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Romeo Must Die

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''Amazing Grace.''
Excuse me?
My grandmother sang that song to me.
That's real nice.
l especially like the part that goes,|''l once was lost, but now l'm found.''
Take you, for instance. You must be|a fool to roll up in here, man.
But l figure you must be lost.
So l tell you what. See this here?|This is for your bill.
...since you look like|such a jovial individual...'s the tip.
So ''find'' your ass out of here.
We haven't finished our drinks.
You finished now?
Let it go, Po.
This is a hassle we don't need.
And don't come back, zipperhead.
Po, get them out of here!
Let's go.
Guess you wanna gamble|with your life.
Casino's as good a place as any.
Guess l could use a little exercise.
Guns don't kill people.
People kill people.
For example,|these two guys with the machine guns.
lf they start blasting off...
...ain't none of y'all going home!
You guys are disturbing my business.|So if your ass ain't black...'d better get up out of here|before it really get hot!
Let's go.
Ladies, excuse us, please.
-What are you doing, Kai?|-Get them out.
-You too.|-No. Stay.
You too, please.
What were you doing?|We're in a damn war.
l'm a big boy now.
These black guys'll bury you.
You work for me, Kai.
l work for your father.
Get your head out of your ass, Po.
As long as there's a war going on,|you're my responsibility.
l can take care of myself.
Oh, my God.
Tiger, you killing me, man.|l hate this game.
You have a phone call.
l'll take it in the house.
l need a break anyway.
l don't even know why|you stressing it, man.
You know why l'm stressing.|All future business deals...
...will take place not in the pool|hall, but in somebody's country club.
You know that.
lsaak, if you're serious|about going straight...
...l wanna know if you got a plan|for old Mac.
Or should l start looking at the|classifieds?
As long as l'm breathing... ain't ever got to worry about|no classifieds.
Come on, boy.
You know it's me and you.
Hey, what you got for me?
You sure about that?
What's wrong?
What's wrong, man?
Somebody canceled Ch'u's boy.
You set up a meeting with Ch'u ASAP,|then find out who killed his boy.
Don't even sweat it, okay?|l got it.
Mr. O'Day.
Mr. Sing's at gate B-1 2.
Thank you.
Nice touch on the metal detectors.
lKeeps everybody honest, my man.
You have my deepest condolences.
Thank you.
What happened to your son|was tragic, Mr. Sing.
Very unnecessary.
l want you to know l'll be|looking into this personally.
You will forgive me|if l'm not easily moved.
Mr. Sing...
...with all due respect,|there is no way...
...anybody in my camp would touch|your family...
...any more than anybody in your camp|would touch mine.
lt just wouldn't happen.
Our business venture will continue.
l'm pleased to hear that.
Make sure we got 24-hour security|for my son and daughter.
lt's all been arranged, chief.
Make those lemon tarts for the kids,|okay?
l need to get a signature from you.
All right, thanks.
-You're welcome, dear.|-Excuse me.
-Do you have this in a small?|-One minute. Amy.
Help her out for me.|She'll help you.
-What are y'all doing?|-You got a little something-something?
Girl, tell him to turn up the music,|okay?
Break it on down!
Show them how we used to do it.
Watch the store for me, okay?
Oh, shit.
What a name for a store:|Serpentine Fire.
That's tight. lt's real tight.
lKool and the Gang jam from|back in the day, right?
Earth, Wind and Fire.
That serious shit.
Do l know you?
How you gonna play me like that?
You know l work for your pops.
-Right. Your name starts with an ''M.''|-Yeah, that's it.
Funny. lt's Maurice, all right?
l'd love to reminisce with you,|but l'm busy right now... let's do this later, okay?
lt don't work like that.
Excuse me?
Your father could be|catching some static...
...and Mac wants me|to watch your back.
Let me tell you something.
Whatever my father and Mac are into|has nothing to do with me.
You can hate them all you want.|That's your business.
lf they tell me not to let you out of|my sight, you can go to confession...
...and it's going to be you,|me and the priest.
That's ridiculous.
Look. My ride's right over there.
Back seat or the trunk.|Make it easy on yourself.
Your choice, baby girl.
Waiting for the magic word.
l got some coloring books|in the back.
-You think you're funny.|-l'm babysitting.
l gotta bring something|for the kids.
