jin, come here
Come here
Hyo-jin|what do you want?
Just tell me
I'll steal|everything for you
Or do you want this?
Damn it!
Who put this here?
I've been drinking
Because I feel great!
Lady, you're so pretty!
Where are your manners?
Okay, okay
But Lady
When tomorrow comes|there's one less bachelor
You're looking at|him right here!
Hyo-jin|get your butt over here
Hyo-jin|I can't get married
What's so great|about her daughter?
My future son-in-law
I mean mother-in-law
She thinks|I'm no better than a dog
Yeah, I'm a loser with no job
But isn't|she being too harsh?
Hyo-jin|I never told you, huh?
That lady is fat as hell
She's a pig
Stop acting|unlike yourself
Sober up and|Let's go home
Your wedding is tomorrow
What should I do?
I should be|responsible for you
I'm responsible for her!
When she turns thirty|she's supposed to marry me
I can't get married
I won't|I won't
I can't leave you|alone and get married
I'm gonna cancel it
Think I'm kidding?
I lied to you|about something
What?|About what?
I broke up|with my boyfriend
That bastard!
I'm positive|that you told
He went to America last year
He said this before he left
You're great as a girlfriend
but I'm not sure as a wife
What could he mean by that?
He was my first love though
I liked not being ignored
when I said I had a boyfriend
But Joon-ah...
I think|I like someone
But he is...
Someone|I have to set up
I'm afraid to love
and just wanna live like this
I'll be okay
Since I have a bad memory|I'll forget him soon
Where am I?
Hyo-jin, I'm cold
Mister!|close the window
Hyo-jin, I'm cold
Joon-ah|what should I do?
What should I do?
Now for...
the bride and groom's|walk down the lane
Everyone please give them
A warm round of applause
May the walk begin!
It's so childish
He acts the way he looks
How could he have the wedding|on Hyo-jin's birthday?
You're right
Looks as if the groom
likes his mother-in-law more
I'm not even good|to my folks
So when I think|about my in-laws
It fucking makes me sick
Guys|I'm marrying an orphan
You're right
I hate family customs
I'm marrying an orphan, too
Congratulations|you look so pretty
Thank so much for|introducing me to him
Look how pretty this ring is
Jealous, huh?
- Meeting your boyfriend later, huh?|- Please, eat dinner together
Forget it
You'll be much happier to spend|it with your man
Let's leave them alone
Don't worry
I'll get you|a present later
Must be happy, asshole
Hey, can't you stop cursing?
It's a ring!
Is it fake?
I'm so jealous
He hasn't fixed|that habit yet?
Think he can?
She's gonna kill him|on their first night
Let me try it on once
It's so pretty
Hi|you've reached Kim Hyo-jin
No one's home now|so please leave a message
You better!
It's your mom
Did you eat seawood soup|for your birthday?
Your father feels|much better now
The air here is|really nice
Tell her to get married|before I die
Honey, it's her birthday|for goodness sakes
Be quiet
A dove forms groups
Because it is faithful
it loves first mate forever
This white dove is a female
The purple one is a male
They are common couple
Because the male gets in heat
it kisses to the female passionately|and expresses passion
A stranger approaches|to join them
But the male drives him
The reason why|the male beats its wings
it wants to tread the female
What happened to your hair?
Well, nothing
My goodness|Hyo-jin
I can't believe it
Park Hyun-soo!
What are you|doing here so early?
Have some coffee
Here you go
Thank you
And for you
Oh, thanks
You were my client|before remember?
Hi, I'm Song Min-ah
That's unfair of you
You never visited|when you were my client
- Must be very busy|- Yes...
I think your computer|is broken again
You should check it
Slimy picture, huh?
My mother likes it though
What's wrong with this thing?
A machine doesn't lie
Let me take|a look at it
Engineers are so marvelous
Why is this picture here?
Hyo-jin, your boyfriend|is so handsome
Getting married|next year, right?
Has it been a year now?
Hyo-jin is good at dating|and with her work
She's so talented|at her job
I always set others up|but when will I get married?
His picture is better
Let's see
Isn't this too big|for protection?
Goodness|what's this for?
One moment
I can't believe it
Is it a real gun?
