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Subtitles for Romeo Is Bleeding 1993.

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Romeo Is Bleeding 1993

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(bell ringing)
(man) You ever seen a ghost?
There's this guy... comes in here every May 1st.
Every May 1st... Every December 1st.
Like clockwork.
What's he want?
Well, frankly, I ain't exactly sure.
He had the strangest story to tell.
He left this here, and I keep it for him.
How do I know he'll be back?
(scoffs) What's that?
A woman was involved?
Mm. Just fits.
I was married once myself.
Hm. Beautiful girl.
And by the way, I'm Jim Daugherty.
I run the place.
His name? Sure.
His name is... Jack Grimaldi.
Hey, there he is now.
Jack was a romantic guy.
Big dreams.
Problem was, there was always a little daylight
between his dreams and his wallet.
See, he was a working stiff.
Hey, Billy.
56 grand a year and never made it past sergeant.
And every day, he looked at a little of this...
and then he looked at too much of that.
And all the time, he was thinkin'...
(chuckles) I bet you know what he was thinkin', don't ya?
You'd have done just what he wound up doing, I'll bet.
Honey, I'm home.
He walked around... just like anybody.
But inside, he wasn't like anybody.
Cos he was doin' somethin' about those big dreams.
Something only your true love would understand.
Something you'd whisper to her in the middle of the night...
and then hold her tight.
That's the way it used to be with them.
He could've told her anything.
(woman laughing)
Hey! Hey, wait a minute!
I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.
(clears throat) Pretend you didn't see that.
Now, where was I? Oh, yeah.
Anyway, his little plan was workin'.
He was doin' great...
until the day things started to go wrong.
See, he was watching the feds, hiding a mobster.
A guy named Nick Gazzara.
And tomorrow, Nick was supposed to testify against the Mob.
(man) So we put Tommy and Louie in the trunk,
and we drive it over to Hunt's Point Market.
You know, where the dump is over there?
So Ray says to me "Let's burn them."
I says "Here?" He says yeah. I say OK.
So we go to take Lou out of the trunk, because he was bleeding all over,
and all we had was this, like, shower curtain thing. It was a mess.
So anyway, just as we're about to take him out...
Lou makes this little move like he's still alive. Hm?
So this makes Ray go crazy, right?
And he starts chopping at him and chopping at him and chopping at him.
And he's calling him all kinds of names. He's calling him a bastard...
This is very good. You wanna taste it?
- No, thanks. - OK.
So finally, we take Lou out of the trunk,
and Ray pours gasoline all over him and he sets him on fire.
So Ray turns to me, real happy-like.
He was a crazy son of a bitch. I miss him. I really do.
And he's got this real happy look on his face. And he says to me
"Don't Lou make a nice fire?"
"Don't Lou make a nice fire?" That kills me.
We parked the car at La Guardia.
In a week, they still hadn't found him. Stank like a motherfucker!
(dials phone)
(phone line rings)
(Jack) Gazzara's at the Monte Carlo, room 515.
(man) Plaza post office, box 1740. Paid in full.
(Jim) A quarter goes into a phone booth,
and 65 grand comes out.
Could you ask for better odds at Vegas?
Thank you.
Now... tell me who you are.
Marilyn Monroe.
It's too corny.
All right. I'm Madame Curie.
And what did Madame Curie do?
I forgot. Jack, you were supposed to take me away for the weekend.
I was in court. Try again.
All right. I'm one of them girls in a Budweiser commercial.
You know... with the big, soft,
round, creamy tits.
And long tanned legs.
Who am I?
I had a dream about ya last night, Jack.
- What did you dream? - (knock on door)
Hey, Sheri, let's go! It's nuts out here.
I'm still on my break! Fuck off!
I dreamed you had a wife.
Yeah? And what did she look like?
Who am l?
Paul Newman.
In what movie?
You never saw Hud.
So? I know what happened in it,
and I know that he was the prettiest thing there ever was.
Come on.
Jack, you know what the best part about making it with cop is?