Can l get my leg in the car?
The NFL announced Friday|that Oakland, ,,
,,, will become home|to its newest expansion team,
The question of who the new owners|will be is still unresolved,
For more we go to Jody Vance,
That's right, Perry,
Several groups ofinvestors will be|presenting proposals this week,
l thought we were done with football|when the Raiders left town.
-Yeah, well, jobs.|-What?
Jobs. See, if they have to build|another stadium...
...some of us that have been less|fortunate can attain jobs.
Harold, your unfortunate ass been|sitting in that chair for 1 5 years.
You couldn't attain a job if one|bit you in the butt.
You think you're funny, don't you?
Got a package for you.
l'm laughing because|you think you're funny.
You want a job, Harold?|Open this damn box.
Well, lookie, lookie.
Who sent you a present?
l don't know.|Probably your wife.
There you go again.
Thank you.
-Excuse me.|-Off duty.
Can you take me here?
Can't you understand English?
Two words: off duty.
How you doing?
How you doing?!
This shit tight, huh?
This shit's tight.|Girl, what's your name?
l said what's your name?!
What? You don't like a big man?|You not knowing.
-What's up, Alonso?|-Trish, what's up?
-Just chilling. Getting some albums.|-That's it today?
-You want this on your tab?|-Yeah, please.
Thank you.
This is my shit!
This is my shit right here!|l got something for you right now.
My bad.
Thank goodness. Just drive.
Two words: off duty.
You know what?
Two words for you, buddy:|on duty, 50 bucks.
l'm gonna find you!|l know where you work at!
Please, just do me a favor|and get me out of here.
Who's that?
Where did you learn to drive?
Hong lKong.
You gonna start the meter?
You steal a lot of cabs|in Hong lKong?
You want me to pull over?
No, no. Just...turn here.
So, Ahkbar, tell me. ls it true what|they say about Hong lKong?
What's that?
All you guys do kung fu.
Of course.
State law.
Can you break a board with your head?
That l'd have to see.|You must be a very dangerous man.
Are you scared?
Don't take this personal...
...but l've been around more|dangerous guys than you.
Right here's fine.
No charge.
lKeep it. l won't call the cops.
l don't want your money.
You seem like a nice guy.
l am.
You should find a new profession.|Stealing cars doesn't fit you.
What's your name?
You think l want you calling me?
l don't have a phone.
Well, dead giveaway.
Besides, you drive like shit.
How are those acquisitions|coming along?
Progressing real nice, man.
l just have three more deeds|to get signed over.
Let me be clear.|You don't play around with the NFL.
lt's their America, and their deadline|is progressing in less than a week.
l know.
You gotta remember something,|Mr. Roth.
These people have owned them stores|for over 30 years.
So what if they need a couple more|days to mull over their decision?
These are tense times right now.|You know what l mean?
You're murdering yourself.
Golf is a game of finesse,|not power.
ln that way,|it's much like the rest of life.
The key is letting the body|work together.
You want to get a good turn|so the wrist breaks naturally.
Make sure you keep your eyes|on the ball.
This shaft, l don't like it.|lt ain't working for me.
Save the excuses.
With all respect to the shop owners,|without the deeds, there's no deal.
Without the land deal, there's no|presentation. So there's no...
-What's the popular term these days?|-Cheddar.
That's right. No cheddar.
Do l make myself clear?
lf l say l'll deliver, l'll deliver.
Hey, hey, hey, now.|Sorry l'm late.
Girl, knowing the way you shop,|l'd say you're early.
Oh, really? Funny.|l got some hot stuff.
Good. Work it out!|Your brother's in the back.
You know the guy that got whacked?
You mean Ch'u's boy?
He called me. Ain't that some shit?|Same night he got killed, Pop.
Jesus Christ.
What'd he want, Colin?
l don't know. Oh, look, man.
Let me holler back at you later.
You be in my office in one hour.
l asked you not to do business here.
-Hi, sis. Nice to see you too.|-l mean it, Colin. Come on.
This is my place, okay?|l got kids hanging here all the time.
-lf this is what you're about--|-Don't start with that speech.
For once, let's not go there.
l was on the phone talking to Pop.
Look, come on. He's a businessman.|l work for this businessman.
Stop tripping over this shit.
Colin, wait.
Look. l'm sorry.
l just worry about you, okay?