- I think it is|- Let's see it
Oh my|it's so frightening
Since you've|signed up
you'll go on 12 dates for a year
We'll also include events|into your schedule
I see you didn't|write down your type
Let me be frank with you
Please set me up with|Park Hyun-soo
I know that|he's a client here
And please don't tell him
Please set it up|as quickly as today
I'm sorry|it's a call from work
Lee Kang-hyun speaking
Yes, sir
The text hasn't|come in yet
So you'll need to hurry
772 at gigic dot com
No, it's g-i-g-i-c
I told you not to press it
I can't believe it
He's there on time
But he always|said he was busy
Now he shows up regularly|and even at the office
He must've made up|his mind now to marry
Now that we know|he's here, let's go
Wait a minute
We have to take care of|our clients to the end, right?
What if everything|goes well?
If it doesn't work out|he has one more left
Set me up next time
No, no...
The manager won't forgive me
This is a secret
But I think|the manager likes me
I'm serious
He should tell me directly
Instead of always flirting
Wait a minute
Oh no...
What is she doing?
They must know|each other
How have you been?
It's been a long time
What are you doing here?
No, but he's mine
How could she?
Where are you going?
I can't believe it
No matter what|Hugh Grant is the best
Those eyes make|a woman melt
Shit, isn't he fucking great?
That's why Hugh Grant's romantic|comedies can be forgiven
Ethan Hawk is my babe
He looked so cute|in Before Sunrise
No, his legs are too short
His lower half is flimsy
Dicaprio is my type of babe
Now I can understand|Shim Eun-ah in Tell Me Something
What about her?
She axed her lovers|and mixed them up
The nice legs|of a cute guy
The torso of|a warm-hearted guy
And the arms of|a caressing guy
She tried to put together|a perfect man
Because no perfect|fucking guy exists
Wasn't the corpse her dad's?
You sure|you saw that movie?
She tried to put|her dad's throat on that corpse
Then are you sure|you saw it?
It was that cop's throat
It was the last piece|to her perfect man
It's not her dad's
Her dad's throat was|found in her freezer
Found? When?
Yeah, in the freezer
She stored it|there to keep it fresh
But I saw that movie
Hey, is his head some|watermelon then?
- Han Suk Gyu and Moon Sung Gun was...|- Watch a movie through your nostrils?
Why don't you put your head|in the freezer?
- They was stabbed with a knife...|- You be quiet!
Who cares how|I see a movie
Because you're talking nonsense
When I imagine Hugh Grant's|toad eyes move
your taste is like a tadpole
Remember Bridget Jone's Diary?
Hugh Grant looked haggard, huh?
Hey, is Ethan Hawk your babe?
Cage babe|Dicaprice babe, shit
Any slimy bastard is her babe
Don't fall in love
You're much older than|those assholes, old lady
What did you say?
Say it again
If you insult my babes|you're insulting me
Stop it!
I said stop!
What's wrong with you?
Are you teeny boppers?
All you do is talk is|love or marriage
but have you ever|fell in love?
Or loved someone?
Go live your life instead of|like the movies!
Not going?
Then I'll go
What's up with her?
What gives her the right to|shout like that?
What a shame!
Miss!|some more eels here
And chicken gizzards
What's the matter?
Take off
What's wrong with you?
I can't do anything|because of you!
What did I do?
Thank you for setting|me up before
I won't need|any more dates
He's my ex-boyfriend
We broke up before|I went to America
I tried to get back|together with him
but it didn't work
If both his mother and|wife were drowning
he said|he'd save his mother
Maybe Korean guys|don't suit me
One sec, it's business
Lee Kang-hyun speaking
Oh hi!
You like the cover?
Sorry, one moment
Do you offer|international marriages?
It was a joke
Yes, sorry about that
What did she say?
What's this?
Wedding invitation?
Concert tickets
You're lucky|it's sold out already
Can I have them instead?
What don't you|look so good?
Let's have a drink|when you feel better
I'll treat you to|a real good time
Just let me know
Sorry, today will be a bit hard
Let's do it another night
No, today
Right now
This is my close friend|Hae-in
Over here
My boss|who believes in free sex
Yes, hello
Come on
Bottoms up
Know this?
That all your lovers are|variations of your first love?
So if you fail|at your first love
Attempting suicide is|the natural the thing to do
So I tried it twice
But it didn't work out
You attempted suicide?
What method did you use?
I stuck my wrist out|but the blade was dull
Look|only my forearm got torn
Yeah, it doesn't work, huh?
You tried it?
I failed at it, too
Should I jump off|a roof next time?