- You got two guns. - Huh?
- One for me, and one for them. - Yeah?
Jack... when I'm walkin' down the street, you know,
and all them guys are lookin' at me, and I always think to myself
"You guys are assholes."
Cos no matter what they got, my guy's got better.
(Jim) You know, like they say:
A man don't always do what's best for him.
Sometimes he does the worst.:
he listens to a voice in his head.
But what do you know? Too late.
He finds out it's the wrong voice.
That's what love can do to ya. That's what it did to him.
Oh, Jack.
Jack. Oh, Jack.
What else did she say? Huh? You fuckin' Romeo.
- How come nobody loves me like that? - (men laugh)
I don't know. I don't know. What are you doin' today?
I'm gonna follow Frank Malacci out to Aqueduct, like yesterday and last week.
He's gonna meet with nobody and do nothin' wrong.
And I'm gonna go home, and tomorrow...
I'm gonna do the same thing.
Last night, I got fed up.
- Me and Joey wired the guy. - What'd you get?
You really wanna know, Sergeant?
Here it is.
11 pm. Malacci to Reilly:
"Where do you wanna eat, Pat?"
Reilly to Malacci: "I don't know, Frank. Where do you wanna eat?"
Malacci to Reilly: "How about the Riviera?"
Reilly to Malacci: "That place is full of shit. How about the Paradise Diner?"
"Oh, no."
The feds want this guy? This guy is a killer?
This guy ain't a killer, Jack. This guy is an eater.
2am. Malacci: "Let me stop by here a minute. I wanna pick up some rolls."
Reilly: "Hey, Frank, try the place on the corner."
Hey, hey, Lorraine. All right?
Nick Gazzara got popped.
Boom... boom.
They think whatsherface, uh, that Russian bitch, Demarkov, did it.
- (man) What they got on it? - Multiple murder. Adds that touch.
Smell like a meat market Easter week.
- (Lorraine) Well, what do you want? - Give me a sandwich. Somethin'.
Feds ain't got Gazzara no more.
- They gotta make Demarkov talk. - (man) Yeah.
Lorraine, you got somethin' for me?
Yeah, Jack. This.
Hey, how about we go out this weekend?
Eddie wouldn't like it, Jack.
I don't get it. Ever since I sent her husband away,
it's like she don't know me.
- Where'd they get him? - A hole-in-the-wall in Williamsburg.
- Monte Carlo. - That's right.
They set him up with a new name, the whole thing.
They were shippin' him to Arizona.
- Phoenix. Holiday Diner. - Red velour, right?
Fuck him. He's better off dead.
Those feds didn't come out too good.
She sprayed the place. lf you hadn't known, you'd think it was a drug war.
(machine gunfire)
- Just winged him. The fuck. - So...
It's in the box. Same as always.
She took down that whole room.
It's a new world, right?
They were gonna wait until he got out into the car.
Well, she didn't wait.
No way Nick was gonna make it back to the stand again.
Falcone on down, we're looking at life. Ah, couldn't happen.
There's gonna be a lot of heat.
- So? - So?
So you made me a cop killer.
A bullet's a bullet, Jack.
Taking anybody with him wasn't the deal.
Hey, are you out of the business now or what?
You wanna keep him safe, just keep him at home, all right?
Come on.
So this girl, this Demarkov, she's very modern.
She doesn't give a fuck about nothin', except for you-know-what.
Falcone would've given it all to her, too.
She wouldn't wait. Ah, too bad for her.
How much time she lookin' at?
That ain't the point, Jack.
It's not her talkin' Falcone's scared of.
She wants it all. You know the kind.
You gotta take her out before she takes him out.
Want the job or not?
- What's the money like? - Same as always.
Nobody else gets hurt this time, huh?
Take it.
Like the fall of Rome out there.
Streets gonna be filled with animals.
You keep breathing, huh? See ya next time.
(Jim) So, what? They playing with new rules now?
More cops' blood?
That was anybody's guess.