That's all.
Yeah, l know.
And l love you too, Trish.
But you ain't got to worry about me.
l'm fine.
Good afternoon. Serpentine Fire.
Right there, baby.
What's good?
Try the parking lot.
l'm just trying to do my job, Trish.|Just like Mo.
He told me the shit you pulled.
Plain stupid is what it was.
Things are gonna get tense now that|that Chinese dude got popped.
-Was that one of your jobs too?|-No...
...that shoddy work's not my style.
l'm sorry. Poor baby!|Have l got you all wrong?
You don't have a clue|to what l'm about.
Why don't you tell me?
For starters,|you gotta get past the facade.
You got some serious|facade going on.
Well, so do you.|So does everybody.
And this Miss l-don't-need-nobody|isn't you. Not the real you.
-You saving yourself for lKobe Bryant?|-ls that what you think l'm doing?
l think you need to consider the|possibility that you've met him.
You're an errand boy for my father.|You're nothing.
Fair enough.
But there comes a time when a man|has to strike out on his own.
Stake his own claim.
How could l have missed it?
l think l'm hopelessly in love|with you.
Make fun all you like.|Soon l'll be way too much for you.
Those big brown eyes will get all|misty wishing there were two of me.
Fill yourself all you want.|l just lost my appetite.
Sit down.
You don't have to respect me,|but you will let us protect you.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?!
Mac, you're so smooth|with the ladies, baby.
lf l want Eddie Murphy,|l'll go to the goddamn movies.
Yeah, dog.
Good. Give him some fat-free water|or something.
Where my drink, man?!
The fuck you looking at?
All the way down the end there!
Finish telling me|about this call you got.
Guy calls,|says he wants to meet me.
For what?
l don't know.|We didn't talk that long.
Said he had a little something|might put a stop to this war.
A little something?
l didn't trust him,|so l said meet me at Silk's.
As soon as you got that call,|you should've told me.
Maybe next time l cross the street,|you should hold my hand.
Hey, who the hell you talking to?|l will knock the black off you, boy.
l mean no disrespect.
l'm just trying to be a man here.|l'm looking out for you.
l don't need you to look out for me,|Colin.
Have a seat.
Go on. Sit down.
Come on.
l've been working on a big deal.|A real big deal.
When it goes through, we're out|of this gangster nonsense for good.
Everything we do will be|strictly legit from here on out.
What do you mean?
l got something else lined up|for my boy.
You will get to run with this ball.|l guarantee that.
But you gotta use your head.
And you gotta listen.
You understand what l'm saying?
Yeah, Pop.
Finish your drink.
Collard Green.
Black Mac.
Something wrong?
You tell me.
Hey, chief.
Hate to be the bearer of bad news,|but you need to see this.
Calvin's place?
He was the sweetest guy in the world.
l'd better wrap up these acquisitions|quickly for you.
Things are getting pretty crazy|around here.
You gonna be okay?
Just give me a minute.
Okay, boss.
That's it right over there.
Okay. Lock up the store.
-We're going out tonight, right?|-Definitely.
Follow her.
Ahkbar. What the hell|are you doing here?
l need to ask you something.
You get out of my apartment|before l call the cops.
You're the only guy l know working|down the criminal ladder. What's up?
This is the last number my brother|called before he was murdered.
lt's the number of your shop.
lt is.
But l don't know your brother.
-Why would he want to talk to me?|-He called your store.
Yeah, but not to talk to me.
l got a girl who works the register.|lt could've been her.
My brother--
Sometimes he makes calls from the shop.|Mostly when l'm not around.
Could you talk to him?
That's Maurice and his gang.|Look, Ahkbar.
-l think it's--|-My name is Han.
Well, Han, look.
They find you, you'll have serious|problems. Go out the window.
No. l like this way.
lt's your funeral.
Dim sum good. You call again.|Dim sum all time. Thanks.
What you doing bothering|Miss O'Day?
He's the delivery boy, moron.
l done told you,|my name is Maurice, all right?
l'm sorry.|l keep forgetting, boo.
Hey, dog.
-You smell something?|-No, l don't smell nothing.
-Where's the take-out?|-You hungry, baby?
Cover the front.
Hey, Dim Sum!
You's a real funny man!
Mr. O'Day don't let things|slide lightly.