No, not that
If you screw up|you'll turn into a vegetable
Then what's the best way|without any pain?
Well, I thought it over, too
What will you|do with your car?
Full house!
It's the first licence plate|I've seen with a full house!
Seoul 51, 8815
I guess my car's a full house
I've hitjackpot!
So what about your car|Hae-in?
Well, it's the highest pair
Must be nice
What's so nice about it?
What's so good about aces?
Nevermind that
Hae-in|let's go for another round
I don't trust men
No, my friend's|having a card game
for his divorce anniversary
What a great friend to|have a divorce anniversary
- Isn't he?|- You only play poker?
No, I play blackjack, too
Know how to|play blackjack?
It's this way, Hae-in
Hae-in|we have to go this way
I'm sorry
Sorry, but my foot
Please, the car mister
You should be careful
You're lucky|it didn't get worse
Don't make her drink
and look after|your girlfriend better
Look at this bruise
Your whole body is scarred
It'll sober you up
My dad has been sick|ever since I was ten
Maybe that's why I feel|at ease at the hospital
It's not only|because of my dad
I get hurt frequently|you see
I worked at a trading firm|right after college
but after three years|I fell into a slump
Then I saw this job ad|and I felt it was perfect for me
Ever since college|I set a lot of people up
Every one of them|got married
I'll take that
Oh, thanks
When I come to the hospital
I sometimes wished|my husband was a doctor
So if my computer has a virus
I wish my husband|was an engineer
I guess that's|what you mean
By the way
your mother and wife were drowning|who'd you save first?
My mother, of course
A young woman can|swim and survive
But my mom needs to|be saved by me
I'm conservative|and contradicting
The type to hurt others|easily and selfish
Think a guy like me|can meet a good person?
Since I'm not one myself
Don't worry
I'll introduce you to a nice girl
You have my word|till the end
Hyo-hin, are you okay?
Training for the Olympics?
Hyo-jin, make sure|you win the gold medal!
Yeah, go for the gold
No, I can do it
I've been married|for 14 days, 20 hours
54 minutes|and 21 seconds
22 seconds|23 seconds
Who cares about|your friends
Are you that happy?
Wait for me
Give this back to Hae-sun
What's this?
Why is it so wrapped|up like this?
I gave this to you
but thanks so much|for returning it
Hae-sun cried and|went berzerk over this
Come here
Point out|any guy you want
Then I'll bring him|right to you
Tell me who
- How about him?|- Isn't spitting a misdemeanor?
- Yeah, a three-day detention|- No criminals
Then what about him?
His tie sucks|no taste at all
Come on|you're being too picky
That's why...
You don't have a guy|right now
Let me pick one for you
How about him?
Not bad, huh?
He looks like a playboy
Conservative and picky|he's an F
Damn it
Come on
He looks to be successful|and nice enough
You're colorblind
You don't know|how to see men
Coming from|a guy's perspective
He's a great guy, okay?
It's him, end of story
No, the guy next to|him seems better
Next to him
That little twirp?
Give me a break
Your taste got weird
You've completely|lost your mind
I'm successful enough|so a younger guy is fine
Oh no!
Hey, I'm running late
Hyo-jin, I'll call you later
- Come later, okay?|- Joon-ah!
Excuse me
That guy told me|to ask you out
Wanna go to a club?
There's an event|tomorrow, right?
Yes, tomorrow's|your last chance
You'll definitely meet someone|you'll like there
Thanks, Hyo-jin
Lee Kang-hyun?
Hello, it's Kim Hyo-jin
Are you busy?
Well, I called about our event
Place them|one after the other
Song Min-ah!
Stop standing around and work!
Why always pick on me?
Please take|your number card
Look over the list carefully
and mark the name|or number of your choice
Also, don't forget
that there are|three blanks on the back
Thank you
You should rest|instead of being here
Thank you|Don't worry
Sorry I'm late
How do you feel?
Hyo-jin!|Kim Hyo-jin!
Now we will begin|today's event
You ladies have always|had only one type, right?
A rich guy|who dies early
Ladies, you're overreacting|at the moment
All of you are|still feeling very awkward
Guys, how about|we clench our fists tight
Look after your|clients instead
One just arrived
Ready and|one, two, three, success!
Very good
Ladies|you're supposed to clap
You can't sit still
When I count|one, two, three...
What took you so long?
Hyo-jin|who are you waiting for?