He didn't wanna think about that.
And he didn't.
(woman) Shit.
(policeman) Come on.
Fuck you!
Sign here for Mona Demarkov.
(Jim) The job was to take her over to the safe house
and hand her ass over to the feds.
And that voice in his head said it was gonna be very easy.
So you're the big hoodlum.
Personally... I don't see it.
Keep lookin'.
- Honeymoon rate? - Short stay.
Don't cry to me, pal. Just sign the book.
Knock yourself out.
(clock chimes outside)
It's not polite to stare.
How'd you like to become a rich man... Sergeant?
Well, I've already got my health.
You know what it feels like?
I mean, when it's just sitting in your hand.
You take the first bill off the pile, a 20 or a 50...
You're never gonna have to pay taxes on it.
Nothin' feels like that.
Does it?
What would you do with all that money, Sergeant?
It's better than sex, isn't it?
Federal agents Cage and Skouras.
(Mona laughing)
Nice work, Sergeant.
(Mona continues laughing)
(Jim) Well, I guess that about says it all, don't it?
He could hear her laughing all the way down the hall.
He wondered how smart she was.
Smart enough to be on top, I guess.
Well... he'd be the one laughing soon.
So what? Romeo, did she confess?
(dials phone)
(phone line rings)
(Jack) Yeah, she's at the Niagara, room 310.
I left her there with the feds.
And remember, Sal, she's the only one who gets hit.
Hey, Tony.
Ya hungry?
- Yeah. - Hm?
Come on.
How was your day, baby?
- Did the refrigerator guy come? - Yeah.
- How much? - $86.
- How long was he here? - Oh, about... 15 minutes.
What is that? That's five, six hundred dollars a day or somethin'?
Me? You know, I get kicked, shot at, run over for what?
42,000 and change.
Here's a guy who makes $180,000 for changing a washer.
You win. What is it?
Chicken François, Jack.
I wish you'd stop reading those magazines.
Whatever happened to meat and potatoes?
I don't know, Jack. You tell me.
- That's cute. - I got ya.
Here. I got you something.
They got a new one.
OK, now, either I was really good, Jack, or you were really bad.
How come you never show me those pictures you take?
- Your sister called today. - Mm-hm?
Yeah. You know Marcy?
I don't know nobody named Marcy.
She's the nurse your sister works with down at the hospital.
She was caught giving this doctor a blow job in the OR.
He was taking out an appendix.
- Is that all you talk about? Huh? - (laughs)
God, you women are awful.
Oh, really, Jack.
And why's that?
- What did you say? - You heard me.
Jesus, Jack. You look like you just been arrested.
When I get good at this, I thought I'd... do weddings.
- Weddings. You want weddings? - Yeah.
- You want weddings? - Yeah.
- You want weddings? - Yeah.
There's your honeymoon!
(Jim) Maybe it was just his imagination,
but whenever he'd pull up that plate, he'd hear a sucking sound.
It started out small, with the first 65 grand.
And then it got bigger.
Pretty soon, it was the only thing he heard.
Pretty soon, all he could think about was feeding the hole.
He didn't think about when he was a kid.
He didn't think about the guys who he started with,
who were still on the up-and-up.
He didn't think about the dreams he had with Natalie.
He didn't think about those feds, lying there.
Most of all, he didn't think about Mona Demarkov
because the way he saw it, she was done.
Just another 65-grand meal for the hole.
He'd fed the hole, and he made the hole happy.
lt was the only thing he knew how to make happy.
Hey, Natalie!
(Jim) That night, he had a terrible dream.
The winner!
(Jim) A bad dream.
Didn't mean nothin'. Could've been something he ate.
But after that, he couldn't sleep.
Checked out the boys.
Thought he'd take his mind off things.
Y... What?
( muffled rock)
This could be the night, boss. He's headed for a heart attack.
A guy with his blood pressure, he goes in the saddle... end of problem.
(Jim) More of the same.
Look at this guy. He should be in a rest-home, not a threesome.