He also don't like the wrong element|around his daughter.
lt's up to me not to let it happen.
lKick his ass.
You ain't the only one|that knows some shit.
Get up! Get him!
He's headed around the front!
Who that motherfucker?
Great country.
Free cars.
Sun Tzu was lost to us by|assassination less than a month ago.
A grocery store was firebombed,|and his wife killed.
With all respect, Ch'u, any of us could|be killed at any time...
...overlord or not.
We are not the blacks, Victor.
Our loyalty to each other|is unquestioned.
At least let us strike harder.|Show our true strength.
We will only do that|when it serves us best.
Let Kai worry about this.
Han, l don't want to lose another son.
The old man didn't think you'd make it.
And you?
l knew you would.
lt's been a long time, Han.|lt's good to see you.
Tell me...
...what happened that night?
He got in a fight in a black club.
Threats had been made. They got Po the|same evening, before l could find him.
Why there?
He wouldn't tell me.
Your brother was a loose cannon,|but he didn't deserve this.
Why fight with blacks?
Well, the waterfront's only|four square miles.
Half the businesses belong to us...
...the other half to them.
lt was just a matter of time.
l was afraid prison would|make you soft.
People don't get soft in prison.
Pretty good.
-Here you go.|-Thank you so much.
You must be hungry.
Could you find something|better to do than creep up on me?
And besides,|aren't you in the wrong part of town?
At your store,|they said you were here.
Hold on a minute.|Come on, kids.
All right, all right.|Who wants what?
l wanted the yellow one.
Give it to him.|He's the baby.
Stop! You want one?
Sure. l want the yellow one.
Well, you get a green one.
Did you talk to your brother?
What made you think that?
Hey, time-out.
See that guy?|He works for my dad...
...and he's got a bad attitude.
Who's your friend?
We met in line.|l didn't catch your name.
-What's your name?|-My friends call me Ahkbar.
Well, Ahkbar...
...this is Mac. Mac, Ahkbar.
As-Salaam-Alaikum, Ahkbar.
Yo, ain't that the guy?
Hell, yeah.
Same chump took Mo's ride|after he beat us down.
Ain't nobody ever kicked my ass.|What are you talking about?
That the dude.
We can't get started, because we're|a man short. Would you help us out?
No. l don't know this game.
Man, it's easier than breathing.
Besides, Trish loves football players.
Right on.
Fellas, got myself a fresh recruit.
He's a rookie... take it easy on him.
Give me that!
The brothers and l|always give rookies warm welcomes.
So don't worry about a thing.
l just need you to stand behind me.
l'll give you the ball, and you run|to the far end of the field.
That's all?
That's all.
Let's see your special on this one.
Mo's special!
We're coming, boys.
Come on!
Like l told your ass the other day.
You ain't the only one|that knows some shit.
Good job, my man.
-Are they allowed to do that?|-Sure.
lt's a contact sport.
This time, run a little bit|and turn up the middle.
And l'll throw the ball to you.
lt's called the ''buttonhook.''
-On two.|-Buttonhook.
Right there.
Damn! Shakalack-shakalack.|Mo, you my Negro, Mo.
Break his ass.
How come nobody else gets hit?
Because you're the one with the ball.
Okay. l'd like hut three.
You all right?
Hey, brother!
American football!
-That was great!|-Brother!
-You were great.|-Damn, that was hot.
-Thanks.|-You're welcome.
Here's my address.
Please let me know|when you talk to your brother.
-Did you see that?|-Awesome!
-l know.|-That was great!
Pop ain't feeling me.
He still wants me to ride around|with training wheels and shit.
l was like,|Pops got to understand that... and him is cut from,|like, the same cloth.
He needs to start respecting me|as a man.
l mean, he needs to start respecting|my manhood.
Shit, l went to college.
That's right, baby. You did.
That's right, baby. l did.
Like that phone call l got|the other day.
Pop's too afraid about me handling|the business and stuff.
But, baby, l got ideas.|l mean, you know l got ideas.
Shit, l am an idea.
l'm about to have|an Einstein moment.
Magic about to happen.|lt's gonna be scary.
Hey, look, all l want to know is...
...when does Colin O'Day|get to run with the show?
Don't worry, baby.|Your turn's coming.
Sorry, Mr. O'Day.|These things are never easy.
Wait. Wait.