Got a question
Your ex is better than|starting over again, right?
A tardy student
What a relief
I thought you'd be too busy
During the event
You're late, and what's with|your clothes again?
I worked the night shift
Find someone you're|interested in and jot her down
You can mark up|to three on the back
Good luck
I can mark just one|if I'm interested, right?
It hasn't hit me yet|that it's my last chance
Two, two, three, four|five, six, seven, eight
When you receive|a massage
if you close|your eyes it becomes kinky
Guys, just try to relax
and don't think otherwise
Now relax
One, two, three, four
Now everyone|raise your hands
What are you doing there?
Come and eat
What were you doing?
Here's our next contestant
My mom told me to|come here no matter what
Mom, I'm in|an interview
Yes, his mother has called
Anyway|well done gentlemen
and please return|to your seats
We have a lot of|unique people today
Is there any water here?
On the last table
- The next guys|- Fun, isn't it?
- I'm not eating|- Why not?
I see a special gentleman
One has just arrived
He looks to be very brave
Let's have him|up on the stage
Please come up
A big round of|applause everyone
Sir, why were you so late?
Stuck in traffic?
Please introduce yourself
Hello everyone
Within the past year|Seoul has changed a lot
I just arrived
At a Seoul research center|after being in America
Hi, I'm Kim Yong-jin
Nice to meet you
Now I know|what it's like
to be lonely|after living abroad
I've finally come to my senses|that I should really get married
Wait a minute
Then how come|you're so late getting here?
It may be very hard|you to marry by this year
What do you think?
I'm confident I will
I've given it a lot of|thought for a while
All I need to do|now is meet a nice woman
And considering|my appearance
I don't think I'm any less|than the others here
Yes, thank you
I'm going to give|a special chance
to our tardy student
- Yeah, I've seen him before|- Seen anyone you like?
Can you be quiet?
Then you'll be proposing|to her out in the open
Please take this
Now are you ready?
A propose to some lucky girl
- Go!|- Go!
Give him a round of applause
There he goes
Who will this woman be?
There she is!
But why isn't she accepting?
She likes the heart
But not the man perhaps?
Could she like someone else?
School was easy for him
But I guess marriage isn't
I'll give our gentleman|one more chance
A stunning dance sometimes wins|a girl's heart, right?
Cue music!
KAIST PhD|Seoul Research Center
Lee Kang-hyun speaking
I can't hear you too well
Oh no, she's leaving
That's too bad
But he can't give up|so easily
Kim Yong-jin, hurry|and go catch her
Let's cheer him on with|a big round of applause
Clap your hands
I'll go to the office|now to look for it
Today it's
Not working?
Is that you Hyo-jin?
Kim Hyo-jin!
Hyo-jin, wait!
Hurry! Hurry!
Hyo-jin|where are you?
I looked all over for you
You dropped this
Park Hyun-soo
I'm sorry
You're my agent, right?
I've found a nice girl
Introduce me to her
I'll find her|and set it up
I'll definitely set it up
before I resign
Kim Hyo-jin
Three sweet potato cakes|must mean you're very upset
Hyo-jin, which side|is the window on?
To my left
It's on my left, too
That was|the best event yet
An electric spark of love
Anyway, how many|couples got sparked?
700 couples|70 percent
- The best record yet|- 70 percent
We'll make|big news tomorrow
But it wasn't intentional
It was a definite accident
Grow up
don't you know that|love can't be predicted?
My ace
I'm taking off first
Where are you going?
Hey, I thought the boss|was in love with you
You're right
Grow up|Bye Bye
This sucks
If you get to know me|I'm really nothing special at all
My company's stocks|are rock bottom
We're in a lot of debt
and near bankruptcy
But you already|know my schools
My yearly salary
And even...
The number of spoons|in my home
That's the guy, huh?
Oh my goodness
That rotten girl|Hyo-jin
Oh no|they're holding hands!
Slice it off!|Slice it off!
It's like some ending|to a romantic comedy
It's not a romantic comedy|if they don't kiss
They're gonna do it!
I can't see|but I think they did!
Really?|They kissed already?
I don't know
I can' see
But it's important
Anyway|it's a happy ending!
This movie is over
I'm hungry|Let's go eat
Oh yeah|remember that great place?
Excuse me
Where is that?
I'm over this way
If you have some time
It would be nice|if we could have a drink
I'll treat you|to a great time
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