Shit. What's he got that old Jack ain't got?
(man) Coroner's office. Collins.
Hello, Stan. How you doin'?
- It's Jack. - I'm broke.
Well, maybe you bet on the wrong team or something. Listen...
Yeah, do me a favour.
You check the book? Any new ones last night?
A female. Homicide.
Zip so far, boss. Anything else?
- Uh, no, thanks. I'll work it out. - Yeah, sure.
- Yeah. - Bye.
Is it hard yet, baby?
It ain't easy.
Yeah, I know.
- (man) OK, what do you got? - I got a pair.
- (phone rings) - Three of a kind.
Yeah? All right, hold on.
Jack, pick it up over there.
All right, everybody ante up, ante up.
- Grimaldi. - Downstairs. We gotta talk.
- Look, I'm busy... - Hey, downstairs. Now.
She wasn't there.
Demarkov. She wasn't there, Jack.
Falcone's upset.
He wants to see you. Tomorrow.
You'd better have something for him.
What happened?
I don't know.
They think you're trying to fuck with them, you know?
I don't know.
Jack, I already told him, this is done. I mean, you gotta give me an address.
You gotta give me something, all right?
The old man thinks you're holding out on him.
Hey, you gotta give me something!
The fuck you lookin' at?!
You've forgotten who the fuck you're dealing with?
It's us. And you're in up to here. OK?
Now, there's a long walk. If I take it... you take it too.
Hey, Martie. Where you been?
It was a thing for the feds. They're movin' a witness.
- Moving him where? - How the fuck should I know?
They think somebody's workin' both sides.
I get up there, it's fuckin' Mona Demarkov, man!
- Why'd they move her? - Hey, Jack, all right? Who knows?
We're gettin' her in the car there, huh?
Everything's goin' smooth, you know?
Then all of the sudden, from out of nowhere, she grabs my gun.
I'm just one of the feds, you know, who tries to peg her,
but by then, she's making for the corner. I couldn't believe it.
Oh, fuck, Jack! She got my gun!
Runnin' around with my gun, Jack.
They'll take my shield and put me back in a uniform.
- What do they got on it? - Nothin'.
You know, she turned around and pointed my own gun at me, Jack.
She turned around and she pointed my own gun at me, Jack!
You know? Like kind of an animal!
- Anything I could do to help, sarge? - Not a thing.
(man) Psychiatric report on Agent Charles Stevens,
FBI Eastern Field Office. June 1989.
Stevens assigned to surveillance of organised crime suspect,
Mona Demarkov.
Association to suspect Demarkov with indicted Moscow crime family.
An association with the Falcone crime family confirmed October 1988.
Revelation of criminal conspiracy involving Demarkov and Stevens.
Severe emotional disturbance suffered by Agent Stevens after revelation.
Escalating violent episodes, hallucinations.
December 1989, Agent Charles Stevens, death by suicide.
Criminal conspiracy charges against suspect Demarkov dismissed.
Look, you broke our deal.
- How's that, Sergeant? - I said nobody else gets hurt.
- You were paid, weren't you, Jack? - Yeah. I said no cops!
A life's a life.
Moral distinctions can paralyse you.
Something to eat?
Come here.
Altogether, what is it?
Close to half a million dollars over the course of our partnership?
They must've moved her. Here.
Just give me a couple of days.
I don't want the money back, Sergeant.
I want Mona Demarkov dead.
I want you to find her, and I want you to kill her.
No, I won't do that.
I won't kill her.
I don't suppose you're familiar with the 20th-century poets.
Robert Lowell was pacifist.
Mind you, I have no respect for pacifism.
It's a morally bankrupt belief.
Pacifists believe that they have the right not to kill,
but others always die in defence of that right.
Anyway, during the Second World War,
Lowell was in prison for refusing to serve in the armed forces.
In the cell next to him was Louis Lepke.
You're familiar with Murder, lncorporated?
- Yeah. - Ah, so you're a reader, after all.