Don't look at this. Come on.
Look at me. Please!
You had something to do with this.
What do you want me to say?
-Go to hell.|-What do you want?
You're as responsible as the people|who did this to my brother.
Don't come near me.|l hate you.
You might as well have thrown him|out that window yourself.
That was my boy, Mac.
l know.
They killed my boy.
We're at the crossroads now, lsaak.
l won't pretend l know|what you're feeling.
But l know you got to keep it|stitched up until business is done.
The people who did this...
...l promise you on my life...
...they'll be knocked out of the box|in due time.
l'll make sure of it.
What happened?
Once, Colin and l did something|we thought would really be funny.
He hid out front...
...while l ran to tell my mom|he'd been hurt.
Hit by a car or something|really bad like that.
When she came,|he was supposed to jump out.
You know, surprise her...
...and we'd all fall out|and have this great laugh.
Me and my mom always loved|a good laugh.
l was about 8 or 9.
Colin was, like, 1 1 .
l don't remember|how we came up with it...
...but, sure enough, l start screaming|and yelling...
...and my mom runs out of the house.|She's, like, ''Trish, what's wrong?''
When l told her, l mean...
...the look on her face.
Even when Colin popped up to show it|was a joke, she couldn't stop crying.
She just held him close.
Clutched him, you know?
l was just a baby. l didn't get it|then, but l get it now.
Tell me.
-What happened?|-Colin's dead.
And no matter how hard l cry...
...he's not gonna pop up|and show me it was just a joke.
l'm sorry.
l need your help.
l gotta put this thing together|just as much as you do now.
Gentlemen, we are ready to approach|the NFL.
l don't think any of the other bids|are even in contention.
Our package is staggering.|We've got the money.
We've got the organization, waterfront|real estate seconds from the bridge.
God Himself couldn't have designed|a better spot for a stadium.
That's right. You know me well.
lf l say there's caviar on the|mountain, you bring the crackers.
l don't get it.
These are waterfront properties.
They must mean something.
Po didn't want them found.
Yeah, but why?
ls this the place?
Yeah. lt says 44 Driggs Road.
ls anybody here?
Get down!
You're Chinese.
No shit!
l can't hit a girl.
ln America, if a girl's kicking your|ass, you don't have to be a gentleman.
Damn. Look at that!
They a trip.
Them little things pay the rent,|you know what l mean?
Yeah, no doubt.
Crabs in a barrel can't climb out,|and they don't want to stay in.
l guess they strange like that.
Some brothers strange like that too.
As soon as one of us move up...
...a crab motherfucker like yourself|pulls us right back down.
Let me tell you something.
This place seems like a piece of shit|to a guy like you...
...but that's still my piece of shit.|And l ain't selling it.
l got work to do.
Let's look at it another way.
You got two choices.|You either sign us over the deed...
...or l blow your head off|and leave it with these crabs.
Now, which is it?
-Yo, yo! Okay!|-l can't hear you!
All right! l'll do it!
-What?|-l said l'll do it, man!
Go in and get me that deed.
Don't look at me.|l'll put your ass on the news tonight.
What's the matter with you, man?|You crazy?
l can live with that.
How are you? Good to see you.
Good to see you.
They don't care|there's a war going on.
They don't care if the damn barge|is on fire.
This is a treat.
What brings you downtown?
You heard about Victor Ho?
We're looking forward to|some blowback.
That's why we're here. We got a tip|this place is gonna get hit.
You gotta be kidding me.
-When?|-Right now.
Get the money.
Thank you for attending this meeting...
...on such a short notice.
My dear brothers, when you expire...
...your territory will remain|within the collective.
Of course, since l alone survive...
...the collective is,|in actuality, only me.
You don't wanna be in my path|when my feet are put to the coals.
Misery loves company.
Oh, young Mr. Roth,|you sound nervous.
May l suggest acupuncture?
l hope you have some good news for me.
There's no need for threats|or theatrics.
None of us want to drag this out any|longer than it already has.
Then close out your business|and get me those deeds.
Damn. Susie!
Could you get me lKeyshawn Johnson,|please?
lt's Papa, baby. lt's me.|Don't be scared.
Listen, l need you to come with me.
l'll tell you.|Just come on out front, okay?
l can't have you hanging with|Ch'u's boy.