One day, Lepke says to Lowell,
"I'm here because I killed someone. How about you?"
Lowell replies "I'm here because I wouldn't kill anyone."
You get the point?
You like the money, Jack?
- Yeah. - So do I.
We do what we do out of convenience.
Does the end justify the means? Ask Lepke.
Of course, he's dead. So is Lowell.
Eventually, I'll be destroyed.
The next generation of barbarians are waiting to take over.
Mona. People like that.
lt doesn't mean I have to throw open the door.
Now, you will do the job. You will live your life.
You know right from wrong. You just don't care.
And that's the most natural thing in the world.
I could have you shot, torn to pieces,
your wife made ugly, your house burned down,
your girlfriend gutted.
By noon Wednesday, I may authorise it.
You see, you don't make the deals, Jack.
l make the deals.
And you're in until I say otherwise.
We've said everything that needs to be said, haven't we? Good day.
(Jim) He was between a rock and a hard place.
Now what?
( light jazz)
What was he gonna do?
He knew what he had to do if he wanted that 65 grand.
If he wanted to stay alive, that is.
Stay alive. 65 grand. Feed the hole.
Stay alive. 65 grand. Feed the hole.
- Jack... - 65 grand.
- Jack... - Feed the hole.
- 65 grand. - Where's the funeral?
Feed the hole.
- What? - (Lorraine) Hey, Jack!
- Yeah? - (Mona) Hello, Jack.
Where are you?
He wants you to kill me. You've got till Wednesday, right?
- Right. - (chuckles)
I'm at the hotel. Our room.
(hangs up)
How've you been?
A little bit busy.
What have they offered you, Jack?
What are you talkin' about?
All I'm asking is if Falcone's upped your price.
- 65. - For me?
That prick's livin' in the past.
I'll up that five times.
Half now, half on delivery.
- For what? - You go to him.
- Tell him it's been done. - What's been done?
Tell me I'm already dead, Jack.
Later on, we'll get ourselves a body.
Until they do an autopsy.
That's all the time I need.
My money's no good?
Your money's got more risk.
More risk, more pay.
The autopsy will confirm that it's me.
And how's that gonna happen?
You think you're the only person in the world that's been bought?
You got a girl?
What is it? Cathy? Linda? Susan?
Cocktail waitress. Maloney's. Yeah?
You take your money... and your Sheri...
and you'll be a big guy.
All I need is a couple of days to finish my business and get out of the country.
It's yours.
It's all yours.
All you gotta do is take it.
(whispering) Go on, Jack. Go on.
All you gotta do is take it.
(Mona laughs)
Tuesday? The docks.
The other half.
Death certificate.
(Jim) It was that old voice in his head, the wrong voice,
that sucked his brain out, spit it on the floor.
He could've gone back, begged Natalie to forgive him.
- But he didn't. - (doorknob rattling)
Ah, that old voice.
What are you doin'? Where are you goin'?
I'm goin' to Florida. My sister lives in Boca.
You can't do that.
Yeah, well, I am, Jack.
I never fool around with married men, unless I'm married.
So maybe I'll go get married.
And I'll come back, and then I'll fool around with you.
Or maybe I won't get married, and I'll just fool around with unmarried men.
Or maybe something will just happen that I don't know about.
You know? You never know, right?
I won't let you.
Jack, wait a second. Wait.
I love you, Jack.
And I even think you love me, but you just don't know it yet.
And I can't keep waitin' for you to come around.
Otherwise, I ain't gonna have a life left.
You know?
You're breakin' my heart, Sheri.
Cardio pulmonary arrest.
Penetrating gunshot wound.
Exsanguination by internal haemorrhage.
You mean she's dead?
Do you remember on our second date,
when we went to the Rialto and saw The Sound of Music and you cried?
You cried. I never cry.
- You cried the day we got married. - Who wouldn't cry, marryin' you?
Let me ask you something.
How come instead of gettin' better, it got worse?
What's... "it"?
I wish I had a million dollars. Know what I'd do if I had a million dollars?
Buy myself some happiness.
You don't get it by bein' good.
And you don't get it by bein' poor,
and all those people who said you don't get it by bein' rich...
They were lyin'.
- What do you think? - What is this, a new religion?
I don't understand a word you're sayin'.
Everything else runs out.
You get tired of sex.
Love doesn't last.
You got both of them... you worry about your health.
If that's OK, you get scared of dyin'.
You know what I used to like about you?
You didn't used to talk.
Was it my sister you screwed, Jack?
Or just my niece?
I don't know what you're doin', but whatever it is, don't bring it back here.
(priest) A time to be born, a time to die.
A time to plant, a time to harvest.
A time to destroy, a time to rebuild.
A time to cry.
Heavenly Father, you take your beloved child, Nicholas Gazzara,
beloved husband of Rosemary Gazzara,
father of Frederico, Paulo and Estelle.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
That's a legend bein' put in that hole, Joey.
Yeah, plant the prick. Let's get the hell outta here.
Let's get somethin' to eat.
You all right, Jack?
I ain't feelin' too good. You go on with Scully and Joey.
Moving ceremony.
Life is fleeting.
Take him to that tree.
You said Wednesday. I'm meetin' her tomorrow. I'll get her then!
Which is it, Jack?
- Toes... take two. - You said Wednesday!
- Take one, I'll get the rest tomorrow. - No! Listen!
Wait a minute... (screams)
Goodbye, Jack.
Natalie... get a suitcase. Go upstairs, get dressed!
- Jack? - I fucked up!
(Natalie) What happened?
I stole some money!
There's $350,000 here. It's ours! It's free money, Natalie!
Now, you go somewhere... out west, Phoenix.
Nat... Nat...
I took... I...
I played both sides against the middle. I got caught. I'm sorry.
Take the money. It's yours.
You settle somewhere... Arizona, New Mexico.
Get yourself a job. Nothin' fancy.
You know, like a waitress or something.
Use your maiden name.
Don't bank the cash. Keep it handy.
- Meet me May 1st. - That's a year, Jack.
- (panting) - That's a year!
I'll get you a new place. Some place real nice...
- It's a fuckin' year, Jack! - I promise! Fill it full of stuff you like!
(Jack) Phoenix... the Holiday Diner.
It's off the interstate. Here.
Route 10.
What if you're not there?
(sighs) Try every six months. May 1st, December 1st.
May 1st, December 1st.
Will you be there?
We're married, aren't we?
That's no answer.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I do love you.
I'm sorry.
I can't, uh...
I can't live without you, Natalie.
Don't leave me.
I just wanna be sure... that you'll be there.
I left you something at home so you'll know for sure. It's in the...
It's in the bureau in the top drawer.
- I promise... I'll do anything. - I love you anyway, Jackie.
(Jack) Hey.
See ya when I see ya.
I'll do anything.
(Jim) Do what, exactly?
Can I tell you what makes love so frightening?
It's that you don't own it.
It owns you.
Why don't you just say it, Jack?
Say it, Jack.
It's over.
And you're sorry, right? You're so fuckin' sorry.
(Jack) Dear Natalie... I'm sorry.
Like I told you at the airport, I mean that.
You're the sweetest thing I ever had.
Please, Nat, don't give up on me.
I'm so sorry. I keep makin' the same mistakes.
But... everything's gonna be different from now on.
I promise.
I just need a little time to settle a couple of things here,
and then we're gonna be back together. You know, Nat?
I was thinkin' the other day
about you wantin' one of those new gas barbecues.
I saw one this mornin' and I put a little deposit on it.
You know, right? Hey, we'll take it with us.
Ditto for the furniture.
We're gonna need all new stuff.
Wait. You'll see.
It's gonna be just like I said.
And remember...
May 1st, December 1st.
You'll see.
(honks horn)
He loves those toes, doesn't he?
The money!
What did I die of?
You took one in the chest.
New ID card.
Driver's licence.