-His name is Han, Daddy.|-Okay, then.
l need you to stay away from Han.
Afraid l'll catch one of your|bullets?
lt is too dangerous right now.
l'll take my chances.
Did you do it?
Did l do what?
Did you have his brother murdered?
Where did that come from?
l need to know.
No, l didn't.|l'm telling you, no.
l did not.
Trisha, look at me.
l had nothing to do with it.
But one of them's going to pay|for what happened to Colin.
ls that what a businessman is?
That's what l call|protecting my family.
You can't touch me!
lnterception, baby!
-Come on, man.|-Running it back!
Look at that!|Go back to slow mo!
l'm coming for you.
l ain't gonna even look.
l'm just gonna play.|l can't see!
He could go...
...all the way!
How your mama doing?
How your mama doing?!
Touchdown, baby!
Take it, take it!
These nuts in your mouth.
l said put the nuts in your mou--
Why y'all not working?! Get to work!
Shiftless Negroes.
Toby! Go on!
Where is Mac, Maurice?
He's out back.
l wanna talk to him.
Yes, sir.
You sure you don't want nothing?
No, l'm okay.
l'll be downstairs.
All right.
l remember sitting in that chair...
...watching you fix your hair|for your first date.
You hooked me up with Dexter Benson.
My man Dex.
-l really liked that boy.|-Please, Daddy.
He was so scared, he bit my lip|when he kissed me good night.
Wait a second.
You didn't kiss that boy|on your first date.
That's right, l did.
l guess l was trying|to get back at you.
You know, l hate to admit it....
l miss those times.
l can tell you|when l missed your ma the most.
At your graduations and your dates.
l know l ain't never been able|to talk to you.
There's a lot of things|l wanted to say.
lt don't ever come out right.|l know that.
l want you in my life.
There are...
...certain things....
Until l can prove these things...
...l want you to stay here with me.
Listen to me.
There are people out there who'll|try to hurt me by hurting you.
Like they did your brother.
l'll be damned|if l let them do that.
Who is it?
You got a phone call.
Not now, Mac.
lt's Roth.
Today's a good day.
lt's deed day.
-l trust everything's in order.|-Absolutely,
Tonight all my dreams come true,
l'll see you at the club as planned.
l'll have your check.
Where do we stand with Silk?
We're hooking up at 8:00.
Watch out for him.
The boy's tricky.
Don't let him get the upper hand.
l can handle Silk.
Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing here?
l missed you.
You miss me. l'll miss you when|my father finds out you're here.
He's standing right outside the door.
What'll l do with you?
Hey, Dad.
l gotta go take care of business.
You need anything,|you just say the word.
l am fine, Dad.
l'm chilling.|You do what you gotta do, okay?
Jesus! Come on, you gotta go!
No, what do you...?
-You all right?|-l'm fine, Daddy.
Listen, baby, you hungry?
They getting pizza.|Say the word, they'll bring it up.
l'm not hungry.|lf l get hungry, l'll let them know.
l'll be back after a while.
Damn, this pizza good.
Baby girl, open up! l got some|sausage and pepperoni pizza!
Open up the door.|Ain't no swine on it.
Pizza make you wanna slap your mama.|What's this, Domino's?!
Damn, never been up in here before.
They got Prince up on the wall.
You a freak too, ain't you, Trish?|Where you at?
l'm coming around the corner.
So where are we going?
All the places on this list|have been moved out or burned out.
Except this one.
l know this one.
My father and Mac talked about that.|lt's Silk's casino.
Let's gamble.
All right.
Now you're giving me some|B-boy flavor.
l know hip-hop.
Hey, what's up?
Come on, he's with me. Okay?|Can you give me a break?
You lsaak's girl, huh?
That's right, cutie.
Will you let me in?
All right.
Thank you. Come on.
l'm not feeling this.|Let's go to the dance floor.
-lt's not my scene.|-Not your scene? Cute. Let's go.
Look here!
Man, can you believe this?
What the hell is she doing?
What's up, Trish?
What's up, Silk?
Let's talk.
All right.
Come on.
Your pop's running around|like Donald Trump...
...grabbing up every piece of|waterfront he can get his hands on.
Now he wants to be a club owner.
He's working on something big.
Something big?|l don't care how big it is.
Your pops can sweat me,|and Mac can sweat me all they want.
But Silk is staying right here.
My sentiments exactly, Silkie.
l think we all should stay right here|for one more negotiation.
lt's like that, partner? You're gonna|try to roll up in here on me?
-What the hell are you doing?|-Shut up.
Does my daddy know about this?
Sit down.
You might as well lose the gat.
lt's like l told your punk ass before...
...l ain't signing shit.
All right, l'll sign it myself.
Well, well, well.
lf it ain't my man Dim Sum.
Busy night?
Ran off with the boss's daughter,|threw a wrench in Mac's program.
And now... about to get your ass kicked.
Where is she?
You didn't think you'd get|them panties, did you?
Trish. You didn't really think|she was gonna give it up to you.
Here's the deal, meatball.
You let me go, l let you live.
He say he gonna let me live!
l'm really gonna miss you.
The way you make me laugh.|But look on the bright side.
Some you win...
...and, Dim Sum, you lose.
The hell what Mac say!|Somebody kill that son of a bitch!
Get up!
Get your bitch-asses up!|Come on!
Dim Sum...!
Come out and play!
Hey, rice noodle!
What the hell you doing?!
l hope you land on your feet,|grasshopper.
You're not the only one knows some shit.
-Where is she?|-The Oakridge Men's Club.
Sorry, moron.
Name's Maurice...
Cristal, Ch'u.
You only live once.
Everything's kosher,|down to the last pagoda.
You're a good man.
Spend it well.
Mr. O'Day.
Mr. Ch'u.
You once gave me your condolences.
l now offer mine|in regards to your son.
There'll be ample time for you|to express your regrets, Mr. Ch'u.
How much?
So this has been|what it's all about, huh?
l wish my boy could see me do this.
And could be here.
Go ahead and keep that.
l don't understand.
You just acquired another partner.
l think it's time the NFL|had a black owner. Don't you?
You're joking, right?
You're not joking.
l'm afraid l already have a partner.|Several, in fact.
Well, you just got another one... fact.
Don't forget, Mr. Roth,|without these deeds... have no....
What is that popular term, Dave?
-Do you mind if l have a moment?|-No, go ahead.
So this is the plan?
You wanna be partners with Roth.
l've been waiting for the right time|to tell you.
l'm going to the owner's box.
We are going to the owner's box.
l ain't playing with these people.
The owner's box.
l've had enough of this legit shit.
What's that?
l believe they call it|corporate restructuring. Right?
lsaak O'Day Development's getting|straight jacked... Machiavellian lnc.
l almost forgot.
l'm taking your most valued asset.
You blaze, we blaze.
Are you crazy?
ls she worth $38 million to you?
Now l know you're crazy.
You lost your mind thinking whites would|let you own a piece of their game.
Me and Ch'u had an understanding.
Anybody who didn't sign those deeds,|we took care of.
What do you mean?
Daddy, l was there|when he killed Silk.
So now after everything,|you really gonna try to do this?
l have been covering your ass|for years, lsaak.
Quite frankly,|l am just tired of being your boy.
You think because you put your kids|through college...
...that it's supposed to make all|your crooked straight?
Man, you want to own a damn box.
Mac just want to own the streets.
That's always been your problem.
What about Colin?
What about him?
You killed Colin?
Even fake wars have casualties, lsaak.
l guess old Collard Green couldn't fly.
Damn it, Roth!
Watch her.
Go get it!
Take it down!
Take it down now!
No way!
Take it down!
Why did you kill my brother?
All that Chinese shit|happened in-house.
You have your own people|to thank for that.
Not that you'll get the chance.
Sorry, Romeo, but you gotta die.
...that's some cold shit.
We've called the police.
-There's an ambulance on its way.|-Thank you.
l'm all right, baby.|How you feeling?
You doing all right?|l'm doing all right.
ls that Han?
You're the one who's been|making all this trouble, huh?
Let me shake your hand.
You got a firm grip. l like that.
Stay with your father.
l will.
He a lot shorter than l thought.
-l know.|-He just a little guy.
l don't know what to do with you.
Your brother wasn't suited to lead.
He didn't have the discipline.
That's why you killed him.
That's why l had to.
''Had to''?
My brother.
That's right.
...was a mistake.
Come on.
Come on!
Give me some skin! Come on!
Are you okay?
l'm okay.
Come on, let's go.
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