Wanna count it?
You ever been in love?
I'm just askin'.
(Mona laughing)
(Mona screams)
(Mona laughing)
(Jack) I don't remember.
Next it was that voice in my head. It was driving me nuts.
- (Jim) She's gone. - (Jack) She was gone. l...
- (Jack) Where was the money? - (Jim) But it ain't the money, is it?
(Jack) It wasn't the money. It was something else.
(Jim) They'd torn up the place. Done a good job. Get in, get out.
Hear that? Those fuckin' bells.
You need some time. You're not thinkin' right.
- (Jim) You need to relax. - (Jack) I needed to relax.
- (Jim) You can't go home. - (Jack) I couldn't go home.
(Jim) You gotta stay away from the usual places. Sleep in the car.
(Jack) Yeah, sleep in the car.
Hello, Norm?
- (Jim) You've been sick... (echoing) - Nah, I've just been sick.
- (Jim) lt ain't serious... (echoing) - Nah... it ain't serious.
- (Jim) What about her? - Demarkov?
(Norm) The bitch is gone, boss.
She must be in Buenos Aires by now.
(Jack) I tried to stop thinkin'.
Tried to get my head straight.
If I could just get my head straight,
then everything would be all right.
I slept in the car. I stayed away from the usual places.
Something was eatin' at me. Where was Sal in all of this?
Who was payin' his rent? I had no fuckin' idea.
I tracked him, thinkin' I could figure a way to stop all this.
But inside, I knew there was only one way to stop it.
And when she showed... (chuckles)
I almost could've called it.
Like I used to say...
whoever you shoot, you may as well marry 'em,
cos you're tied to 'em for life...
till the end of their life... or the end of yours.
- (gunfire) - Fuck! Shit!
(man) Hey, buddy! Come on, get outta here!
Hey. Don't make me call a cop.
Give me some Tylenol.
(man) Let's go!
Go around the other side!
- Get outta the way. - Get back.
Get outta the way.
I love summer.
Did you miss me, sweetheart?
(chuckles) Don't worry, Jack.
I'm not angry at you.
You'll let me go?
I didn't say that.
You're a murderer.
Wanna buy yourself some time?
With or without?
(Mona) I was 16. What did I know?
I wanted to. He was young too. The hardest part was getting a place alone.
You know what it's like when you're 16. Everybody always lookin' at you.
20 years later, you wish they were lookin' at you again, but, hey...
that's life.
- Yeah. - So, we finally went off by ourselves...
down to the beach... one of those lifeguard chairs.
Middle of the winter. You know you're crazy when you're a kid.
It was freezing in that chair.
But it was nice. Quiet.
Later on, I just...
I... just left him there.
I closed his eyes...
climbed out and went home.
They were beautiful...
blue eyes.
Like yours.
I guess...
you never forget the first time.
OK, let's get him out.
Let's get who out?
Jack? Jack!
What are you doing?
We're gonna bury him.
Right there, deep. Dig.
Mona... don't ask me to kill him.
I don't want you to kill him. I just want you to bury him.
If he dies in the process, that's his problem.
Whoa. No.
You settle us both right now...
you walk away a free man.
You can dig one grave...
(gun cocks)
or you can dig two.
(Jack) It's hard diggin' a grave
when the guy it's for is starin' straight at you.
But I kept thinkin'... this was it.
When he was gone, all this'd be over.
Dear Natalie...
I hope this letter finds you well.
I guess you've guessed that my joining you has been delayed a little bit.
I'm still coming, right after I finish taking care of this thing.
I gotta finish.
You know what we're gonna do?
We're gonna find a little place... maybe up the mountains.
I've been looking into finding us this place on this lake.
I've been making a few calls, checking into a couple of places.
(Falcone) Here?
In a hole?
In Brooklyn?
It wasn't so far from here... I first took you in.
What's life without good friends?
We could've shared everything.
We did.
(Jack) Anyway, Nat, like I said...
I've been looking into these places... places I think you'd like.
I think I found the perfect spot.
Blue skies every day.
You could smell eucalyptus trees everywhere.
It's paradise. Just like we always dreamed about.
And don't forget what I told you.
Phoenix, Holiday Diner. May 1st... December 1st.
It'll be heaven.
Congratulations, Jack. You're a free man.
(Jim) You ever wonder what hell is like?
Maybe it ain't the place you think.
Fire and brimstone?
Devil with horns poking you in the butt with a pitchfork?
What's hell?
The time you should've walked... but you didn't.
That's hell.
(chuckles) You're lookin' at it.
Come on, Jack.
Just one last dance.
Why not?
(Jack sings softly)
Jesus, Jack! I'm sorry.
You're under arrest.
(Mona) Careful. He's got a gun.
(Scully) Jack, you have the right to remain silent.
- Anything you say will be held... - Are you kiddin'?
All right, take it easy on him.
Here's a letter... from Martie and us.
What? Sorry.
Dear Jack... what a pisser.
Here we are, fighting the bullshit for 15 years,
and now we find out that you're part of the bullshit.
What can we tell you?
You broke our hearts, you dumbest of fucks.
And we mean that sincerely.
The Boys.
(Jack) The Monte Carlo?
(Cage) Party's over, Jack.
Nice place.
You know what I think?
I think she's gonna kill you right here.
(man) You know what she's doin' right now, Jack?
She's downtown cuttin' herself the deal of the century.
She's gonna walk away scot-free. Leave you to pay for it all.
Next week at this time, you're gonna be nothin' but a memory.
If I were you...
I'd cut that deal first.
(attorney) And... in return for Sergeant Grimaldi's cooperation,
he'll be expecting standard protection taken for his own personal safety,
the procurement of a new identity
and relocation... if necessary.
Congratulations, Mona. Like they say,
never underestimate the value of cooperation.
What'd she do, fuck the judge?
- It's all right, sir. Let him go. - OK. All right.
- You think you can get away with this? - They're slow, Jack.
They're fat and they're slow, and I'm hungry.
I made the don and now the don is dead.
- Some dog'll dig him up. - Next week.
I never liked you, Jack. You're filth.
Not even when I screwed you, you poor, stupid fuck.
It made me sick.
- You went crazy. - Never.
- You said you did. - I lied.
You never got to me. Not for a minute.
You're a dry fuck, Jack. That's what you are.
When I came, you know what I was thinkin' about? My wife.
Too bad, Jack, cos you'll never get a chance to do it to her again.
She's a dead woman, just like you're a dead man.
So long, Jack.
Jack! Easy! Easy!
No! Hey, whoa.
(bell rings)
Well done, Jack.
Good showdown.
(Jack) Well, in the end, things didn't work out too badly for me after all.
Did they?
They gave me the police combat cross
"for his act of self-defence... one of extraordinary heroism,
saving the lives of other officers. "
They gave me a new residence.
They gave me a new identity.
Jim Daugherty.
May 1st.
That was five years ago to the day.
I guess this is where I came in...
to tell you the story of an unlucky guy
who fell in love with a hole in the ground.
A ghost... hauntin' his own grave.
Celebratin' every six months with the same party...
waitin' for the same guest of honour to show.
Demarkov? Dead and buried.
Everything I had... finito.
Except that old voice in my head.
Some things you never let go of.
Of course...
Natalie... she wasn't the only guest invited.
Can't be a party without a crowd.
(Jack) I don't remember much of 'em, really.
Don't remember what I said to 'em...
or what they said to me back.
Don't remember... how I felt.
But once in a while... I do remember.
How they looked at me.
Well, I guess she's not gonna make it.
Always next time, though, right?
- December 1st. - (bell rings)
(glass shatters)
(Jack) Sometimes... she stays a little longer.
But not too often.
(Jack) Maybe you think I'm ready to give up,
but that ain't how it is.
She could come walkin' through that door any day.
Cos even after all of this...
I bet she still loves me.
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